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Chapter 1

Every woman expects to marry her beloved man.

Me too.

Today, I am married to a man who has been in love with me for twelve years, but I use my sister Julia Rhodes’s name…

Although my sister and I have the same faces, I was sent to an orphanage because of the negligence of the hospital since I was a child.

I didn’t return to Rhodes’s house until three years ago.

I am a wild girl who is incompatible with the huge Rhodes family, but because I have no parents since I was a child, I am always careful, hoping to integrate into this family, hoping to be loved by my parents.

So the day before yesterday, when my parents and sister asked me to marry Norven White for her, I almost didn’t even think about it, so I agreed.

One is because I love Norven White, and the other is the first time I feel needed by my family, and I don’t want to let them down.

It was already 12 o’clock in the morning, and Norven White hurriedly left after the wedding ceremony, without even giving me a word.

Looking at the diamond ring in my hand, I couldn’t tell the bitterness in my heart.

There was the sound of the car engine stalling downstairs. Norven White was back. I walked to the mirror, hurriedly adjusted my hair, and walked out of the bedroom nervously.

Go downstairs.

Take out slippers from the shoe cabinet and wait at the door.

Seeing Norven White enter, I raised the happy smile that a wife should have, put my slippers at the man’s feet, and shouted, “Husband, you are back…”

Before I finished speaking, I could smell the smell of wine in the air, and there was also a strong fragrance of perfume…

The nose is sore.

Where did he go this night?

The answer is self-evident.

However, I know my mission. I married in for my sister. The relationship between me and Norven White is related to the cooperation between the Rhodes family and the White family.

Thinking of this, although my heart is full of loss, I still try to smile.

Regardless of the man’s ignorance, he followed her upstairs and shouted, “Husband.”

When he raised his eyes, he saw that the man had already taken off his shirt, and his strong muscles looked extremely s3xy under the ambiguous light of the bedroom.

My face was flushed to the roots of my ears, and I quickly turned around. I was about to apologize when I felt a strong arm come around behind me.

Before I could react, I was already lifted, and when I reacted again, the whole person was still on the bed.

Although the bed was soft, I fell too high and my back hurt.

I saw Norven White standing by the bed, looking at me condescendingly, the man’s angular face was turned under the moonlight, although I couldn’t see his expression, I could feel the deep chill.

The next second, the man suddenly spoke and asked me, “What is your name?”

“Me?” This question made me panic, but I still said, “Rhodes, Julia Rhodes…”

I am not called Julia Rhodes, my name is Jia Rhodes.

But I cannot say my name.

I just answered, the man pressed down directly, he grabbed my hair with one hand, forced me to look at him, and asked every word of his name right?”

At this time, I could see his face clearly. In those deep eyes, there was no temperature at this time, but—

Hatred that penetrates the bone!

When he said his sister’s name, his black eyes were filled with secret mania.

It was obviously midsummer, but a thin layer of cold sweat spread on my forehead, and my heart was full of panic.

The hair was pulled by him, his face couldn’t turn, so he could only look at him like this, nodding as much as possible.

The heart has long been hanging high.

Norven White seemed to see me admit it, watching my eyes getting colder, and said, “Since you are here today, you must be fully awakened. I have never been a good person!”

As soon as the voice fell, I heard the sound of tearing red dress on my body!

In the next second, the man completely ignored my struggle and drove straight forward…

Chapter 2

In the morning, I was awakened by the torn pain of my lower body. Everything from last night appeared like a nightmare in my mind…

My first time, my wedding night, was treated like an enemy by Norven White.

It broke all my previous illusions.

The bed next to me was already cool.

A little cinnabar blood on the snow-white bed sheet was particularly dazzling.

I got up and went to the bathroom to endure the pain, took a bath, changed my clothes, and changed the sheets.

When I went out, I stood at the top of the stairs on the second floor and saw Norven White sitting at the rectangular dining table, reading the newspaper and eating breakfast.

The golden sunlight in the morning shines on the man’s side through the window, warm and holy.

In the twelve years of secretly loving him, marrying him and living under the same roof with him for breakfast was something I didn’t dare to expect, but it was a dream.

It is now true, but I dare not take a step forward.

He invaded like a beast last night, reminding me all the time that I never knew this man.

“Miss Rhodes, you are awake.”

As I watched Norven White, the servant had already seen me and greeted me politely downstairs.

She didn’t call my wife like yesterday.

Instead, call me Miss Rhodes.

My heart trembled slightly, although there was dissatisfaction in my heart, but because of my identity, I didn’t dare to question it. I just hid my lingering fear last night, went downstairs and sat opposite Norven White.

The servant brought the meal, and I had no appetite but took two bites symbolically.

Looking up, I found that Norven White was just like me, the meal in front of him was almost unchanged.

I don’t know if I am to adjust the atmosphere or to improve this marriage that I don’t know if I can continue, I speak in a gentle voice, “Sorry, I got up late today, and I will get up early to make breakfast for you tomorrow.”

In my body, if anything can be considered a specialty, it must be cooking.

After speaking, I was sharp and still a little expectant, but Norven White threw away the cutlery in his hand and got up, still looking indifferent, “Let’s go, the car is waiting outside.”

“Where to go?” I looked at the man with a somewhat unpleasant expression, and felt a little panic.

I am worried that I said something wrong.

I have never been an introvert.

In front of Norven White, even breathing seemed to humble into the mud.

The man had already walked to the door and started to change shoes, and answered without looking back, “Go back to the door.”

I took Norven White’s car and arrived at Rhodes’s house.

Before entering the door, I thought that the reason why Norven White treated me this way was because he was dissatisfied with the marriage, not because he found out that I was not an older sister.

However, when I followed him in, I saw Julia Rhodes, who had been sent to the airport yesterday, but at this moment, she was standing in the living room with her parents.

A pair of swollen eyes and a peach, and I cried for a long time.

The parents standing next to her were angry.

I took a look at Norven White, and the first reaction was—he had already found out about the marriage, so he asked someone to catch Julia Rhodes back.

I was in a panic.

Norven White can’t say that he can call the wind and rain in this city, but if you want to have trouble with someone, it really couldn’t be easier.

If it was me alone, it would involve my parents and sister…

I was filled with self-blame in my heart. When I was entangled in waiting for an explanation, I saw Norven White step forward, grabbing the crying Julia Rhodes, lowered his head to comfort, “Are you okay?”

The gentleness that I have never seen before permeates the man’s eyes.

Chapter 3

Seeing this scene, my heart trembled and I was about to ask what was going on. My father first walked up to me and slapped me down. The slapped student hit the wall behind me. Before he recovered, he listened to his anger. Scolded, “Jia Rhodes, we raised you for three years, how did you return us?”

There is a bloody smell spreading in my mouth, and my eyes are in a trance.

Try to stand up straight, look at his father, and ask, “What…”

“What do you have the face to ask? We don’t know what you think you are doing? You calculate your sister, feed her sleeping pills, and attend the wedding for her! Had we not found out early and took Julia to the hospital for gastric lavage, she could now I don’t know if I can’t live!”

When my father finished speaking, he raised his hand and slapped me again.

This slap was even harder than the previous one, and I was in a daze, and I fell to the ground.

Although my eyes are blurred, my brain is very clear!

A few days ago, my parents said that Julia Rhodes had fallen in love with Liwen Fang from their company, and they did not dare to disobey Norven White, so they asked me to marry.

The day before yesterday, I personally sent my sister to the airport and watched them enter the security check.

In the end, how could it become my calculation Julia Rhodes again?

My brain is in a mess.

Some things gradually surfaced, but I don’t want to believe it.

My father seemed puzzled, so he picked up a wooden stool from the side and threw it on my head!

I was scared to hide, but I was still beaten to the back!


I was in terrible pain, but I resisted crying or shouting. This is the problem I left behind in the orphanage.

Because even if I was sick and uncomfortable at that time, there was no one by my side, who would I cry to? To whom?

After a long time, no matter how great the pain is, I will not easily speak out.

When my father saw that I was not crying, he was puzzled, and hit me a few more times, and I bit my lip.

Finally, my mother couldn’t stand it any longer, and grabbed the stool, “Okay, you’ll beat her to death!”

“She deserves to be beaten!” Father said angrily as he threw his stool.

I heard the stool fall, and then I dared to stop there. I looked up and saw Julia Rhodes in Norven White’s arms, but looked at me and said, “Norven, look, my parents have beaten it, can this happen? Forget it, after all, she grew up in an orphanage, and it is inevitable to learn something bad.”

Although her tone was sympathy, I could see it clearly. She saw my expression not sympathy, but shrewd calculation!

This is more my guess!

I was lying in the corner and said nothing, because my spine was so painful at this time, I was afraid that my spine would be broken if my father hit it again.

Norven White glanced at me, but a trace of complicated emotion flashed through his black eyes, and he spoke for a long while, “Let’s talk about it.”

After that, the parents, Julia Rhodes and Norven White all sat in the living room.

When my father saw me, he cursed, “Get upstairs and beat you here!”

I watched Julia Rhodes sitting next to Norven White, holding the man affectionately with her arms, and the two of them interlocked their fingers.

This is a couple…

I forcibly endured the pain, arched my back, and the dozen steps in front of me were a ladder to me. Every time I walked, the pain in the place I was beaten made me sweat.

But, my heart hurts more than the physical pain!

Although I don’t know why things have developed into this way, I clearly know that I have been calculated.

Behind her, Julia Rhodes’s coquettishness, Norven White’s petting remarks, and parental loving remarks.

I understand that that is their world, and I, just a jumping clown, have never really blended in.

Chapter 4

I reached the door with difficulty, opened it, and lay on the big bed I had slept in for three years.

I fell asleep in a daze…

I had a dream. I dreamt that I saw Norven White for the first time twelve years ago. At that time, I was only 10 years old and went to play on an unbuilt construction site near the orphanage.

It will be winter and there will be no one on the construction site.

There, I met Norven White, who was covered in wounds and was dying. I called him for a long time, but he did not respond. I thought he was dead, but when I was about to go back to find the teacher in the orphanage, I heard that there was a very weak person behind him. Said, “Help me.”

At that time, I was skinny. I used a tricycle to pull concrete from the construction site, stumbling and pushing him out of the construction site and brought him to the nearest hospital.

Because I didn’t have any money, the people in the hospital wouldn’t let him go, so I knelt and kowtow to the people in the hospital.

Finally, a deputy dean came and agreed to send him to the operating room.

I just waited outside.

Later, he woke up, asked my name, said he remembered me, and said he would come to me in the future.

But dreams are dreams after all, not reality.

The reality is that afterwards, Norven White woke up. I was not allowed to enter the ward. I could only look at him from a distance. Not long after, a group of men in black suits came and pushed him to the hospital.

As the bed passed by me, he saw me, curled up the corners of his lips, smiled at me, and gently grabbed the corner of my clothes with his hand.

That was our last meeting.

But that smile was stamped in my heart, and even after twelve years, I still remember it.

When I woke up, tears soaked the entire pillow towel.

It was dark outside the window.

I was thirsty and hungry. My body no longer hurts so much, so I wanted to go to the kitchen and drink a glass of water.

Listening outside, I thought they should be asleep.

As a result, as soon as I walked to the top of the stairs, I heard Julia Rhodes’s voice from the living room, “When will she live? Didn’t the house say to vacate me for clothes?”

When I was wondering why she didn’t go home with Norven White, I heard her mother say, “Don’t worry, I will find a way to get her to sign an agreement to get out tomorrow. For the 4% share, you can bear it. “

Four percent of the shares?

If you are talking about me, I don’t know this.

But soon, Julia Rhodes said the answer, “You are so true. Just for the 4% of the shares that grandma said, you took her back. 4% is only enough, and you can’t exchange money! I still have to. Call her sister and pretend to be a good sister!”

“You think I don’t think she is disgusting, she is rustic, every time she eats is the same as she hasn’t eaten in her entire life, and there is not a single grain of rice left in the bowl! Every time a visitor from home, I feel ashamed!

“That is, I gave her the clothes that I didn’t wear, and she was like picking up Bao, so she didn’t have the face to say that she was my sister. I was so happy to see her being beaten today!”

“Okay, as soon as she wakes up tomorrow morning, I will let her sign the agreement! Your grandma has a wedding, she will definitely not pursue it!”

I was standing upstairs, listening to Julia Rhodes and her mother, and my hand holding the handrail of the stairs trembled.

Clean the meal, the director of the orphanage said, in this way, the cook will be happy.

I don’t like most of the clothes that Julia Rhodes gave me, but I’m afraid she will be disappointed, and there is no other clothes to wear, so I will gratefully accept it every time.

In order not to dislike the Rhodes family, except for the tuition fee which is funded by kind people in the orphanage, the living expenses are all earned by my own work.

It turned out that the family affection I took care of in my palm was actually such a thing.

For it is actually 4% of the shares!

And a well-planned substitute marriage is just an excuse to kick me out of the Rhodes family!

Only I was dreaming of family love silly.

It turns out that family affection can be so bad!

I bit my lip, try to control my emotions, limped downstairs and asked, “Is that right?”

Chapter 5

Mother and Julia Rhodes didn’t seem to expect that I woke up, the floor lamp was dimly lit, but I could see that their faces were not very good.

My mother put on her hypocritical smile and asked me, “Jia Rhodes, how is your injury? Do you need to go to the hospital?”

If it was before, I would be moved, but now my heart is colder than winter.

Julia Rhodes looked at my indifferent expression, of course knowing that I had listened to them all, and interrupted her mother directly, “Mom, don’t act, you know, this wild dog already knows what’s going on.”


When I heard Julia Rhodes calling me so smoothly, I knew that I must have had such a nickname in their mouths a long time ago.

“Wild dog?” I endured the pain, went to sit down on the empty sofa, and deliberately said, “Wild dog also owns 4% of the shares.”

Sure enough, as soon as I said it, my mother understood what I meant, and cursed, “Jia Rhodes, our Rhodes family has raised you for three years. You should respect us for those stocks!”

I sat there, thinking that they had spent so much time just because of this stock, I found it ridiculous, and couldn’t help but smile.

“What are you laughing at?” Mother asked me.

Oh no, it is no longer appropriate to call her mother.

Her real name is Lumia Fan and her father’s real name is Zain Rhodes.

I looked at Lumia Fan, stopped the laughter, and said, “In fact, if it were before today, I would value this family relationship more than anything else. If you ask me, I will definitely give those shares to me. You, but since this happened, everything is different.”

They are very profitable, thinking that I am just like them.

But I don’t know, in my heart, the most important thing is this family relationship.

But now, everything is gone.

“You…” Lumia Fan didn’t expect it!

When Julia Rhodes heard it, she felt like she took Lumia Fan’s hand, “Mom, go up, and my sister and I have a good talk.”

I probably guessed what Julia Rhodes was going to say to me.

But they are all useless things.

After Lumia Fan went up, she sat next to me affectionately and said with a smile, “Sister, this matter is all my parents thought about. At first I didn’t agree with it…”

Tonight I have already awakened from a big dream, it is impossible to let her deceive.

Later, although Julia Rhodes pulled me to say something that she didn’t want, I just listened.

When it was almost done, I got up and walked to the door.

Seeing that I insisted on leaving, Julia Rhodes’s patience finally disappeared, so she pulled me and cursed, “Jia Rhodes, you are a dog in our family. You can eat and drink. Don’t be shameless. !”

This is what she really is.

I turned around, looked at Julia Rhodes’s disgusting appearance, and said lightly, “I really want to show Norven White what you are now.”

“Hehe, you never have this chance again! Norven White is my husband, and you are nothing!” Julia Rhodes was confident.

When I looked at her, I felt that Norven White was worthless.

A man of his kind, marrying Julia Rhodes is really a shame.

Maybe it’s a ghost, I said, “There is one thing I have to say, the marriage agreement at the wedding, I believe it is my fingerprint, as long as I talk about it, that agreement is a pile of waste paper.”

Julia Rhodes was slightly startled.

She hadn’t spoken yet, and I continued, “So you and Norven White are not married yet, we are playing fair.”

After that, when she let go of my hand in a daze, I quickly turned and left.

Enduring the pain, I ran out desperately, letting Julia Rhodes call me “$lut” and “shameless” behind me, and I didn’t look back.

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