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Chapter 66


When I spoke, Norven White immediately refused, without even thinking about it.

I thought of this a long time ago. If he wanted to let me go so easily, he would have agreed to it.

But this time I came prepared.

I took out my mobile phone, walked to the large desk, found the recording interface, and placed it on it.

No nonsense, just clicked on the recording in Julia Rhodes’s office.

Yes, when I went in, I turned on the recording function on my phone.

What a smart Norven White, Julia Rhodes’s attitude is definitely not an attitude that has nothing to do with her.

I looked at Norven White’s calm face, lowered my eyes, and slowly said, “Mr. White, I’m occupying the magpie’s nest, and you don’t want to be so cheap. I understand that if this matter is tortured by myself, Then I admit it, but Julia Rhodes has involved innocent people in order to be Mrs. Shang White.”

“Torture?” Norven White heard this word and walked to me step by step, “In your eyes, being Mrs. White is torture?”

There is no expression on his face, but his black eyes seem to be disgusted with the stormy sea!

“Isn’t it? You love Julia Rhodes, and I marry you. It is obvious that the three of you are not happy, but you refuse to let it go because you are torturing me?”

“Ha, ha ha ha.” Norven White suddenly laughed.

That laugh is not a happy laugh, but makes me feel creepy!

He raised his hand, slenderly squeezed my chin directly, and closed his smile, “If you want to get a divorce? Then take care of me. When I have enough sleep for you, you can get a divorce.”

“Norven White, do you have any logic! She killed someone! If you don’t understand, she killed someone!”

I opened his hand, really going to be mad by this man.

However, Norven White directly pressed me on the desk, and then pressed me down and said, “I said, I have enough sleep before I can get a divorce.”

With that, proceed to the next step.

I want to resist, but a man will control my two hands with one hand.

“You are crazy, this is the office!”

I yell!

However, Norven White didn’t care about it in the slightest, with thin lips printed on my ears, and said, “This is my territory, and my people are very sensible.”

All morning, I was pressed by Norven White on the desk and let him vent.

At the end, Norven White got up to organize my clothes. I lay on the desk, looking at the ceiling in a daze.

In this triangle relationship, I am the only loser.


A soft knock on the door came from the door.

I was so frightened that I quickly got up, turning my back to the door, for fear that the people at the door would push in. After all, the clothes on my body had been ripped apart by Norven White, and it was a little difficult to cover my body.

Norven White probably sorted out his clothes, went to the door, and quickly took in a few bags and handed them to me.

I took a look at it was a set of clothes and a box of skin care products.

He asked me to take a shower in the lounge in the office.

I opened the door in the office. I thought there was only one toilet, but I realized that it was too simple.

It can be said to be a small apartment with a living room, a bedroom, an open kitchen, and a bathroom.

I finished the shower and changed my clothes. My legs became weak due to the strenuous exercise just now.

I sat on the bed and wanted to take a break. I turned my eyes slightly and saw a long chestnut hair lying quietly on the white bedding.

At that moment, my heart was inexplicably sour.

Guess whose hair it is.

Although I understand that Julia Rhodes and Norven White are in love and it is not strange what happens here, but I still leave the bed like avoiding the plague.

I was about to leave, when Norven White pushed the door in, I took a step back in shock.

Later I learned that the man just wanted to take a bath and change his clothes.

I hid and waited.

Soon, Norven White sorted himself out. After coming out, he walked into me and said, “Get hungry, go, I’ll take you to dinner.”

The man still has a faint smell of shower gel, which smells very good.

“No need to……”

“It’s in the company cafeteria.”

As soon as I wanted to refuse, I was interrupted by the man, took my hand, and completely ignored my resistance and took me out of the office.

Once out, Li Kai and several of his secretaries were outside.

Especially those secretaries, seeing fire in their eyes when they saw holding hands outside.

But Norven White actually ignored me and pulled me into the elevator.

“Let go of me.” Entering the elevator, I continued to struggle.

But the man just looked at the elevator floor and didn’t even answer me.

Wait until the elevator reaches the third floor.

The third floor is the rest floor of the Sky Group. He took me through a cafe and directly into the staff dining room.

It was the dining spot, the staff came in and out, all eyes were attracted by Norven White, who was already behind me.

My ears kept ringing–

“President White, Mrs. President, good noon.”

“Wow, who is this? Mrs. President?”

“Oh my god, the president brought his wife to the restaurant for dinner?”

The words of Mrs. President fill my ears…

Along the way, it even made me somewhat unreal.

He led me all the way to a separate box, where a waiter opened the door for us.

He took me in and sat there.

It was served soon.

All of them are my favorite.

I looked at him suspiciously.

Norven White looked at me and said, “I asked your grandma, and she said you love to eat these.”

Asked Rhodes Ci.

I looked at a table of dishes, puzzled.

I dare not be moved.

In order not to be hurt by Norven White, my heart has already built a high wall, but this high wall is fragile, and I am afraid that once moved, this high wall will collapse and expose my heart to him.

Then, he can hurt me easily.

Norven White picked up a piece of sweet and sour pork ribs, frowned after eating, “You all like to eat such sweet things?”


“Try it, the chef here doesn’t have to be as bad as the Michelin restaurant.”


I looked at Norven White.

After a long silence, he asked for a long time, “Why?”

He was kind to me and made me scared.

After eating a few bites of rice, Norven White raised his head and looked at me with deep eyes. After a few seconds, he said, “Being Mrs. White, isn’t it all torture?”


This is the answer in my heart.

For example, not now.

But I dare not be moved, dare not admit it.

I am afraid that as soon as my defenses are removed, endless damage will greet me.

“No, it’s all torture, as long as you are by your side, then all things are torture.” I said every word.

I saw Norven White’s hand holding the chopsticks hard, and then a pair of bamboo chopsticks broke with a “pop”.

In the next second, Norven White dropped the broken pair of chopsticks and left the restaurant without looking back.

Obviously I said what hurt him.

But my heart hurts…

I looked at a table of my favorite dishes, but my eyes were red.

Chapter 67

“Don’t forget everything he did when you were in prison, don’t forget the dead child, don’t forget that he ignored Julia Rhodes’s evil actions…”

My heart was thinking about the whole thing secretly.

It’s like hypnosis. Stabilize my heart wall a little bit. If it weren’t for this, I’m afraid that the heart wall I worked hard to build would really collapse overnight.

I left Qingtian alone without eating.

When I came out, many employees were still eating and they were whispering when they saw me.

It seems that they all saw Norven White when he went out just now.

I can’t manage that much anymore, so I left the Sky Group quickly.

Instead of going home, I went to an Internet cafe.

I went to the Internet cafe, made my own resume with a form, and started investing in design companies.

By the time the large-scale players are almost all cast, it is almost night.

I was hungry and hungry, and I didn’t have the energy to go home to cook, so I found a fast food restaurant on the side of the road, ate a rice bowl, and when I was full, I took the bus home.

Although Rhodes Ci gave me a big house and gave me a card with a million deposits.

But I think it is not true, not only the money in this card, even the house in [Flipvilla No. 1], I don’t think it is my own.

I dare not touch it at all.

When I got home, I opened the door and saw that the light at home was on.

My heart “cocked”.

Looking down, he saw Norven White’s leather shoes neatly placed at the door.

I changed shoes and went into the house, and heard the sound of splashing water in the bathroom of the master bedroom.

I feel like I am being tricked by him.

Suddenly, the anger in my heart surged into my brain, without even thinking, I rushed over to open the bathroom door and shouted inside, “Norven White, what do you want to do!”

At this moment, what appeared in front of my eyes was a beautiful male picture of Chunguang.

The drops of water from the shower fell and poured on the man’s thin body, with strong muscles, perfect golden ratio lines, powerful arms, and s3xy curves.

Everything is exposed in front of me, in a glance.

I have never seen Norven White’s body like this.

I regretted it immediately.

Just about to close the door, the man stepped forward, and when I didn’t react, he fished me under the shower.

In an instant, the warm water poured down the top of my head and wet my clothes!

“what are you doing!”

I twisted to break free of his control.

But the man confined my waist tightly, bent over slightly, looked at me with deep eyes, and asked me, “You come in, don’t you want to take a bath?”

The water vapor clouded my eyes, so I couldn’t see Norven White’s expression clearly, I could only feel the warm breath spraying on my face.

All the clothes on the whole body were attached to the body, which was extremely uncomfortable.

Helpless, I can only take a step back and turn my head away, “I want to take a shower. You should go out first after washing.”

But I heard the man’s slightly playful voice, “I just came in and haven’t started washing my hair yet.”

“Then I will go out.”

I said, as if passing by his side and going out.

Norven White grabbed me, “If you go out like this, you will catch a cold, not as good as us…” Although I turned my back to him, I could feel his thin lips close to my ears, and said in a seductive voice. , “One, get up, wash.”

With three words, blush instantly climbed onto my cheeks.

In order to cover up my emotions, I can only pretend to be calm, “Can you not play me.”

When I was talking, the clothes on my body were a little cold, I just felt a little cold, I just want to go out and change them quickly.

But the man didn’t let me go. His powerful arms wrapped around my waist from behind, saying, “Wife, either wash together, or you sit there and wait for me to finish washing.”

His voice sounds shameless to me.

I’m not even sure if he wants to retaliate against me because of the day.

But I have no choice.

I can’t get out, so I can only sit on the non-slip chair in the bathroom and wait for the man to take a bath.

Today he washes very slowly.

And the whole process is facing me.

Although I have tried very hard to lower my head, but from time to time, because the water will splash over, I can only turn my head to wipe my eyes.

During this period, I clearly saw the changes three inches below the man’s belly button.

I pretended not to see.

After about an hour, Norven White finally finished washing. He dried his body, wrapped a bath towel on his body, and went out.

I’m not sure if his “fire” is gone, but I can’t control that much.

After he left, I quickly took off the clothes that were already cold and started taking a bath.

After I was too fast to cover my ears, I realized the very important issue.

I rushed into the bathroom, and I didn’t bring any changes or bathrobes in.

The only bath towel was wrapped up by Norven White.

I want to go out, but I am afraid that Norven White is at the door.

In desperation, he could only call out Norven White’s name first.

No one answered.

I thought he was not here.

When I put down my vigilance and opened the door to go out, I saw that Norven White was still sitting on the bed as he had just gone out from here after taking a shower!

Although he was covered with bath towels, he could see that his “fire” had not disappeared as before!

I was about to return to the bathroom, and the man took me a step forward and pressed me on the bed.

My first reaction was to struggle.

However, Norven White directly pressed me and looked at me condescendingly, “My wife, I said long ago that if you want to get a divorce, you must let me get enough sleep first.”

One reason, let me stop struggling all at once.

Although I knew this was just one reason he wanted to violate me, but at this time, I chose to accept it.

Except for divorce.

I understand that deep in my heart, I am eager to gather with him.

That day, we did it for a long time, from the bed to the dressing table, and finally I thought it was over, but when we got to the sink, he got entangled again.

Norven White hugged me from behind, bit my earlobe and told me, “My wife, your taste is so good, I may not sleep enough in my life.”

This sentence made me shudder. I looked at him through the mirror and asked him, “Norven White, other people have love to have s3x. You don’t love me, you love Julia Rhodes, don’t you love Is it separate from s3x?”

Norven White didn’t answer me, he held my waist and asked again.

This time, I was really tired and paralyzed. I was carried to the bed by him.

He moved very lightly when he hugged me. Although it was late and the light in the bedroom was off again, I always felt that men looked at me tenderly.

When my heart felt a little moved, the man went to the living room.

When I came in again, holding a glass of water in my hand, my heart trembled.

Thought he was caring about me.

But shortly afterwards, I saw Norven White put the glass of water on the bedside table, and then put down a little medicine.

Indifferently said, “I have eaten.”

Chapter 68

At this moment, I was beaten back to reality.

All the delusions were beaten back to their original form because of this small pill.

I lowered my eyes, strongly suppressed the bitterness in my heart, pretending that I picked up the pills and the water glass if nothing had happened.

I wanted to drink quickly, but the hand holding the water glass was shaking.

I had no choice but to put the pill in my mouth, and then drank the cup with both hands.

Fortunately, Norven White did not turn on the lights during the whole process.

He must not see my helplessness and sadness.

I drank the medicine and settled down for a while, and then pretended to say in an indifferent and somewhat alienated tone, “I drank the medicine. President White can rest assured that I will not be pregnant with your child. You can go. ?”

However, Norven White did not leave.

He is standing by my side.

I thought he was afraid that I would fake medicine.

To prove that I took the medicine, I raised my head and drank all the water in the cup, brought the water cup in front of him, and looked up at him, “Mr White, I swear, I really drank the medicine.”

But, Norven White looked at me, and ended up drinking glasses.

It’s too dark, I can’t see his eyes clearly, but at the end I heard him say, “Sorry, it’s not when you are pregnant.”

After speaking, he turned and returned the cup to the kitchen.

I waited for a while, but Norven White didn’t seem to want to leave.

I went to ask him, “When is President White going to leave?”

“I’m not going.” Norven White’s answer was categorical. “We are a husband and wife, isn’t it right to live together?”

“Mr White, this is my house. Is Mr. White going to join the family? Or is there a crisis in the Sky Group, and you can’t even buy a house.”

I try to make my tone indifferent and alienated.

Because only in this way can I put myself in the farthest place from him.

Reject him thousands of miles away.

Norven White would be sitting on the sofa in the living room. He was sending an email to the laptop. Hearing my words, he sat upright, looked at me, and asked, “What kind of house do you like? I will buy it for you, or …If you don’t like it, I will buy a piece of land and build it for you.”

When I heard this, I actually wanted to laugh.

“Isn’t White always saying that to everyone?”

Although it has been a long time since I heard this last time, I remember it clearly.

I remember that when Rhodes Ci asked Julia Rhodes if he did not live with Norven White, Lumia Fan said that Norven White also said the same to Julia Rhodes.

“You are my wife.”

Norven White did not prove the answer, but he has already answered.

I looked at Norven White sitting on the sofa, and felt for a moment that this man is too good at lying, and he knows where to go. How could a person like me be his opponent?

In order to force him to retreat, I walked up to him a few steps, lowered my head, and said, “White always doesn’t want to be good with me, be honest with Mrs. White, let you bye?”

“That’s not…”

“Okay, if you agree to my terms, I will be Mrs. White honestly. As long as you need me, I will do it for the rest of my life and listen to you for the rest of my life.”

I didn’t let him speak any more.

But I said that. Norven White looked up at me, got up and said, “You said.”

“I want you to take out the evidence you have, and then tell the outsider that I was innocent of the previous two things, and Julia Rhodes was the culprit, and she did everything! And including Chen Hui Death!”

Although I am not sure, I believe that Norven White is not a fool at the mercy of others.

He must have evidence of Julia Rhodes’s crime in his hands.

Including that before I was in jail, Julia Rhodes’s mobile phone had a message that I had never sent, or a call that I had never made.

It was not until later that Qiaoyu Lu told me that he suspected that my phone had been copied.

After hearing what I said, Norven White showed a good expression in the last second, and then it became cloudy in the next second, leaving only three words, “Impossible.”



“Look, you love Julia Rhodes so deeply, you don’t even need principles, but you are entangled with me. This is not torture, what is it?”

I looked up, staring at Norven White’s black eyes, and mustered my courage, “As a woman, I just want a husband who loves me, but if my husband is you, this dream is a luxury.”

“Jia Rhodes…”

“President White, I will remind you one last time that Julia Rhodes was the murderer of Chen Hui. Although Chen Hui was just a worker, even if you raise your hand, you can compensate Chen Hui’s wife for the money that Chen Hui’s wife could not make for ten lifetimes , You will never change the fact that those three children lost their fathers.”

I finished talking and went to the second bedroom.


I am to Norven White–


After that day, although Norven White would occasionally come to my house, he and I were strangers.

Did not even say anything.

I posted my resume on the Internet, and it was basically nothing but replies.

Occasionally, a few people called, and the first sentence came up to confirm whether I was the Jia Rhodes who framed my sister back then.

I don’t know, it is such a small thing that even White Yanhai and Rhodes Ci could hide it.

But now companies big and small in the industry actually know about it.

I know, there must be someone in secret.

In two weeks, I was desperate in my job search, and finally turned my goal to a part-time worker in a fast food restaurant and a coffee shop.

I found a few cafes.

Finally, I finally found a coffee shop in the city center cbd that paid me 20 per hour, and there was an extra five yuan delivery fee for delivery.

Although the money is not much, I don’t want to be a useless rice bug.

Then I will look down on myself.

After I had a good time with the coffee shop manager and agreed to come to work next Monday, I heard a voice just after I arrived in the hall, “A cup of mocha, hurry up.”

I heard it was An Qi’s voice.

Turning his head, I saw An Qi standing in front of the counter, her face was not very good, and she looked a little haggard.

Seeing her, I couldn’t help thinking of Qiaoyu Lu, and stepped forward to greet her cheeky.

She rolled her eyes when she saw me, “Jia Rhodes, how can I see you as a disaster star anywhere?!”

In a word, I guess something is wrong with Yufeng Design.

I don’t care if she stalks me and asks her nicely what happened.

At first An Qi didn’t want to tell me.

My hot face was pressed against my cold a$s, and I didn’t make coffee for a long time, she finally told me.

Only then did I know that the current Yufeng design was not an accident, but was basically on the verge of bankruptcy.

The fuse was the matter of Chen Hui.

The house where Chen Hui died was a private house, and the client did not know where he learned that Chen would die in that house, so angrily asked Qiaoyu Lu for compensation.

He said that the house was dead and couldn’t live anymore, so he asked Qiaoyu Lu to buy the house at the market price, or he would take Yufeng’s design to court.

Chapter 69

In fact, I understand the customer, someone died in the new house, it is really impossible to live in it.

That house was a villa with a market price of tens of millions. A small company like Qiaoyu Lu that had just started a few years ago couldn’t afford it.

If a lawsuit is filed, Yufeng Design will not be able to gain a foothold in the industry and will not be far from bankruptcy.

It’s incomparable in my heart.

After all, this is an extension of the Chen Hui incident.

Angel took the coffee and went to the construction site.

I went to Yufeng Design by car alone.

When I went in, I found that the front desk was empty. In the office where I was before, several compartments were clean except for the computer.

It seems that the designer who was sitting there before left.

I went to the office where An Qi was.

I saw a lot of debris piled up on her desk as always.

I walked around and finally arrived at Qiaoyu Lu’s office.

I put my ear to the door and heard him making a call, as if he was borrowing money.

I could hear his humble tone.

My heart is particularly uncomfortable.

Isn’t all this my fault?

I found the card Rhodes Ci gave me from my bag and knocked on the door.

When Qiaoyu Lu saw me, he was obviously panicked. I could see that his complexion was very bad and his dark eyes were so scary that he hadn’t slept well for many days.

He reluctantly put away his haggardness, squeezed a smile and said to me, “School girl, why do you remember?”

I put the card into his hand, “Senior, there are 1.2 million in it. Although it’s not much, you take it first. My grandma said that Lu’s dividends will be paid to this card every year. It’s the end of the year, and it should be soon.”

However, Qiaoyu Lu would not accept my card at all.

He put the card back into my hand and raised the corner of his mouth, “Oh, school girl, no matter how frustrated I am, I won’t ask you to help me.”


I don’t want to refute his face, but now everything designed by Yufeng lets me know that he can no longer go on.

Qiaoyu Lu patted my hand and said, “I have something wrong, I can’t accompany you today, sorry.”

After speaking, pick up the suit on the hanger and put it on.

The suit that still fit a few weeks ago is already looser.

My stomach is walking around in the empty Yufeng design, looking at the empty tables, I feel very unhappy.

At night, when I went home, Norven White was actually at home.

I hide in the guest bedroom alone, trying not to see him.

Later, I lay in bed in a daze and fell asleep. I don’t know how long I slept. When I heard the phone ring, I touched it and picked it up with memory.

After that, he put the phone near his ear.

“Hey, do you know Qiaoyu Lu?”

The voice of a young man with a dialect came over the phone.

These few words made me sober in an instant, “Know!”

Then he glanced at the phone, this is Qiaoyu Lu’s number.

The other party explained the situation to me. Basically, Qiaoyu Lu was drunk, and his mobile phone had a password that could not be opened. Only the important person’s number could be used.

And his important person is only me…

So the other party called me.

I remembered his haggard look when I saw Qiaoyu Lu during the day, and I suddenly became nervous.

Promise to pass right away.

When the phone hung up, I checked the time, it was 12:20 in the evening.

I put on a piece of clothing and went out.

At the gate of the community, on the street where people came and went before, there will be no taxis at all, and even online taxi-hailing can’t be arranged.

When I was very anxious, a black car drove out from the basement of a nearby community and slowly stopped in front of me.

When the window was lowered, Norven White sat in the car and said to me, “Where? I’ll see you off.”

Even though I had ten thousand reluctances, I was even more worried about Qiaoyu Lu, so I had no choice but to get in the car.

Qiaoyu Lu ate at a Qiantang seafood restaurant.

When I passed by Norven White’s car, the parking lot in front of the hotel was empty.

It seems that all the guests are gone.

I quickly got off the car and looked around for Qiaoyu Lu’s figure…


In the dark, I heard someone vomiting.

I followed the sound and saw Qiaoyu Lu squatting on the edge of the tree, vomiting at the tree hole.

I held him and shouted, “Senior!”

Qiaoyu Lu was already a little fuzzy at this time, but he looked at me, his eyes focused a little, and he showed a nice smile, “School girl, why are you here?”

“Senior, if you drink too much, I will take you home.”

“No… I… vomit!”

Qiaoyu Lu said, vomiting again.

A drunk person is extraordinarily heavy. I squatted down by myself, so I barely supported him.

Qiaoyu Lu vomited for a while, but he was not awake at all. He leaned on me and said a little excitedly, “School girl, don’t worry, Yufeng’s design will not be broken. After drinking a glass of wine, he invested 20 million in me!”

When I listened to Qiaoyu Lu’s words, my heart was very sour.

All of this is my fault after all, isn’t it?

But he went to drink desperately!

I know I can’t say this at this time, I can only say, “Senior, you are very good, Yufeng will definitely get better and better.”

I just squatted and couldn’t get up at all.

Until Norven White came over, he helped me drive Qiaoyu Lu into the back seat.

The smell of alcohol quickly permeated the luxurious carriage, and I apologized to Norven White, “I’m sorry, Mr. White, senior, he drank too much.”

Norven White glanced at me through the rearview mirror and started the car without saying anything.


As soon as the car started, I heard Qiaoyu Lu’s vomiting sound. I was afraid of getting Norven White’s car dirty. He was angry. I quickly picked up what he vomited.

However, the light on my hand seemed to have nothing but a few drops of saliva.

When I looked over again, through the dim street lamp, I saw a dark red on the palm of my hand.

is blood!

“Senior!” I became nervous and said to Norven White, “Mr. White, can you take us to the hospital?”

The car continued to drive, I don’t know if Norven White will agree.

Along the way, I took care of Qiaoyu Lu, fed him water, wiped his blood, and then let him lean on my shoulder and pat his back with my hand.

Finally, the car stopped.

I turned around and found that this is the Sacred Heart Hospital.

In fact, I want to refuse to come here, but I am afraid that it will delay Qiaoyu Lu’s condition.

In desperation, I had to open the car door.

Several doctors had been waiting at the entrance of the hospital. They ran over as soon as the car stopped and put Qiaoyu Lu on the stretcher.

Then it was taken to the hospital.

I was worried, and was about to follow up. My wrist was pulled by the man’s palm, and a huge force pulled me. The next second, I ran into a firm embrace.

Over the head, a man’s sullen voice came, “He can definitely get the best treatment here, in your eyes, will this tolerate me!”

Chapter 70

“But senior, he is very dangerous now!” I didn’t even dream of Norven White’s mood now.

I want to leave him behind and chase Qiaoyu Lu.

However, Norven White’s wrist clung to my waist, and in the next second, I heard the man’s voice, word by word penetrated my ears, “I’m jealous.”

At that moment, I was stunned.

“President White, what are you talking about?”

“I said, I’m jealous.” Norven White repeated, “You are my wife, and when I don’t allow me to be there, you only look at other men in your eyes. I am like nothing.”

If it were other times, Norven White was jealous, I might be touched and moved.

But this will, I will not.

I pushed him away with all my strength, looked up, looked at him with a ridiculous expression, and said, “Mr. White, why do you think the senior’s company has become like this? Is he insufficient? Is his vision not good? Neither!”

I watched Norven White say word by word, “This is because your beloved woman, Julia Rhodes, used Chen Hui to frame me. The frame was not possible, and even he did not hesitate to kill. Then he asked Chen Hui’s wife to come to Yufeng to make trouble. Back in prison, but later failed, the owner of the house where Chen would die again asked the senior to pay compensation!

All this is caused by her! “

I complained to Norven White.

The more you speak, the more angry.

Without waiting for the man to speak, I continued to say, “Go and love her, love this snake-hearted Julia Rhodes, and stop disgusting me!”

Seeing Qiaoyu Lu like this, I really hated Norven White and Julia Rhodes.

Hate why they want to involve innocent people!

I chased into the hospital, but Norven White did not chase in.

I went in to find a doctor, and after asking, I learned that Qiaoyu Lu had suffered a stomach perforation after drinking heavily for a long time.

Fortunately, it was delivered in time, and the operation was already underway, otherwise God would not be able to save it.

My heart fell when I heard this. If Qiaoyu Lu had three long and two shortcomings, I would really not forgive myself.

I sat at the door and waited for a long time.

Qiaoyu Lu finally came out of the operating room and transferred to the ward. I was afraid that he would not be taken care of after he woke up, so he stayed in the ward.

At 9 o’clock in the morning, Qiaoyu Lu woke up.

I didn’t wake him up, but the phone woke him up.

As soon as the phone rang, Qiaoyu Lu woke up like a chicken blood, helpless, I can only take the phone for him.

He was very excited after receiving the call and said, “Mr. Zhu, you told me to drink yesterday. I drank it. Now I am still lying in the hospital. You can’t speak without counting!”

Later, I vaguely heard Mr. Zhu on the phone saying that what he said after drinking didn’t count.

I am angry for him!

Qiaoyu Lu tried his best, and finally President Zhu hung up the phone at once.

I watched Qiaoyu Lu lying on the bed, staring at the ceiling with a confused look, squeezing his face, and squeezing his face, “Don’t worry, I can do it.”

“School girl, I don’t need…”

“Don’t be polite to me, just treat me as an investment!” I said with a smile, “20 million is not, 10 million is still there.”

He looked at me, “Where did you get so much money? Don’t force it, if you go to Norven White to borrow it, then forget it…”

“Of course not, have you forgotten? Anyhow, I am the second young lady of the Rhodes family. More importantly, I have a grandma who loves me very much.”

I try to laugh as easily as possible.

Although Qiaoyu Lu was unwilling, but I said that if he moves around before he recovers, I will ignore him again.

I know that Qiaoyu Lu cares about me.

He agreed.

The Sacred Heart Hospital has a special escort. I entrusted Qiaoyu Lu to the escort and left.

It is impossible for me to ask Rhodes Ci for money, the only way is to mortgage my house to borrow money.

I came out of the hospital and saw the door, Norven White’s car was parked at the same place yesterday.

Can’t help but froze.

Seeing me coming out, Norven White got out of the car and waved to me.

I saw him wearing trousers and shirt. This set is the one he got down yesterday.

Could it be…

I can’t believe my guess, but the exhaustion in the man’s eyes prevents me from deceiving myself.

“You were here last night?”

I asked him.

Norven White curled up his thin lips and smiled, “Yes, my wife is here, where am I going?”

His words made me realize that what I said yesterday was too much?

But every word I say is a fact.

“White…White, you go to work, I will go home first.” I hesitated for a while, and decided to continue calling him White.

Because I can’t offend Julia Rhodes.

I don’t want people around me to be hurt anymore.

“I’ll send you off.” Norven White held me, his palm is no longer as powerful as yesterday.

I looked at his bloodshot eyes and finally compromised.

After Norven White gave me away, he left because there was something in the company.

I spent a day checking real estate mortgages online, and finally I found a very reliable state-owned bank, contacted their manager, and they wanted to take a look at the house.

Confirm that the owner of the house and the house are all right.

In the afternoon, people from the bank came.

They looked around inside and out, were very satisfied, and took me back to the bank to prepare for a mortgage loan.

According to them, the loan can be released in an hour.

My heart also fell.

However, when I followed the bank manager downstairs, I happened to see Zhaoming White coming back.

At that time, the manager was telling me some things about the mortgage, Zhaoming White just heard it, and a few steps forward, he asked me “Need money?”

“No.” I lied subconsciously.

However, Zhaoming White’s eyes fell on the bank manager’s badge and said to the bank manager, “We don’t mortgage anymore, you can go.”

Although the manager was unhappy when he heard that, he seemed to recognize Zhaoming White. His face was upset and he didn’t dare to say it. He had to say to me, “You need to contact me at any time.”

Then left.

After that, Zhaoming White asked me what happened.

I thought he was Norven White’s younger uncle, but didn’t say anything.

Zhaoming White didn’t continue to ask, he just said, “Come with me.”

I don’t understand what he is going to do.

He took me upstairs, and then he pointed to a piece under my feet and said, “You stand here, don’t move, I will come out immediately.”

Zhaoming White went home, and I was waiting outside.

About two minutes later, Zhaoming White came out of the house with something in his hand.

The one I know is a checkbook.

I watched him take out his pen, write a 5 in the front and a string of 0s in the lower case of the checkbook.

Before I had counted the number of zeros, I saw him writing in the upper case, one stroke at a time: fifty thousand yuan.

After that, a private check was handed to me.

I couldn’t help taking a breath, “Brother White, Uncle White, I can’t ask for this money!”

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