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Chapter 391

On the Internet, the abuse of me was overwhelming.

Crazy human flesh, Julia Rhodes’s disappearance, Norven White and Lan Quan’s wedding, are already my death.

This timeline is actually very easy to piece together into a complete clue!

Because of this clue, everyone believed Lumia Fan’s words.

Some lawyers took the initiative to act as attorneys for Lumia Fan and Zain Rhodes and wanted to help them in the lawsuit.

When I was looking at my affairs with trembling hands, one hand came over and snatched my phone directly.

Looking up, Tang Ruo stood there with a solemn expression, “Let’s go, change places, and go back to my previous office. Fortunately, I haven’t retired yet.”

I looked at Tang Ruo with guilt and fear in my heart.

Looking at a messy studio, I said with a trembling voice, “I’m sorry, I’m all to blame.”

“It has nothing to do with you!” Tang Ruo said firmly. She took me and said, “You go outside and wait for me. I will take down the computer hard drive.”

The computer has been broken and can no longer be used.

As soon as I arrived at the door, a big red car drove over and stopped at the door.

Seeing that car, my heart trembled first, and I couldn’t help but shrink back.

But soon, I saw Jiang Rhodes, who was wearing a black short coat, coming down from above.

Seeing me, he looked at the door behind me again, and was taken aback, “What’s wrong?”

At this moment, Tang Ruo just came out from inside and said lightly, “Moving.”

Jiang Rhodes came over, took a look at the door, and said uncomfortably, “These netizens are fools! Whatever others say? I want to see your studio!”

“It just so happens that we are going to the previous office, together?” Tang Ruo asked.

“Go, I’m idle anyway.”

Jiang Rhodes agreed.

Tang Ruo first quietly called Yu.

Tang Ruo led the way in Jiang Rhodes’s car I was riding in.

In the car, I said to Jiang Rhodes, “Don’t tell Ziyi’an about this.”

I’m afraid he will tell Norven White.

Even though such a big thing has happened, I still don’t want Norven White to take action. After all, those who want to pit me behind the scenes, besides Lan Quan, Zhaoming White is also a potential threat.

Norven White now fights with the two of them, and the final result is definitely a loss for him.

Jiang Rhodes glanced at me and said meaningfully, “I see, you plan to keep this from Norven White?”

“It will always pass.” I looked at the front and said firmly.

“you sure?”

Jiang Rhodes drove the car and glanced at me from the sidelines.

I nodded firmly, “Well, you look like when you were a child, it seems that there are many big things that are about to fall, but in the end it is not all over, so that I can’t remember anything now.”

“Why didn’t I find you so optimistic before?” Jiang Rhodes glanced at me and sighed helplessly.

“I’m optimistic when I meet a lot.”

In fact, I am most fortunate that Shuo Shuo is not in Flipvilla.

If it affects him again, it will be over.

In order not to delay work, on the way to go, I called a friend who had been helping me with a computer before and asked him to send two computers over, and then sent the address of Tang Ruo’s office-

When we arrived at the office, the person who delivered the computer had already arrived at the door, and the boxes containing the computer and the screen were all set aside.

Seeing me, one of them took the initiative and said, “Miss Chu, you can be an internet celebrity recently.”

I am a little embarrassed.

The man immediately said, “But we have been in contact with you for so long, knowing who you are, and will not believe in those things on the Internet.”

“Thank you.”

After listening to his words, I naturally felt a little grateful.

Tang Ruo glanced at the case and smiled, “You are quite thoughtful.”

With that, he opened the door.

After we came in, the two of us helped us install the computer, installed the original hard disk and left.

Because of the last loss, after we turned on the computer, the first thing we did was to back up all the files, and then put them on the cloud file.

After all, not every time I can be so lucky, the hard drive is not hurt.

Soon, Yu quietly arrived. As soon as she came in, she said, “I just went to the studio and took a special look at how it was like that! Who did it! Is there a king?”

Yu quietly paused and said, “There is also the Julia Rhodes who said on the Internet. Isn’t that the person? The last time we met at the door, wasn’t it White Lotus?”

“Not really.”

Jiang Rhodes added.

I sat in a chair and they all sat down.

All three of them looked at me, and Jiang Rhodes asked first, “You plan to hide this matter from Norven White, so do you have any plans?”

Her question made me feel confused.

my plan?

In fact, none at all.

I had never expected that things would deteriorate to this point.

I hesitated for a moment and said, “Just let it go. You see what happened on the Internet before, at most one month later, people will forget it?”

Recall the events on the Internet, no matter how big it is, this is basically the case.

Even if someone remembers it, it won’t make much splash.

Tang Ruo sat there with her mobile phone in her hand, her expression solemn, “You are talking about ordinary events, but you, there are obviously people behind you who are contributing to the situation. As long as they don’t stop, this matter will not get through, and those major events will pass, either Someone wants to suppress and let the heat of this matter go down, or it is to create a bigger thing that completely diverts the attention of netizens.”

“Then what can have the effect of distracting everyone?”

Yu quietly asked casually.

Everyone was silent.

Now this matter is really a carnival among netizens and the media.

When a bunch of people eat melons, the media reports over and over again, constantly absorbing heat.

In general, such things as celebrities giving birth or falling in love, even if they cause a splash, can’t account for much traffic, and naturally they can’t attract too many people’s attention.

“Or, I’ll talk to Lan Quan.”

I speak.

“Unless you leave Norven White, otherwise I don’t think you have to talk to Lan Quan this scheming b!tch.” Jiang Rhodes said directly.

“Yes, I also think she is a scheming b!tch.”

Yu quietly echoed.

Although I didn’t answer Jiang Rhodes’s words, I planted a seed in my heart silently.

At this time, Tang Ruo’s phone rang, she picked up the phone and listened for a while, her expression a little dignified, and she turned around and went out.

I realized something. After I followed out, I heard Tang Ruo say, “Ms. Liu, listen to me. This matter is rumored on the Internet. Our designer is not such a person. Alas, Ms. Liu, you…”

When she said this, she didn’t go any further. I think it was the other party who hung up the phone.

Tang Ruo put the phone in his pocket, turned around with a bit of disappointment, looked at me, and immediately squeezed out a smile, “The last project has also been cancelled. It’s good. We can relax for a while. “

Her words made me even more sad.

Everything is because of me.

Chapter 392

“I’m sorry.” I stood in the corridor, lowered my head, but my heart was very tangled.

I found that many things are not what I thought.

Originally I thought it was only my own business, but this matter is affecting the people around me.

Let everyone worry with me.

Affected together.

I went back to the office and Yu quietly said, “Xiaodie, how about having a press conference like Lan Quan?”

“No.” Tang Ruo followed me and said, “Do you think that the Lans press conference was held casually? They had distributed the questions to the reporters a long time ago, and then they prepared the answers themselves. Everything was a script. If you just opened it so rashly, you must be confused by the question.”

“Then we also prepare the script.”

Yu quietly said it for granted.

Tang Ruo shook his head, “With Xiaodie’s reputation now, even if you give money, there may not be many willing to cooperate.”

I sat there without saying a word.

I feel everything is like a dead end.

The four of us sat in the office for a day without telling why.

In the evening, Jiang Rhodes clamored to eat hot pot, saying that she would start flying all over the sky again soon, and if she couldn’t eat hot pot for a long time, she would definitely be sick!

In desperation, we agreed.

I found a hot pot restaurant.

We found a place in the corner to sit down.

After ordering the food, the waiter came over and asked us “What kind of pot bottom do you want?”

“I want the hottest one! The kind that is so spicy that it doesn’t pay for your life!” Jiang Rhodes yelled.

The waiter took it seriously, so I ordered it.

When the hot pot came up, we put the meat, the meatballs, and a bunch of things down, and then we regretted it.

Yu quietly looked at Jiang Rhodes, who was desperately drinking yogurt, and complained, “You want the most spicy one, but you eat it, what a drink!”

“Eat and eat.” Jiang Rhodes said, using a colander to fish out four broccoli, two for quietly, two for himself, and said, “Come on, let’s play, eat two broccoli without yogurt, who loses? How about who learns how to call a pig.”

“Okay!” Yu quietly agreed immediately.

As the two of them said, they began to eat broccoli.

This kind of hot pot, some meat is good, the dishes are the most delicious and the most spicy.

The two of them had just eaten one, Yu quietly couldn’t help it, picked up a yogurt next to it and drank it.

Jiang Rhodes did the same. He watched Yu quietly drink, and said, “Don’t you just learn how to call a pig? My old lady admits it!”

After speaking, he took the yogurt next to him and drank it.

Tang Ruo and I looked at the two people sadly and suggested, “Should we ask for a pot of slightly spicy again? Or a mandarin duck.”

“I agree!”


Jiang Rhodes and Yu quietly spoke in unison.

When I was about to ask the waiter to change the bottom of the pot, Yu Guang saw that someone in the distance was familiar.

I subconsciously looked over and found that the person who came over was actually Lanquan.

I didn’t even think about it, so I just chased it.

When Lan Quan saw me, he froze for a moment, and then looked at me up and down, “Sister, it seems that your life is going well.”

I didn’t reply to her, but asked, “Lan Quan, I have already told your father that I have no interest in your family’s property, and you don’t have to target me everywhere. I just hope that it has nothing to do with you. “

Lanquan listened to my words and smiled disdainfully, “Really? But, do you know? I was originally a lady with a rich body, but since you appeared, my dignity has been rubbed on the ground by you, I I was teased by Norven White over and over again, the engagement was cancelled, the marriage and divorce were cancelled, and he took it back like a rag and threw it away.” She said that, paused and asked me, “If it were you, what would you do? miss you?”

What she said made me stunned.


Lanquan’s situation is indeed like this, which makes me feel very embarrassed immediately, “I’m sorry about this matter, I…”

“Sorry?” Lan Quan interrupted me, “Do you think I’m a bully? I knew you weren’t dead. I thought that if you didn’t come back, it would be fine. But by coincidence, you just came back. After you come back, you have such a powerful safe haven as Zhaoming White, and I can’t move you, but your safe haven is no longer needed, and I’m here to provoke Norven White again! So… you are looking for everything yourself!”

“But you and Norven White are not married, and you have also raised a man!” I also told Lan Quan’s affairs, “I saw you picking up that man at the airport with my own eyes.”

“So what.” Lan Quan put his hands around his chest, and said nonchalantly, “Norven White hasn’t touched me for so many years. At my age, I am not allowed to find someone to satisfy me? You have a good job with Zhaoming White. Man, naturally doesn’t understand me.”

“I have nothing to do with him.”

“I believe you?” Lan Quan gave me a glance, “What kind of stubborn can Zhaoming White be? How could he not touch you? Knowing that you are a b!tch, what kind of innocence can he act.”

I didn’t bother to debate this with her, “How do you plan to end this matter?”

This is the most critical.

To end this farce, not letting others be implicated by me is the key.

Lan Quan glanced at me, “Why does it end?”

After she finished speaking, she seemed to think of something again, and paused, “Yes, it’s over if you die.”

“Then you can have a good dream.” I interrupted Lan Quan directly, “not only will I not die, but I will live well, and you, the reason why you are today, is like this. I am not alone.”


“It’s you who is wrong. You know it clearly in your heart. Norven White doesn’t love you, but you have been compromising. You have always thrown your dignity on Norven White and let him trample on him. It has nothing to do with others, especially I You are innocent, but you are angry with me, which can only show that your anger becomes angry and stupid!”


Lanquan was stimulated by my words, and his face turned green for a while.

At this moment, Jiang Rhodes suddenly came over, circled my neck and said, “The pot is ready, come eat, don’t drink green tea here.”

She has something to say.

I smiled lightly, “Okay.”

After speaking, he turned and left with Jiang Rhodes.

Although there is some anxiety in my heart, it can only be so.

I can’t give in, otherwise, it will only make Lanquan trample deeper.

After dinner, Norven White had not returned when I went home at night.

Sitting on the huge sofa alone, looking at the lights of Wanjia outside the floor-to-ceiling windows, I finally thought of a little bit of cracking.

Although I am not sure of this method-

At nine o’clock in the morning the next morning, I found out Song Yiran’s contact information on my mobile phone. He was the lawyer representing me in the Lumia Fan case.

In fact, as long as the details of the trial and the evidence are disclosed, things on the Internet will not be self-defeating.

I called Song Yiran at ten o’clock in the morning and made an appointment with him in a coffee shop near their law firm.

Chapter 393

I hung up and I went out.

Norven White has been very busy recently, and I didn’t bother him. After a taxi, I went to the place agreed with Song Yiran.

When I arrived at the door and paid the fare, I went up and waited.

Because it was morning and there were no people in the cafe, I first chose a corner position, ordered a cup of coffee, and sat down peacefully.

It’s only half past nine.

I sat there, thinking repeatedly about how to tell Song Yiran later.

If Song Yiran refuses me or hesitates, I will say something to impress him.

I practiced countless versions in my heart.

At ten o’clock, I saw Song Yiran open the door of the coffee shop, looked around, saw me, and strode towards me.

At this time, my heart was very worried, maybe it depends on whether this matter can be changed.

Song Yiran sat down, put his briefcase aside, took out a few sheets of paper, put them on the table, and said, “Ms. Chu, this is the information I prepared for this court session. Look at it. This time the other party has a lawyer, but don’t worry, I…”

Before I could speak, Song Yiran talked endlessly about the case of Lumia Fan and Zain Rhodes.

I hurriedly said, “Lawyer Song, I am not asking you about this. I am very relieved of this matter to you.”

Song Yiran heard me say this, immediately stopped, and looked at me with a cold expression.

I took a sip of the coffee, “Actually, this time, I want you to come forward and talk about it…”

“I’m very sorry, Zain greeted me on this matter and told me not to interfere. He threatened me that if I interfere, my law firm will be closed, and the lawyer’s card may not be kept.”

Song Yiran interrupted me and said.

His words, let me for a moment, do not know how to continue.

Looking at Song Yiran, I opened my mouth, but I couldn’t say a word.

He’s talking about it, what can I say?


I opened my mouth nerdy, not knowing what to say for a while, and then lowered my voice for a while and said, “Lawyer Song, your words are very useful to me, so you can’t…”

“I’m very sorry.” Song Yiran looked at me with cold eyes and a decisive expression on his face. “I am also an old man and a young man to take care of. Although my relationship with you before is pretty good, but for you I can’t do an irrelevant person to ruin a career that I like.”

Song Yiran’s words made me really confused.

In fact, I thought about many possibilities just now, but the only thing I didn’t expect was that Zhaoming White would “take care” of him.

I never thought that Zhaoming White would really do things this way!

That’s right, Zhaoming White is not a good person in the first place. I am naive and negligent.

Things would have been like this. How could Zhaoming White not think of things that I thought of? !


I lowered my head and took a sip of the coffee in front of me. After finishing my mood, I looked up at Song Yiran with a smile, “I know, but I will trouble you when I go back to this case. As for the other…I won’t I am embarrassed.”

Song Yiran nodded, “I’m sorry, I can’t help with this matter.”

After he finished speaking, he left.

I checked out and went out.

In addition to the coffee shop, there are a bunch of old ladies chatting at the door of this meeting. I looked up and saw that this is a supermarket. Today it happened to be in time for the supermarket to engage in activities, and many people came to buy them.

I didn’t pay attention to it. After walking a few steps, I heard an old lady next to me say, “Have you heard of the recent case where you almost killed your parents and filed a lawsuit, and then killed your sister?”

“I’ve heard of it, that woman is really feminine!”

“That’s right, I have never seen such a cruel woman in such a lifetime, who actually did such a vicious thing to my parents!”

“Well, if my child is like this, I must be very sad.”

“No, my child is not like that. My child is filial. I think this woman is an anti-social personality!”

One person spoke, and a bunch of other old ladies came to chat.

I stood there, clenched my hand slightly, controlled my feelings of going forward and theoretically, and sensibly realized that I should leave this place of right and wrong immediately.

I was so anxious that I just walked two steps forward and just happened to run into someone.

“I’m sorry.” I quickly bowed my head to apologize.

I saw that the vegetables in that person’s hand fell to the ground because they couldn’t hold them firmly because they were hit by me.

I quickly squatted down to help her pick it up.

After picking it up, I handed it to her again, “I’m very sorry, I didn’t see it.”

“Forget it.” The old lady didn’t care.

As a result, at this moment, the people next to him looked over. In the crowd, I didn’t know who shouted, “Hey, isn’t this the woman on the news? The one who killed his sister!”

In a word, everyone looked over!

My heart instantly mentioned in my throat!

I was about to take a stride, but an old lady suddenly grabbed my arm from behind, “Don’t go! I have never seen a woman with a snake heart like you in my entire life. Let me see what the hell you look like. !”

I was frightened and shook her hand away.

It was the old lady who caught me. She couldn’t stand firmly, and she fell backward.

“Oh! Push people, hit people! Look at it, this woman who sued her parents and killed her sister is going to kill!”

She shouted, and more people gathered around.

Encircled me all at once.

I want to go, but I was catching up with the supermarket discounts, and a bunch of old ladies surrounded it, forming a wall of people.

Everyone is blocking me, no matter how I push it, I can’t push a gap!

When I was desperate–


I felt a pain in my head.

A crisp sound, I reached out to touch it, only felt that there was a sticky thing on my head flowing down, and then I touched it up, it was round.

I quickly determined that it was an egg.

When I was nervous about leaving, I don’t know where another egg flew over and hit my back!

“Beat her!”

In the next second, suddenly, countless eggs flew towards me!

There are also leaves!

I was panicked and helpless, I could only squat down holding my head.

The moment I squatted down, I felt someone stretch my foot and kick me.

Soon after, more people started kicking me!

It hurts.

I heard verbal abuse from all around me, “Come and see, this is the one who wants to kill his parents and sister!”

“Wicked! We have to educate you for society!”

“A person like you is good if you die!”


“Kill you to avenge your parents and sister!”

“Kill her!”

I just squatted, and the sounds around me came and went.

In my heart, from anger, to panic, to numbness.

In the end, I don’t even know when this farce will end.

Chapter 394

I don’t know how many tears I shed.

However, when I reacted, everyone around seemed to have dispersed, as if the police came to stop it.

In the end, I was the only one left.

I feel as if I have been deprived of all my feelings. I will not be sad, angry, or sad.

I just stood up like this, then didn’t take a taxi, and was pointed by people around me, and finally walked all the way back to Flipvilla One.

Along the way, I didn’t seem to have met anyone, and it seemed that I had met someone.

I don’t remember much.

I went home, took a shower, changed my clothes, and sat on the sofa honestly.

The brain is in chaos.

The whole person seems to be in a self-denial that he can’t help himself.

Sitting there, everything in my mind is—

Some things started because of me-

The studio was smashed because of me-

The order was cancelled because of me-

My mother’s business was exposed to the light because of me-

Norven White’s company is shaky now because I almost lost the ai project.

I feel like a broom star.

All the people I have a relationship with will be miserable.

I think Norven White must be the kind of person with very strong luck. Even so, he was with me and was brought by my bad luck.

I should stay away from him.

I shouldn’t harm him anymore.

What those people said today is right, I shouldn’t live in this world at all.

But, I can’t die, what should I do if Shuo Shuo is dead? Doesn’t he have no mother?

For a time, Shuo Shuo became my only reason to live.

It was already night, and the winter night always came very early.

I suddenly missed Rhodes Ci especially.

I changed into my clothes, wrapped my coat, and went out. What I thought in my heart was that I wanted to find Rhodes Ci.

When I returned to my senses, I realized that I had actually walked to the old house of the Rhodes family.

The Rhodes family is also in the city center, so it doesn’t take long to get here.

I wanted to go in, only to find that an intermediary company’s notice was posted at the door [This room is for sale].


Who is going to sell grandma’s house?

For a while, I felt anxious in my heart. I panicked and wanted to call. When I went to touch it, I realized that I didn’t bring out anything.

I didn’t bring my cell phone, nor my bag.

Only took myself out.

When I wanted to go back and get it, I heard the sound of opening the door behind me. Then, I heard a voice calling me, “Jia Rhodes?”

I turned my head and saw Rhodes Zhaozhi standing at the door!

It’s been a long time since I saw her.

I didn’t expect that she would recognize me, but, not surprisingly, now my affairs have gone crazy on the Internet.

Oh yes.

The house was later allocated to her.

I looked at her, thinking about selling the house in my mind, Nane said, “You want to sell this house?”

However, among them, Rhodes Zhaozhi didn’t mean to answer my question at all, so he rushed forward, “You little b!tch, you dare to come back! Isn’t our Rhodes family miserable enough by you?”

At this time, my nerves seem to be numb.

She leaped over, her hands stuck to my neck, I would not hide.

I listened to her and nodded, “Yes, I killed it.”

Rhodes Zhaozhi didn’t seem to expect that I would admit it in one fell swoop, and said angrily, “You still have the face to say! My brother and my sister-in-law were so miserable by you!”

I don’t know why, I watched Rhodes Zhaozhi say so, but I always felt that she didn’t seem to think so in her heart.

She doesn’t seem to mind this thing too much.

I stared at her blankly. Although she had difficulty talking while holding my neck, I still said with difficulty, “I will buy the house.”

“You buy? Can you afford it?” Rhodes Zhaozhi gave me a white look. “Don’t think I don’t know. You are worse than me now. This house is expensive unless you ask Norven White to buy it for you.”

Norven White?

I froze for a moment.

No, I can’t ask him to help me.

I can’t trouble him anymore.

I looked at Rhodes Zhaozhi and thought about it, what is mine? Thinking of it, he said, “I will give you the house, and I will replace the house in Flipvilla No. 1 with you.”


When Rhodes Zhaozhi heard it, his eyes lit up!


I nodded seriously.

At this time, my brain is numb, I just want to exchange this house back, I don’t want it to be sold, nothing else matters.

“That’s great, we will sign an agreement now!”

“it is good.”

“Do it tomorrow!”

“it is good.”

What she said, I agreed to everything, as long as the house can be exchanged.

Rhodes Zhaozhi seemed to be afraid of me going back, and said to me, “Don’t lie to me, I tell you, if you live here, we will go early tomorrow morning.”

“it is good.”

I nodded.

Rhodes Zhaozhi looked at me, blinked his eyes and frowned slightly, “Jia Rhodes, are you crazy?”

Her words are like lightning! It slashed hard in my heart!

My brain suddenly seemed to understand something, and immediately shook my head, “Of course not!”

Me, I’m not crazy!

Don’t be crazy!

At this moment, I was thinking of Mou Lanxi!

No, I don’t want to be like that!

I’m not crazy!

I try to hide my emotions like this.

Rhodes Zhaozhi didn’t have much doubt, and opened the door, “Come in, let’s go tomorrow morning.”

I just walked in straight.

Rhodes Ci’s house is still the same, and the furniture has not changed, which makes me very pleased.

After entering, Rhodes Zhaozhi said, “You can live as you please. I will come back tomorrow morning. I will leave first.”

“You can’t live here?”

I looked at Rhodes Zhaozhi in surprise.

“I, I have a place to live, I can’t live here!” Rhodes Zhaozhi’s face was full of panic, as if afraid of me asking more.

At that moment, my mind suddenly became clear, and I walked over, grabbed Rhodes Zhaozhi’s hand, and his eyes were piercing, “No! If you want to change rooms, you must stay with me for one night!”

“I can’t live!”

Rhodes Zhaozhi shook my hand vigorously!

There was panic in her eyes!

It seems that there is resistance to living here!

What is she afraid of?

Although my mind is not clear on this day, but at this moment, my head is unusually clear.

I pulled her, “No, then I won’t change rooms.”

Hearing what I said, Rhodes Zhaozhi immediately hesitated, and she pleaded, “I, I want to go back to take care of my husband…”

“Get your husband here.”

I say for sure.

Rhodes Zhaozhi now feels like a guilty conscience, as if she has done something wrong!


“Then I’m leaving, I won’t change this room.”

As I said, I didn’t stop her, let go of her hand, and walked out by myself.

Rhodes Zhaozhi saw that I was really going to leave, so he hurriedly held me, “Forget it, I, I, I live, can’t I live?!”

Although she said so, her expression was still very embarrassing.

Chapter 395

In fact, it doesn’t matter to me to change rooms at this time.

In contrast, I prefer to live in the house Rhodes Ci once lived in. I like it here.

Good memories of the Rhodes family happened here.

After Rhodes Zhaozhi agreed, he reluctantly changed his shoes.

I also changed my shoes.

As I watched upstairs and downstairs of the house, Rhodes Zhaozhi got into a guest room early, and before entering, he said viciously, “I will go to bed first, and we will go through the formalities tomorrow morning. If you dare to regret it, you will Ruined!”

“No regrets.”

I said calmly.

When she entered the guest room, I went into Rhodes Ci’s bedroom, which was still the same.

However, on the cabinet on the side, there is a photo of Rhodes Ci, and a bunch of withered chrysanthemums are in front.

When I approached, I saw that the chrysanthemum had completely withered, and a thick layer of ash fell around it.

It seems that no one has been here for a long time.

When I lowered my head, I noticed that there was also a layer of dust on the ground. I came in, leaving a layer of footprints.

My grandmother loved me the most. The old house turned out to be like this. I couldn’t bear it. I went to the tool room and took out the vacuum cleaner, rags, mops, gloves, detergent and so on.

When I moved everything out, I stood there feeling weak.

Standing there thinking for a while, I don’t seem to have anything to eat except breakfast this day.

I looked up at my watch, and it was only ten o’clock, and there should be some stalls open outside.

I touched my pocket. Fortunately, there is still a little change in my pocket.

With my change in my pocket, I left a gap in the door, jammed it with something, and went out.

Not far from the community, there is a late-night snack stall supported by an old lady. It is supported by a small gas stove and can cook wontons, noodles, and the like.

I ordered a bowl of noodles, and when I had eaten them, I went back to work.

I will start cleaning downstairs first.

I don’t know if I don’t clean it. Once I clean it, I even wonder if no one has been here in five or six years.

In all the corners, the ash fell almost one centimeter thick, and all the places were wiped with a layer of clear marks.

I wiped and dragged, and after cleaning downstairs, I went upstairs, starting from the guest bedroom, study room, and tea room, but I always avoided the bedroom Rhodes Zhaozhi was in.

After I finished cleaning the bathroom on the second floor, I cleaned all the tools before I entered Rhodes Ci’s room with a grateful and nostalgic heart.

Start cleaning this room.

I actually wiped the floor. When I wiped, I almost knocked down Rhodes Ci’s photo.

So simply put Rhodes Ci’s photo in the corridor.

Then came in again to clean the master bedroom.

After I cleaned everything up, put the tools in place, only left a rag, and wiped Rhodes Ci’s legacy several times, before I was ready to go back to the house with my remains.

At this moment, behind him, the door of the room Rhodes Zhaozhi was in opened.


I can’t help turning my head.

The lights in the corridor were black. When Rhodes Zhaozhi came out, he held a mobile phone to light it up.

I turned to see her, she happened to take a picture of me with her phone…

I didn’t plan to care about her, when I was about to turn around and put my remains back–


Rhodes Zhaozhi suddenly yelled, threw the phone in his hand, and kowtowed to me when he knelt, “Mom! Mom! Don’t look for me, don’t look for me. That’s what my brother wants to do, and it has nothing to do with me. , Please, let me go!”

I stood there and quickly realized what had happened.

I thought for a while, lowered my throat, and only made an “Ah…” voice.

The voice sounded hoarse.

When Rhodes Zhaozhi heard this, he was instantly stunned, “Mom! Go to your brother if you want to. At that time, I didn’t agree with him changing your urinary tube, but he threatened me, I can’t help it!”

what! !

I was shocked!

Rhodes Ci’s death was not an accident!

I stood in place, holding Rhodes Ci’s remains in my hands, and my heart felt cold.

What does it mean?

Could it be that Rhodes Ci’s death was a conspiracy of his own children?

I stood there and walked towards Rhodes Zhaozhi step by step.

Rhodes Zhaozhi didn’t seem to wake up, and was really shocked, “Mom! Mom! I was wrong and I was wrong! Don’t find me!”

She said, kowtow.

The head touches the wooden floor, making a transparent sound!

When I walked in front of Rhodes Zhaozhi, I looked down at her condescendingly, and said normally, “What did you mean by what you just said?”

Rhodes Zhaozhi heard my voice, and all his movements stopped.

She looked up at me, reacted for several seconds, and yelled, “Jia Rhodes?! What the hell are you doing, you don’t sleep in the middle of the night, you pretend to be a ghost here, is there a problem with your mind!”

I calmly looked at her, “It’s not that I have a problem with my brain, it’s you, who has done something wrong, so I am afraid that ghosts will knock on the door at night.”

“What nonsense are you talking about!”

The light of Rhodes Zhaozhi’s mobile phone was shining on the Internet, and a little tail of light could illuminate her face.

She has a face full of nothing but a guilty conscience.

Rhodes Zhaozhi picked up the phone and turned around to go to the bathroom. I didn’t chase, so I turned around and put the photo back.

After putting it back, I blocked Rhodes Zhaozhi at the door of the bathroom.

It took about half an hour for Rhodes Zhaozhi to get out of it.

As soon as she opened the door and saw me standing there, she took a step back in fright and reluctantly stood still. Then she looked at me and said dissatisfiedly, “What are you doing? You don’t sleep in the middle of the night!?”

“Clarify what you just said, what’s the matter with grandma’s urinary tube with bacteria!”

Today, I don’t figure out this matter, how can I sleep!

As I said, I turned on the lights in the corridor.

The orange light shone on Rhodes Zhaozhi’s face. The woman’s face was still pale because of the shock just now. She said impatiently, “I don’t know, I have to ask your dad.”

“I’ll just ask you!” I threatened her, “I still keep the video of you back then, tell you, anyway, you know what I am doing now, and I don’t want to live anymore, the big deal is that I will publish things and break it with you! “

In fact, I’m not sure that the video of Rhodes Zhaozhi I made back then is still gone.

But it still has to be said.

When Rhodes Zhaozhi heard this, his face turned whiter, his teeth were clenching tightly, and he looked at me unwillingly, “Jia Rhodes, you are so mean!”

“Isn’t you doing something wrong by yourself and giving me a despicable opportunity?” I said coldly.

Rhodes Zhaozhi was very angry, hesitated again and again, and finally said, “Most of this thing is done by my brother. I only know a little bit, and I can only tell you what I know.”

“Okay, you say.”

I nodded.

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