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Chapter 319

Jasmine Tong was completely stunned.

This is something she never would have guessed, Mo Yi Xin, this girl looks lively and clever, but she actually chased after Yarwen Tong.

“Little Lei, I know you’re also at the age where you should fall in love, but your body you should also”

“Sis, don’t say anything, I understand all that, so I don’t want to see her”

Yarwen Tong picked up his book and turned a page to continue reading.

Jasmine Tong didn’t continue to say anything, she believed that Yarwen Tong would have a good grasp of the situation.

Although she also knew that it was cruel for Yarwen Tong, but it was so cruel, Yarwen Tong had survived, but how many more times could he survive?

What’s more, Jasmine Tong didn’t want falling in love to affect Yarwen Tong’s mood, and she wanted Yarwen Tong to live a little longer.

Who is the other party bad, it’s biased towards Mo Yi Xin, the child of the Mo family.

Jasmine Tong finally remembered that the last time she was in the Mo family, Mo Yi Xin was vigorously inquiring about Yarwen Tong with herself.

It turned out that it was because she had already fallen in love with Yarwen Tong.

She really regretted it, if she knew, she’d have said Yarwen Tong had a girlfriend

But there’s no use regretting it now.

In the blink of an eye, Rameen Tong’s wedding will soon be here.

Jasmine Tong received an invitation, and surprisingly, Albert Ou received one as well.

“Thinking that I, Albert Ou, am some kind of random person who can be invited to a wedding? I don’t know how much to measure.”

Albert Ou smirked, and even more directly threw the invitation into the trash.

And Jasmine Tong, looking at the invitation with a very unique design style, has also long since lost the previous bitterness.

surname Tong

On the day of the wedding, a caravan will take Rameen from the Tong family to the hotel where the wedding will be held.

Nowadays, the Tong family is not what it used to be, with new lights and decorations everywhere, especially in Rameen Tong’s room, which is dressed up as a dreamy princess room.

Rameen Tong was in her room, examining the Athena love piece.

It was so hard to get this wedding dress, but when she walked in front of everyone in this wedding dress, but it must have been incredibly stunning.

“Dream on, everything’s almost packed, just waiting for the wedding to arrive.”


Rameen Tong looked at her wedding dress and imagined what she would look like in it.

“Mengmeng, just now your father asked me if I had invited Jasmine Tong, he said that after all it’s a family and it wouldn’t be appropriate if she didn’t come, and I just had a fight with him.”

Rameen Tong hung his eyes for a moment in thought.

“I’m hanging her is not daring to come, I’ve invited many mainstream media on the day Ellen and I got married, there will be a lot of reporters, she’s so stinky with gossip now, the reporters will definitely jump on her when they see her”

Dushman suddenly clapped his hands.

“Then I’m going to get your father on the phone and put pressure on her to make sure she comes over here, and then I’ll have the reporters jump on her and bite her so hard she’ll never turn over a new leaf.”

Dushman was complacent about his scheme, but Rameen Tong glanced at his mother.

“Mom, this is a once-in-a-lifetime wedding, and I’m not going to let her steal my headlines.”

Rameen Tong is still very precious about her wedding.

“Oh my, that’s right, what can we do about this” Dusyman also made a mistake.

In fact, Rameen Tong already has some regrets, choosing to create gossip about Jasmine Tong while she is planning her wedding is really not a wise move.

If she hadn’t created this scandalous incident, all of the media’s focus would have been on her own wedding preparations.

“This is also easy to handle, I told a few media in advance that Jasmine Tong should come over when she received an invitation, let them block her outside, as soon as she shows up, these media will immediately go over and bite her to death, and then have security blow them away for disrupting the order.”

Rameen Tong smiled contemptuously.

There will definitely be a few media outlets covering this story then.

At that point, the two news comparisons will look good, too.

One enjoys the blessings of the whole world and has the perfect wedding of the century, the other is like a rat on the street.

“That’s a good idea, but unfortunately, I don’t think she’ll come.”

“How so?”

“I’ve heard that Yarwen Tong is very sick and has been admitted to ZY Hospital’s cpu in a bad way.”

“ZY Hospital looks like she sure has been flying under the radar lately, and she even has money to go to ZY Hospital.”

Rameen Tong sneered.

“I’ll make sure you never turn over a new leaf. You’d better go to hell with your sick brother.”

Rameen Tong’s eyes have a fierce light

zy hospital

Albert Ou heard Jasmine Tong on the phone as soon as he entered.

Jasmine Tong’s expression wasn’t quite right.

“Who’s calling?”

“My father, he wants me to attend Rameen Tong and Ellen Ron’s wedding no matter what.”

Jasmine Tong looked haggard.

“There must be some trickery or else how could she let you go? Have you thought of a way?”

“Not yet.”

“Sister, if you want me to say you shouldn’t go, so as not to feel uncomfortable watching” Yarwen Tong said on the side.

“Okay, don’t worry about me, worry about yourself.”

Jasmine Tong stood up and walked out of the hospital room.

Albert Ou followed her out and took her in his arms.

“I’ve heard that the wedding of these two people, known as the wedding of the century, there is no one before and no one after bragging too much that I Albert Ou hasn’t had a wedding yet and they dare to say that there is no one before and no one after.”

Jasmine Tong just laughed and didn’t say anything.

“Later, when we have our wedding, I’ll make it even more luxurious than them, and invite them over then too, to piss them off.”

Jasmine Tong couldn’t help but laugh as she looked at Albert Ou, who was so menacing.

Sometimes I think the man is pretty cool in a childish way.

“Don’t go to the wedding, eh.”

He didn’t want his woman to be sent to his door to be bullied.

“I haven’t thought about it yet.”

“If you can’t figure out a way to do it, I’m going to have to do something to save you all this trouble.”

It’s killing him.

“What happens if you do it?”

“A man has a man’s way of solving problems, and I’m not your man if I don’t bankrupt ESI and wag my tail at me.”

“But it’s not Artsin International I want to deal with, it’s Rameen Tong.”

“That’s not the same as if Artsin International had fallen, Rameen Tong is still willing to marry Ellen Ron? I don’t believe it.”

Nestled in Albert Ou’s embrace, Jasmine Tong felt incomparably grounded.

“I’d rather do it, I’m trying to figure it out.”

“What else can you think of? The wedding’s coming up. If I do it now, they might not even be able to get married.”

That’s the kind of confidence Albert Ou has.

Just at this time, Jasmine Tong’s phone suddenly rang.

Mo Yiang called.

“This brat hasn’t shown his face for so many days, let’s see if I don’t scold him to death.”

Chapter 320

Since the scandal came out, Mo Yiang has remained silent.

At first he was not over here at all because he was out recording a reality show.

But I haven’t seen any action from him since he came back, and his Weibo hasn’t been updated for days.

It is because Mo Yiang has not said anything, so the outside world is even more speculation that Mo Yiang must be emotionally frustrated, which points even more to Jasmine Tong.

Jasmine Tong answered the phone.

The wedding of the century has finally arrived amidst much anticipation.

It was a wedding that was very much in the national spotlight, and Ellen Ron had even chartered a television station that would broadcast the entire event live.

The whole of Slivestopol is boiling over because of this wedding.

The red carpet was rolled out from Tong’s all the way to the hotel.

The wedding convoy is known as the most luxurious convoy in history, all the way to the most luxurious sports cars, a glance can not even look at the end.

“My goodness, this is too extravagant, a princess’s wedding is probably not even this luxurious.”

“That’s too rich,”

“Rameen Tong is simply too happy.”

Passersby stood on both sides of the road, viewing the luxurious fleet, one envious of the other.

After a lively ceremony at the Tong family, Rameen got into the car that took Rameen all the way to the hotel on the red carpet to pick up the bride.

The hotel where the wedding was held, which was also the most luxurious hotel in Slivestopol, was all contracted by Ellen Ron today.

The wedding was claimed to have invited the entire entertainment industry, and the biggest and smallest of the entertainment industry kept entering the hotel.

Reporters don’t have enough lenses anymore, there are simply too many things to shoot, and a little bit of anything at random can make headlines.

The wedding hasn’t started yet.

Rameen Tong was received in the lounge above the hotel and out she chose a flush poncho.

Only when the actual wedding came would she change into Athena Love, and now was the time for her to do so.

Everyone who enters the wedding venue is in awe of the setting.

The set up was done by the most famous wedding team and they even designed the unique logo for this wedding: ;a.

That’s right, Ellen Ron’s motto is also Rameen’s dream.

The whole wedding was a sea of flowers, and all of them were pink.

As soon as you enter the venue, it’s like being in a pink fairy tale world.

So many people were busy taking selfies that every part of this venue’s set-up could have been taken out individually as a backdrop.

It’s really beautiful.

Together with Marven Tong, Simin Du is greeting the guests in a decent red cheongsam, and now that these two are not what they used to be, many people are complimenting them as well.

The wedding is finally happening.

All the guests were seated and the place slowly quieted down and the lights dimmed.

The doors to the venue slowly opened as the wedding march played.

Rameen Tong, dressed in a white veil, was standing at the gate.

A light chased after her.

Ellen Ron slowly walked over with a pink hand bouquet in his hand.

Guided by the MC’s guiding words, Ellen Ron knelt down on one knee and delivered the hand bouquet to Rameen Tong’s hand.

Rameen Tong took Ellen Ron’s arm and slowly walked past amidst everyone’s envious voices.

She was so stunning today, like a fairy who had fallen to earth.

“Oh my god, Rameen Tong is even wearing Athena Love I thought I said this wedding dress would never be given to anyone? she even got it”

“I can see, too, that this wedding dress is the Wells designer’s best work, and I’ve told you before that it won’t be sold to anyone.”

“Look at the crown Rameen Tong wears on her head isn’t that the crown the Princess wore on her wedding day?”

“Oh God, it’s true, this crown is incredibly noble and valuable”

“It’s worthy of the wedding of the century. The best in the world, I guess that’s it.”

Hearing all these admiring voices around her, Rameen Tong just pursed her lips and kept smiling, maintaining the restraint of a bride.

They’re all right, they’re all true, and she’s spent a lot of money and contacts to get them.

How else can we say it’s the wedding of the century? It’s to be unprecedented.

“They’re too good for each other, aren’t they?”

“Who says it isn’t? Both of them are still elite, and Rameen Tong’s career is booming right now.”

“I guess only a woman like Rameen Tong is worthy of Ellen Ron,”

The pink petals fell from the sky on them.

It’s all just so dreamy.

Finally they reached the center of the stage and the two men stood still.

“Our bride today is simply gorgeous, can’t the groom wait to get into the bridal chamber.”

The host teased.

Rameen Tong and Ellen Ron both shyly hung their heads, and there was laughter.

“Even if the groom is in a hurry, he still has to wait, our ceremony is done Alright, I now declare the wedding between Miss Rameen Tong and Mr. Ellen Ron official.”

There was a round of applause from the audience.

The host made a quiet gesture and the scene immediately quieted down again.

“Mr. Ellen Ron, please look at this beautiful lady beside you and ask if you will take her to be your wife whether she is beautiful or ugly, whether she is poor or rich, whether she is sick or healthy.”

The microphone was handed to Ellen Ron.

“I do.”

Ellen Ron’s voice was thick and strong.

There wasn’t much expression on his face, perhaps because he hadn’t married the person he was supposed to marry.

“Miss Rameen Tong, look upon this handsome, handsome man, and ask if you will marry him, whether he be poor or rich, in health or in sickness, in good times or in bad.”

Rameen Tong’s face wore the characteristic shyness and redness of a bride.

“I do.”

There was thunderous applause from the audience.

“Well, I now pronounce you husband and wife of your own free will, and that you shall henceforth suffer hardship and love one another, and you may now k!ss your wife, groom.”

Ellen Ron held up Rameen Tong’s face and symbolically received a k!ss.

“Now to exchange rings.”

Someone came up to the stage holding two rings.

The much-anticipated ring finally appears

The ring has never been announced to the public, so we don’t know what kind of wedding ring Ellen Ron gave Rameen Tong.

In fact, even Rameen Tong herself didn’t know what kind of diamond ring Ellen Ron had prepared.

The ring has finally shown its true form.

“Wow,” the crowd screamed.

It was a 66-carat pear-shaped diamond with small diamond accents around it, a clever design that made the entire ring look like a crown.

Just as everyone was making exclamations about the diamond.

The door suddenly opened once more.

Many people began to turn back and look at the door, and were stunned…

Chapter 321

The guests were all talking as the man at the door appeared.

The guests turned their attention from back to front in turn to the two men standing in the doorway.

Everyone seems to forget that the bride and groom on stage is the most crucial moment.

Rameen Tong was stunned and filled with joy when she saw the diamond ring, not expecting Ellen Ron to have spent a huge sum of money on it.

But when Ellen Ron placed the ring on her finger, there was a sudden shiver.

Rameen Tong also couldn’t help but look at the doorway

Jasmine Tong and Mo Yiang

If you ask who is in the limelight in the entertainment industry today, naturally it is Rameen Tong.

If you ask who has a stinky reputation in the entertainment industry today, naturally it is Jasmine Tong.

Naturally, Jasmine Tong’s sudden appearance has surprised everyone, as she’s been riddled with gossip lately, and she’s even bothered to come to the wedding.

The key point is that she’s also here with scandalous actor Mo Yi-Ang.

How could people not discuss it?

Jasmine Tong’s lifetime of gorgeous gowns and Mo Yiang’s formal attire is also added.

These two together are truly the best of the best and are no match for today’s bride and groom.

Jasmine Tong was smiling, and Mo Yiang was also springing to life.

The media reporters have stood up to take pictures, beforehand, Rameen Tong had instructions to reporters to abide by the rules and maintain order, so they don’t dare to pounce on the wedding scene.

“I’m so sorry I’m late, dear sister.”

Tong’s high-pitched voice carried all the way to the front.


When Jasmine Tong’s “sister” was called out, Rameen Tong’s face changed in shock.

There was also an uproar.

“Rameen Tong is even Jasmine Tong’s sister ah what kind of relationship is it?”

“I’ve never heard of two people with the same last name. They might be from the same family.”

“How come I didn’t hear them mention it before I could?”

“And it seems like the two are still enemies hey, they’re even sisters.”

The voices of discussion, one above the other.

Mo Yiang and Jasmine Tong slowly walked forward.

Rameen Tong’s reaction was still quick, immediately picking up her skirt.

“Sister, you’ve finally come” she walked up to Jasmine Tong with a bright smile on her face.

When she first walked up to Jasmine Tong, Rameen Tong hugged Jasmine Tong very intimately.

“You’d better behave yourself and not stir the pot, or I won’t let you off the hook.”

After saying that, Rameen Tong only released Jasmine Tong at this point, and a bright smile returned to her face.

“Sister take your seat at once, the ceremony over here will be over soon.”

The fact that you can’t find a better way to get rid of your problems is not only a matter of time.

“I have a very important gift for you, and it’s a little early to be settling in.”

Said Jasmine Tong walked straight to the stage, she didn’t look at Ellen Ron.

“Moderator, as sister of the bride, am I allowed to give my blessing.”

“Of course you can,” the host had no idea what was going on and immediately handed over the microphone to Jasmine Tong.

Jasmine Tong cleared her throat.

“People must be wondering why I call Rameen Tong sister, in fact, we are indeed sisters, not cousins, not cousins, but half sisters.”

The audience was in an uproar.

(of siblings) having the same father but different mothers


That’s the best news I’ve ever heard.

The two have been in the circle for quite some time, and by all rights the relationship should have exploded a long time ago, but the two seem to be in a constant state of tit-for-tat

The truth came out today.

Rameen Tong could only smile awkwardly.

The offstage Dosmin and Marven Tong had no idea what drug Jasmine Tong was selling, they weren’t in the entertainment industry, and they didn’t know what the implications of a public relationship would be.

“You must be wondering why we haven’t announced until now that we are half-sisters, since my half-sister is only three months younger than me.”

Jasmine Tong kept smiling at Rameen Tong.

Half-sister, three months younger.

The meaning is clear enough for everyone to understand, it must have been Jasmine Tong’s father, who had an affair with someone else while his wife was pregnant, that gave birth to Rameen Tong.

Cheating during pregnancy, that’s what it is if it’s not scum.

And Rameen Tong’s mother is naturally the mistress who broke up the family.

For a moment, many eyes looked at Dusyman.

I’m not sure if I’m going to be able to do that, but I’m not sure if I’m going to be able to do that.

“I seem to have heard before, Mrs. Tong, not Mr. Tong’s original wife.”

“I’ve also heard that Mr. Tong’s original wife has passed away.”

“This Mr. Tong was young and spendthrift enough to cheat on his wife when she was pregnant.”

“A slap on the wrist, this Lady Tong, is probably not a good thing either.”

Rameen Tong’s body was trembling.

It’s the one thing she doesn’t want to do.

The reason why I didn’t expose my sisterly relationship with Jasmine Tong in the first place was because I was worried that someone would expose my mother for being a third child in the first place.

Unexpectedly, at the most important moment in her life, Jasmine Tong opened this scar

Listening to the surrounding gossip, the always hot-tempered Dusyman really couldn’t sit still.

She stood up with a whoosh.

Rameen Tong seems to realize what her mother is going to do, but the wedding dress she is wearing has a big trailing end and she is wearing 12 cm high heels, so it is really inconvenient for her to move and it is too late to stop her.

Dushman rushed directly in front of Jasmine Tong.

“Don’t talk nonsense, you little hussy.”

Duthie swung her arm round towards Jasmine Tong’s face and smacked her.

The audience was stunned.

To Sze-min, who has always been gentle and virtuous in front of everyone, wants to hit someone in public.

It was your own stepdaughter.

But Dushman’s hand didn’t fall on Jasmine Tong’s face, and Mo Yiang grabbed her wrist tightly.

Duthie watched in horror as her hand was firmly grasped by Mo Yiang

“Stepmother, haven’t you had enough fights over the years since you were a child?”


In a flash, we all understood, in public, Simin Du dared to call Jasmine Tong “little hoof”, and even dared to fight, it is clear that she is a stepmother.

I don’t know how much Tong Siu Man has suffered from this stepmother since she was a kid.

Mo Yiang let go of his hand.

Duthie stretched out a finger at Jasmine Tong so angry that she couldn’t speak.

“You you you now have a helper. Isn’t that that adulterer of yours?”

Dusyman pointed at Mo Yiang again.

“While we’re at it, I’d better get my own present up here.”Jasmine Tong said.

Mo Yiang gave a wink towards the stage.

The big screen that had been scrolling the wedding photos of Jasmine Tong and Ellen Ron suddenly went dark.

Then came an indescribable sound.

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