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Chapter 373

Jasmine Tong just remembered that Meng Jiajia was also a designer and had been in the fashion industry for many years, so she should understand what was involved.

“Kaja-san, is it really okay?”

“Sure. I think it’s very creative It’s true that the design world has been a bit fickle in the past few years, a lot of it is just follow-the-leader work, not very creative, but instead the students who are starting out will be a bit more creative.”

Jasmine Tong perked up.

“So what can I do now my brother really wants to have a studio and I have to help him and his classmates and make their dreams come true.”

Meng Jiajia looked at Jasmine Tong and smiled.

“You’re so excited to talk about your brother, I don’t even see you mentioning your boyfriend like that, you’re not afraid that your boyfriend will get jealous” Monika said jokingly.

There was some embarrassment in Jasmine Tong’s smile.

“I only have one brother, who I grew up with, and, well, he’s sick, so”

“I get it, I was joking with you and you took it seriously, but Manny, I’ll help you with anything to open a clothing studio, but there’s no way I’m going to share shares with you, and you know that I have my own clothing studio and work with others, so it would be unethical for me to work with you again.”

“I understand, I’m already happy that you’re helping me, Katya.”

Munchael nodded.

“But if you trust me, leave it all to me and I’ll take care of it for you, and you’ll take over when it’s on track.”

Jasmine Tong nodded her head like a chicken pecking rice, she was never good at such things as business, with Meng Jiajia, she didn’t have to worry about anything.

“Kaja-san, what’s the approximate cost of this initial investment?”

“If you want to do it right, you have to come up with at least five million.”

“Five million. “Hearing this number, Jasmine Tong was still shocked.

She could get her hands on this money, but that was about all the money she had.

“If you’re just doing custom, those students don’t have the fame to lose you money so you’ll have to make a finished product to promote the market so you don’t lose all your money.”

Jasmine Tong nodded her head, feeling that Meng Jiajia had a point.

Not all celebrities get to wear clothes made by unnamed designers like her.

“And, Mandy, I can remind you that the most important thing in a clothing studio is the designer, the designer has a reputation, how can the clothes sell, but if it’s these fledgling students like you said, the clothes are not good to sell, you have to be prepared.”


“I’ll lay everything out for you so you don’t lose money, but it probably won’t be too good if you make money.”

“I understand, don’t worry, as long as you don’t lose any money, I’ll be thankful.”

The two men came to an agreement.

Meng Jiajia was still very well connected in this circle, and in three days, she had managed to get almost everything done.

Even the location of the studio has been chosen.

That night, Jasmine Tong came to Yarwen Tong’s school and asked him out.

The two men were sitting in a private room in the cafeteria.

“Sis, what gives you time to come over here and find me.”

Jasmine Tong took a data bag and handed it to Yarwen Tong, who took it suspiciously.

“What’s this?”

“Just open it and see.”

Yarwen Tong opened the information packet.

“STONE Clothing Ltd. “Yarwen Tong looked at Jasmine Tong with his eyes wide open.

Kind of couldn’t believe what my eyes were seeing.

“Sis, is this true?”

“Of course it’s true, all this information needs to be reviewed, and I’ll take it over to the Better Business Bureau later to prepare it for registration, so I’ll give you a quick glance in advance to make you happy.”

“We’ve got our own studio.”

“Of course you can tell your classmates the good news, I’d love to welcome you all to the studio.”

“That’s wonderful, if everyone knew that, they’d be so happy.”

Yarwen Tong looked at the information in his hand, his eyes fixed on “stone”.

“I like the name.”

Jasmine Tong smiled happily, she knew that Yarwen Tong would like it.

“Okay, I don’t want to talk to you anymore, you go busy, I still have to go to the business bureau, also you can tell your classmates, I’m taking out all my family’s money, don’t let me lose all my money when the time comes oh.”

“Don’t you worry, Sis I will.”

“Also, you tell them that the studio, what about the studio, doesn’t use their manuscript for nothing, it’s all paid for.”

Yarwen Tong nodded excitedly, really wondering how excited his classmates would be to hear the good news!

Tong went to the Department of Commerce and Industry for registration, which went relatively smoothly, and she went home after it was over.

As soon as I entered the house, I received a call from Xu Xingru.

“Mandy, tomorrow night, you’re going to the Bar La Charity Night, and you’re on the invite list this time.”

“Ah yes?”

“Yes, but the dress is really giving me a headache, and I still haven’t figured out what I want you to wear.Because it’s a charity night, it’s not too dressy, but it’s not too shabby either, and everyone is equally going to be competing.”

The choice of this dress also really made Xu Xingru difficult.

If Xu Xingru has such a headache, Jasmine Tong has even less ideas.

While making a phone call, Jasmine Tong walked upstairs, passing by Yarwen Tong’s room and suddenly had an idea.

“Starru-san, if I wear clothes designed by college student designers who are still in school, is that okay?”

“Can ah very can this charity night, there are related projects, is to support college students, but now where do we find college students designed out of clothes, but also now made if it will be too late.”

“It’s okay, I’ve got a ready-made one here.”

“That’s great remember don’t dress too flamboyantly be discreet.”

“Don’t worry absolutely low key.”

Yarwen Tong’s design, Jasmine Tong couldn’t know better.

“Oh, and by the way, Mandy, one more thing I have to tell you, it’s a charity night and the site is for donations.”

Jasmine Tong bit her lip.

“How much do you want to donate?”

She’s really not rich right now.

“This naturally varies from person to person, and the site won’t be forced to donate, but if you don’t donate, you’ll be fighting on the internet later and saying nothing about it, so more or less, you’ll have to donate.”


“I’ve asked around, we don’t need to donate too much, but we can’t donate too little either, just take the middle value, about 600,000.”

“Six hundred thousand.”

Jasmine Tong was also taken aback when she heard this number.

Although celebrities are high-income earners, everyone’s money doesn’t come from the wind, and $600,000 is not a small amount of money

Chapter 374

Especially in recent years, a lot of people say that a star can make millions, even tens of millions, for a TV series, not including any endorsements and such, and yet the donations only take so little.

The internet has set off several verbal attacks on celebrities for donating less.

That’s why the star has been unapologetic about donations over the years.

But people only see the amount of money they make, but they don’t see the hard work behind it.

Although a TV series, they earn many dozens or even hundreds of times more than the average person, a TV series may be filmed for months and they may only get three or four hours of sleep a day.

But the netizens don’t care about that, if you don’t donate, or donate less, they’ll call you names and force you to donate!

“Manny, didn’t the cost of the endorsement just call you some time ago, 600,000 you should be able to get it,”

Xu Xingru doesn’t want to force Jasmine Tong to donate, but there have been many precedents, and those who donate less are directly scolded to get out of the entertainment industry.

She didn’t want to ruin Jasmine Tong’s career because of this.

“I, for one, can take it.”Jasmine Tong had no choice but to agree to the scalp.

“That’s fine, I’ll hang up, I’ll be in touch.”

After hanging up the phone, Jasmine Tong immediately checked her bank card, in fact, no need to check to know that she has no money.

The clothing studio basically consumed all of her savings.

Now that Albert Ou is out of the country, where is she going to find 600,000?

Piecing together the little balance she had left over from all her bank cards, she was only able to raise $30,000 to $40,000.

Now I’m really regretting that I didn’t take more plays, make more money, and even push a lot of activities

Who’s got a grudge against money? It’s always good to make more money.

But now is not the time for regrets. We have to find a way to get through tomorrow’s charity gala first.

Jasmine Tong had to call Meng Jiajia.

Muncha had already helped her so much, she was too embarrassed to ask.

“Katya, you know I’ve spent a lot of money on my clothing studio and I don’t have much money on hand right now, so see if you can move some over here in the bakery for me.”

“I just gave you the dividends from the bakery the other day, there’s money on the books, but there’s always a little money that needs to be set aside as working capital, so I’ll tell you what, I should have no problem moving over two hundred thousand dollars for you.”

“Well, thank you, Katya.”

Soon, Meng Jiajia deposited two hundred and eighty thousand into Jasmine Tong’s account.

With the rest of Jasmine Tong’s money, we can barely make up 300,000, half short of the 600,000 demanded by Xu Xingru.

There’s really nothing she can do about it, so let’s make it $300,000.

Jasmine Tong called Yarwen Tong back, and when he heard that Jasmine Tong was going to wear the clothes she designed, Yarwen Tong was not to mention how happy he was.

Yarwen Tong very generously took the wedding dress he had made for Jasmine Tong and made changes, changing it into a dress.

Jasmine Tong looked at herself in the mirror and suddenly imagined herself in a wedding dress one day.

“Sis, you simply look beautiful in this dress, don’t worry, I’ll make you an even prettier wedding dress later”

“Well, my good sister believes it must be the most beautiful wedding dress in the world.”

Bar Charity Night

Even though it’s a charity night, there is a red carpet part to it.

That’s why Xu Xingru had such a headache over Jasmine Tong’s outfit.

Walking the red carpet is definitely a process that gives the star something to talk about.

With two posthumous trophies already to her credit, Tong was placed at the back of the room, followed by some of his predecessors and more influential people.

A simple white dress Jasmine Tong brightened everyone’s day when she appeared on the red carpet.

“Which designer did Jasmine Tong’s dress come from? Why haven’t I seen it before?”

“I’ve never seen it either, but it’s so pretty.”

“Supposedly, it wasn’t designed by any designer, but was made by a fashion design student at the Academy of Fine Arts.”

“Ah how can this be possible? Students make them and can wear them too. It’s too cheap.”

“What price drop ah people this is to support college students to start a business, this charity gala has this project.”

It’s not like every actress has the courage to walk down the aisle wearing a piece that is not famous.

The grand finale of the red carpet was the couple Ellen Ron and Rameen Tong.

The two are like a Siamese twins couple who often attend events at the same time and certainly earn their popularity.

Two people dressed as a couple, cameras clicking and pointing at them, they were undoubtedly the brightest on the red carpet!

After the red carpet portion was over, there was still some time before the actual charity gala began.

Tonto went to the bathroom.

When I came out, I happened to see Ellen Ron at the door as well.

Jasmine Tong couldn’t remember the last time she had seen Ellen Ron.

She only remembered Ellen Ron supporting his wife Rameen on Weibo and even rebuking herself for what she had said.

“Long time no see, Mandy, how have you been?”

Ellen Ron’s tone was very gentle, and the expression on his face was a little lonely.

“Thanks for the dirty water you keep throwing on me with your wife, I’m so much better now.”

Jasmine Tong snickered.

Ellen Ron lowered his eyelids, his eyes showing a hint of guilt.

“I have no choice but to do these things.”

“A love affair is a good love affair, I didn’t know until now that a love affair is a lie that can be told with one’s eyes open.”

Jasmine Tong was rude, she no longer wanted to have anything to do with Ellen Ron.

“Mandy, I know those comments after the wedding were very bad for you, didn’t they and didn’t they do anything to you? if they did, you tell me and I’ll help you if I can.”

Ellen Ron’s gaze was sincere, and it was precisely because he had experienced the wedding that time that he had finally seen some things clearly.

Only, he had to do that because of the company’s interests.

“Well, if you really want to help me, then you could have sent a tweet, or just send out a press release and say that everything I said at the wedding before was true, and maybe I’ll thank you.”

Jasmine Tong tried to leave, and Ellen Ron directly grabbed her arm.

“Do we have to be like this? Can’t we even be friends?”

“Mr. Ron, please respect yourself, you are married and I have a boyfriend, is it appropriate for you to hold onto me like this?”

Ellen Ron still hadn’t let go.

Jasmine Tong shifted hard, and as a result she was on her heels and accidentally didn’t stand still.


Jasmine Tong screamed as Ellen Ron held her in a smooth embrace.

“All right,”

Unbeknownst to either of them, a flashing light had gone off in the corner.

Chapter 375

Jasmine Tong immediately stood up and pushed Ellen Ron away.


She got up to fix her clothes and left immediately.

There are so many people here, it’s possible that the paparazzi may mix in, and even if there are no paparazzi, it’s not good for other stars to see them.

Jasmine Tong hurriedly left, her affair with Rameen Tong wasn’t over yet, if she was found with Ellen Ron, it would be really bad!

Rameen Tong had taken her seat, happily greeting the people she knew around her.

Suddenly, an unfamiliar face appeared in front of her.

“Miss Tong, let’s borrow a moment.”

Rameen Tong looked the man up and down, she didn’t know him at all, and the man didn’t look like a good person.

“Sorry, no time.”

“You see this, you should have time.”The man handed his phone screen to Rameen Tong.

Rameen Tong was shocked when she saw what was on her phone screen.

“Miss Tong, you have time now,”

Rameen Tong stared hard at the man in front of her and stood up.

The charity gala is about to begin.

Ellen Ron returned to his seat, and it was half a day before Rameen Tong returned.

“Where did it go?”

“Oh, just ran into a couple of acquaintances over there talking.”Rameen Tong smiled slightly towards Ellen Ron and sat next to him.

They’re a model couple, and they have to look like a model couple all the time.

The charity gala is always full of positive energy and the aim of the evening is to rally many people to join the cause and help these people in need.

The last part of the process is the fundraising.

Although it’s the last part of the evening, it’s actually decided before the evening whether the celebrity donates or not, and how much they donate.

The person who donates the most money on each charity night will be awarded the Star of Charity.

“Okay, we’re announcing the amount of money raised so far, so please look at the big screen.”

The big screen lists, one by one, how much each celebrity donated and which project they donated to.

Jasmine Tong took a closer look at her own 300,000, but she was actually at the bottom of the pile.

It’s a bit of a shame.

And the second-to-last place is half a million.

It seemed that the numbers Xu Xingru had heard were off, even if she took out 600,000, there was no way to be among the middle level, at most it would look a little better than the bottom one.

Ellen Ron and Rameen Tong are making donations as husband and wife, and they surprisingly donated a total of 3.3 million yuan!

This number did scare Jasmine Tong.

Since the wedding, Rameen Tong has been committed to public welfare, if she has gained a lot of goodwill.

“Let’s make tonight’s charity star the Ellen Ron Rameen Tong and his wife.”

There was thunderous applause from the audience.

The two men went on stage together.

There were charity night ambassadors who presented the trophies to them.

“We all know Mr. and Mrs. Ron, the two of them have always been committed to charity, and this year it seems like it’s not just a charity gala, but donations from somewhere else isn’t it”

“It’s all right as it should be.”Ellen Ron politely nodded his head and didn’t say much.

Rameen Tong smiled brightly.

“So do you two have anything you want to say to us?”

Ellen Ron made an inviting gesture towards Rameen Tong.

The host then handed the microphone to Rameen Tong.

“I actually feel honored to be able to contribute my part for charity.I’ve seen a lot of projects today that have touched my heart, yet it hurts me that I can’t help more.”

At this point, Rameen Tong squeezed out two more tears, her voice also choked a bit.

“There are so many people in the world who need our help, and as a star, I feel a little bit more burdened and I will have to work harder to help more people at next year’s charity gala.”

Thunderous applause resounded throughout the evening.

An unpretentious presentation is naturally appreciated.

“Also, I’m here to announce that my personal clothing line, LOVE, is officially with you, and I’ll be donating a dollar to charity for every shirt LOVE sells from now on.”

Rameen Tong spread his arms.

“This dress I’m wearing today is the work of a designer from our company.I welcome you to support my brand, support love, and support charity.”

Rameen Tong bowed deeply towards the stage.

The applause from the audience was loud.

Jasmine Tong’s heart was thumping.

Rameen Tong has even started a clothing brand!

This is bad.

Though she didn’t know that Rameen had turned to a clothing brand, and the clothing studio she herself had promised to make for Yarwen Tong hadn’t yet been announced to the public.

Once it was announced to the public, people would definitely think she was emulating Rameen Tong.

Rameen Tong must also have thought she was competing with her in bad faith.

This is really not going to end well.

It was inevitable.

The charity party finally ended and everyone dispersed.

Jasmine Tong finally breathed a sigh of relief.

“Gee, I thought I really was the least, but it turns out Jasmine Tong donated even less than I did.”

“She’s a movie queen hey, I can’t believe she’s donating that little, watch it, it’s going to blow up tomorrow.”

“I’m not the bottom of the pile anyway, I’m solid.”

Jasmine Tong listened to the two actors behind her who were talking about it.

Her 300,000 was also really too shabby, so she had to leave in shame.

When they left, Ellen Ron and Rameen Tong were still being interviewed.

Rameen Tong is vigorously advocating that the reason she herself likes business is so she can make more money and help more people.

Jasmine Tong returned home.

Donations did come up a little short today, so she’s still worried.

As soon as she was in bed, she opened her phone and checked the Twitter hotspot.

Today is the age of the internet and information about charity night donations has quickly reached the internet.

“Ellen Ron Rameen Tong Charity Couple”

“The New Stars of Philanthropy”

“Love brand established.”

“LOVE donates.”

Soon, all of these were on the top of the hot list.

Jasmine Tong’s phone suddenly rang, the call was from Xu Xingru.

Jasmine Tong had to pick up the phone with a hard scalp.

“I’m sorry, Sister Starru, the only money I can come up with is 300,000, I really can’t come up with 600,000.”

“Okay, I know that there’s not really a fundamental difference between you taking $300,000 today and taking $600,000.All the same, it’s the bottom of the barrel, and I underestimated everyone this time.”

Jasmine Tong sighed deeply.

“This time Ellen Ron and Rameen Tong did really too good, they are considered to have earned enough popularity, especially Rameen Tong, everyone knows that she used the charity night to promote her clothing brand, but she biased the name of charity not only will not be scolded, but also give their own clothing brand for nothing, a good publicity.I really underestimated her.”

Jasmine Tong bit her lip.

“There’s even worse news.”

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