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Chapter 141

Mr. Zhan and Lu Yuhan are gone.

Deng Qi looked at me and made sure again and again, “Is this work really yours?”


I only said two words.

Deng Qi nodded helplessly, “That’s fine, you can put your work off recently, and think about how to prove that this design is yours. If you need my help, come to me.”

I responded.

Back in the office, my colleagues saw me, all gloating.

Especially Cao Jing, when she saw me coming in, she immediately leaned over with a smile, “Oh, Jia Rhodes, why are you so confused, what are you doing, and plagiarism? This is a big mess, maybe even if you get fired, No matter how big your backstage is, it won’t cover you.”

I ignored her.

I just sit and pack my things, think about how to reduce working time recently, and then concentrate on finding evidence that the work belongs to me.

Cao Jing looked a little unhappy when I ignored her, “Why don’t you speak? Is it that Mr. Deng is about to fire you?”

“You are noisy.”

I gave her a blank look.

Cao Jing was stunned for a moment, but still said, “Huh, you have to be sedated now, and you will be stricken in a few days after being expelled.”

She was gone, and my ears were finally quiet.

All the colleagues in the entire office were eliminated in this competition, only I remained.

They are all in the mood to watch a good show.

I was too lazy to manage so much. I made a timetable, contacted a few customers and people in the engineering department, and started work after I settled on the time.

If I need to see customers, or communicate with the engineering department or supervision department, I will do it during the day.

I will make changes or renderings at night.

The workload of a week forced me to crush it into four days.

On the evening of the fourth day, I finished communicating with the engineering department and drew up all my previous work plans.

Then I went back to the office, turned on my personal computer, and started thinking about how to prove that this work is mine.

When I looked at the work on the computer, I suddenly became entangled.

How to prove this?

A draft is not enough.

I opened the design. Although there are layers and details, it can be drawn even if it is a gourd drawing.

There is no proof that this is his own evidence.

I spent two days thinking and meditation.

Find a piece of evidence by yourself, and then be overthrown by yourself.

Seeing that there is still one day left, I will go to Qingtian’s conference room soon to prove to everyone that this work is my time.

But there is no progress at all.

In fact, I understand that if Lu Yuhan, like me, cannot fully prove that this work is his own, others will believe her.

When I was sitting in front of the computer, my phone rang when I was at a loss.

I lowered my head, it was Qiaoyu Lu’s.

After answering the phone, the first thing he did was to apologize to me, “Sorry, I thought you didn’t pay attention to that website before entering the semi-finals. I opened it today and only saw the plagiarism.”

“It’s okay.”

In fact, without Qiaoyu Lu’s advice on my preliminary contest, I would not even be able to enter the preliminary contest.

Qiaoyu Lu asked me, “Then how is this problem solved now?”

With the mentality of giving it a try, I told him about Qingtian’s hearing tomorrow, that Lu Yuhan and I would have a positive pk.

At the same time, I told him my current situation.

It’s just that you can’t completely authentic this work as your own.

After listening, Qiaoyu Lu was silent for a while and said, “I will help you think about it.”

In fact, at this time, I had no hope.

It just said thank you.

By 11 o’clock in the evening, I had been sitting in front of the computer for a day and couldn’t think of a good way to prove that this work is my own.

Simply break the jar.

go to bed!

Early the next morning, I woke up looking at the computer that was turned on, regretting it again.

One night, maybe I can think of a good way.

But now it’s too late to regret.

I packed my notebook and took it to the Sky Group.

Deng Qi was already waiting for me when I arrived at the gate of the Sky Group. He was wearing a black suit with sequins today, and he looked quite advanced.

He saw me and immediately leaned in and asked nervously, “How? Are you confident to convince everyone?”

“Let’s talk about it when you go.”

This is considered a hearing debate, and I can’t say anything frustrating before it even starts.

Although at this moment, I seem to have seen the result.

Deng Qi didn’t have the confidence to hear me, and he was even more worried, “What do you mean? Do you have any confidence? Is this work yours? Don’t shame me then?”


I was in a mess and didn’t want to talk.

Deng Qi was reluctant, “If this work is not yours, let’s go quickly, don’t be ashamed!”

“Yeah, what’s the matter? Did you start internal conflicts before you even started?”

When Deng Qi was chasing me to ask, he heard a woman’s sharp voice.

I looked up and saw Mr. Zhan and Lu Yuhan standing at the elevator door.

The meeting room is on the 7th floor.

Riding the elevator is the only way.

When Deng Qi saw them, he was a little frustrated at first, but this time he could only pretend not to worry, his spine was straight, he tidied up his suit, and calmly said, “This work is by our family, Jia Rhodes, and we have already done it. Well prepared.”

“Really? Then wait and see.”

Zhan always glanced at me, his eyes always full of contempt.

The elevator just came.

The four of us went up together.

On the 7th floor, there were already quite a few people in the conference room.

I probably took a look. They were all raw faces, but there were a few familiar faces.

One is Shu Qing and the other is Li Kai.

I can understand Shu Qing.

Li Kai is Norven White’s assistant.

I am a little confused why he is here.

The meeting started at 9 o’clock, and it’s only 8:30 now.

The two of us were sitting and sorting things together. Deng Qi kept asking me in my ear, “Do you have any confidence? Are you sure? If you shame me, I will fire you!”

“Don’t worry, Mr. Deng, the work is mine, I haven’t copied it.”

Besides, I don’t know what to say to Deng Qi.

Finally, it was 9 o’clock.

Li Kai stood up, walked to the center of the conference room, and said, “Hello everyone, I am President White’s assistant, my name is Li Kai, President White has something to do this morning, so I am temporarily in charge of this meeting.”

Deng Qi and Zhan, as well as Shu Qing, and a few others, are polite to Li Kai.

As soon as the memories started, Lu Yuhan couldn’t wait to open his notebook, and then step by step to show the draft of his work, as well as the 3D modeling on the computer and so on.

Seeing these, I couldn’t help taking a breath.

The draft was obviously drawn by herself, but the modeling she showed was exactly the same as mine, and the cut points were exactly the same.

It can be said that she directly went through some channels, and then directly got my original documents.

This meaning is more than plagiarism.

Chapter 142

Lu Yuhan started to talk about his design ideas while showing things.

Although he is different from me, but he also speaks the truth.

Even some small things, I just designed casually, she can tell some ways.

Although I haven’t spoken yet, I feel like I have lost.

After all, although I am the author, her language organization ability and on-the-spot adaptability are above me.

I know very well that what I said later is definitely not as good as her.

After Lu Yuhan finished speaking, I took out something and prepared to talk about my design concepts and ideas.

I just opened the model diagram, and the people below were sighing.

I think everyone, like me, can see that these are two identical model files.

This is not plagiarism.

It is a copy.

I talked about my design philosophy and ideas.

In order to win everyone’s hearts for myself, I also took out my experience in the orphanage since I was a child.

But all this looked so pale after Lu Yuhan’s perfect explanation before.

When I was speaking, I felt the changes in the expressions of the people in the audience, joking, and disdainful.

It seems that I have already identified plagiarism.

Especially Mr. Zhan, although he didn’t laugh out loud, the corners of his mouth almost reached the base of his ears.

Finally, I finished.

After I said, “The above are all my thoughts on my work, thank you everyone.”

President Zhan stood up and looked at the people around him, “I think, who is this work, everyone already knows very well.”

After she finished speaking, everyone began to whisper.

Lu Yuhan smiled even more proudly, but said, “Boss, don’t do that. After all, Jia Rhodes has worked so hard to compose a design idea.”

When she finished speaking, everyone around was whispering.

“How can such a good work belong to her? The face is really big.”

“No, I thought it was plagiarism. Now that she saw it, she was even more shameless. She actually copied Lu Yuhan’s files directly, adding something to her, saying it belongs to her.”

“I think such a person should be expelled.”

The surrounding words are not loud, but the meeting room is so small.

I think it’s hard not to hear.

At this time, Deng Qi could not sit still, “What’s the matter with you? Huh? Now you still want to say that this work belongs to you? I shouldn’t be ashamed with you!”

After he finished speaking, he got up and wanted to leave.

I was anxious, stood up, and said to Lu Yuhan, “This work was originally mine. I don’t know what you used to copy it away, but it’s mine, it’s mine. I can’t fake it!”


As soon as I finished speaking, Lu Yuhan smiled directly.

She was already fat, and when she smiled, the flesh on her body and face trembled.

She smiled, Mr. Zhan aside, and everyone else laughed.

Deng Qi was going to leave. Hearing everyone laugh, he returned and called me, “Okay! Don’t you feel ashamed enough? Come with me!”

“I won’t go.” At that time, my kinetic energy was left there, standing still, and repeated, “It’s mine, it’s not me who is ashamed!”

At this meeting, everyone who came to listen to it all laughed together.

I clenched my hands tightly, my nails pinched the palms of my hands, and my back straightened so that I wouldn’t take a step back.

I don’t want to be wronged!

Don’t carry this pot on your back.

“Assistant Li, the result is obvious, we will leave first.” Zhan Zhan said to Li Kai, “We have many projects in hand, Yuhan, customers are waiting.”

Li Kai looked at me, then looked at Lu Yuhan, and said indifferently, “President White said, he will come later.”

In a word, Zhan and Lu Yuhan directly sat down.

When everyone heard that Norven White was coming, they didn’t dare to laugh so exaggeratedly.

Deng Qi glanced at me and whispered, “You have copied everything, and are you pulling President White to speak for you?”

“I do not have……”

In fact, my mood is a bit complicated at this time. I haven’t seen Norven White for a long time since that day.

Now that he sees me like this again, he doesn’t know what he will think.

About half an hour later.

Norven White is here.

When he walked in, all the bosses, especially Mr. Zhan, crowded in front to greet him.

Norven White came in and asked about the general situation.

Everyone started talking about me crazy because they thought it was me plagiarizing.

Words such as “shamelessness”, “people who have lost the Sky Group”, “scum among designers”, etc., what can be said, can be used, and how unbearable they are, have all been used on my body.

Norven White listened, although his eyes were not looking at me, his brows were deep furrowed, his face was cold and terrible, and his black eyes were deeply unhappy.

The group of bosses next to him were all human beings. Seeing Norven White’s mood was not good, after saying a few words, they didn’t dare to say anything.

Norven White finally looked at me and said, “You can talk about it.”

“I made things.”

This Norven couldn’t be clearer.

I lived with him at the time and he watched me do it.

However, at this time I don’t want to tell this fact even more than him.

Once said, I may not be able to survive in the company.

“Huh, you still have the face to say that you did it? You…”

“To shut up!”

Just as Lu Yuhan wanted to taunt me, Norven White spoke directly.

Only two words were spoken, but the aura was pressing.

Lu Yuhan shivered with fright and shrank into his chair.

Norven White looked at me with some doubts in his eyes, as if he was asking me what he wanted him to do.

When the scene was so stalemate, Zhan suddenly stood up, “Mr White, I have something to say.”

“You said.”

Norven White’s eyes swept over her.

“I heard that you and this Jia Rhodes have an unusual relationship, but this time she copied my work, I have to speak for my people. If you want to favor favoritism, then even if we leave Qingtian, we must also find A place to prove your innocence.”

Zhan’s tone of speech is very strong, obviously just to the end.

As soon as she said, the faces of the people around changed.

Everyone looked at me.

The look in his eyes is incredible.

“Zhan Yun, don’t talk nonsense!” Li Kai finally spoke.

For the first time, I also knew Mr. Zhan’s name, Zhan Yun.

“I’m talking nonsense? As President White’s secretary, you should be clear about this matter.” Zhan Yun felt confident.

Moreover, Norven White would not say anything. In fact, the truth of the matter was already very clear.

Norven White looked at her, walked to the center of the conference room, and said every word, “I don’t know much about design, but I know this work was designed by her, because we lived together every day at that time.”

Just a few words, like a depth bomb thrown into the water!

Everyone looked at me.

My eyes looked at Lu Yuhan, her face was sweaty, and it seemed that Norven White would testify for me!

I stood there, and when I didn’t know what to say, I heard Zhan Yun say, “Mr. White, you’re also Mr. Qingtian anyway, and you lied about a woman.”

Chapter 143

Norven White cast a glance at Zhan Yun, his eyes faint, not at all irritated by her words.

That look is even a bit like watching a joke.

I can read his eyes, and Zhan Yun must also understand. She angrily said, “Mr. White, I respect you, but I am a guardian, and Lu Yuhan is my strong general. If I don’t stand for her, Who made her head for her?!”


I absolutely admire Zhan Yun.

And I also understand all her actions. She absolutely believes in Lu Yuhan, so she is full of confidence here.

Compared to Lu Yuhan, this Huihui’s face had begun to turn pale, and his expression was unnatural. He stood behind Zhan Yun and looked around.

Obviously a manifestation of guilty conscience.

Norven White looked at her and paused for a while before asking, “Then what are you going to do?”

“Fire her.” After Zhan Yun finished speaking, she added, “Since we belong to the Sky Group, then we can’t break a pot of soup because of a mouse shit. If Mr. White, you have an affair with her, let her go. Keep it at home, don’t harm our entire group.”

Zhan Yun said it all right.

After she finished speaking, some managers beside her kept nodding.

When I listened, I just felt that these words seemed familiar.

Someone once said something similar to Qiaoyu Lu…

Lu Yuhan was a little nervous next to him, but now Zhan Yun kept helping her to overturn Norven White’s proof.

She also began to relax a little, and echoed, “Yes, we are a group.”

I looked at Zhan Yun and asked her, “You believe her so?”

“Of course.” Zhan Yun gave me a white look, her eyes were full of contempt, and she snorted, “Yuhan has been with me for several years, and I know her very well, but although you came in not long ago, I I have heard a little bit about your affairs.”

For a time, the scene fell into a deadlock.

Me, Norven White, Zhan Yun, and Lu Yuhan stood in four corners.

We do not speak, and others dare not speak.

Especially when Norven White was here, although everyone had ideas in their hearts, they did not dare to jump to conclusions.

But Zhan Yun still spoke, “Mr. White, now the result is very clear. If it’s okay, let’s go first.”

Norven White looked at me, “What are your plans?”


I do not know either.

what can I do?

I can’t prove that this work is mine.

Norven White did not acquiesce, and Zhan Yun also planned to take someone away.

“I can follow you, sleepwalking like a shadow following the light…”

Before the two of them arrived at the door, my cell phone rang.

It’s Qiaoyu Lu.

I answered the phone and heard Qiaoyu Lu ask me, “Are you still in the meeting room?”


“Ok, you let them all watch, then you video call me and invite remote assistance to my computer.”

After Qiaoyu Lu finished speaking, he hung up the phone.

Although I didn’t know what he was going to do, I had some confidence in my heart. Looking at Zhan Yun and Lu Yuhan who were standing at the door watching me hang up and prepare to leave, I said, “Mr. Zhan, Designer Lu, please wait. .”

“Jia Rhodes, our time is precious.”

Lu Yuhan said.

She had already recognized that I couldn’t find any evidence, and she was full of anger when she spoke.

“Just wait a minute, my friend helped me find new evidence.”

Just after I finished speaking, Lu Yuhan’s face turned pale. He looked at me and said unhappily, “Don’t waste everyone’s time.”

“Since it’s all here and it’s been a waste of so long, why do you leave with a result?” I looked at the people around me, “I think everyone wants to know who this work belongs to.”

I don’t know what Qiaoyu Lu is going to do.

But I trust him 100%.

Lu Yuhan will have a guilty conscience now, “We don’t have so much time to toss with you.”

“Sit down, let’s see what she can make a moth.”

Lu Yuhan did not want to sit, but Zhan Yun was not afraid.

She pulled Lu Yuhan back to her original position.

Watching them sit down, I turned on the computer, connected to wifi, and remotely assisted Qiaoyu Lu’s computer.

After he agreed, there was another desktop on my computer.

It is Qiaoyu Lu’s desktop.

At the same time, he can be heard.

Qiaoyu Lu introduced himself first, and only said his name. Most of the people in it already knew him.

Qiaoyu Lu began to show three pictures on the computer.

One is the work submitted by Lu Yuhan in this rematch, and I have not seen the other two works.

Qiaoyu Lu said, “The two works are Lu Yuhan’s work before the design competition semi-finals and the works completed during the semi-finals. I don’t need to introduce the other one.”

He displayed the three pieces of works on the table in a plane, and asked everyone, “Do you see any difference?”

No one spoke.

At this time, I was watching Lu Yuhan, her face had become very ugly, her hands were firmly on the edge of the chair.

Fire in the eyes.

No one spoke, Qiaoyu Lu said, “These three works, the two I just showed are made with the latest version of the software, and the semi-final works are made with the old software. This, everyone is in the shadow, You can see it.”

As Qiaoyu Lu said, he showed three works separately.

At this time, the voice of discussion sounded around.

At this time, I also understand what Qiaoyu Lu is going to do.

He is not proving that this work is mine, but proving that this work is not Lu Yuhan’s!

As long as this work is not hers, then it can prove to be mine.

After the show, Qiaoyu Lu said, “If you are interested, you can take a look at Jia Rhodes’s other works. After all, she is nostalgic for the past, and she even uses a piece of software. If you are used to the old version, you don’t like to change to the new version.”

“My Yuhan may also use the old version.”

At this time, Zhan Yun could not sit still a bit, she looked at Lu Yuhan when she spoke.

The imaginary expression in the center of Lu Yuhan’s eyes actually betrayed her completely.

Zhan Yun seemed to be by her side for a while, and when she looked at Lu Yuhan, her expression was a bit angry!

When Qiaoyu Lu heard Zhan Yun’s words, he calmly said, “I’m sorry, I and Lu Yuhan are relatives. I have persuaded her to admit that she is obsessed, but this morning I specifically confirmed with her the software version she is using recently. I also admitted that it has always been the latest version.”

After a few words, the facts are very obvious.

Deng Qi let out a sigh of relief and laughed a few times, “Haha, I said I trust my employees the most, otherwise I won’t follow her to participate in this.”

Norven White kept his eyes on my computer, and every time Qiaoyu Lu spoke, his face didn’t seem very good.

Zhan Yun stared at Lu Yuhan and asked her seriously, “What’s the matter?!”

The bosses of several companies also looked at Lu Yuhan, and their eyes changed from just trusting to spectators watching the show.

Lu Yuhan lowered his head and was silent for a long time. After a long time, he suddenly raised his head and pointed at my computer and cursed, “Qiaoyu Lu, you forced me today!”

Chapter 144

Lu Yuhan yelled at Qiaoyu Lu in the computer, “You still help her when the matter is up? Did you know that she always has a leg with our company boss White!”

“To shut up.”

Zhan Yun would know the reason, and didn’t want to talk about it.

But Lu Yuhan refused, “Qiaoyu Lu, didn’t you ask me to help you with your parents? I found out. The person looking for the financial operations account is Mr. White’s assistant-Li Kai! Who is this? You must be very clear about it!”

She was talking about Li Kai, but I looked at Norven White.

It is not only Qiaoyu Lu who did this, but I also know clearly.

At that time, I was full of suspicion. Although Jiang Rhodes had solved a little bit, I still had some doubts in my heart.

This would be exposed by Lu Yuhan, and my heart was inexplicably disgusted.

Dislike Norven White.

Lu Yuhan turned his face to me, smiled at the corner of his mouth, and the fat on his face trembled, “Jia Rhodes, do you think Mr. White is insidious? Let me tell you, what’s even more insidious is you, a senior who has always been pretending to be a good guardian! “


“Hahaha, don’t you know! The first Yufeng design didn’t work for a while. Everyone thought it was retaliated by someone. It was because of my relatives’ face to introduce customers to Qiaoyu Lu, but my customer told me, yes Yufeng designed not to take orders!”

I know exactly what Lu Yuhan said.

At that time, I had left Yufeng Design, but An Qi told me that Yufeng was going bankrupt.

At that time, I also had doubts about Norven White…

“It’s enough!”

Qiaoyu Lu’s voice came from the computer.

His voice was clearly flustered.

Why? I don’t even know it.

Lu Yuhan looked at my computer and smiled terribly, “Scared? It’s late! Don’t you want to go back with her again? Then I won’t let it go!”


In the computer, when Qiaoyu Lu wanted to say something, Norven White had already walked over and closed my computer with a snap.

Looking coldly across everyone present, putting his hands in his pockets, he said word by word, “If something happened here today, if half a word is passed out, I will not trace the source, I will assure you all Since then, I can’t mix in this industry.”

After he finished speaking, he walked to me, “Let’s go.”

At this moment, I felt extremely complicated, and I didn’t even have the thought to say anything to Norven White.

I can only say, “Thank you, Mr. White.”

Leaving the meeting room strode.

I could hear the sound of Norven White chasing out. I speeded up and went to the front of the elevator. Both elevators are upstairs. It will take a while to get down.

In desperation, I chose to walk from the side stairwell.

As soon as he entered the stairwell, Norven White chased me up, and he hugged me with one hand.

I am getting angry, struggling to push the man away!

“Uh.” Norven White took a step back, leaning against the wall, his right hand supporting the left arm.

I just remembered now.

His arm is not healed, although he hasn’t got a plaster, he has been injured for a hundred days, which is not good.

The man’s facial features were twisted together at this time, his expression looked very painful and he leaned against the wall.

I went down two steps and didn’t mean to chase me at all.

Isn’t something really wrong?

After struggling for a while, I still leaned forward, gently supporting the man’s arm with one hand, “Is it all right?”

Norven White kept his right hand holding his left hand, squeezing a word from the gap between his teeth, “It hurts.”

“Sorry, sorry, I didn’t mean it, I forgot the injury on your arm.”

To be honest, I was a little panicked at this moment.

Take out the phone and want to call 120.

Norven White raised his hand, held my mobile phone and said in a slightly hoarse voice, “Listen to me.”


“Listen to me.” Norven White frowned and looked at me, “Li Kai’s matter, I actually discovered some clues before, but he has been with me for a long time…”

Norven White said that he stopped here.

The expression on his face is even more painful.

I was frightened and wanted to continue making calls with my mobile phone, but Norven White reached out and held my hand and continued, “And he hasn’t made any mistakes, so I just mentioned that. , Really has nothing to do with me, but I will check it out and give you an explanation.”

The man said, leaning against the wall, and slowly squatted down.

The expression is getting more and more painful.

Will it really crash? I was frightened at the time, and while trying to get my hand out of his hand, I said, “You let go, I’ll call 120, you can’t do that.”

“Do not……”

Norven White whispered.

I was anxious, leaning over, trying to open his fingers with my fingers, but just as I approached, the man suddenly raised his arms and hugged me.

I froze.

Then I heard the man sticking to my ear and saying, “Just give you a hug.”

“You scared me to death!”

I am struggling angrily to hit someone!

Seeing the man frowned, he let out a muffled grunt, he held his left arm with his right hand, and said solemnly, “It really hurts this time.”

“Call a doctor if it hurts, I’ll leave first.”

I didn’t want to talk to him anymore. I walked out of the stairwell, and an elevator stopped on the 7th floor.

Get on the elevator.

Leave Qingtian.

When I left the Qingtian Group building, I saw Julia Rhodes hovering at the door not far away.

Now the weather is hot. Except for some office workers wearing long-sleeved shirts, most people have worn short-sleeved shirts.

Julia Rhodes wore long sleeves.

I wanted to avoid her, but when she saw me, she walked over happily and greeted me, “Jia Rhodes, why are you here too.”

“…Well, a meeting.”

I don’t want to talk to her much, I just want to leave.

But Julia Rhodes didn’t think so. She pulled me with the familiar white lotus smile on her face, “Jia Rhodes, will you have something to do later? Since we met today, can we have lunch together?” “

“I’m busy.”

I answered indifferently.

For Julia Rhodes, I can’t figure out whether she has real or fake amnesia.

I still remember the cruelty she took to herself in the bathroom that day.

If everything is pretended, then Julia Rhodes is too powerful.

Julia Rhodes didn’t seem to be angry at my indifference, frowning and saying, “What have we misunderstood in the past few years? I remember that we had a good relationship before…”

“Our relationship has never been bad.”

I would rather Julia Rhodes be sneered at me than she always looks like a white lotus.

I can’t cope with this.

But this is the case.

Julia Rhodes dragged me and said, “Mr. White and I seem to be like this too. We are not as close as we were before. He is very good, but I always feel different.”

“I have something to go.”

I was inexplicably irritable when I heard her talk about her and Norven White.

The anger shook up.

Julia Rhodes didn’t think, she pulled me and said, “Don’t, let’s have lunch together, you must have lunch, right? Tell me what happened to me and Mr. White in the meantime, if it were me No, I will apologize to him, after all, we two will be together forever.”

Chapter 145

To be together for a lifetime.

These words, like invisible hands, pinched my heart.

Makes me so painful.

At that moment, an inexplicable jealousy rose in my heart. She pulled me to make me even more angry. She raised her hand and shouted, “I don’t want to participate in your affairs!”

Maybe I tried too hard.

Julia Rhodes fell backward.

When I turned my head, I just saw her sitting on the ground with a slight pain on her face, rubbing her buttocks with her hands.

All the people around are looking at us, with accusations in their eyes.

I was too lazy to be a good person. I was about to go, and the direction of the eyes of those around me changed.

Following their gazes, I saw a person walking out of the building.

Norven White.

The suit was the same as before. He saw Julia Rhodes who was rising from the ground, and quickly stepped forward to help her up.

Only then did I see that Julia Rhodes’s long sleeves were still bandaged, and it seemed that the wound on her skin was not healed.

Is it a bitter trick again?

It seems that she is false amnesia.

Julia Rhodes’s trick is really unsatisfactory and tireless.

Julia Rhodes was pulled up by Norven White, looked at me, and immediately explained to Norven White, “I’m sorry, I can’t walk well because of me.”


I thought she was going to say that I didn’t drag her down.

Norven White’s eyes were all on her, he patted the dirt on her body, and shook his head, “Why are you here? Didn’t the doctor tell you not to run around?”

“I… I just don’t remember what you looked like at work, so I came to have a look. I didn’t expect to meet Jia Rhodes.”

Julia Rhodes stood beside Norven White. The height difference of more than 20 centimeters made her look like a little bird.

Two people stand together, so harmonious.

It seems that since Julia Rhodes’s brutal attack on herself that day, Julia Rhodes and I appeared at the same time, and Norven White’s eyes would never take the initiative to look at me again.

It’s all like this, how can I still not understand?

Why should I stand here begging to be bored?

Turning to leave, I heard Julia Rhodes’s voice behind him, “Jia Rhodes, have lunch together.”

Ha ha.

I turned around, and Norven White’s eyes finally moved from Julia Rhodes to mine.

But he looked at me differently from Julia Rhodes.

There is no such distress.


After all, I am different from Julia Rhodes. I will not cry, cry, or act like a baby.

How can I compare her?

Men like women like her.

I’m smelly and hard like a rock. A man may start to feel fresh, and sooner or later he will dislike it, and then turn around and plunge into the gentle country.

I looked at the two of them, and then I said after a pause, “No, call me when the two of you put on a wedding drink.”

After speaking, leave.

My heart hurts.

Obviously I wanted to cry, but the tears didn’t flow out, all came back to my heart.

The salt-burning heart hurts so much.

I lost again.

It’s not the first time, but I still feel bad.

I took my bag, walked on the street, and got into a bar.

I ordered triple whiskey.

When I ordered the fourth glass, the bartender pushed a red cocktail in front of me.

“What is this?” I looked at him in a daze.

The bartender looked at me with a smile on his lips, “This is the cocktail I made for the sad lady, called Zui Sheng Meng Di.”

I shook my head and smiled, “I thought I would say goodbye to the past.”


The bartender will be pushed to me.

I took a sip, and a slightly sour taste slipped down my throat and into my stomach.

After drinking, the mouth is a little sweet, but there is no spicy taste of alcohol.

“This is not wine?” I looked at the bartender.

“As long as you want to get drunk, does it matter if you drink?”

The bartender said lightly.


As long as I want to be drunk, even if it is not alcohol, I can be drunk.

I was lying on my stomach with a dizzy head. I was so tired these few days. It really took a lot of energy to prove that I did not plagiarize.

In the ear, the phone is ringing.

I heard the bartender kindly remind me, “Madam, your phone rang.”

Don’t want to pick up.

I don’t expect anyone’s call.

I am confused, my eyes are getting darker.

When I woke up, it was dawn.

I opened my eyes and looked around–

Judging from the layout of the room, I’m pretty sure I’m in the hotel, but I obviously fell asleep at the bar yesterday, why am I here?


When I was wondering, there was a knock on the door, and I rubbed my head and got up to open the door.

When the door opened, a scent of rice drifted in along the gap.

At the door is a dining car.

And the one who pushes the dining car is–

Qiaoyu Lu.


Looking at Qiaoyu Lu, the first thing that came to my mind was what Lu Yuhan said yesterday.

Before, I also had opinions on Yufeng design because of Norven White.

I never doubted Qiaoyu Lu, nor did I think he would lie to me.

This matter has become a lump in my heart.

Qiaoyu Lu stood at the door with a gentle smile on his face, “Wake up?”

I let him out the door, frowned, and asked him, “Why am I here?”

Qiaoyu Lu pushed in the dining cart and set the breakfast for me before he said, “After that incident yesterday, I drove over and called you when I got there, but a man picked it up. He said he was a bar waiter. .”

“Senior, thank you for helping me.”

I looked at the rich breakfast in front of me and said.

Qiaoyu Lu frowned, knelt in front of me, looked up at me, “I’m sorry, I don’t know how to tell you that. At the time, I was just afraid that you would leave with him. I was confused for a while…”

“Senior, I didn’t blame you.” I smiled at Qiaoyu Lu, “I know, you care about me for doing that, and, in fact, you didn’t hurt anyone, you just hurt yourself.”


“I really don’t blame you, get up, let’s have breakfast together.”

I wanted to understand when Qiaoyu Lu set up breakfast for me.

Qiaoyu Lu did everything because he cared about me, and he really didn’t hurt anyone.

Qiaoyu Lu sat down, his eyes full of uncertainty as he looked at me.

In order to give him reassurance, I first picked up the breakfast and ate it. As I ate, I said, “Thank you, senior, for the breakfast.”

In this way, Qiaoyu Lu was willing to eat with me.

After breakfast, I looked at my watch. Time has not allowed me to go back and change clothes.

But still a little rich.

I arranged my clothes in the bathroom and came out to see Qiaoyu Lu sitting there. I called him, “Senior Lu.”


He looked up.

I walked up to the man and looked down at him, “Senior Lu, you are very good, kind, and careful, and can take care of others. If anyone can marry you as a wife, then that woman must be very special. Happiness.”

“and then?”

Qiaoyu Lu has guessed that I haven’t finished speaking.

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