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Chapter 271

I stood there, without careful identification, I could tell that this person was Zain Rhodes, and he was still wearing the daytime clothes.

The rain fell on him, and the man’s thin body looked so shaky.

I opened my mouth and said, “Uncle, I have already said that you have admitted the wrong person. Why did you find this place? How did you find it?”

I promised to have a very peaceful tone, as if I had nothing to do with him.

No, I really have nothing to do with him.

Zain Rhodes walked towards me step by step, holding my clothes in his hand, “Jia Rhodes, we were all wrong before. After I got home, I told your mother that I saw you and he told you to go home for dinner. The dishes are ready.”

Lumia Fan cooking?

Why don’t I believe it.

Lumia Fan advertises himself as a noblewoman, and doesn’t know how to enter the kitchen. I haven’t been able to cook in a few years? I do not believe.

“What are you going to do?” Zhaoming White asked me under his umbrella.

If I don’t care about him, I’m afraid Zain Rhodes will really stand here overnight.

After all, he is living so hard now, if he could make a news about coma in front of his biological daughter, it would definitely cause concern.

I hesitated for a while and asked Zain Rhodes, “Uncle, where do you live, let’s send you back, you really admitted the wrong person.”

“Uncle’s name is Chu Die, not the one you were looking for.”

Zhaoming White also helped me.

“Chu Die? What Chu Die!” Zain Rhodes was anxious. “She is my daughter of Zain Rhodes, her name is Jia Rhodes!”


“Your mother was pregnant in October. She almost died in the hospital in order to give birth to you and your sister. Just for this reason, go back and see him.”

Zain Rhodes’s hand grabbed my arm.

The chill passed through my skin, and I shivered.

I pulled my hand and looked at Zhaoming White, “Why don’t I take this uncle to your hospital, he seems to be out of mind.”

To be honest, when I come back this time, I don’t want to get involved.

It is Zain Rhodes and Lumia Fan.

Hearing what I said, Zain Rhodes was anxious, he clung to me tightly, “I am not very normal? I am too clear! Two daughters, one died, others said it was you who died, but I saw the photos , I know, Julia is dead! We have been looking for you for a long time!”


I looked at Zain Rhodes suspiciously.

“Yes!” Zain Rhodes pulled me, “Please, Jia Rhodes, come home with me to see your mother.”

I hesitated.

Although blood relationship is the most delicate relationship in the world, after a few years of separation, I have no nostalgia for Zain Rhodes and Lumia Fan at all.

And there is no intention to forgive what they have done.

Zhaoming White held my arm, “Or send him back first.”


I can only agree.

We pulled Zain Rhodes into the car.

He told us the address.

After hearing this address, I can’t help but feel sad.

This is the most broken shanty town in the south of Flipvilla, and the people living in it are basically from the bottom of Flipvilla.

No matter how devastated Zain Rhodes and others are, it is impossible for them to live in such a place.

What happened in the past few years?

I want to ask, but I am Chu Die, I shouldn’t ask.

It was raining, and Zhaoming White was particularly slow to drive.

In the car, Zain Rhodes kept calling me, “Jia Rhodes.”

In the end I couldn’t stand it anymore, turned my head to look at him, and said coldly, “Uncle, if you call me like this again, I will throw you down and we are gone.”

Zain Rhodes shut up as soon as he heard what I said.

It took about an hour and a half for the car to reach the address Zain Rhodes said.

After getting out of the car, I could see the building in front of me with the dim light on the side of the road.

This building is at least several decades old, and it is dilapidated.

In this stormy night, the whole building seemed to be about to fall down.

I can’t help but frown, “You live here?”

“Yes.” Zain Rhodes took the umbrella given by Zhaoming White and nodded, “Our money has been cheated away. It’s not bad to have such a place to live.”


I didn’t speak, because I felt that with Zain Rhodes’s IQ, I wouldn’t be so downhearted.

Maybe they deliberately acted such a play to deceive me.

Let me pay them.

“Here, you go up, let’s go.” Zhaoming White and I held an umbrella and raised his hand around my shoulder.

This makes me feel a little warmer.

When Zain Rhodes saw that we were going to leave, he turned around and took my arm, “Jia Rhodes, go up and see your mother.”

“Uncle, you admitted the wrong person.”

Apart from this, I don’t know what to say.

“I…” Zain Rhodes hesitated for a moment and changed his words, “Okay, just treat me as if I was the wrong person. Our daughter has been missing for several years, and her mother is crazy. We did a lot of wrong things before, and now we get what we deserve. Punishment, we are alive just to see our daughter, so you can pretend to be, okay?”

Listening to Zain Rhodes’s words, I hesitated.

Yes, although they had an uneven bowl of water back then, if it is really so miserable now.

It can be considered retribution.

“Or, go up and have a look.”

Zhaoming White always knows what I think.

For men, it gave me a nice staircase.

I hesitated, then nodded, “Okay.”

Zain Rhodes heard my promise and said, “Thank you, thank you, you are so kind, my wife will be very happy to see you, we, we have been looking forward to my daughter’s return, and today you finally came back.”

His words made my heart sore.

After all, he is also my parents. Now that Julia Rhodes is dead again, if I just ignore it, would it be too unreasonable.

I thought about it, and I would take a sum of money and leave it to them before I left.

I won’t come back anyway.

Zain Rhodes led the way, and Zhaoming White and I went upstairs.

The corridor has no lights and is very narrow.

I wanted to put my hand on the armrest next to me, and I felt a furry thing…

Soon, the fluffy thing moved away quickly, and I didn’t move my hand, and I felt a long thin object.

In the end the long, thin thing was gone.

I reacted for a few seconds before I realized what I was touching…


I took a breath of air, scared to tears in my eyes, but bit my lip, forcing myself not to scream.

“What’s wrong?” Zhaoming White discovered my abnormality.

“It’s okay…”

I just touched a mouse.

I suppressed the fear in my heart, and rubbed my hands like crazy.

I really can’t imagine how they live in such a place.

In the past, Zain Rhodes and Lumia Fan were such a noble person.

We followed Zain Rhodes to the fifth floor.

He took the key to open the door.

The moment the door opened, I saw the scene in the room and was shocked.

This room is only about thirty or forty square meters. The room is in a mess. The sofa is big on the ground. There are empty paper boxes everywhere, and there are many unfolded boxes beside it.

In other words, they have been making money from origami boxes?

Chapter 272

“Husband, did Jia Rhodes come back with you?”

Hearing movement, Lumia Fan came out of the kitchen.

I was even more taken aback when I saw her.

If I met on the street, I would never recognize this as Lumia Fan!

She was much thinner. She was wearing a floral shirt and a thick pink waistcoat. At first glance, she was the kind of stalls bought on the market.

She used to sneer at these things.

How could it become like this.

Lumia Fan quickly saw me behind him, his eyes lit up, and he came over and grabbed me and said, “Jia Rhodes!” After saying that, he hugged me directly, “It’s really Jia Rhodes! I don’t have vertigo? It’s really mine. Jia Rhodes!”

When she hugged me, I obviously smelled a smell coming from her hair.

If they are acting, they are too similar.

As far as I know about them, they would never act like this. It is clear that they have accepted this state of life.

Lumia Fan hugged me and looked at Zhaoming White beside him, “This… isn’t this the third son of the White family? You, you and my family Jia Rhodes…”

“Sorry, you confessed to the wrong person. She is not Jia Rhodes. We just couldn’t bear to let this uncle freeze outside before sending him back.”

Zhaoming White is more sober than me.

He answered Lumia Fan with a cold voice.

Lumia Fan was stunned and looked at me, “Impossible, this, this is my Jia Rhodes! It must be her!”

“Hello, my name is Chu Die. If it’s okay, I will leave first.”

When I finished speaking, I turned around and wanted to leave.

Behind him, Lumia Fan hugged my leg and knelt in front of me, “Don’t go, Jia Rhodes, it was all my fault before, please forgive me, please, please, after all, I am also your mother. , We are related by blood! Without me, how can you be!”

I’m really angry about this.

But now I always remember that I am Chu Die.

Zain Rhodes stood aside, rubbing her hands embarrassedly, “Just laughed, she’s not quite clear in her mind these years, come in and sit down.”

With that said, quickly pull the carton open.

“Sit down.” Zhaoming White asked me.

Helpless, I can’t go, nor can I kick Lumia Fan away, so I can only agree.

Fortunately, Zhaoming White is here, otherwise I really dare not stay here alone.

We sat down, Zain Rhodes went to the toilet and changed clothes. Lumia Fan brought some dishes, and the dishes were completely cold, but she said, “Oh, knowing you are here, I made some pieces of meat from the refrigerator.”

“We have eaten.”

I said lightly.

“Oh oh, too, our meal, you don’t look down on it now.” Lumia Fan sat there with his hands actually starting to stack paper boxes.

Zain Rhodes looked at her like this, and said unhappily, “My daughter is here, I will do it for a while.”

“Oh oh.”

Looking at Lumia Fan’s skillful appearance, I am more convinced that they have always lived like this, and they are all used to it.

I asked, “What is your source of income now?”

“Just stack paper boxes.” Lumia Fan was a little embarrassed, “I, I’m clumsy. I didn’t know how to work before. I was fired when I went out to find a job. I can only do this.”

“how about you?”

I looked at Zain Rhodes.

Zain Rhodes was a little embarrassed, “Just do some odd jobs.”

Finally, Zhaoming White asked the question I was puzzled by, “Even if the Rhodes clan falls, you have divided a lot of money, how could it be so hard?”

“Oh!” Zain Rhodes sighed when he heard Zhaoming White say, “Our money was cheated away a long time ago, and we owed a debt. In the end, the house was gone and the car was gone, and nothing was left. We can survive. It’s already a miracle.”

“That’s it.” Zhaoming White listened, “Although Xiaodie is not Jia Rhodes, in the final analysis, you have some relationship with our White family. You give me your bank account and I will transfer 2 million to you, although the money cannot allow you Go back to your previous life, but it’s enough for you to live a normal life.”

“How embarrassing it is?” Zain Rhodes raised the corner of his mouth when he heard Zhaoming White say this.

Logically speaking, given his current economic situation, let alone two million, even two hundred thousand would be a help.

But Zain Rhodes is like this, he clearly doesn’t value these two million.

It seems to be too small.

I was immediately unhappy, and pulled Zhaoming White and said, “Don’t pretend to be a good person. People don’t look down on the money.”

“No, no.” Lumia Fan quickly waved his hand, took me and said, “Jia Rhodes, where do you live now?”

I drew my hand out of Lumia Fan’s hand without any margin, and said lightly, “Auntie, I’m not a native of Flipvilla. The house I live in now is arranged by the company. Now that the work is done, I will soon left.”

“Where are you going?”

When Lumia Fan heard that I was leaving, he was obviously anxious.

“I said, I’m not a local, I’m just here for cooperation. It doesn’t matter where you go.”

In my subconscious, I am afraid of being entangled by Lumia Fan.

I couldn’t forgive what they did to me before, including Julia Rhodes. I didn’t forgive.

It’s just that people die, forget it.

Zain Rhodes also asked, “Then… where are you now?”

“It has nothing to do with you.”

I have gradually felt a strange atmosphere in this room.

Zain Rhodes and Lumia Fan obviously have a purpose, but they are embarrassed to state this purpose.

The purpose should be money.

And more than two million more than a little bit.

Zhaoming White saw that I didn’t want to stay anymore, so he proposed, “It’s so late, let’s go back and rest first. As for the two million, you can just contact me.”

As he said, he took out a business card from his wallet and found a clean place on the table.

Help me up, ready to take me away.

“Oh.” Lumia Fan wanted to call me. I took a look at it from my side of light, and Zain Rhodes pulled her a bit, his eyes were brilliant.

This is more in response to my guess, and sure enough they have other purposes.

And this purpose is not convenient to speak in front of Zhaoming White.

I did not speak either.

Both of them sent us out, especially Lumia Fan, smiling all over her face. Her appearance made me feel hypocritical.

As soon as Zhaoming White and I got in the car, the man said, “I think they might want your house.”

Zhaoming White reminded me with a single sentence.

Yes, there is the house that grandma left for me.

Zain Rhodes and Lumia Fan had trouble with me before, and I must still be thinking about it now.

In the past five years, the house price in Flipvilla has been rising. The price of the house has long been less than 10 million. Compared with that, the two million that Zhaoming White said is really nothing.

I lowered my eyes, “I booked the flight ticket for the day after tomorrow. I will go to see Uncle White tomorrow afternoon, and then leave the day after tomorrow.”

“Okay, then I will pick you up tomorrow.”

Zhaoming White sent me to the door of the studio and left.

When I got home, I lay on the bed and couldn’t calm down for a long time.

If Zain Rhodes and Lumia Fan lived in an ordinary house and dressed neatly, I might not have been so touched.

What happened, how could they be defrauded of all their money and fall into this?

Chapter 273

Early the next morning, the rain stopped outside.

I stood in front of the second-floor window and opened the window. The smell of damp mud came out of my nose, and I watched the asphalt road outside washed by rain.

Can’t help but want to go for a walk.

After I freshened and changed my clothes, as soon as I opened the door, I saw Lumia Fan and Zain Rhodes sitting in front of my house!

When I opened the door, the two of them also stood up.

Lumia Fan even wanted to go inside uninvitingly.

“What are you doing.” I blocked the door with both hands.

Lumia Fan looked at me and said with a smile, “Jia Rhodes, have you had breakfast? We brought you breakfast. It’s strange outside. Let’s go in.”

I watched her carry a plastic bag with a bowl inside.

The bowl seemed to be filled with gruel, which had already spilled a lot.

“I said, I am not your daughter, so I will call the police!”

I just wanted to come out for a walk, but I didn’t expect to meet them.

No cell phone at all.

Even so, I pretended to stretch my hands into my pockets, as if I was about to hold my phone.

Lumia Fan also believed it to be true, and quickly grabbed my hand, “Don’t, Jia Rhodes, we’re just afraid that you’re hungry and haven’t seen you for so many years. You can’t cook. We don’t know if you’re eating well or not. Thinking of what I cooked…”

I almost vomited after listening to her.

Afraid of me being hungry? Want her cooking?

If it’s not that I don’t want to admit that Jia Rhodes’s identity is entangled with them, I really want to curse.

I shook off her hand, took a step back, and said, “I am not Jia Rhodes.”

After speaking, I wanted to enter the house and close the door.

However, I just had the act of closing the door, and it was obvious that Lumia Fan and Zain Rhodes exchanged glances.

Lumia Fan dropped the bowl in his hand and the two rushed in directly together!

“What are you doing!”

I did not expect that they would force it.

But soon I felt that I was naive, such a poor person, can’t do anything!

The two of them threw me directly to the ground!

Both men also entered the house.

Zain Rhodes got up first and went to close the door.

Lumia Fan looked up at the studio and smiled slyly, “Jia Rhodes, you killed Xiao Meng and lived in such a good house, why are you!”

When there is no one, the truth is revealed in one second!

Sure enough, it was Zhaoming White that they were afraid of yesterday.

“I’m not Jia Rhodes, so please go out.”

As I said, I got up, wondering how I can go upstairs to get my phone.

“Still sophistry!” My denial directly angered Lumia Fan. She looked at me, took out the phone from her pocket, found a photo, and said to me, “Someone has already told me that you are going back to Flipvilla! We waited for you for five years!”

As she said, walking towards me step by step, the picture was getting closer.

Seeing this photo, I couldn’t help taking a breath.

The dress in the photo was only worn on the day I first arrived in Flipvilla, which means that someone knew my whereabouts well.

It also reported to Zain Rhodes and Lumia Fan.

“Who gave you this picture?” I stared at Lumia Fan and asked her.

Lumia Fan smiled triumphantly when seeing me so nervous, “Why tell you?”

“You transfer the suite [Flipvilla No. 1] to us, and we will tell you.” Zain Rhodes stood behind for a long time.

It seems to be waiting for this moment to say this sentence.

Maybe I knew their purpose a long time ago. I wouldn’t be surprised at this. I stepped back and sat on the chair at the desk and said, “Impossible. Grandma left it to me. I can’t give it to anyone. “

“No?” Lumia Fan walked towards me step by step, suddenly grabbing my neck with both hands!

“what are you doing!”

I was terrified! Both hands wanted to open her hands.

But Lumia Fan seems to have done a lot of physical work in the past few years, and his strength is terrible!

Her hands are very rough, holding my neck, there is a clear sense of friction.

The pointed nails pinched into my flesh.

Lumia Fan looked at me grimly, and Zain Rhodes behind her also had a hatred expression.

I knew it!

These two people, how can they read about family affection!

“What are you doing?” Lumia Fan said grimly, “Don’t think we don’t know, your life is changed by Xiaomeng’s life! Damn it is you! Not Xiaomeng!”

“what are you guys saying?”

“What? You b!tch! You were the damn one on the boat that day! You pushed the little dream into the sea of ​​flames! Otherwise, she won’t die! The damn is you!”

The more Lumia Fan said, the more terrifying the expression on his face.

A pair of eyes stared greatly, and the strength in his hands increased a bit.

But obviously, she didn’t want to kill me, she just wanted to scare me, and then let me give them the house.

I was almost choked to death by Norven White. What’s the deal with this little trouble?

But how do they know what’s on board?

At that time…

“Are you still in contact with Yin Shijie?” I looked at Lumia Fan without being frightened at all.

Hearing my mention of this name, Lumia Fan was obviously a little surprised. The hideous expression on his face was stiff, and he said, “Who, I don’t know.”

“The only one who knows this is him. Who is he? Even if you are new to it, you should know it. Can it be a good thing? When you trade with him, you are walking on the tip of a knife!”

I said word by word, Lumia Fan seemed to be poked at the center of the matter by me, and the strength in his hands was also loose.

Finally put it down completely.

There was even panic on his face.

It seems that Yin Shijie really did something.

Compared to Lumia Fan, Zain Rhodes was sober, and said directly, “Stop talking nonsense, and quickly transfer the house to us! Otherwise, we are going through such a miserable life anyway, death is a matter of time, and we have to hold you back! “

Ha ha.

I know that in their eyes, of course money is important.

“Okay, kill me, anyway, I don’t want to live with parents like you.”

When I remembered, Zhaoming White said he would pick me up at noon.

It is eight o’clock in the morning.

If I hold them for a while, maybe I can get through to Zhaoming White…

Seeing me like this, Zain Rhodes was anxious, “Okay, then we will kill you!”

As he said, he picked up a chair next to him and slammed it at me.

I dodged and looked at him coldly, “Zain Rhodes, do you think I am still the same me? The me who let you beat and scold me?”

Looking at the stool, I remembered what happened eight years ago.

I followed Norven White back to the door that day.

That’s how Zain Rhodes hit me with a chair.

I can’t stand up if I hit it.

Thinking of this, I picked up my chair and walked towards Zain Rhodes.

He thought I was going to beat him, so he couldn’t help but stepped back a few steps, “I tell you, I am your father, and you are so rebellious!”

“Really?” I walked to him and looked at him. “Then father, what do you do that is worthy of this name?”


When Zain Rhodes hesitated a little, I saw his eyes look behind me.

Then the expression appeared in horror!

When I was about to turn my head…

My back hurts!

Chapter 274

I obviously felt something pierce my skin and penetrate my body!

In the next second, the pain in the lower back began to expand, becoming more and more painful!

I bit my lip fiercely, turned my head, and saw Lumia Fan standing behind me, holding the knife that pierced my body just now, a fruit knife.

The metal blade is full of blood!


I have never felt this pain before!

Although I wanted to stand, the pain in my back was beyond my imagination. As soon as I turned around and moved my leg, it affected the wound, so I knelt down.

“What are you doing!” Zain Rhodes obviously didn’t expect Lumia Fan to stab me!

Lumia Fan didn’t have a trace of fear in his eyes, but was full of hideousness, “Can’t you tell, she definitely won’t give us the house! The youngest of the White family will definitely come over in a while, and then we will be finished! Instead of that, Why don’t we kill her! At most, we will be sentenced to death! If she is dead, we will not lose!”

Listening to Lumia Fan’s words, I immediately regretted it.

I should promise.

It’s just past eight o’clock. At this time, Zhaoming White will be here at least eleven.

By eleven o’clock, my blood would have drained long ago.

No way!

I can’t die! I still have Shuo Shuo.

Norven White is married, I definitely can’t count on him to control Shuosuo, so it’s just me, my mother!

I can’t die.

Thinking of this, I hesitated for a while, grabbed Lumia Fan and said, “I’ll give it to you!”

“What?” Lumia Fan was taken aback for a moment.

I reluctantly stood up, “The room book of that house is now under Zhaoming White’s name, and Fangben is with him. Please help me to contact him!”

When Lumia Fan heard this, he was anxious, “What? Why is our house with him!”

“Anyway, the house is now under his name, you, you call 120, save me, I will establish a document, and I will give it to you!”

I was holding the wound on my back with my hand, and I could feel the blood flowing out a little bit, and the sticky liquid on my hand was getting more and more.

And the body is getting colder.

This feeling is as if life is losing a little bit.

As I said, I got up slightly, resisted the pain, took a piece of paper from the table, and then drew a pen, holding the wound with my left hand, holding the pen with my right hand, and writing, willing to give the house to Lumia Fan and Zain Rhodes receipt.

In fact, I am clear.

The data is not counted at all.

After all, the house is in the name of Zhaoming White, what am I writing about?

But at this moment, I must make them believe me!

After I finished writing, I returned the paper to him and said, “Call me and call 120.”

Lumia Fan hesitated for a moment, but took out the phone, and when he wanted to make a call, Zain Rhodes walked over and stopped her.

Bending down, picking up the paper on the ground, I probably glanced at it, and it was torn to pieces, still on the ground, sneered, “You are our fool? Since the house is not yours, you still write Jia Rhodes, what is this? Jia Rhodes Now she’s a dead man! What use are you writing her name?”

Sure enough, Lumia Fan is stupid, Zain Rhodes is not stupid.

Lumia Fan suddenly realized when he heard it, he pointed the tip of the knife at me, “Jia Rhodes, you dare to play us!”

“Then, what are you going to do?” I looked at him, “You can do anything.”

I can’t die.

For Shuoshuo, we can’t die!

Zain Rhodes stood there and thought for a while, suddenly the corners of his mouth curled up, hatred on his skinny face, and he said word by word, “Of course I watched you die.”

I frowned slightly.

Zain Rhodes didn’t explain to me, but said to Lumia Fan, “Put away the knife, go get something, wipe it all over here, make sure not to leave traces like our fingerprints, and then go!”

As soon as he said, I knew what he was going to do!

But Lumia Fan didn’t understand, “What is this?”

“This is a private house. There is no surveillance, and we have never been here.” Zain Rhodes paused and continued, “When she is dead, we will take Zhaoming White’s possession of our daughter’s property as an excuse to bring the house back!”

“Ah!” Lumia Fan suddenly realized, and nodded repeatedly, “Yes, yes!”

She washed the knife clean, put it away, and started to wipe things.

At this time, my blood has shed a lot.

Almost no strength in his body.

The whole body was cold, and his eyelids were extremely heavy.

If you don’t work hard, you will fall asleep in the next second.

“No no, save me, save me!” I was desperate.

Zain Rhodes was afraid of me making trouble, so he grabbed my leg and pulled me into the small meeting room!

My injury was on my waist, and when he pulled so much, the wound began to ache!

“Ah!” I cried out in pain.

However, Zain Rhodes seemed unheard of.

Pulling me all the way to the small meeting room, closing the door, standing outside the door looking at my painful expression, a gratified smile appeared on my face, “Jia Rhodes, are you worth it? The last thing I will have is to have a daughter like you .”

“You! Hiss…”

I want to scold him, but my body hurts too much, and it hurts when I get excited.

When Zain Rhodes saw me like this, the smile on his face became more pleasant, “Jia Rhodes, as my daughter, although you are dead now, you can still be considered useful.”

“Bah! You are not my father at all!”

I lay there, not daring to move.

For fear of accidentally getting involved in his wounds, making himself colder.

“Yeah, I’m just a daughter of Xiaomeng. If it weren’t for you, we could have rescued Xiaomeng!” Zain Rhodes said, his eyes became vicious, “We have given him all the money, but Because of the lack of money, he finally took Xiao Meng to that boat!”

After listening to Zain Rhodes’s words, I already realized what he was talking about.

“Haha.” I looked at Zain Rhodes, “Do you think you can save her? I tell you, Yin Shijie didn’t plan to let us live, but I am dead…”

“Bah! Obviously it is you! We heard about the black box on the boat. You stabbed Xiao Meng with a fruit knife and pushed her into the sea of ​​fire, making her unable to escape!”

Zain Rhodes looked at me, clutching the door handle of the conference room with both hands.

Eyes are full of hate!

That so-called black box is fake.

I know, but I also know that Zain Rhodes will not believe it.

How could he believe me? When did he believe me.

My eyelids were getting heavier and heavier, and Zain Rhodes didn’t say a word, turned and left, and said to Lumia Fan in the distance, “Come here and wipe this doorknob.”

“it is good.”

Lumia Fan answered honestly.

I lay there, feeling my clothes almost completely soaked.

It’s over.

Am i going to die?

What about Shuosuo.

Shuo Shuo will be sad when I die.

Who will save me?

When I was desperate.

“Ding Dong.” Outside the door, the doorbell rang.

Is Zhaoming White here?

Hope rises in my heart.

At the moment the doorbell rang, I heard silence outside, and neither Lumia Fan nor Zain Rhodes spoke.

My phone ringtone is uploaded from the floor.

This ringtone does not belong to my personal mobile phone. It seems that it is not Zhaoming White.

It’s over.

If it’s someone else, no matter who it is, he will definitely leave when he hears that no one will go?

Chapter 275

I lay there, listening to the phone ringing upstairs, and then it didn’t ring again.

My heart is almost cold.

The bell outside the door did not ring.

At this time, Lumia Fan started to work.

Finally she wiped this meeting room.

Lumia Fan stood at the door of the conference room, looking at me, there was still no sympathy on his face, even some joy.

I know that it was the joy she thought she was about to get the money for my house.

Lumia Fan didn’t say a word to me.

Of course, I don’t have the strength to talk to her.

At this moment, my eyelids were so heavy that I couldn’t open them.

The five senses are also gradually lost, and the body is cold and heavy, and can’t even move a finger.

When I was lying, vaguely, I heard a very noisy sound outside the door, but I didn’t know what happened.

I can’t care anymore.

My eyelids were getting heavier and heavier, and finally they closed.

At that moment, all I was thinking of was Shuo Shuo.

He was just over four years old, and his life was still so long. Without a father, his mother died.

He must be very pitiful.

Sorry, Shuo Shuo.

Time does not know how long has passed.

I just feel that my eyes are dark, my brain is active, but my body is not under my control.

I can vaguely feel something moving around me.

Someone is talking.

Moreover, I clearly feel that there is always someone by my side.

No matter what time, the breath of that person is always there, he is very close to me, although I close my eyes, but I know that he is there.

I have been “sleeping” in the dark. As time goes by, I can feel the movement around me more and more clearly.

Occasionally, I can even feel the nurse insert the needle into my blood vessel.

I can hear the nurse and the doctor discussing my condition.

And, no matter how long, I can feel the presence of that person, his generous palm has been holding my hand.

Let me not be afraid in the dark, so that I can clearly feel that I am alive.

I want to tell him that I am.

So, I worked very hard, trying hard to shake his hand back.

Maybe I succeeded. I felt the man hold my finger tightly and said to me, “You feel it, right?”

In response to him, I shook his hand hard again.

Suddenly, he released my hand.

My heart is cold.

Later, the nurse came in.

However, my situation still has not improved.

I don’t know how long it took. The man continued to hold my hand. I heard a voice in my ear, “You must be fine, or I won’t forgive myself.”

“Sorry, I always thought that what I did was to love you and do it for your own good, but until this moment, I didn’t want to understand that I have been hurting you.”

“Today, I opened the letter you put in the wedding red envelope, and I have to say I’m sorry. I just opened it today, because you said that after opening it, we will never see you again. I don’t want to, so I never opened it. .”

“Before, I was always self-righteous and thought I was smart and omnipotent, but when I saw that letter I knew that I was really stupid and terrible, I believed her lies, and then kept hurting and really saved me Of you.”

“Please, wake up, okay? As long as you wake up, I will listen to you what you say.”

“As long as you wake up, I will divorce Lanquan. It doesn’t matter if you don’t choose me. As long as you live and you are happy, I am willing to fulfill what you have.”

“You saved my life. I am willing to surrender my life to you. If you hate me, I am willing to have nothing. I am willing to be a lonely man for a lifetime. As long as you are happy, it doesn’t matter if I guard you from a distance. “

“So, please wake up, OK…”

I lay there, listening to the man.

I can feel my heartache no more.

The feeling of heartache surpasses all the feelings I feel now, it’s painful.

I don’t want to die.

I’m dead, he will be sad.

Most definitely.

I don’t want to die, I want to be with him for a long time, never parting.

This kind of thought, this kind of thought spreads little by little in my mind, little by little, just like this sour feeling in my heart, it seems to spread all over my body.

I don’t know how long I have been “sleeping”.

Finally a ray of light enters my world!

When I realized that I woke up, my brain went blank.

I just feel that I have had a long, long dream. In the dream, there is a person who has been with me…


I opened my eyes, turned my head, and saw the man standing next to me…

It is Zhaoming White.

“You…” I opened my mouth slightly, just feeling astringent in my mouth.

The man got up immediately and pressed the service bell on the side.

I looked around and confirmed that I was in the hospital.

Zhaoming White thought I was going to ask my own situation, grabbed my hand, and said softly, “You have been in a coma for five days. Fortunately, if you wake up, I might go crazy if you don’t wake up again.”

When the man spoke, his eyes were smiling. I knew that it was really the joy that I brought when I woke up.

At this time, the nurses and doctors all came, helped me go to the stomach tube, and quickly checked me.

I asked Zhaoming White, “Have you been with me these days?”

The man seemed to hesitate, but nodded quickly, “Well, I have been with you.”

It’s him.

There is gratitude in my heart, but also a little bit lost.

But I know, I shouldn’t be lost.

How could Norven White stay with me.

“Thank you.” I looked at him and said, “Although I am in a coma, I seem to be able to feel you there all the time. I still remember that you said a lot to me, because you are here, so I can wake up so quickly. “

When I said this, I could see Zhaoming White’s eyes visibly dimmed.

But soon replaced by a gentle warm color, the man raised his hand and touched my head, “Okay, let the doctor examine you first.”


I am obediently obedient.

Zhaoming White took out his mobile phone and went out first.

When the doctor was measuring my blood pressure, someone came in. I thought it was Zhaoming White.

Looking up, I realized that it was Norven White.

He came in and saw that I was awake, he was obviously taken aback, rushed over and hugged me directly, “You are awake!”

In an instant, I was buried in the warm embrace of the man.

The strong arms bound me tightly. This temperature is so familiar.

I don’t know why, but just being held by him, my tears couldn’t help falling.

There were a lot of words in my heart to say to him.

But all the words are stuck in the throat.

He is Lan Quan’s husband, even if he has been in a coma for so long, I can’t forget this.

After a long while, I suppressed all the impulses in my heart, and the desire to hold him back, and said coldly, “Mr. White, thank you for coming to see me.”

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