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Chapter 403

Seemingly by heart, they understood each other’s state of mind without the need for any words.

The students swarmed together and began to help Yarwen Tong make this wedding dress.

Yarwen Tong also smiled happily, with everyone’s help, the wedding dress was believed to be ready to be made soon.

That would have put an end to one of his problems.

Lin Zhihang stood next to Yarwen Tong, he took a look at the countdown on the wall “25” and quietly pulled Yarwen Tong to one side.

“There’s really only so many days left.”

The smile on Yarwen Tong’s face as he hung his head was very indifferent, “Yeah, so you can be nice to me, otherwise, you won’t have the chance to be nice to me in the future”

As he said Yarwen Tong hugged Lin Zhihang’s shoulders.

Lin Zhihang had a hard time, although Yarwen Tong acted relaxed, but to have to face death at a young age was cruel to any person.

“Yarwen, does Xin Xin know about this?”

When he heard Mo Yi Xin’s name, the smile on Yarwen Tong’s face disappeared completely.

“Does she know if it makes sense?”

“You should have said goodbye to her.”

Yarwen Tong hung his head to force out a little smile, but his mouth couldn’t say a word.

“Xin Xin likes you so much, if you go away on this, she will be very sad, she is a very soft-hearted girl even though she appears to be a big grin, she can cry at a movie.”

“Don’t talk about her.”

“Why didn’t you mention that I actually know you like her, right?”

Jasmine Tong looked up at Lin Zhihang’s melancholy-filled eyes and suddenly turned her head to the side and grinned.

“Who says I like her if I do, she’s written me so many love letters I can’t read them.”

“Because you know you won’t live long and you’re worried about delaying Xin Xin, so you don’t dare to be with her, Xiaolei, I secretly read your diary, you like Xin Xin very much, you’ve liked her since your military training.”

Lin Zhihang’s words poked at Yarwen Tong’s heart word for word.

“What can I do if I like it? I’m dying.”

“Then all the more reason to say goodbye to her ah don’t make yourself regret it.”

Lin Zhihang put his hand on Yarwen Tong’s shoulder and patted it hard.

“Go do what you want to do, and me and my classmates will help you with this wedding dress.”

After that, Lin Zhihang headed to that wedding dress and got busy with the students.

Lin Zhihang’s words were deeply imprinted on Yarwen Tong’s heart.

Actually, he wouldn’t want to, would he?

When he was making Jasmine Tong’s wedding dress, his head kept thinking about Mo Yi Xin.

“You guys are busy, I’m going out.”Yarwen Tong said and hurriedly walked out.

Looking at Yarwen Tong’s departing back, Lin Zhihang finally smiled in relief.

Although this was a tragic ending, it was a happy ending in another way.

Yarwen Tong took a bus to the Academy of Fine Arts, as it was the weekend, the school looked a bit desolate, most of the students were out for fun, few would stay in the school.

It was a school he loved, and soon he would be leaving it for good.

Yarwen Tong went to the girls’ dormitory, and the girls’ dormitory side told him that Mo Yixin was not in the dormitory, nor had she gone home, and no one knew where she had gone.

He searched around the school and couldn’t find Mo Yi Xin anywhere.

Sitting in front of the arbor in the school’s small garden, Yarwen Tong thought about it and made a call to Huo Sijie.

Ten minutes later, Huo Sijie arrived on this side.

The two men didn’t know each other well, and although they were in the same department, not the same major, they didn’t have a lot of interaction except for some public courses they took together.

And because Huo Sijie was attracted to Mo Yi Xin, and Mo Yi Xin liked Yarwen Tong, so even though Huo Sijie knew that Yarwen Tong was his cousin, he didn’t get much closer.

“Looking for me for something.”

Yarwen Tong patted the seat next to his own, and Hoshijie sat down.

“I might have to go.”

“Walk to where” Hossein was very confused.

“I don’t know, maybe it’s heaven or hell.”Yarwen Tong had a bitter laugh.

Naturally, Huo Sijie understood Yarwen Tong’s meaning, and when he was at home, he had also heard Jasmine Tong and his own father mention that Yarwen Tong had a very serious heart condition.

“How is this” Hossein was at a loss for words, unable to find any to express it.

“Shouldn’t you call me cousin by generation?”

Jasmine Tong had already told Yarwen Tong about Huo Yulong’s side of the story, but in a less complicated way, omitting the part about their mother eloping.

“You’re older than me, of course I’m going to call you cousin.”

“Then the cousin has something to tell you before he leaves, will you listen?”

“Sure, you say.”

Even though the cousins hadn’t grown up together and knew of each other’s relationship, they had been very cold.

However, when he knew that Yarwen Tong was going to pass away soon, Huo Sijie’s heart actually felt so bad.

“My sister and I have been living together since we were young, and no one in the Tong family takes us seriously, my stepmother treats us badly, and that man my father is weak and won’t defend us, so for us, our only family is each other.”

Huo Sijie’s eyes were already a little moist as he hung his head, if only this relationship had been revealed sooner.

Maybe he could become a very good brother with Yarwen Tong.

But it’s really too late now.

“I’m very happy to know that we still have an uncle in this world, and even though I haven’t had the chance to meet my uncle and aunt yet, I know they must be good people, and I hope you’ll take good care of my sister for me when I’m gone.”

Hosiji nodded formally.

“Don’t worry, I’ll take care of my cousin.”

“My sister is going to be very upset when I’m gone, so maybe you being around her will give her some comfort.And one more thing.”

Yarwen Tong suddenly wanted to stop talking.

Huo Sijie looked at the complicated, tangled expression on Yarwen Tong’s face.

“Is this about Xin Xin?”

Yarwen Tong was suddenly poked in the heart and smiled bashfully.

“You guessed it.”

“Actually, I know that you like Xin Xin, right?”

“I know you like Xin Xin too.”

The cousins suddenly looked at each other and smiled.

“We’re not ashamed to be cousins, we even like the same people.”Hosier said jokingly.

“Since you like Xin Xin, there’s no need to hide your feelings, confess to her.”

“I actually we’ve known each other for a long time, we’ve been together almost every summer and winter, we’re too familiar with each other, rather a little” Hosiji scratched his head in embarrassment.

Yarwen Tong patted Huo Sijie’s shoulder, “Go after her boldly, or you’ll regret it.”

After saying that, Yarwen Tong stood up and stretched his back, “I should go back, if you can catch up with Xin Xin, take good care of her.”

Yarwen Tong stepped forward.

“Xin Xin is in the drawing room, third floor of the complex.”Huo Sijie couldn’t help but remind.

Chapter 404

Drawing room on the third floor of the complex

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you’re looking for.

Standing outside the studio door, Yarwen Tong really saw Mo Yi Xin.

Since it was a weekend, the studio was actually closed to the public, but since Mo Yi Xin was the leader of the hand-painting group, she had the key to the studio, so she was able to come and go as she pleased.

Mo Yixin sat on the balcony of the studio with the drawing clip spread out on her knee, the pencil fell on her side, and several sheets of drawing paper fell to the floor.

The sun shone on her serene little face, and her unpowdered face grew more and more luminous and fair.

She even fell asleep.

Yarwen Tong gently pushed open the door to the drawing room and walked over to Mo Yi Xin’s side, he squatted down and picked up a piece of drawing paper from the floor.

It’s him on the paper.

Yes, it’s really him.

Looking at himself on the drawing paper, Yarwen Tong’s lips couldn’t help but rise high.

He immediately rolled up the drawing paper and tucked it up his sleeve.

Yarwen Tong raised his eyes to look at Mo Yi Xin, she was sleeping sweetly, as if no one in the world could disturb her.

In the past, I have seen a lot of people who have not been able to find a way to get rid of this problem.

He had a sudden urge to k!ss her.

After living for nineteen years, Yarwen Tong still didn’t know what a k!ss felt like.

He suddenly felt his heartbeat quicken and covered his chest, still silently leaning closer to Mo Yi Xin.

Her eyes remained closed, her eyelashes moving every now and then.

Yarwen Tong leaned in to her lips, closed his eyes, and finally k!ssed her lips.

In that instant, he felt the sky spin.

Her lips are sweet and soft, just like cotton candy, so much so that Yarwen Tong lingered in this sweet and sticky taste and couldn’t bear to leave.

But he hadn’t completely lost his mind and quickly left Mo Yi Xin’s lips.

“Hmm” Mo Yi Xin grunted and opened her mouth to yawn, she guessed she forgot she was on the balcony and just moved and almost fell off.

“Careful” Yarwen Tong immediately helped her.

Seeing Yarwen Tong, Mo Yi Xin was also shocked.

Yarwen Tong didn’t dare to look at Mo Yi Xin’s gaze, and hurriedly sent the painting secretly hidden deeper in his sleeve again.

“What are you doing here?”

“I was passing by and saw you sleeping here and thought I’d come and warn you that it’s cold, keep the windows open and watch out for colds.”

Yarwen Tong said against his will.

But the words fell into Mo Yi Xin’s ears surprisingly so sweet.

That means he cares about himself.

“Thanks, I just came to paint and fell asleep for some reason.”Mo Yi Xin smiled shyly, “How is your health lately”

“I’m better.”

“Oh, that’s good.”

After all this, it seemed as if the two men had nothing more to say.

“I I’m leaving.”For a long time Yarwen Tong finally opened his mouth.

“Go where are you going ah “Mo Yi Xin suddenly jumped down from the balcony.

“Go abroad.”

“How come I’ve never heard my little aunt talk about going abroad” Mo Yi Xin felt even more surprised.

“It was a spur of the moment decision to get out of the house.”

“Oh so when are you coming back”

“I don’t know, maybe for a long, long time.”Yarwen Tong didn’t dare say he’d never come back.

“Oh,” Mo Yi Xin was inevitably disappointed.

“I’m just saying goodbye to you, nothing more, in that case I’ll be off.”Yarwen Tong didn’t know what else to say, so let’s end it like this.

“Hey” Mo Yi Xin called out to him in a hurry, “you wait a minute”

“And something else,”

“I I’ve been painting lately, I was going to give it to you, but I haven’t finished it yet, tomorrow, tomorrow you’ll still be here, I’ll give you the painting, okay as a parting gift to you.”

Yarwen Tong hesitated again or nodded his head.


“Then we can agree, next Saturday, or this time, I’ll meet you here.”

“Well, I’ll be going home then.”Yarwen Tong turned around and actually walked away this time.

Although Mo Yi Xin was a little sad, but she felt that Yarwen Tong is not so much to go abroad and not come back, but at most go for a longer period of time.

She wasn’t too sentimental and squatted down to pick up one by one the paintings that had fallen on the floor, because there were just too many Yarwen Tong she had painted.

So, even if she lost one, she didn’t know it.

Almost five days later, Albert Ou returned, and the first thing he did upon his return was to immediately send a message to Jasmine Tong.

Although he had taken precautions and told Jasmine Tong that he might not have time to video and call her, he was still worried that she might get suspicious.

“What are you doing little baby, I missed you so much.”

The message took a few moments to reply.

“Filming, filming, filming all the time, you’ve finally got time.”

“Well, there’s time for a video with you tonight, so get busy.”

Albert Ou was relieved after sending the message, but fortunately Jasmine Tong didn’t get suspicious.

Looking at the mountain of documents piled up on the table, Albert Ou didn’t deal with them immediately, but called Russel Cheng in.

“You’re going to put me in touch with the team that did the body reversal.”

“Human Body Reverse Model” Russel Cheng was taken aback, Albert Ou was getting stranger and stranger lately.


“Mr. Ou, what are you doing,” Russel Cheng couldn’t help but ask curiously.

“It’s nothing, it’s just fun, just give me your contact information when you get in touch and I’ll make my own contact.”

“Oh, well, I’ll find out right away.”

Russel Cheng left the office, and although he didn’t know what Albert Ou was looking for the team of body reversal models for, he still went and did it, probably to make Jasmine Tong happy.

Albert Ou sat in his office, his hands on his head.

He had never been so worn out as he was now.

Actually, when you think about it, it’s not the best ending.

Move forward with a hard head.

Albert Ou looked at the document and quickly picked it up and placed it in front of the table and began to read it carefully.

The appointment with Mo Yixin arrived, this week, Yarwen Tong insisted on class, he took careful notes of each teacher’s class, because this may be the last time he and the teacher to meet, the end of the class also gave the teacher a small gift.

And during the week, when he had time, he either continued designing or went to the studio to work on his wedding dress, which was progressing quickly because of the help of his classmates and gave him more time to work on other things.

It’s Saturday again, and it’s a clean campus.

Yarwen Tong had purposely changed into a pale pink shirt, he rarely wore such bright colors.

It was their last date.

Yarwen Tong arrived at the studio according to the time, but there was no sign of Mo Yi Xin.

Chapter 405

The drawing room was empty.

Yarwen Tong went in to look, there were still pencils left by Mo Yi Xin on the balcony, so she should be nearby.

And the complex is underneath the building.

A couple of men in plainclothes bouncer-like clothes were discussing something.

“Are we going to follow them in or not?”

“It’s better not to follow them in, they’re in love and it’s not good for us to sneak around and watch.”

“But Ou has instructed us to follow him at a distance all the time, and not to let him out of our sight.”

“It’s just as well we wait downstairs, it’s a school, don’t worry, it’ll be fine.”

The bodyguards eventually decided to stay downstairs, they also knew Yarwen Tong’s situation.

The last time Yarwen Tong k!ssed Mo Yi Xin in the studio, the bodyguards actually all saw it.

The scene of a soon-to-be teenager k!ssing the girl he loves is beautiful and sad.

They, the big, burly men, were unfazed.

Yarwen Tong waited in the studio for a while and still didn’t see Mo Yi Xin return, so he decided to go out and look for her.

The complex is empty, and in principle it is closed to the public on Saturdays, and the man in the security room on the first floor is exceptionally tolerant of these students, and he will not forcibly stop any students who come to use the classroom on Saturdays.

After all, such students are in the minority again.

“Xin Xin,” shouted Yarwen Tong in the empty corridor, and slowly an echo came back.

The complex was terribly cold on a Saturday.

At this moment in the women’s restroom, Mo Yi Xin went to the toilet, so she repaired her makeup in front of the mirror outside.

Yarwen Tong will be leaving soon, of course she wants to dress up so that he can remember her prettiest when he is abroad.

Suddenly several unfamiliar faces of men appeared in the mirror, Mo Yi Xin was shocked, and immediately turned around

“This is the ladies’ room, you’re in the wrong room, the men’s room is next door.”

The clothes on these men are not school students at a glance, in looking at this Jim phase, some bowed back, some touching the beard, all of them do not look like good people.

“We’re just here for the ladies room, what’s up, girl” the man at the front of the line looked very strong, with very pronounced biceps on his arms.

“What are you guys doing “Mo Yi Xin picked up her makeup bag and blocked it in front of her chest, watching these people warily.

“Nothing much, just wanted you to play with us all hahaha” said a small, sharp-tongued boy in the back.

“I called the police “Mo Yi Xin immediately picked up his own phone, and it was taken away just as soon as he picked it up

“Why did you give it back to me?”

The strong man directly threw Mo Yi Xin’s phone to the ground and stomped on it with his foot, and Mo Yi Xin’s phone screen exploded.

“I told you guys, this is a school don’t mess around “Mo Yi Xin lost her cell phone, has no way to contact the outside world, and is starting to get a little scared.

“We’re just here to find you school girls. Come on, girl, give me a k!ss first. Let me taste how sweet your mouth is.”

The smaller boys immediately came together.

“Ah, don’t touch me. I’ll scream.”

“Go ahead and shout, there’s no one in the building, it’s useless to see you shouting.”

When the strong man pulled on Mo Yi Xin’s clothes, Mo Yi Xin’s clothes were ripped open, revealing her pink underwear.

Mo Yi Xin hurriedly used her hand to block her chest.

“Wow, the pink lingerie, it looks so pink, oh I can’t help but try it.”

“I’m drooling too,” a few men said, not to mention how nasty they were.

“Someone come help” Although I knew there was probably no one in the complex, Mo Yi Xin still screamed.

There’s no way a little girl like her could escape from these grown men.

“Scream, scream as loud as you can, and only later will you do the same.”

One of the men guarding the door looked out towards the outside, then nodded down towards the strongest man in front of him.

Yarwen Tong moment has been close to the women’s bathroom, suddenly heard the voice of Mo Yi Xin.

The rampant laughter of the men this day grew louder and louder, also attracting Yarwen Tong’s attention, and he immediately ran over.

Look at these men gathering around Mo Yi Xin.

Yarwen Tong immediately snapped, “Let her go.”

Mo Yi Xin has cried out, but where has she, a delicate lady who grew up in the palm of her family’s hand, ever encountered such a thing.

“Yah, this kid wants to save the girl.”

“A little white boy still always wants to learn from the bridge in the movie to save the beauty, really self-defeating, I advise you to get out right now, don’t delay us.”

“I told you to let go of her, this is a school” Yarwen Tong scolded harshly.

“Ouch hey, this kid’s got a big mouth, shall we give him a head start”

Saying that, the two of them surrounded Yarwen Tong.

It was only then that Yarwen Tong realized that he shouldn’t have been so impulsive, he should have gone downstairs to the security office first.

But it’s too late to turn back at this point.

He was just about to do it when he tripped over his feet and fell to the ground all at once.

Made the men laugh so hard.

“With just two strikes, you still dare to call the shots with us, you are also too self-important” the small man stepped on Yarwen Tong’s face.

Yarwen Tong was humiliated on the ground, he only hated himself for not being able to protect the girl he loved.

The strong man touched Mo Yi Xin’s face, “Kid, don’t you want a heroic rescue then we’ll f*ck the girl you love in front of you today”

“Hey, it’s still the big brother’s idea to let this kid watch”

The strong man tugged hard, and one of Mo Yi Xin’s sleeves was directly ripped off in half, revealing a beautiful shoulder.

Yarwen Tong was full of anger, he was trembling as he looked at Mo Yi Xin’s painful appearance.

No. He would never allow these men to defile the girl he loved most.

“Ah” Yarwen Tong suddenly roared, grabbed the little guy who stepped on his face and pulled hard, and the little guy fell straight to the ground

Yarwen Tong pounced on the strongest man like he was crazy.

But he was no match for the man, plus the man had help.

Down again and again, and up again.

Yarwen Tong was like a fighter who would never be defeated.

But he was beaten down after all, on the ground, panting.

The gang fled immediately at the sight of the situation.

Mo Yi Xin couldn’t care about her torn clothes and hurriedly helped Yarwen Tong up from the ground.

“Lei, are you okay?”

Yarwen Tong managed to pull out a smile, “Are you okay?”

“I’m fine.”

A sharp pain came from the chest.

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