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Chapter 388

Nangong Che frowned, and didn’t want her to see this scene.

“Take care of him first, and I will come as soon as I go.” He said, turning and walking towards the door, not wanting her to see this embarrassing scene.

“Sir, you bleed too much! Stop the bleeding here…” The nurse frowned and led him to another room. Yu Muwan didn’t know what happened to him, turned around and stared at Xiaoying, Xiaoying also shook his head in surprise, saying that he didn’t know what was going on.

Yu Muwan continued to take care of Xiaoying with doubts in her heart. After making sure that he was okay, let him rest on the hospital bed in the lounge before going out to find Nangong Che. She had to know what was going on.

In the quiet lounge, Nangong Che was also wrapped in a circle of gauze around his wrist, which was set against the gauze on the top of his head. He looked pale, with a fragility that was different from the usual domineering and domineering.

“What the hell happened?” Yu Muwan asked, taking a breath, with a desire to explore in her clear eyes.

The fragility in Nangong Che’s eyes quickly passed away the moment she noticed her existence.

His stern and tall figure slowly turned around and said indifferently: “I also want to know what happened.”

Yu Muwan frowned: “How can I not understand what you are saying?”

A trace of injury flashed through Nangong Che’s deep eyes. The straight figure exuded the elegance and grandeur of the king, walking towards her slowly, her large palms slowly rubbed her hair, and there was a slight pressure in her low voice: “Last night’s photo… the photo in front of Pei Yuzhe’s house-did you k*ss?”

Yu Muwan’s confusion was made clear at this moment, her consciousness was confused, her face flushed suddenly, it was not clear how he knew.

Shaking her head, there was no fear in her clear eyes: “That was an accident, nothing happened… How did you know? Nangong Che, don’t tell me you follow me!”

Nangong Chejun’s face was cold, and he took out the phone from his pocket, stuffed it into her palm, and clasped it tightly.

“I won’t follow you 24 hours a day. I’m very unbearable, but it’s not as unbearable as you think.” His low voice was like a warning, and Yu Muwan felt a little bit in the ice cellar.

He said that and walked away. Yu Muwan stared at the phone in his palm and opened it. The headline news in it was published on the homepage. The photo was slightly dazzling, and the extremely distorted title made Yu Muwan stare. Closed eyes.

“I didn’t know that they would be so chasing around…too outrageous!” She frowned and sighed, talking about the truest feelings.

She said softly, but Nangong Che’s heart was suddenly confused.

A gleam of light flashed in the deep eyes, Nangong Che suddenly grabbed her arm and pulled her to her front. The bone-thirsty tenderness in her eyes was about to melt her, pressing against her forehead and asked in a low voice: “So It’s fake, isn’t it?”

Yu Muwan was caught off guard by the sudden intimacy, and frowned slowly, “Don’t touch me…”

“Tell me it’s fake!” Nangong Che suddenly roared, and the flames rising from his deep eyes could burn her up! A dark voice poured into his eardrums, his hands clenched her weak shoulders, “You never thought about marrying that man, everything is made up out of thin air, right?!”

Yu Muwan’s shoulders were so painful that he gripped her, her clear eyes carefully looked at the man in front of her, and slowly shook her head: “It’s none of your business…why are you asking me about this?! Let go…it hurts!”

She refused to admit it, but the frowning and reluctant movement made Nangong Che feel cruel and distressed. His sturdy arms took this beautiful little woman into his arms, relaxed the movement, and remained silent and tender with her. .

“Mu Wan… tell me you won’t go with other men… huh?” Nangong Che rubbed her soft hair with big palms, whispering in a hoarse voice, “I know I have done a lot of wrong things. I have a chance to let me make up to you…whatever you want, is this all right? Don’t fall in love with other men…you can’t fall in love with other people…”

His voice was like a low-pitched spell, lingering in Yu Muwan’s ears, making her entangled almost crazy.

“Nangong Che, don’t be naive…” Yu Muwan’s clear eyes were full of weirdness, and he broke free of his restrained voice and said clearly, “Whoever I fall in love with is up to you, what right do you have to control me?! Open-don’t let go, I’ll be rude to you!”

Nangong Che had experienced her greatness, but still closed his eyes and refused to let it go. He held her tightly in his arms and smelled her, greedy and intoxicated.

Yu Muwan got angry, turned around swiftly, and severely slashed the palm of his oncoming hand! Nangong Che was unprepared. He was pushed away and hit the wall. His face was extremely pale, and his head turned back slightly in pain.

The loud noise of his heavy body hit the wall, and everyone was shocked.

“This time it seems that I didn’t use force the last time,” Nangong Che put his hands on his chest and raised his eyes, his clear eyes were full of bone-thirsty desolation, and he smiled dumbly, “Can’t bear to use force?”

Having said that, Yu Muwan’s angry beautiful eyes still saw a crack in the wound he had just bandaged, and the scarlet blood leaked out again, spreading out on the pale gauze like a magnificent flower.

“You…” Yu Muwan backed away with anger and wanted to slam the door straight away, but was still shocked by the scarlet blood. He simply stepped forward and pulled his tall and strong body directly onto the hospital bed. Take the gauze and cotton cloth inside, wipe off his blood with the cotton cloth, and then wrap the gauze again.

Nangong Che had been watching her throughout the whole process, and there was a touch of tenderness in his deep eyes.

“How did you get hurt? Don’t tell me it was because of Xiaoying, you hurt him. I haven’t settled the account with you. Remember, I won’t let you go!” Yu Muwan stared at him with clear eyes. .

“…Accident.” Nangong Che said two words faintly, letting her fiddle with her head with gauze, even if it hurts, she just frowned slightly, and his consciousness became more blurred and blurred by just that time, and his handsome face became more and more blurred. Pale.

But, Yu Muwan, you better not let me go.

Finally stuck the last piece of tape, her slender hand was about to leave his wound, Nangong Che reached out to hold her catkin, and suddenly pulled her to fall into his arms!

“…” Yu Muwan exclaimed and clung to his shoulders, frowning with anger, “Nangong Che, you…”

The man holding her tightly has handsome facial features like a god, his pale complexion makes the edges and corners of his face more profound and vivid, staring at her deeply, and suddenly turning over to firmly press her under him!

“I really want to see you… I can’t control myself so I ran to see you. I didn’t expect to hurt Xiao Ying, I’m sorry Mu Wan…” Nangong Che apologized dumbly, staring at her seriously, “It was me back then. No, my biggest mistake is to kill my own child by myself, so you hate me… But you don’t know that I learned the truth later. I went to you, but I only saw a mass of blood in the trash can. I thought You have knocked out the child…but I can’t find you anymore…”

His face was pale, and he recalled everything in the past in his blurred consciousness, as if gossiping.

The white environment of the hospital made Yu Muwan scared. Her clear eyes were filled with hatred, and tears appeared: “Don’t mention the things that happened back then! I’m so tired of hate that I don’t want to have anything to do with you anymore. Please don’t show up in front of my child, what do you want him to do! When he sees you, he will always think about his father as an executioner, why did you not want him back then and come to him now! Your family is unknown What qualifications do you have to drag an unfinished marriage contract to let him recognize you as a father, don’t you feel sad? Don’t you think it’s absurd?!”

The hospital gave Yu Muwan too many terrifying memories. She was overwhelmed by this man. She only saw the white ceiling when she looked up. Tears flowed down and his k*sses fell. Yu Muwan tilted her head in disgust and looked. The sheets that arrived are still white! Eyes full of pale and blood!

She is going to throw up!

“I’m sorry… I’m sorry…” Nangong Che said in a low voice over and over again, k*ssing the crystal tears leaking from her eyes, “Mu Wan, don’t cry…”

“Don’t trap me… a**hole… let go…” Yu Muwan tremblingly said, trying to push him away with his teary eyes, but the male body on her body is generally unshakable, and she panted and was not pressed down. Way to breathe!

The little woman under her body has dark, soft and shiny hair, white skin like snow, spreading out on the snow-white bed sheet makes people palpitating, Nangong Che tasted the sourness of her tears, knowing that he would never let it go. The woman who opened her, her taste, even the taste of sour tears, made him not want to let go.

She scolded, she struggled, she cried, he just held her tenderness and pressed her palm to his chest.

Inside, she is full of them.

Nangong Che’s consciousness became more and more confused and frantic, his big palms rubbed her hair heavily, the hot breath slowly slipped, and finally couldn’t help covering the red and soft lips, taste her taste and gradually deepen, the tip of her tongue pressed her tightly The tightly closed teeth exchanged her shy breath, Nangong Che k*ssed her deeper, immersed in her beauty.

The door of the ward was pushed open at this moment.

Luo Qingwan appeared nervously at the door clutching her bag. Since receiving Luo Fanyu’s call, she has started to panic, and hurriedly called the driver to send her to all nearby hospitals to find! Luo Fanyu said on the phone that Che had a car accident, and he can’t be contacted now!

Seeing the passion scene inside, Luo Qingwan was startled!

She was panting slightly, her palms were still sweating, and she was so worried for the safety of this man that she couldn’t help herself! But she never thought that she could see such a scene when she opened the door and came in!

Chapter 389

With a trace of pain in her clear eyes, Luo Qingwan stood still, staring at them quietly.

“Miss, please don’t block the door, I’ll give me some medicine.” The nurse said gently behind her.

This sound suddenly awakened the two people in the room. Nangong Che stopped k*ssing her deeply, and the hand that was holding her body slowly lowered his force. Yu Muwan was finally able to push him away fiercely, his face flushed. , His eyes were full of hatred and confusion and stared at him!

Luo Qingwan nodded politely and walked a little inside, her eyes becoming clearer and clearer.

“I heard Fanyu say that you had a car accident, so I came to take a look. It looks like it’s not bad,” Luo Qingwan said softly, staring at Nangong Che, and then his eyes fell on Yu Muwan, “Miss Yu, long time no see.”

Yu Muwan was a little embarrassed. When she got up, she supported the bed with her hands and was gently embraced by one of Nangong Che’s sturdy arms. She dodged like an electric shock, pushing him away, her beautiful eyes watching him with alert.

Nangong Che’s charming figure was slightly slanted, with his hands in his trouser pockets, as if he had become accustomed to Yu Muwan’s unceremonious treatment of himself. He even indulged in this rough and gentle way of getting along.

“What are you doing here?” Nangong Che looked away from Yu Muwan and fell on Luo Qingwan.

Luo Qingwan gently put a heart down, but stared at the wound on his head with a little anxiety. After watching for a moment, he walked up slowly, touched it lightly, and asked softly: “Does it hurt?”

Nangong Che’s deep eyes were filled with inexplicable emotions, her sexy thin lips were tightly pressed, and she said nothing.

This woman is always so indifferent, with the most tender tenderness.

“Sorry, I didn’t know that you had a car accident. After Fanyu told me, I can only find it in one hospital and one hospital,” Luo Qingwan gently swept her eyes, “Where is your mobile phone? I can always get through but no one answers. .”

“In the car.” Nangong Che frowned subconsciously, not wanting to entangle her with this question.

Luo Qingwan’s soft hand fell on his wrist.

Xiu eyebrows frowned, and her clear eyes raised: “I can hurt even here, is it twisted? Or is it scratched?”

Nangong Che suddenly didn’t want to say a word.

In this atmosphere, Yu Muwan stood beside him like a completely transparent person. Luo Qingwan does have the ability to keep the whole scene under her firm control. As long as she is sober, as long as she is attentive, no one can escape her smile.

Yu Muwan looked at their intimate appearance, and there was a bleak in his eyes.

——This kind of man, what does he need to recognize Xiaoying? Does he have to have Xiaoying this child? With such a gentle and virtuous woman who can help him live, what does he worry about? ! That’s right, no wonder he said that only Luo Qingwan was worthy to have children!

The slender figure gave them a cold look, and Yu Muwan turned and walked towards the door.

Nangong Che’s heart tightened, and she broke away from Luo Qingwan’s hand and walked to her, holding the door a few steps, and muttered, “Where are you going?”

“Go and take care of my son,” Yu Muwan raised her eyes to look at him with a bad tone, “You don’t have to worry about me now, right? If I don’t do anything with you, you don’t want to pretend to be pitiful with me!”

As she said, she went to open the door, but couldn’t pull it, her face turned white, and she stared at him coldly, “Nangong Che, let go!”

“I’ll take you back.” Nangong Che said in a low voice.

“No need!” Yu Muwan refused, “We can go home on foot without bothering you! It’s better to leave the position to the person you should stay with, and don’t give in to relevant people to invade your life!”

Nangong Che pressed her thin lips tightly, and was pierced with sharp thorns all over her body again, causing heart and lung pain. He wanted to hold her tightly in his arms and k*ss her fiercely, so that she could admit that she had a relationship with herself, and she couldn’t escape!

“Be careful on the road.” Nangong Che compromised, said lightly, and took the initiative to open the door to let her go out.

Yu Muwan’s slender figure disappeared in the doorway, Luo Qingwan waited quietly, even if her heart was cut, she waited, watching their way of getting along, watching how this man can be tolerant and gentle in front of other women.

In fact, it came so unexpectedly.

“I don’t know what my parents are coming in this morning. I didn’t tell my parents about that—can you believe it?” Luo Qingwan stared at his back and explained softly.

Nangong Che lightly pressed against the door, his emotions had not yet recovered from the atmosphere of Yu Muwan’s departure, but when she heard these words, a trace of coldness appeared on her deep eyes and turned to stare at her.

“It also happens to be at the hospital today, we can check it.”

Luo Qingwan trembled lightly, there was a trace of alert in her eyes, her face was pale: “Check what?”

“Didn’t we just have a relationship?” Nangong Che slowly walked up to her, squinting her eyes, “If the hymen is freshly broken, it should be possible to find out. Would you like to check out with me? Now? I can confirm that we really happened that night, so I can be responsible to you—”

Luo Qingwan opened her eyes wide and trembled with anger. The quality and tenderness she had just been stimulated completely dissipated, and she slammed her hand on his face with tears!

Nangong Che’s cold eyes flashed, and she suddenly grabbed her arrogant wrist!

Luo Qingwan choked hard, but still couldn’t move!

“Huh…” Nangong Che sneered, “Yu Muwan does have the right to slap me casually, but doesn’t it mean that you have it too! Luo Qingwan, do you need to be so self-conscious?”

Luo Qingwan was so painful in his wrists that he had been with him for so many years, for the first time to know that it was such a painful thing after being questioned by this man! She stared at him with tears in her eyes, trying to find some traces of their good time together, but nothing! The man’s eyes were like being blindfolded and bewildered. He couldn’t listen to her at all!

“I said… If you still treat me as your fiancée, don’t humiliate me like this! I don’t need a film to prove my love for you. Che, you can do anything to me, but please don’t question this. I have been waiting for you for five years, how many five years can a woman have?! How can you be so cruel that you can wipe them all out?!” Luo Qingwan’s tears fell and she was stimulated by Nangong Che’s cruel behavior for the first time The tears were silent.

Nangong Che’s sullen expression slightly eased.

Yes. Luo Qingwan waited for him for five full years, even if he knew who he was for, but still did not get married! Seeing him and Yu Muwan k*ssing in the same ward, she could actually be so indifferent!

Nangong Che pulled her closer, and there were extremely complex emotions in her deep eyes.

“Tell me how you did it? There is no emotion at all? … I k*ss and hug other women together, and even go to bed, you are not emotional, are you? I don’t love you, you want me like this?!”

“What do you think?!” Luo Qingwan stared at him with cold eyes, and said with a trembling, “Did you have no women when you were studying abroad? Did you have no women when I went to Paris for three years? Including now that I am completely committed to myself You are still fooling around with other women for you, what can I do?!”

“I know what kind of man I fall in love with, and I can accept it! I can be sure that I was not a temporary joke when I entered into a marriage contract with you! But what about you? I wasted five years of youth waiting for you, you But tell me you don’t love me, tell me you don’t want to wait and you can go anytime! How can you be so cruel?!” Tears fell from the eyes, big and big, Luo Qingwan couldn’t keep herself for five years. All the grievances were vented, she didn’t vent enough! She only hopes this man can understand a little bit, even a little bit!

Nangong Che tightened his thin lips, his eyes were surging.

Why can’t you get the biggest cruelty every time Ruojue? Has he changed? Can’t bear to hurt people so much?

“I must be sure if we have ever had a relationship…” Nangong Che touched her face with one hand, and said coldly and emotionally, “I know you are wronged, but I don’t love it. This is a fact.”

Luo Qingwan wiped away her tears and asked him tremblingly, “Where is Yu Muwan? Do you love her?”

Nangong Che remained silent for a long time, his sharp thin lips opened slightly, and he muttered: “Maybe… I may love her. Although I don’t know what love is, I love her to what extent, but I can be sure, I love her……”

Luo Qingwan stared at the man and smiled poignantly.

“Okay, okay,” she cleaned up her grievances and heartaches, and took his hand, “Let’s check-I will use facts to tell you what our relationship is!”

In the huge ward, Luo Qingwan took Nangong Che and walked towards the door.

Nangong Che’s expression was complicated, and he was relieved for a moment, grabbed her backhand, and walked faster.

Gynecology entrance.

When explaining his intentions, the doctor frowned slowly and asked Luo Qingwan with some worry: “My child, were you… raped? Remember to call the police first! Someone will be fair for you!”

Luo Qingwan shook her head with tears in her tears: “No, please check first, please!”

The doctor became more suspicious, glanced at Nangong Che next to her, and mocked: “The man now, I am messing around outside, and what kind of virgin complex is there. It’s really disgusting…”

After speaking, Luo Qingwan turned and went to the hospital bed behind the curtain.

wait. Ten minutes.

Nangong Che sat outside waiting indifferently.

After ten minutes, Luo Qingwan walked out with a pale face. She must have done this kind of examination for the first time. Shame and helplessness surrounded her. As soon as she came out, she hugged her shoulders and sat on the chair. stay.

In a moment, a checklist fell in front of Nangong Che.

“Hey! Take a good look! The hymen has been ruptured recently, and I haven’t gotten used to it. Is it the first time you didn’t see the falling red, so you came to check it? Oh, you don’t know what many girls are learning to dance and do sports. It’s easy to break the membrane, and it’s normal that it doesn’t fall red. Tsk tsk, you don’t know how much you hurt your girlfriend’s heart by doing this…”

When the doctor said this, he babbled and left.

Nangong Che held the checklist tightly, his handsome face was pale, and his deep eyes flashed with great shock and inconceivability.

–how can that be?

——Did he really touch this woman that night? !

Chapter 390

A huge horror spread in his heart.

The entire diagnosis room became horribly silent, Nangong Che’s deep eyes flashed a dark light, and his slender fingers slowly tightened the test sheet, and then tightened, gradually becoming a ball in his hand. Crumpled paper balls.

Luo Qingwan always hugged her shoulders gently, her face pale and she said nothing.

There was a scene of horror in her heart all the time. Just behind the white curtain, God knew what a tense heartstring thing she had experienced. She didn’t want to make herself so embarrassed, but this man was too unfeeling! Unfeelingly cold!

Nangong Che slowly got up, and a tall figure came to her.

“I really underestimated you. You can think about even a small test sheet, Luo Qingwan, is it a pity for you to do this for my Nangong Che woman? You should be a spy!” He has a handsome face. A piece of cold tranquility, slowly uttering words, arms stretched beside her, and cold hatred slowly flowing in the deep eyes.

Luo Qingwan trembled all over, her face pale!

She lifted her teary eyes and tremblingly said: “You still don’t believe me… Even after the test, you don’t believe me, do you?”

“I believe in my feelings!” Nangong Che said categorically, and suddenly pinched her slender neck with one hand, his eyes released a cold cold light, “I don’t want to know how your hymen broke, and I don’t want to check it personally, Luo Qingwan, I ask again, are you sure I touched you that night?”

The last few words he said were vicious, Luo Qingwan trembled all over, facing such a terrifying Nangong Che for the first time.

“Who else is it not you? How unbearable I am in your eyes?! Why do you insist that you will not touch me?!”

“I’m not insisting that I didn’t touch you–but for five years, I haven’t touched any woman, and I won’t touch any woman at all!” Nangong Che pinched her neck fiercely, against her sweating The tip of the nose said coldly, “Do you really think I didn’t have any impression of that night?!”

A thunder blasted in his mind, Luo Qingwan covered his powerful finger bones with his hands, tears widening.

He He……

Didn’t he say that he had no impression at all that night…

“You have…you really have…we really have a relationship…” Luo Qingwan said with a pained expression and trembling, holding his wrist tightly when he was about to suffocate, with aggrieved eyes crystal clear.

“Of course I know that you desire-do you think you have to marry you if I want it? Huh… You just want to force me to be responsible for you? Do you know that I hate being coerced the most? !” Nangong Che was so angry that he wanted to strangle her to death.

A tear slipped from the corner of Luo Qingwan’s eyes, struggling, and she was suffocated to say a word!

When the doctor opened the door and came in, only Luo Qingwan, who was pale and about to faint, screamed and knocked over the plate in her hand, rushing over and said: “Oh my God… let go! This gentleman, let go! Is it dead?!”

Nangong Che’s fierce force lasted for a few seconds before suddenly letting go and threw her on the chair.

Luo Qingwan ran into the corner embarrassedly, holding on to the chair and coughing loudly. Her beautiful and attractive appearance was completely destroyed. Her tears fell one after another. After she eased her breath, she covered her mouth and cried. People feel pity.

“You…what’s the matter with you! Do you know this is a hospital? Are you going to kill in the hospital?! Anyway, your girlfriend is your future wife, you want to strangle her to death, you, you want Shi’s family violence also has to ask me whether I agree or not! Don’t kill you!” The doctor flushed with anger and accused Nangong Che severely.

“How much did you charge her?” Nangong Che suddenly glanced at the doctor with a cold look.

The doctor trembled, and a trace of panic flashed in his eyes.

“What nonsense are you talking about? This is just a small check. Don’t talk nonsense! Our hospital has an express stipulation that bribes are not allowed. If you dare to slander me, I can sue you!”

“I will pay twenty times how much she has charged you–” Nangong Che’s cold eyes were bloodthirsty and murderous, “Tell me what the real result is, or you can directly report the bribery to the hospital. In your life Don’t want to put on this white dress and do the work you should do. I promise you will lose your job completely for the rest of your life! Have you considered it clearly?”

“Che!” Luo Qingwan raised her eyes, tears trembling violently, “Why are you doing this? I didn’t do anything at all, why do you doubt me like this?!”

There was no such woman in Nangong Che’s cold eyes.

“Twenty times is not enough? Fifty times?” Nangong Che’s eyes grew colder.

The doctor was already unsteady, and Nangong Che’s serious and cold eyes made her almost completely flustered. She rubbed her hands and looked at Luo Qingwan secretly, hesitating, but… was reported, fired, and could no longer do anything. Volunteer work-the doctor’s face turned pale, and he quickly lowered his head without looking at Luo Qingwan’s face.

“Okay, the medical ethics is really good,” Nangong Che said coldly, “I’ll go to your dean now and ask him to give you some support to show encouragement?”

The doctor’s eyes widened and he was completely flustered. His lips trembled violently and shouted: “Don’t go to our dean! Our dean doesn’t care about so many things… Let’s talk privately, just talk privately!”

Luo Qingwan felt cold and burst into tears, and she screamed: “Shut up! You are not allowed to talk nonsense. You have already made the diagnosis. What do you want?! How did you become a doctor?!”

“I… I have a husband and a child in my family, how can I be…” The doctor said with embarrassment, and frowned as far as possible from Luo Qingwan. “And you said something is going on between your little lovers, miss you don’t have to be so wronged. , You are obviously still a perfect body, and you are afraid that this man will not want you! Sir, don’t you think?!”

Nangong Che’s heart suddenly shook, nodded, and looked at Luo Qingwan with murderous eyes.

“You–!” Luo Qingwan’s face flushed red and was about to burst, and she felt that the entire sky was collapsed for a while. She was holding her mouth and didn’t dare to raise her head. She really wanted to find a place to escape, violently escape!

“It’s not like this… it’s not like this! You are a liar, don’t talk nonsense! If it’s not like that, I’m not so unbearable!” Luo Qingwan yelled. The good education and pampering since childhood have never caused her to suffer such humiliation. He has never exposed his ugly and ugly side to anyone! She is perfect, gentle, kind, and worthy of love! She did nothing bad! She is still fine!

The doctor was even more surprised, screaming and didn’t know how to explain, and Luo Qingwan lost her grace even more, making a lot of noise in the diagnosis room, her beautiful and generous face looked very embarrassed, and she completely lost her attitude in the screaming.

The warm tears covered everything, Luo Qingwan could hardly accept that her ugliness was exposed to the person she loved most. She used to be able to express his sympathy, and she could use her tenderness to influence him, but now she can still doing what? !

Nangong Che’s icy gaze can pierce a person, walks slowly in front of her, leaned down and coldly buckled her chin, his deep eyes were filled with disgust and indifference that had never been seen before: “I really don’t know how you are. Really still a virgin… but… a dirty virgin!”

What a dirty virgin!

He spoke every word, sonorous and powerful, and his low voice revealed his disgust.

Luo Qingwan was forced to look at him, feeling like she was being Ling Chi, cutting her with a single cut, and it hurt her!

After Nangong Che finished speaking, he let her go coldly, staring fiercely and resolutely.

“Don’t let me see you at Nangong’s house again-I will solve the marriage contract as soon as possible. I don’t need a woman who can drug my husband. I guess I won’t touch you if you are naked in front of me… …I’ll do it for yourself!” Nangong Che finished speaking coldly, and the tall and tall figure walked out of the diagnosis room indifferently.


Yu Muwan took Xiaoying’s hand and left the hospital, thinking it would be better to hug him.

Just squatting down, there is a tall figure behind him picking up the child and placing it firmly in his arms.

Yu Muwan was in a daze. The moment he saw Nangong Che frowned, Xiaoying also looked at Nangong Che in surprise, and the little hand struggled subconsciously. Yu Muwan frowned anxiously when he saw the people coming and going at the hospital door: ” Nangong Che, put the child down, did you hear that?!”

She doesn’t want to argue with him in the public. He is a proud man in the business world. Once someone sees this kind of scene, he can’t really explain it!

“If you don’t want more people to see it, just keep it quiet,” Nangong Che said lightly, looking at Xiaoying, “Persuade your mommy, she is not very calm.”

Xiaoying’s face flushed, her wise head turned quickly, and she endured the disgust, turned her head to comfort Yu Muwan: “Mommy, don’t worry. Although this uncle is so bad, he still doesn’t do anything to us. Mommy, let’s not quarrel here!”

Yu Muwan frowned deeper, she didn’t know what Nangong Che wanted to do, but yelling was obviously not the solution. She took a light breath, resisting all the emotions, and followed Nangong Che to the underground parking of the hospital. field.

“What do you want to do? Your fiancée is still in the hospital. What do you mean by walking with my baby now? Nangong Che, you are not afraid to cause trouble to me! Please don’t let people see me with you again, So as not to cause more misunderstandings!”

“Don’t pay attention to her!” Nangong Che said coldly, putting down Xiaoying and gently stroking his hair, his eyes lifted and lingered around Yu Muwan’s cold and alienated face, a slight pain in his heart, he stepped forward and gently touched her. Face, “If I care about her, I won’t come out to look for you! I have something to do with you, so who is afraid of misunderstanding?”

Yu Muwan’s clear eyes glared at him, eyes full of incredible.

“You’re so crazy, aren’t you afraid of being seen and catching up like this morning?! Luo Qingwan has already seen what do you want?! Do you still want to make trouble in the city?!”

“I really want to make trouble in the city!” Nangong Che said firmly, with a trace of blur in his eyes, “It’s better to cover the news about Pei Yuzhe, so that I don’t have to try to find those news and magazines. Let them shut up and no one is allowed to talk anymore! What kind of wife, what about getting married five years ago and having children, if I dare to talk nonsense, I will make them unable to live!”

Yu Muwan was so angry that his hands and feet were cold, this man has been so domineering even for five years!

“Insane!” She shouted angrily, holding Xiaoying’s hand and leaving.

“I have already been here with me, don’t you let me see you off?” Nangong Che held her shoulders and said in a low voice.

“What is my relationship with you? You always pester me like this! Every time Xiaoying meets you, it’s fine. Will you die if you don’t pester me?!” Yu Muwan waved his hand and backed back frowning, but he was again Take it back!

“I admit that I hurt Xiaoying every time I impulse, I’m sorry,” Nangong Che apologized in a low voice, “Don’t get excited, can I send you back? Mu Wan…”

Xiaoying stood there watching them entangled, and could almost think of how Mommy was eaten by this man five years ago.

“Mommy, don’t fight,” Xiaoying said aloud at Yu Muwan’s trousers, her clear face lifted up and said loudly, “If someone wants to be a coachman, let him be, otherwise he can’t sleep! We have nothing to lose! “

Yu Muwan was slightly surprised, looking at her baby, trying to see what was in his mind.

This kid has always rejected this daddy, how could he…

Yu Muwan could see that the eyes in Xiao Ying’s eyes were cold, with a mysterious and indifferent breath, slightly frightening.

“Get in the car, eh?” Nangong Che said gently, hugging her.

The wind slowly blows into the car windows. Inside the dark blue luxury car, Xiao Ying sits in Yu Muwan’s arms, forming a perfect and warm picture in the passenger seat, but Yu Muwan’s expression is very unnatural, as if she feels this This atmosphere is difficult.

“Can you leave us alone in the future? You really don’t need it, and you are getting married? Can you take care of it?” Yu Muwan finally couldn’t help but said to him, she really didn’t want to use it every time. Solve problems with this man in an intense way.

“Who told you that I want to get married?” Nangong Che asked.

Yu Muwan shook his head: “I overheard it. Some colleagues in the company are discussing.”

“Do you believe it?” He sneered, thinking that it must be the news released by the Luo family. It was really fast.

“It has nothing to do with me. I just don’t want to be harassed by a married man every day. Did you know that this is disgusting?!” Yu Muwan frowned, feeling a little excited.

Nangong Che fell silent and did not speak. He knew that he could not give any promises before softening her heart. She would not ask for it. Instead, she would throw it on the ground and trample it. He needed time to slowly grind.

This woman, he can devote all his time and energy to get it and make up for it.

“Uncle, where are you taking us?” Xiaoying asked suddenly.

Nangong Che was startled slightly, and then he realized that he had been driving in the direction of Nangong Villa.

“Where does Xiaoying want to go?” Nangong Che’s eyes and tone slowly softened, and he asked softly.

Xiaoying smiled slyly, “Let’s go to the movies! The kids in our class said that “Chen Shimei” is being shown in the movie theater recently! It is said that it was the last beheading of a bad guy, isn’t she?”

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