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Chapter 441

In the afternoon, my brain stopped turning.

Norven White called me to pour water. I held the teapot and just stood and poured, and then my brain went blank.

I didn’t react slightly until the water stayed along the table and burned my feet.


I put the teapot aside and looked up at Norven White.

The man looked at me, his black eyes were cold, he didn’t seem to blame me for pouring the water out, and there was no extra expression on his face.

That’s how it looks at me.

I was dumbfounded by the look.

I took out the paper from the bathroom and wiped it while apologizing, “I’m sorry, sir, I’ll be careful.”

After wiping the table, I went to take the mop and wipe the floor.

The mop was in the tool room downstairs. I ran over and took it. After finishing the work, Norven White said, “You go down and prepare dinner first.”


After I answered, I left.

When I got to the kitchen, I took a look. It was too early, so I curled up in the corner of the kitchen, wanting to take a break.

However, as soon as he curled up there, his eyelids couldn’t lift up.

Afraid to sleep for too long, I quickly took out my phone and ordered an alarm clock in 30 minutes.

Then fell asleep.

In this sleep, I don’t know how long I slept, it was just a daze, I felt all around me became soft, I heard someone sigh gently in my ear.

I’m too sleepy.

I didn’t care about these at all, I just hoped to sleep for a while.

When I opened my eyes again, the sky outside turned white.

I looked at the soft beds around me and thought for a long time before I realized that I should have cooked dinner for Norven White!

Then I fell asleep!

I raised my eyes and saw the phone beside me, and turned on—

It’s already the next morning!

I was afraid that Norven White blamed me and wanted to drive me away, so I rushed upstairs in fright!

The door of Norven White’s bedroom was hidden. I opened the door gently and saw the man lying quietly on the bed.

I walked aside and saw the man still wearing yesterday’s clothes. I must have fallen asleep, and he could not change his clothes.

For a while, I felt a little guilty.

Seeing that the quilt had only one corner covered, I helped him to cover the quilt, and turned around to leave, but was suddenly encircled from behind by a strong arm and pulled directly onto the bed.

Then I heard the man behind me say, “Don’t go.”

I felt tight, thinking that the man was awake.

However, after being pulled onto the bed, I turned my head quietly and saw the man’s eyes closed tightly.

He just hugged me tightly, and the sound of even breathing came from his nose.

I lay in a very awkward and uncomfortable posture and did not dare to move.

The man held me like this.

After a few seconds, the man murmured in his ear again, “Go and stand and don’t sleep.”


Dreaming about these too?

But soon, I heard a very light sigh again, this sigh was a little helpless, my heart tightened.

The man hugged me tighter, and I heard him say in a very soft voice, “Will you be soft?”


My heart seemed to be poked by a needle.

Does he think so?

But after a while, the man rolled over and finally let me go.

I cautiously got up from the bed, looked at Norven White who was asleep, and thought of the man’s words just now, my mood couldn’t be more complicated-

I got up and wanted to go to the kitchen to make breakfast, but as soon as I arrived in the kitchen, I saw that someone was already making breakfast somewhere.

It is a strange face.

Is a young maid.

She heard the footsteps and turned her head to see me, and said with a smile, “You are Chu Die, aren’t you? Hello, my name is Jiang Ling, I am new here, and we will take care of her husband together in the future.”

Seeing her, I suddenly felt a bit stuck in my heart.

Without seeing him overnight, Norven White actually called someone again. It seems that he is already preparing for my departure?

In that case, I will not leave!

Jiang Ling finished breakfast, and I brought it up with her.

Norven White left me to accompany him for breakfast, which made me somewhat relieved.

After breakfast, I looked at the man’s legs. I think the technology is so advanced now that I can’t stand up, right?

Will he not check his face because of his face?

I hesitated for a moment and said, “Sir, did you go for a checkup recently?”

After hearing what I said, Norven White looked at me with a cold expression, but did not speak.

His expression was unfriendly. For a while, my heart seemed to be in my throat, and I was really worried that the next sentence would be to drive me out.

Then, the man slightly raised his hand and pointed to the balcony in front of him.

Did you let me go?

I looked at him with a panic in my heart. I was waiting for him to say the phrase “get out”, but I heard the man say in a nice voice, “The garden outside is a bit messy, you go and tidy it up. No need to come back today.”


I froze.

“Come here.” Before I expressed my attitude, Norven White spoke again.

The bodyguard outside the door came in and asked respectfully, “Sir, what’s the matter?”

Norven White pointed to the outside garden and said, “She started to tidy up the outside garden today. You send a few people to watch. She is not allowed to rest until she finishes tidying it up.”

I turned to look at the big garden outside.

Am I finishing it alone? !

I’m afraid the winter is over!

Even the bodyguard was shocked, “Sir, is this a bit…”

“It is winter now that no new weeds will grow. My request is that there should be no weeds at all.”

Norven White did not wait for the bodyguard to finish, and then said his request again.

After I heard it, I couldn’t help being a little angry, and looked at Norven White, “Why do you think I can organize a whole garden by myself?”

It is winter, and it snowed a few days ago, and now the entire garden is covered with snow. I will do it alone. I am afraid that it will not be able to finish it.

Norven White seemed to be waiting for my words. As soon as I spoke, a successful smile appeared on the corner of his mouth, “Can’t do it? Then you can go.”

Sure enough, he was embarrassing me.

He wants me to go.

Or, he called Jiang Ling to come, just to be sure that I would definitely refuse to tidy up the garden today and would definitely leave.

I stood there with my back straight, and said calmly, “I’m sorry, since I’m here, it’s impossible to go. I will tidy up the garden, right? No problem.”

“Go.” Norven White said calmly behind him, without even turning his wheelchair, “I’ll be watching you here.”

“Okay, sir.”

After I finished speaking, I turned around and went out.

At the door, Jiang Ling watched me walking, chased me over and asked, “Where are you going?”

“Tidy up the garden.”

I answered her.

Hearing my answer, Jiang Ling’s expression was a little strange, “What garden to tidy up in winter? It had just snowed before, but now it is melting snow outside, but it is cold.”

“It’s okay.” I shook my head and looked at Jiang Ling. I wanted to tell her to take good care of Norven White.

But when I just wanted to open my mouth, I thought it was unnecessary.

When Jiang Ling took the money, she would naturally take good care of Norven White.

Chapter 442

When I was about to go downstairs, the bodyguard caught up with me, “If you can’t do it, let’s go, sir does this, but just wants to drive you away.”

“I know, I won’t go.”

I said calmly.

The bodyguard recognized me yesterday.

The bodyguard sighed behind him, “You are too stubborn.”

“Well, I think too.”

I laughed.

I wore the clothes the servants wore in winter and brought cotton gloves to the garden.

This is my first time here. Compared with looking at it, standing here makes the whole garden look bigger.

Looking in front of the hundreds of square meters of garden, I know that it is not whether I can finish this work now.

Rather, how long can I hold on without falling down.

But forget it.

Since I have decided to come and said I will not go, then I must not go.

I took a deep breath and started squatting down to pull the grass.

The entire garden was covered with thick snow, and when I pulled the snow away, I realized that it must have been a long time since no one has taken care of it. The entire garden can be described as overgrown with weeds.

I squatted there and started to pull weeds little by little.

In winter, these grasses are very fragile. When I pull it hard, it breaks. I thought it would be fine.

But soon a bodyguard came down and told me, “Mister said, the grass roots must be pulled out.”

It seemed that Norven White had already thought about it clearly.

I slowly pulled out the grass roots with my hands.

At the beginning, I still thought it was OK.

But after a long time, the air-conditioning got into the gloves a little bit, and my hands quickly became frozen and it was a little hard to bend, let alone pull the weeds.

I squatted there, took off my gloves, and put my hands in my clothes to keep warm, a little warmer, then I continued pulling.

In this way, from the high sun to the setting sun.

At night, it gets colder here.

The bodyguard has changed several shifts.

One of the bodyguards seemed to be unable to stand it anymore. He kindly said next to me, “Chu Die, just tell your husband that you can’t do it, and then leave. The husband doesn’t really want to embarrass you, just wants you to go.”

“I do not go.”

I said calmly.

In fact, I was completely frozen at this time.

But I don’t want to go.

In fact, at this time, I feel that Norven White and I are no longer able to hold on to our ideas better than anyone else, but who can’t give up first.

Norven White did this just to push me away.

I know why he pushed me away, I don’t believe it, he can always watch me suffer with a hard heart.

After all, I am betting that he loves me.

Although, except for the time he married Lanquan, he never seemed to say that he loved me again.

But I have to take a bet.

The sun set, and soon it was dark.

I pulled the grass there little by little, and occasionally looked back and saw that the light in Norven White’s bedroom was still on.

I can clearly see the man sitting at the window looking at me.

And beside him, stood Jiang Ling.

At this time, not only my hands, but my whole body was frozen. I wanted to take a hot bath, but I knew it couldn’t.

Okay, isn’t Norven White waiting for me to give up?

Then I will not give up.

Time passed by every minute.

Then the light in Norven White’s room went out and I guess he fell asleep.

The new bodyguard asked me if I wanted to take a break, but I decisively refused to take it, “No, he said he won’t let me rest after finishing the order.”

It’s not that I don’t want to rest, I’m afraid that Norven White will test me.

From sunset to sunrise.

I was busy all night.

When the sun rose, I was so cold that I couldn’t even move my lips.

The whole person is cold from the inside out, the eyes are dizzy, and the headache is terrible.

And for a huge garden, I didn’t even finish a small corner.

I turned my head and looked at Norven White’s bedroom, the man still sitting there looking at me.

Okay, Norven White, just take a look at me.

At this moment, I don’t know why, my heart is ashamed, and the whole person seems to be supported by one breath.

I know I am angry, but I refuse to accept it.

Maybe it’s good to be soft.

It is a pity that my character has never been submissive since I was a child.

I also remembered that when I was in prison, I suffered a lot because of this.

But I can’t die here, I still have Shuo Shuo to take care of.

I looked up slightly and said to the bodyguard behind, “I want to drink water.”

The bodyguard nodded and went to get water immediately. When he came over, I wanted to get up, but just moved, my waist hurts terribly.

I can’t stand up, I simply lie on the ground, even if I lie down, it is difficult to straighten my waist completely.

The bodyguard couldn’t stand it, so he half-kneeled down to support me and sighed, “Oh, or you can give up, we will take care of your husband, don’t worry.”

“Thank you…” I shook my head and finally sat up.

He handed me the water.

I was holding a hot cup of water in my hand, but I still felt terribly cold all over.

The bodyguard looked at me, “You are so red.”

“Really? I’m cold.”

I’m telling the truth.

Take a sip of water.

It’s nice to be able to drink water.

The bodyguard watched me take a gulp of water and said, “I’ll get you something to eat.”

“No.” I shook my head, “I have eaten, and he might have a reason to drive me away. Then compare, I fall first, or he can’t sit still first.”

After drinking the water, I returned the cup to the bodyguard, and wanted to squat down to pull the grass.

However, this time I felt so dizzy as soon as I squatted down and plunged into the snow!

“Chu Die!”

I heard the voice of the bodyguard just now.

I opened my eyes in a daze, waved my hand, “It’s okay, I…”

I want to say “I’m okay”, but if I didn’t say anything, I lost energy.

Looking at the man’s bedroom window on the second floor, I saw that he had moved his wheelchair and left.

He can’t sit still.

If you love me, how can you not feel bad.

The bodyguard took me into the house, and soon I saw Norven White coming in from the outside. The man was sitting in a wheelchair, and there didn’t seem to be any distressed look in his black eyes.

He came to me and looked at me with a cold expression, “If you can’t do it, just go.”

“I… do it.” I gritted my teeth, sat up from the sofa, trying to stand up, my legs softened, and I fell down on the soft carpet.

It hurts.

It’s cold.

I must have a high fever.

When I fell, I saw Norven White stretch his arm, which had been on the wheelchair.

I think he still loves me.

However, the man did not move in the end. He just said impatiently, “Wait for you to let the fever go, or it will be unlucky to die here!”

I reluctantly stood up and looked at Norven White.

I wanted to find some distressed expressions in his eyes, but after working hard, I didn’t find it in the end.

He doesn’t seem to feel sorry for me at all?

For a while, I was a little confused. Is my persistence right?

Is it true that I gave up so much to come here?

Chapter 443

Norven White called the doctor over for me.

The doctor gave me an injection and prescribed medicine. It took me about three days before my fever almost subsided.

But I still have a cough.

I was afraid that my cough would infect others, so I put on a mask.

In the past few days, Jiang Ling completely replaced my job, taking care of Norven White’s meals and daily life.

Many times, I was very sad when I saw Jiang Ling staying in Norven White’s room for several hours.

I want to ask, what are they doing inside?

I am very scared, will Norven White let Jiang Ling bathe him like I bathed him?

Although I felt that Norven White would not, but also felt that this matter was also possible.

In the evening, Jiang Ling stayed in Norven White’s room for another three hours and came back. I met her in the corridor and saw that she was a little wet. She couldn’t help but ask, “What are you doing in Mr.’s room?”

Jiang Ling looked at me with a look of embarrassment on her face, and said, “Nothing.”

I don’t know if it is my illusion. I always feel that her cheeks are a little bit flushed by the dim lights in the corridor.

Although I was unwilling, but I just nodded.

I went to the kitchen, met a bodyguard, saw me walking by and said, “Chu Die, Mr. said, these curtains need to be washed, we will take it down for you tomorrow, you go and wash it.”


It seems that Norven White is really going to drive me away.

Don’t let me approach him, just let me do this.

My heart is full of grievance and anger.

I found water in the kitchen and drank the medicine, ready to go back to work for a while.

As a result, just after turning on the computer, someone knocked at the door.

Before I spoke, Jiang Ling’s voice came from the door, “Sister, are you asleep?”


What is Jiang Ling asking for me so late?

Without thinking about it, I got up and opened the door.

When I opened the door and saw Jiang Ling wearing pajamas, she saw me and immediately pulled me to say, “Sister, I have something to ask you, can I?”

In fact, Jiang Ling and I are not very familiar, but I feel a little uncomfortable with her.

I hesitated a little and nodded.

After Jiang Ling came in, she saw my computer with envy, “I, why do you have such a good computer? Did your husband give it to you?! How long have you been working here, your husband gave it to you?”

I looked at Jiang Ling.

To be honest, I feel that although Jiang Ling is dressed, she tries to show that she is the kind of girl from the country.

However, I always feel that she lacks a kind of temperament.

Unlike Qi Lanlan, she was a girl who came out of the countryside.

On the contrary, Jiang Ling is more like a college student, a college student with a good tutor.

What she said just now is incompatible with her temperament.

I hesitated and said, “This is my own.”

Jiang Ling sat behind me, looked at the design software opened on my computer, and asked, “What is this? It looks so advanced, isn’t it a C++ language?”


“Oh, what is that? You are amazing, you can do everything!”

Jiang Ling’s language carries a bit of worship.

I looked at her suspiciously, I always felt something weird, and I couldn’t tell.

I didn’t want to get in touch with her more, so I was a little impatient and asked her, “What are you looking for me?”

When I said, Jiang Ling patted her head and said embarrassingly, “Oh, I forgot. I’m looking for you to have a business.”

“Say it.”

My tone is a little cold.

Jiang Ling approached me as if she didn’t feel it, and said, “That’s it, isn’t the gentleman unconscious in his lower body? But his place is actually good.”


Although I can probably guess what she said.

But not so sure.

“It’s there!” Jiang Ling’s face was a little red when she said.


I continue to ask.

Seemingly being asked anxiously by me, Jiang Ling leaned into my ear and whispered, “Brother.”

Hearing her words, my heart tightened.

what? Is there a reaction from Norven White?


I did it last time…

Could it be that Norven White did not respond because it was me?

To be sure, I asked her, “How do you know?”

“I…I…” This time, I was really sure that Jiang Ling blushed, her hand gripped me slightly and said, “Because of me, I saw it.”


“Yes…” Jiang Ling nodded, lowered her head very low, and said in a low voice, “Actually, I took a shower in my husband’s room at night, and then I saw the husband stand up there, and… and… special Big……”

At the end of Jiang Ling’s words, her voice was so small that she could hardly hear her.

However, I still heard every word clearly.

My heart seemed to be pinched by an invisible hand, and it was hard to breathe.

Sure enough, have Jiang Ling and Norven White bathed together?

Once, Zhaoming White and Qi Lanlan also had a leg.

But I don’t feel it at all.

Today I became Norven White, but I was so distressed that I couldn’t breathe. I held the bed sheet tightly with my hands, and bit my lip with my teeth, forcing myself to calm down.

Jiang Ling didn’t seem to notice my abnormality, and whispered, “I, I’m still a virgin, so I wouldn’t dare to bathe my husband.” After she finished speaking, she asked me, “Sister, have you bathed your husband before? Has anything like this ever happened?”

“I’ve been washed, but I didn’t show up.” I felt annoyed and said to Jiang Ling after I answered, “Don’t call my sister, you call me Chudie.”

“But you are older than me.”

“Then call Sister Chu.”

“Oh, Sister Chu.”

Jiang Ling was wronged.

I stared at her and couldn’t tell at all whether she was showing off or asking sincerely.

In the next year, I will be quiet, but there is a feeling that I can’t see through.

“You go out, I have to work.”

I feel a little irritable.

But when I said this, Jiang Ling was immediately unhappy, “What’s your tone of voice? We are all subordinates, why are you a higher class than me!”

Her transformation surprised me a bit.

I looked at her, Jiang Ling didn’t seem to feel that her behavior was inappropriate.

This look suddenly looked like Qi Lanlan.

But I don’t mind, and calmly said, “This is my room, I will let you out, is there any problem?”

“You…you are offended, what’s so arrogant about Mr. I just heard it. The bodyguard explained that I will let you wash the curtains tomorrow.”

After Jiang Ling finished speaking, she got up and opened the door and went out.

Well, she looks like Qi Lanlan.

I turned on the computer and worked until 2 o’clock before going to bed.

Early the next morning, the bodyguards removed half of the curtains in the manor. The curtains here are very thick and large, and they cannot be washed without a special washing machine.

Not only did they let me wash, they also found a huge pot for me. This pot cannot be placed in the manor, but in the garden.

And the water for washing clothes is not hot water, but from the faucet used for watering the flowers in the garden——

cold water.

Chapter 444

In fact, Norven White asked me to wash the curtains, but I never thought about giving up.

Anyway, the curtain itself is not dirty, I will probably wash it, and it will be the same when hanging out.

I spent a whole day washing about 2 curtains, and then hung the clothes to dry.

This job is not difficult for me, but the water is too cold, and my hands are a little swollen with freezing after the end of the day.

Maybe it’s because of those sufferings before, this little thing is nothing to me.

In the evening, Jiang Ling cooked dinner to Norven White.

I was not allowed to go up, so I cooked some dinner myself.

After a while, Jiang Ling sent down the tableware. Before putting it away, the bodyguard came down and called her and said, “Mr. Let you go up and help him take a bath.”


When Jiang Ling heard it, her face seemed to be flushed again.

Put things down without washing them, just go up.

I looked at the food on the dining car and found that Norven White didn’t seem to eat much, basically how he brought it up and how he brought it down.

I left it alone and went back to work.

Originally, I was happy to have time to work, but after a while, when I thought of Jiang Ling going up to help Norven White take a bath, I couldn’t help feeling irritated and thoughtless.

I glanced at the time, and it was two hours since Jiang Ling went up just now.

Do they take such a long bath?

Since Norven White reacted to her, would he…

I was thinking wildly and irritably, and finally couldn’t even do a bit of work.

Thinking about it, I simply turned off the computer, walked into the corridor, found Jiang Ling’s room, and knocked on the door.


After that, I put my face on the door and listened.

It’s quiet inside.

It shows that Jiang Ling has not returned yet.

Is that…

I went upstairs with full of anxiety and unwillingness. There would be no bodyguard on the second floor.

I walked straight to the door of Norven White’s bedroom.

Put your ears on the door.

To be honest, the rooms here are very soundproofed. Although I listened very hard, I couldn’t hear any sound.

What is going on inside?

I do not know.

People seem to be curious animals. The less I can hear, the less reconciled, and the less reconciled the more I want to know.

I think if Norven White doesn’t need me, then I will leave.

Confirming this, I raised my hand and knocked on the door.

There was no sound in the door.

When I was hesitant to open the door, the door suddenly opened.

I looked up and saw Jiang Ling who opened the door. The woman was wrapped in a bath towel in an untidy manner, which was just hurriedly wrapped.

His hair is also a bit messy, and his face is full of crimson.

The woman’s bath towel was wrapped very low, a deep groove leaked out, and the red prints on the white skin in front were particularly dazzling.

I bit my lip, and all of a sudden I just thought everything was ridiculous!

“Sister Chu, you…what are you doing…”

Jiang Ling’s face flushed badly, her hand tightly pinching the bath towel.

I finally know what it’s like to have an affair with my husband!

I have never been so angry or wronged like this moment!

“Get out of the way!” In a fit of anger, I raised my hand and pushed Jiang Ling open, and at the same time pushed the door open!

The moment the door was pushed open, I saw Norven White lying calmly on the bed, looking at me.

The man was covered with only a thin quilt.

I clearly saw the middle of the quilt, which was exactly three inches below the man’s waist and abdomen.

At that moment, tears fell from my eyes.

The man looked at me with disgust in his eyes, “Did you see it? Go out when you see it.”

“I do not!”

I can not be reconciled!

Stepping forward, when he was about to lift the man’s quilt to see what was happening, the man pressed the quilt tightly.

Ask me, “This is your last dignity, don’t you want it?”

I looked at Norven White.

The man’s eyes were like cold ice water, which made me feel painful.

The last dignity?

Yes, he was right.

If I lift the quilt and see that it is really good, what does it mean?

It means I can’t arouse Norven White’s interest anymore!

“Sister, what are you doing!” Jiang Ling became reluctant and walked over.

I looked up at Jiang Ling. Her face had the vitality that a young girl should have, a beautiful melon seed face, and a pair of beautiful clear eyes, like the most precious black pearl in Tahiti.

Yes, after all, don’t men like young and beautiful ones?

My hands clenched into fists, tears wet the mask on my face.

My teeth bit my lip and coughed desperately.

I don’t know if it’s distressed or physical. Every time I cough, my chest hurts badly.

The man looked at me like this, his expression didn’t change a bit, he just said, “Get out if you have seen enough, don’t affect my work.”

“Okay.” I nodded. Although I didn’t want to, even though my feet were heavy, I forced myself to lift them.


When I reached the door, Jiang Ling ran over and closed the door.

I squatted down at the door, tears falling down like uncontrollable.

I sat there, thinking about the grievances I had suffered for Norven White these past few days. He embarrassed me so much that I didn’t leave.

I am a designer, hands are very important to me, but for him, I don’t feel sorry for myself at all.

What is it in exchange for?

I squatted there, no longer controlling my emotions, and started crying aggrievedly.

I don’t know how long I have been crying.

All I know is that Jiang Ling did not come out at all during this period.

Finally, I was tired of crying and my throat became hoarse, so I stood up, walked to the kitchen, drank some water, and went back to the house to pack my things.

I don’t have much, I will install it soon.

When I wanted to go out carrying the box, I remembered what I had said to Luo Shuhui.

I said, I will not go.

Yes, haven’t I been mentally prepared before coming here?

I stood at the door, clenched my fists, closed my eyes, and kept comforting myself.

Finally, finally made up his mind, sat down on the bed and shouted, “I won’t go!”

I do not go!

Even if Norven White really has something with Jiang Ling now, everything he did for me is not fake.

And everything now, maybe he showed it to me.

In fact, nothing happened.

I told myself this silently in my heart.

Then, put the luggage back, turn on the computer, and start working.

This night, I worked very efficiently. I finished the work I planned to do tomorrow at about 3, and then sent it to Tang Ruo and went to bed.

Early the next morning, I woke up at 7 o’clock.

Go to the backyard and continue to wash the curtains.

The bodyguards were stunned when they saw me.

But the most surprised was Jiang Ling.

She ran to the backyard and asked me, “Aunt Chu, why haven’t you left?”

Ha ha, Aunt Chu.

This title becomes really fast.

I did not look up, and while washing my clothes, I asked, “You call me Aunt Chu, do you call your husband uncle on the bed?”

Chapter 445

I didn’t look up, and I couldn’t see Jiang Ling’s expression.

But these are not important to me anymore.

Jiang Ling was silent for a while before she said, “Aunt Chu, I have already inquired about it. It turns out that you are your husband’s ex-wife and gave birth to a child for your husband. Resurgence.”


I wash the curtains and don’t deny it.

Perhaps from a certain angle, I really hope so.

When Jiang Ling heard this, she giggled, “Auntie, you are really naive, have you ever heard a word?”

I ignored her. She saw that I did not respond, but she continued to say, “Men are actually very dedicated. When they are 20, they like 20-year-old women. When they are 30, they like 20-year-old women. Years old, fifty years old, or like twenty-year-old women, do you say they are dedicated?”

After speaking, Jiang Ling smiled more brilliantly.

I looked up and looked at Jiang Ling who was smiling, and finally found that something was wrong with her.

Although Jiang Ling’s hair is plain black, the hairstyle is very layered.

Especially with bangs.

It’s a Korean style bangs that only modifies the face.

This hairstyle is definitely not something that Master Wang Cunkou can cut. At least you have to go to the barbershop to find a teacher Tony.

I stood up suddenly, Jiang Ling was supporting her chin at the time.

Point your finger at me.

Although her nails are not long, the sides of her fingers are neat and tidy. At first glance, she often does manicures and trims them.

I looked at Jiang Ling again.

I was pretty sure that she was definitely not from a small place, but a standard city girl.

Moreover, she should have been a very fashionable city girl before.

“What’s wrong?” Jiang Ling seemed to be a little hairy when I was staring at her.

I smiled, “Jiang Ling, how old are you? Where are you from? Just became a servant?”

“Me?” When Jiang Ling heard this, she looked aside and said with a somewhat unnatural expression, “I, I am 20 this year, and I am from Flipvilla. As a servant, I experience life.”

To be honest, if I hadn’t found the clue, and she said so, I would definitely think it was the kind of small town girl who wanted to put gold on her face and was embarrassed to say that she was born.

I’m not a girl who looks down on a small place, but I have clearly understood that Jiang Ling has done everything for me.

And everything seemed to be arranged for her.

Who is this guy?

Needless to say, I understand.

I pretended not to find out, debunked her and said, “Really? Then tell me, which school did you go to in junior high school? High school? So you should go to college, why should you be a servant?”

“I want to… I want you to take care of it!” Jiang Ling was embarrassed, and when she raised her foot, she kicked the big basin in front of her.

Turn around and leave!

“Come here!” I grabbed Jiang Ling, “put me things back.”


Jiang Ling was obviously unhappy.

“Hurry up!” I held her holding.

I don’t know why, after confirming that Jiang Ling is acting, I have some confidence in my heart.

Isn’t Norven White acting to drive me away?

Well, I will accompany them in the performance to see when the scene can be worn.

Wash the curtains anyway, right? I just pretend to take a shower every day to see when they can play!

Jiang Ling was anxious, “I don’t…”

“Then you don’t leave!”

“I want to call Mr.!”

“Your name!”

Jiang Ling and I pulled and pulled from below.

Sure enough, soon I heard the voice of a wheelchair behind me.

We turned our heads at the same time, Jiang Ling saw Norven White, her face was aggrieved, her eyes were full of hideousness just now, and the next second, tears fell in her eyes.

He ran to Norven White’s side and said aggrievedly, “Sir, you are here.”

In this way, I was in a daze for a while, as if returning to many years ago.

Looking at the appearance of Norven White and Julia Rhodes.

“Yeah.” Norven White stretched out his hand and directly let Jiang Ling sit on his lap, gently supporting the woman’s back, and asking her in a nice voice, “What’s wrong?”

“She knocked over my basin and I asked her to help me hold it well.”

I answered calmly.

Norven White didn’t look at me when he heard it. Instead, he squinted at Jiang Ling and asked her, “Is that right?”

“I…I didn’t mean it…” Jiang Ling nodded, her voice pitiful.

The crying pear flower brings rain.

It’s really a replica of Julia Rhodes.

Back then, I was so stubborn that I always suffered.

When Norven White heard her say that it was not intentional, he raised his head, and the eyes that were still mellow in the last second turned colder when he looked at me, “She takes care of me, don’t need to do this, you will stay away from her in the future. “

After speaking, he said to Jiang Ling, “Push me back.”

“it is good.”

Jiang Ling pitifully got off the man’s lap and pushed Norven White away.

When I left, I didn’t forget to turn around and look at me, his eyes full of triumphant show off.

Although I know they are cooperating in acting, my heart still hurts a bit when I see it now.

I bit my lip and brought the basin back unwillingly.

At night, I hung up the curtains and went back to the house to make a design.

Coincidentally, when I went to the bathroom at night, as soon as I went out, I saw Jiang Ling just coming back.

She limped on foot.

Seeing me, his face immediately showed a complacent look. When passing by me, he said, “Mr. is so amazing, I think, if this goes on, I will be pregnant soon.”


I said coldly.

Been to the bathroom, I went back to the room.

continue working.

In the past few days, because I have been responsible for washing curtains, my job is really easy. I came back early in the evening to do design work, video chat with Shuoshuo, or chat with Tang Ruo about work.

Everything went smoothly.

However, almost every night I “ran into” Jiang Ling and was stimulated by her in various ways.

At first, my mood was a little uncomfortable, but after a long time, I calmed down and regarded everything as a scene.

Since Norven White and Jiang Ling are going to play, I will be with them.

Anyway, since I said not to leave, I will not leave.

Unless, one day I saw Norven White and Jiang Ling do it with my own eyes.

But I guess this thing should never happen.

I stayed here at Norven White for about another week. My life didn’t seem to have changed. I still wash the curtains every day. Anyway, with so many curtains in the manor, I can wash one piece a day, and it will be the beginning of spring.

Although the water is a bit cold, I don’t have much time to dip it. I just soak the curtains in. I quickly adapt to this level.

It’s just this week that I’ve been coughing, and it’s getting worse recently, and my chest hurts more and more.

Today, I hung the curtains and prepared to go back to my house to rest. As soon as I arrived at the door, I saw Norven White sitting in a wheelchair blocking it.

“Sir.” Thinking of it, I haven’t seen Norven White for several days.

The man looked at me without any expression on his face. He just heard me coughing, frowned slightly, and said in a cold tone, “I haven’t been coughing for so long, why, do you want to infect her too? !”

she was?

Oh, Jiang Ling.

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