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Chapter 371

Shuo Shuo shook his head, “Uncle White and other aunts are pregnant, indicating that he is a bad person, and my mother should not be with him.”

I was taken aback by Shuo Shuo’s words, but quickly said, “This matter is an adult’s matter, and an adult’s matter can only be solved by an adult. If you are a child, you can grow up happily with peace of mind, okay?”

Our affairs are too complicated.

Moreover, it is a mystery whether Zhaoming White injects something into Shuo Shuo’s body. I think it may not, but I dare not assume that one in ten thousand possibility.

After all, Zhaoming White still has a dark side in my opinion.

Shuo Shuo pouted and seemed to be thinking about something. After a while, she said seriously, “Mom, even if there is no dad, Shuo Shuo will protect you.”


I hugged Shuo Shuo and hugged him down.

Soon Tang Ruo got downstairs.

When I dressed Shuo Shuo and sent him out, another familiar car drove to the door.

Soon, Zhaoming White got out of the car and looked at Shuoshuo being wrapped tightly. He came over and asked, “Are you going out?”

“Uncle White, Mom said that I will talk to you about adults later, it is not convenient for me to be there.” Shuo Shuo said first.

Zhaoming White didn’t know what he was talking about, so he squatted down, squeezed Shuo Shuo’s small face, and said in a gentle voice, “So Shuo Shuo doesn’t have to go.”

Shuo Shuo looked at Zhaoming White and shook his head, “However, the aunt said, I am not Uncle White’s son. The baby in her belly is the one, so I let me go.”


When Shuo Shuo spoke, she became quiet.

The smile on Zhaoming White’s face just disappeared in an instant. The man looked at me with complicated eyes.

I did not speak.

Tang Ruo took a look at the situation and took Shuo Shuo’s hand and said, “Come on, Xia Xia is waiting for you to make pizza together!”

“Okay, then.” Shuo Shuo nodded earnestly, seemingly reluctant to do so.

When Shuoshuo left, Zhaoming White did not go in immediately, but looked at me and asked, “What’s the matter?”

“Go in and listen to her telling it to you.” After I finished speaking, I turned around and walked through the door.

As a result, as soon as I entered the door, Qi Lanlan rushed over, and Li Hua shouted with rain, “Master, you are back…”

Halfway through the conversation, when I saw it was me, all the expressions on my face immediately stopped, turning into disgust and jealousy.

Standing in place, with his hands around his waist, he gave me a blank look and asked, “Why didn’t the master come in? Wouldn’t you let him go?”

I ignored her and continued to walk inside.

At this time, Zhaoming White also followed in.

As soon as Qi Lanlan saw Zhaoming White, she immediately rushed over, and continued to shout with the rain, “Master, you are back, I have been waiting for you for a long time…”

“What’s the matter?” Zhaoming White looked at Qi Lanlan without knowing anything.

Qi Lanlan thought he really didn’t know, so she said, “I, I have good news to tell you!”

“Huh?” Zhaoming White raised his eyebrows slightly.

I stood in the direction of the stairs and looked at the two people.

Qi Lanlan leaned in front of Zhaoming White, touched her belly with one hand, and took out a folded test form from her pocket with the other hand. After opening it, she held it up in front of Zhaoming White and said, “Look, I Pregnant with our baby!”

After hearing this, Zhaoming White’s eyes were cold, but the change was not particularly big.

Turned around and sat down on the sofa.

When Qi Lanlan saw Zhaoming White like this, it was obviously a little surprised.

She must have thought that Zhaoming White would be very happy, and even immediately announced that she would marry her.

However, Zhaoming White didn’t do anything. He didn’t even say a word. He just sat on the sofa and took out the phone from his pocket. He pressed a few numbers on the phone screen with his distinct fingers and started to make a call.

Qi Lanlan was not reconciled, and moved forward.

As a result, as soon as she moved her steps, Zhaoming White suddenly raised his eyes to look at her, his eyes were not as gentle as usual, they were a bit cold!

As if to warn her not to lean over!

Qi Lanlan was so scared that she stopped her steps, her face was unwilling.

Behind them, Liu Xuejun and Chen’s sister both showed expressions of laughter.

Although Qi Lanlan didn’t look back, she knew that they were definitely watching her jokes. Although there were a thousand or ten thousand in her heart, he would definitely not dare to go over when Zhaoming White made this call.

Soon Zhaoming White’s call was connected.

The man just faintly said a few words to the phone, “Come here a few people.”

Then he hung up the phone.

Seeing Zhaoming White hung up the phone, Qi Lanlan was exasperated, and hurriedly took a step forward and said to Zhaoming White, “Master, I…”

At this time, Zhaoming White seemed to be looking at her, his expression was cold, raised his eyes and asked three words, “Pregnant?”

Obviously it was an ordinary questioning, but for Qi Lanlan, it seemed to be a great encouragement. She nodded desperately, with tears in her eyes, “Hmm!”

Zhaoming White nodded, patted the position beside him, “Come, sit here.”

When Qi Lanlan saw the situation, she became even more excited, and immediately walked over and sat down at the position indicated by Zhaoming White.

Even a little further forward.

Seeing this, the expressions of Liu Xuejun and Chen’s wife were incredulous.

However, I am very calm.

My calmness is not only because I don’t have much feelings for Zhaoming White, but also because I feel the danger.

Everything Zhaoming White is doing now runs counter to his usual character and other things.

Such him makes me feel extremely dangerous.

I think that the call Zhaoming White just made must not be simple.

Who is coming later?

I stood there, thinking in my heart, waiting for someone to come and take Qi Lanlan away.

Then, this person disappeared and never seen again?

Qi Lanlan is obviously the kind of simple-minded animal. She didn’t feel the danger at all, but went to Zhaoming White’s side and said, “Master, I am uncomfortable during pregnancy. Now I can’t eat anything.”

Zhaoming White didn’t seem to dislike her at all. Instead, she looked at her slantingly, with a small smile in her eyes, and said, “Well, thank you.”

Hearing these four words, Qi Lanlan is almost going to heaven!

She said excitedly, “No hard work, no hard work, as long as I can do things for the master, I don’t have to do anything hard.”

“Really?” Zhaoming White looked at her.

His hand hasn’t been overstepped, but he is holding the phone tightly, with a small smile on his mouth.

However, I understand that waiting for those who are coming, what is going to happen will definitely be at least 180 degrees from the present.

“Hmm!” Qi Lanlan nodded desperately.

“Ding Dong.”

Just then, the doorbell rang.

Sister Chen went to open the door. I stared at the door closely, as if I could feel it. I was afraid that some black bodyguards would come in and drag Qi Lanlan away directly.

Chapter 372

Sister Chen opened the door.

Only one person stood at the door.

And this person, I have seen Norven White during the day.

Seeing Norven White, I was stunned.

How could he come?

Did Zhaoming White call him just now? Impossible, this is unreasonable.

At this time, everyone in the room looked at the door with a little surprise in their expressions.

Only Sister Chen is very calm.

Before I had time to think about anything, Zhaoming White spoke first, “What wind is blowing Xiao xuan?”

His tone is almost the same as usual.

Qi Lanlan saw Norven White’s eyes straightened, but soon they turned into a trace of unwillingness.

She looked at me with jealousy and hatred in her eyes.

I think this is the first time she has seen Norven White in person.

Norven White was taller than Zhaoming White in terms of appearance.

In addition, he was young, with a fierce temperament, and a strong aura, just standing in the doorway with a black coat and deep eyes.

All of this is probably the look of Qi Lanlan’s favorite overbearing president at this age.

Moreover, he and Zhaoming White are two completely different auras and personalities.

I could see that Qi Lanlan’s hands on her legs gradually clenched into fists, and the eyes that looked at me were full of hatred!

Norven White didn’t care about this, put his hands in his pockets, and said calmly, “I feel that there will be a big show tonight, so take a look, lest the one I love is wronged.”

He confessed to love me so directly and frankly.

This incident made Qi Lanlan so jealous.

Her eyes were red and she wanted to kill me with her eyes.

But now it doesn’t matter to me, Qi Lanlan is pregnant, even if he put this shameful relationship on the table.

Then it must be said.

Aunt Chen calmly gave Norven White a pair of slippers for the guests. After changing his shoes, he walked in and sat on the single sofa.

After Norven White came in, Qi Lanlan looked at Norven White unscrupulously.

Zhaoming White watched this point completely, but his expression remained unchanged.

I suddenly felt that if Norven White didn’t come, many things might still have a slight change.

Now that Norven White is here, Qi Lanlan’s behavior is very obvious. If Norven White said a word, Qi Lanlan would definitely follow Norven White.

How can Zhaoming White tolerate this?

Norven White looked at me, “Xiaodie, why are you standing? Come on, sit down with me.”

As he said, he moved to the armrest position and gave me the position of the single-seat sofa.

If I go to sit, then it is equivalent to sitting in his arms.

I shook my head, “No, sit down.”

Zhaoming White patted the other side next to him, “Xiaodie, sit here.”

“No.” I continued to refuse, “Aming does not enjoy the blessing of all the people?”

Both sides refused, and at this moment, there was another knock on the door.

This time, Sister Chen did not open the door without authorization, but looked at Zhaoming White.

Zhaoming White nodded before she spoke.

At this time, four black-clothed bodyguards really came in at the door, which immediately made the living room a bit crowded.

When Qi Lanlan saw these people, she didn’t seem to realize anything. She blinked her big eyes that thought she was innocent and looked at Zhaoming White, “Master, what are these people doing?”

Her expression seemed to say: Did she come to drive the lady away?

Zhaoming White raised his hand and landed on Qi Lanlan’s back, asking him with some gentleness, “What do you think?”

Qi Lanlan thought that she understood it, looked up at me, and continued, “Even though Madam is unfaithful to you, she is also your wife who is married. I don’t think the master should do too much. In this way, others Definitely say me.”

After listening to her, Liu Xuejun was furious, but I was very calm.

Zhaoming White looked at me, “What do you think of Madam?”

I leaned on the armrest and said, “You have a plan in your heart, so don’t ask me.”

Zhaoming White heard what I said, the smile on his face became more wanton, and nodded, “Well, I will give you an explanation about this matter.”

“What do you mean?” Qi Lanlan looked at Zhaoming White “innocently”.

But the man had already looked at the bodyguards who came in, and only said two words, “Hands.”

At this time, Qi Lanlan still thought it was me who was going to be driven away.

She didn’t change her face until she saw two bodyguards walking towards her.

When he reacted again, Qi Lanlan had been held by two bodyguards and stood in the hall.

I originally thought that Zhaoming White was going to take her to the hospital for an abortion and then drive her away, but Zhaoming White didn’t mean it at all!

Qi Lanlan was a little panicked, and smiled reluctantly and asked Zhaoming White, “Master, master, what does this mean? It’s really your child in my stomach!”

“Well, I know.” Zhaoming White nodded.

“Then you, are you kidding me?”

Zhaoming White looked up at Qi Lanlan, “I don’t give you medicine every time, who allowed you to conceive my baby?”

When Qi Lanlan heard this, she immediately said, “The time I asked you what to do if I accidentally became pregnant, you didn’t say:’Then give birth, I will raise our child, I will naturally treat him well.’ These are all your words!”

“Really?” Zhaoming White’s face was indifferent.

At this time, Norven White was still sitting on the armrest of the sofa, looking at Qi Lanlan, “Uncle, you like to be stupid.”

“You, don’t talk nonsense, what am I stupid!” Although Qi Lanlan was angry, she looked at Norven White’s face, but she couldn’t lose her temper.

The words spoken seemed to be acting like a baby.

Zhaoming White sneered, “Xiao Xuan, this servant seems to like you more than he likes me.”

“Really? Unfortunately, I only love Xiaodie.” Norven White looked at me as he spoke.

After hearing these words, my heart trembled slightly, but I didn’t show anything.

When Qi Lanlan heard this, she finally couldn’t stretch herself, “What’s so good about Chu Die! One is old, and it’s the same if I’m young without me, what do you like!”

When Zhaoming White heard this, he frowned slightly, “You talk a lot.” After speaking, he said to several bodyguards, “Do it.”

As soon as he finished speaking, when all of us didn’t react, the other two bodyguards who didn’t hold her up suddenly raised their feet!

Punch and kick directly at her stomach!

“Ah! What are you doing! Ah! It hurts! Master! Master!” Qi Lanlan was stunned.

At the same time, I was also shocked.

I did not expect that Zhaoming White would actually use this method to cause Qi Lanlan to abort!

Zhaoming White stood up and said to me, “Sorry, I am confused about this matter, and this is what I have given you.”

At this time, the two bodyguards continued to fight. In order to prevent her from getting off, the two bodyguards driving her directly pushed her against the wall.

The two bodyguards made heavy moves, and within a few blows, the muscles on Qi Lanlan’s face twisted together painfully.

Looking at her, I suddenly thought of me back then. I stood up and shouted, “Don’t fight!”

He rushed to try to stop, but was directly stopped by Zhaoming White.

Chapter 373

“Let them stop fighting.” I said to Zhaoming White.

“This is the path she chose, isn’t it?” Zhaoming White’s eyes were still gentle when she spoke.

It seems that the person who is currently beating has nothing to do with him.

I was anxious, “But she is your child in her belly!”

I am not sympathetic to Qi Lanlan, but the child is innocent, is it?

And, maybe in my heart, I hope Qi Lanlan and Zhaoming White really have something.

Zhaoming White looked at me and said calmly, “You can also have children with me, can’t you?”

“I…” I hesitated for a while, my heart was in a mess.

Norven White, who had been standing next to him, finally stood up and pulled me back, “Uncle, the twisted melon is not sweet, don’t you know?”

The two were pulling here, and Qi Lanlan was beaten in pain.

Seeing the situation here, her face was full of hideousness, and she said to Zhaoming White, “Master, master, stop beating, this is your child, don’t you remember you holding me and saying love me? Are they all? Is it fake? I gave it to you the first time, why…”

“Oh, I love Lanlan.” Zhaoming White looked at her and said lightly.

Just one sentence, I understood it all at once.

I looked at Zhaoming White, “You love Mei Lan, you and Qi Lanlan, but because she can also be called Lanlan, right?”

Zhaoming White looked at me with surprise in his eyes, but soon became gentle again, “Don’t think about it, I love you.”

“No!” I shook my hand, “You don’t love me, you don’t love her even more. The reason why you are willing to be with her is not because you have a need, but because she can satisfy your name, Lanlan, and someone responds!”

At this time, Qi Lanlan had been beaten so painful that she couldn’t speak.

The pants under her legs were blood red.

The child is gone.

The two bodyguards looked at the situation. Although Zhaoming White didn’t say anything, they also stopped.

At this time, Qi Lanlan also heard what I said and suddenly said nothing.

Zhaoming White smiled softly, “No, I love you, Mei Lan is already my past tense, someone who has nothing to do with me.”

“Don’t deceive yourself and others.” I looked at Zhaoming White and said, “Master said that there are flowers that can be broken, and you can’t wait for flowers to be broken.”

When I said this, Norven White took my hand and visibly tightened it.

Zhaoming White lowered his head and seemed to hesitate for a while before saying, “I don’t love her.”

“Why do you deceive yourself…”

“I said! I don’t love her!” Zhaoming White suddenly raised his head, his eyes were fierce I had never seen before, staring at me, “I said I don’t love her, I just use her, I don’t have any Loved her! I love you, Fluttershy, I love you.”


“Enough, uncle.” When Zhaoming White was in a daze, Norven White pulled me away and protected me behind him.

Then he took out his phone and called 120.

Zhaoming White looked at me, “Xiaodie, why did you choose him? I have recharged for so long. Finally, for you, I gave up Qingtian and gave up so many things. Why did you choose him? Why don’t you Will you choose me once?”

His voice is so painful.

“Love me, then you should have had a hint of guilt when you had a relationship with Qi Lanlan, but you didn’t, did you? And more and more blatantly, loving someone is not like this.” I looked at Zhaoming White, “You do Everything about this is nothing more than self-moving. As for who you love, you can never deceive yourself.”

“I love you!” Zhaoming White rushed to me.

But was stopped by Norven White!

I walked out from Norven White’s side, walked away from his protection, looked at Zhaoming White, “Aming, you are very good to me, but maybe you should wake up and understand what you want, don’t be caught Hatred blinded my eyes.”

“I want you!” Zhaoming White hugged me without saying a word.

Then started k!ssing me crazy.

This is the person I have never seen before, and he controlled me to death, desperately trying to k!ss me.

I gritted my teeth and tried to break free, but the man couldn’t resist.

Norven White was on the side and punched directly.

This is the first time they have fought?

I don’t remember either.

At this time, the bodyguard threw Qi Lanlan down and surrounded him directly. At this time, Chen’s wife also opened the door.

Outside the door, more people came in and surrounded them.

Suddenly, the entire living room was overcrowded.

“Okay! Okay!” I was terrified.

If this continues, there will always be casualties.

However, at this moment, Zhaoming White stood there with a grinning smile, “Kill me, kill me, no one can solve the poison on Shuo Shuo’s body.”

His words made me shudder.

I looked at Zhaoming White, “Shuoshuo really has…”

“Yes, but this virus has an incubation period, and the vaccine is naturally only owned by me.” Zhaoming White looked at me and said seriously, “Originally, this can be latent in adults for at least ten years, but in children, because they develop Faster, blood circulation is faster, and the time may be shorter, maybe seven or eight years old when flashing fast, or ten years old, there will be problems.”

“Liar!” I froze over there.

Zhaoming White looked at me, the hideous expression on his face turned calm again, “Yes, I lied to you.”

I froze.

He looked at me with a certain degree of certainty in his eyes, “It depends on whether you want to bet on Shuoshuo. There is only a 50% probability of deceiving people.”

“He doesn’t have that thing, come with me.” Norven White pulled me.

Zhaoming White said nothing.

There was just a gentle smile on the corner of his mouth.

As before.

I couldn’t see any flaws in his face, as if he was not talking about big things.

My heart is very tangled.

Who do you believe?

There is really a 50% probability, should I bet on Shuo Shuo.

I looked at Zhaoming White and asked unwillingly, “You wouldn’t do such cruel things to Shuo Shuo, would you?”

“Right.” Zhaoming White’s expression remained unchanged, and he nodded slightly.

He is what I fear most.

The fewer words, the fewer flaws.

“You…will you tell me the truth?” I became more nervous.

what should I do?

It takes years for Shuoshuo to show symptoms. How should I bet?

I don’t want to bet.

Zhaoming White looked at me with a determined smile on his face, “Then come to me, we will always be together, as long as we are together forever, he will be fine.”

“…” I stood there, wanting to take a step forward for Shuo Shuo.

However, at this moment, my two legs seem to be heavy.

I looked at Zhaoming White, and in my mind was the kindness of the man when he faced Shuo Shuo.

I think, even if a person is frantic, he shouldn’t do it.

It’s not going to hit a child.

Thinking of this, I shook my head, stepped back to Norven White, looked at Zhaoming White and said, “I bet the remaining 50%, I bet, you did nothing to Shuoshuo!”

Chapter 374

Hearing what I said, Zhaoming White showed a triumphant smile on his face and nodded, “That’s good, you can go.”


He was so flustered.

But, I know, I can’t panic, I must be firm in my choice.

My mind is full of Shuoshuo’s smiling face, such a cute child, if a few years later, in case there really is a shortcoming.

Norven White knows what I think.

He grabbed me and said in my ear, “Don’t be afraid, I promise Shuoshuo will be fine, just follow me.”


I looked at Zhaoming White.

The man’s eyes were full of successful smiles.

It seemed that every step of mine was in his calculations, and my heart became even more flustered.

what should I do?

do not know.

But I don’t want to stay with Zhaoming White anymore.

Thinking about the past time, in addition to work I can bring up a little interest, other times, I even feel like a zombie.

In the face of Zhaoming White and Qi Lanlan’s affair, there was almost no disturbance in my heart.

This is just an engagement, if you get married, then the future might be dead.

I decided to take a gamble.

Fortunately, Shuo Shuo is on Tang Ruo’s side.

After the decision was made, I did not hesitate for a moment. I just took off the engagement ring from my hand and put it on the coffee table aside.

This means that I have to completely let go of this relationship.

When I did this, I saw Zhaoming White’s calm eyes, and finally a trace of complexity flashed through.

However, this is the best way. I think we are together and both of us are in pain. Rather than this, it is better to take this opportunity to stop.

I put down the ring, turned and left.

Zhaoming White did not stop, nor did his people move.

When I arrived at the door, 120 had already arrived, and several doctors came down and took Qi Lanlan away.

There were many cars parked outside. After I came out, Norven White’s people also came out. They got in two large commercial vehicles. They came out with Norven White’s bodyguards, Chen Sao and Liu Xuejun.

In fact, I have discovered what happened today, and Chen’s wife is Norven White’s.

I hesitated, and finally got in Norven White’s car.

Zhaoming White did not appear at the door until we left.

When the car drove out of the community, my mood suddenly became more relaxed, as if I had left a cage.

However, Norven White’s expression beside him was not at all relaxed. I looked at him and asked, “What’s wrong?”

The man did not hear, staring into the distance, as if thinking about something.

After about a few seconds, he seemed to realize that I was talking to him, and turned his eyes to look at me, “Huh?”

I knew he was thinking about things, so I shook his head, “It’s okay.”

Under my suggestion, we moved to his house in Flipvilla No. 1. Although Zhaoming White also has real estate in this community, because it is one of the best communities in the center of Flipvilla city, there are a lot of security guards. Relatively safe.

This night, although Norven White and I lived in the same room, we did nothing but hugged each other to sleep-

The next day, I told Tang Ruo that I had something to do, and then I picked up Shuo Shuo from her house, and together with Norven White, I took Shuo Shuo to the research center of Flipvilla Medical University.

Here, there is a friend of Norven White who has returned from abroad. Norven White told me that this friend had always been abroad. He was hired by the Medical University after Christmas last year. He would definitely not have anything to do with Zhaoming White.

After we arrived, we entered the research institute. There was only one woman in a white lab coat, her hair casually drawn behind her head, bronze skin and light makeup on her face.

Hearing us coming in, the woman turned her head, and when she saw Norven White, she walked over and said, “hi! Xuan! Long time no see!”

While speaking, the woman opened her arms as if she wanted to hug him, but Norven White stretched out her hand, just wanting to shake hands with her.

The woman realized that she took it back, shook his hand, and looked at me again, “Oh, it seems that this girl is your sweetheart.”

She said, stretched out her hand to me and introduced herself, “Hello, my name is Karen, it’s nice to meet you.”

“Hello, my name is Chu Die.”

Karen’s Mandarin is not bad, but the way of speaking is very Western.

After she said hello to me, she lowered her head to look at Shuo Shuo, “What’s wrong with this little cute?”

“We want you to help him check his body.” Norven White probably told Karen about Shuoshuo’s situation.

After listening to Norven White’s words, Karen looked a little solemn, “The boss of Guangming Pharmaceuticals that you mentioned, I have also contacted him. When I was abroad a few years ago, he also invited me.”

“Really?” I was nervous.

So Karen and Zhaoming White also have contact, will it…

Regarding Shuosuo, I found myself very suspicious.

Karen nodded. “Although the price he offered was very attractive, I refused.”


“Because he said that he can only study his things, and I have a lot of my own things to study.” Karen explained to us.

This made us relieved.

Originally, because she could be with us during the day, Shuo Shuo was very happy, and this meeting finally asked, “Mom, what are we doing here?”

“Check your body.” I squatted down, squeezed Shuosuo’s small face, and said to him seriously, “After checking the body, my dad and I will take you to the Dinosaur Museum, okay?”


When Shuo Shuo asked, he looked up at Norven White.

The corner of the man’s mouth was curved, and he nodded, “Well, really, I can go wherever I want. I will be with you all day.”

After that, Karen arranged a series of checks for Shuo Shuo, several of which required blood.

Shuo Shuo was scared, so she turned her head and asked me, “Do you really want to go to the Dinosaur Museum soon?”

“Hmm!” I nodded affirmatively.

After hearing this, Shuo Shuo closed his eyes and said, “Auntie, please smoke, I am not afraid.”

When speaking, there were stubborn little teardrops hung there.

Karen smiled and drew four small tubes of blood in Shuosuo.

When the draw was over, Karen immediately took out a candy and handed it to Shuo Shuo, “Hey, this is a reward for a strong child.”

Shuo Shuo opened his eyes, looked at the yellow lollipop Karen was holding, and pouted, “I’m a boy, I was so strong.”

He said so, but still took the lollipop.

I helped him press the pinhole, Shuo Shuo opened the candy and started eating.

The results of the inspection came out in about an hour. Karen read them all and told us with certainty, “This kid is healthy with all the values ​​currently.”

After listening to her, my heart was relieved.

Karen paused, seeming to want to say something, but Norven White suddenly got up, “That’s good, we can go.”

Chapter 375

I realized that Karen had not finished speaking, and continued to ask, “Any questions?”

Karen seemed to understand Norven White’s meaning, “No, but it’s better to have an inspection every year. If I’m here, I can do it for you for free.”

I know that she won’t say any more questions, she can only give up.

After that, we went to the Dinosaur Museum again, and Shuo Shuo walked through the huge dinosaur skeleton and had a great time.

While he was chatting with the narrator, I saw Norven White looking at the information on his mobile phone. I walked over, and as soon as I saw Karen’s name, Norven White installed his mobile phone.

I was a little unwilling, and grabbed him, “What did the doctor say?”

“No.” The man shook his head. “He will be fine.”

“You lie.” I was unwilling to look up at Norven White, biting my lip, “You tell me if it’s okay, I don’t know what is the most uncomfortable.”

Norven White hesitated, and finally handed me the phone.

I saw the message from Karen, which probably meant that Shuo Shuo seemed to have no problem at the moment, but she knew that Zhaoming White’s technology was very advanced, even more advanced than that of the Medical University Research Institute.

Therefore, if it is injected with the latest type of virus that has not been recorded, and there is an incubation period, the blood value cannot be seen, and only they can monitor it.

After reading Karen’s words, my heart jumped.

Thinking of Zhaoming White’s successful expression before, my heart was very flustered.

Zhaoming White won’t attack the child, will he?

No way?

No way?

I can’t be absolutely certain about this in any case.

Norven White withdrew, seeing my panic, put his arm on my shoulder, put me in his arms, and said, “Don’t worry, I won’t let you, and he has something to do.”

I should believe in Norven White.

However, medicine is a field that he doesn’t understand at all, and it is unpredictable. Even if he wants to guarantee it, he may not be able to guarantee it.

All I can do is gamble-

After that day, the days returned to calm, and I could put Shuo Shuo at home with peace of mind and show it to Liu Xuejun and Chen’s wife.

During this period, I went to work during the day and went home to accompany Shuo Shuo at night.

Our studio’s first formal project contract was signed and the design started.

Tang Ruo and I divided the work and the progress was very fast.

As long as Norven White didn’t socialize, he would go home to accompany Shuo Shuo.

This kind of peace and tranquility is as if everything is the way it is, and all episodes have never happened.

However, all the calm lasted only one week.

It was an ordinary day, but a piece of information blasted the hot search on all social platforms.

Including Moments and Forums.

And this hot search content is nothing but the pornographic photos and videos that everyone loves to see.

For a time, all social platforms began to spread these pornographic photos.

The first one to get these was Yu Wei. She just received these pornographic videos in the office, and she called us to watch them with gossip. Originally, I was just watching the fun.

However, when I stood behind quietly and watched the Yanzhao video on her screen, my expression instantly froze.

The background on this video cannot be familiar to me.

It was the servant’s room of the house where I lived with Zhaoming White, and the background should be… Qi Lanlan’s room!

Sure enough, when the video was opened, there was a couple of men and women in love. This video was obviously secretly filmed. In it, neither Zhaoming White nor Qi Lanlan were naked, changing their positions.

Inside, Qi Lanlan and Zhaoming White both photographed clearly.

Zhaoming White hugged Qi Lanlan and k!ssed her, calling her over and over again, “Lanlan.” He said, “Lanlan, I love you, I want you.”

The tone is so gentle, so sweet and sweet.

If I don’t know the truth, I might really think that Zhaoming White loves Qi Lanlan.

The video is very, very long.

It should be a record of the entire process of love.

“Close it.” Tang Ruo found out the problem soon, and spoke first.

Yu quietly found out, but she was single, and she was curious about this, but Tang Ruo asked her to shut it down, she didn’t dare not shut it down.

However, Yu quietly closed the video, looked at me, and said with some tentativeness, “Xiaodie, Zhaoming White is so big…”

“Hurry up and work.” Tang Ruo interrupted her directly.

In the video, the size of Zhaoming White is indeed taken clearly.

Well, it’s really big.

I froze there and reacted for a long time before asking Yu quietly, “Who passed this to you?”

“It’s my friend.” Yu whispered, “This seems to be spread all over the Internet. It seems that someone has posted a special complaint. At that time, I didn’t expect this person to be someone we knew…”

It’s spread all over the Internet.

Who is this guy? I don’t know if I guess.

I sat back in my seat and started to open the social networking site, only to find that it really spread.

Moreover, Qi Lanlan has opened accounts on many websites, specifically posting this matter, but the social networking sites are only screenshots of the video and her own photos.

Except for a self-portrait of Qi Lanlan, the other pictures are of her terrible belly.

Because of the punches and kicks of Zhaoming White’s bodyguard that day, it was a bluish purple.

There is also a photo of the clothes she wore that day, with blood all over the crotch.

On the post, there were also blood and tears of Qi Lanlan’s text.

It reads word by word, why did he go to work as a servant in our house, and how Zhaoming White deceived her feelings and body step by step. Finally, when she was pregnant, she let her life be destroyed by her child.

I probably read the post and realized that this should be a revenge planned by Qi Lanlan herself, and there is no one else behind.

Because of her literal complaint, the writing is extremely poor, and the narrative is unclear.

And it won’t shift the focus to change the concept, so although some people scold Zhaoming White below, more people scolded along with her.

Many of the contents are:

Xiao San deserves it!
Being a junior, you will be counted if you didn’t kill you. If you destroy other people’s families, you will not die.
It’s right for a child not to come into the world, and it’s not a good thing to show up with a mother who doesn’t look right.

Etc., etc.

Qi Lanlan is absolutely, hurting the enemy a thousand and hurting himself three thousand.

However, even so, this incident caused great harm to Zhaoming White.

After all, he bears the title of scumbag.

After this incident came out, before I called Norven White, the man called me first and said to me, “Don’t worry, I have let people control public opinion, and public opinion will not lead to you and Shuo Shuo. .”

“Thank you.”

I know that all he needs to do is this.

Other things have nothing to do with him or us, only Qi Lanlan and Zhaoming White.

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