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Chapter 25

The Jing family, including Chen Yongda, who was trying to escape, was eventually brought under control.

The party naturally broke up, though the guests were all confused and bewildered by the sudden farce.

But with Biden Lu present, no one dared to ask anything more.

It’s just inevitable that there’s all kinds of speculation in private.

Who is Lu Jing-Shen?

That was the man who was the head of the Lu’s zaibatsu, the man who held the lifeblood of the entire Chinese business community.

It’s no exaggeration to say that such a man would not be able to marry a princess, even if he wanted to.

Besides, the Lu family, along with the Gu, Guan and Feng families, were known as the four great families, which could be the founding fathers of Huaxia, and such family marriages had rarely been decided by themselves, and were mostly unions.

How could the Lu family allow their most brilliant successor to marry a commoner’s daughter?

The crowd was all over the place.

Having been immersed in the shopping mall for a long time, after the initial shock, the heart has already made its own judgment.

These days, men were inevitably getting involved, even if they were of a status such as Biden Lu.

There had been so little gossip about him that there were rumors out there that he didn’t like women.

But in reality, it’s just a matter of not meeting the right one.

Now it’s hard to meet her, so naturally, she’s holding it in her hand for fear of falling, holding it in her mouth for fear of melting, and treating her like a thousand things.

But it’s one thing to be nice to her, it’s another thing to marry her.

After all, we had never heard that Biden Lu had married and the Lu family had changed hostesses.

But this Jenny was also considered a lucky one, even if there was no possibility of entering the Lu family, being able to follow Biden Lu for a while was a blessing that other people would not be able to envy in several lifetimes.

Everyone had their own speculations in their minds, but on the other hand, Biden Lu had no intention of paying attention to these people’s thoughts.

Jenny had been drugged, which he had noticed when he had just caught her.

It was because of this that he did not immediately pursue the Jing family as well as Chen Yongda for their sins.

After all, it’s important to save lives first.

Inside the lavishly decorated presidential suite, Biden Lu placed the person on the bed and turned around to go wring a towel for her.

The corner of the shirt, however, was suddenly grabbed by a plain white hand.

Jenny looked at him with a weak face, her delicate face covered in a rare thin layer of scarlet, her red lips slightly parted.

“I want some water.”

She still couldn’t make a sound, but that mouth shape Biden Lu understood.

“Wait a minute.”

And back again, with an extra cup of warm water on hand, in addition to a hot towel.

He went to the bed and sat down, helped Jenny up, fed her half a glass of water, and took a hot towel to wipe her face and hands.

Jenny was itching from the heat on that towel, as if there were a million little bugs crawling around inside his body, it was unbearable.

She struggled for a bit, and when Biden Lu withdrew his hand, he saw her pair of eyebrows gently knit together, her watery eyes staring at him, and then immediately closed them as if she was struggling with something in pain.

The dress was already disheveled from the struggle, and the black bralette style dress was slightly spread out to reveal some scenery.

A hint of flush crept up her neck from her chest, spread to her ears, and finally covered her entire face, adding a touch of sensual flamboyance to the pale delicacy.

The fine soft hair was wet with sweat because of the pain, sticking to the corners of the forehead and neck, and the whole person exuded an indescribable decadent beauty.

Biden Lu looked at her, breathing slightly

Heavy, dark pupils deepened a little.

He reached out, gently wiping the sweat off her forehead, and said in a deep voice, “Jenny, we are husband and wife, and you have the right to ask me for anything.”

Yet it was as if the woman on the bed couldn’t pick up his signal.

She huddled together in pain, holding her arms in her hands and even burying her face in them, as if trying to use this to control herself so she wouldn’t do something impulsive.

Eventually, Biden Lu reached out and probed her exposed forehead.

The skin is hot.

His pupils darkened and he said quietly, “Are you sure you don’t need my help?”

Jenny shook her head, then suddenly raised her face again, opened her mouth, and said silently, “I want to see the doctor.”

Biden Lu looked at the shape of her mouth and didn’t say anything.

Jenny didn’t know if he understood or not, but she really didn’t have the strength to do more, so she buried her face in it again, the whole thing curled up into a shrimp in a defensive stance, and if she looked carefully, she could still see the slim body that seemed to be shaking slightly.

She was trying her best to be patient.

Biden Lu didn’t even know whether to cry or laugh.

He sat on the edge of the bed and watched her for a long moment, smirking.

That laughter wasn’t sure if it was self-deprecation or disappointment, then he suddenly got up, swished up a thin blanket to cover Jenny, and strode out.

The doctor was soon to arrive.

Almost as soon as Biden Lu went out, a female doctor in plainclothes walked in accompanied by Vicky.

At this point in time, Vicky naturally couldn’t go to the hospital to find someone, but fortunately Lu Yuan had always had his own family doctor, so he called there at the first opportunity and came over quickly, but in about ten minutes.

Jenny curled up in the thin, soft silk quilt, feeling her hand being pulled in and reflexively shrinking inward.

The female doctor saw the situation and said softly, “Miss Jing, don’t be afraid, I’m a doctor, I’m here to treat you.”

It was only after hearing her words that Jenny relaxed her guard and allowed her to pull her hand over.

Then the blanket was lifted, and she was already drugged and hot, and covered by the blanket, so naturally she was so hot and sweaty that she was almost drenched.

The female doctor frowned and said unhappily, “How can you still tuck her in in this situation?It can produce pseudo heat stroke.”

The corner of Biden Lu’s eyes, standing at the side, had no expression on his face.

The female doctor, noticing his appearance, carefully finished examining Jenny before taking a tube of medicine and injecting it into her.

Jenny was good and cooperative the entire time, not resisting at all.

Vicky, however, felt a hint of unhappiness.

He took a curious look at Biden Lu, searching in his heart for why he had only left for ten minutes, why was his own boss lord suddenly unhappy?

Ah!He must be mad at the King family and that sc*m Chan Wing-tat!

After all, if they dared to do that to Jenny tonight, no other man would be able to let them off the hook!

Vicky deeply felt that he was too sensitive, guessing in his heart how his boss would handle this matter, and secretly thought of several good ways to take it out on behalf of his future young lady.

On the other side, the doctor had finished administering Jenny’s injection.

She turned to Biden Lu and said, “The antidote has been injected in, but it will take a little time to get better, you stay with her during this time, if it’s really uncomfortable let her bubble in cold water and she’ll be fine after a while.”

Biden Lu still had that expressionless, cold look, but his mouth asked, “Why can’t she speak yet?”

Chapter 26

“That medicine has some yellow snake grass mixed in with it to temporarily numb the vocal cords, but it usually doesn’t last long, and she should be able to talk in a little while.”

Biden Lu nodded his head, which allowed Vicky to escort her out.

After the group had left, he walked over to the bed and looked at the woman lying on it.

At the moment, Jenny was much quieter, lying nicely under the covers, not moving, as if she was asleep.

Only the still scarlet face unintentionally revealed her pain and reticence.

Biden Lu watched for a moment, didn’t say anything, and turned around.

A few seconds later, there was the sound of water clattering in the bathroom.

When Jenny opened his eyes in a daze, he felt a large, tall shadow enveloping him.

“Go soak up some cold water, eh?”

She looked at him and nodded.

Biden Lu picked her up across the room and walked to the bathroom.

The spacious bathtub was already well stocked with water, and Biden Lu put her in, the cold water stimulated her to shiver and she couldn’t help but hold her arms tight.

“Can you sit still yourself?”

Jenny nodded and tried to say yes, but before the man let go, she went limp and planted her whole body in the water.

A frustrated sigh sounded overhead.

The next second, the body was fished out and she coughed twice in pain and spat out a mouthful of water.

Just as she was about to open her eyes, a towel came up over her, not too gently wiping the water off her face, followed by a “clatter”.

Biden Lu also stepped in and sat down.

He sat right behind her, letting her lean against him and wrapping his arms around her.

Jenny’s spine instantly stiffened, only to feel as if his back was leaning against a volcanic rock, scalding hot.

Strong testosterone filled her nose, and another newly pushed down heat in her body was stirring again.

She struggled up to refuse, but there was an unpleasant snarl from behind her, “Don’t move!”

Biden Lu had a dark face, having been rejected by her before, the mood was already very unhappy, and now if it wasn’t for the fear of her slipping into the water and drowning herself, she wouldn’t have followed and sat in.

You know, Jenny is not the only one who suffers from such a posture.

Jenny seemed to have thought of this layer as well, and his face turned pale, making sure he wouldn’t make any other moves before sitting still.

The surrounding area was quiet and silent, the two men were quietly soaking in the water, and because of each other’s body heat, the water that was cold didn’t seem so cold anymore.

She was so weak that if it wasn’t for Biden Lu holding her back, she could barely sit down.

And then the thought of the murderer who had drugged her was ridiculous.

I thought that no matter how reprehensible the Jing family was, they were just more eccentric and wanted her to voluntarily give up so that they could fulfill the good deeds of Rovell and Clara.

She had no intention of getting involved with Rovell again, so it didn’t matter if she made it so.

But I didn’t realize that they were even more ruthless than they thought.

In order to get those two together in a logical manner and not be criticized for gossip, they actually falsely accused her of having an affair with Chen Yongda!

Not only that, but they drugged her and tried to send her to that sc*m’s bed!

That’s her father, her grandmother!

If she hadn’t grown up in the Jing family, if she hadn’t spent the first eighteen years of her life getting along with this family, she really would have had to wonder if she was the Jing family’s biological child or not!

Raging anger mingled with uncountable sorrows, surging through the chest.

She closed her eyes and took a deep breath.

I don’t know how long it took, but the body

Finally, it’s not so hot and my sanity seems to be clearing up.

She opened her eyes and felt as if her throat was no longer as tight as before, so she tried to speak, “Biden Lu, I can do it.”

It was as small as a fly, but it finally made a sound.

She was not relieved.

Biden Lu didn’t say anything, got up, and then picked her up from the bathtub.

She was covered in water, and her wet dress clung to her body, curving into wonderfully s*xy curves.

Jenny blushed and pushed away his hand that was trying to wipe his own water, snatching the towel away and saying urgently, “I’ll just do it myself.”

Biden Lu looked at her and didn’t say anything, seeing that she had her head down and looked shy and embarrassed, she suddenly laughed.

“Fine, now that you’ve slowed down, shouldn’t you also repay me for saving your life?Like help me wipe too or something.”

Jenny was startled and looked up at him appalled.

Biden Lu stayed in the water with her, and naturally all of his body was soaked.

The white shirt clung to the man’s chest, and it was easy to see the power pecs in it, beautiful and s*xy, but not at all exaggerated, with perfect lines.

Her face burned red, almost to the base of her neck, and she fidgeted with her hands.

“This, this, I, I…”

The man’s pressure was so strong that she tensed until her tongue tied.

A girl who is normally quite eloquent and articulate, she was unable to say a word at this time.

Biden Lu smiled and suddenly held her hand.

Jenny stepped back in shock, his entire body pressed against the wall.

In the next second, it felt a strong sense of oppression approaching, the man’s handsome and perfect face zoomed to her eyes, the corners of his mouth clearly hooked with a sycophantic smile, but there was no hint of a smile under his eyes.

He braced one hand against the wall, releasing her with the other and instead cupping her chin, lifting it gently.

“I remember I told you before that you were given three days to think about it, and now that three days are up, isn’t it time for you to make good on your promise?”

Jenny was stunned.

She looked into his eyes, those dark eyes deep and calm, like a thousand-year-old piece of ice that never melted, a great contrast to his gentle and elegant appearance.

She was panicking at the sight of him, like something slamming into her, so intense it was about to jump out of her throat.

Actually, come to think of it, the man’s offer didn’t do her any harm.

I don’t know why he married her, but it’s true that she needed a husband and a marriage.

The reason she attended Clara’s birthday banquet this time was because Kelly Wang was blackmailing her with her mother’s relics.

If those things remained in Kelly Wang’s hands, then she would never be able to escape her control.

And now, if she gets married, the object is still Biden Lu, whom the Jing family cannot afford to provoke, everything will change.

Moreover, although Biden Lu was an unpredictable person, at least from what she had observed so far, he had no ill will towards her.

She’d been hurt once already and didn’t feel like she could ever love another man as fearlessly again in her life.

So what difference does it make who you marry?

Her nervousness eased a little at the thought.

Looking at Biden Lu’s gaze again, there was an extra touch of complexity.

“Biden Lu, are you sure you want to marry me?”

The man raised an eyebrow, “You don’t think I’ve shown enough sincerity?”

Jenny pursed her lips and nodded her head heavily after a final struggle in her heart.

“Okay, I promise.”

Chapter 27

She agreed quickly, but Biden Lu was a little surprised, then he lifted the corner of his lips.

“But I have conditions.”


“First, no public disclosure of our relationship until I give my consent, and second, no touching me without my permission!”

The smile under Biden Lu’s eyes cooled a bit, “Is there a third?”

Jenny thought for a moment, but couldn’t think of anything else and shook her head, “No more.”

After a pause, I added, “I’ll think of it later.”

Biden Lu said in a deep voice, “So you want me to be a monk?”

Jenny was startled.

“Mrs. Land, I’m a normal man too, so if you never allow it, won’t I be elemental for the rest of my life?”

He said, his body pushing closer to her again, and Jenny could only try to shrink in.

“I, I didn’t mean that…”

The reason for this offer was simply her subconscious feeling that their marriage would not last.

So much so that she hadn’t even considered what would happen afterwards.

Biden Lu scoffed, as if he had seen through her thoughts.

“Jenny Jing, remember, I, Biden Lu, won’t divorce again once I’m married, so since you’ve made a promise, there’s no chance to back out or go back on your word, be your Mrs. Lu, I’ll give you everything you want, understand?”

Jenny looked at him and didn’t say anything.

The hand on her chin suddenly tightened, and she cried out in pain, only to grudgingly agree, “Understood.”

Only then did Biden Lu let go of his hand in satisfaction.

Upon releasing her hand, she realized that two small red marks had been pinched on her delicate white skin.

The dark eyes were not a little deeper.

In the end, it was hindsight that I had been too aggressive earlier and I was worried that I would scare her.

So he added, “Okay, I won’t touch you for a short time, but I also want you to get used to who you are as soon as possible, so don’t make me wait too long, eh?”

Reacting to what he meant, Jenny’s face flushed red and nodded.

Biden Lu turned and walked out, and soon after, brought in a clean new set of women’s clothes.

Handing the clothes to Jenny, “Get changed and come out!”

Jenny gave an “oh”.

With the bathroom door closed, Jenny took off the wet dress she was wearing and put on the new clothes that Biden Lu had brought.

The clothes must have been what Summers had just gone to prepare while they were in the bathroom.

Plain colours, simple and generous casual clothes, worn on her body, will take a few points off that coolness, and with it comes a strong pure and innocent student temperament.

Jenny looked at herself in the mirror and froze.

She’s not really that old now, but twenty-four, and on a normal person, she’s only two years out of college.

But perhaps it’s because she’s experienced too much in the past five years, her heart has already been through the vicissitudes of life, plus she always stays with a group of thirty to forty year olds in the workplace, resulting in her learning to be a bit older and more serious.

Without even realizing it, I forgot that she was actually very young.

It is the most beautiful age for a girl.

This age is youthful, unrestrained, with enough capital to be flamboyant, and enough beauty to be proud of.

She recalled what Biden Lu had just said and dropped her eyes slightly.

For a long time, he suddenly smiled.

When I changed and went out, I found no one in the bedroom.

There were voices of people talking in the living room, and she walked out and saw that besides Biden Lu and Vicky, the Jing family and Rovell were also there.

Kelly Wang sat on a single sofa, with Kevin Jing and Yu Xiu Lian standing behind her.

And Rovell was holding Clara on the other side.

See her out.

Coming, Clara looked at her with a worried face and said softly, “Sister, I rushed back from the hospital as soon as I heard about your accident, are you okay?”

Jenny swept a cold glance at her, didn’t say anything, and walked over to sit beside Biden Lu.

No one in the room paid any attention to her at all, Clara looked slightly stiff and the atmosphere was a bit awkward.

And where did the rest of the Jing family care about her feelings at this point?

Already the moment Biden Lu had announced that Jenny Jing was his wife, he had shocked everyone into silence!

After the befuddlement, there was a huge amount of trepidation and guilt.

What they did tonight was undoubtedly outrageous, even to themselves!

Therefore, no matter what verdict Biden Lu handed down to them, they had nothing to say!

But the reasoning notwithstanding, one still couldn’t help but grumble in one’s heart against Jenny.

Why didn’t you tell me earlier if you’ve already gotten to Lu?

It was still at their mercy, but now it was fine to make everyone lose face in front of everyone and offend Lu Shao.

She did it on purpose!

It’s vicious!

Kelly Wang’s face was full of anger, and Jenny Jing seemed to have sensed it, turning to glance at her, then smiled coolly.

You’re not convinced?

Hold it!

Vicky had ordered someone to bring Chen Yongda up as well, but compared to the still decent Jing family, Chen Yongda was not so well treated.

I saw him being dragged into the living room, tied up, with marks on his face from the beatings and abuse, and a bruise around his eye.

Evidently, it’s been badly fixed!

At this point, where else would Chen Yongda not understand the current situation?

As soon as he saw Biden Lu, he immediately poofed down on his knees.

“Lu!It’s all a misunderstanding!”

Biden Lu sat in the wide leather sofa, his long, straight legs overlapping, a cruel sneer on his face.

“A misunderstanding?That’s not what you said in the hall an hour ago.”

Chen Yongda was almost on the verge of tears.

God knows what kind of torture he had just gone through in the last hour.

These people are sick!He doesn’t take human life for granted, he’s a bit of a dude, a bit of a womanizer, but he doesn’t want to die!

“Go ahead!What’s going on?Honestly you might still save a life, and if you dare to tell half a lie…”

He paused, his eyes tinged with a cold, murderous look, “You know what’s going to happen!”

Chen Yongda turned pale and nodded in fright, “Okay, I’ll say it, I’ll say it all!Mr Lu, I swear, I really have nothing to do with this, it’s all because of this old woman, she ordered me to do it!

She said that if I was willing to accompany them in an act to frame Jenny Jing for having a relationship with me, I wouldn’t have to repay the over one million gambling debts I owed Kevin Jing!

I agreed to them because of the money!I’m sorry Mr. Lu, I was wrong, I was blind and didn’t know that Jenny was your wife, please forgive me, my lord.”

As he cried, he jumped over and tried to hug Biden Lu’s leg.

Vicky saw it next to him and went straight forward, kicking him.

Although Vicky was Biden Lu’s secretary, but usually also practiced, this kick was extremely powerful, Chen Yong Da was directly kicked a few meters away and fell heavily to the ground.

Almost everyone in the room was stunned.

Jenny was also slightly shaken.

Only Biden Lu was without any fluctuation on his face.

Kelly Wang reacted after the shock.

She snapped, “Chen Yongda!What are you talking about?Jenny is my granddaughter. How could I harm her?We all know what kind of goods you are, and if you hadn’t already been in a relationship, I would have agreed to you being together?”

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