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Chapter 61

Thank God, the ambulance has finally arrived!

Yu Feng drenched his body and came with the emergency doctor. He had never seen Allen Chu so nervous before, so scared that he even threatened with intimidation, and found the police car of the police station to clear the way, and finally bypassed the congested road.

Seeing Allen Chu’s sullen face, Yu Feng was so frightened that he dared not let it out, so he quickly ordered the doctor to carry Noila Mo to the ambulance.

The two doctors walked to the window, took out their stethoscopes and listened to Noila Mo’s heartbeat, and then flipped her eyelids with their hands to look at her. They said to Allen Chu improperly, “It’s just a normal fever. Go for some fluids. That’s it.”

Really, it’s just a common cold and fever, and they had such a big battle, which caused them to come here in the middle of the night in the heavy rain and got a lot of trouble. The doctor complained secretly in his heart, ready to reach out to lift Noila Mo.

“Stop!” Allen Chu stepped to the bed and stopped the doctor’s outstretched arms with his body. “Don’t touch her, I’ll do it myself!” Allen Chu said coldly.

“It’s okay, it’s a common cold, don’t be scared like this.” Doctor A misunderstood Allen Chu’s meaning and said disapprovingly.

Allen Chu’s sword eyebrows wrinkled tightly, and he twisted the doctor’s collar, his low voice with trembling anger: “It’s okay? It’s okay if she burns to 39 degrees?! If there is something wrong with her, I will It’s ugly to make you die!”

Doctor A had also heard of the forces of the Chu Clique. Hearing what Allen Chu said, he broke out in a cold sweat and quickly nodded: “Yes, yes, we will definitely treat this lady well. . Please rest assured, the president.” As

he replied, he couldn’t help but glanced at Noila Mo more. She was quite an ordinary girl, at best she was delicate. How could she be so fascinated by the famous President Chu? The taste of the rich is really strange.

It might be the quarrel between the two that awakened Noila Mo. She opened her misty eyes and looked at the crowd around the bed dizzy. The white coat, she recognized the white coat, doctor! Why would a doctor come to the house? Is Allen Chu going to secretly remove the child from her stomach?

In Noila Mo’s burnt head, he had forgotten about his fever, and just thought that he must protect the baby in his stomach!

Allen Chu stretched out his arm and picked her up from the bed: “Noila, our hospital. Hold on for a while.”

“No, no, I won’t go to the hospital, I won’t go to the hospital! This is my baby, nobody can touch it. !” Noila Mo burned a little delirious, but at this moment he was surprisingly strong, struggling desperately in Allen Chu’s arms.

Allen Chu didn’t dare to use force for fear of hurting her, so he had to coax her as much as possible: “You are sick, go to the hospital and let the doctor see it. When you get better, I will take you abroad to play, okay? Good, obedient.”

Noila Mo She couldn’t hear Allen’s words at all, she just struggled, and her explosive motherhood made her look like a violent little wild wolf. Allen Chu felt that she was almost overwhelmed. I had to rush to the ambulance.

Seeing the ambulance in the yard, Noila Mo was even more sure that Allen Chu was going to take her to the hospital to remove the child, exhausted all his strength, stretched out his nails, and slammed Allen Chu’s face!

“Hiss…” The sound of sharp nails piercing the flesh and blood can almost be heard, and a deep blood mark suddenly appeared on Allen Chu’s face!

Yu Feng, who was next to him, turned pale with fright, and the hospital supplies he was carrying fell to the ground in shock! His eyes were bigger than Tongling, and he fixedly looked at Allen Chu and Noila Mo.

Noila Mo is really dead this time! Who is Allen Chu? She rebelled against him, and actually scratched his face! Allen Chu always loves face, how does this make him go out in the future? Noila Mo, you are dead! One corpse, two lives! Yu Feng can’t bear it anymore!

Chapter 62

Allen Chu was also stunned by Noila Mo’s actions. His cheek was so hot and sore, he freed a hand and touched it, red blood! Noila Mo, dare to scratch his face!

The gloomy eyes suddenly became darker than the night, and the rolling anger made Allen Chu’s eyes blood red. But Noila Mo was still kicking with her feet recklessly!

Allen Chu felt that he was on the verge of breaking out. Fed up! The thick eyebrows were sharply twisted, staring at the struggling little woman in her arms.

Burning red cheeks, beautiful long hair that has been wet with sweat, scattered all over her face indiscriminately, her lips are gray, and her eyes are lacklustre. Her appearance is simply terrible! There is no beauty at all!

However, Allen Chu found that he was very cruel towards her! If other women dared to do this to him, Yu Feng would have been dragged out to deal with it! But for Noila Mo, he just couldn’t be as cold as other women.

Whether she is cute and cute, or mischievous, or even violent and frantic as she is now, he likes it all.

With a sigh of fate, Allen Chu stopped Noila Mo’s kicking body, and his voice was so soft that it dripped water: “Okay, goodbye, don’t move! I know you are uncomfortable and uncomfortable now. I watched it for a while. Doctor, you will be fine. If you are so bad and refuse to go to the hospital, the baby will die in the stomach!”

Yu Feng’s eyes widened in surprise! It’s raining red! Allen Chu’s face was scratched, and he was not angry, but he was patient to coax the perpetrator! It’s amazing! This world is crazy!

Hearing Allen Chu mentioning the baby, Noila Mo’s heart began to throb. She raised her red face and looked at Allen Chu imploringly: “Allen, don’t take my baby, okay? I’m very love her, I’ll be a good mom. I was very young my mother died, I miss my mom. Allen, do not remove my baby, I want to be a mom. I beg you …… “

big stars big stars Tears of tears fell from Noila Mo’s eyes, with fragility and helplessness that made one’s heart palpitating.

Allen Chu’s heart suddenly softened like a pool of spring water, painful. His mother also left him when he was very young. Moreover, in the most tragic way.

He hugged Noila Mo tightly and pressed her stubble cheeks against her hot little face. Allen Chu’s voice was so gentle and gentle, as if the girl in front of him was his most precious people.

“Fool, how could I take your baby? She is safe in your stomach, no one dares to touch her! Seven months later, you will have a beautiful baby! You are right, you She must be a good mother…be good, don’t worry, with me by your side, don’t be afraid of anything…” I am

sure that there will be nothing wrong with the baby, Noila Mo just feels that she doesn’t have a trace of strength anymore. The struggle just now takes a lot of money. All her physical strength.

Allen Chu is a bastard, isn’t it? But she didn’t know why, she felt that she could trust Allen Chu’s guarantee. Allen Chu said he would protect her and the baby, then he would definitely be able to do it.

With a little face lifted up at Allen Chu, a big smile appeared. Noila Mo’s little hand tightly tugged at the shirt on Allen Chu’s chest, with a little reliance and gratitude, and said in a low voice, “Allen, you are so kind. Thank you. !”

Hearing what Noila Mo said, Allen Chu’s heart trembled slightly. This was the first time that Noila Mo thanked him.

Did she finally accept him?

Looking at Noila Mo who was sleeping peacefully in his arms, Allen Chu lowered his head and gently pressed a petting k*ss on her forehead.

Chapter 63

He woke up and was already lying in the white and quiet ward.

This ward is very large, about 100 people. It is different from the general crowded and cluttered ward. There are not only large shower rooms, open kitchenettes, huge refrigerators and TVs, but also fitness equipment.

Although everything is open, but functionally partitioned with green plants and furniture, it looks almost as comfortable as an apartment. Except for the various equipment buttons on the wall and the fetal heart rate monitor beside the bed, this is no different from an ordinary apartment.

Standing next to her was a neatly dressed middle-aged woman. Seeing that Noila Mo was awake, she walked over with a smile: “Miss Mo, you are awake, I cooked some gruel for you, shall I bring it to you now?” Although it was an inquiry, it carried a tone that could not be denied.

“Excuse me, are you?” Noila Mo was a little confused.

“I’m Zhang Ma. The young master specially asked me to come and take care of you.” Zhang Ma also felt surprised. What is the origin of this girl? Allen Chu unexpectedly invited her from the old house to take care of her. She is the young master’s nanny, and her status is much more honorable than ordinary servants.

“Where is Allen Chu?” Noila Mo looked around, but didn’t see Allen Chu’s figure.

Madam Zhang was a little unhappy: “Young Master has gone to the company.”

She can call the Young Master’s name too? I really don’t know how high the sky is. Isn’t it because of the young master’s child in his stomach? But it’s good, if this Miss Mo can give the Chu family a grandson, it would be considered a merit.

Thinking of this, the expression on Zhang’s face softened, and she said, “I’ll bring you porridge and side dishes. You can rest a while after eating. After all, you are a person with two bodies. You still need to rest more.”

Noila didn’t have any appetite at all, but she was embarrassed to refuse Zhang’s kindness, so she reluctantly ate some. After eating, there was nothing to do, so I turned on the TV and watched it lazily.

The news is being broadcast on TV. So boring, Noila Mo was about to change channels when a figure broke into her eyes.

Noila Mo’s slender fingers couldn’t help but grasp the bed sheet tightly, and her beautiful eyes were wide. The man interviewed by reporters on TV was Salmon Shen. Her Senior Shen.

He looks thinner, but his temperament is still so gentle and refined. Qianqian gentleman, warm and moist as jade.

Noila Mo’s eyes were fixed on the TV, with eagerness and eagerness. She greedily stared at the familiar but unfamiliar face on the TV, trying to deepen him in her mind and never forget…

“Shen” In general, this time you donated 50 million yuan in renovation funds to the C City Art Museum. What are your considerations?” The reporter’s question was aggressive.

“It’s because of an old person. I have a friend who has lost contact. I heard that she is also in City C. She likes painting very much. I donated money to the art museum in the hope that she will have a good mood when she walks into the art museum to see the exhibition. “

It seems that this deceased person is very important to you. Is she a husband or a lovely lady?” The reporter still asked reluctantly.

Salmon Shen smiled with a good temper: “It’s a very cute girl.” The

crowd around was in an uproar.

“President Shen, aren’t you already engaged to the mayor’s daughter? Aren’t you afraid that your fiancee will be jealous when you hear this?” The reporter immediately became excited and felt that he had dug up another big gossip. He has even drafted the headline for tomorrow, “Salmon Shen can’t remember his first love, the mayor’s daughter Jincheng has a spare tire.”

Noila Mo couldn’t hear how Salmon Shen answered on TV. Tears flowed out without warning. Without any explanation, she knew that the very cute girl in his mouth was talking about her, Noila Mo.

Senior Shen, her Senior Shen, had never forgotten her…

Senior Shen, forget her…

She is not worthy of him to worry about, she is a gloomy, shameless mistress. And he, he is bright and happy. His life is ten thousand times better than hers.

Noila Mo buried his face in his arm and wept quietly. Like a wounded little beast, hiding in the corner and licking the wound silently. Memories swept through all her thoughts like water…

Sadness is beyond words.

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