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Chapter 131

Because I went to see Song Yiran in the afternoon, some work was put on hold and I finished all the work.

When I looked up again, the sky outside had changed from the day before to the evening.

Although the sun cannot be seen from this angle of the office, the golden sunset can be seen on the horizon.

I lowered my head and took a look. It was early 7 o’clock, and it had been more than an hour after get off work.

Check in and get off work.

I was standing in the elevator, planning to have some dinner at night, go home and take a bath, and then take a notebook to the hospital to see Rhodes Ci, and then continue to work on the design.

When the elevator opened, I thought of that person.

Norven White.

Should he go?

Must be gone.

I guess he couldn’t wait for me here for more than two hours.

I carried my bag and walked out. I just walked to the door and saw the black car parked there.

It’s just that no windows are closed.

Norven White was not seen around either.

Maybe the same car?

When I was comforting myself, I saw the car door opened and Norven White got out of the car.

I was still wearing the afternoon suit.

He waited for me for two hours?

I was in a daze for a while, thinking that a long time ago, when I was Mrs. White, that day when Qiaoyu Lu drank and drank stomach bleeding, Norven White accompanied me to the hospital.

I stayed with Qiaoyu Lu all night in the hospital.

When I came out, I saw Norven White waiting for me in the car.

He waited for me all night.

When I was distracted, the man had already walked in front of me, with the corners of his thin lips slightly curled up, looking at me, “What do you want? What do you want to eat at night, I will take you.”



Norven White looked at his eyes with a smile.

Doesn’t seem to mind waiting for me so long.

I watched him for a long time before saying, “You decide, anything is fine.”

Maybe I should have a chat with Norven White.

We cannot continue like this.

Norven White took me to the Dongfeng Building, to the top floor, but instead of sitting in the box, we sat on the balcony.

Night lights stand around.

The weather in April is not too hot. At this time, there is a cool breeze and it feels good.

Norven White asked me to order, and I still said, “You decide.”

Soon, the dishes came.

I have to say that the dishes at Dongfenglou really taste good, and every dish is delicious.

When we finished eating, all the main dishes and plates were removed, and when the dessert was served, I looked up and looked at Norven White before I said, “Let’s talk about it.”

“Try this first. Their desserts are also delicious. I didn’t order them last time.”

Norven White interrupted me.

His expression was gentle, but I felt that he seemed to keep me from speaking on purpose.

I lowered my head, looked at the matcha cake in front of me, and took a bite.

First it is slightly bitter, then sweet.

It’s like the relationship between Norven White and I for so long.

In retrospect, every step seemed to be painful and scars, but why, I always remembered a good memory.

I just took a bite and continued, “Mr. White, if I remember correctly, you said that you can only be related to Julia Rhodes for the rest of your life, so now you marry him. Qing will only hurt her heart.”


Norven White was silent, looking down at the dessert in front of him, without moving.

“Mr. White, I am not trying to figure out whether you want to enjoy the blessings of the Qi people or why, but no matter why, since you are already going to marry Julia Rhodes, please stop having any contact with me. I am very busy now. , I’m busy every day.”

Doubts about Rhodes Ci’s operation;


Design competition.

Any one taken out alone is enough to consume all my energy.

I really don’t want to deal with Norven White anymore.


Norven White still did not speak.

“Mr White…”

“Jia Rhodes, I just want you in my sight.”

After a long silence.

Norven White finally spoke.

But I did not understand.

He doesn’t love me, he doesn’t like me, he doesn’t miss me.

Just want to see me.

In fact, maybe when an average man says this, I think he likes me, but in front of Norven White, I dare not expect it.

I looked at him and said, “I understand, White is always afraid of me and your uncle going too close, afraid that I will find another man, you can rest assured, it won’t.”

“You stay away from him, he is not as simple as you think.”

When I mentioned Zhaoming White, Norven White’s expression immediately became serious.

I just nodded, “Well, I know, it’s just that Zain Rhodes’s family is suing me this time, and I am looking for him, but I just want to protect myself.”

“Then why don’t you come to me? I have the best lawyer team in Flipvilla.”

Norven White said.

In the tone, there was some dissatisfaction.

It seems to be breathing again.

His words only made me amused. I looked at him and asked, “If Julia Rhodes’s family was the murderer who framed me, or if she was involved, would you just help me?”

Norven White looked at me before speaking, so I answered him, “No, you will threaten me to withdraw the complaint, or you will stand firmly on her side.”

“I will help you justly.” Norven White explained.

“Really?” I listened to the man’s pale argument and sneered, “Mr. White, have you forgotten, why did we divorce?”

Although our husband and wife relationship started to be very poor.

But it has also been eased in the middle.

I still remember that Norven White took the knife for me when I was kidnapped by Sister Long.

If there is no Julia Rhodes, maybe we are now…

I clasped my hands tightly, reminding myself not to think about the past again, and it was obvious that the pain between us was more than beautiful.

When I look back, I can only think of beautiful things.

“Not this time, not in the future…” When Norven White spoke, his eyelids drooped slightly.

It seems to be hiding the guilty conscience in my heart.

No matter how stupid I am, I understand.

“Mr. White, I have finished eating, thank you for your hospitality, I am leaving.”

I carried my bag and prepared to leave.

Norven White got up, he wanted to see me off.

I know I can’t refuse, I can only agree.

Because the community is separated from people and vehicles, he deliberately parked the car at the door and walked with me into the community.

The night was just right, we walked on the winding gravel road, but there was no word.

Until the door of the house, I only said “goodbye” and went upstairs.

After returning home, I took a shower, changed my clothes, packed my things, and prepared to go downstairs to the hospital.

After all, Rhodes Ci is still in a superficial coma and may wake up at any time.

Zain Rhodes and Rhodes Zhaozhi will definitely not be in the hospital. I am afraid that when she wakes up, there is no one by her side and will feel lonely.

I packed my things and went downstairs. As soon as I walked out the door, I saw a person sitting on the flowerbed not far away.

In the dark night, there is a small light that turns on and off.

It seems to be a lit cigarette.

Chapter 132

“Norven White?” This sound was my subconscious behavior.

I regretted it after shouting.

But the man has heard it. He looked up and saw me. Although the night was dim and I couldn’t see his eyes, I heard the man’s wry smile, “I didn’t like your name and surname before calling me, I hope you call me Norven, now I will be happy if you call me by first name and last name.”

“President White, why are you still here?”

I don’t know why his words make my heart tight, and there is a slight sourness lingering in my heart.

“I, I don’t know.” Norven White’s voice was a little melancholy. He stood up and asked me, “Where are you going? Do you need me to send you?”


I don’t want to tell him about my going to the hospital.

“I’ll give it to you, since it’s all for me.” Norven White stepped forward.

I saw his face clearly, but I didn’t see him for a while, but I felt he was a little haggard.

Maybe it’s an illusion.

I want to go by myself, Norven White will not let me.

In desperation, I can only tell him that I will go to Sacred Heart Hospital.

In fact, my heart is very contradictory.

My brain’s judgment must be on guard against Norven White, he belongs to Julia Rhodes.

But my behavior, my heart, and my subconscious all trust him.

Even I look down upon myself like this.

When we arrived at the Sacred Heart Hospital, I went up to see Rhodes Ci, and Norven White followed me.

I stood outside the icu where Rhodes Ci was, watching her lying there quietly, eyes closed, still what I see every day, no change at all.

The values ​​on the surrounding instruments also seem to have not changed much from before.

It just seems a little different.

Because I am not a medical student, I don’t know much about it.

“My grandfather also visited her before.” Norven White stood behind me and said.

“Grandpa White?” I turned my head to look at Norven White, quite surprised.

“Yes.” Norven White nodded, “After Julia Rhodes jumped off the building before, Grandma Rhodes specifically called my grandfather and talked about the marriage, but my grandfather immediately refused.”


When Julia Rhodes harmed me, I exposed her plagiarism.

As a result, the image of the two of us in White Yanhai’s mind plummeted. He must have said that neither of us will be a daughter-in-law.

“However, after visiting Granny Rhodes, Grandpa changed his mind again and personally called Julia Rhodes and me to the house and said that this marriage is allowed.”

After Norven White finished speaking, my heart tightened.


Isn’t that just getting married?

Also good.

Also good.

“Well, congratulations to sister…” The man hugged me from the back before the husband said it.

I heard his thin lips pressed against my ears and said, “Jia Rhodes, I can marry her. I have never touched her, and I will never touch her. The woman I touch is the only woman I can touch willingly. .”

“Mr White…”

“Don’t call me that.” Norven White hugged me from behind and asked me, “Where do you live?”

His voice was a little hoarse.

With ambiguity.

I know clearly what kind of path will be taken once I answer.

But I am stupid, I am always confused by him, I told him I live there.

We entered the escort room, Norven White picked me up, gently put me on the bed, and pressed him up, “Jia Rhodes, I want you…”

Maybe, maybe it’s arrogant.

I looked at him and asked him, “You said you haven’t touched Julia Rhodes, then her child…”

“not mine.”

Norven White’s answer shocked me!

“Not yours?” I looked at him suspiciously, “how do you know?”

The man’s hand moved a little bit, doing foreplay, his black eyes looked at me so earnestly, “I’ve never touched her, at least when I’m conscious, I thought that child It’s mine, because I was drunk that day, I thought she was you…”

Having said that, the man pulled my hair away from my cheek.

Showing my whole face, he gently leaned down and k!ssed my cheek, “Others say that you all look the same, but in my opinion, yours are not the same at all, so after that day she became pregnant, I just Always skeptical.”

“and then?”

“Then on the day her child had a miscarriage, I asked someone to do a special test, and the child was not mine.”

Norven White said lightly.

I looked at him, but my heart hurt so much, “Norven White, she lied to you so much, you should treat her well, if this is not love, then what is love?”


Norven White was already hot at this time.

When he k!ssed me, I only felt the hot breath spraying on my face, as if he wanted to ignite me.

He kept teasing me, I couldn’t help making an ambiguous voice.

The light in the room was off, and the moonlight was so cold. I couldn’t see his expression clearly. I just felt his movements and guided me a little bit.

Fill me up.

The most primitive instinct made me hook his neck and bear the love he gave me at this moment.

Finally hugged him to sleep.

When I woke up again, there was no one in the bed next to me, so I subconsciously touched it, there was still a little bit of temperature.

I glanced at the room. The man’s black suit was still there, and his leather shoes were there.

When I was looking for his person, I saw Norven White walking out of the bathroom without clothes on, only a bath towel wrapped around his lower body.

Water drops dripped down the man’s short hair.

He saw that I was awake, and suddenly jumped up again.

I know what he wants to do, but I have to go to work today!

“Sorry, no…”

At this time I was sober, thinking of my behavior last night, I think I must be crazy.

Why would you lead a wolf into the room.

But Norven White hugged me, “Baby, I found that I really didn’t sleep enough for you. From the first time I slept with you, I was addicted. No matter how long I left you, I couldn’t give up.”

“Don’t…you will be my brother-in-law soon.”

I was cruel and pushed him away.

He got up, wrapped in a thin quilt and took his clothes into the bathroom.

Take a bath.

When he came out again, Norven White had changed his suit and stood there.

I stood at the door a little embarrassed, looked at him, and said, “I’ll go to work after seeing my grandma, you don’t have to send me off.”

“Then I will accompany you up.”

“no need.”

Maybe the sun was shining on me during the day, and I was awake, and I knew I wanted to draw a line with him.

Norven White still followed me.

I know I can’t get rid of it, and I won’t talk anymore.

However, when I went up, I saw several people standing in front of Rhodes Ci’s ICU.

Each is a familiar face.

Zain Rhodes, Rhodes Zhaozhi, Julia Rhodes…

I was so scared that I wanted to leave. Zain Rhodes had already turned his head. He seemed to see Norven White behind me instead of me at first sight, and said, “My son-in-law, why are you here.”

Chapter 133

When he spoke, everyone looked in our direction.

In the next second, everyone will see me.

The most ugly face was Julia Rhodes. She stared at me, her forehead was slightly raised, her hands clenched tightly, but still smiling, she said, “Sister, Norven, how are you two together? ?”


“When I met downstairs, they came up together.”

While I was still thinking about what to say, I heard Norven White behind him had already spoken.

His words tightened my heart.

Can’t help but sneer.

Also, what am I thinking about, in front of Julia Rhodes, Norven White will of course put aside his relationship with me.

“So…” Julia Rhodes’s expression recovered a little now.

Because of this lie, I felt confident enough and asked them, “Why are you here? This is the sun coming out from the west.”

Julia Rhodes glanced at Rhodes Ci in the ward, eyes drooping, and said with a bit of crying, “In the middle of the night, the doctor contacted us and said that grandma was not well, let us come over.”

“Midnight? Why didn’t the doctor notify me?”

I don’t even know!

When I said this, a doctor happened to come over and immediately explained, “We called you yesterday. This gentleman opened the door and said you were resting.”


After the doctor finished speaking, the atmosphere in the corridor fell into a bewildering silence.

The doctor seemed to see that something was wrong and turned around and left.

Julia Rhodes looked up and looked at Norven White, tears falling down, “Norven, what’s the matter?” Then he looked at me, “Sister, why are you uniting to lie to me…”

Zain Rhodes was also angry when he heard it, “Jia Rhodes, you were the one who made Norven White marry Julia, Norven White, you agreed back then, what’s the matter with you two now!”

“Dad, forget it, it’s all me, all blame me, I’m just a superfluous person, I should die…”

Julia Rhodes said, she wanted to run.

Zain Rhodes grabbed her. He couldn’t spare his hand to beat me, so he could only stare at me and said, “Jia Rhodes, we shouldn’t have picked you back home! How many shameless things you have done these years Your grandma loves you the most, but you bought the doctor to harm your grandma, and now you are involved in Julia’s marriage!”

A few words flutteringly, I will be wicked.

This reminds me of what Song Yiran said yesterday.

How could it happen that Julia Rhodes jumped off the building and someone else came to get my card? Who said that everything was not designed long ago?

“Mr. Rhodes, don’t you think that you are ridiculous when you say this?” I put my hands around my chest, “I picked me back for stocks, and later used me to marry me. Julia Rhodes tried to persecute me and was exposed by my grandmother. Marry Norven White, in order to make me disappear completely and put me in jail!”

“You bullshit!”

“I’m nonsense?” I laughed colder. “If you don’t tell me, I will just talk about this incident. I am afraid that it is because you designed Julia Rhodes to be Mrs. White, and then you designed the time to jump from the building, during which time I stole mine. The card was transferred to the doctor, afraid of not being insured, and regardless of grandma’s dangers, and looking for someone to let her go to the rooftop to intercede for you! It turned out that White’s family did not agree, and you directly used grandma’s condition to shake White Yanhai!”

In fact, I guessed most of the things here.

But when I finished speaking, I saw Zain Rhodes, Julia Rhodes had a guilty conscience written on her face.

It’s as if what I’m saying is true, it’s in their hearts!

Zain Rhodes was silent for two or three seconds before suddenly speaking, “What are you talking about! You bastard!”

With that said, raise your hand and hit me!

He was furious and furious. I knew I couldn’t avoid it, so I closed my eyes subconsciously.

But that slap did not fall as I expected.

Before I opened my eyes, I heard Zain Rhodes say, “Norven White, have you been protecting her up to now? She is a vixen, a liar! I can’t hear a word.”

At this time, I have realized what I said nonsense, and I must have guessed most of the plot.

Julia Rhodes is so cruel!

In order to marry Norven White, he didn’t even care about Rhodes Ci’s life!

I decided to take a gamble. I directly held Norven White next to me and said, “Norven, I blame you. I did it too late last night and I didn’t hear the doctor knocking on the door.”

After I finished speaking, Julia Rhodes’s face was green!

“Jia Rhodes, shameless you! You rob my husband!”

Julia Rhodes pointed at me and cursed.

This meeting, I don’t care at all, “Your husband? This is a marriage you threatened with grandma’s life. If it weren’t for grandma’s sake, you thought I would beg him, but you thought he would agree? His face is exposed, and no matter how much a man loves you, he will be wiped out.”

When I said this, my arm clasped Norven White’s arm tightly.

I’m afraid he will pull his hands.

In that way, I lost the bet.

Norven White held Zain Rhodes’s arm with one hand, and I held the other.

I dare not look up at him.

However, in the end the man still pulled his arm out from between my hands.

At that moment, I saw a flash of joy in Julia Rhodes’s eyes.

But in the next second, Norven White’s arm was placed on my shoulder, and Zain Rhodes’s hand was let go. He said word by word, “Jia Rhodes was right. If it wasn’t a special situation, I wouldn’t Maybe promise to marry her.”

“But you say, what you say will count!”

Julia Rhodes was anxious.

“It counts.” Norven White put his arm around my shoulder, so hard, I only heard him say, “I just promised to marry you, and nothing else.”


At that moment, Julia Rhodes’s eyes were red.

If the eyes can kill people, I am afraid I have already died a thousand times.

I looked down, “Let’s go, I’m going to work.”

Rhodes Zhaozhi looked at the situation and finally said, “You two stayed in the escort room yesterday? I booked the escort room to accompany mom, not to make you cheat!”

“Well, I won’t go anymore.”

I said lightly.

After that, I went back and took things.


Norven White said he was going to drive, and I agreed on the surface, but I already planned to take a taxi and leave.

I arrived at the entrance of the hospital, waiting for the rental, and suddenly saw a red sports car parked on the opposite side.

I know that car.

It was Julia Rhodes’s car, and Julia Rhodes was also sitting in the car.

Seeing the car there, a bad feeling arose in my heart inexplicably.

Sure enough, in the next second, the red sports car turned the front and rushed towards me like crazy!

I was shocked.

I ran in the other direction when I pulled my leg, but the sports car was very agile, so I turned straight and rushed towards me!

Seeing the car was about to hit me, when I thought I was bound to die!

A black car suddenly rushed out!


Cars collided!

The sound resounded across the sky!

I fixed my eyes, and it was Norven White’s car that blocked Julia’s dream car…

Chapter 134

All the airbags of the entire car came out, and the man was completely motionless, wrapped in the airbag.

“Norven White!”

I was so frightened that I rushed over to Norven White’s car door.

The man just sat upright with his eyes closed, and there was blood on his body and on the airbag. I don’t know where the blood was.

Seeing this scene, my heart wanted to be pinched tightly by a hand.



But I didn’t dare to move, I was afraid that Norven White would have problems if I moved.

Fortunately, at the entrance of the hospital, several doctors came out pushing the mobile bed.

At this time, Zain Rhodes and Rhodes Zhaozhi all came over.

The condition of Julia Rhodes’s car was worse than that of Norven White’s. The airbags came out, there was blood inside, and the front of the car was seriously deformed.

When she was lifted out, her face was obviously covered with blood, and a large wound on her forehead was very obvious.

I watched Norven White being carried in, and wanted to follow in, but was stopped by Zain Rhodes.

He clung to my arm and stared at me fiercely, “Jia Rhodes, if Julia has two shortcomings! You are done!”

“Mr. Rhodes let go.”

I gave Zain Rhodes a blank look and continued to walk inside.

Both Norven White and Julia Rhodes were sent to the rescue room.

Soon, the light in the rescue room where Norven White was located went out, and I quickly stood up and saw the man being pushed out.

When I passed by, I saw Norven White’s eyes were slightly opened, and his left hand was fixed by several boards.

He saw me and smiled slightly, “Small things.”

In one word, my heart almost collapsed!

Last time, he protected me from injury, and he also said these two words.

“Stop talking!” I said helplessly, “I’m hurt.”

The doctor explained to me that Norven White’s injury was not serious, except that his left arm was injured and he needed a plaster cast. It would take about three months to recover.

Zain Rhodes also came over and asked, “Where is my daughter?”

The doctor looked at Zain Rhodes, “The other is still in a coma after being injured. I am not very clear about the details.”

After speaking, he pushed Norven White away.

I ignored Zain Rhodes and followed Norven White.

Because I was worried about Norven White, I asked for leave from the company. Originally, I had an appointment with a customer today to survey the construction site, but now I can’t go.

I apologized to the customer, and I was complained. When I hung up and returned to Norven White’s ward, the man’s arm was already in cast.

Because he also had a slight impact on his head, the doctor recommended to observe in the hospital for one day.

I stayed with him in the hospital.

At noon, I was planning to go to the cafeteria to buy some food, so White Yanhai brought the servant.

The servant put four dishes and one soup on the table.

White Yanhai looked at me, and asked a little displeased, “Which one is this sister?”

“Grandpa White, this is Jia Rhodes.”

I introduce myself.

Hearing my name, White Yanhai’s expression didn’t change much. He just said to Norven White, “These two sisters are going to kill you. Even for Rhodes Ci this time, I won’t agree with you to marry any of them. Up!”

“Grandpa.” Norven White looked at White Yanhai, frowning slightly, “You are like this, it’s not me who was hurt? Finally played a hero to save the beauty, moved her, and now you don’t let me Marry.”

“I can’t marry!” White Yanhai looked serious, “How nice Lanquan is, look, you were entangled with the two sisters outside, she didn’t say a word, such a woman is suitable for the future mistress of the White family !”

Blue spring.

That woman was called Lan Quan.

The conversation between the two grandparents, I knew it was inappropriate to stand here, so I went out under the pretext of going to the bathroom.

In fact, there is a toilet in the house, so I went out on purpose.

After I came out, I had nothing to do, so I wanted to see Julia Rhodes’s situation.

When I went downstairs, I went to the rescue room and found that the light in the rescue room had gone out, and Zain Rhodes was not there.

I went to the nurse and found out that Julia Rhodes found intracranial hemorrhage during the rescue and was sent directly to the operating room.

I went to the brain department again, and was walking inside, and I saw someone was pulling the doctor to ask about the situation.

“Assistant Li?”

That is Norven White’s assistant Li Kai.

He was actually in the hospital.

I walked over and just heard him asking, “Is Julia Rhodes’s situation dangerous and will it affect her life.”

“This is not certain until the operation is completed.”

The doctor’s answer was conservative.

Standing behind, I couldn’t help wondering whether Norven White asked him to come?

Norven White’s trick is really good.

There he comforted me, and in front of White Yanhai, he said he wanted to marry me.

Here, the assistant was asked to care about Julia Rhodes.

If it weren’t for me to come over and meet him by chance, I’m afraid he wouldn’t know his skills are so high.

I walked up without incident and asked Li Kai, “Is Assistant Li here to care about Julia Rhodes for President White?”

He heard my voice and turned around immediately.

I don’t know if it was my illusion. When he saw me, he was obviously startled.

There was some unnatural expression on his face, and he paused for a while before saying, “Yes, President White asked me to ask about Ms. Julia Rhodes’s situation. There is no other meaning.”


I lowered my eyes and said nothing.

Originally, I wanted to leave directly, but my bag was still in Norven White’s ward, and anyway, Norven White also saved me.

If I take care of him for a day, I shall pay this favor.

Jia Rhodes, Jia Rhodes.

How can you still not recognize reality.

Always cheated by Norven White in a few words.

While scolding myself, I went back to Norven White’s ward.

Through the glass at the door of the ward, I saw that White Yanhai was still inside, so I didn’t go in. I went to the cafeteria for a meal and wandered around. When I came back, I found that White Yanhai was still there.

I just sat outside, looking out the window in a daze.

Within ten minutes, White Yanhai came out.

He saw me and seemed to want to say something, but he took another look at the direction in the ward, and finally left.

As soon as White Yanhai left, I got up and went back to the ward.

Looking at Norven White, he wanted to mention what was just now, but he felt hypocritical.

Because of emotion and reason, Julia Rhodes is Norven White’s fiancée, so what’s the matter?

That afternoon, although I was with Norven White, he asked Li Kai to care about Julia Rhodes’s affairs, but it seemed like an insoluble knot in his heart.

I want to speak, but I don’t know how to speak.

Want to let go, but can’t let go.

In the evening, he asked Li Kai to take us to the underground garage of the community. After I got out of the car, I wanted to go to the building where my house was, but Norven White posted it, using his right hand to hold me tightly. Here, “Baby, you see my hand hurts, it is not convenient to go home by myself.”

With that, he turned me in the direction of his house.

“Do you have a servant at home?”

“Yes.” Norven White paused, leaned slightly, and looked at me with a very ambiguous look, “But I want to take a bath, so I can’t let the servant serve you too…”

Chapter 135

Take a bath.

Norven White’s words were already very explicit.

I looked at him suspiciously, “You are not all hurt like this, are you still thinking about that matter?”

“Where is it”

Norven White’s arm imprisoned me, but he said with a somewhat innocent expression, “I just said let you take a bath…”

“No washing.” I was a little angry. “Will Julia Rhodes wake up and help you wash it?”

“Julia Rhodes?” When I mentioned her, I saw Norven White’s eyes darkened, and then said, “I will not do anything except marry her.”

“Then you still let Li Kai care about Julia Rhodes’s situation?”

I can’t hold back this matter, and I must say it at this moment.

When I said, Norven White frowned slightly, “What?”

“Don’t pretend, I know, when Grandpa White came today, I went to Julia Rhodes to see it, and I happened to see Li Kai.”

I gave Norven White a white glance.

I was angry in my heart, but when he was by my side, my anger seemed not so heavy anymore.

The least promising one is indeed me.

Norven White heard what I said, and was silent for a moment, as if thinking about something.

Seeing me looking at him, the corners of the man’s mouth turned aside, “I haven’t ordered this, but the people around me must take all the things I might ask.”

I reluctantly accept this reason.

I accompany Norven White home. When a servant at home saw me when the door was opened, all the servants returned to the servant’s room skillfully.

Only me and him were left in the empty room.

As the man walked in, he unbuttoned his shirt. Halfway through, he turned to look at me, and said innocently on his face, “Baby, I can’t take my clothes off.”


Norven White was like that at the time, where was the chief executive, he was clearly his son waiting for his mother to help!

I gave him a blank look and deliberately said, “Take it off by yourself.”

“Can’t take it off.” Norven White walked over, holding me in his arms with his right hand, and shaking his left hand in front of me.

I probably took a look. Norven White’s left hand was in a plaster cast, and the sleeves of his shirt were rolled up. If you unbutton the sleeves, you should be able to take off his clothes.

Looking at the pitiful look of the man, I don’t know why I am no longer angry.

Let him sit on the bed, I carefully help him unbutton his left shirt, and then undress.

I thought it was easy, so I unbuttoned and started to undress.


When I was halfway off, Norven White cried out in pain.

At first I thought he had hit him, but I tugged again, watching the man’s face turn pale, and there seemed to be fine beads of sweat on his forehead.

I realized that he didn’t seem to lie to me.


Norven White just looked up at me.

His face is full of innocence and sincerity.

I lowered my head to check, only to find that although the cufflinks came out, the middle of the sleeve was stuck in the plaster, and the plaster would be driven by pulling it.

I hurriedly pulled my sleeves back, frowned and said, “I can only cut this dress.”

After that, I went to find the scissors.

When I was holding the scissors and making gestures, I saw Norven White sitting straight, with his left hand stretched out straight. Before I felt as cold as the handsome face of an iceberg plateau, this would bring a trace of grievance and tension.

See me making gestures with scissors.

Finally couldn’t help saying, “Be careful, or you will destroy the happiness of the rest of your life.”

“Mine?” I curled my lips and said deliberately, “You are broken, I’ll replace it with someone else, and it will only be you…ah!”

Before he finished his words, he was directly put in his arms by the man’s right hand.

One turned over and pressed onto the bed.

The action came too fast, my scissors couldn’t be held firmly, and after flying a few times, they fell on the ground with a “clang”.

“For someone else?” Norven White pressed me. The tension just now disappeared completely with the scissors landing. He looked at me, his black eyes were full of joking and playfulness, “Experienced my size, other men I can’t satisfy you.”

After speaking, he leaned over and k!ssed me.

My mind is not here at all, “Your left hand is still injured!”

“It’s okay.” The man said while k!ssing my neck, “It’s not just your hands that hurt you…”

All night long.

Norven White and I went from the bedroom to the bathroom and back to the bedroom.

I don’t know how many hours of lingering.

Finally fell asleep in his arms.

It seemed that not long after I fell asleep, I was awakened by the ringtones one after another.

I opened my eyes slightly, the sky just turned white.

It should be at five or six o’clock.

Norven White was by my side, and somewhat dissatisfied with the phone, I snuggled in his arms.

The room was very quiet, and the phone voice was slightly louder. I clearly heard Lumia Fan’s voice from the microphone, “Mr. White, Julia has woke up, her situation is very complicated now, please come!”

“She sees a doctor when she wakes up.”

Norven White said lightly.

His attitude made me feel a little relieved inexplicably.

“No, Mr. White, I beg you, come here, Julia, she…has amnesia.”

I also heard what Lumia Fan said clearly.

In the man’s arms, I saw the man frowned slightly and said, “If necessary, I can help introduce a psychologist.”

“No! Mr. White, you can come here, talk and talk, Julia was also related to you!”

Lumia Fan entangled in every way.

I don’t know if Norven White refused because of me. I didn’t think he would let go, so he said, “Go, just I will go too.”

Norven White squinted at me, and reluctantly said, “Okay.”

In fact, I mainly want to see if Julia Rhodes has really lost her memory, or is she going to do something else.

I got dressed for Norven White. This time we chose a shirt with loose sleeves, so I can put it on and take off easily.

We arrived at the Sacred Heart Hospital.

According to Lumia Fan’s ward number, I arrived at the door of the ward.

I was on the elevator, deliberately holding Norven White.

The elevator door opened, and as expected, Lumia Fan was standing at the elevator entrance. When she saw Norven White, there was joy on her face, but she quickly saw me.

The expression of joy just now turned into astonishment and then into anger! Pointing at me and cursing, “Jia Rhodes, why are you here too!”

“Aunt Fan, I slept on the same bed with him. I was awakened by you and couldn’t sleep anymore, so I naturally came to see it.”

I said alienatedly.

Lumia Fan’s teeth were itchy at this time, “Jia Rhodes! You b!tch, without you, our family, our dreams would not have become like this!”

As she said, the whole person leaped towards me!

Norven White pushed with his right hand, Lumia Fan staggered, and pushed back a few steps, holding on to the wall before falling down.

She looked at Norven White with a bit of disbelief on her face, “Mr. White, Julia loves you so much, how can you be hooked by a fox like Jia Rhodes!”


Well, this is probably the unified name of Zain Rhodes’s family.

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