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Chapter 331

I followed Norven White to a property in the center of Ziyi’an.

After entering, I found that the place was clean and tidy, there was no special furniture, the most conspicuous thing was a large round water bed.

What is here, it goes without saying.

When Norven White came in, he looked disgusted, “We will leave when the doctor comes to see her feet.”

“Oh, don’t.” Ziyi’an looked innocent. “It’s been useless for many years. I’ve already changed my mind. You don’t know.”

Norven White put me on the sofa and sat down.

Soon, a doctor came over and looked at my feet.

Speaking of my injury, and precautions, it is nothing more than changing the dressing every day, not getting wet, etc.

At the same time, he helped me look at the wound on my scalp and asked a few words.

After the doctor left, Ziyi’an said, “I’ll buy you some food and drink. Do you want more vegetables and eggs? You can live here as long as you want. I promise that this house has not been in for five or six years. It’s over! And I regularly let the servant clean it.”

“Is it ready to bring a woman some day?”

Norven White looked at Ziyi’an indifferently and complained.

“No, no!” Ziyi’an immediately denied, smiling humbly, while saying, “Well, I’ll go shopping first, you guys are here well.”

After he finished speaking, he went out quickly.

When Ziyi’an left, the whole room was quiet.

Norven White helped me close the curtains.

The purpose of Ziyi’an’s renovation of this room was not pure, so the curtains are extremely shading.

As long as you pull it up, the whole room will be as dark as the dark sky.

I took off my sunglasses, my eyes were much better now, I watched Norven White sit back next to me, and I said a little apologetically, “Will I delay your business…”

“No.” Norven White seemed to have guessed my mind a long time ago, and gently hugged me, “Fool, the team of R City, no matter what, only my thread is in my hands, and Now the biggest opportunity for Sky Sky to re-emerge is the ai project, so this is my hole card, and I will not lose to him.”

After listening to Norven White, I felt relieved.

Soon, Ziyi’an bought the vegetables back, put them in the kitchen and left.

But soon he went back and forth again, and when I was the top floor of the closet, he took out a big box still on the ground.

“What is this?” Norven White and I stood by, looking confused.

Ziyi smiled bitterly and opened the box.

Inside are all brand-new clothes packed.

There are various cards on the clothes.

Above is the style of clothes.

My eyes are not so good now, and I can’t see what clothes it is.

Ziyi’an put the box aside and smiled mysteriously, “Let me say first, these clothes are all new, and you haven’t worn them once. You can wear them as you like.”

When I heard this, I immediately realized what it was!

His face instantly burst into red.

Ziyi’an didn’t wait for us to express our opinions, and disappeared.

I can feel the hotness on my face.

In order to prevent Norven White from wanting me to try on clothes now, I limped out of the bedroom as if to say to him, or as if to myself, “I will divide the dishes and leave them outside for too long. It will break.”

Norven White stood behind me for a few seconds before saying, “I will help you.”

Let’s go to the kitchen together, and I will arrange the dishes. It will already be evening.

I made a simple lunch and dinner.

After eating, I arranged all the daily necessities I brought from Mid-Levels Villa.

I found that among the things Norven White brought, there were still a few novels.

One of them is the one I read.

Maybe it was because of too much bleeding in the morning. I was already a little tired, so I lay down in bed to rest in advance.

I don’t know how long I slept.

In the middle of the night I woke up in a daze and went to the bathroom, only to find that the living room was still dimly lit.

I walked over and found that Norven White was still driving the computer, his fingers beating quickly on the keyboard.

“Aren’t you sleeping?”

I walked up to him and looked at his computer screen intentionally or unintentionally.

He seems to be emailing someone.

And it’s in English.

The man saw me, stretched out his hand and took my hand, “Immediately, I will fall asleep after sending this email.”

I glanced at the watch on the wall. It was already past two in the middle of the night. Because I didn’t want Norven White to work too hard, I simply sat next to him and said, “Then I’ll wait for you.”

After I finished speaking, I felt that Norven White, as Qingtian’s boss, must have a lot of things to do.

I seem to be too headstrong like this.

I thought for a while and stood up again, “Forget it, you are busy, I’ll go to bed first, don’t you be too late.”

As a result, when I just left, the man suddenly got up, put his arms around my waist, who was about to go, took me directly onto his lap and sat down, and k!ssed my neck, “I don’t have a secret. Look.” He said, and his thin lips k!ssed my neck. “Besides, with beautiful women in my arms, I work more efficiently.”

The man said, his arms circled me, his hands were on the keyboard, and he continued to edit the email.

I probably looked at it. This should be the email to the team in country r. It was filled with all kinds of complicated and rare professional words, which I couldn’t understand at all.

After about twenty minutes, the man finished writing the email.

Move the mouse to the send button.

In the next second, the computer screen will display the words “Send Successful”.

When the email was sent, the man turned off the computer, pushed the mobile computer desk, held me, and walked directly to the bedroom.

“I can go by myself.” I was embarrassed.

“You are hurt, I can’t bear it.”

I don’t know when since Norven White said such nasty words, he didn’t even type a draft.

Just open your mouth.

I let him hold me to the bedroom.

Lie on the bed holding me, I can feel his change, don’t turn my head and say, “Most of the night, don’t think about it.”

“How do you know what I’m thinking?” The man’s k!ss fell on my hair.

“Sleep!” I turned around completely and turned my back to him.

The man’s hand was around my waist, his chin rubbed against my shoulder slightly, and a deep and s3xy voice came into my ears, “Also, tomorrow morning I will be better in spirit than now.”


I do not speak, pretending to sleep.

Early the next morning, after I got up, washed my face and brushed my teeth, I was just getting out of the bedroom to cook breakfast, and I was picked up by Norven White.

The man closed the bedroom door, took out a piece of clothing, raised it up and asked me, “Baby, would you like to wear this to me?”

I squinted my eyes and looked at the clothes in the man’s hand carefully.

Well, it’s barely counted as clothes, but it’s actually just a layer of tulle.

Chapter 332

“No.” I immediately refused.

“Don’t fail.” Norven White pushed me against the wall, his handsome face approaching me a little bit like me.

The man’s extremely handsome facial features just stayed a few millimeters away from me.

I have nowhere to escape.

I just felt that he unbuttoned me one by one, his thin lips pressed to my ears, and said to me, “I will help you.”

Norven White and I lived in this house for two days.

On the third day, Norven White finally received a response from the r country team.

Ziyi’an came with two sets of clothes, and Ye Ze drove over.

A few of us came to the Sky Group together.

At that time, the directors of Qingtian were waiting there.

And Zhaoming White was also there.

Norven White settled me into his office, and only then went to the conference room on the 19th floor.

I just waited in the office.

One morning, it passed quickly.

At 12 o’clock at noon, I finally heard the voice of someone talking outside. I pushed open the door of the office and saw several secretaries standing there.

Norven White, Ye Ze, and Ziyi’an all walked here.

However, the expressions of the three people were solemn.

Especially Ziyi’an, seeing me, his eyes seemed to breathe fire, but he didn’t say anything.

“What’s the matter?” I was taken aback.

Ye Ze looked up at me, his eyes were very complicated.

But Norven White’s deep black eyes are like the water of an ancient well, without waves.

For a time, the atmosphere in the entire corridor became extremely solemn.

At this time, the elevator door behind them opened again.

A man walked down from above-Zhaoming White.

I haven’t seen him for a few days, but the man is obviously thinner. Fortunately, he is wearing a gray suit to make him fuller.

A man and a woman stood beside the man, who seemed to be assistants and secretaries.

But these two people, I have never met.

Zhaoming White looked at me and raised his hand. I heard the familiar four words, “Xiaodie, come here.”

At this moment, Zhaoming White’s voice was not as gentle as usual, but was mixed with some cold breath.

When I heard Zhaoming White say these four words, the pores all over his body were going to stand up.

“Don’t go there.” Norven White raised his hand and circled me in his area.

Zhaoming White looked up at the office next to him, and said with a smile, “Xiao xuan, Xiaodie, come, the three of us have a talk.”

After he finished speaking, he walked into Norven White’s office first.

The two people he was leading stood outside.

Norven White and I hesitated and went in.

As soon as I entered, Zhaoming White took out a mobile phone and faced me, the screen of the mobile phone was on.

I can probably see that it is a video, but it is not playing.

He handed me the phone, “Xiaodie, take a look at this, and choose what you want to do.”

I hesitated for a moment and took the phone.

When I clicked on the stopped video, I just watched it for a few seconds, and the phone kept shaking!

In the video, Shuo Shuo is sleeping!

On the side, Zhaoming White, who was shooting, was holding a sharp knife in his hand, making gestures on Shuoshuo’s fleshy face.

Suddenly, the blade hit Shuo Shuo’s face!

A blood-red mark appeared immediately!

Because the wound was not deep, a few drops of blood leaked along the incision.

“Shuo Shuo…” I nervously forgot to breathe.

However, Shuo Shuo didn’t even react, his eyes were still closed.

For a while, I was definitely not sure whether Shuoshuo was asleep or…

After all, the face is cut, how can there be no reaction at all?

The video stops here.

I raised my head and looked at Zhaoming White anxiously. The hand holding the phone was trembling, “What happened to Shuoshuo?”

“I can only tell you that he is still alive.” Zhaoming White stood there.

Put your hands in your pockets.

The expression is easy to do.

“Don’t hurt him!” I begged.

Zhaoming White nodded, “Yes, but you come to me and never leave me, I will promise you.”

“Don’t go.” After Zhaoming White said, Norven White pressed my shoulder to death, “I will find a way to rescue Shuo Shuo.”

Hearing what Norven White said, Zhaoming White smiled easily, “Xiaodie, you haven’t watched the first half of this video yet.”


And the first half?

I was stunned.

I clicked the progress bar and found out that there was still more than a minute before the video.

I drag the progress bar to the front.

Found that Shuo Shuo was still asleep.

But then the camera moved to the place of his arm, a very thin needle tube appeared in the video, the needle stretched to Shuo Shuo’s arm, inserted into the blood vessel, can see a person’s finger, push all the contents of the needle tube into Shuo Shuo’s blood vessel .

When the push was finished, Shuo Shuo visibly trembled.

Behind is the part where Zhaoming White took the knife.

“What’s that?” I looked at Zhaoming White nervously.

“Come here and never leave me, I will guarantee that Shuoshuo is okay.” Zhaoming White looked at me, still with the familiar gentleness in his eyes.

But this gentleness, at this moment, only makes me feel terrible.

Only then did I discover that Zhaoming White is the real devil!

A smiling tiger wearing a mask and eating people without spitting out bones!

When I was a little hesitant, Zhaoming White said again, “Of course, if Xiao xuan is willing to give me all of the technical team of country r, including all the shares in my hand, I can naturally give Shuoshuo to you.”

Zhaoming White is not asking the team for shares anymore!

He is asking all of Norven White!

After listening to his words, I didn’t hesitate for a second, and pushed Norven White’s hand on my shoulder fiercely, and walked directly to Zhaoming White’s side.

He stretched out his hands around his neck, k!ssed his thin lips, looked at him with both eyes, and said word by word, “Aming, I will never leave you, please don’t hurt Shuoshuo, he is my life.”

“Okay.” Zhaoming White raised his hand and gently rubbed my hair, his voice was as soft as ever, “I have contacted the previous guests, and a week later, our engagement banquet will be held again.”

“I give it to you, I give it to you!” Norven White did hesitate just now.

Otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to smoothly walk from his side to Zhaoming White’s side.

But at this moment, he stretched out his hand to me, said something with a firm look in his eyes, I also knew that he really wanted to give Zhaoming White something.


I know that Norven White cannot be allowed to give up everything.

I looked at him and said with a faint expression, “President White, I hope you can find out that Jia Rhodes is dead, and Chu Die is alive now, and Chu Die doesn’t love Norven White.”

It is Jia Rhodes who loves Norven White.

Chu Die doesn’t love Norven White.

This is my brainwashing of myself.

Everything the other day seemed like a dream to me.

Now that I wake up from the dream, I am still Chu Die.

Chapter 333

Thinking about it now, this is really good.

Break the cocoon into a butterfly.

I am no longer the caterpillar that could only crawl, now I have Shuoshuo, a master, and a talent.

I shouldn’t have been muddled in the past.

Isn’t it?

Norven White didn’t listen to me. Instead, he said to Ye Ze on the side, “Ye Ze, go get all the things my uncle wants and give him all.”


“Go!” Norven White ordered!

Although Ye Ze was very reluctant, he still took it.

The Ziyi on the side was anxious, “No! I can’t give it.” He said to Norven White, “Brother, these are the results of you for so many years, you give it to him, you will have nothing!”

“You go downstairs and wait for me.” Norven White hurried people.

But Ziyi couldn’t leave, “I won’t leave, I’ll tell you, I will stand here today, if you dare to give him something, you will kill me first!”

“Bang!” As a result, before Ziyi’an finished his words, Norven White raised his arm and punched the man in the face!

Ziyi’an’s beautiful peachy eyes were immediately beaten out of bruise.

For a while, Ziyi’an was dumbfounded.

He did not expect that Norven White would really hit him.

Norven White looked cold and looked up at Ziyi’an, “Do you want to continue being beaten?”

Ziyi put his hand on his face, and didn’t mean to give in at all, just stood aside, “You beat me, you beat me to death!”

I finally couldn’t stand it anymore. I took Zhaoming White’s arm, raised my lips slightly, and asked him innocently, “You want me, or what team do you want?”

Zhaoming White looked down at me, put his hand on my head, smiled, “Of course I want you.”

“Then go.”

I said.

Fortunately, Zhaoming White chose me.


I’m really afraid of those things he said to Norven White.

We were about to go out, Norven White directly blocked the door of the office, and said coldly, “Uncle, you have been so courageous for so many years. Isn’t it just to win the sky? Now I will give it to you, all for you, don’t you work hard? Are you going to waste it for so long?”

Zhaoming White today does not wear glasses.

The whole person looked at the sharp Yin stall.

He looked at Norven White and smiled, “I don’t want Qingtian, it’s what you care about most. Now your choice has told me what you care about most.”

Zhaoming White’s words made my heart hurt severely.

This sentence is really cruel.

Zhaoming White chose me not because of feelings, because Norven White cares about me most.

In such a comparison, what a ridiculous choice I made.

I lowered my head, not dare to let Norven White see me desperate.

I dragged Zhaoming White, “Let’s go, I’m tired.”

“Okay.” Zhaoming White smiled and took me to leave.

At this time, Ye Ze had already brought something over, and I heard him say to Norven White, “Mr. White, this is what you want.”

Norven White took the things over and said to Zhaoming White, “There are everything you want, including the share transfer agreement. I have signed it.”

“Oh?” Zhaoming White was surprised, “It seems that Xiao xuan knew that these things would happen?”

“Of course.” Norven White said, “Bring the child, the safety of the child is yours.”

Zhaoming White smiled, put his hand on my head, and touched my already messy hair, “I’m sorry, Xiao xuan, I also think Xiaodie is very important to me now, you things, I suddenly don’t want them.”

When I stood there, I felt like a lifeless bargaining chip.

So powerless.

Can’t help Norven White, nor can he save Shuosuo.

At this moment, I actually regret letting Xiangli Mou take Shuosuo away.

If Shuoshuo is not taken away, will many things be different?

Unfortunately, there is no if.

“Really?” Norven White sneered, and reached out and grabbed my arm, “Uncle, don’t forget Qingtian at this moment, you still have to ask me if you can go out.”

When the man’s slightly warm palm held my arm.

My heart trembled.

I looked up at Norven White, full of unease.

The man didn’t look at me, he looked at Zhaoming White.

Although the two men didn’t speak, they were already sparkling.

The whole office fell into a weird silence.

It took a moment for Zhaoming White to draw a small smile at the corner of his mouth, and said, “Xiao Xuan forgot, Shuo Shuo is still with me.”

Shuo Shuo is still with me.

A few words made me sober.

I raised my hand and shook off Norven White’s hand holding my arm, and said to him, “Mr. White, you are not welcome at the engagement banquet with Ah Ming, so you won’t use it.”

This sentence has fully surfaced my position.

“I have a way…”

“President White, you are a pauper when you hand over these things, why should I put Shuoshuo and my future on a pauper?” I finished speaking, looked up at Zhaoming White, and said with a smile, “Aming, let’s go. .”

“it is good.”

Zhaoming White took me away.

This time, Norven White did not stop.

But when I passed him, I said two words in a voice that only we could hear, “Goodbye.”

When I walked out the door, I heard that my heart was bleeding.

I really want to tell him that I don’t mind that he is a pauper.

I can make money to support him.

However, I cannot bet on Shuoshuo.

I also don’t want him to spend half of his life for us.

I got off the elevator with Zhaoming White and left.

Arrived next to the bus downstairs.

One of Zhaoming White’s assistants and a secretary did the front, and I sat in the back with him.

As soon as I got into the car, I immediately said to him, “I want to see Shuo Shuo, what did you give Shuo Shuo to?!”

This is what I care most about.

If I had such a slight affection for Zhaoming White, then at this moment, it has completely disappeared.

All I want is that Shuo Shuo is safe and sound.

Zhaoming White didn’t answer. Instead, he took out his glasses from the pocket of his clothes and put them on his face, before he said to me, “Don’t worry, Shuo Shuo is okay. He is your child and I will not hurt him.”

“You lie.” I stepped back a bit and looked at him with unrelenting vigilance, “You have already scratched his face with a knife, and you have injected him something!”

“The wound has healed. As for the injection.” Zhaoming White paused and continued, “As long as you stay by my side, I can always guarantee that Shuoshuo is fine.”

After listening to Zhaoming White’s words, I had a bold guess in my mind, “In fact, what you registered for him is not a virus or something?”

Zhaoming White heard what I said, the corners of his mouth curled up, his face still had that gentle, secretive smile, and asked me, “What do you think?”

I can’t guess.

Zhaoming White is really unfathomable, I really can’t guess it.

I dare not guess.

Chapter 334

I lowered my eyes, clenched my hands slightly, then looked up at him again, with a nice smile, and said, “Okay, I will never leave you, please don’t hurt Shuo Shuo, he is everything to me.”

Hearing what I said, Zhaoming White seemed a little hurt, “He is all to you? What about me?”

“You are my husband.” I answered naturally.

For Shuoshuo, I will stay by Zhaoming White’s side.

The man seemed to be satisfied with my answer, nodded, took out my mobile phone from his pocket and handed it to me.

I didn’t care about my mobile phone being here.

As soon as I was about to put it away, I heard Zhaoming White say, “Your mobile phone, I have installed the software, I will know where you go in the future, and if you contact Xiao xuan, I will also know.”

I was taken aback by his words.

I looked up at Zhaoming White in an incredible way, opened my mouth, and finally just said, “Actually, you don’t need to tell me.”

“I’m just afraid you will let me down.”

“Will not.”

After I finished talking, I put the phone away.

In fact, at this time, the relationship between Zhaoming White and I has changed, and it is no longer as pure as before. I am guarding him.

He also watched me at the same time.

After driving for a while, Zhaoming White introduced to me, “The two of them, this is my assistant Jiang Chen, and this is my secretary Wu Na.”

“Yeah.” I nodded.

Actually, I am not interested in these.

I watched the car drive towards Shenghua Water Bay, and said to Zhaoming White, “Aming, we are living in Flipvilla No.1 recently, okay? I am busy with work and often come back late from working overtime for fear of disturbing you.”

After all, Shenghua Water Bay has only one master bedroom.

Not even a guest bedroom.

When I live there, I can only live in the same room with Zhaoming White.

Now I, both physically and psychologically, cannot accept the matter of having a relationship with Zhaoming White.

Zhaoming White looked at me, as if he had guessed what I was thinking, and said, “If you don’t sleep together, how do you call a couple?”


His words are plain and clear.

I didn’t say any more.

The car finally drove to Shenghua Water Bay.

The three servants greeted us at the door and shouted respectfully, “Master, madam.”

I indifferently accepted that they took slippers and coats for me.

After all, this is my future and I must adapt.

When I got home, I looked around and didn’t see Shuo Shuo’s figure. I immediately asked Zhaoming White, “Where is Shuo Shuo?”

“Where is the young master?” Zhaoming White asked a servant.

“Master is taking a nap on it, do you need me to wake up?” The servant was young and did not dare to raise his head when speaking, and asked us respectfully.

Zhaoming White turned to look at me.

Seems to be waiting for my decision.

Shuo Shuo is sleeping?

Why don’t I believe it.

But waking up is not good either. I hesitated for a while before saying, “I’ll go up and have a look.”

“Okay, ma’am.” The servant hurriedly walked to the edge of the stairs and made a please gesture.

To be honest, I don’t like having a servant at home.

When I lived with Norven White before, it was only for the servants to come here, and I rarely lived here.

However, now I can only adapt.

I nodded slightly, and went upstairs first, the servant following me.

After I went up, I went to Shuoshuo’s room.

Shuo Shuo’s room door was hidden, I opened it and saw Shuo Shuo lying on his little bed.

Covered with a blue quilt, he was sleeping soundly.

Maybe I couldn’t believe in Zhaoming White in my heart, so I walked over, touched Shuo Shuo’s forehead, put my finger under Shuo Shuo’s nostrils, and felt whether there was a breath.

After confirming that Shuoshuo was alive and her body temperature was normal, my heart was relieved.

I left Shuoshuo’s bedroom again and closed the door before asking the servant, “What is your name?”

It is also interesting.

I have been in this house for several days and days, and I don’t even know the names of these three servants.

I never asked them to do things for me before.

But in the future, this may not be possible.

When the servant saw me asking her name, she seemed flattered and said with a smile, “Madam, my name is Qi Lanlan.”

“Oh, then I’ll call you Lanlan from now on.” I looked at her and asked again, “How old are you?”

She doesn’t seem very old.

Qi Lanlan immediately replied, “I am only twenty this year.”

“Twenty? So young? Didn’t you read?” I was a little surprised.

Hearing my question, Qi Lanlan was a little embarrassed, “Yes, my family’s conditions are not good, there are many children, and there are two younger brothers below me, so I didn’t go to university, so I went out to work.”

“Really.” Hearing her say that, I felt a little sad for her. “I will do more for myself in the future. Here, you don’t need to spend money on food and clothing. You can save some money. If you want to study anytime, Just go.”

Twenty years old was originally a flower-like age.

It’s really a pity to be a servant here.

Qi Lanlan said excitedly, “Thank you, madam.”

I said a few words with Qi Lanlan, and I felt that Qi Lanlan was pretty good, so I asked her, “When did Shuoshuo deliver it? How is her mental condition after it was delivered?”

Qi Lanlan tilted her head and thought for a while, “Master only came here yesterday. After he came, there seems to be nothing unusual.”

“Is it from the master?” I asked again.


“Do they get along well?”

“very good.”

Qi Lanlan answered all my questions.

Moreover, I can’t hear any questions in the answer.

I hesitated for a while, or turned my head to look at her, with a bit of doubt, “I shouldn’t anyone teach you how to answer my question?”

Qi Lanlan was obviously confused when he heard me say this.

Looking at me, he said for a long time, “No.”

I took a closer look at Qi Lanlan, and said that it was born from my heart, Qi Lanlan seemed to be a pretty simple girl.

I think it’s me who is careless.

Qi Lanlan and I went downstairs. Zhaoming White had just changed clothes. Seeing me coming down, he asked me, “I saw Shuoshuo, don’t worry?”

“Yeah.” I nodded, “The kindergarten is closed. Let Shuo Shuo go to the studio with me these few days. I just asked Tang Ruo to bring her daughter over, so they can play together.”

To be honest, now Shuo Shuo is not by my side, I am really worried.

Of course Zhaoming White understands what I mean, and nodded, “Okay, you have the final say, I will pick you up when you go to and from get off work.”


I did not refuse.

After all, it is useless to refuse.

Chapter 335

In addition to the two other servants of Qi Lanlan, I also learned about it.

One is Sister Chen in her fifties.

He is in his thirties and his surname is Liu Xuejun.

Among them, the sister-in-law Chen was specially brought by Zhaoming White from White’s family. She cooks very well, so she cooks at home.

Liu Xuejun, the child of Chen’s relatives, didn’t have a job, but we happened to be a servant. She was introduced.

When I learned about their situation, Shuo Shuo woke up.

She came down the stairs barefoot and saw me with bright eyes, “Mom!”

While shouting, ran to my side, climbed onto the sofa, then climbed onto my lap and hugged my neck and shouted, “Mom, you are back!”

“Yeah.” I saw the shallow scar on his face, and I felt distressed.

I want to ask him what Zhaoming White has done to him these days, but Zhaoming White is upstairs and may come down at any time. After thinking about it, I asked, “You have been with Uncle White these days and you haven’t been naughty. Does Uncle White cause trouble?”

“Of course not!” Shuo Shuo sat on my lap, dangling her calf, grinning with a grin, “Uncle White is kind to me, he bought me a lot of toys, and there are delicious ones!”

“is it?”

Children will not lie.

When I mentioned Zhaoming White, there was no timidity or hesitation in Shuo Shuo’s eyes.

I know that Zhaoming White should be really good to him.

I touched his head lightly, but I didn’t dare to relax at all.

It doesn’t matter if Zhaoming White has been so good to him, in case he changes his face someday…

This is what I worry about.

“Uncle White!” I originally held Shuosuo.

Shuo Shuo suddenly jumped off my body and ran towards the stairs!

I turned my head and saw Zhaoming White walking downstairs.

He saw Shuo Shuo, his pace was faster, walked to Shuo Shuo’s side, hugged him directly, and said, “Why did he come down without wearing socks?”

Although the words are accusing, there is no accusation in the tone.

The moment I saw Zhaoming White hugged Shuo Shuo, my heart touched my throat.

But looking at Shuo Shuo in Zhaoming White’s arms, holding his arm, the appearance of two people being intimate, I knew that I was careless.

Chen’s wife has already prepared the meal.

Liu Xuejun and Qi Lanlan helped bring the food, and Zhaoming White sat down with Shuosuo in his arms.

“Lanlan, help me get Shuoshuo’s bowl.” I called Qi Lanlan.

At this moment, Zhaoming White, who was sitting opposite me, suddenly raised his head and turned to look at Qi Lanlan.

The look in that look was a bit of coldness, but it turned into a normal look for a moment, turning his head and asking me, “Why do you call her that?”

“She’s Qi Lanlan, so young, I just call her Lanlan.”

I will explain casually.

Zhaoming White didn’t ask any more, but there seemed to be some other things in his eyes.

I couldn’t understand these things, and I didn’t ask again.

Qi Lanlan put Shuosuo’s bowls and chopsticks next to me, and then stood aside again.

I patted the place next to me and said to Shuo Shuo, “Come on, Shuo Shuo, sit here.”

“Yeah.” Shuo Shuo nodded and came over obediently.

After he was seated, I helped him serve some food. He is so old that he can eat by himself.

When Shuo Shuo was in Su Town, Xiangli Mou taught him to “don’t eat and sleep” from a young age, so he didn’t talk very much during meals.

Also because of his lack of speech, the entire process of eating seemed extremely depressing.

Zhaoming White and I didn’t say a word, and Shuo Shuo also buried our heads in dinner.

All of a sudden, the huge house was surprisingly quiet.

Only occasionally does the sound of chopsticks hit the tableware.

After eating a meal for about half an hour, I finished it. Seeing that there was not much food left in the Shuo Shuo bowl beside me, I asked him, “Anything else to add?”

“Well, I want to eat that!”

Shuo Shuo pointed to the green broccoli and said.

I was about to pick up the chopsticks for him, but Qi Lanlan leaned over, “I’ll come, madam, please rest.”

As she said, she took a new spoon, and then divided the broccoli into small pieces with the spoon, and then put them on Shuo Shuo’s plate.

Seeing her moves so skillfully, I couldn’t help but ask, “Do you often do this?”

“Yeah.” Qi Lanlan put the spoon back in the kitchen, stood aside and replied, “When I was young, my parents were busy, and I took care of my two younger brothers, so I have a special hand in bringing children.”

“That’s it.”

I listened, maybe it was because Qi Lanlan had a good impression, and thinking that she would be familiar with it after a while, she put Shuosuo at home.

Maybe Qi Lanlan can take it with him.

“Yes, my two younger brothers have become more pitiful, let alone four years old, they have to be fed when they are six, unlike the young master, who is smart and sensible, he will eat by himself at a young age.” Qi Lanlan turned out to be a silly talker .

As soon as the chatterbox was opened, the conversation was endless.

But Shuo Shuo immediately showed a proud expression on her small face when she heard her say that.

He straightened his back, his small face was full of pride, took the spoon and started eating broccoli.

A little bit all finished.

Pointing to the broccoli and said, “I still want to eat.”

“Okay.” Qi Lanlan helped Shuoshuo finish the broccoli, put it in his bowl and continued, “Oh, young master like this, he will be promising when he grows up, and it will surely be a big deal. If my two brothers have If you are half of your talents, I won’t feel that you have dropped out of school. What a pity…”

Speaking of this, Qi Lanlan was full of regrets.

At this time, Zhaoming White, who had been eating, raised his head, looked at her, and asked, “Are you two brothers okay?”

When asked by Zhaoming White, Qi Lanlan was embarrassed at once, “No, I’m sorry, you guys eat, I have so many words, I really bother you.”

Qi Lanlan said, and quickly pushed back.

In fact, it stands to reason that the servants cannot speak while the master eats.

This Qi Lanlan is a newcomer and has a lively personality, so with a little bit of conversation, he can talk endlessly.

Generally many people don’t like servants like this.

But I held Qi Lanlan so well.

After all, based on my relationship with Zhaoming White, there may not be much exchanges in the future. The two masters in the family are lifeless, and it would be nice to have a talkative servant.

I was about to speak for Qi Lanlan, but I heard Zhaoming White say, “No, you can keep talking, you have a good personality, and you will stay at our house in the future.”

When the man spoke, his face remained a gentle smile as always.

“Thank you, master, thank you!” Qi Lanlan smiled at the sound.

Zhaoming White raised his hand, “You continue to talk about your family affairs.”

“Okay.” When Qi Lanlan heard this, she was unscrupulous, stood aside, and began to say how ineffective her two younger brothers at home were.

When she said this, the lifeless home suddenly became active.

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