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Chapter 491

When I packed my things and got to the entrance of the hospital, there were quite a few people standing there.

Most of them are elderly women.

I can see that in this town, except for those who work in the hospital, most of them are elderly people.

There should have been nothing new in the town for a long time. Now that Blue Spring is here, everyone is coming to join in the fun.

When I was there, Lan Quan first said, “Miss Chu, I have been with Norven for many years. Since he hasn’t seen me, he won’t see you, and you won’t change anything.”

Lanquan is very clever and said these things to me in the local language.

Just to let everyone around you know.

Originally, she said that because she thought that the people in the town would stand on her side like those gossiping aunts in the country.

As a result, a grandmother who spoke first actually said, “There is no such thing as feelings that come first, and sometimes the right feelings come late after all.”

“Getting together is the most important thing.”

“I think you two little girls are wasting your life here. There are more meaningful things in your life, which should not be consumed here.”

People around have spoken.

All became life mentors.

Lan Quan listened over there, his face very ugly.

Everything did not develop in the direction she identified.

This is a good thing for me.

I looked at her and smiled, “How is it? The old grannies here are all people who have watched their lives. Do you think it’s the same as those aunts who watch the excitement and hope that the bigger the better?”

“So what?” Lan Quan’s face was not good, but he still said, “I still said that. Since Norven didn’t see me, naturally he won’t see you.”

“That’s not necessarily.” I smiled.

I looked at the door of the hospital in front of me as soon as it was open, and there were people coming in and out. Why was Lan Quan standing at the door?

I walked inside after I said it.

Originally, I didn’t know where Norven White lived, but there was a bodyguard standing in front of a building. I recognized it at a glance. This was one of the bodyguards when he was in the manor.

I walked over and he recognized me. Although his expression was a little surprised, he still shouted, “Miss Chu.”

“I want to go in.” I said calmly.

He thought he recognized me and would let me in, but he didn’t expect the bodyguard to stand up straight like this and said, “Sir, no one can go in, including you.”

“He said?” I didn’t believe it.

“Yes, sir said before, you might come, if you come, you can’t go in like Miss Lan.”


Norven White really counted this far.

I looked behind the bodyguard, and there was a corridor behind him. There was a bodyguard inside. I rushed through it, but I couldn’t get in.

After hesitating for a while, he asked, “How is Norven’s condition?”

“I don’t know this.” The bodyguard replied.

I looked up at the bodyguard. There was no extra expression on his face. It was obvious that he was not lying.

I looked around.

This courtyard wall is a very ordinary brick wall, which is more than two meters high. In fact, it is a defense against gentlemen and villains.

After thinking for a while, I said to the bodyguard, “Since I won’t let me in, then I will leave. Could you please tell Norven to have been here?”

He didn’t know, I might be able to do something.

He knows, I’m afraid it’s out of play.

The bodyguard looked at me, hesitated, and nodded.

I’m afraid he just agreed on the surface, and folded his hands together, begging him, “Please don’t say it.”

“Well, I got it.”

The bodyguard agreed again.

Then I feel relieved.

When I came out, Lan Quan stood at the door, looking at me, with a sneer that couldn’t hide, “I thought you had a lot of face, didn’t you still get blocked out?”

I looked at Lan Quan and didn’t get angry, and asked her, “Miss Lan, you are also a celebrity in Flipvilla. I remember that when we first met, you spoke softly to me and showed everyone’s demeanor. How did you become like this now? Up?”

The impressions of Lanquan and I when I first met her are really very different.

At that time, she was gentle and polite, spoke polite and kind.

It made me feel guilty for my actions.

Who would have thought that she would be like this now.

When Lan Quan heard this, he didn’t take it seriously, “I still want me to be like that? I haven’t been used by you and Norven White over and over again all these years because of a lady pretending to be a virtuous and virtuous lady? Throw me aside, and if you need it, you can marry me. What am I?! Also a celebrity, are there any celebrities who have been so miserable?!”

“Before you got married, didn’t he tell you clearly?”

Hearing what Lan Quan said, I was a little bit sorry, but Norven White said before, he made it clear to her.

Is it because Lanquan didn’t figure it out?

Lan Quan lifted the brim of the top of his head, “What do you mean? If you love someone, he said that marrying you is a marriage, but in fact you are playing different things, will you agree?!”

Lanquan’s question made me a little confused.

The answer is: I will.

I will.

Sometimes, love is such a sick thing, like a bamboo basket placed in the water, it looks like a box full of it, knowing that there is nothing left, I still want to look at it like this.

To believe that you have such a basket of water.

I opened my mouth, “I’m sorry.”

“I’m sorry?! Chu Die! I hate you to death!” Lan Quan looked at me with eyes like fire, “Can you please go! You walk far away! Give me Norven White! “

As she said, she picked up the bag in her hand and slammed it at me.

Her bag is like a small basket with no zipper on it.

When I threw it over, everything inside fell out.

There are mobile phones, wallets, tissues and so on.

I just glanced at it and saw something on the ground that stood out.

It’s something like a card bag with a photo in it.

In the photo is a family of three.

Just a hasty glance, I can see that the man is Norven White and the woman is Lan Quan.

And there is a child in the middle.

Judging from the appearance of Norven White, this photo should have been taken several years ago.

And this kid…

I couldn’t help bending down and picked up the photo.

The little baby above can’t see men and women, but the eyelashes are long, like a little girl.

This eyebrow…

Could it be…

Lanquan snatched the photo from my hand, and kept the photo behind with a little vigilance.

For a while, my head was a little messy, and I looked at her in disbelief, “This kid…”

Lan Quan looked down, “I asked Norven for it.”

“What do you mean?”

Looking at Lan Quan, I didn’t understand what she meant, but it seemed to understand.

Lan Quan took the card holder to the front, looked down at the photo, a bit sad on his face, “This child belongs to Norven and I. It is artificial insemination.”

She looked up, looked at me and said, “This is the condition for me to marry him back then.”

Chapter 492

In a word, in my brain, it was like a bomb exploded!

What do you mean, Norven White and Lan Quan actually have a child? !

I stood on the spot with a bit of confusion and asked, “Here, how old is this kid?”

“Similar to your son.”

Lan Quan replied.

I looked at her and couldn’t believe it, “You lie to me!”

I said decisively!


It is impossible for Norven White to agree to this matter!

Seeing that I didn’t believe me, Lan Quan didn’t force it, “Believe it or not, you want Norven White to come back to you for your son. I will do the same for my son. Both of us are his ex-wifes. There is no difference between this and his relationship!”

Lan Quan’s words made me stunned.

I’m really confused.

I never thought that Lan Quan and Norven White actually had a child.

I stood in place, looked at her nerdy, opened my mouth, and didn’t know what to say, my brain was too messy.

In the end I didn’t say anything and went back to the hotel.

The hotel room is very good, the window opens and there is a small balcony with a small table and chairs on it.

Sitting on it can soak up the sun.

I sat there, thinking about the afternoon.

When I suspended my death back then, Norven White and Lan Quan married. It is understandable that Norven White did so for the sake of the White family.

But why did he never tell me?

In that case, I am no different from Lanquan.

I sat there in a daze, unknowingly the sun had gone down.

I originally planned to go over the wall at night.

However, now I am not in that mood at all, I don’t even know how I want to see Norven White.

He and Lan Quan actually have a child.

Then I…

Because of the jet lag, I didn’t feel a little sleepy until midnight.

Asleep in bed.

It was already noon the next day.

There are some small restaurants in the town. I went downstairs to have lunch. To be honest, the food here is far from our taste.

I can’t eat it myself.

But it doesn’t matter.

Last night I even considered whether I would go back.

After lunch, I turned on the computer and wanted to work. As soon as I went online, I received a message from Jiang Rhodes: Baby, have you seen the Norven White you want to do?

I told her about coming here before.

Seeing Jiang Rhodes’s news, I thought about it, picked up the phone and called her directly.

Soon the call was connected, and her surprised voice came from over there, “This is how you make international calls.”

“I have something I want to tell you.” I looked at the computer desktop, thought about it, and said, “Yesterday I learned that Lan Quan and Norven White may have a son, who should be about the same age as Shuosuo.”


On the phone, Jiang Rhodes’s surprise penetrated directly.

I quickly took the phone farther away.

Jiang Rhodes continued, “Isn’t it possible? What kind of thing is this? Has he not told you?”

I held the phone and shook my head, “No, I just learned about it yesterday, and I am a little confused now.”

“Well…” Jiang Rhodes said over the phone, “I think you should ask Norven White personally, Lan Quan is such a deeply disguised person, I don’t know which truth or falsehood is. No one knows what Flipvilla senior lady is actually a b!tch in private? You’d better ask.”

Jiang Rhodes’s words make me think there is some truth.

It also gave me a little hope.

Also, Lanquan’s previous image in Flipvilla can be described perfectly, how many children of the rich family want to marry the Lan family.

It is because the impression that Lanquan gives people is excellent.

No one would have thought that she was actually such a person.

And what she did with Zhaoming White before, if it weren’t for what she heard and experienced, I don’t believe she is such a person.

I nodded, “All right, but Norven White refuses to see me now, I have to find a way.”

“If you don’t see you, see her?”

“She didn’t see either.”

After listening to what I said, Jiang Rhodes was relieved, “Then you should think of a way. After all, Norven White, such an excellent man, has become disabled. He can’t accept it in his heart. It is normal for him to be autistic and not want to see people. You enlighten more.”

Jiang Rhodes’s tone was brisk, which was not a big deal in his opinion.

However, as soon as her voice fell, Ziyi’an’s voice came over the phone, “Baby, why are you on the phone? There is radiation on the phone.”

“I’m on the phone with Jia Rhodes.” Jiang Rhodes returned him.

Then Yi Zian said, “What time is it, it’s past 9 o’clock, go to bed, pregnant women need more rest.”

Ziyi’an’s voice is from far to near.

I smiled at the phone, “Okay, I’m hanging up.”


“Sister-in-law, goodbye!”

It seemed that as soon as Jiang Rhodes was about to speak, Ziyi’an rushed over and hung up.

When I look at the phone that I have hung up, I can think of the picture on the phone-

Because of Jiang Rhodes’s words, I was relieved a lot.

After working all afternoon and having dinner in the evening, I went to the hospital and went around.

There are few people in this small town. Almost all places are closed after 7 o’clock. Hospitals, convenience stores, all places are closed. I want to drink water and I have to go to the vending machine on the roadside to buy it.

There are naturally no people on the street.

I glanced at the house opposite Lanquan lived in at the entrance of the hospital, the light was on.

She didn’t continue to consume it here either.

I went home first and continued to work.

As long as the working hours pass quickly, plus the time difference, when I get back to my senses, it will be a little over midnight.

I turned off the computer and changed shoes to go out.

The small town at this time is like a dead city. There is not a single light on the street, even the street lights are off.

When I walked to the hospital, I first glanced at Lanquan’s home, and the light went out.

At a glance, the lights in the hospital were all off, and only one was still on.

My instinct told me that it was Norven White’s room.

I circled the hospital and quickly found a place where I could enter. This hospital is also quite old.

The outer wall was also incomplete. One wall was cracked. I gestured and stepped on the crack to climb up.

Climbed several times but failed.

Another time I fell directly, and my arm touched the ground. I obviously felt my elbow broke.

However, I want to see Norven White.

I want to ask him about him and Lan Quan.

This obsession turned into motivation. After trying seven or eight times, I finally managed to stand on the wall.

Because it was night, the hospital was completely dark, and I was standing above the fence, unable to see the ground.

I probably took a photo with my phone, and made sure there was nothing below, so I jumped down.

Landing safely.

I patted the soil on my body, and quickly moved towards the building where Norven White was. At this time, there were no bodyguards outside.

After I entered, I walked directly to the room on the third floor with the lights on.

Chapter 493

When I crept up to the third floor, I looked around first.

After making sure that the bodyguards are all asleep, I went to the lighted room.

That room was easy to find, because there would be light leaks under the door, so I determined the goal at once.

I walked to the front and listened to the door. There was no sound inside.

I looked at the round handle at the door, wondering whether to open the door, but I was afraid that it wasn’t Norven White inside. Then I was discovered?

When I thought so, there was a sudden noise inside.

It was Norven White’s voice.

Judging from the voice, he should be calling.

Although I did not hear what he said, I am pretty sure that the first two words he said were “Ye Ze.”

I took out my phone and took a look at the time. At this time, it should happen to be morning in China.

Norven White waited until now, should talk to Ye Ze.

I was listening outside. The man called for about half an hour before there was no sound inside.

Make sure the phone is hung up, I was about to open the door, and the light under the door crack suddenly disappeared.

It seems that Norven White is going to sleep.

At that time, I did not hesitate for a moment, reaching out and turning the doorknob directly.

There was a “click”.

No lock? I thought to myself, trying to push the door.

Sure enough, the door opened.

After I entered, the room was completely dark, even the curtains were drawn, and I couldn’t see anything.

I don’t know where Norven White is, but what I am sure is that he must have not slept, and I also know that I went in.

When I reached out and felt it, trying to distinguish the situation in the room, I suddenly touched a soft and strong body.

I was taken aback.

Immediately afterwards, I heard Norven White say, “Hurry up, or I will be a bodyguard.”

The man’s voice was cold, without a trace of emotion.

I couldn’t help but shudder.

I wonder if the bodyguard betrayed me.

When I was about to speak, I heard him say, “What’s the situation with your Lan family, I want you to figure it out. I only need a phone call and Lan family will go bankrupt tomorrow. At that time, you may not even have the money to return to China.”

It turned out that he regarded me as a blue spring.

I can feel that the man is standing. Is his leg better?


“it’s me.”

The man just wanted to speak again, I stretched out my hand and hugged the person in front of me directly.

When I was holding it, my hand hit a metal object.

It seems that Norven White’s legs are not completely good.

I can feel that when I speak, the man’s body is obviously startled.

He didn’t move or speak, let me hold it.

It’s been a long time since I hugged him. Although I was separated by clothes, I could feel that Norven White was thinner.

I put my ear on the man’s chest, feeling the slight ups and downs. At this time, I had forgotten what I was asking, and just said, “I miss you so much, don’t drive me away, okay.”

I was outside before and didn’t feel too deep.

However, at this moment, I was by Norven White’s side, hugging him, listening to the man’s heartbeat.

I just know that I don’t want to go, I don’t want to leave him.

The man stood there and was silent for a long time before saying, “Why are you here.”

“I miss you.”

I said three words.

He hasn’t contacted me for a long time. Thinking of his attitude towards Lanquan, I’m afraid he will drive me away, stretched out his hand, hooked the man’s neck, k!ssed a little on the cheek, and said, “I miss you so much. I can’t eat and sleep well.”

Speaking of this, I deliberately acted like a baby again, “So, don’t drive me away, okay.”

I am actually a little embarrassed to act like a baby when I am getting older.

But I want to stay.

When I finished saying the three words “good or bad”, I obviously heard Norven White’s soft sigh.

The next second, a “click” sounded in my ear.

The lights in the room came on again.

I looked up and saw Norven White in front of me wearing blue home clothes. The flesh on his cheeks was a little sunken and he was obviously thinner.

The hair is a lot longer than before, and the front bangs hang in front of him.

I looked at him and couldn’t help but smile, “I’m not going.”

“it is good.”

The man nodded, the expression on his face seemed a little brainless.

But when he agreed, I let go of my hand and took a look at the situation in the room.

The whole house is small, with only one bedroom and one bathroom. There is a circle of handrails around the room.

Because I have designed rooms for the disabled before, I can see that this is specially designed for patients.

Norven White supported two arm crutches and moved to the bed a little bit, then put the crutches aside and sat down by himself.

Then he said to me, “Come here.”

I walked over obediently and stood in front of the man.

He looked at me up and down, frowning, “How did you come in?”

“Over the wall.”

I didn’t think there was anything when I flipped through it before.

But now that I say it, I feel embarrassed.

Norven White was also helpless, “How the older you are, the less worrying you will be.”

As he said, he took my arm, looked at the wound on my elbow, and took out a wet wipe from the drawer on the side, wiped it for me, and put on a band-aid.

I think, since I have come and done it, everything else doesn’t matter.

I stood over, circled the man’s neck, looked down at him slightly, and said in a complaining tone, “Who will let you go for a few months, I miss you, and I will come by every means.”

The man sighed, raised his head and asked me, “How do you know here, is there something going on there?”

Norven White’s intuition is very sensitive.

I looked at him with a moment of hesitation in my heart.

A lot of things did happen, including Shuoshuo.

However, I just thought for a few seconds, then lowered my head and k!ssed the man’s thin lips, curled up the corners of the lips, and said with a relaxed face, “Nothing, I know through contacts.”

“is it?”

Norven White’s face was a little unbelievable.

I said for sure, “Of course.”

The man listened to me and fell backwards, his hands hugged me, because of inertia, I also fell with him.


I am a little nervous.

The man fell on the bed and I fell on him.

But soon, the man turned over and pressed me under him with the strength of his arm.

I held his arm with my hand and found that maybe because of his bad legs, the man’s arm is much stronger.

Norven White looked at me under him, his eyes were deep and urgent, but he still k!ssed my forehead gently and said, “I miss you too.”

After speaking, I added two more words, “I really want to.”

The man said, the k!ss went from the forehead down, the tip of the nose and the cheek, and finally landed on the lips.

His movements are very light, but I can feel him trying his best to endure it.

It seems that I am afraid that my rudeness will hurt me, which is really not in line with Norven White.

When I was thinking about it, the man’s k!ss suddenly became domineering, robbing my mouth a little bit of air, not giving me a chance to breathe.

Chapter 494

I can feel that the air in my mouth becomes thinner a little bit.

However, I was unwilling to push him away, and I responded enthusiastically, hoping that he could feel my love for him.

Two people who have reunited after a long time vent their lovesickness in this way.

This feeling is too familiar.

I deeply understand that this is a feeling of nothing, and at the same time, I can feel the joy and excitement of men.

He held my arm harder and harder.

I hooked the man’s neck, looked at him, and said, “I want.”

I rarely say that.

But I know that at this moment, I say so, and doing so can give him unlimited confidence.

The man raised his head, his eyes were filled with excitement.

He stretched out the broken hair on my cheek and said, “Here you are.”

Give you.

After he said these two words, an ambiguous and warm atmosphere spread in the room-

When I opened my eyes again, it was already daytime.

There was a knock on the door outside, and it seemed that the nurse was calling Norven White for rehabilitation.

I looked at Norven White, who was sleeping next to me, and his face was still slightly flushed.

Just like me, Norven White heard what the nurse outside said. He didn’t open his eyes but said to the nurse, “I want to take a break today.”

The nurse outside was silent for a moment before saying, “Okay.”

When the nurse was gone, the man’s arm took me into his arms again and said softly, “Good night, go to sleep.”

I was still sleepy, so I curled up into the man’s arms again and fell asleep.

It was already afternoon when we really got up.

Norven White sat on the edge of the bed, stretched out his hand to smell his arm, frowned and said, “We need a bath.”

I nodded.

The man stood up on crutches first, and walked to the bathroom without even wearing any clothes.

The man walked into the bathroom, and when I followed, he was already sitting in the bathtub.

The bathtub here is specially made for special people. There is a small door. He should have just opened the small door and sat in by himself.

Water splashed into the bathtub. The man asked me with some ambiguity in his eyes, “I have to wait for a while after the bath water is ready. Are we just doing something during these hours.”


Well, I know what he said.

At this moment, I have some difficulty walking.

So shook his head, “I’m tired.”

After listening, the man sighed silently and said, “Actually, my leg surgery was not successful this time, or it was a failure. The doctor said that after more rehabilitation, I might still be able to return to normal, but I continued to do it. After a few months, it has had little effect. Before yesterday, I was even desperate.”

Hearing what the man said, I bit my lip, hesitated for a moment, walked over, hooked the man’s neck and said, “Okay, I agree, you don’t want to sell it out.”

The man grabbed my waist and said, “Okay, good.”

There was already some water in the bathtub, I couldn’t open the door anymore, I could only push my arm into it.

The man looked at me like this and couldn’t help raising his eyebrows, and said with a smile, “Why? I have strength to climb over the wall. It is so difficult to climb a bathtub?”

I couldn’t help blushing when he said, “It’s not because you tossed me last night.”

The man listened, his eyes warmed, and he reached out and hugged me directly.

This bathtub is big enough for two people to sit side by side.

I was sitting in the bathtub, and the water came up a little bit. I couldn’t help saying, “In fact, this design is quite convenient. It’s also very comfortable to take a shower.”

The man stretched out his hand to support my waist and asked me to straddle him, curling his lips and said, “Well, I also find this design very convenient.”

After he finished speaking, my face blushed.

Of course I know that what he said “convenient” is different from what I said “convenient”-

Then we moved from the bathroom to the bedroom.

Finally, I was busy and went back to the bathroom to take a shower.

It’s already night after such tossing down.

Both lunch and dinner were brought in by bodyguards. When they were delivered, I deliberately asked to hide. Although Norven White disagreed at first, he couldn’t help me.

While eating dinner, Norven White looked at me and said with a bit of displeasure, “Why don’t you let others know?”

“Because…” I thought of Lan Quan when I spoke. I looked up at Norven White and asked, “Do you have a child with Lan Quan?”

Norven White listened, his chopsticks stopped, but with an inexplicable expression on his face, he looked at me, “What?”

“Have it?”

“How is it possible!” Norven White stretched out his hand and squeezed my face, “How could I have a baby with a woman other than you?”

“Really do not have!?”

Hearing Norven White’s words, a big rock in my heart instantly dropped.

The mood also becomes happy.

Norven White put down his chopsticks and said to me with a serious face, “No, I swear that in Norven White’s life, I will only have children with you, Jia Rhodes. If I have half a lie, I will never stand up… …”

“Oh!” I guessed it before he finished speaking, got up and k!ssed the man’s mouth directly.

He used this method to stop me from talking before.

Now I am back with revenge.

Norven White was taken aback by my behavior.

I confirmed that he would not say anything, so I straightened up and said with an unhappy face, “I’m just asking, who made you swear by this matter.”

Norven White looked at me with a smile in his eyes, “Is it all right?”

“It’s okay.”

I nodded.

At this time, Norven White asked me, “Why are you asking about this suddenly?”

I looked at him and told the story.

Norven White lowered his eyes slightly, his lips curled up with a sneer, “She has a child, but it’s not mine.”


I was a little surprised.

Norven White nodded, “Didn’t I tell you? One of the reasons she agreed to marry me is that she was pregnant. After the baby was born, it was directly given to the man. She only went to see occasionally. , The feelings are not deep, this child, Lan Jiancheng should not know, Gong Wen knows.”

“This…” I was a little confused for a while, “Who is the father of the child?”

“I have not seen.”

Norven White answered me.

However, Norven White and Lan Quan, I definitely believe in Norven White.

Hearing what he said, I realized that Lanquan must have been ready to take the photo, and he deliberately threw it out for me that day.

She dared to make up nonsense because she thought I could not see Norven White.

In that case, I will act with her.

Chapter 495

I picked up the chopsticks and took a bite of the meal before saying, “I am going out tonight. From now on, I will come to you every night and I will go out during the day.”


After hearing this, Norven White was a little puzzled.

I smiled, “I won’t tell you! Anyway, don’t let others know that I’ve been here.”

Although I didn’t say it, Norven White was so smart, seeing my expression, immediately said, “Don’t want her to know?”

I nodded.

Since Lanquan took such painstaking efforts to perform a show, I naturally can’t let her act in vain.

The man nodded-

But when I left, I didn’t go over the wall again, but Norven White found someone to give me a key to the back door that was locked all the year round.

I leave by the back door-

The next morning, I went as usual, in front of the hospital.

Lan Quan changed into a blue and white skirt today, almost to the knee.

She was sitting across the road, looking at the door of the hospital madly.

When I passed by, Lan Quan raised his eyes and looked at me, and said with a bit of disdain, “I thought you were gone.”

“No ah.”

In front of her house is a table and two chairs.

I naturally sat on the opposite side.

Lan Quan raised his head and glanced at me, with a bit of sadness on his face, “Can’t you give him up to me?”


I asked this on purpose.

She seemed to be stunned by my question, but I quickly answered, “Oh, Norven, of course not. My son needs a father too.”

Since I knew she was lying to me, my mood was not so heavy.

I can deal with her easily.

Lan Quan’s face became ugly. She didn’t seem to expect that after a few days, my attitude was not to give in, but to fight with her.

She gave me a blank look, “Your mother and my mother rob a man, and you rob me too? It’s passed down from your ancestors.”

Mentioned my mother again. This time I was not angry anymore, but leaned back in my chair and looked at her, “Thank you to figure out that it was your father who lied to my mother. I can’t help but let him go out to harm others.”

“You!” Lan Quan said angrily, “Is it reasonable for my mother to seduce other men?”

“What? If my mother knows that your dad is in charge, how could it be possible to associate with him? It’s not like all men in the world will die.”

I understand this matter. In the final analysis, it is Lan Jiancheng’s fault.

Mou Lanxi and Gong Wen are, to some extent, both victims.

Lan Quan clutched his bag in his hand and said nothing, but silently took out the photo and rubbed it in his hand.

I looked at the woman like this, not as angry as before, raised my eyebrows slightly, and said, “Stop it. We are in a different situation from our mother.”

Lan Quan didn’t look up, just said, “I think it’s different.”

“Norven was never your man.” I looked at Lan Quan, “I saved Norven White’s life.”


Lan Quan stopped his movements and finally looked up at me.

I told her what happened back then.

When Lan Quan listened, his face was extremely ugly.

I went on to say, “So, in his life, I didn’t come much later than you, and my appearance was very important.”

Lan Quan seemed to have thought of something, a sarcasm smiled at the corner of his mouth, “So what, now we all have his children.”

“Really?” I looked at Lan Quan, “How can you be sure that your child belongs to him? After all, you have so many men, maybe you don’t know which one won the prize…”

“Don’t talk nonsense!” Lan Quan’s current behavior is typically irritated.

This also applied for Norven White and did not lie to me.

I smiled and stood up, “I will go back and rest first, Miss Lan waits slowly.”

After speaking, I left-

I go to meet Norven White from the backyard almost every night.

In addition to chatting, more often than not, it’s about having a relationship with him.

In the past few days, we seem to be tireless, completely controlled by our senses.

Until the fourth day.

Maybe it was because I was too indulgent a few days ago. When this day was over, I fell asleep deeply in the arms of the man.

When I woke up, it was already morning.

I picked up the phone, it was around six o’clock local time.

Usually no one gets up at this time in the town.

I was about to get up, but Norven White hooked my waist and said with some willfulness, “Don’t fight with her, stay.”

“A few more days.” I said, turning around and k!ssing the man’s forehead.

He got up and put on his clothes and went out.

In the hospital, sure enough, neither the bodyguards nor the doctors in the hospital went to work.

The whole hospital was empty.

I didn’t think too much, took the key and went to the back door.

As a result, as soon as I opened the back door and went out, I was about to lock the door when I heard someone ask me in the local language, “Who are you?”

I was shocked!

Turning around, he saw that behind him was the old lady who often chatted with Lan Quan at the entrance of the hospital.

She recognized me, looked at the door behind me, and asked in an incredible way, “Why do you have the key here?”


I hesitated for a moment, and didn’t think about how to say it. The old lady walked up to me quickly, grabbed my hand and said, “Did you steal something! Follow me to the police station!”

“no no!”

I was terrified, and I didn’t expect the situation to develop in this direction.

“No?” The old lady looked at me, “Then what are you doing sneakily here! And why do you have the key here!”

When the old lady asked me for a question, there were people passing by.

Everyone also gathered around.

Asked what happened.

The old lady said what had just happened and said that she suspected that I was a thief.

Most of this town is retired elderly people who have nothing to do. When I heard that I went to the hospital to steal something, they immediately became excited, and they all gathered around and said that they would send me to the police station.

I was pulled by them and walked in the direction of the police station.

There is a police station in the town, not far from the hospital.

Someone has already called the police.

When we got near the front door, the police had been brought over by one person.

After coming over, the police asked me about my situation, and then asked me, “Why do I have the key to the back door.”

I hesitated, telling the truth, telling them that Norven White gave it to me.

As a result, I had just spoken, and the first old lady who found me said immediately, “Impossible. She and Lan waited at the hospital door every day and were not allowed to enter the hospital at all. How could this person give him the key to the back door? Is lying.”

“Is that so?” the policeman asked me.

I regretted it for a while.

I felt like I dug a big hole and buried myself in it.

When people around were arguing, Lan Quan also got up.

She walked out of her house curled up, looked at us and asked, “What happened?”

I know from the good-looking look on her face that she should have been listening to it for a while, and she already knew what happened.

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