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Chapter 251

Zhaoming White also got on the bus.

Drive me away.

I was sitting in the co-pilot and looking through the right rearview mirror, I saw Norven White standing there, motionless.

The car stopped at the parking space downstairs of Zhaoming White’s house, and the man got out of the car and opened the door for me.

A hand reached out to me, “Be careful.”

“Thank you.” I put my hand on Zhaoming White’s, supported my strength, and stood up.

With Zhaoming White’s support, I limped up the elevator.

On the elevator, I probably told Zhaoming White about the recent project.

Because the clothes were all soaked, when he arrived at the door, Zhaoming White took out the key of my room and asked, “Your house has your old clothes. I will help you bring one over. You will take a shower at my house.”

Take a bath.

This is an embarrassing and special thing. I leaned against the door of my house, “Or, I’ll go home and take a bath first, and I’ll go to your place after taking a bath and help me see the injury on my foot.”

As I said, I wanted to get the key.

Zhaoming White hid the key behind him with a smile on his face, and shook his head, “Sorry, no way.”


“Your foot hurts, I don’t worry about you taking a bath alone.” Zhaoming White said, took out the key to open my former house for me, went in and changed my shoes, and helped me get slippers, and said, “Don’t worry. I won’t peek when you take a bath.”

When the man said that, I blushed instead.

Zhaoming White helped me move a chair and set it aside, and let me sit down. I realized that he was going to change my shoes and said quickly, “I’ll do it.”

“It’s okay, I’ll come.”

The man’s hand was pressed on my hand, blocking my movement.

Put on slippers for me.

When I entered the house, I found out that although I haven’t come back in five years, this house has no traces of staleness.

The whole room was spotlessly clean.

The bed is covered with beige cartoon bedding, which is new at first glance.

I pointed to the bedding, “This is…”

“I will find someone to clean every month, and I will change the bedding. Because the previous bedding is broken because of too many washing times, I will buy a new one for you.” Zhaoming White finished speaking and looked at me. Ask in a gentle voice, “Do you like it?”

Looking at the cute cat portrait on the bedding, the corners of his mouth can’t help but nod, “I like it, but I’m thirty years old, will I be laughed at if I use this kind of one.”

“Why?” Zhaoming White walked to me, touched my hair, looked at me with a gentle and firm gaze, and said, “In front of me, you will always be a child, and it doesn’t matter if you don’t have to grow up. .”

The man’s tone was serious, without any perfunctory feeling.

Looking at him, I felt at ease in my heart.

I went to the house alone, looking at my clothes five years ago.

In the past few years, because of following Xiangli Mou, getting in touch with Chinese studies and historical knowledge, I have become more and more in love with the improved clothes of Hanfu. They are comfortable to wear and have a very outstanding temperament.

Xiangli Mou didn’t like it at first, was taken by me, and gradually started to like it.

I haven’t worn these clothes in the cabinet for a long time.

I took out a t-shirt and skirt casually, and another underwear.

In addition to these, there are bath towels.

When I went to the bathroom to get a bath towel, I found out that there were all kinds of skin care products on the washbasin in the bathroom, all unopened.

More than that, there is shampoo on the small shelf next to it.

I couldn’t help but startled.

“Brother White, these skin care products…” I shouted outside.

Zhaoming White knew that I had finished taking my things. I came in from outside and saw the skin care products I was pointing at. It was not surprising. He explained, “I have been thinking that you might come back to live someday, so I have been buying skin care products for you, but I don’t know anything about women, they are all recommended to me by nurses in the hospital.”

“Thank you.”

Seeing these, in addition to being moved, there is warmth in my heart.

Zhaoming White is really considerate.

He didn’t see me moving, and hurried over to explain to me, “These are all newly bought at the beginning of this year. The previous ones have expired.”

“Thank you.” Apart from thank you, I really don’t know what to say.

I took some basic skin care products, as well as shampoo, conditioner, and shower gel for bathing before returning to him with Zhaoming White.

Zhaoming White’s room is as clean as I have seen many years ago.

I took a quick shower, changed clothes, and came out wiping my hair. There were several bottles on the coffee table, and Zhaoming White was looking at one of them.

Seeing me, he immediately put down the book in his hand, walked quickly to my side, helped me sit on the sofa, and said softly, “I don’t have enough medicine at home. I’ll look at it for you and go out to buy it later.”

Zhaoming White half-kneeled in front of me, holding my left foot in both hands, twisting slightly.

“Hiss…” I heard a strong pain, and I couldn’t help taking a breath.

Zhaoming White immediately reduced the amplitude, frowning slightly, “It didn’t hurt the bones, but I’d better go out and buy a can of spray first. Wait for me.”

The man got up and walked outside.

When I left the house, I didn’t forget to tell me, “Don’t move.”


I nodded.

After Zhaoming White went out, I didn’t move. I sat on the sofa honestly and looked around.

His home is as good as before, leaving perfectly.

There is nothing but some medical books.

There is not even a cushion or pillow on the sofa.

I want to buy him one!

Thinking about it, I jumped to the side of the bag, took out my phone, found a cute cat face pillow on the Internet, and left Zhaoming White’s address and phone number.


As soon as the order was placed, there was a knock at the door.

My first reaction was to think that Zhaoming White was back. I didn’t think too much, and walked to the door hop after hop.

He opened the door and laughed at him, “Did you forget to bring…”

Before I could say the word key, I swallowed it again.

At the door, Norven White was standing!

There was another man behind him. That man was carrying a white medicine box in his hand. I realized that he should be the doctor Norven White asked me for.

Just as stunned as I was, there was Norven White.

The man lowered his eyes, staring at my clothes with a cold look, his face seemed to be coated with a thin layer of ice.

I reacted, so scared I wanted to close the door, but the man reacted faster than me!

He held the door with one hand and the door frame with the other, and said to the doctor behind him, “You wait outside for a while.”


As the doctor said, he took a step back.

Norven White stepped into the house, and directly ran into me at the door!

I couldn’t stand firmly, so I fell straight back!

The man closed the door and pressed forward. When I reacted, the man’s face was already close to me.

“You… uh!”

As soon as I wanted to speak, the man pressed it down and sealed his lips.

Chapter 252

Suddenly, the familiar and familiar breath of Norven White invaded my mouth.

With the overbearing that cannot be refused!

“Hmm!” I pushed the man desperately!

But Norven White’s strength was great, he hugged me hard, and k!ssed me as hard as he was about to swallow me in his stomach.

When I was k!ssed by him, I could feel what was at the bottom of my heart…

a little bit.

A little bit, surging outward.

I can’t hold it anymore!

Do not!


Now I am not Jia Rhodes, I am Chu Die.

I don’t want to go back in time!

Finally, I regained my sanity and took a hard bite!

“Hiss.” The man finally raised his head in pain.

The deep eyes looked at me, pitch black as ink, and their eyes fell on me, as if there were thousands of complex feelings rushing together.

I tried to hide all the feelings in my heart just now, put on an expression of disgust, and raised my hand…

“Slap” slapped the man in the face.

Because the distance between me and him is very small, this slap is not strong, and the man doesn’t even tilt his head.

A pair of dark eyes were still staring at me, and for a long while, they said quietly, “You are back.”

The voice was hoarse and low, but it was difficult to conceal the joy in it.

The ease of getting along with Zhaoming White left me in a completely defenseless state.

No matter the voice when speaking, or the expression when opening the door.

I pushed the man, “Mr. White, you have admitted the wrong person.”

“No, I knew it was you a long time ago.” Norven White hugged me, with his chin resting on my neck, and said in a very dependent, gentle voice, “I knew you weren’t dead, I never believed you didn’t dead.”

In his tone, besides firmness, there are others.

I pushed the man desperately, “Mr. White, please let go!”

However, Norven White did not move.

“who are you?”

Outside the door, Zhaoming White’s voice came!

He should be asking the doctor Norven White brought!

I immediately felt hope and shouted, “Help! Help! Um!”

Just after shouting, Norven White sealed my lips again!


I bit Norven White’s lips desperately, but the man didn’t seem to feel anything this time, he unscrupulously invaded every inch of my mouth!

“Crack.” The sound of Zhaoming White opening the door came from outside the door!

For some reason, my mood was very scared at this time. I don’t want Zhaoming White to see me and Norven White k!ssing.

But how boring I struggled, Norven White refused to let me go.

When Zhaoming White came in, he saw the scene in front of him and was very angry. He pulled Norven White up and grabbed his collar.


Just hit the man in the face!

Norven White didn’t hide, just touched his lips with his fingers, and also raised his fist, punching Zhaoming White!

For a time, two men fought together!

“stop fighting!”

I quickly got up from the ground.

I don’t know how to pull the frame, so I can only walk over and block between the two men.

To my surprise, as soon as I stood there, both of them stopped their fists, seemingly afraid of hurting me.

I stood by Zhaoming White’s side and looked at Norven White very vigilantly.

Zhaoming White also protected me, “Norven White, do you know what you are doing?!”

In the past, Zhaoming White called Norven White as Xiao xuan.

This is the first time I have seen his name and surname named Norven White.

Norven White didn’t look at him, his eyes kept falling on me, his lips curled, “Uncle, you hid my woman for five years, and you ask me what I am doing?”

“She’s not Jia Rhodes, Jia Rhodes is dead!” Zhaoming White looked at my clothes and said, “It’s just that her clothes are soaked, and I don’t have any women’s clothes, so I took her to the next door to get Jia Rhodes’s clothes.”

After hearing his words, Norven White showed a mocking smile on his face, “Uncle, do you think I am a fool?”

“If you don’t believe me, there is no way.” Zhaoming White said, holding me up to the sofa, leaning over to take out the spray I bought just now, and saying, “Leave quickly, don’t send it.”

I looked up at Norven White, “Mr. White, I have never lost my memory. I can tell you with certainty that I didn’t know you before, and I really can’t believe that a dignified CEO would do this. I think I might have to withdraw from this design.”

Not possible.

It is necessary to quit.

In fact, no matter how stupid Norven White is, it will be sooner or later that he reveals his flaws.

Norven White looked at Zhaoming White and watched the man squat down to help me deal with the injury on my foot. His deep eyes seemed to be shrouded in dark clouds, and he spoke for a while, “Sorry, I was watching you wearing her clothes and losing If you are sensible, I will compensate you for this matter. You can heal your injuries first these days.”

After the man said, he turned and left.

The door slammed shut. At that moment, I seemed to hear a man sighing.

Zhaoming White took out the spray and sprayed the wound on my foot first, and then wrapped gauze on me.

I got up, looked at my mouth, frowned slightly, went to wash my hands first, then sat on the sofa and said, “My hands have been carefully tied and disinfected.”

After speaking, raised his hand and gently touched my lips.

It hurts a bit, I frowned slightly, and my fingers fell on my lips. The man looked at me and said two words, “It’s swollen.”


I can see that in Zhaoming White’s eyes, apart from distress, there is another emotion.

The man raised his hand and grabbed my wrist. Because he had just washed his hands, the coolness of his fingertips passed to me. At the same time, the man leaned slightly…

Little by little, getting closer and closer to me.

Seeing that the thin lips were about to touch my lips, I subconsciously ducked back, “Brother White.”

“…” Zhaoming White sat upright, with a frustrated expression on his face, and smiled bitterly. “If I said, I saw him k!ssing you just now, I’m full of jealousy, do you believe it?”

I believe.

In the past few years, Zhaoming White has taken care of me and Shuo Shuo’s care in my eyes.

Although I haven’t said it, even if my heart is made of stone, it is impossible to feel the man’s heart.

I lowered my eyes slightly, Zhaoming White raised my hand, and gently rubbed my hair, “Sorry, I shouldn’t have said this and put pressure on you. These years, I didn’t want anything, I just wanted to be by your side, just… “The man paused and continued, “You come back to him, I’m afraid of you…”

“No.” I knew what Zhaoming White was going to say, I looked up at him firmly, “It’s impossible for Norven White and I.”

“Really?” Zhaoming White’s expression remained gentle, “That’s good, if you want to find a father for Shuo Shuo, I hope I can be the first candidate.”

I looked down slightly.

The man added, “Although I have no experience before, I believe that I will be a good husband and a good father.”

Chapter 253

I know, I always knew that Zhaoming White would be a good husband and a good father.


“You are my best choice, it’s just…” I looked at Zhaoming White and hesitated for a while before saying, “You are so good, I want to put it down and accept you, otherwise it will be unfair to you.”

The man wore transparent-rimmed glasses, his expression still gentle, he heard me with a small smile on his lips.

It seems not surprising to say this to me.

The man stretched out his hand, held my hand, the warm temperature was transmitted to me through the palm of his hand, and gently shook his head, “I don’t force you to put me first, as long as you are by your side, you don’t need to give Too much pressure on myself.”

“That’s how you always do, so I want to put you first.”

I said to Zhaoming White.

I am no longer a child, and I am over 30 this year.

How can you still not understand, give your feelings to someone who is worthy?

After that day, Norven White really never contacted me again.

Until a week later, I just had a morning meeting with Luo Xin and they planned to go to my cubicle to continue designing.

Because I am only responsible for this project, and the office of Flipvilla Design Institute is tight.

In the end, it just made a small space for me, and did not give me a dedicated office.

It doesn’t matter most of the time, because there are too many people and sometimes I can’t concentrate.

When I took the meeting materials to the door of the office, I watched several designers standing at the door and whispering in the office.

“what happened?”

I walked over and looked into the office.

I actually saw a person sitting in front of my computer!

Norven White!

Why is he here?

This posture is obviously waiting for me!

If I don’t go there, he will definitely not go.

Reluctantly, I can only bite the bullet and walk over, stand in front of my desk, and ask Norven White, “Mr. White, is there anything you can do with me?”

Norven White looked around and looked up, “Are you doing design here?”

The man’s expression is no longer the same as before with other emotions, and the expression when he talks to me is just like an official business.

My heart settled a little bit and nodded, “Yes.”

The man nodded, stood up, put his hands in his pockets, and said, “I have prepared a temporary studio for you. It has two floors. You can live in the upper part and work in the lower part. You can live there during this project. “

“No need, President White.” I immediately refused subconsciously.

Norven White walked two steps out, and heard that I refused. It was not surprising at all. He stopped and said to me, “This club is very important to me. As a designer, you are the most important step and a guarantee for the success of the entire project. For the project, you should be treated like this.”

“Mr. White, I can also be here…”

“Ok, then clear all these people out and let you have an office alone.”

I just wanted to refuse. Norven White’s words immediately suppressed my words.

The Flipvilla Architecture and Garden Design Institute is relatively central in Flipvilla.

At the same time, it is relatively old and small in size.

If all these designers are cleared out, there must be no place to live.

Helpless, I can only compromise, “Then let me go.”

I packed my things, and Norven White asked his people to take the computer and data away for me.

Two hours later, I went from Flipvilla Garden Design Institute to this studio that Norven White prepared for me.

This studio is great. It’s a small two-story building next to Flipvilla Civic Park.

The area is not large, but the lighting is good.

There are two large tables on the first floor.

To be honest, I prefer this kind of big desk to that kind of small desk.

You can lay out all the information, pictures, and everything you need, you can search for it, and you are not afraid of things falling on the ground.

There is a separate room next to it, and the table inside is arranged in a back shape.

At first glance, it is the meeting room.

To be honest, this place is simply awesome!

At first sight, I like to hide in my heart, but I can’t hide it!

“Do you like it?” Norven White came over and asked me behind him.

His bodyguard’s car also arrived, he moved my computer in and asked, “Where is this computer?”

“Just here.”

I pointed to the big table and said.

After answering the bodyguard, I turned my head and said to Norven White, “I like it, thank you very much for the place White provided me.”

“Yeah.” Norven White nodded and looked at me. His eyes were dark and bright. When the bodyguard put down the computer and went out, the man asked me, “This is the compensation for that day. You are satisfied.”

make up?

I was stunned for a moment, but quickly remembered what happened at Zhaoming White’s house that day.

His cheeks became a little hot in an instant, and he hurried to the computer and said while installing the computer, “Thank you, Mr. White, for bothering. I’ll do the rest. Go ahead.”

“It’s okay to stay with you for a while.”

As Norven White said, he walked to the small tea area where he entered, where there was a capsule coffee machine.

The man made coffee, then took a black mug from the cabinet and took a sip.

I looked at the coffee cup that the man was holding and couldn’t help asking, “Is that your cup?”

As far as I know, Norven White is definitely not someone who just grabs a cup and uses it.

“Yeah.” The man raised the cup in his hand, “This is mine, remember not to let others use it.”

“President White, I don’t think you need to take a cup and put it here. After all, you shouldn’t have much chance to come to me.”

I feel a little flustered.

What Norven White did, is it necessary to come often in the future?

I suddenly realized that if I used this studio, I might be alone!


“Occasionally I will look at your work.” Of course, Norven White can understand my thoughts, “but don’t worry, what happened last time will not happen again; we only have a working relationship.”

The man said the last few words very slowly.

It seems to be emphasizing.


Norven White has said so, it is not appropriate for me to say anything.

When I was alone installing the computer and packing things, the man came over and asked me, “Do you need my help?”

“No, I can do it myself.”

While I said, I skillfully connected the computer.

Turn on.

When the computer screen was on, I went to bring other materials over.

Norven White watched me sit these things, and suddenly said, “When did you start, what can one person do?”

I was taken aback.

Looked back at him.

The man’s expression is very plain, I can’t read information from it, and I don’t know what he means.

Fearing that he was playing my words, I thought about it and replied, “I have been since I was a child. My parents have taught me since I was a child that I must rely on myself for everything, after all I will not leave myself.”

Chapter 254

After I finished speaking, the man’s eyes darkened, fearing that he would misunderstand me, I smiled slightly, and added, “I realized that they were right after my parents left me.”

“Your parents…”

“My parents died in an air crash.”

When I spoke, my expression was flat, without sadness, or sadness.

Not because this is not talking about yourself.

But before that, I had already thought about how I would tell others if this happened to me.

I think with my personality, I will not cry, nor will I be too painful.

Norven White looked at me and was silent for a long time before saying, “Sorry, I don’t know this.”

“It’s okay, these are things from the past, people have to look forward.”

When I put all the materials in my hand, the phone rang.

It’s Luo Xin’s call.

I communicated some project matters with him on the phone.

When I hung up the phone and looked up again, I saw that Norven White had finished his coffee and was washing his cup in the sink standing beside him.

This action made me startled.

Come to think of it, this seems to be the first time I have seen Norven White washing things.

This action made my heart feel sour.

He and Lan Quan should be fine.

If a man like Norven White can wash his coffee cup after drinking coffee, he must have a good relationship with his wife…

The man finished washing the cup and looked up at me.

I hurriedly twisted the head, took out the phone, and pretended to dial.

The pain in my heart can’t be suppressed.

“My company has something to do, let’s go first.” Norven White’s voice came from the sink.

“Yeah.” I forced a smile and looked at him, “Goodbye, President White.”

Norven White opened the door and left.

Finally, I didn’t need to suppress my mood. I squatted down in the corner a little bit, buried my face between my knees.

There is endless regret in my heart.

I really shouldn’t come to Flipvilla.

Originally, I thought I had put it down and came. I only knew after seeing him.

It’s not that I put it down, I just can’t see it, so I don’t want to temporarily.

“Happy pupa breaking, gorgeous new life impulse…”

The phone rang.

This is my private number.

Usually there are only two people who call my number, one is Xiangli Mou, and the other is Zhaoming White.

And this one is Zhaoming White’s call.

After answering the phone, the man said first, “Where is it? I just went to the workplace you mentioned to find you, and the people inside said that you just moved to the studio this morning.”

“Well, Norven White found me a studio. I couldn’t refuse, so I came.”

I will not hide anything from Zhaoming White.

I told Zhaoming White the address.

Soon, he came and brought a lunch box.

After opening, there are three dishes.

I have to say that Zhaoming White’s cooking is very delicious. In these years, when he lived in Suzhen’s studio, even Shuo Shuo loved the dishes he cooked.

The cooking skills that I have been proud of for so many years have been compared.

“I’m hungry, come and eat first and then work on the others.” Zhaoming White said, taking out the tableware wrapped in a handkerchief.

“Thank you.”

I sat down, and Zhaoming White was not at all polite.

Take the chopsticks and start eating.

Zhaoming White looked at the house left and right, “It’s very good here, Xiao xuan really cares about you.”

“No.” I lowered my head to eat, “Anyway, I will go back after this project is finished, and I won’t come back again.”

After I said this, Zhaoming White didn’t reply to me for a long time.

When I looked up at him, the man said, “Actually, for your career considerations, I think you should stay here.”

As soon as he opened his mouth, I understood, and said with a penetrating look, “Did Master let you be a lobbyist?”

Zhaoming White froze for a moment before nodding, “Sure enough, I can’t hide it from you.”

I bow my head to eat.

In fact, I understand the thoughts of Miao Xiangli.

And Flipvilla is indeed more suitable for my development.

I thought for a while and said, “It’s difficult to come here to develop. I don’t have any people of my own. The craftsmen are all Master’s people. I want to find these people in Flipvilla. It can’t be solved with money.”

Because to make this kind of Chinese garden, the requirements for workers are hard skills.

Even if an old craftsman leads his apprentice, he cannot be a teacher in a year or two.

“Yes.” Zhaoming White nodded.

I looked at him, and after thinking about it, I asked, “Then Brother White, where do you want me to be?”

The man seemed to think I would ask him for advice, looked at me, hesitated for a moment, then said, “If you choose me in the end, then I hope you are in Flipvilla, because it is more suitable for your development, and I hope you are better. “

“Finally choose you?”

“I’m afraid you will be shaken by him. If that’s the case, I hope you stay away from him.”

As soon as Zhaoming White explained, I understood.

Thinking of what happened just now, I can say that I have no confidence in myself.

He lowered his head, took another sip of rice, and said, “The craftsman is hard to find and can’t solve this problem. I can’t stay here.”

In the days that followed, I was basically in the studio.

With the maturity of site planning and design and the start of architectural design, the time for my landscape design is getting tighter.

In order to better complete the design drawings, I prefer to work at night, so it is already early morning to go to bed every day.

Generally, after getting up, I can just catch up with Zhaoming White to accompany me to lunch.

The blueprints of the architectural design in the design institute have also come out, and construction has begun on the construction site, and part of the landscape design on my side has also begun to cooperate with the construction.

Because when Chengxiangbang designed the landscape gardens, in terms of green plants, they kept the ancient watering method, which not only prevents water accumulation, but also enables plants to grow randomly.

It was different from the response of ordinary landscape gardens in the drawings, which caused the workers here to say that they could not understand my design drawings at all.

No matter what I told him, he said he couldn’t understand it.

Helpless, I can only ask Xiangli Mou for help and ask him to lend two workers here, at least let them know what my drawings mean.

Xiangli Mou is very happy.

The next day, he found two masters.

I personally go to the airport to pick up people.

As a result, after I arrived at the airport, I learned that the plane was delayed by two hours because of the fog in Su Town.

Going back at this time is a toss, I just waited by the side.

When I was sitting in the side seat and waiting, a familiar voice walked past me.

Blue spring.

Although I haven’t seen her for five years, I still recognize her at a glance.

She is almost the same as she was five years ago, even her hairstyle is exactly the same.

She was wearing a misty blue dress and carrying a bag full of Himalayan accessories.

It looks low-key, but it’s really high-key.

My eyes followed her, wondering who she would pick up.

Lan Quan waited for a while at the pick-up place, and a young man in a black T-shirt walked out of it.

Lan Quan saw him and waved happily.

The man walked out quickly.

I thought it was just an ordinary picking up friend, but the next second, something unexpected happened to me!

Lan Quan and the young man quickly hugged and k!ssed each other.

Chapter 255

I can hardly believe my eyes.

The two k!ssed deeply, and the k!ss lasted a long time. Many people passing by, couldn’t help but look over.

But they k!ssed wantonly as if they were in no one.

Seeing this scene, my heart was beating!

I can’t accept this scene I saw!

Why would Lan Quan k!ss other men?

Is it cheating?

Does Norven White know?

For a time, my heart was in a mess.

The two k!ssed for less than two minutes before they separated. The man held Lan Quan’s waist, and the two cuddled past me.

go away.

I just watched Lan Quan leave, feeling incomprehensible in my heart.

In my heart, Lanquan is really the representative of intellectual ladies. How could he be such a person?

Who is this man?

When I hesitated, the phone rang, and it was the worker from Su Zhen who got off the plane.

I picked up the two workers, settled them first, and rested all night.

The next day they took them to the construction site and asked them to tell the workers how to implement the design drawings.

With the help of these two people, the construction started smoothly.

After this matter is resolved, I feel more and more that if I want to do it in Flipvilla, it is really important to have a good construction team.

If not, nothing can be said about it.

After the matter was resolved, the later work also continued.

The two workers stayed here for about two weeks. Because the workers of the Flipvilla Design Institute were more horizontal than the other workers, I was afraid that my workers would be angry here, so I adjusted my work and rest, and went to the construction site if I had nothing to do.

After these two people left, I continued my design work.

However, in general, I have done a lot of landscape design.

The rest will be completed in two weeks.

As for the interior design, I only need to be responsible for the main part, and Luo Xin’s people do the rest.

In the evening, I continued to work overtime to draw.

At two in the middle of the night, I stretched my waist and just made a cup of coffee. When I want to go back to work…


There was a knock at the door!

I was taken aback and almost threw the coffee cup away!

this late? Who will come?

Isn’t it a thief?

I hid behind the door alone, put the quilt down quietly, afraid to speak.


Knocking at the door continued.

I held my breath and looked at the mobile phone not far away, just about to sneak past when calling the police.


There was the sound of the key opening the door!

Soon after, the door opened!

I stood at the door, looked at the black mug next to it, picked it up casually, and watched someone come in. Without thinking about it, I threw it at that person!



There was a muffled sound, coupled with the sound of the cup falling to the ground.

When I looked up again, what I saw was Norven White holding his forehead, looking at me with a puzzled face, and asking, “Why are you not talking?”

“I’m sorry, President White!” I was frightened, how could it be Norven White, and explained, “I didn’t expect you to come to me in the middle of the night.”

I lowered my head again and saw that the black mug I hit him just now fell on the ground, although the quality was good.

But the handle and the body of the cup were also separated, and the body of the cup was broken into three or four pieces.

He squatted down quickly and was about to pick up the debris, but was stopped by the man’s hand, “I’ll come on, don’t break your hand.”

As the man said, he bent down, carefully placed a few pieces in his palm, took it and threw it into the trash can.

Looking at Norven White, what I thought of was the scene of Lan Quan k!ssing another man.

Does he know about this?

In this situation, I did not ask any questions.

Norven White walked to my computer and frowned slightly when he looked at the design above, “What time is this, why are you still working?”

“I am more used to working at night.”

I explained.

After listening, Norven White didn’t say anything. He pulled a chair beside him and said, “Okay, then you continue to work and I will be with you.”

The man said, putting his hands on the table, his dark eyes looked at me like that.

In this way, I cannot work at all.

In desperation, I can only save the design drawings, stand up and say, “Mr. White, I will sleep now.”

After speaking, Norven White did not move.

No way, I can only go upstairs with two mobile phones, and say as I walk, “Mr. White, I have a rest, you remember to turn off the lights.”

Norven White was downstairs, and I dared not do anything upstairs, until I heard the man turn off the lights and leave, and I was relieved to hear the sound of a car engine outside.

Then quietly touched it down and turned it on to continue working.

When I got back to my mind, it was morning again.

I saved the files and went upstairs to wash my face and brush my teeth. When I was about to go to bed, the sound of a car suddenly came from outside the door.

It’s always quiet around here.

The sound of the car stopped at the door from far to near, and the sound was particularly pronounced.

Who is coming?

Zhaoming White will definitely not come back at this point.

When I was standing at the corner of the stairs, someone knocked on the door.


I took care of my hair while going downstairs.

In a moment, I heard Norven White’s voice outside the door, “I.”

The sound is like a time bomb.

Why is he here?

But the person is standing at the door and the investor is, so I can only go down and open the door for him.

When I opened the door, although he was alone standing at the door, there was a van parked behind.

Several workers are unloading something over there.

“this is……”

“In order to prevent you from staying up late to work, starting today, I will work here.”

As Norven White said, he entered directly.

I didn’t sleep all night, my head was dumbfounded, and it took me several seconds to react to the man’s words!

One step rushed to stand in front of him, “You can’t be here!”


The man looked down at me.

The eyes remain unchanged.

But then I realized that I had forgotten to change my voice again.

My brain reacts very slowly. I thought about it for a while and then said, “Mr. White, you know that I live here. You are a man here. I have many inconveniences.”

“I’m just here during the day.” Norven White disapproved. “Also, if you want to rest, stay upstairs, unless there is a fire and earthquake, otherwise I won’t go upstairs.”

“Mr. White, you have no personal space for me like this.”

“Private space?” The man listened to my words, the expression on his face changed from plain to a little unpleasant, and looked at me condescendingly, “Are you still taking a man overnight?”

“of course not.”

I know that with my mind that hasn’t slept all night, I can’t say Norven White at all.

I can only follow him first, and when I wake up, I will find a way to let him go.

Although I later realized that once he came in, it was almost impossible to go out again.

Unfortunately, I didn’t understand it at the time.

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