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Chapter 191


I was stunned.

He wants to take me with him?

“It’s so late, where are you going?” I pretended not to know, and asked him in a daze.

Norven White looked down slightly and said word by word, “My grandfather’s birthday, I must go, but I don’t worry that you are alone at home, so I will take you with you.”

“Are you crazy?!” I looked at him, “I am like this, how can I go! If it is Halloween today, I can go out to scare people.”

I laugh at myself.

It’s impossible for me now to meet people.

Norven White pulled me out of the house and said coldly, “You wait for me in the car, and I will find two bodyguards to look at you. I will go in and give a gift, so I will come out.”


Norven White was really cautious, and White Yanhai would take me with him on his birthday.

I know I can’t hold him back, even if I refuse, the final result will be dragged on me.

In desperation, I can only agree.

I don’t need makeup, just change my clothes and let him go out.

In fact, it really seems ridiculous that I go out like this.

But I have no choice.

Norven White and I drove to White Yanhai’s house.

When the car stopped, Norven White patted my hand and said softly, “I can get out after going in at most half an hour.”


I nerdy promise.

In my opinion, these have nothing to do with me. No matter how long he goes there, don’t I have to wait here?

Even if it’s not here, it’s in that multimedia room.

There is no difference.

After Norven White left, two bodyguards stood outside the car. I was so dizzy and uncomfortable due to the side effects of the barrier drug, lying on the back seat.

Looking out the window, two bodyguards stood like two pillars.

Fleeing seems to be a foolish dream.

I just looked at the bodyguard outside the window. After half an hour, Norven White hadn’t come out yet.

Was he delayed?

No, he is always on time…

Could something happen?

As I was thinking, I heard someone in the distance talking, “Xiao Xuan is drunk, you can pick him up.”

The two bodyguards dared not move.

I clearly distinguished this voice as-Zhaoming White!

He was wearing the glasses I accompanied him that day.

“Brother White!” I quickly sat up.

Seeing Zhaoming White talking with two bodyguards outside, there were only three of them in the empty parking lot.

“No, White always has his life. If he doesn’t come, he definitely can’t leave.”

The bodyguard answered.

At this time, the two bodyguards obviously had some places with Zhaoming White, and both of them stood together.

“That’s it.” Zhaoming White shook his head in embarrassment.

When I was not paying attention, the man suddenly took out something from his pocket and sprayed it on the faces of the two bodyguards!

In just two seconds, the two bodyguards fell to the ground instantly!

Zhaoming White took out the car key from his pocket again and pressed the switch.

The door opened.

He quickly yelled me out of the car and threw the car key to the bodyguard. Because I was uncomfortable, I trembled while walking, so he picked me up and walked into the car.

“Brother White.”

I am a little embarrassed.

Zhaoming White didn’t have time to talk to me, and quickly took me to the co-pilot position of his car.

Fastened my seat belt, started the car directly, and left the White’s mansion.

“Brother White, why are you here?”

I looked at Zhaoming White, still a little shocked.

As Zhaoming White drove, he looked at me from his side, “Didn’t you let me save you?”

I just thought about sending a text message to Zhaoming White in the hospital before.

“I did not expect……”

“I didn’t expect that I would save you?” Zhaoming White looked at me, his expression seemed to have guessed what I thought.

I nodded slightly.

He felt something was wrong, and asked him, “Where is Norven White? If you just take me away, Norven White will definitely find us?”

“He.” Zhaoming White said calmly, “He, I think he has been working hard recently, so I let him rest. I guess he will wake up early tomorrow morning. When he wakes up, we have already gone abroad.”


I looked at Zhaoming White and couldn’t figure out what he was talking about.

After thinking about it, he asked him, “Are you going to take me abroad? Where are you going? I’m not doing anything.”

Zhaoming White looked at me in a hurry and smiled, “Then think about where are the things you need to go abroad?”

“All in…”

I thought for a while, and suddenly thought of –

All at home!

They are all in the house where I moved, because I paid one year’s rent at a time, so even if I didn’t go back recently, those things are still there.

Zhaoming White said, “After you sent me the message, I checked it with a friend, and then took the information about your previous lawsuit against Song Yiran as proof and gave it to the rental company. They opened the door for me.”

“So all my passports are with you?”


Zhaoming White nodded, parked the car on the side of the road, looked at me and said, “I did this after receiving your message. My plan is to take you abroad for a while. If you have other ideas, I Give it back to you, whatever you want.”

I looked at Zhaoming White.

He is older than me, and his body exudes the breath of a mature man, which makes me feel an inexplicable sense of trust.

Moreover, to some extent, going abroad is the best choice.

I want to stay away from Norven White!

“Okay, I’ll go abroad with you.” I hesitated, “My card seems to be on Norven White’s side…”

Zhaoming White smiled when he heard me say that, “Don’t worry, although I am not as rich as Xiao xuan, it is enough to raise you alone.”

I understand what he meant, but when he said that, I felt a little embarrassed.

That night, I followed Zhaoming White on a plane abroad.

When I got on the plane and looked at the clouds and mist outside the plane, I realized that I really, really left Norven White’s control!

On the plane, Zhaoming White looked at me, “Now it has taken off, tell me what happened.”

“I…” I want to say, but because of the side effects of the barrier drug and the discomfort of my high-altitude ears, I feel a little sick.

Before I finished speaking, I went to the bathroom.

When he came back, Zhaoming White was actually asleep.

I was sitting on the plane and looking out the window, there was an inexplicable pain in my heart that did not come.

The plane landed ten hours later.

After another 3 hours, the car finally came to a small town.

The car’s rain canopy was lowered and turned into a convertible.

There are buildings with a sense of time on both sides of the street, and most of the pedestrians on the road are elderly people. At the coffee shop on the street, an old lady is sitting there drinking coffee with a fat cat.

Someone saw us and greeted us proactively.

Everything is the breath of life.

Seeing these, my heavy heart also improved.

The car finally stopped at the door of a two-story building. I was standing at the door of the courtyard, which was full of beautiful hibiscus flowers.

Chapter 192

“You will live here from now on, I live next door.”

Zhaoming White got out of the car and followed me.

“Next door?” I looked at the next door, it was a house with the same layout as this one.

But there is nothing to grow in the yard.

Zhaoming White handed me a small bag in his hand, “It contains your passport and documents. I also bought you a mobile phone. It contains a local card. By the way, there is cash in it. If you want to leave here, you can do it anytime. “

I opened the bag and checked this kind of thing.

This feeling is curious.

Before Norven White circled me and wouldn’t let me go, I desperately wanted to leave. Now here, Zhaoming White gives me everything. I am completely free, but I think this place is good.

Zhaoming White handed me a key and let me enter the room.

I walked in, but found that he was still standing at the door, I turned my head and asked him, “Why don’t you come in?”

“This is your house now. If the master doesn’t invite me, of course I can’t go in.” Zhaoming White smiled faintly.

I froze for a moment.

Made a “please” action.

Zhaoming White just came in.

He accompanied me to complete the tour of the room. The whole room was divided into two floors, with the living room, dining room and kitchen below.

There is a dressing room, a study room, and a large bedroom upstairs.

The window of the bedroom is connected to a large balcony, and there are several small shelves on the balcony with various flowers.

All this is like a small house in a comic.

“Like it?”

As I stared at the flowers on the windowsill in a daze, Zhaoming White asked me from behind.

“Yeah.” I nodded.

Zhaoming White nodded, “That’s good. I will find someone to buy the daily necessities and clothes for you. You take a rest and we will go to town for dinner later.” He checked his watch and said, “We will leave in half an hour. .”


After Zhaoming White left, I walked to the window sill and sat on the metal chair and looked into the distance. The sunset glow fell a little bit.

Everything is so peaceful and beautiful.

However, there is always one person in my mind.

Norven White.

Where is he now? How’s it going? Are you still taking medication?

What happens if he can’t find me?

Obviously I wished to leave him, obviously I hate him for knocking out my child without authorization.

But now that he really left, I was full of him.

Half an hour passed by, but I forgot the time.

When I watched the sunset, I heard slight footsteps behind me, felt someone standing behind me, and asked me, “What am I thinking…”

This voice…

“White…” I subconsciously called out Norven White’s name, but when I looked back and saw the person behind me, I felt disappointed and smiled forcefully, “Brother White, why are you here.”

Zhaoming White pointed to the watch on his wrist, “We will go to dinner together after half an hour.”

“Ah.” I remembered the matter now, and said a little sorry, “I’m sorry, I forgot.”

Zhaoming White shook his head, “It’s okay, are you hungry now? If we are not hungry, we can be late. There is a time difference between here and ours…”


I interrupted him and stood up.

After all, I asked Zhaoming White to save me, and now he has done what I said, I can’t put on a gloomy look.

He did nothing wrong.

If someone does something wrong, that person is only me.

Zhaoming White said that he would take me to a restaurant for dinner. I thought that my face was like this and refused.

But he repeatedly assured me that no one would care.

In the end, I took off the mask on my face, wrapped it in gauze and wore a mask to eat.

Zhaoming White took me to a prosperous local restaurant. When we entered, it was almost full. The boss saw Zhaoming White and greeted him quickly. He just smiled when he saw me.

Then we took us to a quiet corner in the innermost corner.

The boss here is a middle-aged woman in her forties. She doesn’t mind my appearance, but rather enthusiastically introduced me to the restaurant’s signature dishes.

When we came for the first time, we also followed her recommendation.

When the food comes up, to be honest, the food here is not as good as the boss recommended, and the taste is very strange, but because we are outsiders, the boss comes to ask us again and again if it is delicious.

In order to live up to her enthusiasm, I can only bite the bullet and eat the whole dish.

The people around are really like what Zhaoming White said, they don’t mind my appearance at all.

This put my heart down at once.

After the meal, Zhaoming White considered that I was struggling, so he let me go back to rest first, and asked me to visit the town tomorrow.

I looked at Zhaoming White suspiciously, “Brother White, you are usually so busy at work and just come out like this, what about the hospital?”

“Don’t worry, I will turn wherever I don’t.” After Zhaoming White finished speaking, his expression suddenly became serious and looked at me, “It’s you, I’ll take you to eat this time, just to make you think clearly and ask your own heart. , What do you want.”

What do you want…

I looked at Zhaoming White and seemed to understand what he meant.

Zhaoming White rubbed my hair, “Go and rest. If you need anything, you can have my phone in your phone, or you can come to my house directly. One of your keys belongs to my house.”

After he finished speaking, he seemed to be afraid of my misunderstanding, and quickly said, “But you don’t have me at your house. You didn’t lock the door at night. I called you and you didn’t return to me, so I went up.”

Seeing him nervous, I smiled, “I know, Brother White, a gentleman.”

He is always a good man, and he won’t let me worry about it.

Zhaoming White was taken aback, and laughed loudly, “Forget it.”

After speaking, I went back to the house.

I also went home, changed clothes, took a shower, and lay on the bed alone with a mess in my head.

Full of heart, full of mind is Norven White.

Holding the mobile phone in his hand, I actually wanted to call him several times.

Am I crazy.

Finally escaped, why do I want to go back again?

Even if I go back, I will have to wait until two months later for Norven White to believe that I am not sick.

When I thought about it, I suddenly realized that it was not me who became abnormal. It was Norven White. He was convinced that it was me in the video, and then he persuaded himself and forced himself.

At the same time, it forced me…

I was full of him, lying on the bed and fell asleep.

Maybe it was also thoughtful. That night I dreamed of Norven White. I dreamed that he was standing in a barren desert, calling my name non-stop.

Looking for me crazy, but I’m not there.

He kept shouting until he was exhausted.

I just kept looking at me like this, when the morning sun woke me up, I only felt tears in the corners of my eyes.

Norven White.

Norven White.

What should I do with you?

What should I do!

“Ding Dong.”

“Good morning!”

I washed and changed into the clothes Zhaoming White had prepared for me. When I went downstairs, the man was already standing at the door waiting for me.

There are two bicycles beside him, one blue and one pink.

Seeing me coming out, he waved to me, “Go, take you to breakfast.”

I looked at him, quickly put away my sad mood, put on a relaxed expression and walked forward, “Okay.”

With that said, took the initiative to take the pink bicycle.

Chapter 193

This is a small seaside town. We rode to the beach for 10 minutes. He took me to an old-looking restaurant and had a local breakfast.

Sitting there you can see the coastline.

If I am possessed, I can even think of Norven White even when I see the sea.

Norven White is all over my head.

Zhaoming White saw through my mind, “Are you thinking about Xiao xuan?”


I answered in a second.

Hearing my answer, Zhaoming White couldn’t help but smiled, “If you hesitate to answer me again, I might still believe you.”

“I…” When he said, I was a little embarrassed.

Zhaoming White looked at me, “Don’t be embarrassed, I know a little bit about you and Xiao xuan, how should I say, men are more or less mindful of that kind of thing, Xiao xuan is willing to continue with you, I I believe he loves you.”

Zhaoming White was right.

If this matter is checked, it is normal that other men will not accept it.

But Norven White actually accepted…

At this time, I was actually full of sadness, “Brother White, what should I do?”

what should I do……

“Being brought out by me, do you regret it?” Zhaoming White took a sip of coffee and asked me.

“I don’t regret it.” I just thought about it for a moment and then answered.

Zhaoming White listened to my answer and said with a smile, “Right, this is the answer that tells the truth. You just said that you were lying.”

I looked down slightly.

Zhaoming White did not continue to ask me, but just said, “Oh, I will go back to China next Saturday. You will have a week and a half to think about it. Then if you want to understand, then follow me back. If you don’t understand, you Just wait for me to come back.”

“Thank you.”

A week and a half?

In fact, I know that I not only want to see Norven White, but worry about him.

I thought about it, and said to Zhaoming White, “Brother White, I am very worried about Norven White, because before I left, his behavior seemed a little abnormal, and I was afraid that he would do extreme things.”

“If you say that, I don’t think his performance at the birthday banquet was normal.” Zhaoming White nodded slightly, “I will help you watch him, don’t worry.”

In the afternoon, Zhaoming White took me to the market to buy things.

At first I thought it was a supermarket, but he took me to a second-hand market owned by the citizens, where everything was sold.

In addition to some clothes and furniture, there are also food sellers.

Zhaoming White took me and bought some dishes and some tableware in just a few clicks.

It’s great, no one here will look at me with colored eyes.

When preparing to leave the market, an old lady was sitting at the door with only a few dishes in front of her, one of which was–

“How much is it.”

When I first saw the coriander, Zhaoming White had already walked up.

The old lady glanced at Zhaoming White and stretched out 5 fingers.

This price is much more expensive than other dishes!

It couldn’t be compared with China, but Zhaoming White didn’t even think about it. He directly handed out 10 yuan to the old lady, and then took two bundles of coriander and left.

On the way back, I self-righteously said to Zhaoming White, “Don’t you ask me what to buy when you buy vegetables? What if I can’t do it?”

“I will do it.”

Zhaoming White glanced at me, smiling confidently.


“Yeah, I know you are not used to eating here, so in the future, leave your three meals to me. Your responsibility is to accompany me to buy food.”

Zhaoming White’s words made my heart move slightly.

“Do you cook? Can you cook?”

In fact, I still don’t believe it.

The man smiled, “Everything I’ve eaten is good.”

This time, Zhaoming White and I entered his house. The style of Zhaoming White’s house and the room I lived in was completely different.

Like his home in Flipvilla, Shuansheli did a good job, and there was nothing extra.

I stood there and watched Zhaoming White wash and cut all the vegetables, put them in the fresh-keeping box and put them in the refrigerator when they were not used, and neatly line up the dishes on the kitchen counter.

Also put the knife.

It looks a bit like an operating table before surgery…

“Is there anything I can help?” I stood aside, watching the man keep everything in order, and couldn’t find a place to intervene for a while.

Zhaoming White looked at me and said seriously, “You are responsible for taking a break, and you are responsible for saying that it is delicious when you wait for a meal.”


I smiled.

Throughout the morning, I stood where the sun could shine, watching Zhaoming White start cooking methodically.

From meat dishes, vegetarian dishes, to soups.

Seeing him cooking is really a kind of enjoyment, Zhaoming White seems to have made a plan for everything in his mind, doing what is done first.

After the final completion, the countertop is also clean, as if it has not been used.

Zhaoming White made two vegetables and one meat, and a bowl of tomato and egg soup.

He put three dishes and one soup in front of me, “Come on, have a taste.”

“Delicious, delicious, delicious, delicious!”

I said four delicious foods in a row.

After hearing this, Zhaoming White shook his head helplessly, “You have done what you are responsible for very well.”

“It’s really delicious!”

I say for sure.

I am a person who is very confident in my own cooking, but I have to say that Zhaoming White cooks better!

It is rare for a man to cook so deliciously.

After hearing what I said, Zhaoming White sat down and smiled, “Thank you, you are the second person who has eaten my cooking.”

“You cook so delicious, why did you eat instant noodles before?”

I remember one time when I went to Zhaoming White’s house, he was eating instant noodles, which made me think he could not cook.

“I am alone, busy at work, and I don’t have time to make these.” Zhaoming White took a bite of the food. “You know, I was not at White’s house when I was a child. At that time, I was with my mother and the family was very poor, and my mother was busy at work. It’s late at home, and I do all the housework at home, so it’s natural to cook.”

“Sorry, I……”

When I heard Zhaoming White’s words, I felt a little embarrassed for a while.

Although I grew up in an orphanage when I was young, and although I usually need to take care of children younger than me, I still don’t need to worry about life.

In contrast, Zhaoming White had to work harder.

Seeing my sadness, Zhaoming White shook his head, “I’m so sorry, I don’t think there is anything wrong with everything in the past. If I was born in White’s family, I might not have become a dude.”

He is comforting me.

If you can choose, who would not choose to start with the simple mode?

The days of Zhaoming White and I were repeated every day, simply living.

This kind of life is wonderful. Although it is plain and without waves, it feels like a long stream.

I felt that it would be fine forever.

A few days later, I learned why Zhaoming White chose this place. There was a huge fire in this small town. Many people were injured in the fire. So many people went out with gauze and masks. Everyone didn’t feel surprised.

And this town is very good at treating burns.

After I settled down, I went to the hospital in the small town. The doctor performed further treatment on my face. Because of the previous treatment, the wound on my face was almost healed.

But it didn’t recover. My left and right sides of the face were asymmetrical, and there were some marks on my nose.

You don’t need to wear a mask, you can go out with just a mask.

The doctor said that if you want further recovery, you can only do skin grafts.

Skin grafting is a long process. If I want to do it here, I will have to stay for at least half a year.

In a blink of an eye, it was the day before Zhaoming White returned to China.

That day, I still accompanied him to grocery shopping. On the way back, the man asked me, “Have you thought about it? Do you want to go back with me tomorrow?”

Chapter 194

Do you want to go back?

I hesitate a little, don’t know why, I’m actually a little addicted in the current life, this kind of plain and beautiful.

A few days ago, I even inquired about work in the town.

Although the income of ordinary waiters here is only 3,000 yuan in local currency, they can live very well because of the cheap prices.

I even wanted to stay here at that moment.

It’s great to stay here for a lifetime.

When Zhaoming White and I were walking back, a car drove towards us accompanied by the roar of the engine.

When I was about to hit us, I started to brake hard!

The harsh brakes echoed in the streets of the cold town.

I looked at the car and felt tight.

In the next second, he saw a man in a black trench coat getting off the car.

Norven White.

I only recognized him at the second glance.

Norven White in front of him has completely changed his appearance. The man is very thin and his black trench coat seems a little loose. Seeing me and Zhaoming White, his eyes are full of irony, “Uncle, you abducted my baby here to play home. Home, it really makes me easy to find.”

I looked at Norven White, the man’s black eyes were cold and terrifying, and he was full of hostility.

Fear permeates me!

Zhaoming White protected me behind him, “Xiao Xuan, I originally wanted to go back to China tomorrow to talk to you, since you are here, then we will…”

“Shut up! Who the hell wants to talk to you! What qualifications do you have to talk to me!”

Norven White violently interrupted Zhaoming White, stepped forward, and carried me on his shoulders!

“Ah!” I was taken aback, “Norven White, let me down!”

“Dreaming.” Norven White squeezed me into the car, looked back at Zhaoming White, and said word by word, “Uncle, it’s a matter of the two of us, it’s slower, slower, forget it.”

After speaking, close the door.

The driver drove.

“Where do you live?”


I froze.

“Where do you live! Say!” Norven White looked at me with his eyes like a bloodthirsty beast.

“I…” I don’t know what he is going to do, and dare not tell him where I live.

Norven White’s current mood even makes me feel that when I get to where I live, the house will be burnt down in a second.

The man paused and sneered, “No, should I ask, where do you live?”

“No.” I knew Norven White had misunderstood, “I live with Brother White separately.”

“Brother White? I said earlier that he is my younger uncle. In what position do you call him elder brother? I want you to call him younger uncle! Understand!”

When Norven White was speaking, his hand clung to my wrist.

Obviously, I haven’t seen him for two weeks, but the man is like a different person, grumpy and bloodthirsty.

I have been in jail, and what I fear most is such a person.

In prison, there are too many such people. They threaten me and force me, but I don’t know how to resist!

“Say, where to live?” Norven White looked at me, “If you don’t tell me, I will burn house by house until it reaches your house.”

“You are crazy!”

“Yeah, I’m crazy, I was driven crazy by you!” Norven White looked at me with scary eyes.

I was scared, I lost.

I told Norven White where I live.

Norven White pulled me out of the car and pushed the door directly in.

We don’t lock the door at all because of the good security in this town.

After entering, Norven White looked around, and seemed to find that I was the only one living here, his expression seemed to ease a lot, and his voice became faint, “Where is your passport and ID, take me to get it.”


“Take it! Follow me!”

Norven White said irritably.

I didn’t dare to offend him, so I could only tell him that in the drawer on the second floor, Norven White dragged me upstairs, took something and dragged me down.

Throughout the whole process, the man is like an angry child, and I am a rag doll with no autonomous control in the hands of the child.

Taking things, Norven White took me into the car.

The car drove all the way, and soon left the town.

After driving for about two hours, the car drove to a big city. I know this place. This is where we got off the plane before. In other words, are we going back?

No, I don’t want to go back with Norven White!

I can feel that if I go back, I will be locked up by him, and there will be no days ever since!

“Norven White, listen to me, White and I… nothing happened with your uncle, we just live next door, just…”

“It’s just to buy vegetables, eat together, watch the sunrise and sunset together every day, right?!”

Norven White interrupted me and asked me.

I looked at him dumbly and thought about it…


Norven White looked at me like crazy, pressed me on the back of the car chair, his face close to me, very close, “Then if I tell you, it is because of this that I will go crazy with jealousy. Will you believe it?”

I was taken aback.

Norven White hugged me and wanted to take off my mask.

But although I am used to facing Zhaoming White, I still don’t have the courage to face Norven White.

I was desperately protecting my mask, Norven White sneered as he looked at me, “What? You already dare to face her like this, why don’t you dare to face me? I just made you untrustworthy?!”


Yes, Zhaoming White is okay.

But Norven White can’t!

I don’t want him to see my face, I don’t want him to despise me!

“take away.”

“Do not.”

I shook my head desperately, no, only this can’t!


The man started counting down, I know what it means.

I begged him, “No, can’t you not see it?”


“I beg you.”


As the man finished speaking, he rudely removed the mask I was protecting.

For a second, my ugly face was exposed in front of the man…

At this moment, it makes me more painful than taking my clothes off!

The man seemed to be stunned when he saw my face, but he quickly recovered his calmness and said lightly, “It’s okay, it will be okay.” He added, “It doesn’t matter if it’s not good, I’m Norven White. Woman, who dares to dislike it.”

“But I dislike it! I mind! I don’t want to be by your side like this!”

Looking at Norven White, I finally figured out what I minded.

Who is Norven White, the proud son of heaven, how could there be an ugly woman like me by his side?

No, absolutely not!

When Norven White saw me like this, he seemed to feel better suddenly, and he hugged me, “I said, I don’t mind, I’m going to live with you forever, I don’t mind, do you understand? If you If you love beauty, you can go for plastic surgery, what you become like, as long as it is you.”

Norven White’s words are like a shot of healing medicine.

Let my heart warm up inexplicably.

All the fear just now, but because of a few simple words from the man, most of them disappeared at once.

Chapter 195

Even so, I am self-aware.

As Qingtian boss, Norven White, even if he allows it, other people in society will not allow it.

Unless I don’t see the light, once I see the light, my body will be sprayed.


“Stop talking, are you tired? Take a break, we will get to the airport in a while, and I will take you back.”

Norven White decisively interrupted me, of course he knew what I was going to say.

I looked down and said nothing, just took the mask and put it on silently.

Norven White held me with one hand and looked out the window.

The atmosphere in the car was quiet and depressed for a while, until Norven White suddenly said, “Don’t interact with him anymore.”


“Your uncle?”

Looking at Norven White, I felt a little complicated.

“Yes, don’t associate with him anymore, he…” Norven White hesitated for a moment. “It’s not a white dress or an angel. I’m afraid he is black when he cuts his heart.”

These days, I have a very good impression of Zhaoming White.

He does things well, does not embarrass me, but is very considerate.

When Norven White said this, I couldn’t help but say, “You said that, but he never said a’no’ to you. I think there is a misunderstanding among you.”

“Hehe, I haven’t said a word of’no’ before. Is it good?” Norven White looked at me, as if because I helped Zhaoming White speak, the unhappiness in the man’s eyes was obvious. I should have heard that you don’t want him to give you a few smiling faces and you will feel good about others!”


“Stupid! Ignorance!”

Norven White said rudely.

He looked irritable and didn’t even want to say one more word to me!

“Am I stupid?” I said to Norven White, “Yes, I am stupid! That’s why I will be hurt by you again and again and come back to you! No matter how bad he is, but he didn’t hurt Pass me! He…”

“Enough!” Norven White interrupted me furiously!

Turning around, looking at me, the gentleness just now, the gentleness of “as long as I’m by his side” has disappeared.

It was replaced by a cold hell!

Norven White removed my mask, “So what? So what are you going to do? If I give you a chance, do you plan to let me call you “auntie” one day?”

I was taken aback.

“What?” I looked at Norven White in disbelief, “What are you talking about? I’m so much younger than him. In his eyes, I am a child. He is just like my elders. Is it in your eyes? , It must be you and me between men and women?!”

Norven White listened to me with sarcasm.

He took my hand and his eyes burned, “You think so, are you sure he thinks the same? I am a businessman, and he is also a businessman. If he helps you not because of feelings, then it is for profit!”

I was stunned by what Norven White said.

“He just…” I couldn’t tell what was wrong at once.

Zhaoming White is really good to me.

But how can I believe that there are benefits behind this?

Looking at me like this, Norven White gently stroked my hair with his hand, “I am the only one who loves you, so you should and can only stay by my side.”

“But, there is nothing in me that can benefit him?”

I am unwilling to explain.

How can I believe that everything Zhaoming White treats me is just for what interests?

In that case, I would be disappointed.

Norven White looked at me, seeming to realize my unwillingness, he hesitated, and took me into his arms, “Nothing, forget him, I won’t let you see him again in the future.”

The words of a man made my heart beat suddenly.

What does it mean?

I looked up at Norven White, “You won’t want to…”

“No, he is my uncle, how could I do such a thing?”

As soon as the man’s voice fell, the car stopped.

I turned my head and saw the departure hall of the airport next to the car. From the outside, this is the airport when I came here.

Norven White gave me the mask, “Let’s go, I’ll take you to buy tickets.”

You Norven White, naturally, he bought first-class tickets.

We will be able to board the plane soon. When we boarded the plane together, there were two people sitting on the side outside.

One of the women was wearing a huge sunglasses, half of her face covered by the sunglasses.

Even so, I feel she is a bit familiar.

When I watched her, that person seemed to be watching me too.

Or it’s us.

The woman looked for a second, then quickly took off her eyes, got up and said enthusiastically, “Ms. White, Miss Rhodes, I haven’t seen each other so many times, please don’t be unharmed.”

this is……

I recognized this woman at a glance!

Deng Chuchu who pitted me.

When I was murdered and imprisoned, she also had a contribution. No, it should be a tribute!

Norven White glanced at her, did not speak, and took me to sit down.

But Deng Chuchu didn’t seem to mind Norven White’s cold treatment. He smiled and said, “Mr. White, you gave me such a good resource back then, and I haven’t really thanked you! Later I always wanted to contact you, but I couldn’t get in touch. …”

Deng Chuchu cheated me so badly back then. Now that she sees me I am not ashamed at all?

This is abnormal.

And she said that her current good resources were given by Norven White…


“I remember you promised me not to return to China.”

While I was guessing wildly, Norven White beside me suddenly spoke.

In a word, Deng Chuchu’s face changed. She looked at Norven White unnaturally, “Mr. White, I, I’m not…no… father is sick, I really can’t do this, and that Jia Rhodes is now…”

“Go down!”

When Deng Chuchu said my name.

Norven White drove people directly.

Deng Chuchu was at a loss. She didn’t seem to realize who I was until now!

“Mr. White, President White…I…”

“Get off! Don’t let me say it the third time.” Norven White’s voice was cold as ice.

Now, no matter how stupid I am, no matter how stupid I am, I know what happened!

Deng Chuchu didn’t seem to dare to offend Norven White at all. Norven White asked her to get off the plane. Although she was reluctant to do so, she still could.

She was about to go down with her luggage, and I stretched out my hand to grab her, “Don’t go, finish talking!”

I looked at Norven White again, “Ms. White, what’s wrong? Why don’t you let her finish? Is there anything that I can’t let me know?”

When he spoke, Deng Chuchu already realized who I am!

Her face was as pale as paper, she waved her hands desperately, her mouth closed tightly.

I dare not say a word!

How could this be the one back then, I asked her to testify, and she said to me domineeringly, “I’m filming in a field!” The Deng Chuchu!

“Say! Why did President White give you resources? What did you do?”

Even though many things have passed.

But the wound did not heal. At the moment Deng Chuchu appeared, the wound buried in his heart was opened again.

Expose the blood inside!

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