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Chapter 49

As the moon slowly retreated down the valley and the sun crept up the hillside, a new day came.

The breeze blew the blue curtains over the man.

Pale blue eyes as bright as glazed glass were now plated with a layer of scarlet, his hair was a little messy, and his face had a deeply tired expression.

But even this mess could not affect the man’s exuberant beauty.

The difficult night was finally over.

There was the sound of a lock being unlocked.

The door opened.

Wu Xiu walked in, holding an opaque cup with no visible liquid inside and a straw on it.

“Young Master, are you feeling better? “Wu Shuo walked to Albert Ou’s side.

Albert Ou stood up silently, “Yeah.”

“Drink some, it’ll make you feel better.”

Albert Ou took that cup from Wu Shuo’s hand, the warm liquid entering his body was indeed better.

A cup of liquid quickly entered Albert Ou’s body and he threw it away, the cup landing in the trash can.

“Prepare the car.”

“Young Master, why don’t you rest at home today.”Wu Xiu tried cautiously.

“I’m going to an engagement tonight, so help me get dressed.”


Albert Ou walked out of the room with long legs straight out.

Wu Xiu silently sighed, knowing that Albert Ou was in a bad mood and didn’t dare to stop him.

After the full moon passed, Albert Ou was in a very bad mood indeed, he was a bond, a sealed bond.

The vampire family couldn’t accept him, and human society had to hide it everywhere.

I wonder when this damn seal will be lifted.

Albert Ou had been in a bad mood all day today at the office, cursing out almost everyone who came to his office.

His gloomy face made everyone in the company tremble, not even daring to breathe.

The conference room.

Everyone in the game development department had their hearts in their throats, and it was common knowledge that Albert Ou was in a bad mood today.

However, this meeting had to be held again today.

Dark Empire started out as a game, and in recent years, the gaming industry has become increasingly competitive.

The Dark Empire, however, is always in the running, and whether it’s a big game, a small game, or a small game on a cell phone, the games developed by the Dark Empire are all within the top 10 of the charts.

Especially with the large games developed by the Dark Empire, if a gamer hasn’t played them, that person has arguably never played the game at all.

“A month ago, what did I ask for” Albert Ou’s deep, dark voice was like something out of hell.

The game development department was hand-picked by Albert Ou himself, knowing that the core of the department was Albert Ou himself, who was the game development genius.

So, for this department, he is extremely demanding.

They all privately called Albert Ou Daemon King.

He is indeed a fiend.

No one spoke.

“Thud” Albert Ou’s hand pounded on the table and a hole smashed in the table top.

“Are you deaf or are you talking” Albert Ou’s dark voice came once more.

Obviously it wasn’t grumpy yelling and it wasn’t very loud, but it was incredibly scary.

Several people swallowed a mouthful of saliva, and the law couldn’t do anything about it, and as long as everyone stayed quiet, Ou couldn’t do anything about it.

Just at that moment, Albert Ou’s phone rang.

In the quiet conference room, the cell phone was ringing very harshly.

Oh, my God.

Who dares to call the Devil?

Amitabha, goodness, goodness.

Hopefully, after Daemon answers the phone, he can divert attention a bit.

But what did they see?

Albert Ou’s lips actually loosened slightly, and then, raised a smile

I’ll go.

What the hell?

Some even rubbed their eyes, wondering if they were blind.

Albert Ou answered the phone, “Hey, why do you miss me when you haven’t seen me in a day?”

When she heard this, she really wanted to throw the phone into the toilet immediately.

“Will you be serious?”

“I’m decent.”

“You left in such a hurry last night, I forgot to tell you where the engagement ceremony was, at the Imperial Hotel, where do we meet or should I just go to the Imperial Hotel and we’ll see you at the door.”

Jasmine Tong finished her sentence in one breath, paying no attention to Albert Ou’s “very serious” set.

“I’ll pick you up at your house.”

“That’s the same old place, I’ll hang up, you’re busy.”

Jasmine Tong didn’t give Albert Ou the chance to continue to be “serious”, and hung up the phone directly.

Albert Ou’s smile grew wide, and he stared at the phone screen even though the call had been disconnected.

It was a direct hit with everyone in the meeting.

Albert Ou came back to his senses and just stood up, “Meeting adjourned.”

After that, he walked straight out of the conference room.

Can’t wait to meet her already.

But, he neglected to ask the question, when did he want to see her so badly.

One by one, the development department staff in the conference room finally dared to speak after Albert Ou’s departure.

“Ou always isn’t in love.”

“Is that the future boss’s wife on the phone?”

“Are we going to hug the boss’s wife’s thighs from now on?”

After making the call, Jasmine Tong was stunned at the location on the invitation.

Empire Hotel.

“Jasmine, when I marry you, how about the most luxurious hotel in all of Slivestopol, the Imperial Hotel?”

“Jasmine, I’m going to make you the happiest bride in the world.”

At the age of eighteen, the vow made by the man was finally fulfilled, but to another girl.

How ironic.

Jasmine Tong returned to Rainbow City, looked at the time, and began to put on her makeup and change her clothes.

Her stepmother, Duthie, had already called her twice, nothing more than to knock her, don’t lose your cool at the engagement ceremony, and be honest.

Even her own father called her, too, and said not to disgrace the Tong family.

(onom.) gentle laughter

It’s been commonplace for a long time, and because it’s hurt, it doesn’t hurt anymore.

Albert Ou also left work earlier than usual and returned to the Crystal Garden, where Wu Xiu had already prepared clothes for him.

g.s high-tailored suits.

Changing into the suit, Albert Ou looked at himself in the mirror, this mesmerizing face as well as figure was even more charming against the well-cut black suit.

“Jasmine, I’m going to make you look good today.”

Albert Ou snapped his fingers and tied his tie.

Pink ties.

Such a s|utty color on Albert Ou’s body was not offensive in the slightest, and gave the man a hint of affability.

Albert Ou took another look in the mirror to make sure everything was in order and then he was ready to go out.

Wu Xiu quickly ran in, “Young master young master young master”

Shouting three times in a row for young master, the balding man couldn’t seem to contain his excitement.

“Say.”Albert Ou said coldly.

“Look who’s out there.”

Chapter 50

In the meantime, Albert Ou heard a gentle voice come through.


And then, a graceful woman slowly approached.

“Mom,” Albert Ou was startled.

The woman looked to be in her mid-thirties, with well-kept skin, a particularly good temperament, and a slim figure, but she didn’t look weak.

Those blue eyes were clear to the end and soul-catching.


“Madam and Young Master haven’t seen each other for a long time, so let’s catch up today, and shout directly at me if you have any orders.”After Wu Xiu said that, he just left, and closed the door for them on the way.

“Ono, how are you doing? Are you eating well and sleeping well?”

Muranui reached out and gently stroked Albert Ou’s hair.

“Mom, I’m twenty-five years old.”Albert Ou warned.

Murray was stunned at first, then smiled meekly, “Oh yeah, my son is twenty-five this year, and I’ll be sixty by the count.”

Her eyes glittered with melancholy.

She was accidentally pregnant with Albert Ou, a human pregnant with a vampire’s son that was supposed to be taken out, but she refused to die back then.

You can only give birth to the baby.

However, she was just an ordinary human, and when Albert Ou was in her belly, she grew fast, drew a lot of nutrients, and her energy was too strong for her to fight.

So much so that when it came time to give birth, little lives were lost.

Luckily, Albert Ou’s father, Ousheng, turned her into a vampire in time.

Yes, she’s a vampire now.

The vampire would stay on that last day when she was still human and never change after that, so she would still look like she was in her thirties.

“Mom, what do you want from me” Albert Ou consciously looked at his watch, luckily there was still time.

He sat down on the couch in the bedroom, and Murray sat down too.

“I can’t come to you if I’m fine.”

“It’s not that.”

Murray surveyed his son and couldn’t help but curl his lip and smile, “Handsome again, dear.”

Albert Ou smiled towards Muranyi, “That’s right, my mother has good genes.”

“By the way, where’s that girl I told you to marry.”

“Oh she doesn’t live over here, I’m worried she’ll find out who I am and put her up somewhere else.”

“Still, my son is smart and thoughtful.”

Mentioning this, Albert Ou asked, “Mom, why do you want me to marry her? Is it possible that she can really help me remove the seal.”

Murray took a deep breath, then shook his head, “She’s right, but exactly how she’s going to get you unsealed, Mom doesn’t know, Mom hasn’t foretold it yet.”

Every vampire has her own special abilities, and the day Murany transformed into a vampire, she had her special abilities.

Foreseeing the future.

Only, her ability to foresee the future is not mature enough to see some piece of it.

“How could she, a little girl, help me remove the seal.”Albert Ou muttered.

He didn’t believe it all.

“Well, honey, tell me about you lately, we haven’t seen each other in a long time.”

“Well, when I get back, I’m going to use the bathroom.”After that, Albert Ou immediately went to the bathroom.

In the bathroom, he quickly sent a tweet to Jasmine Tong.

“I have some things I can’t get through at the moment, so if I don’t hear from you at 7:30, you can go to the Imperial Hotel and wait for me.”

After sending the tweets, Albert Ou pressed the flush toilet, which put the phone away and walked out.

By the way, it had been over a year since their mother and son had seen each other, and there was no way Albert Ou would leave without his mother.

Luckily, there’s still time.

Jasmine Tong was basically all packed by the time she received Albert Ou’s tweets.

Something came up.

Why does this man fail at such a critical moment?

It was a good thing there was still time and she wasn’t in much of a hurry, so she went to her study and turned on her computer, her latest serialized novel seemed to be popular, so she’d write a little more, the manuscript was still objective.

I don’t know how quickly time flies, Jasmine Tong looked at the time, but it was 7:20.

The man hasn’t come yet.

Well, then she’d just have to go first.

Jasmine Tong immediately left the door and took a taxi straight to the Imperial Hotel.

At this moment in the Imperial Hotel, the red carpet was plopped all the way down to the road on either side of the door, and the road was lined with smoking luxury cars.

If you didn’t know, you’d think this was a luxury car show.

With the prestige of the Ron family and his position as CEO of New International, everyone who can come today is a big shot.

I’m afraid those who don’t have enough curry won’t even get an invitation.

The Imperial Hotel has been contracted by the Ron family today, and the banquet hall and hotel rooms belong to the Ron family today.

The red carpet was sprinkled with rose petals, and the scent of roses filled the air.

Jasmine Tong had been looking around, but hadn’t seen Albert Ou appear yet.

Although the place is full of luxury cars, Albert Ou’s Ferrari Raphael is also very eye-catching and can be seen almost immediately.

Jasmine Tong looked around but still couldn’t see the sapphire blue Ferrari.

“Is this man okay?”

Eight o’clock and eight o’clock was the official start time for the engagement ceremony.

It’s still a while away.

The red carpet at the entrance was constantly filled with people walking in, a person of distinguished status, wearing gold and silver, these people’s worth at the same time highlighting the strength of the Ron family.

Suddenly a group of little girls came over laughing and talking, Jasmine Tong ignored them, still constantly looking around.

“Jasmine” the girls stopped and were shouted by the one in the middle of the cluster.

Jasmine Tong set her eyes on it.

Tong Qian Qian.

Her cousin.

“Cousin.”Jasmine Tong called out.

“What are you standing here for? “Tong Qian Qian has a look of contempt, “Can’t you see that there are some big curios coming in and out of here? “Who are you standing here to embarrass?”

As soon as Tong Qian Qian’s voice trailed off, there was a sharp-eyed Meng Ziling in the group of little girls clustered around her.

“Qian Qian, look at her to see if she is wearing this dress is not angel’s upcoming new dress ah” Meng Ziling said, the group of girls’ eyes all looked over towards the dress on Jasmine Tong.

Girls at this age love to research brands of clothes, who’s new and who’s popping out, they’re fine.

“I heard that angel’s new dress is already booked out before it even hits the market, it’s a limited edition” said a girl in a hurry.

“This dress seems like it’s really a new dress that’s about to go on sale hey, I’ve seen it on TV,” Meng Ziling exclaimed.

The first thing that I want to do is to get rid of my cousin, who has already been swept out of the house, and doesn’t have a man of her dreams like our family’s Meng Meng, she’s so poor that eating is a problem, how can she afford to buy Angel’s clothes, not to mention the ones that aren’t on the market that she can’t afford even if they were already several years ago”

Chapter 51

Tong Qian Qian’s words seemed to come out of her nostrils, and the emphasis was very uncomfortable.

It was full of disgust for Jasmine Tong.

“Oh, so it’s a high quality imitation,” the girls understood when Tong Qian Qian said so.

“It’s a disgrace to wear imitations in here.”

“That’s right, just puffed up.”

Meng Ziling, who was quite knowledgeable about clothes, kept staring at Jasmine Tong’s dress.

“Zi Ling, don’t look, how many times do you look, it’s also a high-fashion goods” Tong Qian Qian saw Meng Zi Ling keep staring at Jasmine Tong’s dress reminded.

Meng Ziling shook her head, “But this dress of hers doesn’t look like a high-fashion copy, angel’s clothes aren’t something that can be copied by any clothing factory”

The girls all knew that Meng Ziling’s family owned a clothing company, her mother was a very famous designer, and this girl had been going to shows with her mother since she was a child.

How could she be wrong?

“Angel’s clothes all have a feature, which is also considered a security mark, the waist side of this shirt, you can see the angel’s logo if you shine a light on it, whereas you can’t see it at all during the day.”

At this time it was already dark, Jasmine Tong also stood in the backlit area in front of the hotel so as not to attract attention.

Monsignor took out her own phone and turned on the flashlight towards her waist side.

The word angel came up.

Everyone’s in shock.

So it’s true.

She’s not wearing a knockoff.

The most surprised is Tong Qian Qian, who knows Jasmine Tong best, knows that she and Yarwen Tong rented the most dilapidated neighborhood, knows that she has been running the show all through college, and knows that she is poor.


She’s wearing one of angel’s newest dresses that hasn’t been released yet.

The dress is said to be expensive, costing hundreds of thousands of dollars to buy, and it’s a limited edition, so it won’t be money that will be available then

She thinks she’s on par with some of the stars with her $100,000 dress.

I didn’t expect Jasmine Tong to be better.

The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the newest addition to your home.

Jasmine Tong sneered, “Is it relevant to you which big boss you hooked up with?”

Jasmine Tong really didn’t want to pay attention to Tong Qian Qian.

Back then, when she and Ellen Ron were together, this cousin was also Baba following her ass, Little Man long and Little Man short.

Now that she and Ellen Ron had broken up, this cousin immediately fell back on her, hating to immediately disassociate from her as if.

Worship high and step low.

Jasmine Tong has gotten a taste of it in the Tong family.

The company has been in the process of developing the new product for the past few years, and is now in the process of developing the new product.

You’ve got them all fooled.

But she didn’t hear the continued conversation outside the door.

“Ziling, isn’t that dress really high-fashion?”

Meng Ziling shook her head, “Of course not, on the technology I just showed you, which factory can make it ah, just that one technology, angel is an exclusive invention, no company can make it.”

“It’s really true,”

Tong Qian Qian coughed, “Okay, don’t say anything, maybe she slept with some old man to buy her such expensive clothes, let’s go in.”

Tong Qian Qian was slapped in the face on the spot and could only use the false charge to pin it on Jasmine Tong’s head to save face.

The Empire Hotel has been newly decorated.

There were flowers everywhere, and the path to the banquet hall was lined with colorful rose petals on both sides.

And the ballroom was a sea of flowers.

A pink fairy tale world.

Pink beaded bouquets hung down from the ceiling, and the walls were crawling with green vines that bloomed with a myriad of pink flowers, even piecing together the words VYOU.

Each table was a bouquet of pink flowers, even the tablecloths were pink with floral embroidery.

The square towels used by the guests also changed from white to pink.

“Ouch hey, the decorations are like a fairy tale.”

Naturally, the girls couldn’t resist such decorations.

“Yeah, yeah, I heard that Rameen Tong likes pink, so Young Master Ron decorated the place as a pink world”

“Wow Young Master Ron is really good to Rameen Tong.”

“He’s a wife killer.”

“That’s engagement. That’s what a wedding must be like. Oh, my God, I’m going to faint.”

“It’s said that Rameen Tong has made her way into the acting world, winning the number two in her first film, and the number one in her next film, plus such a good husband, a winner in life.”

“I’m so jealous, the heavens have given me a Young Master Ron too.”

Hearing these words and looking at the layout of the place, Jasmine Tong couldn’t help but feel a bleakness.

“Jasmine, when we get married, I’m going to decorate the wedding venue like an ocean of blue.”

“Don’t you like the Blue Goblin? I’ll buy you nine thousand nine hundred and ninety-nine Blue Goblins when the time comes.”

“I can’t tell you, I’ll tell you everything and then there will be no surprise.”

Jasmine Tong panicked a bit.

She didn’t want to be pushy and quickly found the right seat, she was her mother’s family and was Rameen Tong’s own sister, so naturally she was going to sit on the top seat.

But as she was about to sit down, her stepmother, Duthie, immediately pulled her aside.

“Jasmine Tong you dead girl, and you dare to sit here and try to embarrass us to death aren’t you”

Jasmine Tong steadied her thoughts, “Excuse me, where have I embarrassed you.”

She knew very well that from Simin Du to Rameen Tong, the thing she was most worried about was everyone knowing that Ellen Ron and Jasmine Tong had been together for five years.

“Don’t think that I don’t know that you’ve also signed up for a company that’s about to go bankrupt Our dream is different from yours Dream is going to be a big star in the future You have to let people know that she has a sister like you, don’t you?”

The fact that you can’t get a good deal out of it is not a problem.

“Don’t think I don’t know what you’re thinking, you’re dressed up today just to snatch Ah Ellen back, are you dreaming? You’re not even taking a piss, which of you is better than our dream.”

“I’ll tell you what, if one thing goes wrong today, I’ll skin you and sit in the back.”

Jasmine Tong looked in the direction of her father, Marven Tong.

Marven Tong pretended not to see her and averted his eyes.

Oh, good.

Without saying a word, Jasmine Tong just found a corner and sat down.

Just as well, she didn’t want to sit with them anyway.

God knows, she wants to get out of it more than they do.

Jasmine Tong sits down and sends a message to Albert Ou, telling him that he’s in.

The engagement ceremony began promptly at 8:08.

The engagement ceremony was uncomplicated and consisted of nothing more than two people confessing their love to each other, exchanging engagement rings, and then the toasts began.

Albert Ou didn’t show up until the toast began.

Jasmine Tong looked like it was about time, so she was ready to go.


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