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Chapter 379

Murray had turned into a vampire, as eternally young as he was, and they could be together forever, in the true sense of the word.

But it wasn’t until that day, when Murray said something like that, that he realized that it was all just wishful thinking.

“I said something too harsh the other day, and I apologize.”

“No, I’m the one who should be apologizing, Eey, I shouldn’t have converted you into a vampire.”

Murray covered Orson’s mouth.

“Don’t say it, it doesn’t matter at all what I am as long as I can be with you, I just don’t think it’s fair to our son.”

Osei sighed.

“Don’t you think Ono is the most pitiful thing in the world? He’s not a vampire, he’s not human, and he won’t be happy with either a vampire or a human.His life, no solution.”

Osei gently stroked Muranyi’s back, “We’ll figure something out.Definitely.”

Murray snuggled into Orson’s chest, looking up at him and k!ssing him on the lips.

Vampires are never satisfied in terms of physical needs, they could go on and on doing it and never get tired.

It was at this time that Albert Ou left.

Rainbow City

Before going to bed, Jasmine Tong was browsing Weibo again.

“Jasmine Tong won’t pull out a dime.”

“The cheapest movie queen ever.”

These hot searches haven’t faded, and some have even called for Jasmine Tong to get out of the entertainment industry.

Someone even listed the amount of donations made by all the movie queens in the past decade, and Jasmine Tong’s 300,000 was indeed the bottom of the list.

And that night, Jasmine Tong inexplicably discovered that a hot search was slowly heating up.

“Tong’s dress.”

“The dress Jasmine Tong is wearing was allegedly designed by a college student, which is disrespectful to the charity night.”

“Jasmine Tong has simply defiled the dress.”

“This dress is so ugly that the person who designed it must not be a good person to even design a dress for Jasmine Tong.”

When Jasmine Tong saw this, she was so angry that she trembled a bit

People can attack her however they want, but never attack Yarwen Tong

Originally, people were just dissatisfied with Jasmine Tong herself, and this has risen to her dress, so it’s clear that someone did it on purpose.

Jasmine Tong immediately called Rameen Tong.

It wasn’t just once or twice that Rameen Tong hired a navy.

“Rameen Tong, you’re enough you can pay off the navy all you want to say about me, but you absolutely can’t.”

“Can’t what say your brother right or wrong haha, I just like to poke people’s weaknesses, how about” came Rameen Tong’s laughing voice from the phone.

“Don’t you think you’re despicable? No matter what, Yarwen is also considered your brother last time, I won’t bother with you, I didn’t expect you to do it again and again”

“Jasmine Tong, you were stupid about last time, who told you not to count it you want to count it now, no chance, no one believes what you said is true, now everyone knows that you are sorry about the wedding hahaha”

Rameen Tong laughed wildly.

A charity star had washed her completely clean.


“It’s late at night and I have to spend the night with my brother Ellen, so I won’t talk much with you, good night, my dear sister.”

After saying that, Rameen Tong hung up the phone.

Jasmine Tong slammed her phone to the side in anger.

“Well, since you’re heartless, don’t blame me for being heartless.”

She hadn’t wanted to make a big deal out of this, but now she finally realized that she couldn’t do without it.

Weibo will soon expose Yarwen Tong to the world.

Jasmine Tong pulled the covers and lay down on the bed to get ready for bed.

It was a long time before she actually went to sleep.

Late in the night, she suddenly felt a cool body cradle her in its arms.

Jasmine Tong awoke abruptly from her dream.


“Crap, who else but me.”

This wild and unstoppable voice reached Jasmine Tong’s ears.

Although she was still half asleep, Jasmine Tong still heard the voice.

She immediately turned on the bedside lamp.

That haunting face finally appeared before her eyes.

“What brings you back so suddenly?”

“What do you mean you came back all of a sudden? Let me hug you. You missed me.”

Albert Ou hugged Jasmine Tong in his arms.

The torment of these days is really finally getting over.

Jasmine Tong held up Albert Ou’s face and looked at his thin cheeks.

“Seems like you’ve lost a lot of weight, can’t you eat well over there or are you too tired.”

Albert Ou faintly smiled, he hadn’t even eaten a few days before, okay even a mouthful of water, how could he not lose weight.

“Think what you want.”

“Just will lie to me about being nice, you haven’t even had a message for so many days, are you really that busy that you don’t even have time to send a message? You’re not, like, out there with someone, are you?”

Jasmine Tong pouted, somewhat indignant.

Although she missed Albert Ou, she couldn’t comprehend that Albert Ou hadn’t sent her a single message for so many days

“My phone is broken.”

Albert Ou didn’t know how to explain it, and he didn’t have his phone with him anyway, so he had to lie.

“You’ve come less often, how could it be such a coincidence” Jasmine Tong was also in disbelief.

“If you don’t believe me, I’ve thrown away my phone. How can I contact you?”

Albert Ou reached out and squeezed Jasmine Tong’s cheek.

“Then why did it take you so long to come back I mean, a week if it’s fast, even if it’s slow it’s half a month at best, look how long you’ve been gone.”

“After I finished my business, I went back to my parents’ side by the way, and that person, my mom, is too old and nagging to leave me behind, so I was delayed some more days.”

Albert Ou affectionately k!ssed Jasmine Tong on the cheek.

“Little baby, don’t be mad,”

Jasmine Tong threw herself into Albert Ou’s arms.

“Do you know how much I miss you?”

“I know, I know I’ve missed you too, especially especially.”Albert Ou was telling the truth, he was going crazy thinking about her.

Late at night, they looked at each other.

Finally, we meet again.

There are so many things I want to say, but I don’t know where to start.

Jasmine Tong didn’t know what to say, and Albert Ou even less so.

Watching, watching, Jasmine Tong couldn’t help but blush and hang her head shyly.

Albert Ou lifted Jasmine Tong’s chin and k!ssed Jasmine Tong’s lips.

Even though he was impatient, he still rubbed his lips against her soft lips a little, and Jasmine Tong responded gently.

A long-awaited k!ss is especially precious.

The thoughts of so many days piled up and brought out all the desires in Albert Ou’s body.

He’s lighting it on fire right now.

The long, hot, wet k!sses had triggered the desire in his body all at once.

His big hands were getting restless.

Chapter 380

Jasmine Tong was also immersed in Albert Ou’s k!ss, but she still had sense

She grabbed Albert Ou’s restless palm at once.


Albert Ou breathed roughly and looked at Jasmine Tong.

“What’s wrong I want”

Jasmine Tong looked embarrassed.

“I’m on my period.”

It was like a pot of cold water, poured right over the head.

Albert Ou slapped himself on the head.

Jasmine Tong also felt very sorry, this great aunt doesn’t come sooner or later, but it came when Albert Ou came back.

And today’s only the first day, which means Albert Ou will be up for another week.

“Why so damned.”

“It’s not like I want it.”Jasmine Tong also felt oddly aggrieved, and she couldn’t control such things.

“I’m not saying you’re abominable, I’m saying your great aunt is abominable specifically against me.”

“Alright, it’s late, go to bed.”

Jasmine Tong has her aunt, so I’m afraid she won’t be able to make out at night.

“Today’s day,” Albert Ou asked quietly.

Jasmine Tong cautiously extended a finger.

“The first day,” Albert Ou growled.

“You keep your voice down, everyone’s asleep.”

“Sleep, sleep” Albert Ou tugged at the covers and got into bed.

Tonto snuggled into his side.

“Don’t you move, I can’t afford to be provoked right now” Albert Ou’s voice was low and husky, clearly abstaining from sex.

Jasmine Tong slanted a glance at him and turned away to sleep.

The next morning, Albert Ou went to the office.

He originally wanted to stay at home with Jasmine Tong for two more days, but Jasmine Tong had a great aunt, and he was afraid that he couldn’t help himself and wanted to make out again, so it was simply better not to abuse himself, so he came to the office.

Albert Ou wasn’t in the office for many days, and the company naturally had a huge backlog of work to do.

When he came up here in the morning, he was busy as hell.

Rainbow City on the other hand, Jasmine Tong is sleeping peacefully.

Russel Cheng was standing in his office, reporting to Albert Ou on a series of recent developments.

Luckily, Albert Ou’s mind remained clear and ordered things one by one.

“That’s all there is for now, Mr. Ou.”

“Then go out and get busy, I’ll take care of the paperwork on hand.”

Albert Ou waved his hand.

Russel Cheng, however, did not move, and Albert Ou looked up at him.

“Why? If there’s something else, just say it.”

“It’s about the missus. Didn’t the missus tell you?”

“What’s wrong ma’am?”

Albert Ou came to his senses.

“Mrs. recently caught in a public controversy, on the charity night, Mrs. only donated 300,000, now many people verbally condemned, but let Rameen Tong picked up a big advantage, the couple donated 3.3 million, which is considered to earn popularity, plus before, Mrs. and Rameen Tong’s feud, and now the network.”

Russel Cheng didn’t finish his sentence, and the wording on the internet was just awful.

“How come madam only donated so little?”

“Oh, I’ve researched on this side, ma’am, and I’m building a clothing company and putting all the money into it, just in time for the charity night, and I don’t have any money on hand, that’s why I donated three hundred thousand.”

Albert Ou slapped the table.

“You ain’t got no money, you punk wife, won’t you give it to her?”

“However, you have previously instructed Mr. Ou that the money on the company’s books cannot be touched while you are away, and I have no right to use your own personal property, and besides, the charity night was over by the time I knew about it.”

Russel Cheng said and hung his head.

“I got it, you now.”

Albert Ou hooked his finger towards Russel Cheng, and Russel Cheng immediately leaned in close to him.

Right after that, Albert Ou whispered in Russel Cheng’s ear for a while.

Russel Cheng nodded repeatedly.

“Okay, go ahead and do it.”

Russel Cheng was just about to leave when Albert Ou immediately called out to him.

“Why does the wife want to run a clothing company?”

“I’m not sure about that, Ou, but you’d better ask your wife.”

“Okay, you’re out.”

Ou Ze wild is angry that he came back last night, such a big thing happened, Jasmine Tong did not even say a word to him.

Come to think of it, why would she want to run a clothing company?

For Yarwen Tong

Albert Ou couldn’t think of any other reason than that.

This couldn’t help but make Albert Ou a little jealous.

She’d rather give up all her money to start a clothing company for Yarwen Tong

She’ll do anything for Yarwen Tong

It had been a busy day for Albert Ou.

It’s a mess in the head.

One moment it was a prophecy spoken by Muranyi, another moment it was something Ou Sheng said, and another moment it was Jasmine Tong.

He tried to keep his mind on his work, but his head still kept going to these things.

Jasmine Tong cooked a table for the evening and Albert Ou came back on time, although there was a lot of work, but he missed Jasmine Tong after all.

The table was full of dishes that Albert Ou loved to eat, and in Aiya, it was really hard to swallow the food that Muranyi cooked, but finally, we could eat the food that Jasmine Tong cooked, and Albert Ou immediately grabbed a piece of ribs.

Just took a bite, “poof.”

Albert Ou immediately threw up on the table.

“What’s wrong” Jasmine Tong was confused.

“Why are these sweet and sour ribs so salty?”

“No way,” Jasmine Tong also immediately put a piece in her mouth and tasted it, then immediately spit it out as well.

“I guess I thought salt was sugar, I’m sorry, but you can eat something else.”Jasmine Tong looked apologetic.

Having just gone through a parting, Albert Ou didn’t want to be harsh on Jasmine Tong, so he started to eat other dishes.

But the other dishes aren’t good either.

Although it was quite edible, it was far inferior to Jasmine Tong’s previous dishes

During these days of Albert Ou’s absence, Jasmine Tong had barely been in the kitchen, not sure if it was because her hands were raw or her aunt was coming, she was irritable and her cooking skills were seriously slipping.

But Albert Ou still ate patiently.

Jasmine Tong had her aunt, had little appetite, and her mouth was bland, so she couldn’t taste anything.

Just at this time, Jasmine Tong’s phone rang.

Seeing Meng Jiajia displayed on her phone screen, Jasmine Tong immediately put down her chopsticks and excitedly answered the call.

“Sister Jiajia oh, is that so that means we can start work in the next few days, isn’t that really great, thank you, Sister Jiajia, I’ll treat you to dinner later, oh, okay, bye.”

After hanging up the phone, Jasmine Tong got excited.

I can’t believe it’s such a short time before the stone clothing studio is up and running!

“You’re going to be a clothing studio” Albert Ou asked as he ate.

“Yeah, how did you know,”

“Why do you suddenly want to be a clothing studio?”

Albert Ou’s words were full of probing.

He even had his heart racing a bit, some answers he didn’t want to hear.

Chapter 381

“Because of Xiaolei ah, the other day saw Xiaolei still doing design in the middle of the night, quite distressed, in order to help him realize his dream.”

“So, you’ve got everything you own.”

Jasmine Tong nodded, not that there was anything wrong with that.

Albert Ou took a look at Jasmine Tong’s phone and picked it up in passing, “Let me see your phone.”

“What’s there to see” Jasmine Tong slanted a glance at Albert Ou.

“Let’s see if you, while I’m gone, have been with another man.”

“Che is sick,”

Jasmine Tong glared at Albert Ou and continued to eat, he can look at it if he wants, after getting along for a long time, she wasn’t so disgusted with the fact that Albert Ou wanted to look at his phone.

Albert Ou opened Jasmine Tong’s WeChat and found the chat logs of the two of them, and found that Jasmine Tong hadn’t sent a single word during the time she had just left on a business trip, and there were only a few days in between where she had sent a few messages.

And then open Jasmine Tong’s call records, in this half month, Jasmine Tong called himself only three or five.

Albert Ou thought that Jasmine Tong would be worried about him after being away for so many days, and he imagined that he must have countless missed calls and unread messages from Jasmine Tong on his phone

After all, he had no way to look at his phone when Orson had taken it.

When he saw Jasmine Tong’s phone today, he knew he was overthinking it.

Albert Ou put the phone on the table.

“Have you been k!ssing other men? What have you found out, Detective O?”

Jasmine Tong poked fun at.

“You’ve been busy with the costume studio lately.”

“Yeah, I’ve been running this thing for the last few days.”Jasmine Tong answered truthfully.

Albert Ou put the dishes on the table.

“So you’re not worried about me at all even though I haven’t called you or sent you a single message in all these days.”

Albert Ou’s face darkened every inch of the way.

The fact that he was in a foreign country and hadn’t heard from him in over half a month was no more important than Yarwen Tong’s dream.

“What’s wrong with you” Jasmine Tong also put down her chopsticks, wondering what she had done wrong.

“Jasmine, what kind of position am I in your heart?”

Hearing this question, Jasmine Tong’s face also sank.

Maybe it was because she was having her aunt and wasn’t very stable emotionally, but when she heard this question, Jasmine Tong was not calm.

“What do you mean,”

“Nothing interesting, just asking.”Albert Ou turned his head to the side.

Thinking about the days he spent in Aiya, Albert Ou begged his mother to help him send a message, just because he was worried that Jasmine Tong would be worried about his safety.

But I didn’t think they wouldn’t think of me.

“We’ve been together for so long, don’t you know in your heart what I’m like to you?”

“Not sure,”

Albert Ou turned around and pointed at Jasmine Tong’s phone.

“I thought you’d be worried about me while I was gone, so I went to all the trouble to come back without stopping, just in case you missed it, but I didn’t think you’d have a mind to keep busy with some bullsh!t studio these days.”

“What the f*ck studio you don’t speak so badly” Jasmine Tong shouted.

Aunt Fang and Pearblossom don’t know what’s going on, why are these two people arguing so nicely?

“I speak so badly, what’s wrong Jasmine Tong you know I almost this time”

Albert Ou held back in time from finishing his sentence.

“Almost what?”

“No not much I just wanted to say that you have nothing but your brother in your eyes and even if I die out there, you still only care about your brother’s studio.”

Albert Ou snarled.

“Albert Ou you’ve gone too far with your jealousy he’s my younger brother forever, that’s something no one can change even if we’re separated”

Somehow, Jasmine Tong’s temper came up, and she said everything.

Albert Ou suddenly sneered.

“Jasmine Tong, it’s good that you finally got your words out.”

Albert Ou stood up, his anger building up in his chest and holding his breath.

He suddenly overturned the table on the floor.

Jasmine Tong immediately got up and flashed to the side.

“You’re crazy,”

“I’m just f*cking crazy,”

Albert Ou roared and seized the door.

Jasmine Tong stood in place, at a loss for words.

She hadn’t expected the quarrel that greeted them after so many days of thinking about them.

Jasmine Tong heard the sound of a car engine and Albert Ou left.

The restaurant was a mess.

Aunt Fang and Pearblossom rushed over to clean up the mess, while Jasmine Tong sat on a chair, looking lonely.

Although the two had fought before, they hadn’t fought to the point of lifting the table.

They’ve been apart for so long and they’re arguing so much.

“Don’t feel too bad about it, ma’am, the company must be very busy with the gentleman being gone for so long, and it’s understandable that he’s in a bad temper.”

Aunt Fang cleared the dishes as she widened her understanding.

Jasmine Tong only felt exhausted.

She ignored no one and went upstairs alone.

Albert Ou drove the car Mercedes on the highway.

“July Flower, right away.”

Giving an order to John, Albert Ou immediately tossed the phone aside.

July flowers

It had been a long time since he’d been here, and it was still the same old place, boisterous, brightly lit, with men and women twisting their waists and indulging themselves.

In the private room, Albert Ou drank a glass of wine, his eyes scarlet.

He had thought that Jasmine Tong loved him very, very much, and this was the first time he suspected that she didn’t actually love him that much.

Everything felt like it was wishful thinking on his part.

John is very surprised to see Albert Ou drinking when he enters.

“I thought you quit drinking.”

Albert Ou heard this and suddenly stopped.

Yes, he promised Jasmine Tong to quit smoking and drinking.

But thinking of today’s conversation with Jasmine Tong, Albert Ou raised his cup and drank it all.

“Broken commandments,”

“You’re not afraid that your Man-Man will come back and cut you.”

John said jokingly.

“Don’t mention her to me,” Albert Ou growled.

John Quan immediately understood that these two must be fighting, and it was especially fierce.

He immediately sat next to Albert Ou.

“What’s going on ah talk to me let me line up to relieve your troubles, but you seem to have been away on business for a long time, a little goodbye, why would you fight?”

Albert Ou downed another two glasses of wine.

Then, only then did he tell John about what had happened during this time.

“Is your mother’s prophecy that accurate? Then ask her for me to help me predict what I can do with my life.”

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