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Chapter 406

Yu Muwan’s gaze also softened, a little confused in the clarity, arousing pity.

“I’m sorry that I let you take the baby alone for so many years,” Nangong Che said in a dumb voice, “From now on, you don’t have to worry about giving it to me, I will make you happy…”

Yu Muwan’s whole mind has been distracted. She has just met Luo Qingwan. It has just been clear that her purpose is to want to leave, but what should I do? This man’s oath and gentleness, she almost believed…what to do?

“En…” Yu Muwan suddenly snorted, feeling an electric shock on her shoulders, only to realize that Nangong Che had taken off her windbreaker, pulled her loose thin sweater away from her palm, and k*ssed her hot lips. Her white and tender shoulders.

It’s been a long time since Nangong Che felt that he was so hard to endure that he couldn’t help it.

His sturdy male body trembled slightly, pressing it hard, with a temperature that was so hot as to burn hands. As if she was a trapped beast in a cage, he would pounce on her if he was not careful and chewed her so that there were no bones left!

“Nangong Che… don’t!” Yu Muwan was shocked by the violent current running through her body. His k*ss numbs her bones. She panted and shouted, holding his shoulders with shaking hands, subconsciously. Refuse.

Nangong Chejun’s face flushed, deep eyes filled with surging bath waves, burning like flames, and regardless of her resistance, she pulled down large pieces of her clothes, and occupied her silky snow, neck and neck with fiery lips and tongue. Her shoulders and bladder, her rush was like raindrops and she was overwhelmed, and she could only breathe seductively in his tight arms.

Panting roughly, trembling and rubbing every inch of her muscles. He wanted to eat her!

“Nangong Che… don’t do this, I’m not ready, I haven’t accepted you! Let go of me…” Yu Muwan raised his head and groaned, his green fingers trembled, pushing him with all his strength.

Nangong Che lowered his body as tight as iron, and stretched the luxurious and expensive trousers against her intoxicating wetness, heat and softness, he snorted, and a beast-like growl from his throat, biting her neck The tender meat in the space relieves my hunger and thirst.

He buckled her petite body in front of her, and took a long deep breath before the burning flame went out a bit.

Nangong Che k*ssed her affectionately, brushing her eyelashes and cheek little by little with the tip of her tongue, and his voice was extremely hoarse: “The hot guy… don’t give me another chance like this again, I won’t let you go. …”

“It’s your own mind, don’t blame me!” Yu Muwan retorted, pulling on his clothes with trembling hands, feeling that his skin was also terribly hot, and there was still domineering stubbornness in his clear eyes.

Nangong Che chuckled lightly and hugged her, as if holding the whole world.

“If you don’t want to do the work here, then go back to Liyuan. If you have done it there, the situation will be more familiar.” Nangong Che discussed with her in a low voice.

Yu Muwan shook his head: “Don’t you remember Luo Qingwan’s father is there? He has shares there and often comes to meetings. Do you think he will have a good face when he meets me?”

Nangong Che also frowned slowly. He knew that the most important thing now was Luo Qingwan’s side. He knew the woman too well. She was used to being gentle, tolerant, generous, and informal, but she always took serious things Will be very persistent, insisting to the point where people are horrible.

“I will find a solution, don’t worry.” His handsome face was serious and he said to her.

“…” Yu Muwan frowned slowly, feeling some pain in her calf.

“What’s the matter?” Nangong Che released her and checked her long legs wrapped under her windbreaker. There were some traces of broken glass rubbed by the shards of broken glass, a small cut, and a slight bleeding.

“Stupid, I told you to be careful, it’s still hurt,” Nangong Che frowned, k*ssed her on the lips lovingly, got up from the bed, “Wait for me here.”

The white medicine cabinet was placed beside her, and Nangong Che took off her shoes strongly regardless of her resistance, curled up her legs to help her wipe the splashed red wine, washed the wound with clean water, and taped it with band-aids.

Yu Muwan’s clear eyes looked at this man with a little doubt and speculation. He had never discovered that he could be so gentle and caring before. Was it because they got along too intensely before? She could almost only see his angry side, and she hurt herself repeatedly.

“Don’t touch the water these days, it will be better.” Nangong Che said.

Yu Muwan’s eyes kept staring at him, Nangong Che looked at him and smiled: “What, fell in love with me?”

Yu Muwan shook his head, and his clear eyes were full of frankness: “No, I’m watching if you really have a sex change. It turns out that you didn’t. You are still so arrogant and narcissistic.”

Nangong Che squinted her eyes and approached her little face, “What did you say?”

At such a close distance, Yu Muwan, a man who couldn’t resist like a beast, quietly shut up, without saying a word.

“Mu Wan,” Nangong Che said slowly and seriously, holding her small and tender chin, “If one day you fall in love with me, you must say, I will set off firecrackers to celebrate.”

Yu Muwan was stunned, then laughed and couldn’t help laughing. “are you crazy!”

After finally making her laugh, Nangong Che also followed with a light smile, hugging her in his arms, holding her little hand around her neck, k*ssing her in the most intimate manner, and touching her red lips.

He clung tightly, went deep, and tasted the sweetest taste.


Early the next morning.

Luo Qingwan went to Liyuan to send her father a copy of the materials left at home.

The driver could do this kind of thing, but she still wanted to see it in person. She hadn’t seen him since the last time she had a deadlock with Nangong Che, nor had she dared to go to Nangong’s house again.

The grievance between them is too deep, what can I do to ease it?

Luo Qingwan quietly leaned on the car window thinking about things, a little absorbed.

The car slowly stopped in front of the Liyuan Building.

Luo Qingwan regained her senses, opened the car door and was about to go down. She saw a luxury car approaching here from a distance. She choked for a while, and her hand on the handlebar also stopped, staring in that direction motionless, she knew Nangong Che will be inside.

The dark blue car door opened and the car window lowered.

Nangong Che got out of the driver’s seat and went to the other side to open the door.

Did he bring anyone here? Luo Qingwan brushed away her hair tossed by the wind, wanting to see clearly.

But she didn’t expect that the person who came out of it turned out to be Yu Muwan.

A very familiar figure, slender and slender, with clear and thin eyes, and her beige windbreaker made her a little thinner, no longer too short Nangong Che. She walked out, turned around and was embraced by Nangong Che. His powerful arm could hold the little woman in his arms with one arm, and hold her face to k*ss her good morning.

Yu Muwan frowned and struggled, but he was caught back by him and let go after the k*ss.

The slightly angry little woman retreated very far, resentful, Nangong Che smiled happily, and walked over to coax her a few words, and pulled her upstairs together, completely intimate.

Luo Qingwan watched quietly in the car, her face pale.

——Who will tell her when and how far they have developed? ?

Chapter 407

The cool wind blew strongly, and Luo Qingwan shuddered in the car.

The driver obviously saw the scene, and said with some worry: “Miss, we…”

The most unbearable thing for Luo Qingwan is that her embarrassment is exposed in front of others without hiding. She lightly leaned on the seat, looked at the driver with clear eyes, and asked, “What do you see?”

The driver was nervous for a while, and said dumbly for a long time, “Miss, Master Nangong is not good to you, why don’t you tell the master and wife? How wronged you are to endure this way.”

The veteran driver who has been in the family for many years still considers everything about her.

Luo Qingwan stayed alone for a while, her pale face had a trace of blood, and she smiled lightly, and said to the driver angrily: “Uncle Liu, don’t even think you are in your forties. Age is the second peak period of mental and physical derailment for a man in this life. What’s a little bit of thought? Men should have all.”

The driver’s face was stained with red: “Miss, what you said… people like us have lived for so long. Just think about it. If you have a family and a room with children, how can you be young? People are so tossing…”

Luo Qingwan nodded, opened the door to let the wind blow through her disturbed thoughts, and finally became a little sober.

“I also think that it is easier to make mistakes when we are not married and have no family, and treat the women we meet anywhere as treasures,” Luo Qingwan said softly, her cold eyes flashing light. Get off the car gracefully and add a sentence to the driver with a smile, “Uncle Liu, don’t worry, I’m fine, don’t tell my parents, I don’t want them to work.”

The driver nodded, “The lady go up, I’ll wait for the lady here.”

Luo Qingwan nodded and said “OK”, turned and walked towards Liyuan Building.


“This is your plan within five years?” Yu Muwan stared at a map with clear eyes, took it with his slender fingers, looked at it carefully, and asked with some difficulty.

“Five years may be a long time. If the progress is fast, it can be basically completed in more than three years.” Nangong Che’s gaze scanned the scenery of the twenty-odd floor under the floor-to-ceiling windows. He turned and stared at the slender and petite figure in the office. “The residential area to be developed in the future will be located at the location you just saw. The environment and traffic are absolutely elegant and smooth. Do you like it? If you like it, I can customize a set for you now.”

Yu Muwan’s attention was still focused on the plan he was talking about. His white fingers ran across the bustling area, and he was slightly amazed. It was the first time he realized that this man had amazing courage and courage in his career.

“What do I want the house for?” She raised her clear eyes and looked at him suspiciously.

Nangong Che smiled and said, “What do you mean? I don’t plan to marry you and live here in the future. Didn’t you say that you don’t like villas? Or, you just hate the people there?”

Yu Muwan’s heart became more and more shocked, and after reacting, she suddenly shook her head, feeling too incredible.

“Will you think too much too fast? Marry me? I thought you just made a straight-hearted and sudden decision yesterday. Are you really planning to marry me?” She just heard him say this verbally, and I didn’t think he would take it seriously.

In addition, I will put it on the agenda so soon as my own plan.

A trace of injury flashed through Nangong Che’s deep eyes…

“Otherwise, what do you think? I just made a joke to make you happy?” He also asked with a smile.

Yu Muwan no longer looked at him, with a clear face with an innocent look, and said softly: “It is not something you can decide to marry me. I did not agree, your father did not agree, and the Luo family did not agree. The important thing-Xiaoying did not agree. If you stop this kind of wishful thinking due to difficulties one day, just tell me, I won’t take it seriously.”

She flipped through the picture album and said casually.

“It sounds like it’s really difficult…” Nangong Che said with a smile, walked over to slowly circle her, bowed her head and asked in a low voice, “I will solve the marriage contract by myself. Where is Xiaoying? Are you going to help me?”

Yu Muwan raised his eyes, the clear light was very dazzling.

“I don’t know about this. You have to know that the baby’s IQ is higher than mine. I can’t persuade him. He is very capable. The game he developed last time is said to have been seen by a developer in the United States and I like it very much. It is possible to cooperate with him,” Yu Muwan thought about this and smiled, “God, because I contacted, the developer thought it was me. How can I convince him to cooperate with a five-year-old child?”

“It’s really smart,” Nangong Che also said approvingly, stroking her hair and said, “but it doesn’t seem to be yours. Whose do you say you inherited?”

Yu Muwan didn’t react for a while, she really thought about it, and when she thought it through, she couldn’t help but hit him hard with her elbow. There was a clear anger on her small face: “Who are you talking about stupid?”

Nangong Che clutched his chest with an injured face, but smiled at the corner of his mouth: “I am stupid, am I stupid?”

Yu Muwan stared at his face, startled, did not hold back for a moment, stretched out his hand and pinched the flesh on his face, muttered: “Why didn’t you quarrel with me? Aren’t you having a bad temper? Is it me? Didn’t stimulate you enough, so you never broke out? Nangong Che, I’m really not used to you like this.

Nangong Che looked slightly confused, took her hand, and k*ssed under her lips.

“I can’t bear to make a noise. You haven’t changed your temper for so long, but you have gotten worse. If I quarrel with you, the roof will be overturned every day…” Nangong Che said slowly, frowning slightly, thinking about the words, “You actually… …Sometimes it’s cute.”

Yu Muwan blushed slightly, she felt that she was exhausted, she was smashed, and she was actually said to be cute.

Sure enough, men who fall into love are also fools.

A knock on the door suddenly sounded.

“President, it’s time for the meeting.” The manager outside frowned and looked at his watch.

Nangong Che also stretched out his wrist to take a look, and Yu Muwan, who pulled his arms around, said, “I’m going to have a meeting. You don’t want to go here while waiting for me. You hear?”

Yu Muwan shook his head: “Go ahead, I’ll go back to the company in a while.”

Nangong Che frowned, her sturdy arms tightened her, a little dissatisfied: “Do you have to go back alone? Can I send you back after I finish the meeting?”

“No,” Yu Muwan said decisively, “I made an appointment with a guest, and I will visit her.”

Nangong Che frowned deeper, stroked her hair and said, “Didn’t I say everything? You can do the work there. If you don’t want to do it, you can quit at any time. There is no need to work so hard.”

“I want to make money to support my family. Didn’t you say that I am fully capable of doing the job? Isn’t it right to take the money?” Yu Muwan’s small face is still full of innocence, and his clear eyes are like spring water.

Nangong Che: “…”

“Okay, go by yourself, be careful.” He finally compromised.


Walking out of the office door, Nangong Che had never felt that he had been so refreshed in five years of working here. There was a chic and suave light in his deep eyes, and his charm was so enchanting that he could see the female staff around him startled.

Just as he was about to walk to the meeting room, he found a figure walking out of the office nearby.

Luo Qingwan.

She brought the door lightly, glanced at the house number, and left.

“Wait!” Nangong Che suddenly frowned and stopped her.

Luo Qingwan turned around and glanced around and found that Nangong Che was calling her, her beautiful face was a little pale suddenly, but she still stood softly in place, waiting for him to come closer.

Nangong Che frowned slightly, strode over, staring at her face, and slowly asked, “What are you doing here?”

Luo Qingwan took a breath, her eyes calm as water: “Come and send a document to my dad, but he is not there, he may have gone to the conference room, will you help me inform him later? He wants it in a hurry.”

Nangong Che nodded, his deep eyes were cold and distant: “Okay.”

Luo Qingwan smiled lightly: “Thank you.”

After she finished speaking, she gently waved her hand and walked gracefully towards the elevator behind.

Nangong Che frowned deeper, and asked in a cold voice behind her: “What are you planning lately? I warn you, don’t play any tricks. You’d better be quiet as you have recently.”

Luo Qingwan’s back suddenly froze.

She turned, her beautiful face was pale, but calm and indifferent.

“What did I plan?” She took a breath and asked seriously.

“You know it yourself! It’s similar to asking me to climb into your bed, you’d better not even think about it!” Nangong Che said sharply.

Luo Qingwan shook her head: “I don’t know what you are struggling with. I am a woman. I have a marriage contract with my fiancé. Even if I want to have a relationship between us, this kind of mentality is not an exaggeration. I did work hard for it. It’s just that my only mistake is that I should not deceive you, let you be kept in the dark, let you be deceived, this, Che’s sorry, it’s my fault.”

She generously admitted and sincerely apologized, her eyes still clear as water.

“I haven’t urged you to get married. Even when my parents urged me to urge me to go home, I didn’t dare to tell you, so that you have even the slightest trouble. You also know the fact that I haven’t been guarding myself for so many years. Let anyone touch me, this scam I gave you is nothing more than trying to give myself to you, and you don’t want it, it’s as simple as that! I was too impatient, so I was insulted by you and disgusted by you, And what about you? What have you lost? Have you been hurt a little bit?” Luo Qingwan asked softly, like a gossamer.

Nangong Che slowly narrowed his eyes and carefully looked at the woman in front of him.

“You are not in a hurry to get married yet? Are you anxious to climb into my bed to wait for your parents to come to Nangong’s house to force the marriage?!” Nangong Che walked over and squeezed her chin and said coldly, “I don’t need it. Such a woman who wants to calculate me is by my side, not to mention that you failed so much that you were exposed by yourself! I gave you your embarrassment or you asked for it, you know yourself!”

There was a pain on her chin, and a clear mist of water rose in Luo Qingwan’s eyes, letting him hold it without struggling at all.

“Okay, I asked for it myself.” Luo Qingwan continued to admit, her eyes were fragile, and she said word by word, “Because I love you, so I asked for everything, even if you don’t want me in the end, I Did you ask for it? Don’t make excuses for your cheating and unfaithfulness. The marriage contract between us started so early. I didn’t let anyone touch me, but what about you?! Do you remember you? How many women have I met, how many times have I met!”

Nangong Che’s eyes were colder, his lips were pursed, but the monstrous anger had long been concealed.

“I love you, so I’m tolerating things that all women can’t bear, but even if you don’t love me, you can hurt me like this, right?” Luo Qing asked in an annoyed way, tears flickering in her eyes “You can take the woman home in front of me, and make affection in front of me. Have you ever managed me even once when my heartache to death for so many years? Che, you tell me why it’s so unfair? I didn’t I said you were dirty, not once, but what right do you have to dislike me for being dirty?!”

Her voice trembled at the last sentence, almost shouting.

The people on the entire office floor looked slightly toward this side. Nangong Che squinted his eyes and noticed those gazes. Shen Sheng said to Luo Qingwan, “There is nothing fair or unfair in relationships. You know why I don’t love you. ?”

“I’m unwilling!” Luo Qingwan said with her eyes wide open, “You didn’t fall in love with Yu Muwan from the beginning, did you? Why do you believe that you can’t fall in love with me, have you tried it? Also, she hates you She doesn’t love you even to death! But did you give up? Since you didn’t give up, why did I give up on you? You can be stupid, why can’t I?!”

Nangong Che pursed his lips, a chill in his indifferent eyes.

“You mean you can’t let go, do you?” he asked coldly.

Luo Qingwan feels that she has been pushed to a desperate situation. This man has been completely blinded by his own thoughts. He stubbornly loves the woman, can’t see anything, can’t listen to anything, she can’t say anything anymore. !

She calmed down slowly, suppressing all intense emotions.

A gentle hand stroking his big palm, Luo Qingwan walked up, closed his eyes and gently k*ssed his masculine chin on tiptoe, and said dumbly: “You are right, I will never let go… love you.”

After she said that, she let go of his hand and turned around, tears fell, and she quickly wiped it off behind her and ran into the elevator.

It wasn’t until the elevator door slowly closed that Nangong Che recovered from her sudden move just now.

His slender fingers touched the place where he had just k*ssed like a dragonfly. After rubbing a few times, he slowly raised his cold eyebrows and cursed “Damn” in a low voice. He picked up the documents on the table and walked to the meeting room.

This woman is so difficult! !

Chapter 408

After visiting the client’s home, there was a patter of rain.

Yu Muwan stretched out his hand and followed the light raindrops, suddenly remembering that Xiaoying hadn’t brought an umbrella to school, and was anxious for a while, so he hurried to pick him up from school.

Who knew that when they arrived at the school gate, someone had already arrived.

Yu Muwan walked through a crowd of umbrellas, and saw Xiaoying standing under a big umbrella with a small schoolbag on his back. His heart was at ease. Next to him was Pei Yuzhe in elegant casual clothes.

“Mummy!” Xiaoying saw her from a distance, shouting on tiptoes, waving desperately.

Yu Muwan hurried over and squatted down to hug him: “Baby, have you gotten wet?”

“No, Uncle Pei came here early to wait for me to finish school,” Xiaoying blinked with big eyes, and sensibly reached out to pat the rain on Yu Muwan’s shoulders, “Mommy, are you in the rain? Are you cold? “

Yu Muwan held his little hand and k*ssed him, smiling sweetly: “It’s not cold.”

In the next moment, Pei Yuzhe’s tall shadow has covered her, took her arm to bring her up from the ground, slowly pulled her under the umbrella, and stretched out her hand to pull her bangs wet by the rain: “Why are you so careless? Anxious If you don’t, just call me to pick you up, why come by yourself?”

“I didn’t have time to call you, aren’t you busy with that world-class selection recently? You must be very busy.” Yu Muwan explained softly, feeling her trouser legs being pulled.

“Mummy, good news! Uncle Pei was awarded the’World Young Pianist’s Unique Award’, isn’t it Uncle? It is said to be very powerful, super powerful!” Xiaoying raised her head to verify.

Pei Yuzhe smiled and stroked Xiaoying’s head: “Fortunately, it’s normal.”

Yu Muwan was slightly taken aback, and then he said, “Congratulations! I’m sorry I got the news too late, I didn’t have time to congratulate you!”

“When did you become so polite with me?” Pei Yuzhe smiled and squeezed her chin. “Didn’t you say that you are not interested in the piano. You think I am a lunatic without a piano, is it a genius to have a piano?”

“But our teacher said, geniuses and lunatics are only a thin line apart, uncle, you are the best proof!” Xiaoying said loudly.

Yu Muwan was amused, and he felt better, and said briskly: “Then let’s find a place to help you celebrate!”

Pei Yuzhe leaned over and hugged Xiao Ying, staring at Yu Muwan and smilingly said, “Do you mind going to my celebration party? I just escaped from there, and the phone is probably blown up before my agent gets here. , Can you come with me?”

Yu Muwan thought for a while, and that fellow Nangong Che shouldn’t always have troubles with him at night, so he nodded.

The rain was getting heavier, Pei Yuzhe put Xiaoying in the back seat of the car before coming to pick up Yu Muwan, wrapped her in the jacket tightly and then half embraced her towards the direction of the car. Yu Muwan was slightly embarrassed, feeling the gentleness of this man from the inside out in his warm coat, slightly shocked, he was such a good man.


The reception is very prosperous, and celebrities from all walks of life in Z City gather here.

Yu Muwan took care of Xiaoying not to let him run around. He couldn’t see it for a moment. He actually ran into a bunch of noble ladies to show off cuteness, which aroused everyone’s joy. She frowned and worried, and wanted to go up and pull him back, but Pei Yuzhe stopped her.

“I will send someone to follow him to protect him, don’t worry,” Pei Yuzhe said softly, “It’s you, don’t just take care of him, you didn’t eat anything. There is a restaurant inside, do you want to go over and eat something with me? “

Yu Muwan felt a little embarrassed. People here looked strange and weird. Perhaps the news last time had too much influence. People were still wondering why they denied their marriage but they were still so close.

Pei Yuzhe saw her hesitation and slowly approached her and said in her ear: “Don’t pay attention to the eyes of those people, the clear ones will be clear. I have a lesson from the last time, and this time I won’t let them write indiscriminately.”

Yu Muwan nodded, slightly relieved.

“Mr. Pei, congratulations.” A soft voice sounded from behind.

The two turned around, and instantly saw a dark purple elegant dress and a familiar face.

Luo Qingwan appeared with a glass of red wine with a faint red on her face. It was obviously a symbol of drinking. Under the blurred lights, she was more beautiful and moving. She toasted gently and smiled: “I knew you could do it. Achievement, I did not expect to come so soon, I really like your piano, congratulations!”

Pei Yuzhe also smiled: “Thank you Miss Luo, did Mr. Nangong not come?”

Luo Qingwan shook her head: “His company has some urgent planning projects, and may be staying up tonight,” she looked at Yu Muwan with a clear gaze, and she smiled softly, “Hello Miss Yu, I didn’t expect to see you here. The last time I saw the news about you and Mr. Pei, I thought it was true. I didn’t expect to deny it later. Now the truth is still confusing. Would you mind telling me what the truth is? Che is actually very curious.”

Yu Muwan breathed, feeling that what Luo Qingwan said in this environment began to have a polite meaning. She wanted to be treated correctly, but she clearly smelled the hostility and irony inside.

She lifted a glass of wine with her slender wrist slowly, and she whispered, “As you can see, we are very good friends.”

“Oh~” Luo Qingwan realized, her eyebrows frowned slightly, and she continued to ask with a smile, “What about the last photo? Are the two performing on loan?”

Yu Muwan blushed and felt embarrassed, but Pei Yuzhe had already grabbed her shoulders, doing the most gentle comfort.

“The photo last time was an accident. I admired it for a long time, so I couldn’t help it. I didn’t expect to be captured by the reporter. Is Miss Luo clear now?” Pei Yuzhe’s gentle smile also brought a trace of alienation and indifference.

Luo Qingwan chuckled and nodded: “I know, I just think that Miss Yu is really charming. She already has a five-year-old baby, and she can still be so attractive to men. Mr. Pei always doesn’t mind your unmarried birth. Those who have had children are very broad-minded. Would you like to have a drink? Mr. Pei, I wish you a successful career and win the hearts of beautiful people!”

Luo Qingwan, who was slightly drunk, talked a lot, with a charming and charming smile, which attracted the attention of many people present.

Pei Yuzhe remained calm, maintaining a polite smile, and clinking glasses with her.

Yu Muwan watched Pei Yuzhe pouring down such a large glass of wine, knowing that he was slightly angry.

This man always doesn’t want to say anything when he is angry, a bit self-abuse.

After finally saying goodbye, Pei Yuzhe faintly said “disaccompany” and walked towards the restaurant with Yu Muwan. The red on Luo Qingwan’s face was heavier, her eyes looked at the two people with blurry eyes, and the corners of her smiling eyes became more curved.


A portion of foie gras, finally no longer so hungry.

Yu Muwan’s eyelashes were half drooping, and there was a calm beauty in his clear eyes. She looked at her bag from time to time, as if expecting the phone inside to vibrate. On such a rainy night, she suddenly felt that the air conditioner at the reception was turned on a bit low, hugging her shoulders, and admiring the majestic rain outside.

It seems a little empty.

“Sir, do you want to open the bottle?” The waiter walked over and asked softly.

Pei Yuzhe nodded, his eyes moved from the bottle cork to Yu Muwan’s face, staring at her quietly, and after the waiter slowly poured the two wine glasses up and left, he slowly stretched out his hand and pulled down her shoulders. Catkin, held in the palm.

Yu Muwan was startled, his eyes blurred and looked at him in confusion.

“No matter what you are thinking now, here is my celebration reception, can you spare a little time to just watch me get along with me, don’t think about other things?” Pei Yuzhe stared at her, and said gently and seriously.

Yu Muwan was slightly embarrassed: “Sorry, I was in a daze just now, I didn’t think about anyone, I…”

“I don’t really care who you are thinking about. Anyway, from this moment on, just think about me,” Pei Yuzhe held up the glass, “I have known us for so many years, cheers.”

With guilt in her heart, Yu Muwan picked up the wine glass and touched him. The moment she drank it, she felt a little choked. He coughed after putting down the glass. Pei Yuzhe took a napkin to wipe the corners of her mouth with concern, and smiled: “The wine is getting stronger , Don’t drink so fast.”

“You can talk now, who were you thinking of just now?” he asked.

Yu Muwan was startled, her blushing face was a little weird: “You just told me that you don’t need to talk about it.”

“You just said that we are good friends, do you think you can’t tell me? Or are you afraid that I will be jealous?” Pei Yuzhe smiled, slowly narrowed his eyes, and said dumbly, “He is still there. Are you pestering you? Mu Wan, are you shaken?”

Yu Muwan was unconscious by the strong stamina of the red wine, and did not avoid the trap in Pei Yuzhe’s words, frowned and shook his head: “I don’t. I remember everything that happened before. I remember everything. I didn’t forgive. he.”

“However, forgiveness and love are sometimes two different things. Love is a feeling that there is no way to resist, and forgiveness is just a threshold in your heart.” Pei Yuzhe said lightly.

“That’s because you don’t know what I have encountered before, except for Xiaoying–” Yu Muwan’s face was blushing, her clear eyes flickered, and she shook her head, “I don’t want to say.”

“Maybe it will be better to say it, your heart knot is not so heavy.” Pei Yuzhe held her hand and said softly.

Yu Muwan bit his lip, trying to pull his hand out of his palm, but he didn’t have much strength. He just applied a little force and felt that he couldn’t break free, it looked like she was half pushing and half pushing.

It’s strange, how could she be so sore and weak after eating something?

“Mu Wan, what’s wrong with you? Are you feeling unwell?” Pei Yuzhe noticed her fault.

Yu Muwan put his hand on his forehead and nodded in pain: “Headache.”

Pei Yuzhe frowned and slowly pulled down her hand, pressing two fingers against her temples, helping her to press, releasing the pain, he was still wondering if she was too tired recently: “Is it better?”

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