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Chapter 376

Jasmine Tong told Xu Xingru exactly what she had already registered the clothing studio.

Originally, she did not need to discuss this matter with Xu Xingru.

But now that Rameen Tong is the first to announce her creation of the “love” clothing brand, Jasmine Tong has no choice but to tell Xu Xingru.

“This isn’t a bad thing, at most it says you emulate Rameen Tong, it’s Rameen Tong’s side we need to be wary of, you do the same thing as her, she’ll be sure to defend you.”

“I know, it’s just too much of a coincidence that she did the skincare and who knew she was turning her attention to the clothing side of things.”

Jasmine Tong was also worn out, and she really didn’t want to get involved with Rameen Tong anymore.

“It’s okay, and you shouldn’t stress about it, just check the news tomorrow.”


After hanging up the phone, Jasmine Tong was still a little apprehensive.

She had slept poorly this night, and still hadn’t heard anything from Albert Ou.

The next morning, Yarwen Tong returned in a flurry of excitement.

“Sis, how about the dress I made for you did everyone praise you”

Yarwen Tong was very excited.

Jasmine Tong, however, looked exhausted.

“Yes, of course I did, when I walked down the red carpet, a lot of reporters were whispering about whose designer’s clothes I was wearing and how they looked so good.”

“Really? “Yarwen Tong scratched his head somewhat embarrassed, his eyes were the color of joy that couldn’t be hidden.

Jasmine Tong nodded.

“Really, how could sis lie to you? sis will be pointing at you to earn money from now on.”

Jasmine Tong affectionately ruffled Yarwen Tong’s hair.

Yarwen Tong nodded his head vigorously.

“Sis, don’t worry, I’ll try my best right, I’ve talked to my classmates about you opening a studio and they’re all very excited so I have a proposal to tell you about it now.”

Yarwen Tong dragged Jasmine Tong into the study.

Although Jasmine Tong didn’t have a heart, she didn’t want to disappoint Yarwen Tong, but she still listened hard to those proposals from him.

“Sis, do you think my proposal is okay even though we all have dreams, but our studio isn’t a charity, we also have to make money, we can’t do everyone’s work right, so we have to compete”

Jasmine Tong looked at her phone.

“The Queen of Keystone,”

“Jasmine Tong won’t pull out a dime.”

These hot searches unexpectedly came up, and with these hot searches, naturally, praised Rameen Tong and Ellen Ron.

This morning, all of the press releases are praising Rameen and Ellen Ron.

Rameen Tong has been whitewashed, but this time, it’s a complete whitewash.

Some news media writers say that charity night is a demon mirror that reveals who these stars are fairies and who are goblins.

Real immortals can’t fake it, and real goblins can’t escape.

That’s the secret sarcasm in Jasmine Tong.

“Sis, I’m talking to you, are you listening?”

Yarwen Tong found Jasmine Tong a bit careless.

“Oh, you keep talking, I’m listening.”

“Listen to what ah you have been looking at your phone” Yarwen Tong very dissatisfied.

Jasmine Tong sighed.

“Xiaolei, yesterday’s participation in the charity gala was very uneventful, I may have some things to deal with, you can put these proposals here for now, I’ll look at them later.”

“Sis, is it because I designed the dress.”

“No, it has nothing to do with the clothes, so don’t worry about it, the company will take care of it.”

Jasmine Tong rubbed her temples.

Yarwen Tong saw that Jasmine Tong was in really bad shape and turned his attention to Jasmine Tong’s phone.

He frowned and picked up Jasmine Tong’s phone.

Jasmine Tong’s phone was fixed on a picture of Rameen Tong and Ellen Ron walking the red carpet.

“Sis, isn’t this Zhang Zhao’s design?”

Jasmine Tong looked up sharply.


“This is a student from my class, from the same dorm as me, called Zhang Zhao.But”


“This is an assignment given to us by Professor Lin, so why is it suddenly being worn by Rameen Tong?”

Yarwen Tong couldn’t figure it out.

“Are you sure about the homework?”

“I’m sure, very sure that Zhang Zhao stayed up several nights for this design, changed it more than 30 times before and after, and asked me to help him read it, but in the end Professor Lin only gave him 70 points and he threw it away in anger.”

Jasmine Tong’s heart overflowed with mutterings.

She remembered that at the charity night, Rameen Tong said the dress, which was from her studio.

“Xiaolei, what’s the story of this Professor Lin of yours?”

“This is the teacher of our school ah he is very authoritative teacher, is our school outside, his classes are very small, so we pay great attention to his homework, he has achieved a lot of design achievements in our country is also very famous, it is said to have also won international awards.”

Jasmine Tong nodded.

“Are you doing anything today?”

Yarwen Tong shook his head.

“Then you’re coming out with me.”

Jasmine Tong dressed up and immediately left the house with Yarwen Tong, whom she brought to the mall.

Jasmine Tong also wore huge sunglasses to avoid being recognized.

“Sis, why did you bring me to the mall?”

“You’ll see when you go.”

Jasmine Tong searched the mall and finally found LOVE’s store.

She knew that the store must have already opened, or else Rameen Tong wouldn’t have advertised so vigorously.

The love store is very crowded, Rameen Tong’s publicity efforts really are not bad.

The shopkeepers inside were so busy that they didn’t notice Jasmine Tong and Yarwen Tong at all.

“Look closely at the clothes here.”

Tonto whispered.

The two men pretend to pick and choose from the shelves, floundering.

The shopkeepers were too busy, and Jasmine Tong and Yarwen Tong didn’t dress like rich people, so they were just ignored by the shopkeepers.

Where did they get the idea that their boss, yesterday on a charity night with a few words, today they’re busy as hell!

After walking around the store, Jasmine Tong and Yarwen Tong walked out.

Found a cafe and sat down.

“Sis, those clothes.”

Yarwen Tong was so angry that he couldn’t speak.

“Take it easy and be nice.”

Yarwen Tong sighed.

“A lot of those clothes are either slightly altered from assignments our classmates turned in, or even just identical.”

“Do you see it clearly?”

“Look carefully, I have a good relationship with the class president, who is in charge of collecting assignments, so I’ve seen all these assignments, there’s no mistaking it.”

Jasmine Tong nodded.

“No, I have to tell my classmates and the school about this, the professor is going too far, we’re not looking at the money, but that’s disrespectful.”

Yarwen Tong was outraged.

“It’s no use talking about it, he’s a professor, an internationally renowned designer, an authority, do you think anyone will believe it”

“What then?”

Aye Valley

Albert Ou was still tied to the tree and he hadn’t eaten in days.

Chapter 377

If they were vampires, even a few days without food didn’t have much effect on their bodies.

This was with the Albert Ou between humans and vampires, and it was still manageable for a day or two, but it had been four days.

Albert Ou was tied to a tree and slumped over, not saying a word.

The first two days he was able to shout and engage in theories with O’Shan, the last two days he’s completely wilted.

Murray ran under the tree.

“Ono, Ono, are you okay?”

Albert Ou opened his eyes slowly.

Murray climbed right up the tree to Albert Ou’s side with two pieces of bread in his hand.

“Ono, listen to mom and eat something, you can’t go on like this”

In the end, Murray is still soft and heartbroken for his son.

Albert Ou shook his head very strenuously, his lips completely cracked.

“Why are you so stubborn? Just go easy on your dad and let this go, okay?”

“Mom, you don’t have to talk me out of it if you really want what’s best for me, take my phone and send a message to Jasmine, she hasn’t heard from me in days, she’ll be worried.”

Murray looked at Albert Ou incredulously.

He’s in this condition and he’s even thinking about the girl.

“Ono, is that girl really that important to you?”


“But Mom’s prophecy was right, she’s going to kill you, and we’re never going to let that happen”

Albert Ou strained to lift his eyes to look at Muranui.

“Mom, when you told me to marry her, you also said that you foretold that she would lift the seal on me, but now my seal still hasn’t been lifted.”


Murray didn’t know what to say, she did have the power of prophecy, but it was out of her control when this prophetic image would happen.

“Mom, I, I”

Albert Ou tried to say something else, but he didn’t have the slightest bit of strength in him.

Finally, the head drops down and passes out.


Muranui hurriedly called Osei over, and released Albert Ou from the tree and brought him back to the room.

Ousheng had brought in Zheng Qian, who was a very good doctor before he had turned into a vampire.

He checked Albert Ou’s symptoms and walked out of the bedroom.

“Young Master Ou is nothing serious, just a few days without food or water caused by it, his body is not the same as ours, give him some water, eat something, rest and it will ease up.”

“Thank you, Dr. Jung.”Murray nodded towards Zheng Qian.

“You’re welcome, so I’ll be going home.”

After sending Zheng Qian away, Ousheng returned to the bedroom where Muranui was carefully feeding Albert Ou water.

Murray sighed and set the water aside, wiping the corners of Albert Ou’s lips.

“After this brat fell in love, he lost everything for a woman and spoiled himself like this, but whenever he’s soft, I’m not going to keep trapping him.”

Murray stood up and looked at O’Sheng.

“For a woman.”

There was a grin on Murray’s face.

“My son follows me, and if it wasn’t for a man in the first place, I wouldn’t have spoiled myself so badly.”

After saying that, Murray strode out of the bedroom.

Ousheng stood completely stunned.

Rainbow City

Jasmine Tong was sitting in her study looking up information about Professor Lin on her computer.

Because of the impact of the charity night, Jasmine Tong didn’t go out for the past two days.

The internet has been abuzz with voices reviling her.

She’s the queen of the movies, but she only donated $300,000, which is just too shabby.

Someone even added up all of her film credits, endorsement fees, bakery income, and other random income to see what percentage of her $300,000 was really worth.

The natural conclusion is that a million or eight hundred thousand dollars is not much to donate with her income.

This pushed her into the limelight all at once.

Xu Xingru didn’t have any good countermeasures, so she could only ignore it for now.

Yarwen Tong rushed in in a flurry of fire.

“Sis, I got it.”

As soon as Jasmine Tong looked up, she saw Yarwen Tong holding a folder in her hand.

Yarwen Tong immediately took out all the things in the folder, which were all the assignments his classmates had turned in.

Tong opened Love’s official website and compared the students’ design drawings with the clothes on the website one by one.

As a result, many of LOVE’s clothes are really identical to these design drawings, and some have only been slightly modified!

“Sis, I haven’t told my classmates about this yet, you said you wouldn’t let me, so I lied and collected their homework, so what do we do next”

“Ignore it for now.”Jasmine Tong said slowly.

“Why we can obviously sue them for this is plagiarism he took away our homework, that’s all our hard work.”

Yarwen Tong was outraged.

“Xiaolei, calm down a bit, this matter is not that simple, the fact that he dares to take your homework means that he has this confidence that nothing will happen.”

Yarwen Tong frowned, somewhat confused.

“Think about it, your classmates are all studying fashion design, you guys must have been going to the mall a lot of the time, looking at the direction of this year’s fashion and such, and now that LOVE is so famous, your classmates will see it if you’re not careful, we can think of that, and so can that Professor Lin of yours.”

Yarwen Tong scratched his head in frustration and sat down in his chair.

“So what to do ah just watch him take our hard work and make money?”

“If I’m right, he’s probably thinking that you’re students are vulnerable, and even if you’re found out, he’ll at most give you some money, and he’ll even say that he’s looking up to you for using your work, and then you’ll be too angry to say anything.”

Yarwen Tong smashed the table.

“It’s an abomination,”

“Okay, let’s leave this alone, I’ll let you know when I think of a way.”

Yarwen Tong nodded.

“Well, okay then, by the way, why isn’t brother-in-law back yet? He’s been gone for a while.”

Jasmine Tong breathed a slow sigh of relief.

“I don’t know what’s going on with him, I can’t reach him for a few days.”

“Can’t get a hold of him from the company? Nothing’s going to happen.”

Jasmine Tong raised her head to look at Yarwen Tong.


“Sis, if you’re really worried, just go to the office and ask.”

“Okay, I got it, go to bed.”

Yarwen Tong walked out of the study.

Jasmine Tong was lying on the table, looking a little lonely.

Why isn’t Albert Ou back yet?

Wasn’t it supposed to be a week? It’s been more than half a month now.

Chapter 378

Jasmine Tong still decided to go to the Dark Empire and ask about it.

She couldn’t get in touch with Albert Ou Noe, and she was always wondering about that.

The next day, Jasmine Tong disguised herself and went straight to the Dark Empire.

She called Russel Cheng beforehand to make sure that Russel Cheng wasn’t following Albert Ou on a business trip, before going upstairs.

Just outside the door of the CEO’s office, Jasmine Tong saw Russel Cheng.

“Secretary Cheng, I came over to ask if it’s time for Mr. Ou to come back from his business trip He said that if it’s fast, he’ll be back in a week, and if it’s slow, it’s half a month at most, but it’s been more than half a month.”

“Oh, ma’am, you don’t have to worry, it will be fine, there’s probably some delay.”

The reason why they say it’s a business trip is because they don’t want Jasmine Tong to know.

So, no matter what, Russel Cheng would help Albert Ou hide it.

“Nothing is going to happen,” Jasmine Tong was still a little worried.

“No, ma’am, I just spoke to Ou on the phone two days ago.”Russel Cheng continued to lie.

“But why can’t I get through to him” Jasmine Tong felt even stranger, Russel Cheng can get through to him, why can’t she get through to him herself?

“Uh yes, it’s like this, ma’am, the place where Mr. Ou is, it’s not a good location, the signal is poor, he still took the time out of his busy schedule to explain to me about the work, he also asked me to greet ma’am, but, I forgot, I’m so sorry ah.”

Russel Cheng felt like he was about to be unable to make it up.

“So, it’s good that he’s okay.”

“Well, all right, all right.”Russel Cheng broke out in a cold sweat.

Just at this time, someone suddenly walked over, and Jasmine Tong immediately turned her body to the side.

“The last time Secretary Cheng played poker on the fifteenth day of the first month, we lost, and you said you’d invite us to dinner, but you haven’t invited us. What do you mean?”

The visitor was an employee of the Dark Empire and patted Russel Cheng’s shoulder.

Hearing this, Jasmine Tong was confused.

Remember Albert Ou said he was working overtime on the 15th of January?

“I can still run without Ou, I’m busy right now, some other time.”

“You count how many days it’s been since the fifteenth day of the first month.”

“Okay, okay, got it,” Russel Cheng looked a little impatient.

Having sent off his colleague, Russel Cheng turned around hastily, “Madam, Madam.”

Jasmine Tong came back to her senses only then.

“Ma’am, do you have anything else?”

“Oh, no, just now that colleague said the 15th day of the first month, the 15th day of the first month what’s wrong” Jasmine Tong pretended to be carelessly casually asked.

“It’s nothing, on the fifteenth day of the first month, didn’t we have a few people off to play cards together, and I lost and owed them a meal.”

“Are you still on holiday on the fifteenth day of the first month?” asked Jasmine Tong tentatively.

“Yeah, it has to be a holiday, and it’s on welfare.”

“Oh I see, I’ll go home then.”

“Okay, ma’am, I won’t see you off then, I have work to do here.”

Jasmine Tong was thinking as she walked down the road.

She clearly remembered Albert Ou’s birthday on the fifteenth day of the first month, but because of an emergency at the company, she left without even eating the cake.

However, according to Russel Cheng, the 15th day of the first month is off, so even if there was an emergency, Russel Cheng wouldn’t play mahjong with his colleagues.

Albert Ou is lying.

Jasmine Tong suddenly remembered the words of Leng Lords.

He’s a vampire, full moon energy enhanced, his company is fine, and he’s simply lying.

Jasmine Tong’s heart thumped.

But she quickly dismissed the idea.


If he was a vampire, she’d have noticed something wrong with him after they’d been in bed together for so long.

Thinking so, Jasmine Tong returned home.

Aye Valley

Muranui stayed by Albert Ou’s bedside, heartache written all over her eyes.

Albert Ou slowly opened his eyes.

“Ono, how’s it going better” Murray rushed over to us.


“Ono, do you want something to eat, the doctor said you’re fine, mom made you some porridge”

Albert Ou shook his head.

“Where’s my phone” Albert Ou’s voice was still a little weak.

“The phone was put away by your dad.”

“Oh,” Albert Ou was disappointed.

He could not go back, but he had to let Jasmine Tong know his message.

“Mom, count me in, please, will you do me a favor and get my phone and send a message to Jasmine.”

Murray looked at the door and leaned in to Albert Ou’s ear.

“Hurry up and eat something to regain your strength, and you’ll be out of here tonight.”

Albert Ou was in two eyes.

“Mom, you,”

“Your father can’t know about this, I’ll be pestering him tonight and you’ll take the opportunity to leave then, so you need to get some rest now.”

Albert Ou nodded immediately.

“But, Ono, you have to promise Mom one thing.”

“Mom, you said.”

“Be on the lookout for that girl at all times, Mom’s prophecy won’t be wrong, you can’t let her hurt you, and if that girl really wants to hurt you, just leave her and come back here, ok”

When Muranui saw Albert Ou in his current state, he thought of his original self.

It was also very painful when she first learned that Ousheng was a vampire.

She could relate to Albert Ou’s feelings.

Albert Ou dropped his eyelids.

“Promise Mom, okay if we can’t be together, you’ll come back and listen to your dad.”

“Well.”Despite Albert Ou’s great reluctance, he agreed.

In order to make his escape for the night, he was good enough to eat what Murray made.

Because of what Muranyi had said that day, Ousheng and Muranyi had also been in a cold war, not so much a cold war as they no longer knew how to get along with each other.

It’s late at night.

Osei was still reading in his study when Murray pushed through the door, wearing a red halter nightgown.

Even though decades have passed, her body is still perfect and s*xy.

I remember their wedding night when Murray wore such a red camisole, and that time they were entwined for a whole month.

“Not sleeping yet?”

“Just sleep.”O’Sheng immediately put the book away and stood up.

The two of them went back into the bedroom together.

Lying on the bed, Murray leaned in next to Orson.

“Yui, are you regretting it” Ousheng’s voice was a bit low.


It was only then that Murray realized how cruel her unintentional words that day had been to Orsheng.

“Ei, I’m sorry, if I had stopped in time, you might have been able to live out your life in peace, and now you’re just”

Osei originally thought that this was the best possible ending.

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