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Chapter 112

Her life changed drastically in those three years, and it’s safe to say that joining this group changed her almost forever.

She later left the group due to a certain incident and returned home alone.

For two years, she had almost lost contact with the Dragon Corps.

Hardly anyone knew where she was except K, who had also left early and was in charge of the perimeter.

But spare a thought for the past two years, there has been a covert focus on the group’s activities by Jenny.

It wasn’t that she hadn’t noticed the ups and downs within the Dragon Corps over the past two years, but being so far apart, she wasn’t fully aware of it after all.

But I didn’t think it would get this bad.

The first year, if she remembered correctly, should have been one of Lin Tian’s disciples.

Born an orphan, Lin Tian had previously been sponsoring her schooling, then accidentally discovered her talent for racing and recruited her into the Dragon Corps.

Who in the hell is going to hurt a ten* year old girl who hasn’t graduated from college and has only been in the regiment for three years?

“What the hell is going on?”

Jenny also sank down.

Lin Tian shook his head.

“He was assassinated, the body was found in the lake, and no killer was caught.”

“Are you offended?”

Lin Tian sneered.

“We’ve offended a lot of people, and we haven’t seen anyone claw at our heads over the years.”

Jenny fell silent.

Linden was right.

Although the Dragon Corps has a tendency to divide internally, it is still very united externally, and after so many years of development, it has deep roots and very few people dare to offend them.

Besides…it’s murder!

Lin Tian saw her sunken face and smiled.

“Well, I’m just telling you, it’s my apprentice and not your apprentice, you don’t need to put on this bitter face.”

Forest stroked a handful of her hair and looked like she was hanging on by a thread.

Jenny glared at him.

But in my heart, I also know that I’ve been away for two years, and I’m afraid I can’t help much if something happens at this point.

So instead of continuing this conversation, he asked, “So tell me, what do you really want from coming over here to see me?”

Lin Tian raised his eyebrows with a cynical look on his face and smiled, “Of course I’m here to support your cause!”

“What do you mean?”

“Gee, you’ve abandoned your car, and as a good friend, shall I not come back to support you?It’s just as well, I’ve recently planned to return to China for development and I’m too lazy to go anywhere else, so you take me in!”

Jenny looked at him suspiciously.

“That’s it?”

“Or what?”

Lin Tian smiled with a hangdog smile, “Although I know that now that you’ve become Biden Lu’s woman, I’m afraid you don’t care about my meager support, but being human!The most important thing is to get past your own heart, so don’t worry, I don’t mind you being a married woman…”

Before the words were finished, an elbow slammed into him.

Lin Tian had foreseen this and dodged to the side, hee hee hee, laughing at her, “Tsk, what’s with the red ears?I’m just kidding!”

Jenny Jing’s eyebrows were sparse and cold, “How did you know about me?”

“It’s not like you’re hiding it on purpose, and it’s easy to find that out.”

Jenny thought about it, but yes.

She and Biden Lu were together, and although they didn’t have an open relationship, they didn’t deliberately hide it either.

The two have attended many events together, and those who should know, probably already know in their hearts.

Lin Tian was extremely well-connected, so it wasn’t surprising that he would know.

She said coldly, “That’s just as well, you can put your dirty thoughts away and leave me alone for the rest of the day, except for work.

Lin Tian smiled deeply, “Tsk, what’s marriage if you say you’ll never die?We can still get a divorce anyway!”

He said he was going to move again, but was caught by a counter-scissors from Jenny.

“Behave yourself!”

When Lin Tian saw that she was really black, he didn’t dare to be too bold and restrained his smile.

“Okay, so you give the word, to sign or not to sign?”

Jenny snorted lightly.


Don’t take the cash cow that comes to your door for free anyway.

She said, going out to tell He to bring in the contract documents.

The smile on Lin Tian’s face faded a little as he watched her back, and his peach eyes glittered with an obscure and complex light.

Jenny quickly brought in the contract.

“Have your agent take a look at it too, condition payments and all, read it carefully, and don’t say I screwed you later.”

Lin Tian didn’t even call his agent, he just signed with a big wave of his hand.

“No need to look, that’s all!If you’re really willing to trap me, I’m not even happy about it!”

After going through the process, Jenny didn’t stay much longer in the company.

Leaving the rest of the matter to He and Lin Tian’s agent, he left the company.

When he went out, Lin Tian followed up and asked with a smile, “I haven’t seen me for so long, and now that I’m back from abroad, won’t you give me a pick-me-up and a wash?It’s always okay to buy me a cup of tea without buying me dinner!”

Jenny looked at the watch on his wrist, his face expressionless, “No time.”

“Gee, that’s tough.”

She was on her feet, but she really remembered something and turned to look at him.

“Where do you live?”

Lin Tian’s eyes lit up.

“What?You’re going to my house?Welcome, it’s just as well we can have a candlelit dinner and talk some more by candlelight…”

“Okay, you don’t have to tell me, I’ll ask your agent later!Remember, be honest under my hand and don’t give me any trouble, especially those tidbits, and you better not let me see them, or I’ll see what I’ll do to you.”

Lin Tian had a cryptic expression.

“Little Jenny, you know, it’s all those women who have stuck it up themselves, I only have you in my heart until the end, you must believe me ah.”

Jenny didn’t bother to talk nonsense with him, and after explaining the situation, he left.

She was surprised at Lin Tian’s sudden return to China.

But didn’t think much of it, after all, that guy has always been prone to getting hot-headed, and the current situation is not surprising since the artist’s return to China is a big trend in itself.

After Jenny went home, he received a call from Biden Lu.

After all, Master Lu is old, and this New Year’s Eve, in addition to Biden Lu, several of his children have brought their children home for reunion.

Originally it was a lively and happy New Year, but did not expect the disease to come, good thing is that now the situation has been stabilized, because it is an old problem, a radical cure is impossible, the doctor let him stay in another hospital to recuperate, recently are not too anxious and worried.

Jenny heard that he was about to stop talking and asked, “Do you have something you want to say to me?”

“Well.”Biden Lu didn’t deny it, and paused for two seconds before saying, “Jenny, let’s go public.”

Jenny was slightly startled.

Open relationship?Back to Kyoto?

Actually, she didn’t have anything to worry about.

It had been a little over half a year since the two had gotten along, and in this little half year, Biden Lu had been doing very well.

Although she couldn’t tell exactly how she felt about him, one thing that wouldn’t be wrong was that she wasn’t averse to spending the rest of her life with him.

Jenny dropped her eyes slightly and pursed her lips.

It took a moment before he said, “Well, when I’m done with my mother, I’ll come back with you.”

Chapter 113

On the other side, Biden Lu spoke with surprise, “Really?”

“Well, really.”

Having gotten the answer he wanted, the man hung up the phone with satisfaction.

Jenny breathed a sigh of relief, remembering something, and called Old K over again.

“K, how are things going?”

“Keep an eye on it!Nothing has been found so far.”

Jenny quirked an eyebrow.

The heart is a little disappointed.

But she also knew that after five years, things weren’t that easy to find out, so she didn’t say anything.

Unexpectedly, Old K across the street suddenly asked, “Eh, does Jenny have anything to do with anyone in Kyoto?”

Jenny was stunned.

“What do you mean?”

“Recently, I’ve found out that the Jing family has very frequent dealings with Kyoto, not the business kind, but I haven’t found out the identity of the other side yet, so I’m asking.”


As far as she knew, Kevin Jing was a poor college student before he married his own mother.

At that time, the Mo family was the richest family in Visterdem, and since they only had one daughter, they invited her into the family. Grandfather was impressed by the shrewdness and ability of Kevin Jing at that time, so he agreed to marry her.

What happened later, naturally, need not be said.

Kevin Jing disguised herself for more than a decade and lied to everyone, including her grandfather and mother, who, after her mother’s death, changed the name of the original Mo Group to the current Jing Group and completely dominated the Jing family’s property.

Such a history of ascendancy is naturally shameful for the people.

Although Kevin Jing had made some achievements behind him, it was already good to have made it this far in Visterdem by relying on the remnants left by the Mo family, how could he still know someone from Kyoto?

In the meantime, Jenny thought for a moment and didn’t come up with an answer.

“I don’t know what this has to do with what happened to my mother.”

“Not necessarily related, I just find it suspicious, that guy always comes in wearing a black trench coat and a mask, and it’s always the middle of the night, do you think you need to come to the door in the middle of the night if you really want to talk business?”

Jenny was slightly shaken.

The mind also thought there was something strange about it.

So then he said, “You’re right, help me follow again!Try to find out who that person is.”

“Okay, I’ll try, but the other guy doesn’t look like a normal person, so I don’t think it’s that easy to check.”

“Just do your best, thanks.”

Hanging up the phone, Jenny was silent for a moment.

She remembered what the prospect had said, that since her mother’s death, the Jing family had been on a downward spiral in Visterdem, and then with Huasheng’s suppression, it was impossible to reach out to Kyoto.

Therefore, the man who came to the door in the middle of the night was just not really talking business.

What exactly is that for?

Jenny frowned.

In the evening, she didn’t rush home, but first went to the practice room to see the members who were preparing to compete in the talent contest later in the year.

It was a New Year’s period, but nobody went back for the New Year because of the upcoming competition and the intense training schedule.

Jenny Jing gave them a seal of comfort and cheered them up a bit before leaving.

By the time I got home, it was nine o’clock at night.

It’s cold as hell in the winter.

The number of vehicles and pedestrians on the road has not decreased at all, but has become even more lively and busy than usual.

It is nine o’clock home peak, the road is somewhat congested, the car slowly moving forward, Jenny bored, one hand.

Brace yourself against the car window and look out.

But suddenly she saw a familiar car, not far to her left.

It was a champagne-colored Bentley with a familiar license plate number, and if she remembered correctly, it would have been Maya Jing’s car.

Ever since the events of the last school festival, Clara had gone completely silent.

For over half a month, nothing was heard from them.

Jenny Jing knew that she was trying to avoid the limelight first, but unfortunately she was only afraid that even if the limelight was dodged, this latter incident would still become the biggest stain in her career as an artist.

What’s she doing here so late?

This direction, however, is not the way back to King’s house.

And certainly not in the direction of going to the mugs.

Jenny Jing was confused, after all, it was reasonable to say that the most important thing Clara needed to do now was to stay at home and not show her face, and wait for the wind to pass.

Now in the middle of the night, but in the middle of the city, in case they are photographed, it would be like throwing a stone at your own feet?

Curious, Jenny drove after him.

The champagne-colored Bentley kept driving down the avenue, and when it reached the intersection, it suddenly turned left into an alley.

The alleyway was a little dark, and Jenny, worried about being discovered, followed very far away.

After exiting the alley, it followed for about ten more minutes before the champagne-colored Bentley was seen pulling up in front of the front door of a townhouse.

The car door opened and a shadow hurried out with its head down.

Through the night fog, I saw the man wearing a black fisherman’s hat with the brim so low that his entire face was almost hidden in shadow.

She was holding something in her hands, I don’t know what, and she hurried to the villa with her head down.

Soon, someone welcomed out from the villa, too far apart for Jenny Jing to see the person’s face, but it looked as if they were particularly respectful to Clara.

In the meantime, she doesn’t.

After thinking about it for a while, I couldn’t think of anyone in Jing’s relationship who would be so respectful to her.

The man had welcomed Clara inside, the door closed, and she was sitting in the car, so naturally she couldn’t get out of the car and go closer to see.

After waiting a while, I didn’t wait for the others to come out, thinking it wasn’t a good idea to just wait, I was ready to leave.

But then, all of a sudden, a child’s cry was heard.

Jenny was stunned, and at first thought he had heard wrongly, opened the window and listened carefully, and found that yes, there was really crying.

This is on the road, some distance from the cottage area, and the wide road is lined with dwarf trees that have been newly moved in value in the last two years.

Jenny got out of the car and followed the sound of crying to find it, and within a few steps, he saw a child of about three or four years old sitting on a tree stump in the forest, crying sadly.

She was shocked.

It was pitch black all around, with only sparse moonlight spilling down through the cracks between the forest leaves.

The silence of the surroundings appeared to make the child’s cries particularly loud and distant, giving one a creepy feeling in such an environment.

Jenny swallowed his saliva.

In the end, it was a bold step closer.

“Are you okay, little sister?”

She shouted, and the little girl sitting on the stump turned her head, revealing a stunning little face.

It was nighttime, but by the moonlight, she could still see that she was wearing a white dress over a pink fleece jacket, and her hair was slightly curled.

A little pink face half buried in the white fur collar of the jacket, like a delicate and lovely elf in the night.

Jenny couldn’t help but see brightly.

Chapter 114

That’s when the little girl saw her too.

She blinked her large, wet eyes, her delicate little face full of curiosity and caution.

Just as Jenny wanted to say something more, she heard her suddenly shout, “Mummy!”

Jenny: “…….?”?

The next second the little girl was on her feet, racing towards her with a face of excitement.

“Mummy!I’ve finally found you!”

Jenny: “????”

What…can someone tell her what’s going on?

It’s the middle of the night, happy mother?

Jenny stared in horror at the little pink gnome that had flung itself headfirst into his arms, and it took a good half day before he could react.

“Kids, you’ve got the wrong person, I’m not your mommy.”

“Mummy, I miss you so much!I didn’t believe them when they said the only way to find you was to come here, but you’re really here!”

The little gnome was clearly happy, and her two little arms were clinging to Jenny’s legs for dear life, and she wouldn’t let go.

Jenny was embarrassed, but from the child’s words, it was about as clear as it could be that the child had come to find his mother and was probably separated from his family.

Under the circumstances, she didn’t know how to explain it, so she simply left it at that.

Jenny Jing looked around and didn’t see anyone else, so he asked, “Little friend, are you alone?Where’s your family?”

“Grandma and I got lost and I can’t find my family!”

Jenny sighed inwardly, thinking that it was indeed so.

It’s so remote that it’s close to the outskirts, and I don’t know what these adults think of leaving such a small child all alone here.

She was a little angry and bent down to pick up the child.

“What’s your name, little friend?”

“My name is Ann.”

“Don’t be afraid, Auntie will take you to the police uncle, okay?The police will help you find your family.”

The child looked at her and blinked.

Those big, clear, watery eyes were filled with puzzlement and confusion.

Jenny’s heart melted as he watched.

“Mummy, are you going to get the police man to arrest Granny?”

Jenny stalled.

I said I’d like to have that irresponsible parent arrested if I could.

But she also knew that it was unlikely.

Looking at the child’s attire, it was obvious that he was rich and spoiled, and the probability was that he was still separated from his guardian.

So she shook her head, “No, just wanted them to help you find your grandfather.”

“But the police officers are off duty now, and Ann is so tired and sleepy, Mommy, will you take me home?Ann wants to go home and get some sleep.”

Jenny: “……..”

She took one look at the child in her arms, who did have some weariness in her big, watery eyes.

The heart is not holding back.

Forget it, tomorrow is tomorrow!

It’s only a night or so, so let’s take the baby back to her family tomorrow, after she’s rested.

Thinking this, Jenny returned to the car with the child in his arms.

Drive all the way back to Land Park.

Aunt Liu is on holiday today, and the rest of the maids haven’t returned to work yet after the New Year, so it’s hard to have no one in the house today.

Jenny carried her into the guest room, the child came to a new environment for the first time, very curious about everything, east to touch, west to look, a pair of beautiful eyes joyous.

“Mummy, is this your house?Your house is so beautiful!”

Jenny smiled and corrected, “Again, I’m not your mommy, call me

Auntie is just fine.”

Ann looked at her, a little aggrieved.

“But you’re my mommy~~”

Jenny stalled.

She looked into the child’s eyes, which were so distressed that they were slightly red, and her heart pricked somehow, like a needle stabbing some pain.

She couldn’t tell why she felt this way, it was the first time she had met this child, but there was a vague sense of familiarity, as if she had met him a long time ago.

Jenny sighed.

Unable to bear to correct her name, she squatted down to look at her tenderly and said softly, “Well, it’s getting late, will you just rest here?”

Ann nodded good-naturedly.

“Mummy, will you sleep with me?”

Jenny hesitated.

She’d never had a child with her, but it was true that the child was so small that it wasn’t safe to sleep alone.

So I nodded, “Good.”

Ann looked incredibly excited to see her agree.

Even pulling Jenny to lie down, he said again, “Then can you tell me a story?”

Jenny was stunned.


Well…she doesn’t seem to be very good at it!

Jenny wanted to refuse, but couldn’t bear to look into the child’s expectant and wet eyes.

In the end, the only thing that could be done was a hard, “Yes!”

“Yay!I want to hear the Ice Queen’s story!”


It’s a good thing that Jenny had accidentally seen a bit of this cartoon before, and although it doesn’t tell the whole story, it’s pieced together and then made up on its own.

Time passed by little by little, and it wasn’t long before Ann was asleep.

Jenny stopped her voice and looked at the child’s quiet sleeping face, finally relieved.

That night, the child slept extraordinarily well, but Jenny, on the other hand, could not fall asleep even after lying in bed for several hours.

It was not until the latter part of the night, when it was almost dawn, that I managed to sleep.

The next day, Jenny had breakfast with Anh and took her to the police station.

The baby was good, though, and knew she was going to help her find her family, so she didn’t cry or fuss all the way home.

When I went to the police station, I heard there that it was found last night, and it just so happened that there was also a person who came last night to report that he was lost with his child, and even contacted the other side.

Jenny sat on the bench with Ann and waited, and before long, he saw an old woman with white hair running inside.



The child’s face was happy, and he jumped off his chair and ran over to the old man.

An old man and a young man hugged each other, and Jenny was relieved to see that the other must be right about An’s family.

“This lady, did you save our Ann?”

The old man looked at her and asked.

Jenny nodded, paused, and eventually couldn’t help but say, “An’an is still so young, you guys are too careless, how can you leave her alone in a place like that?What if something happens?”

The old man wasn’t angry when she lectured him and nodded his head with a smile.

“Yes, yes, we’ll be sure to pay attention next time.”and

Jenny Jing is not good enough to say anything, after all, it is someone’s family’s children, and I can see that An’an and this old man is very close, she as an outsider, say a few words is already nosy, say again is not a little unreasonable.

So, Jenny signed and was about to leave, but the old man stopped him.

“Girl, this is a small token that you helped us this time, please take it.”

Only the old man took out an envelope, no need to open it, just from the shape inside, Jenny also knew what it was.

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