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Chapter 112

Noila Mo flushed with shame, looking from the gap in Allen Chu’s shoulder, a nurse in between was holding an iron plate, looking at Allen Chu apologetically: “Sir, you need a dressing change.”

After speaking, he glanced at Noila Mo who was nestled in Allen Chu’s arms.

Noila Mo really wants to find a hole to go in!

Allen Chu glared at the nurse with a cannibalistic look: “I don’t need it!”

Noila Mo quickly pulled Allen Chu’s sleeve: “Lie down and go for an infusion! Otherwise, when will your injury recover? Xiao Sihan must miss his father, don’t you want to go back to see him sooner?”

Noila Mo found out that Xiao Sihan is Allen Chu’s weakness. As long as he talks about the baby, Allen Chu will usually listen.

Hearing Noila Mo mentioning the little baby, the boss Allen Chu reluctantly lay down on the bed again and asked the nurse to insert the needle and change the medicine.

Noila Mo covered him with the quilt.

Suddenly, Allen Chu’s hand was held tightly. Noila Mo looked up at him suspiciously, Allen Chu raised a smirk at the corner of his mouth, and pointed to his collarbone.

What does the collarbone do? It’s not the broken collarbone…

Noila Mo slandered in her heart. But I was too lazy to think.

The little nurse next to him also quickly glanced at Noila Mo’s collarbone, blushed, and quickly ran away.

Noila Mo looked at Allen Chu inexplicably, and touched his collarbone, nothing special.

Turning his head, he saw the little nurse walking towards him just now, holding a band-aid and handing it to her.

Noila Mo thought to herself, this little nurse is quite eye-catching, and she can see the scraped skin of Allen Chu under the sleeve.

Rolled up Allen Chu’s sleeves and applied the band-aid to the scab.

Allen Chu finally couldn’t help laughing: “Noila Mo, this is for you!”

Noila Mo looked up without knowing it, “Uh? For me?”

Allen Chu pointed to Noila Mo’s chest, and he couldn’t say coherently with his smile: “You… go by yourself… look inside… haha”

Noila Mo quickly walked to the bathroom inside and looked in the mirror. There was a very bright and eye-catching hickey above her collarbone!

No wonder the nurse looked shy just now, no wonder Allen Chu smiled so smugly!

It’s all this damn man, who is in estrus casually! That made her be seen by others!

I haven’t had a good rest these days, Noila Mo fell asleep as soon as he touched the bed.

She had a long dream. In the dream, she returned to the schoolyard that year. She and Senior Shen sat under the cherry tree and read together. At that time, how young they were. Salmon Shen is still a young boy.

The sunshine in the dream is just right, and the big boy in the dream is gentle as water…

It was past nine o’clock when I woke up, and after a quick wash, I walked to the ward next to Allen Chu.

The atmosphere in the ward was very depressing.

Uncle Li stood there with his head down trembling, and the little nurse also stood in a row in front of Allen Chu’s bed. It seems that Allen Chu is getting angry.

Seeing Noila Mo coming in, Uncle Li immediately heaved a sigh of relief, and looked at Noila Mo for help, “Miss Mo, please persuade the young master, he refuses to take medicine.”

Noila Mo raised her eyebrows in surprise.

Refusing to take medicine… Isn’t this something children do? In my impression, only children under ten will refuse to take medicine, right?

Seeing the uncontrollable ridicule on Noila Mo’s face, Allen Chu yelled at Uncle Li displeased: “Uncle Li! What are you talking about!”

Uncle Li quickly lowered his head, not daring to say more.

The nurses next to him also lowered their heads and looked at the ground, for fear that Allen Chu would be offended again.

The pills were scattered all over the ground. It seemed that Allen Chu had lost his temper just now.

Noila Mo was secretly funny, but seeing Allen Chu’s angry expression, he had to suppress his smile, walked to Allen Chu, and said softly: “How can you not take medicine when you are sick? It will be better if you take medicine. Hurry up! This medicine is not bitter at all. If you don’t believe it, try it.”

Noila Mo feels like a kindergarten teacher, and the students are still in a small kindergarten class!

Allen Chu glared at Noila Mo: “I said I won’t eat it!”

Noila Mo was speechless.

Children in the kindergarten small class will also listen to the teacher, right?

Allen Chu, even the children in the small class are not as good as…

Allen Chu’s face was stinky, and he looked resolutely refusing to take medicine.

Noila Mo shrugged and was about to give up, but when he saw Li Shu’s eyes looking at her for help, his heart softened a little, and patiently said to the gloomy Allen Chu, “Then how can you take medicine? ?”

Allen Chu said unceremoniously, “Don’t talk about it, let them go!” He pointed to the little nurses standing in a row.

Forget it, anyway, she couldn’t persuade his old man, so it’s better to give up.

Noila Mo made a helpless expression towards Uncle Li. Suddenly I feel so hungry. Came here in the morning to play the kindergarten teacher, she was really hungry.

“Uncle Li, I want to go to the restaurant to eat something, how can I get to the restaurant?”

Something to eat? Allen Chu turned to look at Noila Mo. Didn’t this woman see him still lying in the hospital bed? He hasn’t eaten breakfast yet!

Don’t condone and care about him, but want to leave him for breakfast?

Does she have any heart! !

“Noila Mo!” Allen Chu glared at Noila Mo, gritted his teeth and shouted.

“Huh?” Noila Mo stopped and turned to look at Allen Chu, thinking he had something to call her.

“You dare to go out of the room and try one step!” Allen Chu’s tone was extremely domineering, his face was gloomy and dripping.

Uncle Li and the young nurses saw that something was wrong, and they all slipped on the soles of their feet.

Noila Mo frowned, how could she be so domineering every time. She just wanted to eat. Where did he offend him?

Inexplicably asked: “What do you mean? Forbid me to eat?”

Allen Chu snorted coldly, and stared at her with deep eyes: “Let Uncle Li bring the breakfast here, you eat with me!”

After that, he glared at Noila Mo arrogantly, shook the bed flat, and lay down comfortably.

naive! It is so childish than the children in the kindergarten class!

Noila Mo shook his head helplessly, and had to ring the bell for Uncle Li to help order the meal.

It’s unlucky for her to meet such a domineering man!

Soon, Uncle Li pushed the dining car with rich dishes into the ward.

The color of the food on the dining car is bright and harmonious, and it is very appetizing to look at.

Noila Mo sat on the chair in front of the hospital bed, lowered his head and said nothing. Without even looking at the food.

“Noila Mo, eat!” Allen Chu raised his head and shouted at Noila Mo. “Isn’t you going to eat in a hurry just now?”

Eat it! Noila Mo was really hungry.

I walked over and drank a glass of juice first. The cold and sweet juice slid down my throat, and the entire stomach was soothed. so comfortable! After a cup of fruit juice, Noila Mo’s appetite suddenly went wide, and she picked up the browned whole wheat bread baked in the small basket and ate it.

Eat some colorful and beautiful vegetable salad, Noila Mo ecstatically ate, did not notice that the face of the man on the hospital bed became more and more ugly.

“Noila Mo!” shouted.

Noila Mo frowned, what’s the matter, eating a meal without stopping, it really affected her appetite!

“What’s the matter, young master?”

“Come and feed me!” The neglected people protested with dissatisfaction.

Noila Mo shook his head. Really, he injured a rib instead of an arm. Didn’t he have a long hand? Such a big person, let others feed it!

Looking at Allen Chu’s arrogant and domineering face, Noila Mo was about to buckle the salad from the plate on his face…

But thinking about returning, Noila Mo resignedly walked to Allen Chu’s side, picked up a plate of salad, and handed it to his mouth with a spoon.

Allen Chu opened his mouth triumphantly and swallowed the food that Noila Mo had fed. The salad dressing dipped a little on his mouth, and it looked like a child. Noila Mo couldn’t help but smile, and she reached out to take a tissue to wipe his mouth.

He took another spoonful of salad and brought it to his mouth, and Allen Chu opened his mouth and ate it all. Noila Mo was about to feed the third spoonful, but Allen Chu did not open his mouth.

what the hell? Noila Mo frowned impatiently. I saw Allen Chu looked domineering and pointed his finger at the corner of his lips: “Noila Mo, wipe your mouth.”

Noila Mo was about to vomit blood! What kind of mouth to wipe? Wipe a hairy mouth! The corners of your mouth are clean and there is nothing to wipe!

Noila Mo said patiently, “The corners of your mouth are clean, you don’t need to wipe it.”

Allen Chu raised his thick eyebrows and glared at Noila Mo: “If I say wipe my mouth, then wipe my mouth!”

Noila Mo was helpless and didn’t know what was causing the trouble, so he had to pick up a tissue and wipe the corners of his lips that were already clean.

A triumphant smile appeared on Allen Chu’s face. The action Noila Mo wiped his mouth just now made him feel very happy, as if his mother wiped his mouth when he was a child.

He likes the feeling of being loved, the feeling of being loved and cared for.

Seeing Allen Chu’s triumphant expression, it was the same as what he had acquired.

It’s naive.

Noila Mo curled his lips.

“Noila Mo, stretch out your head.” Allen Chu said suddenly.

Noila Mo put her ears to Allen Chu’s mouth, she thought Allen Chu had something to say to her.

Suddenly, Allen Chu’s hot lips k*ssed her.

With the refreshing sweetness of a salad, his lips brushed her clean face.

Allen Chu’s injury needs to be recuperated. After eating, Allen Chu continued to stay in the ward to recuperate.

On a beautiful morning, the sun was warmly spilled into the ward through the gauze curtain.

Noila Mo was forced to stay on the hospital bed with Allen Chu. He put his arm around his shoulder, and the two leaned side by side to read a novel.

Noila Mo watched a touching love story with great enthusiasm. Seeing the sad plot, her eyelashes were slightly moist.

Allen Chu hugged her and watched together.

A very beautiful and warm picture…

Of course, everything would be even better without Allen Chu’s hand touching her everywhere under the quilt.

Noila Mo is still reading the book intently, but Allen Chu’s hands are burning everywhere on her body…


Chapter 113

Noila Mo frowned: “Allen Chu, I can’t concentrate on reading if you touch it like this!”

The corner of Allen Chu’s mouth evoked an evil smile: “Noila Mo, are you so determined?”

Mouth close to Noila Mo’s ear, and the heat from her voice rushed to her neck: “Or, I am too attractive. You can’t hold it when you see me?”

“Bah! Who can’t control it anymore! It’s you who can’t control it! Don’t touch me, okay! I’m seeing the key point!”

The neglected Allen Chu stared at Noila Mo displeased: “What is so good about this book that fascinates you like this? Read it to me!”

Noila Mo endured Allen Chu’s claws and tried to focus on the book he was reading: “The door opened violently, and the room was filled with dust. This room, decorated like a new house, seemed to be covered with tombs everywhere. The general faint and miserable atmosphere…”

Noila Mo’s voice is soft and moving, pure and magnetic, and it sounds very comfortable.

Allen Chu put his arms around Noila Mo’s waist, pressed his face to her head, and sniffed the scent of scent from the depths of her hair. His voice was sexy and deep: “Keep on…”

Noila Mo stretched out a hand to hold Allen Chu’s restless big hand, and then read: “The corrupted rose curtain, rose lampshade, dressing table, a row of fine crystals and a man with silver as the base Toilet utensils, but the silver has no luster…Hey…”

With a malicious rubbing of Allen Chu’s big palm, Noila Mo almost jumped up in shock.

“Why don’t you read it?” Allen Chu asked with a smirk.

“You…” Noila Mo was angry.

He still had the face to ask her why she didn’t read it? The person to question is whether she is good or not!

Noila Mo glared at him fiercely: “Can you stop touching your hands everywhere!”

“Randomly?” Allen Chu buried his face in her neck and k*ssed her hot lips.

“Stop it!” Noila Mo threw away the book, pulled his hand out, frowning tightly, and said angrily: “Allen Chu, your bones are broken, you will die if you bear it for a few days!”

Apart from these things, there is probably nothing else in his mind!

Noila Mo pushed her hand away, and Allen Chu stared at her dissatisfiedly: “Noila Mo, I am worthy of you when I touch you! Many women want me to touch me and I don’t bother to touch it!

Noila Mo laughed with anger, self-righteous Allen Chu! I thought every woman in the world wanted to climb onto his bed!

“Since so many women want to be touched by you, how about you touch them! Why do you pester me?”

This ignorant woman! Allen Chu’s thick eyebrows frowned dangerously. The arms around Noila Mo tightened hard. Noila Mo broke free. “Hey…” Allen Chu’s wound was pulled with a cry of pain, and the pain made him groan.

Seeing Allen Chu’s painful look, Noila Mo felt a little unbearable.

Sigh and persuade him: “Can’t you bear it? Wait until you get better…”

Halfway through the words, I felt wrong again, biting my lip a little annoyed.

Allen Chu immediately caught the loophole in her words: “How about the injury? Can you satisfy me every day after the injury?” He smiled lustfully.

Noila Mo became anxious and stared at him fiercely: “Are you shameless? Why do you think about this all day? Can’t you control it?”

control? What a bullshit! If he could control it, would he even ignore the injury?

It was so easy to reconcile with Noila Mo. It has been several days, and I can see her every day, holding her, k*ssing her and touching her but can’t taste it, it’s really hard!

Allen Chu lay on his back on the bed in frustration, his expression ugly. He is really suffocated. It’s been a while since I didn’t see Noila Mo, and now I see each other every day but I can’t move her, it’s really torturing!

Seeing Allen Chu’s face was ugly, Noila Mo was also a little worried, and quickly asked: “What’s wrong? Is the wound hurting badly? Can I call a doctor for you?”

Call a doctor? His doctor can’t cure it!

Allen Chu shook his head, “Noila Mo, k*ss me!”

Noila Mo was stunned, what kind of play was this?

She read the book well, why did she k*ss him?

“Noila Mo!” Allen Chu frowned, staring at Noila Mo, and shouted at her.

Noila Mo was afraid that he would get hurt when he was angry, so she had to k*ss him on the face perfunctorily.

“This doesn’t count! I want a French k*ss.” Allen Chu was advancing.

Smelly man, really dissatisfied with desire.

Noila Mo frowned and said to Allen Chu seriously: “Allen Chu, are you so hungry?”

Why is this only thought in his mind with her?

Does he really love her? Or just love her body? Is it just because of his so many bed partners, her body just fits him best?

Noila Mo was really confused. Be confused by Allen Chu.

“Don’t you be hungry and thirsty?” Allen Chu said frankly, speaking so frankly that there is no one who is not hungry and thirsty in the Buddha world.

“Of course not!” Noila Mo said categorically, trying to distance her from Allen Chu.

“Allen Chu, I’ll get you something to eat…” Noila Mo wanted to break free from Allen Chu and get out of bed. This is a place of right and wrong. After a long time, something will happen.

“I don’t want to eat anything, I just want to eat you!” Allen Chu said dumbly, and the heat brushed her neck.

Allen Chu stared at her face and said word by word.

If this goes on, I will not be able to escape…

The alarm bell in Noila Mo’s mind was great. Quickly grabbed his fumbled hand, and Allen Chu threw Noila Mo’s hand away.

Noila Mo persuaded: “Stop making trouble, you can lie down, and the wound will hurt again.”

Is she caring about him? The corners of Allen Chu’s lips curled up, and he k*ssed her face, and whispered close to her ear, “Since I am afraid that I might get the wound, why don’t you take the initiative?”

Also good. He hasn’t tried her initiative yet. He doesn’t hate being served by her.

Allen Chu simply lay on the bed, still holding her hand with her big hand, with a cozy expression ready to enjoy the meal: “Noila Mo, come over and k*ss me. Let me see if you make progress.”

“Improve your height!” Noila Mo cursed secretly in her heart.

He didn’t dare to say no, for fear of more intense harassment from him.

I had to bend down and pecked on his lips.

Allen Chu glared at her dissatisfied, lifted his hand to hold her neck, and pressed her lips to his own.

The kss became more intense, and Allen Chu’s hands became less and less honest. Noila Mo passively accepted his kss, but his brain was spinning fast. Suddenly, the corner of her eyes caught the bell ringing by the bed.

Slowly stretch your hand to the bell ring, and press it hard.

Didididididi~~ The crisp bell rang in the room.

“Noila Mo, you are looking for death!” Allen Chu looked up and saw that Noila Mo pressed the summoning bell that changed the bed, his eyes froze instantly, and he looked at Noila Mo viciously.

There was a knock on the door, and the little nurse hurriedly walked in: “Mr. Chu, what do you need?”

Noila Mo smiled triumphantly: “Nurse, Mr. Chu will leave it to you.” After saying that, he turned and ran out of the ward. Before leaving, he pretended to be kind and told Allen Chu: “Allen, take good care of you!”

Allen Chu was angry.

Chapter 114

Allen Chu’s injury finally healed. Noila Mo finally breathed a sigh of relief. In close contact with Allen Chu in the hospital every day, her heart hangs all day long.

Father Chu asked the servants to prepare a sumptuous meal to welcome Allen Chu home.

“Allen, the mayor Liang of City C has already taken care of it. You take a day off and go back to City C tomorrow. The real estate project there must be followed up immediately.” The old man Chu took a sip of white wine and said to Allen Chu.

Want to go back? Noila Mo’s eyes lit up suddenly. She must ask Allen Chu to take her back. She didn’t want to leave her father’s soul in C city alone. Dad will be alone.

“Okay. Grandpa.” Allen Chu didn’t like Chicago either. Chicago had some people he didn’t want to meet.

“Allen, you have to worry about Tianxi’s affairs. If you are such a big person, you should find a boyfriend to get married soon.” Old man Chu said majesticly.

The son is completely abolished, and now I am counting on my grandson and granddaughter. The grandson also gave birth to him a great grandson anyway, and now only needs to worry about this little granddaughter.

“Grandpa, let’s take the nanny back together. Go back to City C, I’m afraid the child is not used to it.” Allen Chu wanted to take Sihan back together.

“Sihan stay here to accompany me. You don’t even have a serious woman by your side. How can Sihan follow you?” Elder Chu glanced at Noila Mo and said lightly.

This Miss Mo doesn’t hate him, but it’s a pity that she doesn’t seem to have a cold with her grandson.

“Grandpa!” “Master Chu!” Allen Chu and Noila Mo said at the same time. Noila Mo was also reluctant to bear the baby. Although she was not her own child, she felt terrible at the thought of separating from her.

“Unless you get married quickly and find a mother for your baby!” Old Man Chu looked at Allen Chu and Noila Mo, and said impliedly.

Noila Mo lowered her head, it was not that she hadn’t heard what Old Man Chu meant, but she really couldn’t agree to this request.


It’s late at night, and I will return home tomorrow. Noila Mo sat by the baby’s cradle, looking at his sleeping little face.

The baby’s eyelashes have grown, long, like a row of delicate feathers. I don’t know what kind of dreams I have had. A smile suddenly appeared on the baby’s face, which is very cute. Noila Mo gently stroked the fine lanugo on the child’s head with his hand, feeling very sad.

“I like it so much, then we’ll have one.” Allen Chu’s voice rang softly behind her.

Noila Mo felt a pain in her heart and suddenly thought of her daughter, tears streaming down Qingli’s face.

“Why are you crying again?” Allen Chu sat next to Noila Mo and took her into his arms: “People say that some children roam between the planets. After they came to the earth, they found that they didn’t like this place. Will leave and start a new interstellar journey. So, your daughter is destined to miss you. Now she has found a planet that is more suitable for her, and you should be happy for her.”

Allen Chu’s voice was low and warm, and her clean-shaven chin rubbed comfortingly on her hair, and the pain in Noila Mo’s heart seemed to ease. He raised his head and tried to smile at Allen Chu.

She accepted his comfort and his kindness.

“Stupid girl.” Allen Chu fondly stroked Noila Mo’s hair with his hand.

The night is very dark and heavy.

The private jet stopped on the lawn of the Chu family mansion. Finally returning to the familiar city C, Noila Mo’s eyes were slightly moist. I heard that my father’s tomb was in Xishan, she was going to see it this afternoon.

“Noila Mo, I have something to go to the company. You are waiting for me at home.” As soon as Allen Chu returned to City C, he changed into a formal suit and was about to go to the company.

“Allen Chu, can you give me five minutes?” Noila Mo looked up at him.


“I don’t want to be kept in a house by you like this. I don’t owe you anything. I need my own life, my friends, and work.” Noila Mo really doesn’t want to have anything to do with Allen Chu anymore.

“Do you want to work? Yes! Go to the Chu family! I will arrange a position for you.” Allen Chu said disapprovingly.

“Allen Chu, do you understand what I mean?” Noila Mo was angrily. “I mean, I don’t want to be with you! You have no right to restrict my freedom!”

“No right? Your mistress contract hasn’t been fulfilled yet? Would you like me to show you the agreement? In black and white, it’s clear.” Allen Chu raised his eyebrows, his anger gradually filled his eyes.

Noila Mo looked at him seriously, with a solemn tone: “Our contract is, you save my dad, and I will be your mistress for one year. However, now my dad is dead, you did not save my dad, so neither did I. You must continue to be your mistress.”

After a pause, she said softly: “Allen Chu, let’s end this relationship!”

A strong anger flashed in Allen Chu’s eyes, this woman really knows how to quibble!

Angrily said: “The reason why your father died is because you broke the contract in advance and you ran away! You were the one who broke the trust first!”

Noila Mo shook her head helplessly. If she didn’t run away, maybe she would have died long ago!

Forget it, she didn’t want to make any sense with this domineering and arrogant man.

“Allen Chu, let’s end it!” Noila Mo said tiredly.

End? She said the end? Allen Chu’s eyes flashed cold, and he roared with exhaustion, “Noila Mo, you have the guts to say it again!”

Allen Chu’s aura was too scary, and Noila Mo almost didn’t dare to look at his face, but since the words had already been spoken, she had to make it clear, she didn’t want to be such an indecision!

Noila Mo took a deep breath, clenched her right hand into a fist, gave herself a little courage, and said in a low voice, “Allen Chu, let’s end it! Let’s end it!”

“Noila Mo!” Allen Chu called her name word by word, with murderous eyes.

“I’m not suitable to be your mistress, let’s stop wasting time.” Noila Mo raised her head and looked at Allen Chu’s eyes boldly: “You are so powerful, what kind of woman can’t get it? Don’t pester it anymore. I won’t let it go.”

He can accept such a statement, right?

Originally, what kind of woman the president of the Chu Group wanted, how could he not get it? She Noila Mo, no matter her appearance or figure, she is not the most perfect, why bother with such an ordinary woman like her?

Allen Chu stepped forward and walked to Noila Mo, holding her arm tightly with both hands.

He shook his hand closer and closer, wishing to pinch her arm.

No need to waste time? Stop pestering her? She wants to leave? Leave so easily?

well. Noila Mo successfully angered him again!

“Okay…” Allen Chu’s cold eyes shot a sharp light, staring at Noila Mo coldly, and his thin lips opened mercilessly: “Noila Mo, don’t you want to stay by my side?”

His voice had a bloodthirsty smell, which made people shudder.

Noila Mo shivered slightly, but still straightened her back. Sooner or later, she can’t hold back.

Biting his lip and making a fist with his right hand, Noila Mo summoned all his courage and looked up at him: “Yes.”

She dare to respond? The anger of the whole body was completely ignited.

In the next second, Allen Chu violently grabbed her hand and dragged it out! Noila Mo wanted to struggle, but Allen Chu pushed him down on the parked car beside him!

“Allen Chu! What are you going to do!” Noila Mo cried out in pain.

“What are you doing?” Allen Chu snorted coldly, his handsome face was covered with haze, his hands pulled her hair hard, pulled her face to his eyes, and gritted his teeth and said, “Noila Mo, you want to end it? Tell you, this is never possible!”

Allen Chu overwhelmed her, and moved his face down against his lips, biting her neck with one bite, tearing hard…

“Allen Chu! You lunatic!” Noila Mo cried out in pain, and beat his shoulders with both hands desperately.

Noila Mo shivered with anger from her neck.

Why should this man be so domineering!

Every time, everything depends on his decision. Every time you communicate well, you end up being devastated. Never listened to her seriously, except for brute force conquest or brute force conquest.

She is a person of flesh and blood! Not an inflatable doll! She does not exist just to satisfy his desire as a man!

“Let go of me! Allen Chu! I’m going to kill you!” Noila Mo was anxious and kicked desperately with her legs.

“Come on, come and kill me!” Allen Chu roared in a vicious voice, leaning down and staring at Noila Mo condescendingly. Dismissed her threats.

Noila Mo desperately pushed up with both hands.

Allen Chu’s movements became stiff, and he suddenly let go of his hand, touching his chest with one hand, his entire face was pale, and he let out a low cry of pain…

Noila Mo was taken aback, and quickly reacted, “What’s the matter? Allen Chu?”

He has no sense of self-protection at all.

Just after coming out of the hospital, I ran around the world, beating people and trying to take her…

Allen Chu stared at Noila Mo coldly against his painful chest. Damn it, he didn’t even have the strength to press her under him.

For the first time, he was so angry that he was useless.

Seeing Allen Chu not speaking, with thick eyebrows on his pale face, Noila Mo held his arm and asked eagerly: “What’s the matter? Is it the chest pain again?”

She brought some soft and nervous voice to his heart like something…

The full of anger was only due to her flustered movements gradually subsiding. Even my chest doesn’t hurt so much.

Is she worried about his injury?

Dead woman… It’s clearly not unintentional to him.

It happens to be hard.

Or is he playing the game with him again? What is the end…what does he do if he is so nervous to end? !

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