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Chapter 55

“Well, really, I’ll let you know when I’m done with this for a while and when I’ve set a specific time.”

“Fine, fine, you haven’t been back for a long time, it’s just time to meet your dad, your dad is a dead duck with a stubborn mouth, it’s obvious that he’s been thinking about you, but he also always puts on an indifferent face, in fact he’s missed you already.”

As soon as her son said he wanted to go back, Murray was immediately happy as a child.


“Then get busy.”Muranyi looked lovingly at Albert Ou, and as if she suddenly thought of something, she immediately added, “My dear, Mom knows you’re getting old, and this is with a woman, so you can be careful about contraception.”

Murray instructed.

Albert Ou’s face flashed with shock, then nodded.

“I’ll go first then.”Albert Ou took his long legs and strode out the door.

Murray breathed a deep sigh of relief, it’s so nice to be reunited as a family after a while.

Albert Ou immediately got into his Ferrari Raphael and raced along towards the Imperial Hotel.

In the presidential suite, Jasmine Tong was wearing tattered clothes that were about to become rags and couldn’t move a muscle, she just lay on the floor like that, letting the pain in her body spread.

Suddenly the sound of footsteps came over, and Jasmine Tong managed to sit up and lean against the edge of the bed, one hand holding her dress to cover her body.

It’s a waiter.

Jasmine Tong raised her head and found that the waiter looked familiar, as if he was the one who had helped her to her room.

When the waiter saw Jasmine Tong, he was first stunned, he probably didn’t expect that the brightly dressed girl just now would now look like this.

His face was swollen, his clothes were torn, and his body had shocking whip marks.

“That this entire hotel has been booked by the officials, so you can stay here tonight.”

Jasmine Tong smirked, “How much money did he make?”

The waiter seemed to be poked in the heart, “What are you talking about, I don’t understand.”

“If you don’t understand, then who understands how much money Rameen Tong gave you to hurt me like this” Jasmine Tong’s tone was very calm.

“One hundred thousand,” a woman’s voice came from behind the waiter.

The waiter immediately turned around, “Miss Tong.”

“No more of your business, get out, the money for you is in the account, check it out.”

“Yes, thank you Miss Tong,” the waiter beautifully walked out.

Rameen Tong smiled splendidly towards Jasmine Tong, “100,000 can make you look like this, do you think you are cheap”

Jasmine Tong suddenly laughed, the laughter reverberating through the empty presidential suite.

Rameen Tong didn’t know what Jasmine Tong was laughing at, and the smile faded away from her face.

“What are you laughing at?”

“I’m laughing you’re really too stupid, I’ve got nothing left, what’s the point of setting up this play with all your heart and soul? 100,000 do you think I’m worth that much? I’m afraid all my money doesn’t add up to 100,000 haha”

Rameen Tong looked at Jasmine Tong this foolish look.

Yes, she is engaged to Ellen Ron, her future in-laws are very happy with her, the next film has already decided that she is the female lead, Jasmine Tong just signed a contract with a company that is about to go bankrupt, there is no threat to her.

But she was still worried.

“The reason you set all this up in your mind shows exactly how guilty you are, Rameen Tong, how guilty you are, how afraid you are.”

“Nonsense I’m not” Rameen Tong immediately denied.

Jasmine Tong sneered, “You know very well if there is or not.”

“Jasmine Tong you see what you have to fear from me.”

“Yeah, what do I have to fear from you.”

Jasmine Tong asked rhetorically.

Rameen Tong immediately stared at her, the eyes clearly filled with anger and trepidation.

“I’m telling you, Jasmine Tong, you can’t compete with my brother Ellen, you can’t snatch him away and sign with such a sh!tty company, and don’t even think about the limelight overshadowing me you’ll only be my underdog for the rest of your life.”

Rameen Tong gritted her teeth, wishing to cut Jasmine Tong into pieces immediately.

Jasmine Tong looked at her like this and only felt more sad for her.

“I’m telling you, Jasmine Tong, you and Brother Ellen just that out has been recorded by me the entire video, and also took fragrant photos, I advise you better quit the entertainment industry, otherwise, the day you annoy me, I immediately put the video photos out I and Brother Ellen have been engaged to get married, and soon after will be married, this video out, you are a hooker of the third child never to be cleaned up.”

Jasmine Tong looked at Rameen Tong coldly and smiled.

“You’re really pathetic really you can’t do bad things these days or you won’t sleep well at night.”

“What are you talking nonsense” Rameen Tong was a little guilty in the end, “I’ll say it again, you better quit the entertainment industry or don’t blame me”

After saying that, Rameen Tong turned around and left angrily.

Jasmine Tong stared dumbly at the bedroom door, the effects of her medicine hadn’t completely worn off yet, her strength hadn’t fully recovered, and her injuries made her afraid to move either.

Rameen Tong had given her the drug that caused her to be weak, a move that was even better than an aphrodisiac!

That way, she’s at the mercy of the others.

But she was lucky for herself that she was just getting beaten up.

Suddenly there was a cell phone ringing, her own.

Jasmine Tong looked around for her phone, it was right next to the bed, she braced herself and picked it up, seeing the number on the screen.


“Hello.”She answered the phone.

“Where are you, Jasmine Tong,” came Albert Ou’s anxious voice.

“Where are you?”

“I’m at the hotel, the ballroom’s empty, are you leaving?”

“Can you buy me a dress and bring it to my room.”

The first thing that I’m going to do is to get a new one, and then I’m going to get a new one.

He was vaguely aware that something was wrong.

“What’s wrong with you,”

“Get me a dress, I’m in the presidential suite, I’m not sure which one, exactly.”

Jasmine Tong hung up the phone directly.

At this time, many stores were closed, and Albert Ou made a phone call for ten minutes, and the clerk immediately opened the door and started business.

Albert Ou quickly bought his clothes and went back to the hotel.

Arriving at the presidential suite level, I found a room with an open door.

Rameen Tong had left the door open on purpose, it was her engagement party today, there were quite a few drunk people and everyone was housed in the hotel.

If a drunk sees a half-naked Jasmine Tong with the door open, it’ll be a good show, right?

“Jasmine Tong,” shouted Albert Ou.

“At” Jasmine Tong’s voice came over.

Albert Ou let out a sigh of relief and walked into the room, and when he saw Jasmine Tong, his entire body froze!

Is this still Jasmine Tong?

His face was swollen like this, he was wearing clothes that were about to crumble into rags, and his naked skin was all red with whiplash marks.

Jasmine Tong managed to pull off a smile, “Here we go.”

Chapter 56

Watching Jasmine Tong force a smile, coupled with a face full of injuries.

And the broken belt.

Albert Ou somehow felt uncomfortable.

“What’s going on?”

Jasmine Tong pursed her lips and smiled, “Did you bring my clothes for me?”

Albert Ou immediately handed the paper bag in his hand to Jasmine Tong.

“You go out, I’ll change.”

Albert Ou’s lips moved, but in the end nothing came out, and he turned and walked out of the bedroom, taking the door with him on the way.

He stood in front of the living room window, only to feel a blockage in the pit of his chest.

She’s been beaten.

Who did it?

Who the f*ck touches her?

Albert Ou’s arm swung, and the greenery placed on the windowsill fell to the ground with a bang.

He stood with his fists in his lap, veins bulging.

a good while

Jasmine Tong finally dawdled to get her clothes on, the effects of the drug slowly fading and she was gaining strength.

Seeing the green plants that fell to pieces underneath Albert Ou’s feet, Jasmine Tong’s face didn’t have a single expression, “Let’s go.”

“Who fought” Albert Ou’s blue eyes burst with a fierce light that seemed like it would swallow the whole person up.

“My stepmother, and my half-brother.”Jasmine Tong’s face still had a smile on it.

“Where are they? I’ll help you teach them a lesson. I’ll make sure they get on their knees and beg for it.”

Albert Ou is really pissed off this time.

Jasmine Tong, however, still smiled cloudily, a smile that Albert Ou couldn’t fathom.

This was like the usual Jasmine Tong as two people.

Is this still Jasmine Tong?

“I was counted out today by Rameen Tong and then beaten up by my stepmother and that brother, so if you beat them back, wouldn’t it be too cheap.”


“Asawa, if you consider me a friend, then remember what I said, and one day I’ll get it back in another way.”

Jasmine Tong’s gaze was steadfast, and in that instant, Albert Ou finally knew what was different about Jasmine Tong.


In the past, she always felt weak, but now he saw a full-fledged Jasmine Tong.

He no longer thought of her as a weak woman; on the contrary, her eyes were full of determination, full of stubbornness.

Other ways, yes, she had other ways.

“In what way, tell me and I’ll help you.”Albert Ou inquired.

But Jasmine Tong shook her head, “I’ll do it my own way.”

Albert Ou also seemed to understand at this moment.

The best way to defeat an enemy is to outpace them and trample them underfoot.

I’ll help you.

He whispered in his mind.

“Let’s go.”Jasmine Tong walked towards the door, as she was in severe pain and her steps were not very steady.

Albert Ou immediately stepped forward and steadied her, but Jasmine Tong pushed him away.

If she can’t take this much pain, how will she get it back in her own way?

“Why don’t I take you to the hospital.”

How can you not go to the hospital when you’re in such bad shape?

Jasmine Tong shook her head, “It’s okay, a small injury.”

Albert Ou walked behind Jasmine Tong and sent a message when she wasn’t looking.

“Buy the best trauma medicine immediately and send it to the villa in Rainbow City.”

Delivered to Russel Cheng.

Albert Ou dropped Jasmine Tong off near Rainbow City, and Jasmine Tong got out of the car and turned around and smiled at Albert Ou.

“Asawa, I have very few friends, and I’m afraid I don’t have many who treat me as well as you do, thank you.”

She meant it when she said “thank you”.

The five years she was with Ellen Ron, she was practically tied to him and really didn’t have any friends.

After breaking up with Ellen Ron, she was too busy making money to have time to make friends.

“You’re welcome.”Hearing this, Albert Ou suddenly felt even more uncomfortable.

If she knew she was her husband, would she still say thank you as genuinely as she does now.

Jasmine Tong didn’t say anything further, but left towards her home.

Upon entering the house, Lin Lan Lan carried one plastic bag at a time and threw it directly at Jasmine Tong.

“Sir said you’ll inevitably get hurt filming, so he sent you some medicine.”

Jasmine Tong opened the plastic bag to see are to treat trauma, this husband to send the medicine delivery is too timely.


Afterwards, he carried the plastic bag straight up the stairs.

Lin Lan Lan’s face showed joy.

In the middle of the night, Russel Cheng comes over to deliver the medicine, and Lin Lan Lan is jealous in her heart

Since when has this man been so interested in this woman?

So she opened those medicines one by one before Jasmine Tong came back and added some chili noodles to them, and it just so happened that one of them was a red ointment that wasn’t even noticeable.

By the time Jasmine Tong is drugged, the pain will be excruciating and will make the wounds worse, and she will surely have a grudge against Mr.

If he comes back, she won’t serve him well, and he’ll be angry.

Mister sees he’s married and raising a wolf, so they might go their separate ways.

This little plan of Lin Lan Lan’s is a crackling one!

Just waiting for the effect of her little bit of pepperoni.

Jasmine Tong went upstairs, went into her bedroom, opened the plastic bag, looked at the instructions for those medications, and began to administer them to herself.

Just as soon as the ointment made contact with her wound.

She suddenly felt something was wrong.

It seemed that she had been victimized so many times that she had to grow a pair of eyes.

This Lin Lan Lan’s black can be said to be white, last time in the hospital, it was clearly her husband who saved herself, but she said she saved herself.

This time her husband will buy her medicine and she will behave herself.

No, it’s not that simple.

Jasmine Tong opens a bottle of medicine and carefully compares the characteristics of the drug on the instructions.

“This product is a red paste with an aromatic odor, and it is normal to feel a slight tingling sensation when applying to the affected area.”


Jasmine Tong held it close to her nose and sniffed, smelling of chili noodles

Jasmine Tong, who is a good cook, can naturally smell it.

Luckily she sniffed.

One bottle of medication was problematic to be safe, and she didn’t dare use the rest and just threw it in the trash.

Luckily, she used to encounter some bruising problems when she was running the show, and she had her own medicine ready.

Having disinfected herself and drugged herself, Jasmine Tong was tired, so she went straight to bed.

Albert Ou never left, sitting in the car smoking a cigarette, those eyes growing more seductive and charming in the moonlight.

Several cigarette butts were dropped on the ground next to the car.

As the last cigarette was smoked, he came quietly to the villa.

Lin Lan Lan had already gone to bed, he went straight upstairs and gently pushed open Jasmine Tong’s bedroom door.

Jasmine Tong was sleeping heavily.

She’s always been a heavy sleeper.

On the bedside table was the medicine Jasmine Tong used, Albert Ou looked at it and lifted Tong’s blanket.

Because Raymond had been hitting her back, her back hurt the most.

But she can’t even reach the back.

She had to take the sleeping position of lying down, with no clothes on.

Albert Ou picked up the medicine on the bedside table and began to administer it to Jasmine Tong.

Chapter 57

When the cool ointment came in contact with her wound, the sleeping Jasmine Tong still couldn’t help but suck in a breath of cold air, her eyebrows furrowed tightly.

Albert Ou looked at her, and the movement of his hand lightened considerably.

In the darkness, he could see the wounds on her back, and in the old days, the smooth, white skin had been replaced by an alternating line of lash marks.

He tried to restrain the anger in his chest before reluctantly helping Jasmine Tong with the medicine.

Diamond Hill

This is a well-known gathering place for the rich and powerful in Slivestopol, where there is no shortage of stars, rich and famous people living here.

The best villa in the Diamond Hill neighbourhood, Villa 8, is owned by the Ron family.

Although it was already midnight, the superior’s house was still brilliantly lit, and the living room was even more tense.

This villa on Diamond Hill was the Ron family’s old residence, they were the first to move in here, but it was far away from where Ellen Ron worked, which was the Eason International Entertainment Agency, so Ellen Ron had his own extra villa, and now it was Ellen Ron and Rameen Tong who lived there together.

Ron Rui sat in the center of the sofa, Lin Qingfeng sat on his left side, Rameen Tong sat on a separate single sofa, while Ellen Ron sat opposite Rameen Tong on a separate single sofa.

Ron Yu, on the other hand, sat on the side, watching the show as if it were a good one.

Rameen Tong’s eyes were red and puffy, obviously having cried for a long time.

After hearing what Lin Qingfeng had said tonight, Ron Rui became furious, and although he hadn’t seen it with his own eyes, he probably knew what was going on.

“Ellen, tell me exactly what’s going on today” Ron Rui scolded angrily.

As soon as Ellen Ron was about to open his mouth, Rameen Tong snatched it first.

“Uncle, if you want to scold, then scold me, it’s all my fault, I shouldn’t have taken my sister’s word for it, I didn’t want her to come today, she said she would never cause any trouble, she just wanted to let this go, where did I think my sister’s intention was”

Rameen Tong is really hard to say, hung her head, and squeezed out two more tears.

“I say how can you still blame Ellen it’s all because of that dead girl who messed up she just wants our Ron family to be ruined”

Lin Qingfeng naturally favored his own son.

“Flies don’t bite seamless eggs” Ron Rui glared angrily.

Ron Yu “puffed out” and laughed, “Dad, that’s not an appropriate analogy, you’re saying my brother is an egg haha”

“Belinda” Lin Qingfeng slanted a glance at Ron Belinda.

Rameen Tong raised her head and continued, “Uncle, it’s really not about Ellen, it’s my sister, my sister seduced Ellen, she said she would get back at me”

“Yes, you can see the dream, why can’t you understand it” Lin Qingfeng patted Ron Rui’s leg, “Okay, Master, don’t be angry, this is not the fault of our Ellen, it’s all that dead girl’s fault.”

The expression on Ron Rui’s face softened a little, if it was just Lin Qingfeng’s side of the story, he probably wouldn’t have let it go like that.

But with Rameen Tong’s words, he would have to reconsider.

“Ellen, you’re not so young, today is the engagement ceremony with Meng Meng, this is considered to be half a foot in the marriage, in the future you have to be more stable in your work, especially some naughty women, all of them cut off the relationship cleanly”

Ron Rui still knew something about his son.

“Got it, Dad.”

“Okay, it’s getting late, so don’t leave tonight, you guys rest over here.”Ron Rui got up and went straight upstairs.

Lin Qingfeng immediately got up and walked next to Rameen Tong, “Meng Meng, you should go upstairs and rest first, it’s been hard for you today.”

Rameen Tong shook her head, “I don’t feel aggrieved, auntie.”

Lin Qingfeng looked at Ron Yu, “Little Yu, take your sister-in-law to the guest room to rest.”

The first thing that you need to do is to make sure that you have a good understanding of what is going on.

Rameen Tong immediately hung her head shyly.

Lin Qingfeng slapped his head, “Look at my brain, both of them are engaged, also, then take your sister-in-law to your brother’s room.”

“Got it” Ron Yu immediately pulled up Rameen Tong’s hand to go upstairs.

Lin Qingfeng took a glance at Ellen Ron, “Ellen, wait for me here.”

After saying that, Lin Qingfeng also went upstairs and came back down after a while, holding an antique wooden box in her hand and placed it in Ellen Ron’s hand.

“In the end, today’s incident is an aggravation for Montmorency, so later on you give this to her and tell her it’s a gift for the engagement ceremony.”

“Mom, it’s not,”

Ellen Ron recognized the box, inside was a jade bracelet, it was an ancestral treasure of the Ron family, kept by each daughter-in-law.

It has been passed down for more than a dozen generations, and this jade bracelet is not simply precious jade or an antique, it is completely unavailable on the market and worth a fortune.

“There’s nothing wrong with it, Meng Meng’s performance today surprised me, she, ah, is devoted to our family, today do things also very considerate of the overall situation, much stronger than that Jasmine Tong this daughter-in-law, Mom recognized.”


Ellen Ron was in a trance.

“You go back to bed.”Lin Qingfeng touched Ellen Ron’s head, his eyes full of love for his son.

Ellen Ron held a wooden box in his hand, feeling heavy, but he still went upstairs as Lin Qingfeng wanted.

Rameen Tong had removed her makeup, but her red, puffy eyes still couldn’t resist the signs of crying.

“Brother Ellen, get some rest early.”

Ellen Ron sat on the bed and handed the wooden box to Rameen Tong, “This is my mother’s gift to you for the engagement ceremony.”

Rameen opened the wooden box and was dumbfounded when she saw that jade bracelet.

“Brother Ellen, isn’t this too expensive.”

“Just let you take it.”

A cloud of suspicion flashed across Ellen Ron’s face, “Meng Meng, did you do what happened today”

Rameen Tong looked at Ellen Ron in panic, “Brother Ellen, why do you think so is it that sister called and said something to you”

“No, I guessed.”

“Brother Ellen my feelings for you heaven and earth can table I care about you so much, even if I were to design something to frame my sister, I couldn’t send her to your bed ah I finally understand, so my sister’s purpose in designing this good show is here she wants to divide you and me”

Said Rameen Tong, once again, tears came to her eyes.

“Okay, okay, stop crying, I’m just saying that.”

Eventually, Ellen Ron knitted his brows.

On second thought, Ellen Ron felt that Rameen Tong had a point, how could she send her rival to her man’s bed?

Is it really Jasmine Tong?

It’s also possible that Jasmine Tong didn’t intend to sleep with herself, and that she designed all of this just to see her own joke.

(onom.) gentle laughter

This woman.

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