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Chapter 130

Jenny Jing cleared his throat and compensated, “Sorry ah, I’ve been quite busy lately…”

“Heh!”Across the room, the man smirked.

Jenny knew that this reason didn’t pass muster when he heard this sneer.

She even crossed the subject and said instead, “Uh, I was planning to come back today, and I was just about to leave when you called.”

The man’s tone contained a hint of mockery, “Just about to leave?”

“Ah, yes!”

“Heh…well, half an hour, and if I don’t see you home, I’ll suffer the consequences.”

After saying that, he even just cut the phone off.

Jenny looked at the blackened phone screen, her small face darkening.

This man, don’t be so tyrannical as that!

Half an hour?The fastest way to Lu Yuan is a 20-minute drive away, so won’t she have to leave right away?

Looking at the mountain of unfinished work piling up in front of me….

Jenny rubbed his brow tiredly and sighed.

Forget it, we’ll do it tomorrow!

With that thought, she shut down her computer, gathered her things, and stood up.

It’s good not to move, but when you do, you realize that you’ve been sitting here all afternoon today, even eating dinner at your desk in the middle of it.

So as soon as I got up, I felt like my whole back was stiff and sore.

Jenny frowned, backhandedly tapped his back and took his bag and walked outside.

Because the company was busy, there were not a few people who stayed behind to work overtime, and although it was already nine o’clock at night, the office was still brightly lit, and everyone was sitting in front of their computers, working diligently.

Jenny walked out and watched the scene, feeling a little touched.

Unlike themselves, the company is their business, and more than likely it’s just a job for them.

Jenny clapped his hands, and everyone was attracted by the sound and looked over.

“Pay attention, we’ve all been busy for so many days and it’s getting late, so get off work and go home early and get some rest!Any unfinished work will continue tomorrow!”

A cheer went up in the office.

“Yay!It’s great to finally get off work!”

Jenny smiled, which left.

It was exactly half an hour back to the land garden.

She got out of the car and peered inside with some guilty conscience, realizing that the man wasn’t in the living room.

Aunt Liu just happened to come in from outside, saw her standing at the door changing her shoes, and said in surprise, “Madam, you’re back!”

Jenny smiled awkwardly, “Yeah, that… is Biden Lu at home?”

“The gentleman is upstairs in his study.”

Aunt Liu suddenly paused, then leaned in close to her and said mysteriously, “Madam, you should pay attention when you go up later, the last few days, Mr. seems to be in a bad mood, and he even lost his temper at home this evening!Didn’t even have much dinner.”


Jenny was surprised.

As far as she knew, although Biden Lu was not very good-tempered, he had actually always seldom been angry, let alone at the family’s maids.

He is an extremely cultured and restrained person and because of his status and presence there, people usually don’t dare to offend him easily.

So everyone faced him with caution, and he was never too harsh on his servants.

What’s going on today?

Jenny was confused, and Auntie Liu continued: “I’m afraid that Mr. Zhang will be hungry at night, so I’ve been cooking his favorite seafood congee in the kitchen, which is relatively light food.How can you work that hard and not have dinner?”

Jenny nodded, “Okay, I know, I’ll advise him.”

She said, changing her shoes and heading inside.

Upstairs, with no one in the bedroom, Jenny untied her hair that had been tied up for a day, relaxed her tense scalp, and changed into her homely clothes before heading to the study.

The study was dimly lit, with a warm glow from an orange floor lamp.

A recliner was placed near the floor-to-ceiling window, and the man was now leaning back in it, his long legs overlapping, a book in his hand being read quietly.

His figure was timeless and elegant, and the floor lamp cast a long shadow over his angular face from overhead, reflecting his already three-dimensional features in an even deeper and more charming way.

Jenny walked over lightly.

She had clearly put her foot down, but somehow, just as she was about to walk behind him, he still spotted her.

“Finally, you know you’re back?”

Jenny was stunned and looked around, not seeing anything reflective like mirrors.

But he obviously hadn’t looked back, and he had already put his feet down so lightly that he didn’t even make a sound on the thick, soft carpet, so how did he find himself?

Originally wanting to sneak around and scare him a bit, but being caught red-handed, Jenny was somewhat accosted.

She touched her nose and smiled awkwardly.

“That…didn’t you tell me to come back?”

Biden Lu turned around.

Under the light, the man’s face was as fair as jade, his features were a stern and deep hard man style, and his pair of dark eyes were as still as a reef, as if they were melting into the dark and endless night.

Jenny was inexplicably flustered by his look and lost some of his breath.

She dropped her eyes in a guilty manner and stood there like a child at fault and at a loss for words in his emotionless gaze.

It was an indeterminate amount of time before the man squared off.

“Come here.”

Jenny stared at him, puzzled, but still obeyed.

The man was just getting close when her wrist suddenly tightened and she screamed, and when she reacted again the man had landed in his lap.

“What are you, what are you doing?”

The position was so ambiguous that she subconsciously wanted to resist.

Unexpectedly, the tiny soft waist was cupped by the man, who said in a deep voice, “Don’t move!”

Jenny stiffened and didn’t dare to move anymore.

Biden Lu looked at her face up close, a face that was as delicate as an ingeniously crafted sky, a little tired from days of toil.

The pretty eyes were no longer as clear and bright as they used to be, and there were a few hidden bloodstains and a faint ring of crow’s feet beneath the eye sockets.

Jenny was uncomfortable with his eyes and twisted her body in an awkward way, “What… are you looking at?”

Biden Lu faintly said, “As your husband, I support your career because it’s something you enjoy, and I don’t want to have a body without a soul and dreams.

But that doesn’t mean that I’m allowing you to throw all your mind into it regardless of your body scrapping sleep and food, and Mrs. Land can have dreams, but I don’t need a wife who’s a model worker, understand?”

He raised his hand to cupped her chin, forcing her to tilt her face up to face him.

Chapter 131

Jenny frowned, subconsciously somewhat resisting such a forceful way of conversation and their gestures.

“But you’re usually busy too!And it’s not like I’ve been busy all this time.”

“That won’t do either.”

In some ways, the man was simply overbearing.

He said quietly, “Because I’m a man, taking on the responsibility of a family or even the family, that’s what I should do, but you’re different, you just need to be a good wife to your land, if you’re interested, it’s fine to develop your own hobby or career, but never reverse the book.”

When he said that, Jenny was unconvinced.

“You mean, your job is important, and mine is optional!Lu Jing-Shen, you’re being too macho!

I told you long time ago that I am not the canary in the cage for lesss and lesbians, you don’t have to use your set of criteria to judge me.

Yes, maybe my job doesn’t mean anything to you, but it means a lot to me, and I don’t want to be anyone’s accessory, and I will never give up my career!”

The woman became more and more agitated, and by the end of the day was almost exasperated to say the words.

When he finished, he drummed his gills and turned his head to the side with a gloomy face.

Biden Lu’s eyes were deep.

“When did I say I wanted you to give up your career?”

“Didn’t you just say that?In essence, I want to be a good Mrs. Luk. If I’m free…Only then can you develop your career.”

She bit down particularly hard on the words “if available”, as if to remind him of how unreasonable and prideful his words had been.

Biden Lu looked at the woman in his arms like a fried kitten and suddenly laughed.

Jenny was angry, seeing that he actually still had the face to smile, and was on fire, so angry that he was about to explode.

She struggled hard.

“You let go of me!I’m done talking to you, I’m going back to bed!”

I said, and went hard to break his hand.

But the man’s palm was like an iron grip on her, and she couldn’t break it off no matter how hard she tried.

Jenny was about to cry with anger.

She was angry and frustrated, and finally slumped and twisted away.

“Biden Lu!You’re a bully!”

Biden Lu finally couldn’t hold back his laughter.

“Little girl piece, quite a temper, I’ve only said a few words about you, and you’re aggravated?Hmm?”

He let go of her waist and cupped her chin with one hand, forcing her to turn her head.

Jenny was tenacious several times and failed to be tenacious, instead her jaw was pinched by the man and she was forced to turn her face to face him.

I saw the little woman’s face full of anger, a pair of clear eyes now red and red, eyes filled with a thin layer of mist, as if she was holding back tears, as long as he said one more heavy words, she will cry out on the spot as if.

Biden Lu was in a trance.

Looking at those reddened eyes, it was as if he saw through them the depths of time, the stubborn girl in the rainy night years ago, stepping forward step by step in the mud, and refusing to turn back no matter how much he shouted.

The heart just touched silently.

He pursed his lips, releasing her chin and raising his hand to wipe away her tears.

“I don’t blame you for staying away from home for a few days for work, but I said a couple of things about you and you cried instead, is that really so aggravating?”

His tone softened, with a touch of frustration.

Jenny originally didn’t want to cry.

She wasn’t that much of a crybaby, but it was about the fact that she had been so busy at work these past few days that her nerves were so tense that once she came home and was faced with familiar surroundings, her body and mind immediately relaxed.

And then scolded by this man, the accumulated sorrows and grievances of a few days were suddenly all vented out.

She soon cried more and more fiercely, not making a sound, yet the pea-like tears crackled down as if they were beads with broken strings.

Biden Lu saw her like this and found it funny.

Beyond funny, it’s frustrating.

He had to pull tissues from the side and kept wiping her tears for her.

But my heart loved her so much for being so aggrieved and stubborn.

She had no idea how cute she looked at this point.

Fade the cold arrogance that she is accustomed to, and not as stern and vigilant as she usually is, she let down all her defenses, like a child in front of him will show the most vulnerable parts without reservation.

I don’t know how long it had been, but Jenny had finally had enough and was tired of crying.

Grabbed his hand and just wiped his face haphazardly on his sleeve, wiping the remaining tears and snot all over his sleeve like a prank.

Biden Lu stiffened.

Jenny looked at him with a raised eyebrow and laughed badly.

“Mr. Lu, Mr. Lu, next time remember not to offend a woman, see, that’s what happens when you offend a woman.”

She finished with a heavy snort, like a little peacock that had won a battle.

Biden Lu was momentarily dumb.

Looking at my expensive now but tear-stained sleeves, I burst into tears.

After Jenny’s “revenge”, he was ready to get up and leave.

However, the body had only just lifted up when the wrist was just tight and the whole thing was pulled back down.

“Ah!What are you doing?”

Biden Lu locked her tightly in his arms, his handsome face pressing close to hers, a pair of deep, inky eyes staring at him, and said in a dangerous tone, “Bullying me, just want to leave, huh?”

Jenny was a little weak at the sight of his dark eyes.

But still, he stalked out with a strong bottom and said, “Who told you to bully me first?I’m just being polite.”

The man smirked.

“Courtesy?Rather a good excuse, and it seems like I should have done it.”

After saying that, he actually lowered his head and k*ssed her lips.

Jenny shook fiercely and stared.

The man’s k*ss was so overbearing that even though she struggled several times, she didn’t struggle away, but instead let the other man get away with it, prying her lips and teeth open and invading her mouth in a strong and powerful way.

The crispness that belonged to him alone came fiercely with a powerful exclusive valley of yawning and domination.

Jenny was suffocated by his k*ss, and just as she couldn’t help but want to push him away, the man pulled back a little.

Only, once she had slowed down and before she could speak, she immediately invaded her lips and tongue again.

I don’t know how long the k*ss lasted, but Jenny was lost in a daze, his head feeling like it was filled with mush, completely losing his judgement.

Until a soft scream sounded from the door.

Jenny was shocked, and when he raised his eyes, he saw Aunt Liu standing in the doorway with two snacks, blushing with embarrassment, neither entering nor retreating.

“First, sir, ma’am, yes, yes I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to disturb you, I’m, I’m leaving.”

She said, panicking and about to leave.

Biden Lu’s face was as black as the bottom of a pot as he sternly shouted, “Come back!”

Chapter 132

Aunt Liu footsteps, behind their backs secretly gritted her teeth and scolded herself for being so uninteresting, not coming sooner or later, but coming at this particular time.

Knowing that Mr. and Mrs. are alone in the study, a couple of handsome men and women alone in the middle of the night in a secret room, must be doing something shameful, why did she come to deliver supper?

Is the snack any good?

Aunt Liu blushed and walked back in awkwardly.

“Sir, ma’am, I’ll bring up some supper for you.”

She smiled stiffly, her gaze falling on Jenny who was still being pressed by Biden Lu to sit on her lap, only to see her raising her hands to cover her face, her whole back to her burying her head in the man’s bosom, looking like she owed death to the Valley of Shame.

The smile on her face deepened and her eyes held a hint of relief as she placed the tray in her hands on the table beside her.

Biden Lu didn’t say anything else, but only instructed, “Don’t just come in when my wife and I are alone in the room from now on.”

“Ah, yes!Yes!I get it.”

“Well, go on down.”


Aunt Liu turned around and went out, that back, that pace, simply incomparably cheerful, if you do not know the inside story, thought she had won five million like the lottery.

It was even very thoughtful to close the door for them as they left.

Biden Lu withdrew his gaze and lowered his eyes to look at the little woman in his arms.

s*xy thin lips quirked up, eyes full of laughter.

“Still hiding?The people are gone.”

Jenny revealed her eyes and stole a glance at the doorway, seeing that Mrs. Chen was really gone, even with the door closed, before she was relieved and lifted her head up.

“It’s all your fault!”

She swung her fist at the man’s shoulder, ashamed and angry.

Biden Lu laughed out in a low voice, “Well, blame me.”

This spoiled and pleasant look of his, instead of Jenny’s empty anger, made him unable to lash out.

Just stared at him with one beautiful eye open.

Biden Lu has taken advantage of the situation tonight and is in a good mood, so he doesn’t want to tease her anymore, lest he really pisses people off if he teases her too hard.

So I squeezed her tiny soft waist and asked, “Are you hungry?”

Don’t tell me that although Jenny had eaten dinner in the evening, he was busy with work, so he had only eaten a few bites hastily and was really hungry now.

But to think that I was just angry with him and have a score to settle with him for the stolen k*ss.

It would be too embarrassing to eat his food right now.

As if the man could see what was in her heart, the smile in his eyes deepened, and he held up the corners of his lips in pleasure.

“I’m hungry, eat some with me?”

Jenny’s guilty eyes darted around, but eventually, she still managed to hold on to her bottom and agreed, “Fine, for the sake of you asking me to accompany you, I’ll just eat a little with you!”

Biden Lu smiled and didn’t care, releasing her to take her hand and walking over.

There were two bowls of seafood porridge on the table, both colorful and delicious.

Jenny had felt just a little hungry earlier, but now that she smelled such fragrant porridge, her stomach growled with hunger.

The air was quiet for a moment.

Her expression stiffened as she looked up at Biden Lu and smiled awkwardly.

“That…you heard wrong, there’s a toad outside!”

Biden Lu taboo nodded, “Well, it’s a toad call.”

Yet the undisguised teasing and laughing banter in those eyes was clearly telling her that he’d heard her already, that it was her stomach that was screaming.

Jenny wanted to scratch the wall in shame.

The good thing is that as long as you shamelessly pretend you didn’t see his face, the man won’t reveal it, and the two finally finished their snack in peace, Jenny was satisfied.

She took the initiative to clean up the dishes and bring them down, and when she came back, Biden Lu had already gone into the bathroom to take a shower.

Jenny randomly picked up a fashion magazine leaning on the bedside to look through, the magazine is this issue of the new issue, it contains her favorite amy master out of the new models.

After all, it’s an internationally famous designer and hired international models, so naturally the length is huge.

Jenny Jing casually flipped through a few pages, his gaze suddenly pause.

The only thing that was published in the magazine was Hershey Kwan’s photo.

Guan Xue Fei, entertainment circle clear general goddess, high education, high face value, high origin.

As the only daughter of the Guan family, one of the four families in Kyoto, she was blessed with the advantage of being a graduate of a prestigious foreign school with several degrees in her hands, yet she was obsessed with acting and preferred to become an actress.

Perhaps limited by age, the acting is not top-notch, but it is outstanding among other actresses of the same age.

At the very least, it has starred in several big hits and won an international award for the art film it appeared in last year.

What’s even more remarkable is that she, whose fame is already skyrocketing, is usually very friendly and low-key, and has never had any scandal or any spiteful black spots in her seven-year debut.

This is a perfect existence.

Jenny recalled what Biden Lu had said before, and it was hard to believe that she was actually just an adopted daughter of the Guan family.

She didn’t know much about the Guan family, but she did know that the couple was very close, and Mrs. Guan, as one of the most famous painters of this era, would often attend various public events, and Jenny had occasionally seen her on television a few times before.

It was a woman of supreme beauty and gentle temperament.

Although her face had the frost etched into it over the years, it didn’t detract from her beauty at all, but rather added a bit of charm to it.

Such a man must be good at producing children!

Suddenly recalling the previous misunderstanding, Jenny absently laughed.

It wasn’t that there was a total lack of mustache, but since he had already chosen to believe him, there was no reason to be imaginative.

Thinking so, she put the magazine aside and didn’t look at it again.

A few days later.

Visterdem received its first light snowfall since the start of spring.

The snowflakes were so small that they turned to water when they landed on your fingertips, and they were obviously much warmer than the goose feather snow of years past.

But spare a thought, it’s still easy to catch a cold in the already warm and cold early spring.

Jenny, for example, got sick straight away because of this sudden snowfall.

“Sir, Mrs. is just having a cold, it’s nothing serious, you don’t have to be so nervous.”

Looking at Biden Lu, who had been sullen since morning and hadn’t shown any hint of a smile, Aunt Liu kindly persuaded him.

Biden Lu looked at her, his face still not too good, and walked straight to the doctor who was treating Jenny Jing, asking, “How is she?”

The doctor even stood up and replied respectfully, “It’s just a little cold, just take some medicine and rest more.”

Biden Lu’s face only slightly eased a little at this.

After the doctor went out to prescribe medicine, Jenny looked at him and couldn’t help but laugh, “I’ve said it’s fine, just you making a fuss, it’s just a little cold, you look like this people still think I’m what’s wrong.”

Biden Lu glared at her, “You still have the nerve to say that?Who was it last night that didn’t listen to the advice to stay out in the cold in the middle of the night?”

Jenny stumbled, feeling a little guilty for a moment.

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