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Chapter 106

Lumia Fan paled, but quickly said, “What plagiarism? It’s because Jia Rhodes is jealous of Julia’s talent. He just met Chen Lan before and did those things to frame her!”

“Really?” I heard Lumia Fan’s pale excuse, and I only found it ridiculous. “That is Chen Lan’s work and I didn’t say it alone. I posted it and many of my colleagues also appraised it. I can only blame Julia Rhodes for being stupid. The personal characteristics of Chen Lan’s works are so obvious that she just hits the muzzle if she copied it!”

“Go, go back.”

Norven White pulled me away.

Lumia Fan wanted to take it, but was taken by Zain Rhodes.

After all, they offended me, but they couldn’t offend Norven White.

He took me into the community and naturally wanted to go in the direction of his house.

I stood there and asked him, “Norven White, were you with Julia Rhodes last night?”

“Yes, she was…” When Norven White said here, he paused, as if he was thinking about something, and then said, “I committed suicide outside. Fortunately, a passerby found him in time and took his life back.”

“If she commits suicide every night, will you go with me every night?” I finished speaking, and then smiled sarcastically, “Yes, she is your fiancee.”

Norven White saw that I was angry, did not speak, did not answer, just stretched out his hand to take me into his arms.

I stepped back, stepped away, and asked him, “Then Norven White, how did you find out about our child? Is it as she said?”

“I have asked people to check, there is no evidence yet.” Norven White said.

I don’t know if he is perfunctory me.

But powerful businessmen must also be good actors.

If he wants to lie to me, it may be difficult for me to find the flaw.

“Well, there is one more thing. I’m looking for a job. I will live with myself in the future, so that it will be convenient for you and Julia Rhodes in the future.”

After I finished speaking, Norven White’s brows were already frowned.

He looked at me and asked me, “Jealous?”

“Isn’t this the effect you want?” I didn’t deny it either.

Although I want to dig out my feelings for Norven White from my heart, let him completely become a person who doesn’t care.

But when I tried it, I realized that it was impossible.

Norven White looked at me standing two steps away from him, and a soft touch flashed through his sharp eyes, “I apologize, and as compensation, I will vacate the floor below my office and build yours for you. What do you think of the team?”

Below his office is the sub-top level of Sky Group.

There, no matter how close Julia Rhodes’s former studio was to the Sky Group, it couldn’t be closer than here.

“I think you are like this. It’s like the ancient emperor who treated his concubine for favor and rewarded the queen with a few lychees. If the concubine is jealous, you will transport a lychee tree to comfort you. I don’t need it. I want to go… I said.

Yufeng Design should all change people now. When I go there, no one may recognize me anymore.

“Well, you can go anytime.” There was no surprise in Norven White’s expression.

It seems that he knew I would refuse for a long time, so he just talked about it.

This made me realize what…

I said, “But I want the floor below you. As for what I do, I have to think about it again.”

I thought that my request for Norven White would be a little embarrassing.

After all, it’s downstairs in the Sky Group, it’s usually coo, and there are some executive offices, give me? how is this possible!

To my surprise, Norven White said directly, “Okay, I’ll free it for you in three months.”

I froze.

But the man went on to say, “The condition is that you are not allowed to live in your own home, and you must live with me.”

This condition is changed to a whole layer of Sky Group…

I’m afraid of being a fool.

“Okay, not back.”

I agreed.

Norven White and I went home. To my surprise, he just changed his clothes and left.

“Where to go?”

I asked him.

Actually, it’s just another question.

Norven White was putting on shoes. Hearing me asking him, he paused before saying, “Go to the company.”


I replied meaningfully, seeing the man leave without looking back.

But in my mind, he is lying!

As soon as he left, I went out, took a taxi, and went straight to the Sacred Heart Hospital.

I want to meet him there and he will have nothing to say.

I was admitted to the Sacred Heart Hospital, because I had been in the hospital before and I had an identity. After successfully entering, I went to the inpatient department to ask Julia Rhodes’s ward.

The nurse seemed to be very familiar with Julia Rhodes. When she saw me, she said, “Are you Julia Rhodes’s twin sister? He is in bed 7 on the 12th floor.”

I thanked him and went straight upstairs to ambush Norven White.

When I walked to the door of the ward where the Seventh Bed was located, Julia Rhodes was standing by the window sill and was talking to the nurse standing next to him.

“Is this the one who saved his life from suicide last night?”

I wonder.

Although I can’t see Julia Rhodes’s face, he is clearly a sound person like this!

When I was standing there watching, I saw the nurse turning around to come out. I quickly took a step back, took the exit hood from my bag and put it on my face, then turned and walked in the direction of the elevator.

After two steps, the nurse came out.

I saw her say to a doctor on the side, “Miss Rhodes said, I can call President White and say she is awake.”

At that time, the doctor was standing diagonally in front of me. I glanced at his badge and saw the words [Director: Xiao Qing] written on it.

I slowed down and heard Xiao Qing say, “This is too fast, at least I have to wait until the afternoon.”

“I said, she won’t listen, let us take care of her, just do as she said. Don’t blame it!”

The nurse said, and went into an office.

I hurried to the stairwell next to the elevator, but I was puzzled.

This Sacred Heart Hospital is the best private hospital in Flipvilla. It is said that the boss behind the scenes is very mysterious, but he is a big man not to mess with.

Can Julia Rhodes find someone to “take care” of such a place?

I feel more and more that Julia Rhodes is definitely not easy.

Because I was sure that Norven White might come, I just waited there to see what Julia Rhodes would become ill in a while.

Sure enough, Norven White arrived in about half an hour.

The man walked in from the outside, there was no shortage of fast, a few steps into the ward where Julia Rhodes was.

I surreptitiously followed, looking through the small window on the door, and found that Julia Rhodes was completely different from what I had just seen.

Now she was lying on the bed with a pale face, with a hanging needle on her body, and a bunch of instruments next to her were monitoring her physical condition.

It turned out that everything was directed and acted by herself.

Then pretended to be seen by Norven White.

Poor Norven White, the grand president, was once again played by a woman.

I left the Sacred Heart Hospital.

At night, Norven White didn’t go home until about 10 o’clock, and the smell of disinfectant was all over him, and he didn’t need to explain where he went.

He took the initiative to help him pick up his suit, and said lightly, “President White, such a powerful person has been played around by Julia Rhodes. I don’t know how he feels.”

Chapter 107

Norven White looked at me without speaking.

I told the story about going to see Julia Rhodes at the Sacred Heart Hospital today, including the fact that she stood in front of the bed well.

After that, I looked up at Norven White again, with a playful smile at the corner of my mouth, “You can not believe me.”

After finishing speaking, I handed the clothes to the servant on the side and walked into the room on my own.

But I heard Norven White behind him say, “A few days later, for your birthday, are there any places you want to go, or gifts you want?”


The word is familiar but unfamiliar to me.

Forget the days, the birthday is indeed coming soon, but there are still more than two weeks.

I turned my head and looked at Norven White. The man was loosening his tie.

To be honest, he is horribly s3xy in that way.

He unbuttoned his tie and unbuttoned his shirt, revealing a little bit of strong chest muscles.

Those deep black eyes looked at me, what I thought was indeed that he looked at Julia Rhodes like this.

The slender hands will also meet Julia Rhodes’s hands at any time.

What I want is a complete Norven White, a Norven White that belongs only to me.

But I know that this is impossible.

I quietly looked at Norven White, and said word by word, “What I want is that I have never known you.”

If you can’t have it, it’s best to never know it.

“Don’t talk angry.” Norven White walked over and hugged me.

This time I didn’t resist, I only heard the man’s voice from above my head, “I know what you want, give me some time. From now on, you are the only woman beside me.”


This sentence is what I said in my heart.

I knew he was lying, but this lie was so nice.

So that I was a little greedy in this.

Norven White booked my birthday hotel, cakes, and gave me a dress on that day.

The next day, I joined Yufeng Design again.

The current general manager of Yufeng is Norven White’s person, named Deng Qi. He knows the relationship between Norven White and me. On the first morning of my work, he asked me to go to his office.

As soon as I entered, he said straightforwardly, “Ms. Rhodes, Mr. White has explained all your matters. In the future, you can go to work according to your own time. There is no need to take too many customers at one time. If you have any needs, I’ll help, come to me anytime.”

I know that this was explained by Norven White.

But I still declined myself.

“Manager Deng, you can treat me like an ordinary employee. I will work hard.”

I said swearly, but Deng Qi still had doubts in his eyes.

But on the surface it still responded.

I knew that he didn’t believe what I said, so when I was about to leave, the office door was pushed open again.

An Qi came in from the outside and said as she walked, “Manager, the last order in my hand has been settled, and the customer has accepted it today. I will resign from today.”

“Okay, thank you.”

Deng Qi said a few polite remarks.

An Qi was about to leave, and finally noticed me next to me, somewhat surprised, “Jia Rhodes? Why are you here?”

“She is a new employee of the company.” Deng Qi introduced me immediately.

An Qi sneered, “Fortunately, I resigned today, so I can’t see it.”

After speaking, go out.

I followed out, and immediately caught up with An Qi and asked her, “Why did you resign?”

“It has nothing to do with you.”

An Qi didn’t plan to say at all.

But I know it has something to do with Qiaoyu Lu.

I didn’t dislike people anymore, just said, “I won’t go to Qiaoyu Lu again in the future, he is very good, I don’t deserve him.”

Then turn around and leave.

I clearly saw An Qi’s expression quite surprised when listening to me.

Although her attitude towards me has never been bad, I think An Qi is more suitable for Qiaoyu Lu than me.

I came in as a new employee in Yufeng Design. The design department almost changed blood. Except for a senior designer named Cao Jing, all my colleagues did not know my identity, and it was a lot easier to get along.

Maybe it was a coincidence.

On the third day I came to Yufeng, I received a call from Qiaoyu Lu.

He told me on the phone that his mother was not in good health, so he decided not to return to Flipvilla, but stayed at home and started a small design company.

“You are great, I believe you will do well.” I said.

Apart from these, I don’t know what to say.

The impulsive elopement between me and him, apparently within a few days, seemed to have happened in the last century.

I am now Norven White’s shameless lover.

Life seems to start again, but the road ahead is dark.

I can’t even see the light of the future.

However, Norven White is still very good on the surface.

My birthday was one day two weeks later. I went to work that day. He was waiting for me at the next intersection of the company as I said.

After getting in the car, I took me to change the dress and put on my makeup. The evening was calm before taking me to a high-end restaurant.

When the waiter opened the door for us, I stood at the door and saw that there was only one table in the huge dining room with a small candle on it…

Norven White, very gentlemanly, made a request next to me.

In fact, I was a little scared at this time.

I am afraid of this dark space.

I looked at the crumbling candle in the middle, as if he would go out in the next second!

“Don’t be afraid.”

Norven White grabbed me with one hand.

My trembling hands seemed to be better after feeling the temperature from the man’s palm.

I gathered up the courage and stepped into the restaurant.

The moment I stepped in, countless lights lit up around me, and the huge shading cloth on the side window was also pulled up.

Outside the window is the most famous cbd in Flipvilla, and all the splash screens on the building are on.

When I looked over, I only saw a few words scrolling across all the buildings-Jia Rhodes, Happy Birthday.

At the same time, a band played music on a small stage in the restaurant.

A waitress pushed over a trolley with a three-layer birthday cake on it.

At the very top of the cake is a Disney Princess Belle.

“happy Birthday.”

Norven White took my hand, led me to the only table, and opened the seat for me.

I sit down.

After that, another waiter pushed a cart over.

I saw a velvet box on it.

That texture, there should be jewelry inside.

When I saw the box, Norven White walked over and opened the box.

A necklace lay quietly inside.

The pendant under the necklace is a huge pink heart-shaped gemstone. I don’t know what it is, but it looks very shiny and beautiful.

“This is a pink diamond necklace. I flew to the French auction last week and took it for you.” Norven White said, picking up the necklace and asking me, “Do you like it?”

I nodded gently.

Such a big pink diamond should be very expensive. I couldn’t help but say, “Actually, I don’t have to give me such an expensive one. I don’t know how to do it.”

Norven White did not reply to my sentence, but picked up the necklace, “Come on, I’ll bring it for you.”

He said, walking behind me.

Just about to take it for me, I heard footsteps behind me.

It seems to be the sound of high heels hitting the ground.

Chapter 108

Because Norven White was wearing a necklace for me, before I looked back, I heard a cheerful voice behind me, “Norven, I have good news to tell you!”

Julia Rhodes.

I don’t know if the necklace is worn properly, so I turn around.

Turning his head, the necklace fell to the ground because it was not properly worn, making a crisp sound.

My heart trembled and I lowered my head to get it.

Although I don’t know the price, this necklace must be very expensive. I wanted to check it, but I saw Julia Rhodes’s hand holding something familiar to me.

“How did you find here?”

Before Julia Rhodes could tell the good news, I heard Norven White’s accusation.

The man’s voice was terribly cold, and it was obvious that Julia Rhodes’s way was unexpected.


Julia Rhodes was aggrieved by Norven White. She turned her head to look at everything around her, then looked up at the neon lights outside the window…

Although the lights in the room were dim, I still saw her tears rolling in her eyes, “You said, you have something to do on my birthday, but it turns out that the thing is to help Jia Rhodes celebrate her birthday…”


Norven White does not deny it.

Julia Rhodes pretended to be sensible, “Oh, I see, I’m sorry, I… I am not here at the right time, I will leave now.”

When she spoke, her tone was full of grievances.

Tears also fell down his eyes.

I was sitting there, my heart was already disturbed.

Because I clearly saw that Julia Rhodes was holding…

When I was worried, Julia Rhodes came over and handed what was in her hand to Norven White, and said, “I’m sorry, I didn’t want to disturb you, but… It’s just that I suddenly learned that I was pregnant today, too. I’m happy, that’s why the assistant who haunts you tells me where you are. I really want to share this good news with you the first time…”

Julia Rhodes was talking about it.

Norven White received the test sheet, his body stiffened.

His gaze fell on Julia Rhodes’s flat belly, “Pregnant? When…”

“That night…”

When Julia Rhodes spoke, her face turned red.


Norven White didn’t speak, but Julia Rhodes raised her harmless smile, pulled Norven White and said, “Norven, we have children again, are you happy?”

“What’s so happy about him?” Norven White didn’t speak, and I snorted coldly. “Norven is now considering how much money to give you so that you can get a baby.”

Julia Rhodes stunned and looked at Norven White, “No, Norven, you said that you really want to have a child with me, and we are about to get married…”

“Norven, what do you think?”

I asked Norven White.

Since I ran into it today, I must let Norven White make a choice and make a break.

I am so completely liberated.

“Norven, you won’t let me kill the child, will you?”

Julia Rhodes’s delicate voice intertwined with my cold questioning.

Norven White stood there looking at me and her. For a long time, he raised his hand and patted Julia Rhodes on the shoulder, “You go back first.”

“I do not……”

“Mr. White, make a choice.”

My name for Norven White has changed.

In my opinion, what he said just now has actually stated his position.

I guess, I have already lost.

“Norven, have you forgotten what happened back then? Have you forgotten why I chose to commit suicide there?”

I don’t understand what Julia Rhodes said.

But I guess she and Norven White may have met before.

How else could there be such affection?

But I still debunked Julia Rhodes, “Don’t pretend, you didn’t commit suicide and lose blood at all. Everything was pretended by the person who bought the Sacred Heart. President White has checked it out, but I am embarrassed to expose you.”

I don’t know if Norven White has checked it out, but my words have clearly stimulated Julia Rhodes.

“I didn’t! Don’t talk nonsense!” Julia Rhodes pulled Norven White, “Norven, you believe me, Jia Rhodes just wants to destroy our relationship.”

“Yeah, I just want to destroy the relationship between you. After all, this is a birthday surprise prepared by President White for me. What is it for you to come here?”

Even if we were born on the same day and the same year.

But I, Julia Rhodes, said it was an enemy.

Julia Rhodes explained palely, “I don’t know, I just want to tell Norven about the pregnancy…”

“Now that he knows, you can go.”

I chase off.

How could Julia Rhodes want to go?

She grabbed Norven White’s arm, and Lihua said with rain, “Norven, you, do you really want our children? Then I will get rid of him, so I won’t cause you trouble!”

As she said, she went out.

This trick really worked for Norven White.

When Julia Rhodes hurried to the door, Norven White finally couldn’t help it, and stepped to pursue it.

I said later, “Mr. White, is this your choice?”

Norven White did not answer and did not look back.

At that moment, I heard my heartbreaking voice.

In this relationship, I am simply a crazy gambler.

But this time, I lost the bet again.

The neon lights outside the window have been blessing for a long time, happy birthday music is also playing, and the candlelight on the table flickers.

However, only me is left here.

I checked the necklace carefully and confirmed that it was not damaged. I put it back in the box and left alone.

I wore beautiful clothes and put on makeup. I was walking on the road. There were two motorcycles parked next to me. A young young man got out of the car and said to me, “Oh, beauty, alone? Is it broken? Do you want your brother to accompany you?”

I don’t care.

Other young people came down, stretched out their hands and hooked my shoulders, “Beauty, when you look at it, you are broken in love. Forget the man who doesn’t have long eyes, and be happy with your brother.”

I raised my hand, knocked his arm off, and continued to walk forward.

The young man was obviously irritated by me, “Oh, don’t you give me face?”

“That’s right! Our strong brother is the handle of this generation!”

As they said, they dragged me into an alley with few people!

“Let go!” I just recovered, realized the danger of the matter, and struggled to run forward.

The young man is chasing me behind!

I have no choice but to take off my high heels.

After all, men ran faster than women, and when the people behind were about to catch up with me, a black Mercedes stopped on the side of the road.

The driving position was opened, and a white figure got out of the car and stood behind me for an instant.

I looked up, a little surprised, the man in front of me was actually Zhaoming White!

He was wearing a white gown. Although I only saw the man’s side and back, I could recognize it. It should be the doctor’s white coat.

The gangster seemed to watch Zhaoming White wear glasses, and said disdainfully, “Uncle, I think you have thin arms and legs, and you want to be a hero to save your beauty? Don’t take your own life into it!”

Chapter 109

“Then you guys try it?” Zhaoming White didn’t mean to shrink at all.

When several gangsters were hesitant to do something, one of them shouted, “Brother Qiang, the police are going here.”

“I rely on! Lucky for you!”

The strong brother got on the motorcycle next to him after he finished speaking.

A few punks left.

Zhaoming White turned around,

“Thank you.” Standing in front of Zhaoming White, I was a little embarrassed to be seen by him like this.

After speaking, I wanted to leave.

Zhaoming White called me from behind, “You don’t have any shoes on, how do you plan to go?”


In fact, because I took off my shoes for running, there seemed to be glass on the road, which was stuck on the soles of my feet.

I didn’t feel the escape from patronizing just now. I would stand still, only to find that the soles of my feet felt painful without walking.

“Get in the car,” Zhaoming White said gently.

Then opened the position of the co-pilot for me and got into the driver’s seat.

After I entered, Zhaoming White first said, “Sorry, my car is cheap after all, maybe not comfortable in Xiao xuan’s car.”

“No, no, great.”

I quickly said.

Zhaoming White started the car and asked me as soon as he started, “Your birthday today?”

I was taken aback and looked at him.

With doubts in his eyes, he asked him, “How do you know?”

Zhaoming White glanced out the window lightly and said, “Xiao xuan has bought all the buildings that can be contracted today, let alone me, I am afraid that few people in Flipvilla don’t know.”

I turned my head and saw the lights on the building outside wishing me happy birthday were still flashing.

Thinking of Norven White who left because Julia Rhodes was pregnant.

What a great irony.

“He burns a lot of money.” I lowered my eyes and smiled bitterly.

“Xiao Xuan is a businessman, but he is not willing to spend money on anyone.” Zhaoming White stared at the front, and there was a happy birthday light in front of him. He looked at it and said, “He is willing to spend so much money on you, indicating that he has You take it to heart.”

“This matter may never have happened.”

I smiled bitterly.

He takes me to heart?

There is only Julia Rhodes in his heart.

I sat in a daze in the car and quickly realized that Zhaoming White’s car was not heading in the direction of [Flipvilla No.1]. I looked at the strange scenery outside the window and asked him, “Where is this going?”

Maybe it is my trust in Zhaoming White.

Even if this road is not the way home, I have no doubt that he will harm me.

Zhaoming White smiled, “Your foot hurts, right? I was on duty at the hospital. I went home and took some things in the middle. I didn’t expect to meet you when I came back. I will help you treat the wound on your foot, and then send you home.”

The injury on my foot should be serious and I do need to go to the hospital.

Soon, Zhaoming White heard the car at the door of a small private hospital, and I looked at it that said Guangming Hospital.

The car was parked closest to the door.

Zhaoming White opened the door for me. I got out of the car, thinking that the wound on my right foot was serious and I wanted to step on the ground with my left foot. However, the pain was severe when my left foot hit the ground.

I took a breath, and when I was plucking up the courage to go to the ground, Zhaoming White squatted in front of me and said, “Come on, I’ll carry you.”

“no, I’m fine.”

I immediately said wave my hand.

Zhaoming White kept squatting, tilting his head slightly, and said in a gentle tone, “Are you planning to leave a bloody footprint in the corridor of my hospital?”

His words made me a little embarrassed.

There is indeed blood on my feet now.

After hesitating, I still put my hand on the man’s shoulder.

Along the way, I was brought to the diagnosis room by Zhaoming White.

The nurse helped me deal with the injury on my foot. There were three pieces of glass pierced in my foot.

When pulling the largest piece of glass, Zhaoming White didn’t know where he took a bear doll and handed it to me, “Grab it, don’t be afraid, just one shot.”

“Thank you.”

I hold the doll

Watching the nurse pull out the largest piece of glass with tweezers, and then disinfected my feet, the gauze trembled again.

Zhaoming White asked the nurse to get me a new pair of nurse shoes.

Send me home.

On the way back, I asked him, “I didn’t expect you to be a doctor…”

“Well, just a poor doctor.”

Zhaoming White added.

I immediately said, “No, no, the doctor is very good. It is a good job to save the dead and heal the wounded.”

That’s what I think in my heart.

Zhaoming White glanced at me from his side of light and smiled faintly, “Thank you, I actually like my profession very much.”

Zhaoming White sent me home. Just after I got out of the car, he chased me out again, “I’ll take this to you.”

I looked down. It was the little bear doll just now.

“No need.” I subconsciously refused.

“Take it, a little patient gave me it before I was discharged from the hospital. It’s useless for a big man to hold it, so I gave it to you.” He said, he stuffed the doll into my hand, and added another sentence. “You are also a kid in my heart.”

After he finished speaking, he returned to the car and drove away.

I looked at the bear doll, smiled unconsciously, took the doll and went home.

That night, maybe because of the bear, I didn’t have insomnia.

The next day, as soon as I arrived at the company, I was blocked by a bunch of employees.

“Jia Rhodes, it was your birthday yesterday, right?!”

“Your boyfriend is too arrogant. Yesterday he covered all the building splash screens in the city!”

“That’s it, you have such a rich boyfriend, don’t reveal it to us, is it so low-key?”

Everyone was talking around, only to hear Cao Jing say, “Her sister is the biggest boss of our company, Mr. White’s fiancée, can she be worse?”

In a word, the audience was in an uproar.

More colleagues came to me and asked who my boyfriend was.

I know, no one believes that it was bought by Norven White.

I simply said, “That’s not me, it might be the same name.”

“Don’t lie, I checked with the personnel. Your birthday is yesterday.”

Colleagues don’t believe it at all.

With a wry smile, I looked at the colleagues around me and asked them, “If this happened to you, would you deny it?”

In a word, everyone seems to understand.

The colleagues left with disappointment.

Someone pulled Cao Jing and said, “Hey. I thought she really had a rich second-generation boyfriend.”

Cao Jing smiled, “She is just a little trick, played by men. If she can find a rich second-generation boyfriend, don’t I have to marry the world’s richest man?”

Cao Jing was the only person in the design department who knew about the things I designed at Yufeng.

I can understand her opinion of me.

When I was eating at noon, I sat at a table by myself and heard other colleagues sitting together and discussing yesterday’s events.

The people in the design department did not hesitate to share my morning words with them.

Everyone also looked disappointed and satisfied.

I thought I could eat lunch by myself, but I heard someone next to me ask me, “Is anyone here?”

Chapter 110

I looked up and couldn’t help being taken aback.

I saw a colleague from a different group in the design department called Yu Quiqui.

I used to work with her on a community project, so I often took a ride together.

I’m not familiar with it, but it’s also known.

I nodded.

After she sat down, I lowered my head and continued to eat, but I heard her say, “Jia Rhodes, yesterday I saw President White coming to pick you up. Those splash screens yesterday belonged to you, right?”

“……not me.”

I immediately denied it.

“Why don’t you admit it? Others say that White is always your sister’s fiancé, but when I saw Mr. White pick you up yesterday, he was also very good to you…”

Yu Quietly is two years younger than me. He has just left the campus and is also simple.

Maybe it’s the people and things I’ve been in contact with recently that made me a little wary. I looked at her and said, “So, am I a junior?”


Yu Quietly was obviously taken aback by what I said.

Then immediately waved his hand and explained excitedly, “I didn’t mean that! I didn’t think so!”

When she was talking, she hit the chopsticks all at once, and one chopstick fell to the ground and rolled to my feet.

I picked it up for her.

Looking at Yu Quietly’s embarrassment, I was also a little embarrassed, and shook my head, “That’s really not me. Maybe the one you saw yesterday wasn’t me, it was my sister.”


“It’s really not me!”

I stared at her and said for sure.

After all, the fact that Norven White and I were walking too close spread out. Even if she didn’t think about it, there would be people with ulterior motives using this matter to make a fuss.

Yu quietly seemed to realize something.

Nodded desperately, “Yes, it’s not you, not you!”

When I got off work in the evening, I walked out of the company and unconsciously walked towards the intersection ahead.

It took only two steps to realize that Julia Rhodes was pregnant, and Norven White would definitely have to accompany him, how could he still…

When I denied myself, I saw the intersection ahead and the familiar car parked there!

My heart is tight and I want to look back, but my heart wants me to go forward.

“No, no!”

I warned myself that there are certain things that, once concessions are made, they will never be restored.

I quickly turned around and returned to the company.


I sat there and started to make a rendering of an order signed the day before yesterday.

When I finished more than half and looked up, the sky outside was completely dark. Looking at the time, it was already past 11 o’clock.

At this point, Norven White must have left.

I packed my things and went downstairs. When I reached the intersection, I subconsciously glanced at the previous direction, but saw that the car was still parked there.

The lights flashed double.

In this dark night, the yellow light is so dazzling.

I didn’t go there, but walked to a place invisible to his car by night, and took a taxi home.

the next day.

The third day.

For a week, Norven White was waiting for me.

Later, I got scared, so I arranged for myself to go to the construction site to check the project every afternoon.

Whether Norven White is waiting for me or not has nothing to do with me.

In this way, a month passed in a muddle.

I work every day, and I don’t let myself rest or think about it.

Only that day, the company had a meeting in the afternoon, and I was called back to the company.

Get off work on time after the meeting.

When I stood at the intersection, I saw that Norven White’s car had not stopped there.

At that moment, my heart was a bit empty and firm, but I comforted myself.

“It’s good, it’s good.”

The next day happened to be the weekend, and I also took a day off.

Jiang Rhodes happened to be in China, and she asked me to go to the spa.

In fact, apart from work, I don’t really enjoy it, especially when it comes to skin care.

But I have to say that doing a spa is really comfortable.

When the two of us had a complete set of massage and skin care last night, sitting in the lobby to rest, Jiang Rhodes complained about me, “Look at you, so the skin will be better, you have to pay attention, if you continue, your face will turn yellow in your thirties. Mother-in-law, no one will want you then!”

“No one wants it, no one wants it.”

I lowered my eyes.

I don’t know when it will start, but I have made up my mind to live a life by myself.

“Don’t, even if no one wants it, we have to be beautiful, and we must not let others think that we are left behind by others, but those men are not worthy of us!”

Jiang Rhodes sat upright.

She has a good temperament and looks beautiful.

I haven’t gotten married in nearly 30, it is true that those men are not worthy of her.

We came out of the spa, and she dragged me to go shopping.

As a result, as soon as I entered the mall and went to the first store, I heard a charming voice, “Young Master Yi, I really like these clothes, I don’t know which one to choose~”

Then I heard a familiar and disgusting voice, “Then wrap it up, baby, your happiness is the most important thing.”

I followed the sound and saw Ziyi sitting on the sofa in the counter.

In front of her stood a beautiful woman who was protruding forward.

Holding two clothes in his hand.

Obviously the weather is still early spring, we are all wearing coats to go out, but she is already wearing a miniskirt, low-cut top, silicone chest is ready to come out.

The net celebrity face is full of hyaluronic acid.

“Hey.” Jiang Rhodes glanced at Ziyi’an with a look of disgust, “Go away, or there will be needles.”

Jiang Rhodes and I turned our heads and left, only to be seen by Ziyi’an.

Behind him came the voice of Ziyi’an shouting “beauties”.

Then the man ran all the way, standing in front of Jiang Rhodes, with his hands in his pockets, with a proud look, “Beauty, do you want to buy clothes? Take whatever you want, let me treat you.”

“No, I have the hands and feet to make money and buy it myself, and…” Jiang Rhodes looked at Ziyi’an’s outfit, and laughed mockingly, “You said you made a personal order for yourself, and brought a girl to a mid-range shopping mall to buy things. , Don’t you think the price drops?”

As soon as she said this, the face of the beautiful woman who had just tried on her clothes couldn’t hold it!

Came over, held Ziyi’an, and looked at Jiang Rhodes, “Who are you? Dare to talk to Yi Shao like this.”

Jiang Rhodes is in good shape and looks good.

It’s pure natural again, not a face full of hyaluronic acid, it is natural to throw away this masked beauty.

Faced with the provocation in this beauty’s eyes, Jiang Rhodes didn’t care at all, “Who am I? I am the first passerby passing by. It is you, Young Master Yi who wants to run after me. You don’t blame him but me?”

“Don’t put yourself close to your face, Yi Xiao him…”

“Yes, I am chasing you.”

The beauty was beaten in the face by Ziyi before she finished her words.

Ziyi’an looked at Jiang Rhodes with a smile on his face, “Which clothes do you like, big beauty? I’ll take you there!”

“Not going.”

Jiang Rhodes pulled me away.

Ziyi’an should have realized that Jiang Rhodes is different from his other women, and he is not angry with her. Instead, he chases after him, “No, no, I still have important news. Tell the beauty about the beauty next to you.”

After speaking, his eyes fell on me.

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