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Chapter 343

Huo Yulong looked stone-faced.

Jasmine Tong was waiting for his words.

“Manny, I was going to wait a few days for you to get acquainted with your family before I got the word out, but now it looks like you can’t wait.”

Jasmine Tong probably guessed it when she saw the Leng Lords.

“If uncle has anything to say, just say it.”

“I will never approve of your marriage to Albert Ou.”

Jasmine Tong was not touched in the least.

“Uncle, don’t you think it’s too late to say that I’m already married to him, and legally the two of us are husband and wife, that’s a fact.”

“Then you’ll get a divorce and there’s no way in hell I’m letting my niece be with a vampire.”

Huo Yulong was very verbose and determined.

Jasmine Tong aimed a glance at the Leng Lords.

“Uncle, you believe in such things as vampires, it’s a fantasy where in the world are there vampires, and even if there were, he’s not”

After all, he was his mother’s younger brother and his elder, Jasmine Tong still maintained the proper courtesy.

“Mandy you can not believe the owl’s words, you can feel that he is lying to you, you can feel that he is on another agenda, but do you even listen to your uncle’s words? uncle will harm you”

Huo Yulong said as he patted his chest.

“Of course uncle wouldn’t harm me, but uncle has probably read too many novels or TV shows to even believe such fantastical words.”

“Mandy why don’t you believe that there really are vampires in this world, and the man you married, he’s a vampire, and you’re not going to end up with him.”

Jasmine Tong stroked her forehead, really not knowing what to say to them.

“I’ve been living with him for a while now, how could I not know if he was a vampire, let alone if he wanted to harm me he would have done it already.”

“All I can say is that he’s well disguised, and as for why he’s not hurting you now, maybe the time hasn’t come yet, or maybe he’s really in love with you.”

Huo Yulong sighed silently.

“Mandy, you’re not going to get anywhere with him, vampires are inhuman and he’s going to kill you sooner or later.”

Jasmine Tong saw that she couldn’t convince Huo Yulong and had some impatience.

“Uncle, that might be better, we’re still pretty close, I’ll go home and ask him how he is”

Huo Yulong found that his niece was simply too much like his sister, and just as stubborn.


“Uncle, we’re considered family, if you let me go, it’s not like I’m not coming back.”

Jasmine Tong turned around and was ready to walk out.

“Stop” Huo Yulong suddenly roared.

Jasmine Tong stopped in her tracks.

“You don’t believe me all you want, but there’s no way I’m letting you go.”

Jasmine Tong turned around and looked at Huo Yulong, who looked angry.

“Uncle, what are you doing this for?”

Jasmine Tong looked at the Leng Lords.

“Uncle, I know you love this godson very much, but my husband and I love each other very much, so please don’t destroy our relationship just for the sake of your godson.”

“Mandy, Mandy, you’re so confused. You’re in love with a vampire, you.”

Jasmine Tong was suddenly amused by Huo Yulong.

“Uncle, I really don’t know what to say to you.”

“You really shouldn’t fall in love with him I will never let you go, you will stay here these days, you will never walk out of the Huo house without my orders”

Huo Yulong was serious this time.

Jasmine Tong knitted her brows slightly.

“What if I have to go?”

“Then try it.”

“Uncle, you’re forcing me.”

“And what are you pushing me for, Mandy, truth be told, if I hadn’t let your mother go back then, she wouldn’t have been so miserable, so I’m never going to let you go her way, I’ve already missed it once and I’m never going to miss it a second time”

Huo Yulong said the words almost through gritted teeth.

Yes, when he learns the tragic fate of Huo Yuji, he repents to the point of being blue in the face.

If he hadn’t been so young and ignorant and let his sister go, I’m afraid his own sister could have lived a life of glory and prosperity in peace.

He couldn’t protect his sister for the rest of her life, so he had to hope for her children.

So, he will never let Jasmine Tong go.

Jasmine Tong slowly returned to her room.

On the way back, I also observed the Huo family in passing.

The Huo family was indeed heavily guarded and worthy of being the richest man in S City.

This old city courtyard was very high, there was no way she could jump out of it with her, not to mention that there were people patrolling the area all the time.

Albert Ou must be desperate.


Albert Ou, who hadn’t slept all night, had gone crazy waiting for someone to come home, but why had he disappeared?

From last night when he knew that Jasmine Tong should have been kidnapped, he ordered people to cordon off various places.

Every highway out of Z, the airport, the train station, they’re all blocked off.

But they still escaped.

Jasmine Tong’s phone had a location tracking system on it, but they found it in a trash can when they found it based on the location system.

The other party was obviously prepared and knew Albert Ou well enough to know that Albert Ou had installed a GPS on Jasmine Tong’s phone.

This morning he checked the surveillance cameras near the airport, and that’s how he knew that the other party drove two cars, one took Xu Fang and Lu Weiran, and one took Jasmine Tong.

The two cars all had fake Dark Empire license plates, presumably switched back to real ones once they were on the road, so there was no way to find out anything about them.

I don’t have a clue.

“Keep looking for me, even if it means digging into the ground to get Jasmine back.”

Albert Ou roared at his men.

“Yes but, Ou, we don’t have a clue where to find anyone.”

Russel Cheng looked embarrassed, apparently it was more difficult to find someone this time than last time.

“Where were the two cars that last disappeared? From which direction did they drive off.”

“If he disappeared on the surveillance he was probably running to the highway, which leads to, but now in the highway is also crisscrossed, he’s not necessarily going to, or possibly changing to another direction midway, which is much more likely, many cities.”

Albert Ou clenched his fist darkly.

They’re so clever.

It gave him a million possibilities, which would have made it harder to find someone.

“Follow the highway and send extra men every which way.”

“Yes.”Although Russel Cheng felt embarrassed, he still agreed, and now there was no other way.

Albert Ou’s gaze was torchy.

He can’t imagine that he lost Jasmine Tong one day

Chapter 344

s city

the Huo family (household)

In the study, Huo Yulong and the Leng Lords are talking, while Jasmine Tong has been under house arrest, with no way out.

“Is there anything going on over at Albert Ou right now?”

Although the Huo family was unstoppable in S city, he still had some scruples if the other party was Albert Ou.

“Albert Ou is already looking for someone now, fortunately we dodged in time yesterday, but the good thing is, the road we were retreating on was deliberately detoured and took this side of the highway too much, according to Albert Ou’s character, he will definitely look down one by one.”

The Cold Lords laughed coldly.

Huo Yulong nodded a bit, he never questioned the abilities of the Cold Lords.

“But, Godfather, Albert Ou, the man who can make the Dark Empire sit at the top of the world, his ability should not be underestimated, or we should hurry up and convince Manny.”

“I know, Mandy is so much like my sister, stubborn and stubborn, I’m afraid it’s going to take a lot of work.”

Huo Yulong sighed long and hard.

“Mandy has had a hard time, and what she craves more than anything is a warm family, and Godfather might as well start there.”

Huo Yulong thought carefully about it and nodded.

Jasmine Tong paced back and forth in her room, and it was hard for her to imagine what kind of stormy state Albert Ou was in knowing that she had been kidnapped.

Since there was no prior indication from Huo Yulong’s side, Jasmine Tong knew that it would be difficult for Albert Ou to know that he was in the Huo family in S City.

Hopefully the Huo family left a trace when they kidnapped themselves.

She was completely free in the Huo house, except that the gate didn’t allow her to go out and there was always someone around.

She checked out the Huo family, which was indeed too big, like a deep palace compound, and a roadkill like Jasmine Tong could easily get lost on her own, not to mention running away.


Jasmine Tong looked alertly at the door.

“Come in.”

Huo Yulong walked in, a mule book in his hand.

We had just finished arguing during lunch, but now, Huo Yulong looked a lot more amiable.

“Mandy, can I talk to you?”

Jasmine Tong sat at the table.

“Uncle, if you still want to talk about my husband being a vampire, it’s better to avoid the need to waste your breath.”

Jasmine Tong had a stern face, and although she knew it was rude, she couldn’t care less in order to go out.

Huo Yulong sat down.

“The way you look now, the way you look, the way you talk, you all look like my sister before she eloped.”

Jasmine Tong lowered her eyelids.

“Uncle, with all due respect, I’d like to ask, since my mother eloped, didn’t you ever try to find her?”

Even if she ran away with a man, even if they found her and backed her up to be the boss, her mother wouldn’t have died so badly.

“Why haven’t I looked for my sister back then, she was a famous lady of this area, beautiful, gentle and generous, and when she was just eighteen years old, she had a lot of people coming to propose marriage.But my parents wanted to keep her for a few more years and didn’t want her to get married too early, plus she’s in college, so they haven’t been able to find the right person.”

Jasmine Tong hangs her head and doesn’t interrupt.

“Suddenly one day she came home and said that she was in love with a man, she was the jewel of the family, where did my parents accept the fact that besides, she was unmarried and pregnant.”

It really doesn’t seem like something a lady would do.

“My sister grew up, but the first time my dad beat her, he did it very lightly considering she was pregnant, so he locked her up.But she’s so stubborn.”

Huo Yulong looked at Jasmine Tong meaningfully, the current Jasmine Tong was also too stubborn.

“My dad knew couldn’t ask one iota of information about the man until I let my sister go, and we still knew zero about the man, so it was very tricky to find out after my sister eloped.”

“After all these years, you can’t really find out.”

With the Huo family’s strength, Jasmine Tong really had some disbelief.

Huo Yulong shook his head.

“I think every single student checked, even every single one of her friends, we didn’t miss a single one of them, only to find nothing, who would have thought it would be the one who came to our house once to deliver a drink”

Until now, Huo Yulong was still very shocked.

“I don’t know how he managed to coax my sister into following him so doggedly that she even changed her identity incognito.”

Huo Yulong slapped the table, a little agitated.

Jasmine Tong was also furious to know about this past.

How can your own father be such a scumbag?

Other girls follow you around with no family, and you betray them.

Huo Yulong waved his hand towards Jasmine Tong.

“Let’s not talk about the past, as if by bringing you back now, I’m doing justice to my parents who died a few years ago, whose biggest wish before they died was to get their sister back.”

Huo Yulong looked at Jasmine Tong with tears in his eyes.

“Mandy, I’m your own uncle, I did what I regret most back then, there’s no way to make it up to my sister, so I’ll have to make it up to you and your brother, whatever you offer, I’ll agree to it.”

“Then you let me go.”Jasmine Tong didn’t hesitate.

Huo Yulong immediately frowned.

“Only this is not allowed unless you promise to divorce Albert Ou and me.”

That attitude couldn’t have been clearer as Jasmine Tong turned her head to the side.

“Why are you as stubborn as your mother, Little Man, leave him, it’s uncle’s way of begging you, if you’re willing to divorce, I can help you.”

Jasmine Tong had one hand on her head.

The world doesn’t seem to have a happy ending, she’s so close to having a real family of her own, but her family is forcing him to divorce and leave the man she loves.

“I can see that the owl likes you very much, where is he not as good as Albert Ou? I can give you the best wedding ever

“The baron is good, he’s good, he’s a man worth entrusting with his life, but I don’t love him.”

No love, so no way to be together.

A little annoyed, Huo Yulong patted the book he had brought with him.

“Mandy, I know some things are hard to accept, but some things are just the way they are, and we have to learn to accept them.There’s a lot of stuff about vampires in these old books you can read.”

Jasmine Tong laughed helplessly.

“Uncle, you say I’m as stubborn and stubborn as my mother, but I think I’m more like you because you’re just as stubborn and just as very stubborn.”

Huo Yulong was startled.

Then sighed helplessly.

“Since we can’t convince anyone, there’s no harm in reading these books, so I’ll go out first and you can think about it.”

After Huo Yulong said that, he stood up and walked out.

Jasmine Tong’s eyes were fixed on the stack of old books.

Chapter 345


In the Rolls-Royce, Albert Ou, wearing a headset, was taking debriefing messages from various detachments.

Jasmine Tong has been kidnapped for three days.

In the past three days, we haven’t found a single clue, let alone a person.

How could he not be in a hurry?

Russel Cheng sat in the passenger seat, waiting for Albert Ou’s orders.

Albert Ou’s brow was furrowed in a tight frown, and if he could find even a hint of a clue, even just a hint, it might not be so hard.

I’m afraid we’ve met our match this time.

Albert Ou took off his headphones.

“Mr. Ou, what’s our next step?”

“Carpet search. Don’t give me any corners to miss.”

Albert Ou said through clenched teeth.

Russel Cheng pondered for a moment and turned his head.

“Mr. Ou, our brothers have been looking for three days and three nights, we are all tired, this is not the way to go, why don’t we take a break”

“Rest. You haven’t found a single clue and now you’re telling me to rest.”

Albert Ou growled with his eyes red.

Russel Cheng was shocked by Albert Ou’s voice, but he forced himself to say it.

“Mr. Ou, the brothers are really too tired, and this is not very efficient, so you might miss something important and lose more than you gain, and you yourself haven’t closed your eyes for three days and nights, so it’s time to take a good rest, and maybe the ideas will open up.”

Russel Cheng’s words had calmed Albert Ou down, though.

Russel Cheng was right, if this continued, everyone’s energy was being consumed, they were just ordinary people not having as much energy as themselves.

It didn’t matter if they were exhausted, but they would definitely miss a lot of things in their state of extreme fatigue, in case they missed Jasmine Tong

“Take all the teams, divide them into three groups, work shifts every eight hours, prepare the best meals for them, be sure to focus on finding the men for me, don’t miss a thing, a little detail”

Albert Ou narrowed his eyes.

“Yeah, I’ll get right on it, you need to rest yourself.”

“I don’t need it,”

Russel Cheng sighed, his arm hadn’t fully recovered yet, and he had been sleepy a while ago, so I was afraid he wouldn’t be able to carry it.

“Mr. Ou, I don’t think Mrs. Ou will be kidnapped for no reason, either Mrs. Ou has offended someone or you have offended someone, you should go home and carefully comb through this period of time to see what traces there are.”

Albert Ou’s pair of blue eyes flashed with suspicion.

“Also, Mr. Ou, don’t forget that your arm hasn’t fully recovered and was in bad shape some time ago, and your wife will definitely be angry again if she comes back and sees you like this.”

“Why are you talking so much?”

Albert Ou stared at Russel Cheng fiercely.

But he’s telling the truth.

Albert Ou gently rubbed his temples, if Jasmine Tong knew that she hadn’t closed her eyes for three days and nights now, she would definitely be furious again.

“Back to Rainbow City.”

Hearing Albert Ou say that, Russel Cheng was relieved.

The car soon took Albert Ou back to Rainbow City.

As soon as he stepped through the door, Albert Ou heard voices coming from the kitchen.


Albert Ou immediately walked quickly to the kitchen.

“Jasmine, you’re back.”

The sudden noise made all three men in the kitchen look at the kitchen door together.

The moment O Zeno saw Qin Jianlian, his heart sank.

“How are you,”

Qin turns out to be wearing an apron and is cooking with Aunt Fang and Pearly.

“Oh, I heard that Manny was kidnapped and you’re busy as hell, so I came over to see if I could help in any way.”

Albert Ou was like a frosty eggplant, so it wasn’t Jasmine Tong.

He didn’t say anything, and went back into the living room alone and sat on the couch in silence.

He closed his eyes and rested his head on the couch, still unable to relax his brow.

“Jasmine, where the hell are you.”

Last time he had vowed to never let Jasmine Tong out of his sight again, but he hadn’t expected to lose her again so soon.

Then Qin turned around and gently walked over and sat next to Albert Ou, pouring him a glass of water on the way.

“Look at your dry lips, drink some water to moisten your throat.”

Only then did Albert Ou open his eyes.

“Manny still hasn’t been found?”


“It’s strange how a good thing can be kidnapped.”

Qin turned around and said this like he was talking to himself.

“Asawa, you shouldn’t be too anxious, Lucky has his own way, I’m sure Manny will be able to turn it around this time.”


When Qin turned around, he didn’t know how to comfort Albert Ou.

“If you want to find Manny, you have to take care of yourself first, you have also just recently recovered, you can’t strain yourself like that, only if you keep yourself very energetic and in good shape, you can find Manny faster.”

Qin turned suddenly and patiently to persuade her.

“I’m hungry.”

Qin was immediately overjoyed.

“Dinner’s ready to be eaten right away.”

A table full of food.

“I made these dishes, so taste if they’re good.”

When Qin turned around and immediately offered Albert Ou a dish like an offering, Albert Ou frowned for a moment.

Seeing Albert Ou’s displeasure, Qin turned around and immediately stopped his actions.

Albert Ou is a germaphobe and never accepts extra dishes.

“Sorry, I forgot, Aunt Fang, please change another bowl of rice.”


Auntie Fang immediately re-did a bowl of rice for Albert Ou.

That’s when Albert Ou started eating.

“This, this, this, I made it, it’s not good, will eat it.”Qin turned around and counted the dishes he had made one by one.

Ever since she knew that Jasmine Tong cooked well and knew how to bake, Qin turned around and felt left behind.

She was so busy, though, that she hired a private cooking teacher to teach herself how to cook.

Her cooking skills have improved greatly during this time.

But except for Jasmine Tong’s cooking, anyone’s cooking was the same in Albert Ou’s eyes.

“Asawa, do you think Little Man could have offended someone in the circle? It’s never possible to kidnap her for no reason Since it’s a kidnapping, the kidnapper should have made a demand, but there’s been no movement so far.”

Qin turned around and analyzed as he ate his meal.

Albert Ou’s eating stopped immediately.

It would have been a normal kidnapping, but the other party should have contacted him for a ransom or made some kind of offer long ago.

Three days have passed and nothing’s happened. Why?

Albert Ou immediately took out his cell phone and called Russel Cheng.

“Go to the communications department immediately and check your wife’s recent phone records, I want the most detailed information possible.”


Since they didn’t ask for a ransom, or make any other demands, that means they only have one goal in mind.

They want Jasmine Tong.

Albert Ou suddenly opened up, why would the other party choose to take the highway, it was obviously just stalling for time!

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