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Chapter 85

“Is it any wonder she’s in the running? She’s a student acting so well, it would be shady if she didn’t.”

Listening to Mo Yiang’s tone, that was very appreciative of Jasmine Tong.

“So yeah, how could you pass up such a great opportunity to be shoulder-to-shoulder with Mandy?”

Feng Qian spread his two hands.

Mo Yiang looked at Feng Qian, not understanding what he meant.

“I was asking around for Mandy all together, several experts on this selection committee are very happy with Mandy’s performance, and it’s very likely that she’ll be the one to win this time, nine times out of ten.”

Mo Yiang’s eyes were bright, he wasn’t surprised at all that Jasmine Tong was a finalist, but if a female third got the newcomer award, it was really rare.

“I’ve also heard that the Huma Red World side isn’t going to walk the red carpet collectively with the crew, so you can still walk the red carpet with Manny then, in case Manny does win, and you win too.”

Feng Qian immediately slapped his hands, “Don’t you think it’s awesome.”

Mo Yiang thought it over carefully, this is quite tempting to him!

When Feng Qian saw that Mo Yiang seemed to be wavering, he immediately continued: “You must not miss such an opportunity, then you two will have a trophy each, how cool.”

“Okay, I’ll go” Moichion slapped his thigh.

Feng Qian was immediately relieved.

From the time he was still abroad, Feng Qian knew that Mo Yiang was interested in Jasmine Tong, and it would be easy to move her out.

as expected

Because Jasmine Tong over here is still filming Fallen City, the crew over here, in order not to delay, only the two days of the award ceremony will give the actors a holiday.

So, when the time came, Jasmine Tong was rushing directly from Yancheng to the award ceremony.

Xu Xingru immediately sent the dress.

In the evening, after closing time, this was when Jasmine Tong tried on her dress.

It was similar to the dress Xu Xingru had ordered for Jasmine Tong in the past, and it was also a pale pink dress.

It’s just that this time the dress is obviously expensive, the pattern on it is crocheted with gold thread, flower clusters, not very obvious if you don’t look closely, from a distance, the gold thread is slowly shining.

This fits very well with the setting of Tong’s newly minted flower.

The size fit, so Jasmine Tong took it off, only to wear it again tomorrow.


Someone knocked on the door.

Jasmine Tong put the dress on the sofa and went straight to the door.

Opened the door and saw Rameen Tong.

After the last time she left the Huma Red World crew, Jasmine Tong really had no interaction with Rameen Tong.

Although she knew Rameen Tong was filming with her in Yancheng, she never saw her.

“Sister, long time no see.”

“In the middle of the night, what can I do for you” Jasmine Tong did not intend to let her into the house.

Rameen Tong reached out and pushed Jasmine and squeezed right into the room.

“You won’t even let me in the door, is that how you treat your guests?”

Jasmine Tong sneered, “The master didn’t invite you, but you squeezed in, that’s how you serve your guests.”

For Rameen Tong’s rude and unreasonable behavior, it seems that Jasmine Tong has been used to it for a long time.

“Go ahead, what do you want?”

Rameen Tong turned around and smiled slightly.

“I hear you’re competing with me for Best Supporting Actress at the Golden Butterfly Awards.”

Rameen Tong’s voice seemed to come out of his nostrils, the cadence filled with disdain.

“I’m sorry, but the selection committee was the one who preferred me.”

Rameen Tong glared at Jasmine Tong.

“With you even daring to compete with me, I tell you, Jasmine Tong, you’d better die while you still can… Ellen is mine, the Ron family is good, the future queen of the movie is mine, even tomorrow’s newcomer award is mine”

She said it like she was gnashing her teeth and wanted to swallow Jasmine Tong.

Jasmine Tong suddenly laughed.

This smile made Rameen Tong somewhat confused, shouldn’t she be annoyed?

Why are you laughing?

“What are you laughing at?”

“Laughing at your low self-esteem.”

“I have an inferiority joke” Rameen Tong couldn’t help but snort.

“If you didn’t have an inferiority complex, why would you come here to me to show off your prowess if you had absolute confidence that you could handle what you just said, what Ellen Ron, what Ron family, what movie queen and newcomer awards.”


“In the end, it’s still your deep-seated lack of confidence, if you’re really sure of getting it all, then you can rest easy and wait for me to get out of the game, and wouldn’t it be even better to come see my jokes at that time.”

Jasmine Tong’s words caused Rameen Tong’s face to turn white and red.

It just so happens that she’s right.

The reason Rameen Tong came on this trip was to find out about Jasmine Tong’s status.

Even though Yixin International is pushing for her to win the Best Supporting Actress award, there is no guarantee that Jasmine Tong’s side will make any small moves.

“Alright, it’s getting late, it’s better to refresh yourself for tomorrow’s awards ceremony, I’m still waiting for you to blind my titanium dog eyes” Jasmine Tong walked to the door and opened the door.

She made a “please” gesture, “no escort.”

Rameen Tong aimed a glance at the couch, on which lay a dress with no cover on it, pale pink.

She picked it up in passing.

“This is the dress my sister will be wearing tomorrow, right uhh? That’s the only color that a small family entertainer like my sister would choose.”

Suddenly Rameen Tong’s hand loosened and the dress fell directly to the floor.

“Oops, so sorry about the accidental slippage.”

Rameen Tong accidentally picked up the potion on the table again, and another accidental potion fell on the floor, not missing just right on the dress.

spattered with medicine


Jasmine Tong was just at the door, and by the time she realized Rameen Tong’s intentions it was too late to stop her.

“Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry, sister, I really didn’t mean it, sister is so adult, surely she won’t be bothered with me haha”

Rameen Tong covered her mouth and laughed.

Jasmine Tong really wanted to go up and tear her that face off, but she knew that it was useless.

Rameen Tong twisted her waist and walked up to Jasmine Tong.

“If my sister needs a dress, she can come to me for it, I’m the future young lady of Artsin International, and I can get a dress in minutes.”

“I thank you,” shouted Jasmine Tong in no good humor.

“You’re welcome.”

Just as Rameen Tong was about to go out, Jasmine Tong stretched out her foot and tripped, completely unexpected by Rameen Tong who was completely immersed in the joy of ruining Jasmine Tong’s dress.

The body fell straight forward.


A mouthful of sh!t went straight down on the floor.

“Jasmine Tong, you,”

“Yo, why is my sister so careless, if she falls and hurts, Young Master Ron will be distressed.”

Immediately afterwards, Jasmine Tong closed the door with a bang.

Rameen Tong lay on the ground for a long time before getting up.

She kicked the door hard.

“Jasmine Tong, you wait for me.”

Tong went to her dress, though out of breath, her dress was ruined.

Chapter 86

She had a few action scenes to shoot in the last few days and was a little bruised, so she bought the potion.

Xia Feixue’s father was a generational martial arts general, and Xia Feixue has inherited her father’s mantle of being a powerful martial artist who can go into battle and kill enemies, so there’s quite a bit of action for Jasmine Tong.

The last few days have focused on filming these action scenes, and she has a lot of bruises on her body.

The potion was blood-activating and stasis-reducing, and the color was a typical dark brown, and all of this was sprinkled on the pink dress, one piece at a time.

Jasmine Tong directly called out to Mo Yiang and Feng Qian from next door.

When he saw the dress, Mo Yiang also had a real headache.

“Damn this Rameen Tong how this is so not something” Mo Yiang darkly clenched his fist.

“Come on, let’s not talk about whether she’s a thing or not, what about me with this dress for tomorrow”

The most important thing now is the dress.

“I’m a guy, and I don’t have a tux I can lend you.”

Mo Yiang suddenly snapped his fingers, “Or else I’ll ask my friend to borrow a set for you.”

Feng Qian immediately said, “You pull it down, Yi Aang, you’re not helping Little Man, you’re hurting her”

Jasmine Tong and Mo Yiang looked at Feng Qian together.

“You guys think ah, borrowed dresses, if they are worn, those sharp-eyed media will see at a glance to say that Manny is wearing someone else’s dress on the red carpet, this is disrespectful to the Golden Butterfly Awards, besides, people are not happy to be borrowed ah, this is not borrowing someone’s light?”

“Then I’ll just borrow a set that hasn’t been worn.”

“My little master ah, most of the star’s dresses are all custom-made, easily dozens of millions, people make dresses must be for some occasion to wear, you borrowed, how do people wear no appropriate occasion to wear a dress, who will have a dress”

“And even if someone did want to lend it to you, what about the size issue, what do you think the press would write about if Mandy went to the red carpet in an ill-sized dress.”

Jasmine Tong and Mo Yiang thought about it, and it made sense.

Wearing someone else’s clothes will affect Jasmine Tong’s reputation.

Wearing what people don’t wear, they probably won’t like it either.

But what do we do now?

“What should we do” Mo Yiang also made a mistake, “It’s definitely too late if we do it now.”

Jasmine Tong sighed silently.

“It’s getting late, you guys should go home, there’s a half day of filming tomorrow, and I’ll think about the dress tonight.”

Mo Yiang looked at Jasmine Tong worriedly.

“Mandy, don’t be too anxious, I’ll go back and call the designer I knew before and ask if they have any suitable gowns on hand that I can borrow, or if I can just buy them.”

“Okay, that’s fine.”

“Why are we brothers being polite?”

After sending Mo Yiang and Feng Qian away, Jasmine Tong looked at her ruined dress and was also anxious.

Xu Xingru must have spent a lot of money to order this dress.

She can’t walk down the aisle without a dress to wear to an award show.

Suddenly, a man, Asawa, flashed in her mind.

Last time, the dress that Asawa gave her to attend Rameen Tong’s engagement ceremony was a high quality imitation, but not even the ladies and gentlemen who hang around the big brands every day could tell that it was a high quality imitation.

Jasmine Tong immediately called Asawa.

“Hey, Asawa, are you asleep?”

“No. Why?”

Albert Ou originally didn’t need much sleep and was playing games at home at the moment, so it was a bit surprising to receive a call from Jasmine Tong.

“I have a favor to ask of you.”


“That high-fashion dress you gave me last time, can you find me a different style? I have an emergency.”

The one he gave her is not a fake, okay?

That’s the real deal.

“What are you looking for a tuxedo for?”

“It’s a long story, I’m going to the Golden Butterfly Awards tomorrow, but my dress was ruined and I just can’t find a suitable dress to wear right now, so I thought you could get it, so I called and asked.”


Albert Ou agreed without hesitation, he had originally prepared the dress for her to change into before the awards ceremony.


The fact that Ze agreed so readily made Jasmine Tong very surprised.

“When have I ever lied to you?”

“Alright then, by the way, I have to attend the awards ceremony tomorrow, Little Lei hasn’t come back yet from his trip, I have a ticket on hand, I’ll give it to you.”

Albert Ou really feels ridiculous. Does he need a ticket to the awards show?

Of course not.


“Tomorrow we’ll all be resting temporarily at a hotel near the awards ceremony, my room is 305, you’ll meet me in the room, give me the tux and I’ll give you the tickets.”


“I thank you in advance for that.”

“I don’t ever accept a verbal thank you.”

“Well, I’ll cook you dinner later.”

“Owe it first.”

When he’s out in the open, she’ll be his titular wife. Isn’t it right and proper to cook for him?

Can he take the loss?

“Okay then, hang on, good night.”

“Good night.”

After hanging up the phone, Jasmine Tong’s heart finally settled down a bit.

However, she also had many feelings that even though Azawa was just a duck, the man seemed to be very loyal, and it was nice to have a friend like that.

Jasmine Tong immediately sent another WeChat to Mo Yiang, not daring to call for fear that he was already asleep.

“The dress is done.”

How can Mo Yiang sleep?

He was frantically calling the designers he knew to see if they had any suitable dresses to borrow, but he ended up borrowing nothing.

At this time, I received a tweet from Jasmine Tong.

“How did it get done?”

“It’s that friend of mine from last time, Asawa, he’ll deliver the dress to the hotel tomorrow, so don’t worry and go to bed early.”

Mo Yiang looked at the phone screen, somewhat stunned out of his mind.

His brother-in-law is really something.

If it was someone else, he was afraid he would need to ask Jasmine Tong again if he was reliable, but if it was his youngest uncle, he wouldn’t need to ask.

It’s a sure thing.

The next morning, Jasmine Tong and Mo Yiang filmed half a day on the set as usual, took a short break for lunch, and then headed straight to the Golden Butterfly Awards.

As is customary, all celebrities who arrive early are required to stay at a hotel arranged by the Golden Butterfly Awards Committee and wait for time to walk the red carpet.

Jasmine Tong was placed in 305, Mo Yiang was placed in 306, and to Jasmine Tong’s surprise, Mo Yiang didn’t even rely on her room, but stayed honestly in his own room.

It’s not that Mo Yiang doesn’t want to stay by Jasmine Tong’s side, but he doesn’t dare.

He knew his youngest uncle would be here later, so he’d better avoid it.

However, Jasmine Tong’s message has been sent for three to five messages, but no reply from Azé has been seen.

Chapter 87

This has made Jasmine Tong so anxious.

If Asawa doesn’t get her dress delivered on time today, she won’t have a dress to wear, the red carpet is definitely out of the question, and the awards ceremony is definitely out of the question.

However, the Golden Butterfly Awards Committee has a rule that if you can’t come, you have to tell them a week in advance, otherwise you will be permanently banned.

It’s not that there haven’t been cases like this before.

Once a big star was nominated, but because the star was very arrogant and didn’t take the Golden Butterfly Awards seriously, he didn’t show up because of a temporary announcement, and the Golden Butterfly Awards blocked him in anger.

It took several apologies before the Golden Butterfly Awards decided to move past the incident.

However, Jasmine Tong is a little newcomer, and if it happens to her, then the Golden Butterfly Award will never be merciful.

What to do?

Jasmine Tong wanted to call Asawa, but the signal in the hotel room was not very good and there was always a murmur.

Golden Butterfly Award worried about internal information leaked in advance, in the internal facilities of the signal shielding system, this hotel is relatively close to the scene, eighty percent is subject to interference.

Jasmine Tong took her phone and walked straight out of the hotel room.

It took her several turns with her phone before she found a better signal at the window on the side of the hotel farthest from the Golden Butterfly Awards.

This is the southernmost part of the hotel and the elevator is in the middle part.

Jasmine Tong was just about to dial Asawa’s cell phone number when she heard a familiar voice behind her.

“Is the dress I asked you to prepare for Jasmine Tong ready yet?”

As soon as Jasmine Tong turned around, she saw several men in suits clustered around a man just coming out of the elevator.

Jasmine Tong (1902-1984), PRC actress

I think she just heard her name.

Jasmine Tong immediately followed up lightly.

The group was heading straight out of the elevator to the north, not noticing that there were still people to the south.

“Mr. Ou, I have prepared Mrs. Ou’s gown, and you can rest assured that it was prepared as you instructed.”

That sound.

Jasmine Tong is also very familiar with it.

Russel Cheng

Over a year ago, it was Russel Cheng who came to negotiate with her about registering the marriage, including previous negotiations, registering the marriage, and later taking her to live in the villa.

Jasmine Tong was very impressed with this man at that time.

Russel Cheng didn’t think at the time about what happened later, and directly told Jasmine Tong that he was her husband’s sidekick secretary.

Then the man on Russel Cheng’s side must be her husband.

What did he just call him?

European Union

Jasmine Tong happened to be holding her own cell phone, which also had Asawa’s cell phone number on the screen.

She quickly made the call.

As a result, the phone rang right in front of her.

The group in front of them all stopped because of the man they were flocking to.

“Hey, Mandy,”

Jasmine Tong’s hand holding the phone was trembling.

“Hey, talk to me your tux I brought it, I’ll give it to you later.”

Jasmine Tong looked at the location of the building and quickly ran over.

“Asawa, where are you?”

“I’m already downstairs, I’ll be right up.”

“Are you on your own?”

“Crap, or I’d have to take a client.”

“Oh, come up here then.”

After hanging up the phone, Jasmine Tong’s heart was melancholy.

When she called Azawa, she was answered by the person Russel Cheng calls “Mr. Ou”, who is her husband’s secretary.

The person Russel Cheng calls “General Manager Ou” should be her husband, but when she called Chak, it was her husband who should have answered the phone.

What’s going on here?

Suddenly, she realized she was running out of brain capacity.

It’s all over the place.

She crouched down on the floor, holding her phone, thinking over the events that had happened.

It was her husband who showed up after she went to the bar first to spend the night with Asawa.

That’s a bit of a coincidence, isn’t it?


A thought flashed through Jasmine Tong’s head.

And it’s something she’s very reluctant to admit.

Her husband and Asawa are the same person.

It’s the only way to explain what we just saw.

Jasmine Tong gripped the phone tightly, why is that so

Why would her husband contact her pretending to be someone else?

Jasmine Tong’s head was filled with countless question marks.

Who the hell is he?

Jasmine Tong came out from the stairs and found that those people had just gone into the room, leaving only two people guarding the door.

She gathered her courage and walked over.

The two bodyguards didn’t know Jasmine Tong and didn’t care when they saw her walking over.

“Hello, may I ask who is in this room?”

The two bodyguards looked at each other.

“Where’s the wild girl from, what’s she prying about here?”

“It’s nothing, I just saw a good looking guy in there, just asking.”Jasmine Tong smiled slightly.

“Let me tell you, inside is the all-powerful Albert Ou, Ou is scared,” the bodyguard also looked smug.

As Albert Ou’s bodyguards, they naturally had pride in their capital as well.

“Oh, so does he have a secretary whose last name is Cheng, Russel Cheng.”

“Yeah, you know Secretary Cheng.”

Jasmine Tong pursed her lips and smiled, “I don’t know.”

After that, she left quickly and went straight into the elevator to her room.

She’s clear. She’s all clear.

Her husband and Asawa were the same person, and that person was Albert Ou, the president of the Dark Empire.

She had fantasized countless times about her husband’s status, and someone who could casually come up with a million dollars was definitely worth a fortune, but she really didn’t dare to think big.

I didn’t know it was Albert Ou.

Someone she never thought she’d die.

Jasmine Tong had just left, and Albert Ou had already changed his clothes, carrying the gift box containing the dress in his hands.

“Who was that talking out there?”

He was changing in his bedroom and wasn’t listening.

“A wild girl who ran away from nowhere.”The bouncer replied.

Albert Ou couldn’t care less, so I guess Jasmine Tong was waiting.

“You guys wait here, I’ll be back later to change.”

After saying that, Albert Ou took his long legs and carried the gift box into the elevator, heading straight to 305.

At this moment Jasmine Tong was still shocked to learn the news.

She’s now a six-pack.

Can’t figure out why her husband is testing himself by playing the part of another man.

Fear of disloyalty.

She couldn’t think of any good reason for it other than that.

Jasmine Tong sneered, not expecting that in the eyes of these rich people, people like her just deserved to be played around.


Jasmine Tong looked towards the door, it should be Asawa.

No, it should be her husband Albert Ou.

Good, good, came just in time.

She wants to meet the man who claims to be a genius at games and is sitting on a fortune of unimaginable proportions.

Jasmine Tong took a deep breath and walked towards the door, opening it slowly.

A bright smile rippled across Asawa’s face and he raised the gift box in his hand.

“How’s that for reliability? You’ll be satisfied.”

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