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Chapter 91

Albert Ou is acting very rudely today.

Just as his large palm caressed Jasmine Tong’s delicate body, Jasmine Tong suddenly grabbed his hand.

Just now, you acted like you were taking it all in stride, but at the crucial moment…

Jasmine Tong’s pair of eyes stared fiercely at Albert Ou.

“Let’s get a divorce.”

In the darkness, Albert Ou was able to see as clearly as in the daytime, his blue pupils were not the same as human ones.

He could see the flat, watery expression on Jasmine Tong’s face, and the determination in her eyes.

His Adam’s apple rolled up and down.

That f*cking woman.

Just staying still, letting him k!ss her, when the bathing fire in his body was completely stirred up, she was going to extinguish the fire

cruel enough

“Reason,” Albert Ou said in a low voice.

The man finally spoke.

Jasmine Tong snickered.

“What do you think of me as some sort of human inflatable sex toy for libido?”


“Anyway, I know you don’t think of me as your wife, or even as a person, and if that’s the case, why would I want to be with you?”


“What woman wants to live her life without ever meeting her husband or knowing who he is.”

Albert Ou stared at Jasmine Tong closely, the words Jasmine Tong had said to him last time still echoing in his ears.

She said she would never marry her husband, she’d already put everything she had on the line.

I didn’t know she’d turn her back on me faster than a book.

But he can’t say anything. If he does, he’ll be identifying himself.

“You lie,” Albert Ou spoke again.

Jasmine Tong smiled, her eyes shining with a touching, unhurried light.

“Yes, I lied, I didn’t think you could tell.”

“The real reason.”

He kept his voice mute so as not to reveal himself, and could not say much.

“I’m in love with someone else.”

At that instant, Albert Ou immediately raised a hand, but at that moment, Jasmine Tong’s eyes actually showed no fear and instead raised her neck.

The gesture was as if to say, “Fight if you can.”

His hand stopped in the air for a long time.

“I’m sure you’re wondering who I’m in love with he’s a duck, and I’m not going to lie, I was the one who went to the bar the night before you came back and gave him my first night.”

Albert Ou bit her teeth, how could she speak so fluently

“Sorry, I cuckolded you.”

Albert Ou hated the dead woman even more.

“I’m not to blame for this, if you are, you can’t get off the hook yourself, I wanted to have a good life with you, who knew you’d do this to me, then I’m sorry, I’ll take nothing, as long as you divorce me.”

Albert Ou’s lungs exploded when he heard that.

Jasmine Tong could feel his anger like it was about to burn him.

But that’s what makes her so proud.

She’s a professional actress.

Albert Ou’s hand directly grabbed Jasmine Tong’s neck

With his strength, I’m afraid it wouldn’t take much force for Jasmine Tong’s neck to be directly snapped.

However, he subconsciously took his strength.

Albert Ou narrowed his pupils, directly dumped Jasmine Tong, opened the door and left angrily

When he got downstairs, Albert Ou got into his car, and instead of leaving immediately, he lit a cigarette.

Fireworks flicker on and off.

He picked up his phone and called John.

“Brother, why are you calling me late at night?”

“Julyflower, get over here.”

After that, Albert Ou hung up the phone, threw his cigarette out the window, started the engine and drove away.

The first thing you need to know is how angry the man is when you hear that buzzing sound downstairs.

She purses her lips and laughs, asking you to trick me.

Tong took off her dress and didn’t change out of her pajamas, but put on her usual jeans and t-shirt.

There are more important things to do next.

She called Mo Yiang.

“Hey, Manny, you’re still awake aren’t you, can’t sleep, come over here with me and play the game.”

“I thought you went out to play.”

“Not in the mood, Ken and the others are gone, I’m on my side of the apartment.”

“Okay, I’ll be right over.”

Since his rise to fame, Mo Yiang has largely not lived home much; he lives in his own apartment, the Diamond Hill Villa downtown.

The Diamond Hill villa area is inhabited by prominent people, either rich or big stars, and the prices here can be high.

Usually, Mo Yiang was happy to live here, after all, the security of this neighborhood was in place, he didn’t have to worry about the paparazzi watching him.

Jasmine Tong arrived at the entrance to the neighborhood, made a call on the guard’s side, and let him in.

It wasn’t her first time in this neighborhood, and she took it lightly, finding the villa where Mo Yiang was directly.

At this moment, because he knew that Jasmine Tong was coming, Mo Yiang had opened the door.

This kid doesn’t usually like having people in the house, not even a nanny or maid, and he’s too lazy to clean up, so this house is naturally messy as can be.

Knowing that Jasmine Tong was coming, he was feverishly packing.

When Jasmine Tong reached the door, Mo Yiang was holding two takeaway boxes ready to be thrown into the trash.

Seeing Jasmine Tong, Mo Yiang immediately laughed two silly laughs.

“Manny, what are you doing here so fast come in and sit down.”

Mo Yiang laughed awkwardly.

Jasmine Tong entered and kicked the door shut with her foot.

“I’ll tell you what, I just brought back gaming equipment from overseas to take you to kill your enemies later.”

Mo Yiang said, taking away the trash.

As soon as Jasmine Tong entered, she started looking around.

“What are you looking for?”

“Do you have a feather duster at your house?”

When Mo Yiang heard this, this is to clean up the house for him ah

“There is, there is” he immediately handed Jasmine Tong a feather duster from the large vase in the corner that seemed to be completely unused.

Jasmine Tong weighed the feather duster and snorted.

“You just have to clean up around here, it’s just nice to have a woman in the house.”

As soon as Mo Yiang turned around, Jasmine Tong raised her feather duster and struck down towards Mo Yiang’s back


A scream.

“Jasmine Tong, are you crazy?”

Jasmine Tong simply ignored Mo Yiang and chased after him all the way with a feather duster.

“Jasmine Tong you ate the wrong medicine you ow pain pain pain”



“What are you doing?”

“Didn’t win an award to take it out on me, did you?”

Mo Yiang ran all the way, Jasmine Tong chased all the way, chicken feathers flew for a while.

It was a spectacular sight.

Good thing the house is soundproof.

Jasmine Tong chased Mo Yiang from the first floor to the second floor and up to the third floor until she had blocked Mo Yiang into a corner.

Mo Yiang looked at the bottom of the building.

“If you hit me again, I’m going to jump.”

“You jump.”Jasmine Tong was expressionless.

Chapter 92

“Hey Jasmine Tong, has your conscience been eaten by a dog?”

“I think it’s your conscience that’s been eaten by dogs.”

Jasmine Tong raised her feather duster towards Mo Yiang and cracked a stinky punch.

However, although she was angry, but not to the point of losing her mind, knowing that Mo Yiang still had to film, so she did not hit his face, hitting all the back and thighs.

Mo Yiang squealed again.

“Stop and talk properly.”

Mo Yiang grabbed a handful of feather dusters.


“You’re on the wrong medication today, ah come in and beat me up I’ve messed with you, you’ve got to give me a reason for hitting me.”

Jasmine Tong was still smiling icily.

“Does an aunt need a reason to lecture her nephew?”

Mo Yiang was suddenly wide-eyed, “You know all about it.”

“Mo Yiang, you bastard calf you know everything, yet you won’t tell me a word if your conscience has been eaten by a dog.”

Mo Yiang nodded his head.


Jasmine Tong wanted to continue beating with a feather duster, but Mo Yiang wouldn’t let go, and she couldn’t beat him.

Simply, she lost the feather duster, she was tired anyway.

Jasmine Tong went straight downstairs and sat on the sofa, one foot on the coffee table.

“Get water for your aunt.”

“Yes yes yes,”

Mo Yiang immediately took two bottles of water out of the fridge and handed one to Jasmine Tong.

Jasmine Tong unscrewed the bottle cap and gulped it down.

Mo Yiang sat on the one farthest away from her on the sofa, although she doesn’t have a weapon in her hand now, but when she started a fire, he couldn’t resist even with his bare hands!

“How did you know” Mo Yiang asked timidly.

Jasmine Tong glared at him and he immediately dared not speak.

After drinking enough water, Jasmine Tong pierced the mineral water directly on the coffee table.

“Mo Yiang you are so inadequate, in vain I treat you as my best friend, my best brother, and you treat me like this”

“I’m not.”

“Are you that afraid of your little uncle?”

Mo Yiang nodded solemnly.

“You “Jasmine Tong really didn’t know what to say.

“Actually, Mandy, I hinted at you when I saw you guys in the studio, you’re the one who doesn’t have a brain, no wonder I I’ve even slipped up a few times.”

Jasmine Tong was feeling a bit strange about Mo Yiang’s words, but how could she think that way?

After all, something this dramatic only happens 80% of the time in TV shows and novels.

“But isn’t your youngest uncle forty or fifty years old?”

“Who told you my brother-in-law is forty or fifty years old? He’s only a year older than me.”

Jasmine Tong carefully thought about it, it seems that Mo Yiang indeed did not say his youngest uncle’s age, but, the general public would think so ah!

“My uncle’s mother, my aunt, and my grandfather are brother and sister, and my grandfather’s mother always wanted a daughter, but unfortunately she never got pregnant.”

Jasmine Tong carefully thought about it, and it was indeed the same thing.

The eldest and youngest of the older generations have more age differences, with the youngest marrying a little later and having children a little later, which is a generation apart.

So it was normal that Mo Yiang’s youngest uncle was only a year older than him.

For the rest of the time, Mo Yiang had to carefully tell Jasmine Tong about his youngest uncle’s related situation.

His voice was low, afraid of angering the aunt.

On the other side, July flowers.

As Albert Ou drinks a glass of wine, John arrives late, knowing that he was undressed and ready to sleep when he received Albert Ou’s call.

Knowing that he was coming to July Flowers, he primped again, changed into a nice dress, and put hairspray on his hair.

You’re here to see a girl.

As soon as John entered, he saw Albert Ou chugging wine, his face ugly as hell.

“Yo, which one of these desperadoes dares to mess with our Master Ou” John Quan sat next to Albert Ou.

Albert Ou slanted a glance at him and immediately told John about today’s events.

After hearing the entire story, John Quan’s expression was a bit complicated.

“Errrrr, let’s sort this out, that is, you disguised yourself as another person to dig up your own corner, and as a result, the dig was successful, am I right?”

Albert Ou gave John a meaningful glance and didn’t say anything.

John Quan immediately clapped his hands.

“Then you can’t blame anyone else for you being A, playing as B, seducing your own wife, and now that B has successfully seduced A’s wife, what are you not all upset about?”

“What do you know? If I hadn’t played the part, if it were anyone else, then Jasmine Tong would have run off with someone.”

John Quan shook his head.

“If it were someone else, that wouldn’t necessarily be the case, why do you keep helping Jasmine Tong, because you are a and you are also b. Why does Jasmine Tong love b because b keeps helping her, if it were someone else, it would be neither a nor b”

“Okay, stop it, what the abab.”

Albert Ou’s head was spinning as he listened.

John Quan immediately sighed.

“So, I still don’t know what you’re mad about, you should be happy that your wife is still in love with you.”

Albert Ou’s eyes rolled.

“You mean Jasmine Tong is in love with me.”

“I didn’t say that, didn’t Jasmine Tong Tongn herself say that?”

“But it’s Asawa she loves.”

“Aren’t you Asawa?”

Albert Ou lost his mind for a moment.

Yeah, he’s Asawa.

John really didn’t understand what Albert Ou was struggling with.

“Come on, I say Master Ou, go home and wash up, it’s no big deal, your wife is your wife anyway, even if your wife divorces you, she’s still married to you.”

John found himself being confused.

It’s the man’s fault for pretending to be someone else.

Albert Ou finished the last sip of his drink and quickly turned to leave.

“Hey, you’re really leaving you called me out in the middle of the night.”

“Check out, sir, please.”

John looked towards Albert Ou’s departing back.

“Hopefully, I’m here to pay your bill.”

Why is he so unlucky?

After talking to John for so long, Albert Ou seemed to have thought through it quite a bit, though it still wasn’t very painful.

He immediately drove back to Rainbow City.

But when I went back to the bedroom, Jasmine Tong wasn’t there.

The room was empty.

Where are the people?

Sitting in the darkened room, Albert Ou pulled out his phone and sent a tweet to Jasmine Tong using that number of his husband.

“Where did it go?”

Jasmine Tong was flaunting her anger in Mo Yiang’s apartment when she received the tweets.

Suddenly I received a tweet and replied without thinking.

At a great nephew’s house.

Chapter 93

Albert Ou, who had received the wee message, frowned.

At my great-nephew’s house.

He suddenly hooked his lips, an evil smile rippling across his face.

It seems that Jasmine Tong does not know many people, this great nephew must be referring to Mo Yiang.

If Jasmine Tong didn’t know her identity, then how would she know about Mo Yiang’s relationship with her?

In other words, she was told in advance today that she was cheating on her by pretending to be another man, and she said she wanted a divorce.

It has to be.

Albert Ou ignored the micro-message, but went straight out the door and drove straight to Mo Yiang’s house.

Diamond Hill Villas

It’s late at night, other people have turned out the lights, only the sixth villa Mo Yiang side is still brilliantly lit.

Jasmine Tong still had that feather duster in her hand, but the chicken feathers had almost fallen out, leaving only a bare barrel of chicken feathers all over the room.

She caught her breath and fought a second round with Mo Yiang, still finished.

Mo Yiang was standing five meters away from her.

“I said Manny, I’ve apologized to you, not yet ah I’m a victim too, okay”

Upon hearing this, Jasmine Tong raised her head.

“You’re a victim you have the nerve to say you’re a victim that’s fine, tell me where you’ve been victimized.”


Mo Yiang is also helpless, Jasmine Tong, Jasmine Tong, are you stupid?

It’s so obvious, can’t you see it?

He gestured at his injuries, “You’ve beaten me up like this, am I not a victim.”

“You deserve it.”

Jasmine Tong picked up the pillow on the sofa and threw it towards Mo Yiang, who caught it directly.

Jasmine Tong’s anger hasn’t gone away

I’m afraid it won’t go away.

“It’s so late, why don’t you just sleep here, aren’t you sleepy” Mo Yiang asked carefully.

“Sleepy, sleepy.”

“I’m sleepy.”

Jasmine Tong smiled badly, “How about I give you a little pick-me-up”

Said she, raising the feather duster in her hand

“No, no, no, I’m not sleepy, I’m extraordinarily energetic right now.”

Jasmine Tong glanced at him, really feeling angry at the sight of him.

She suddenly felt something was wrong.

“Where’s my phone, Black Earth?”

Once Mo Yiang started calling herself Black Earth again, I guess her anger should have subsided a bit, otherwise she would have called him Mo Yiang.

“You were just tweeting.”

Jasmine Tong carefully recalled who seemed to have just sent the WeChat message.

“Yeah, what I posted.”

“I don’t know what you posted.”

Mo Yiang looked around, found the phone on the shoe cabinet by the door, and walked over to pick it up.

“Bring it to me now.”

Mo Yiang approached two meters and stopped, carefully dropping the phone onto the couch.

He still didn’t feel comfortable being that close to her.

Just then, the doorbell rang.

“Who’s this late Manny, it’s not like we’re getting too intense and upsetting the neighbors.”

Said Moichion, and headed for the door, when he saw the visitor through his cat’s eyes.

“Little, little, little Uncle.”

“Little what ah” Jasmine Tong was looking down to unlock the door to see what she had just sent.

“My little uncle “Mo Yiang immediately turned around and looked at Jasmine Tong in horror.

Jasmine Tong also opened her phone at this time and saw the WeChat message she had just sent to her husband.

At a great nephew’s house.

She slapped herself on the head with her phone for a moment

Oh, no. We’re exposed.

“What to do” Mo Yiang was so scared that he was already starting to get weak in the knees, “You hide upstairs.”

“What are you hiding from? I told him I was here.”

“Ah Jasmine Tong, you want to f*cking kill me.”

Jasmine Tong was downright calm, “Since I’m here, open the door.”

At this time, the doorbell rang once more with an urgent sound.

“Mo Yiang on the count of three.”

Mo Yiang quickly opened the door, that speed was simply amazing, even Jasmine Tong was dumbfounded.

“Uncle, what do you want with me in the middle of the night?”

Jasmine Tong looked at Mo Yiang in the doorway, finally knowing what Feng Qian said about seconds of pandering.

Albert Ou aimed a glance at Mo Yiang, pushed him straight away, and walked in with long legs.

The sight of the living room really startled him.

The chairs are tilted to the side, half of the pictures on the wall have fallen off, magazines are thrown all over the floor, and most importantly, the chicken feathers on the floor are really scene-stealing!

How intense is this?

Albert Ou looked towards Jasmine Tong who was sitting on the sofa, but Jasmine Tong was calm enough to lean back on the sofa.

“Yo, what brings you here but I’m curious, should I call you Duck now, or should I call you Ou or should I call you husband.”

Jasmine Tong’s yin and yang, she naturally had nothing to be angry about.

Albert Ou sneered and didn’t say anything, but took a step towards Jasmine Tong.

Mo Yiang immediately closed the door, no one will die here today, right?

Albert Ou walked up to Jasmine Tong, leaned down, and lifted Jasmine Tong’s chin.

The eyes were scattered with a dazzling light.

“Just call your husband.”


Jasmine Tong is really suffocating.

Long Eyes had never seen such a cheeky man before, and she lifted her hand to remove Albert Ou’s hand.

“Please respect yourself.”

“Self-respect you and I, we’ve been sleeping together for some days, what self-respect?”


“How come I’m not telling the truth?”

Jasmine Tong was even speechless.

Seeing that these two people looked like they were rattling, Mo Yiang immediately stepped forward.

“Uncle, calm down, Manny she doesn’t really mean anything else, she just found out about this and is a bit angry”

He was really afraid that his uncle’s temper would come up and he would strangle Jasmine Tong to death.

Jasmine Tong’s little neck can’t handle the pinching.

“I’m talking to your little aunt, why are you a junior interrupting?”

Albert Ou didn’t even look at Mo Yiang.

Jasmine Tong glared at him instead, “This time you know how to help me, what did you do long ago”

Mo Yiang wanted to cry.

Well, he’s mouthy and he’s not saying anything.

Albert Ou hooked his lips when he looked down and saw no chicken feather duster on the floor.

“Come here to teach your nephew a lesson, ma’am. Do you need my help?”

Mo Yiang stared at him.

What did he do to anyone?

Did Uncle’s conscience be eaten by dogs? He hid the truth for him, that’s why Jasmine Tong beat him up!

Now he is helping Jasmine Tong to beat himself up

Jasmine Tong took a glance at Mo Yiang, the kid was already so scared that his legs were shaking.

How many times has he been persecuted by this uncle?

She’d already beaten him up pretty badly, forget it.

“No need,”

Albert Ou raised an eyebrow.

“How distressed nephew.”

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