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Chapter 400

Yarwen Tong had woken up.

This time he slept for two days and two nights, and when he opened his eyes there was still some trance and he didn’t know where he was.

“Xiaolei, you’re awake” Jasmine Tong sat on the side and held Yarwen Tong’s cold hand.

Albert Ou was standing right behind Jasmine Tong.

For a long while, Yarwen Tong finally slowed down and felt much more powerful than before.

Jasmine Tong helped him up and put a pillow behind him so he could sit a little more comfortably.

“Sis, I’ve got you worried again.”

“What a silly thing to say I’m not worried about who you’re worried about.”

Yarwen Tong looked fixedly at Jasmine Tong.

At first, Jasmine Tong thought it was nothing, but always being stared at by her brother without saying a word, Jasmine Tong was somewhat uncomfortable.

“Why are you looking at me?”

Yarwen Tong gently shook his head.

“Is there anything you’d like to eat without Sis going to make it for you.”

“You don’t need to be busy, I’ll be hungry later, just eat the sick meal here.”

Albert Ou’s hands were on Jasmine Tong’s shoulders, “You’ve been tired for two days, now that Yarwen has woken up, go get some rest, hmm”

“I’m not tired.”

“Sis, just listen to your brother-in-law and go get some rest, you don’t have to keep looking at me, I’m awake now aren’t I all right.”

Of course Jasmine Tong couldn’t bear to go to rest, she knew that Yarwen Tong still had a month to live, and in that month she just wanted to be with him.

“Sister, go rest, don’t make me anxious, I have brother-in-law here with me, don’t I, brother-in-law” Yarwen Tong’s gaze towards Albert Ou was profound.

“Yeah, I’m here, what are you afraid of, go get some rest.”Albert Ou affectionately ruffled Jasmine Tong’s hair.

“Okay then, I’m going to take a nap, call me if you need anything.”Jasmine Tong finally got to her feet.

Albert Ou dropped Jasmine Tong off at the door of the hospital room, and Jasmine Tong left on her own.

After looking around at the door, Albert Ou closed the door to the hospital room and returned to the room.

“Brother-in-law, I heard everything you said in the ICU when I was in a coma.”Yarwen Tong’s voice was still a little weak.

Albert Ou looked up at him in surprise.

“How long do I have to live?”

Albert Ou knew it was cruel, and before Yarwen Tong woke up, he and Jasmine Tong discussed how to tell Yarwen Tong this cruel truth.

“A month, the doctor said that if you take your medication on time, you should be able to live for another month, but don’t be discouraged, Little Lei, didn’t the doctor also say before”

Albert Ou wanted to comfort Yarwen Tong, but Yarwen Tong actually had a happy smile on his face.

“There’s a month left, and I’m content.”

Albert Ou suddenly didn’t know what to say, Yarwen Tong was much stronger than they thought.

“Brother-in-law, thank you, I know you saved me.In fact, the last time I was suspicious, I saw a little blue liquid left in my IV bottle.”

Or Albert Ou was suddenly puzzled, could it be that Yarwen Tong also already knew his identity?

“One time, our school was doing an exchange program with the medical school, and I asked the professor there if any of the drugs were blue, and the professor couldn’t really remember if the drugs that were put into the human body could still be blue.”

“Little Lei, you you don’t have to be afraid, I, I actually”

“No, brother-in-law, you don’t need to explain, without you I’m afraid I would have died six months ago, you’re the one who continued my life and I’m grateful to you.”

Hearing Yarwen Tong say this, the stone in Albert Ou’s heart could be considered to have fallen to the ground.


In the VIP ward, Jasmine Tong slept especially soundly.

During the time Yarwen Tong was hospitalized, she barely closed her eyes.

After Yarwen Tong came over, she could finally sleep at ease.

As soon as Jasmine Tong opened her eyes, she saw a tall figure blocking out the sunlight coming in through the window.

Albert Ou was just standing in front of the window staring out, staring out of the window.

“Honey,” Jasmine Tong gently called out.

Albert Ou didn’t seem to hear.

Jasmine Tong slowly got up and sat up.

“What are you looking at?”

Only then did Albert Ou regain consciousness and immediately turned around and walked over to the bed.


“Yeah, what were you thinking, I didn’t hear you the whole time I was yelling.”

“Oh, I was thinking about little Lei.”Albert Ou’s eyes were a bit shifty.

“What’s wrong with Xiaolei” Jasmine Tong got a little nervous.

“It’s okay, you don’t have to worry so much, he’s actually a lot stronger than we thought, he already knows he’s got a month left.”

Jasmine Tong had still been worried and didn’t know how to open her mouth, but she didn’t expect him to know on his own.

“So how’s he doing? Is he upset?”

“He’s calm and grateful that he has another month to live, and he says he’s going to use it to accomplish things he didn’t accomplish before and tell us not to worry about it.”

Only after hearing these words did Jasmine Tong’s heart return to calm.

“It’s for the best.”

Two days later, Yarwen Tong was in a hurry to get out of the hospital, one more day he spent in the hospital and he would have one less day to live for a month.

He certainly didn’t want to waste his life in a hospital.

Albert Ou brought Jasmine Tong and Yarwen Tong back to the Rainbow City side.

“Xiaolei, you want to eat anything you want to eat sis will satisfy you.”

She’d never get a chance to cook him the food she wanted to eat again.

“Sis, I still have less than a month to go, is it hard to waste all my time eating and drinking I still have a lot to do”

Yarwen Tong regained his usual color, although his face was still a bit pale, much better than before.

“Okay, sis, you should go to the movie, just go to the movie, and don’t worry about me if you’re busy, I’m going out.”

Yarwen Tong said while wearing sneakers at the door.

“Where are you going? I’ll accompany you to whatever you’re doing, okay?”

“I’m so grown up, how do I need you to accompany me brother-in-law, please control my sister.”

Yarwen Tong’s face was filled with a bright smile, as if he wasn’t even a man with a month of life left, or a youthful young man.

Albert Ou patted Jasmine Tong’s shoulder and gave her a steadying look.

“Let him go.”

“Look, my brother-in-law has told me to go, I’m leaving, bye” Yarwen Tong waved towards them both and went straight out the door.

Jasmine Tong was still looking gloomy.

“I’m worried about him. If something happens to him on the way, he won’t last a month.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll send someone to follow him, he’ll come over and report as soon as anything happens, we always keep an eye on him like this and he’s too scared to let go, so we might as well give him all this time.”

Chapter 401

Jasmine Tong also felt that Albert Ou’s words made sense, so she simply put her heart at ease, and she was still assured that Albert Ou was doing things.

“Little Lei is a sensible child, and he’s most relieved that it’s you, so even if you pretend, you have to pretend that nothing has happened so that he can leave with peace of mind.”

Jasmine Tong snuggled into Albert Ou’s chest and closed her eyes, only to feel them sore.

The thought that in a month’s time Yarwen Tong will be leaving him for good, she is not feeling well.

“I’m going to shoot the movie.”Jasmine Tong made the decision with difficulty.

“Good.”Albert Ou carved a k!ss on Jasmine Tong’s forehead.

Fraser’s Restaurant

There were four people in the luxury room, Rameen Tong and Luo Chen as well as renowned director Zhang Feng and producer Xu Qilin.

The table brought out the cravings in people’s stomachs, but no one’s mind was on the dishes.

“Director Zhang, Producer Xu, our Rameen’s acting skills have been obvious to everyone since her debut, she won Best Supporting Actress in her first role, you two are also aware of this, and nowadays, her popularity is one of the best in the entertainment industry.”

Luo Chen said as he poured wine for Zhang Feng and Xu Qilin.

“Miss Tong’s popularity this is naturally unquestionable.”Xu Qilin opened his mouth.

“It’s just a pity that our Rameen hasn’t gotten the trophy for the queen of the film, but she’s been shortlisted twice, which shows her strength right or wrong, and besides, it’s also important to get the award in the right place at the right time, you two in understand but.”

“Actually, Miss Tong is just lacking that little bit of luck.”Zhang Feng was also speaking politely.

“We Rameen have been hooked since we read the novel of Empress Jing, and once we heard that we’re going to make a TV series, not to mention how happy we are I heard that the female lead for the TV series hasn’t been decided yet.”

Rochen immediately got to the point.

Zhang Feng couldn’t help but sigh at the mention of this.

“Who says it isn’t, originally booked Jasmine Tong, which are immediately into the group to start shooting, on Jasmine Tong’s side I don’t know what went wrong, said that I have to delay the time back a bit, but we have prepared before the start of the film, can’t wait for her to be alone,”

“That’s right, the play uses too many actors, and every one of them has to coordinate their time, and it would be fine if it was a normal small production, but this is a big production, and nothing can be delayed.”Xu Qilin was also crying out for help.

“This Jasmine Tong’s acting skills are naturally unparalleled, but since she won two posthumous trophies, this reputation has dropped significantly, and it’s said that many shows want to hire her, but the asking price is so high that it’s scaring people away.”

Rochen hurriedly began to add fuel to the fire.

“There’s still such a thing” Xu Qilin and Zhang Feng were both very surprised.

“The youngest girl in the world, the first time she became famous, she floated up. It’s not uncommon. You two, look at our Rameen. Is she suitable for this role? Don’t worry about her character, it’s absolutely guaranteed.”

Rameen Tong sat next to her, a proud smile on her lips.

The two of them, Xu Qilin and Zhang Feng, looked at each other.

In fact, before making this drama, the director team looked at all the people in the entertainment industry, and the only one they saw was Jasmine Tong.

They all also understand Rameen Tong’s acting skills and also feel that Rameen Tong is not able to hold this drama.

“It’s not a matter of whether it’s appropriate or not, it’s mainly because the performance of the female number one in this drama is just too difficult” Zhang Feng was apologetic.

“The performance is difficult and a challenge for the actors, as well as for the director, and I’m willing to take on that challenge with director Zhang.”

Rameen finally spoke, her certainty in her eyes allowing Zhang Feng to see her desire.

“Miss Tong, there’s a lot of suffering involved in making this film, would you like to”

“There’s no such thing as filming that doesn’t suffer, isn’t that what this line of being an actor is all about? Director Zhang, don’t worry, under your tutelage, I will never let you down, and if it’s decided that I’m the first female, Artsin International is willing to invest an additional 50 million.”

Xu Qilin and Zhang Feng were both terrified, 50 million investment, this is not a small amount!


“Of course, I’m the owner’s wife of Artsin International, I live up to my name, how could I break my word.”

Right at this moment, Zhang Feng’s phone suddenly rang.

“Excuse me, I have to take a call.”

Zhang Feng even answered the phone.

“Oh yeah that’s great great great, get on the set and film right away”

Zhang Feng hung up the phone and looked at Xu Qilin with a joyful face.

“Producer Xu, Xu Xingru said Jasmine Tong will be ready to film soon.”

Xu Qilin slapped the table in excitement, “That’s great.”

Rameen Tong’s face collapsed.

“Director Zhang, Producer Xu, didn’t we just say…”

Zhang Feng immediately interrupted Rochen.

“The two of you are so sorry, the person we selected at the beginning was Jasmine Tong, no one else was even considered, he can start shooting now, we can get down to business right away, if Miss Tong is willing, we have other roles for you to choose from.”

“Who am I Rameen Tong to play a supporting role for Jasmine Tong?”

Rameen Tong immediately turned her face away at the moment.

“You guys think about it some more, it’s a 50 million dollar investment,” continued Rochen.

Xu Qilin and Zhang Feng gave each other a wink, and the two of them immediately stood up.

“I’m really sorry, we still have to prepare for the start of the production, this meal is on our Miss Tong, if you like the play, feel free to come over, whether it’s a cameo or a visit, it’s up to you.”

After saying that, these two men immediately left in a hurry.

On the way, Zhang Feng was still asking Xu Kirin, “Producer Xu, is it worth it for us to give up our 50 million investment?”

“How not worth it if there is no Jasmine Tong, that’s the natural choice Rameen Tong and 50 million investment, but now Jasmine Tong is back, Jasmine Tong but the queen of the movie ah, 50 million investment where to pull not to say, the initial funds have been put in place.”

In the private room, Rameen Tong slammed the tea cups on the table directly onto the floor.

“Rameen, we were going to succeed, how come that Xu Xingru is so good at pinching the time to call over only to lose the effort thanks to me k!ssing their asses.”

He’s never been so frustrated in his life.

“Can’t you see that this is a deliberate attempt to antagonize us how he was able to get the timing so right, put out the word at first that he couldn’t shoot, and when we were about to take over, she said she could.”

Rameen Tong snapped her teeth together with a sound that hated to break Jasmine in pieces.

“And yes, this is so strange, it’s definitely intentional but it can’t be helped, it’s already like that.”

“Who says it can’t be done?”

“You have an idea,”

“Poke her in the soft spot.”

Chapter 402

Rochen’s eyebrows furrowed deeply.

“What do you mean?” he had a bad feeling about it.

“That’s right it’s him isn’t she stealing my role then I’ll let her know what pain is too.”

Rameen Tong’s eyes were bursting with hatred.

“Are you crazy? This is a matter of life and death, if you do get someone killed, it’s really over.”

Last time, Rameen Tong used Yarwen Tong to already make Luo Chen realize Rameen Tong’s ruthlessness.

At that time, he didn’t know that Jasmine Tong’s brother Yarwen Tong had such a serious heart condition, but fortunately it didn’t kill anyone last time.

But then, knowing the truth of the matter, Rochen was in a cold sweat.

“He was supposed to die, the doctor had said he wouldn’t live to be 17, but he’s lived two more years and it’s about time he died.”

The hatred in Rameen Tong’s eyes made even Luo Chen, a grown man, feel horrible.

“We’re just using a dead man, what’s there to be afraid of except to let a dead man make the most of him, don’t worry, he has a serious heart condition, it’s not like we’re just going to kill him and make him sick.”

Luo Chen couldn’t help but feel the cold hairs on his back stand up, no matter what Yarwen Tong is also Rameen Tong’s half-brother.

Since she was so unscrupulous and so ruthless, it was true what they say about the most poisonous woman’s heart.

“When Jasmine Tong is drowning in the pain of losing her brother, I’ll see if she still has the heart to steal from me.”

Rameen Tong fiercely clenched her fist.

Three days later, Jasmine Tong actually entered the set and began filming.

Albert Ou had been busy dealing with the Dark Empire for the past three days, and there had been a lot of backlogs from his previous absence.

“Is there anything going on over there with Xiaolei?” asked Albert Ou as he processed the documents on his desk.

“Not at the moment, he’s been in the costume studio and has no intention of coming out.”

Hearing this Albert Ou looked up at Russel Cheng, “Always in the costume studio.”


“It’s fine if it’s nothing, just help me postpone the last few days, I have to go out.”

Hearing that Albert Ou was going out again, Russel Cheng was really embarrassed.

“Mr. Ou, is there something urgent you need to take care of?”


“You weren’t in the office for over a week before, the company was a mess, and now things are piling up so much that I’m afraid you won’t be able to get out of it in ten days and a half, and now you’re leaving”

Albert Ou breathed a sigh of relief slowly.

“But this is a very urgent matter.”

He also knew he’d been away for over a week with nothing to manage, and now was just the time he needed to sit down.

“Can’t you leave after a while when you can get the matter at hand sorted out?”

“No, it won’t take that long to delay, you go ahead and arrange it, I’ll take care of this side of things as best I can.”Albert Ou’s blue pupils glowed with sadness.

Russel Cheng saw that Albert Ou was insistent, and he had no choice but to agree.

The phone on the table rang, and Albert Ou immediately picked it up.

“Remember to eat well at lunch, it must have been a tiring few days, so rest and don’t push yourself too hard.”The message was from Jasmine Tong.

Seeing the message from Jasmine Tong, Albert Ou’s fatigue was swept away.

“I know, don’t worry, I’m a good listener over here, and you should remember to eat and sleep well too.”

“Well, I will, it must have been a very busy time when you weren’t in the office a while ago.”

“Yeah, I’m probably going to be working a few overtime shifts, so I might not have time to call or video you at night.”

“It’s okay, you’re busy, after you’re busy.”


“I’m going to keep filming, talk to you later.”

Albert Ou held his phone and looked at the screen in contemplation.

Stone Clothing Studio

A white wedding dress is in full swing on the model’s rack.

Yarwen Tong had previously made a wedding dress for Jasmine Tong, to be used when Albert Ou and Jasmine Tong got married.

The wedding dress was designed when Yarwen Tong hadn’t officially entered the Academy of Fine Arts to study fashion design, so naturally there were many flaws, and Yarwen Tong himself wasn’t very satisfied.

Later, because Jasmine Tong was in a hurry to wear a dress, Yarwen Tong changed that wedding dress into a dress.

He still had a month left to live, there was still a lot of unfinished business, and he knew that it simply wasn’t enough, so he just hoped that he could finish making the wedding dress for Jasmine Tong.

With a sharp pain in his chest, Yarwen Tong immediately stopped and pulled out a pill bottle from his pocket, taking out a pill and swallowing it directly.

President Chou had said that chest pains were normal, as long as he took his medication, and told him not to make a fuss.

When the pain subsided, Yarwen Tong continued to work on the wedding dress.

In another large studio, Yarwen Tong’s classmates are working intensively on their designs.

“Hey, how come I haven’t seen Xiaolei lately? Isn’t he usually the most positive?” suddenly a girl asked.

“Xiaolei was hospitalized a while ago, and now he should be in the next room making wedding dresses, supposedly for Sister Manny.”The other one, Lin Zhihang, who was in the same dormitory as Yarwen Tong, replied.

“I saw Lei’s room, it was like a countdown, yesterday it was 26, today it’s 25, I don’t know what he’s doing.”

Lin Zhihang’s hand holding the pencil suddenly stopped.

“You really saw it.”

“Yeah, I asked him what it was about and he just laughed and didn’t answer me.He’s always cared about making wedding dresses, and he was doing it last night when I left at nine o’clock.”

Lin Zhihang silently lowered his head, being in the same dormitory as Yarwen Tong, he still knew Yarwen Tong’s condition better.

“By the way, he doesn’t seem to be feeling too well lately, I’ve been seeing him take his medication from time to time.”

“Little Lei he might not make it.”Lin Zhihang’s voice was low.

Everyone looked at each other.

Lin Zhihang told everyone about Yarwen Tong’s situation.

“I’m afraid he’s really not going to make it through this time, otherwise he wouldn’t keep making wedding dresses for Manny-san… I guess he’s fulfilling a dying dream.”

Lin Zhihang’s eyes were inevitably a little moist.

A few of the girls here even cried out.

They are all in the same class and spend time together every day, so their bond is naturally strong, plus with this studio, they all consider each other family.

Yarwen Tong sat on the floor looking at his wedding dress not without some discouragement.

A handmade wedding dress would take a long time to complete, and he wasn’t sure if he had enough time.

“Lei, let us do it for you.”

As soon as Yarwen Tong raised his eyes, he saw the entrance to his room, where all of his classmates were standing.

One by one, they were all smiling with youth.

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