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Chapter 361

After her evening bath, Jasmine Tong sat on the bed and stared.

She was still thinking about what had happened during the day and was worried that Chin had misunderstood.

Albert Ou came out of the shower, naked, revealing strong muscles and perfect lines.

“What are you thinking about?”

Jasmine Tong breathed a long sigh of relief and lifted her head to look at Albert Ou.

“I may have done something wrong today, and I feel weird about it.”

“It’s about going to Crystal Gardens.”

“Well how did you know”

“Pearblossom told me all about it” Albert Ou sat on the edge of the bed and squeezed Tong’s chin, “You’re doing great.”

Jasmine Tong opened Albert Ou’s hand.

“Well what ah I’m worried that suddenly sister will misunderstand, I should have thought it through before going over today, now make it as if I’m going over to flaunt.”

Jasmine Tong was so frustrated that the more she thought about it when she returned, the more she felt that she had done something wrong today.

“If Yew should take me.”

“I’m talking to you seriously, seriously, OK? You tell me, should I ask for an apology from suddenly.”

Jasmine Tong strung together what had happened before and after, and how it didn’t seem right.

“You’re my wife, you don’t need to report back to anyone for a trip back to the Crystal Gardens, what hostess has to report back to anyone when she comes home, well don’t take it personally.”

“That’s true, but I’m not worried that suddenly Sister Misunderstood, in fact, I really didn’t think that the servants over there all think of her as their future wife, one by one they are respectful to her, it seems like I’ve stirred up the situation by going there.”

Jasmine Tong is now very distressed.

“What do you mean stirring the pot for me to say, you went right on this matter is that I didn’t explain it clearly, I should have taken you back there myself and let everyone there know that you are my Albert Ou’s wife.”

“Don’t make a mess, I’m never going back to your side.”

Jasmine Tong felt psychologically shaken.

“Fine fine, if you don’t go, you don’t go.”

“What worries me now is that the maid there, too powerful, will give her the benefit of the doubt if she knows that suddenly she is not the future wife.”

Jasmine Tong turned to O Zeno, “You tell Butler Wu to explain to him that the maids over there should take good care of Sister Thenelia, never give her a face, but also take care of her like before.”

“Got it, got it.”

Albert Ou yanked the towel around his waist and directly pressed Jasmine Tong down on the bed.

“You’re so long-winded. If you don’t do something at night, you’ll just think about it.”

“What are you doing? “Jasmine Tong put her hands on Albert Ou’s chest.

“You slept so much during the day just to keep me company at night, how could I fail you?”

“Who is to keep you company.”

Jasmine Tong looked at Albert Ou with a red face.

“You, you’re the one” Albert Ou leaned down and k!ssed Jasmine Tong’s lips.

Another happy and wonderful night.

dark empire (i.e. empire of darkness)

Albert Ou was in his office, the corners of his mouth lifting every now and then, his face full of smiles.

He was also rare and gentle in the boardroom today, he didn’t even scold when someone made a mistake, smiling from time to time, even letting the staff wonder what was going on.

“The favor he owes is the favor I owe.”

“Of course he is, he’s my husband, I don’t trust him.”

Whenever he thought of these words from Jasmine Tong, Albert Ou was happy as hell.

Perhaps it was time to tell Jasmine Tong her true identity.

If she loves herself so much, she shouldn’t mind though, right?

Thinking this Albert Ou began to plan to make peace with Jasmine Tong.

In the evening Jasmine Tong still cooked a table as usual and had dinner with Albert Ou.

After dinner, Albert Ou suddenly said to Jasmine Tong, “Let’s watch a movie together tonight.”

Jasmine Tong looked at Albert Ou full of amazement.

“To the cinema.”

Albert Ou held out one finger and shook it vigorously a few times.

“How about at home, in the bedroom, just the two of us?”

The first thing you need to do is to look at the top of the page.

“Don’t you agree? You’re not even allowed to see a movie?”

“Well, there’s nothing going on at night anyway, and there’s no good TV shows lately.”Jasmine Tong still agreed.

“Okay then, you prepare some snacks for the evening and go back to the bedroom later” Albert Ou got excited.

Jasmine Tong frowned and pondered carefully.

“What kind of drugs are you selling?”

“I don’t have medicine and I don’t have a gourd.”

Jasmine Tong laughed at Albert Ou’s words.

“I mean, you’re not up to any bad ideas,”

“No, I swear absolutely not, you’ll find out in a minute, go get ready, I’m going to get ready for the movie”

Albert Ou sat up from the couch and immediately went upstairs, he had a lot of things he needed to prepare.

“Mister is getting really romantic,” joked Pearly.

“Romance what he’s full of, who knows what he’s up to.”

Jasmine Tong was still a little apprehensive.

“Two people in a bedroom, eating fruit, watching a romantic love movie, what could be more romantic than that? the big deal is hehehehe”

Pears covered her face and laughed.

Jasmine Tong was blushing with laughter.

“Pearblossom, you’re too young to learn.”

“People are grown-ups, okay, don’t treat me like a child, I don’t know anything.”


“Actually, it’s quite good. The wife can have a baby sooner.”

Jasmine Tong pursed her lips and smiled, she did want to have a baby right now.

“Let me help you, ma’am.”

Jasmine Tong didn’t think too much about it, got some fruit in the kitchen, washed and cut it up and put it on a plate, got two more bottles of yogurt, and carried them upstairs.

Is this guy really just trying to be romantic? There’s really no bad idea.

Jasmine Tong was in disbelief.

It wouldn’t be Albert Ou if he didn’t have some bad ideas.

Jasmine Tong still carried her things into the bedroom.

The bedroom was now dark.

Albert Ou is fiddling with some kind of instrument.

He got a projector to come over directly and can project the film directly onto the wall, and now he’s switching the distance to see if the height fits.

Tong Mann put the fruit and yogurt on the nightstand.

“Don’t be so grand, just hold your laptop and read it.”

Jasmine Tong realized she was still thinking too simply.

“That’s so awkward. There’s technology in the house. Why don’t you use it?”

Albert Ou adjusted the height and carried Jasmine Tong to the bed.

“Take your clothes off.”

Jasmine Tong immediately covered her chest.

“Why are you taking your clothes off at the movies?”

She had a bad feeling about it.

“Just take off your clothes when I tell you to. Why do we have to lie under the covers and watch? It’s so comfortable.”

Why do you have to lie under the covers to watch a movie?

Chapter 362

Jasmine Tong suddenly had a bad feeling about it.

Get undressed, get under the covers, watch a movie.

It’s not a porno, is it?

And then I got in the mood, and by the way…

“I don’t want it,”

Jasmine Tong shouted towards Albert Ou, her face already red to the roots of her ears.

She’s been a good girl since she was a kid. How could she watch that kind of movie?

“Don’t what let you just take off a shirt, isn’t that more comfortable?”

Albert Ou said and went to undress Jasmine Tong.

Jasmine Tong immediately crossed her arms to protect her chest.

“So you tell me what movie I want to see.”

“Won’t you find out later? Be good, come on.”

“No, I need to know right now that you’re not taking your clothes off and getting under the covers.”

Albert Ou felt like he was going to die unjustly.

“Why don’t you just settle down and watch a movie, you know?”

Jasmine Tong looked at Albert Ou warily.

“So you tell me what movie to watch.”



When I heard this name, Jasmine Tong was still shocked, isn’t it a passionate porno?

“Ah what ah”


Jasmine Tong’s taut strings finally slackened.

“I thought you were going to watch.”

Thinking of this, Jasmine Tong couldn’t help but blush again.


This time the blush is for blushing at myself for even thinking of going there.

“Thought I’d see something.”

Albert Ou leaned close to Jasmine Tong’s face, “Why is your face so red you don’t think I want to look”

Albert Ou smiled unkindly, as if he had penetrated Jasmine Tong’s mind.

“I didn’t think you were going to watch a little porn.”

After saying this Jasmine Tong, I really hate to bite off my own tongue, this is not a confession without a fight?

“Haha, so my wife wants to watch a little porno, fine, I’ll give it to you.”

Jasmine Tong covered her face for a moment.

“I didn’t I didn’t, don’t be ridiculous I was the one who saw you undressing and getting under the covers again and thought you were restless.”

“I told you to take off your clothes because I was afraid you’d run away.”

“Why would I run to a movie?”

Jasmine Tong was puzzled.

In fact, Albert Ou was planning to tell Jasmine Tong the truth, worried that she would be afraid and run away after she found out, so it was safer to take off her clothes first.

“Are we going to watch the movie or not? Shall I switch to a little porn?”

Albert Ou immediately changed the subject.

“What’s the change, hurry up and look” Jasmine Tong slanted a glance at Albert Ou.

Albert Ou turned off the lights, pressed the switch on the remote, and the movie started.

Two people lying on a bed in such an atmosphere really felt a bit romantic.

Jasmine Tong leaned her head on Albert Ou’s shoulder.

Albert Ou watched it with great interest, even though he’d seen the movie many times before.

When he turned his head to look down at Jasmine Tong, he found that Jasmine Tong had closed her eyes


Jasmine Tong was so shocked that she rolled her eyes and apologetically threw up her tongue towards Albert Ou.

“It’s dark and wintery in this house, and I’m a little sleepy when I’m still in bed.”

She said, yawning.

“You can still fall asleep at a movie and you’re not at all curious about what happens next in the movie?”

Albert Ou knitted his eyebrows and nudged Jasmine Tong’s brow.

“I’ve seen this movie all before, it’s not interesting.”

“You’ve seen it, you’ve seen it all” Albert Ou was very surprised.

“I saw it when I was in college.”

Albert Ou was suddenly nervous.

“So do you have any insights?”

Jasmine Tong blinked.

“I don’t really like this unreal love story.”Jasmine Tong answered truthfully.

She was also a little surprised when she found out that Albert Ou was going to be watching Twilight with her.

After all, this kind of romantic love story, Jasmine Tong thinks only girls like to read.

But Albert Ou, a guy who even watches reality shows about dating, likes to watch these kinds of movies, so she’s not surprised.

“An unreal love story.”

“Yeah, don’t you think it’s unreal that people fall in love with vampires, and a human walks into a family of vampires, and a werewolf admirer, and I actually admire the writer’s brain, but I really don’t like these kinds of movies.”

“Don’t you find their love very touching?”

Jasmine Tong was not impressed.

“I’m a very trivial person, is this kind of love touching I think it’s harmful.”

Jasmine Tong said with her chin on her chin.

“Why do you say that?”

There was no longer any smile visible on Albert Ou’s face, and every nerve in his body was taut.

“The hero and heroine are both very selfish, they are originally from two worlds, the heroine gives up everything she has for the hero, especially her father, and the hero, who knows he’s a vampire and knows they’re far-fetched together, is still with the heroine and very selfish as well.”

Listening to Jasmine Tong’s analysis, Albert Ou only felt his heart slowly falling.


I can’t believe she said that.

“I think the heroine is great that she becomes a vampire to be with the hero so they can be together forever.”

Albert Ou wanted to refute Jasmine Tong’s words.

“Actually I don’t think vampires are good at all, always young, never dead, always alive, no need to sleep or eat, what’s the fun in a life like that? the hero said at the beginning that he was miserable hating this life, but he’s hardwired the heroine into it”

Tong shrugged his shoulders.

“I don’t think so anyway, they’re both selfish bastards.”

Albert Ou was in a bit of a hurry at the moment, he didn’t expect Jasmine Tong to react like this.

“But they ended up very happy, didn’t they, and had a very lovely daughter.”

“Come on, a movie is a movie, and the writers would have given them a perfect ending to satisfy the audience’s imagination.If this had happened in real life, the plot certainly wouldn’t have gone that way.”

Jasmine Tong brought the yogurt over, put in a straw and began to drink it.

The movie continues to play.

It’s clear that both men’s minds are all but gone from the movie.

Albert Ou was defeated by Jasmine Tong’s rhetoric, and he no longer knew what words to use to refute it.

“Jasmine, if you were the heroine, what would you choose? Break up with the hero.”

Even though Albert Ou almost knew the answer, he still wouldn’t stop trying to really ask.

Albert Ou’s heartbeat was pounding and felt like it was about to jump out of his chest.

“If I were the heroine,”

Chapter 363

Albert Ou was quietly waiting for Jasmine Tong’s answer.

Jasmine Tong took another sip of yogurt, her eyes dripping and swirling.

“If I’m the female lead, then I’ve passed the male lead in the first place, so this drama is over hahaha.”

Jasmine Tong finished and laughed herself.

It’s been very popular on the internet lately, if how this play is finished.

Jasmine Tong thought it was funny.

But Albert Ou’s heart ached violently.

“If I’m the heroine, I don’t even like the hero, people say he’s handsome, I don’t even think it’s okay.”

Jasmine Tong held up Albert Ou’s face.

“Not as handsome as my husband.”

It was a compliment, but Albert Ou grinned and couldn’t be happier.

What I originally wanted to say today, I didn’t say.

“Let’s sleep.”

“Am I being a bit of a spoilsport?”

Jasmine Tong also saw the loneliness in Albert Ou’s eyes.

“We’ve seen this movie before, how about a different one.”

When she fell asleep while watching a movie with Albert Ou, Jasmine Tong felt that she did go a little too far.

“No, actually I’m sleepy too.”

“Well, then, let’s go to bed.”

Albert Ou picked up the remote and turned off the movie.

This same night, he was holding Jasmine Tong, but he couldn’t sleep for a long time.

The woman in his arms slept soundly, but his heart was torn asunder.

It was thought that Jasmine Tong loved him so much that she could even ignore what he really was.

However, a mere trial run of a movie showed him that Tong’s love for himself was limited to being a human being.

In fact, he should have thought of such an ending, and on second thought, Jasmine Tong is a very traditional woman in her bones.

She doesn’t like unreal things.

academy of fine arts

There is still a public class today in the lecture hall.

As soon as Mo Yixin entered the staircase classroom, she began to look around, and when she saw Yarwen Tong, she immediately ran over happily and sat next to Yarwen Tong.

As soon as Yarwen Tong turned his head, he saw Mo Yi Xin’s bright smiling face.

Yarwen Tong frowned and turned his head back, continuing to read his book.

What made Mo Yi Xin happy was that this time Yarwen Tong didn’t even just walk away.

From the time Yarwen Tong was discharged from the hospital until now, Mo Yi Xin had tried to contact him many times, but Yarwen Tong had never spoken to her again.

It’s a rare one that doesn’t go.

The school bell rang.

Yarwen Tong directly stood up and walked out through another passageway and sat in another seat, away from Mo Yi Xin.


Mo Yi Xin was just about to stand up and chase after her when the teacher came in.

“Okay, quiet down, we’ll start class now.”

Mo Yi Xin could only stomp her foot in frustration and sat down.

No wonder Yarwen Tong didn’t leave just now, he was thinking of finding a suitable time so that Mo Yi Xin wouldn’t be able to follow him.

Mo Yi Xin looked towards Yarwen Tong’s direction and helplessly began this lesson.

After playing the game for a session, the session finally came to an end.

When the class was almost over, Mo Yi Xin was already staring at Yarwen Tong.

The two men seemed to be in a battle of wits.

As soon as the teacher finished the lesson, Yarwen Tong immediately stood up and walked towards the classroom door, Mo Yi Xin saw the situation and immediately began to pack his things and quickly caught up with Yarwen Tong.

Yarwen Tong walked quickly, as there were more people, and still kept a distance from Mo Yi Xin.

By the time he got out of the stair classroom area, Yarwen Tong’s pace was even faster.

Mo Yi Xin ran all the way and finally caught up with Yarwen Tong.

“Yarwen Tong,” Mo Yi Xin gasped and covered her stomach.

“Do you have a problem? “Yarwen Tong walked forward with a vigor, not intending to pay attention to Mo Yi Xin.

But his pace slowed noticeably.

“Can’t I find you if I’m fine? Why are you avoiding me?”

“You’re being nosy, I’m not hiding from you.”

Yarwen Tong’s tone was very cold.

“You’re obviously avoiding me why are you avoiding me, we’re still relatives, didn’t my little aunt tell you?”

“It’s nothing to talk about,”

Of course Yarwen Tong knew they were related.

“Hey, why are you like this I already know that you don’t have a girlfriend at all, my little aunt said it herself, why are you lying to me”

Yarwen Tong frowned.

“Because I don’t want to be harassed by you.”

His words hurt even more.


Mo Yi Xin bit her lips, no one has ever dared to talk to her like this before.

“Yarwen Tong, don’t go too far, what’s wrong with me? Tell me I’ve been chasing you for so long, whether you’re a success or not, give me a sigh of relief”

Mo Yi Xin simply put his heart in the right place, and put an end to this once and for all today.

It was okay enough for her to be a girl shamelessly pursuing another boy.

Isn’t it said that men chase women across mountains and women chase men across veils?

Why is the veil she’s wearing thicker than the mountain?

“Wasn’t my attitude clear enough?”

Yarwen Tong just smiled coldly.

“But clearly I want to hear it from you personally” Mo Yi Xin shouted loudly.


Yarwen Tong bellowed in a cut-throat manner.

Mo Yi Xin did not expect Yarwen Tong to be so decisive.


“Are you satisfied this time is clear enough, don’t pester me anymore”

Yarwen Tong angrily continued to walk forward

Mo Yi Xin immediately chased after him again and opened his arms to block in front of Yarwen Tong.

“Why not? You always have to leave a reason, Yarwen Tong, you don’t like me, but you have to have a reason for me, right?”

Yarwen Tong really admired Mo Yi Xin’s stamina.

“Didn’t you just ask me if I could do it? I’m telling you the answer now.”

“It’s not enough to just say the answer, you have to explain the answer to do all the questions on the test you only write one answer, will the teacher give you a mark?”

If we’re going to mess around, let’s mess around to the end.

“Mo Yi Xin, what will you do before you let me go?”

Yarwen Tong’s expression was very serious.

“I’m not going to let you go no matter what I’m just going to catch up with you, I just like you.”

Mo Yi Xin tilted her head up in a full frame.

“Don’t you know I’m going to die someday?”

Yarwen Tong growled.

Mo Yi Xin was completely stunned, her hand slowly lowered and stared blankly at Yarwen Tong.

Yarwen Tong turned his head to the side, missing Mo Yi Xin, and left straight away.

On the quiet road, Mo Yi Xin stood alone, as if his soul had been sucked out by someone.

The Silver Lion Awards ceremony has finally arrived with much anticipation.

As Rameen Tong withdrew from the shortlist in the first place, the organizing committee respected her decision, so the ceremony has nothing to do with her anymore.

After the last storm, Rameen Tong began to make a low-key comeback.

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