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Mrs. 340 is missing

“What do you mean it’s gone?”

Albert Ou’s face changed abruptly.

“We had been waiting outside and thought the flight was late, but we never saw the wife come out, so we went in to see if the flight the wife was on was arriving on time It’s been over an hour and we didn’t find the wife, did the wife leave in another car”

“No way,”

“We had a collision with another car on the road, which delayed us a bit, maybe the wife couldn’t wait, so, she took a taxi herself, O. Do you want to call the wife and ask her.”

Albert Ou immediately hung up the phone without speaking, then dialed Jasmine Tong’s cell phone number.

“I’m sorry, the subscriber you dialed cannot be reached at this time.”


Albert Ou had a bad feeling about this.

His cars are all luxury cars. When you’re on the road, other cars have to go around because no one can afford to pay for a bump.

What a coincidence. I crashed my car on the way to pick someone up.

Oh, sh!t.

Albert Ou immediately called Russel Cheng.

“Gather your men immediately. The wife may have been kidnapped.”


Good thing it’s only been an hour. We can still catch up now.

It was the next morning when Jasmine Tong woke up, and the milk tea she was drinking was laced with sleeping pills, so she slept heavily.

I just woke up in a daze and found myself in a strange place.

It’s your house.

No, absolutely not.

The place was decorated in an antique style, and for a moment, Jasmine Tong even suspected that she had crossed over.

Isn’t that how it’s written in novels?

But she carefully identifies the pillows and bedding she sleeps on as modern.

What the hell is going on?

Jasmine Tong’s head was still clouded, and he was just about to get out of bed when there was a sound from outside the door.

“Is it in this room?”

“Yes, this is the room.”

The door opened with a creak.

I saw a man probably in his forties walk into the room, a casual outfit that gave him the unique charm of a mature man.

Jasmine Tong looked him up and down and unconsciously leaned back on the bed.

“Who are you and why did you kidnap me?”

This looks like a kidnapping case. The problem is the strange driver from last night.

Huo Yulong looked at Jasmine Tong and couldn’t help but wet his eyes.

Jasmine Tong and her deceased sister are so much alike.

He remembered that his sister was about the same age as Jasmine Tong when she left home.

So his memories are set at the same age as his sister’s.

“I’m your uncle, silly boy.”

Huo Yulong’s voice trembled.

“Uncle you’re mistaken, I don’t have an uncle.”

Jasmine Tong was wary of the man in front of her.

“I’m your uncle, your mother’s name is Huo Yu-Bin, and I’m your uncle, Huo Yu-Long.”

“Mr. Huo, I’m sorry, you’re really mistaken, my mother’s name isn’t Huo Yuji, her name is Tong Yu, please let me go.”

Jasmine Tong’s tone was calm, and he probably heard from the man’s words that this was not a simple kidnapping case, it should be a recognition of marriage.

Otherwise, you wouldn’t be able to tie someone up and sleep comfortably in a bed without tying their hands and feet.

Huo Yulong was a bit emotional, he turned around and wiped away the tears from his face with his fingers.

Trying to take a breath and calm myself down.

“Someone, bring the stuff over here.”

A maid came over with a pile of something and took it directly in front of Jasmine Tong.

Jasmine Tong saw clearly that it was some photo albums, probably older, and that the photos were black and white.

“Your mother’s name isn’t Tong Yu, that was the name she changed after she ran away from home to keep her family from finding her, her real name is Huo Yujin, she was once the eldest daughter of our Huo family.”

As if listening to a story, Jasmine Tong had no idea how much of the man’s words were believable.

“Son, if you don’t believe me, just look at the photo album in your hand and see if that man looks like you.”

Jasmine Tong cautiously flipped through the photo album.

When she saw the person in the photo, her entire body was terrified

She flipped through the pages quickly.

The person in the photo is indeed her mother, Tong Yu.

The Huo family has always been used to taking pictures, so the adult Huo Yuji has many pictures left over.

“No, that’s not possible,”

Mandy Tong just couldn’t believe it until she saw a picture.

It was a family photo with four people in it, also a black and white photo.

Jasmine Tong still remembers how often she saw her mother staring blankly at a black and white photo.

But her mother never let her see that black and white photo until one time she saw her own mother secretly wiping her eyes with it again.

So she went up to see the picture, when her hand hadn’t touched it.

Her mother then got so angry that she tore up the picture and ended up with just a corner of it, leaving her mother alone, and the rest of those were shredded and thrown in the trash.

Jasmine Tong was impressed with the small half of the remaining photo.

It’s this family photo.

She’d never seen the full one, but she’d seen her own mother’s corner.

Same clothes, same hairstyle, same posture, same smile.

“Son, now you should believe me.”

Jasmine Tong felt incredible.

“What the hell is going on here?”

“Did your mother, never mention to you, her mother’s house?”

Jasmine Tong’s eyes were a bit blank.

“My mom died very early, I was young then, I don’t remember a lot of things, I just remember my mom saying that my grandparents loved her very much, and nothing else.”

Huo Yulong sighed deeply.

“I’m such a stupid sister.”

“Why did my mother run away from home?”

At the mention of this, Huo Yulong suddenly sneered.

“That would be something to ask your so-called father.”

Jasmine Tong did not speak, but waited quietly.

“Back then, our your father was merely delivering wine to our family, but I never thought he’d be allowed to hit on my sister, but we didn’t know about it until later.I just remember, all of a sudden one day, my sister came back and told me she was getting married, she was only 20 years old and she was in college.”

Jasmine Tong didn’t interrupt Huo Yulong, she could see the sadness in Huo Yulong’s eyes.

“Our family is a family of books, of course we must not allow such things, but I never thought my sister would say that she was pregnant.My father was furious, and being pregnant unmarried was something that was absolutely unacceptable to our family in those days.”


But it’s not the right time.

“Is it any wonder I have a brother or sister?”

Chapter 341

At this point, Huo Yulong sighed very remorsefully.

“If it weren’t for that father of yours, I’m afraid you’d actually have a brother or sister.”

“The baby fell out.”

Huo Yulong couldn’t help but nod his head with a sigh.

“My sister eloped with your father, that’s when the baby was supposed to be dropped, I’m not sure exactly how.”


Her mother didn’t have her until she was about to turn thirty, and most people in the previous generation had children in their early twenties, very few, until they were about to turn thirty.

When she went to kindergarten, she noticed that the parents of the children in her class were much younger than her own parents.

“My sister has not been well since she was a child, she was raised in a lady’s house and didn’t have to do anything but study, and it was probably the miscarriage that did more damage to her body, so it took so many years between births to give birth to you.”

Jasmine Tong only felt a bleakness in her heart.

Her mother had given up her glory and wealth for this man, stayed away from her family, and even lost her own children.

However, her man betrays her as she recuperates and becomes pregnant again.

“My mom is so stupid, my dad isn’t even worth it.”

“He’s more than unworthy, he deserves to be cut to pieces by a thousand cuts What kind of life my sister is living at home, brocaded, fed and clothed, but what kind of life is she living in the Tong family”

Huo Yulong shouted angrily.

“My mom wasn’t well, probably too late to have a baby, and my grandparents didn’t like her, especially after she had me, and the family liked boys, and my mom wanted to have a boy for my dad, so”

Jasmine Tong’s eyes were also filled with tears at the mention of this.

If it wasn’t for Marven Tong, the scumbag, maybe his own mother wouldn’t have died and his own brother would have been a healthy child.

Huo Yulong wiped away his own tears.

“So, Mandy, you remember your mother’s lesson.”

Jasmine Tong didn’t quite understand what Huo Yulong said.

“You’re tired from filming the other day, so get some rest.”

After saying that, Huo Yulong walked out and instructed the servants, “Take good care of Miss.”

Hearing this Missy, Jasmine Tong fell a little despondent.

Things were always dramatic, and she turned out to be the eldest daughter of the Huo family.

Jasmine Tong suddenly remembered something, it’s been a night, Albert Ou didn’t wait for her, he must be going crazy!

She immediately looked around for her phone, but it wasn’t there.

“Where’s the phone?”

Jasmine Tong got out of bed, with a maid guarding the door.

“What is your order, my lady?”

“Where’s my phone? Did the person who brought me here yesterday give you my phone?”

The maid shook her head.

“Didn’t see your phone, Missy.”

Jasmine Tong was just about to say something when she heard someone calling out to her.

“Mandy ouch, it’s a big flood that washed away the Dragon King Temple, the family doesn’t recognize the family ah”

Jasmine Tong looked over at the source of the voice.


I still remember the last time when Chul Yun-chi was taunting her.

the Huo family (household)

It was only at this time that Jasmine Tong realized that it was the famous Huo family in S city.

Isn’t Chu Runzhi Mrs. Huo?

Chu Runzhi came over and hurriedly held Jasmine Tong’s hand.

“I’m sorry for what happened last time, Mandy, but I didn’t get to the bottom of things and I trained you to make a fool of yourself.”

“It’s all in the past” Jasmine Tong’s smile was brilliant, she was not one to hold grudges.

“It’s all because that sister of mine knows what she’s talking about, and although I’ve never met her, I’ve heard your uncle mention several times that she’s a gentle, gentle and virtuous woman, and now that I’ve seen you, I’m sort of convinced.”

Chu Runzhi pulled Jasmine Tong into the house.

“Manny, I’ve heard all about you, what a miserable child, it’s been a hard time for you and Little Lei all these years.”

Chu Runzhi held Jasmine Tong’s hand in a very intimate manner.

“Don’t you think that if your uncle had found you earlier, you wouldn’t have had to suffer so much? alas anyway, now that the bitterness has come to an end, it’s a bittersweet experience, and this will be your home from now on, and you’ll have your uncle and aunt to back you up in everything.”

Hearing these words, Jasmine Tong couldn’t help but feel hot in her heart.

Someone to back it up.

Since she was a child, she had wanted nothing more than to have someone to back her up.

“Stay here for now, and ask your aunt for anything you need.”

Jasmine Tong was just about to say something when Chu Runzhi spoke one after another.

“I and your uncle have two children, a son and a daughter, the eldest went to college, the second is a girl, only home from school at noon, I guess she looks at you ah, will be happy bad”.


“Xiao Ya likes you a lot especially your TV shows and movies, if she knew that you are her own cousin, how happy she might be.”

Chu Runzhi said this with vigor, and Jasmine Tong couldn’t intervene.

“Okay, Manny, you can rest, I have work to do, so I’ll go out first.”


Chu Runzhi left after saying that, Jasmine Tong didn’t even have time to ask something.

Her cell phone. She needs to get in touch with Albert Ou.

Although Huo Yulong, explained the maids that she was the Huo family’s eldest daughter.

But she was a newcomer, and she didn’t dare to walk around someone’s house.

It wasn’t until noon that Hosea came back from school, she was in her third year and she was still young.

Before Jasmine Tong could react, she saw a little girl in a blue and white school uniform come running over in a flurry of fire.


Huo Siya embraced Jasmine Tong in one hand.

“Great, great, Jasmine Tong is even my cousin.”

The fact that his idol has suddenly become his cousin, Hosea feels as if pie in the sky.

I felt like I was instantly on top of my game.

“You must be Maya,”

“Yeah yeah yeah I’m Cousin Maya it’s so good to see you I’m so happy, I haven’t been to class all morning I wanted to come see you this morning but my dad said you were sleeping and wouldn’t let me come over and disturb you now I finally see you”

“Maya, do you have a cell phone if I can use yours.”

Hosea’s small nose shrugged.

“I don’t have a cell phone, my dad won’t let me use it, he says I’m in my third year and I’m about to take my midterms, and he’s dead set against buying me a cell phone, and all of our classmates have cell phones.”

“Oh, so,”

Jasmine Tong was inevitably disappointed.

“Cousin, do you want to call? I’ll take you to Big Brother. He’ll be willing to help you.”

Saying that, Hosea pulled Jasmine Tong out the door.

Through a quaint corridor, you come to a room.

“Brother, are you here? Look who’s come to see you.”

Jasmine Tong was wondering, didn’t Chu Runzhi just say that her son had gone to college?

Why are you home at this hour?

Chapter 342

“Brother, are you there?” shouted Hosea towards the room.

The door opened and the Cold Lords came out of it.

The moment she saw the Leng Lords, Jasmine Tong rounded her eyes.

Beat to death she did not expect to run into the Leng Lords here.

“How did you, baron,”

Leng Lords looked towards Huo Siya, “Xiao Ya, go play first, I’ll have a few words with your cousin.”

Hosea threw up her tongue.

“Well then, I won’t be a light bulb for you.”

Huo Siya covered her mouth and laughed, looked at the Leng Lords and then at Jasmine Tong, then bounced away.

The Cold Lords walked into the house.

“Come in.”

Jasmine Tong quickly walked in.

“Lords, what the hell is going on here and why are you here”

Jasmine Tong’s head was filled with countless question marks.

Leng Lords calmly sat on the stool, poured himself a cup of tea and slowly sipped it.

“Darling, how does it feel to have a home?”

He didn’t have the slightest intention of answering Jasmine Tong.

“Baron, tell me what the hell is going on here.”

Jasmine Tong sat on the stool.

Leng Lords retook a compact teacup and also poured a small cup from the purple clay pot.

“Taste it, how does the tea taste?”

“I don’t have the heart to have tea with you right now. What’s this all about?”

The Leng Lords still calmly sipped the tea, seemingly endlessly in retrospect.

“Baron,” Jasmine Tong was enraged and roared towards the Leng baron.

“Darling, what’s the hurry if you’re angry.”

“Can I not be in a hurry? If all you want to do is sip tea right now and you don’t have time to explain to me, then please lend me your phone.”

“Why are you borrowing your phone to call Albert Ou?”


Jasmine Tong doesn’t deny it either, “I need to check in with him.”

“No need.”

“What do you mean you don’t have to?”

“There’s no way I’m going to lend you my phone, and the entire Huo family up and down will never let you have access to electronics that can come in contact with the outside world.”

Jasmine Tong looked at Leng Lords in horror.

Is this a kidnapping?

Jasmine Tong suddenly thought, if Huo Yulong could know her flight information without any mistake, then he should also know where she lived, why didn’t he just go and recognize her, instead of using this kind of kidnapping method?

Upon closer examination, there are indeed too many suspicious aspects.

The Cold Lords chuckled softly.

“I really can’t help it, because you never trusted me, so that’s why it was adopted.”

as expected

“Your uncle was my godfather, remember the story I told you about how my godfather brought me back from the forest and then kept raising me to adulthood.”


“I’d advise you to get along better if you’ve just recognized your family.”

Jasmine Tong stared fiercely at the Leng Lords.

“So, this is all a ruse on your part.”

“Trickery darling, I’d rather have you say it’s my good plan.”

The cold owl’s eyes are wickedly raised.

Jasmine Tong slammed the table and walked out of the Cold Lords’ room.

She noticed that someone had been quietly following her outside the door, but on the surface it didn’t look like much, but in reality it was following her.

Here she is, under house arrest indeed.

After a while, a maid came to call her to lunch, so she went straight to the dining room.

At the table, both Huo Yulong and Chu Runzhi were there, and Huo Siya hurriedly pulled her to her side, with the cold lord coming over a little while later.

Chu Runzhi had been talking non-stop at the table, introducing Jasmine Tong to the family.

Jasmine Tong never got a chance to speak.

“Oh my, you see we’re just missing my son and Little Lei, so we’re all together.”

Jasmine Tong has finally found her chance.

“Uncle and aunt still have some idea, I’m married, so that leaves my husband.”

As soon as that was said, the atmosphere at the table became different.

Huo Yulong and Chu Runzhi both felt a little embarrassed.

Hosea fiercely raised his head to look at Jasmine Tong.

“Cousin, you’re married.”

“Yeah, I’ve been married for over a year, I just haven’t announced it to the public.”

“Then who is my cousin-in-law? How handsome is he?”

Where the child knows what’s at stake, Hosea still seems excited.

“He’s very handsome, and I’ll have a chance to introduce you to him.”

“Well yeah yeah you a while ago, when you announced on Weibo that you had a boyfriend, I thought that was my big brother it I saw the photo that popped up on the news also looks like my big brother, although there is no positive face that is my cousin-in-law handsome, or my big brother handsome it.”

Hosea looked even more excited.

“Maya, hurry to school after dinner, don’t be late.”Huo Yulong spoke coldly.

“I won’t be late, I’m still early for school.”

Huo Siya completely ignored Huo Yulong’s meaning.

“Ya didn’t I tell you to eat and sleep.”

“That my mother isn’t,”

Before Huo Siya finished her sentence, Chu Runzhi immediately gave her a wink.

“Maya, eat your dinner and go to school afterwards.”

Hosea spat out her tongue, picked the bowl clean in three bites, and left immediately.

Before leaving, he said to Jasmine Tong, “Cousin, we’ll talk again when I come back tonight.”

After Hosea left, the atmosphere at the table could be even more awkward.

“Uncle, you suddenly had me kidnapped, I didn’t even have time to tell my husband, and my phone is missing, so why don’t you send me back, and I’ll bring him along to visit you some day.”

Jasmine Tong immediately tried it out.

Naturally, Huo Yulong and Chu Runzhi knew that Jasmine Tong had gotten married, but they didn’t expect Jasmine Tong to start mentioning it just after she recognized her family.

“Manny, you just got back here, stay at home for a few more days before you leave” Chu Runzhi immediately began to round up.

“A few more days is fine, but I’ll have to tell my husband so he doesn’t worry about me at home, Auntie, can I borrow your phone to make a call?”

Chu Runzhi was momentarily speechless and immediately looked at Huo Yulong.

They had just claimed this niece back, and didn’t want to make a strained relationship.

“You don’t have to work for nothing, I’m not going to let you go, you’re just going to stay at home for a few days and make this your home.”

Huo Yulong’s voice was dignified in its coldness.

“Of course I don’t treat my uncle like a stranger, but I’m married and I have a family of my own.”

Jasmine Tong was not weak either.

“This will be your home from now on, other than that you have no other home to forget your married husband, you’re not right for each other.”

“I don’t understand what uncle is saying, you haven’t even met him, so why are you saying we’re not right for each other?”


Huo Yulong looked at Chu Runzhi.

“Come with me to the study and I’ll tell you why you’re not right for each other.”

Huo Yulong stood up and walked out, with Jasmine Tong following behind and Leng Lords.

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