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Chapter 142

Sympathy aside, under the old lady’s stern gaze, Aunt Liu didn’t dare to say anything.

Not long after, Biden Lu returned.

He naturally received Jenny’s message, but didn’t think much of it, just assumed that some of her friends were coming over for a small stay.

As for who the other guy was, he had little interest.

However, all of these thoughts were completely shattered when he stepped into the home.

In the living room, the old lady and Ann were sitting on the sofa, and since it wasn’t time for bed yet and Jenny was taking a shower, the old lady sat there playing untie the rope with Ann.

Auntie Liu was standing beside them smiling, and the TV was playing cartoons that Ann liked to watch, so the atmosphere was incredibly warm and harmonious.

“You guys…”

“Ay yo, this must be Miss King’s husband!So handsome!”

The old lady suddenly stood up from the sofa and looked at Biden Lu with a smiling face.

Biden Lu: “????”

Aunt Liu’s mouth twitched slightly, and she was busy stepping forward to receive the jacket in Biden Lu’s hand.

“Sir, you’re back.”

Lu Jing took a good deep breath before suppressing the shock in his heart.

Just as I was about to say something, Jenny’s voice came from the direction of the stairway.

“Biden Lu, you’re back.”

She was freshly showered, wearing a nightgown and her hair still damp and wrapped in a towel, so she walked quickly down the stairs.

“Let me introduce you, this is Ann, this is Ann’s great-grandmother, Mrs. Sham, they are my new friends, they are staying here for the night, is that okay?”

Jenny was actually quite worried about Biden Lu’s rejection.

After all, the man looked mild and actually had a hard time talking at times.

Especially in a place like home, she found he didn’t like having outsiders in.

Like the last time Nina Hua came over, Biden Lu wasn’t too happy.

Biden Lu once again took a deep breath.

He looked at the old woman, who still had her smiling expression, yet anyone who knew her well could see the flash of warning and harshness in the depths of those old, sharp eyes.

He tilted his head again to look at the small package sitting on the couch.

The little bundle had white skin and wide, bright eyes, like a delicate, fragile magnetic doll, blinking expectantly at him.

There was no guilt in his face after doing something bad.

Biden Lu’s heart was a bit mixed at the moment.

Jenny saw that he was silent and only thought that he was unhappy, but it was not good to say it in front of people in consideration of her face.

So moved down and leaned in close to him tugging on his sleeve and shaking it.

Lowered his voice: “They are very poor, no one at home to care for them, they even dropped their wallets when they came out for a trip, an old man and a young woman are penniless, and it’s not convenient to live outside….”

Biden Lu sneered out.

Turning his head to Jenny, “Pity?Nobody cares?”

Jenny nodded seriously.

Biden Lu tried very hard not to let himself show the discontent in his heart.

“Fine, let them live if they like!You come with me.”

I said, and went straight upstairs.

Jenny looked at the man’s dark face and streaking back and stroked his forehead with a headache.

“Miss King, are we interrupting something?”

The old lady asked with some embarrassment.

Jenny even laughed.

“No, that’s the way his nature is, he’s cold on the outside and hot on the inside, nothing more than that, you mustn’t think too much of it.”

“Oh, that’s good.”

“Well, it’s getting late, you guys should get some rest too, I’m

Up first.”

“Eh, okay.”

Jenny Jing reassured the old lady and followed quickly up the stairs.

First floor bedroom.

Biden Lu undid his tie, and when he turned his head, he saw the small woman who walked in carefully with a cat on her back.

Looking at her as if she was also walking, he suddenly didn’t know whether to be angry or to laugh.

Sit down on the bed and wave at her.

“Come here!”

Jenny knew that he was unhappy, and didn’t dare to disobey him at this time.

As soon as he reached the heel, his wrist tightened and the whole man fell into his arms as he pulled him to sit on his lap.

Jenny exhaled softly, her hands subconsciously wrapped around his neck, and asked in shame, “What for?”

Biden Lu looked at her with heavy eyes, “How did you meet them?”

Jenny was stunned, not expecting him to ask this, so he told her about the two times he had met Ann.

I don’t know if it was her delusion, but it always felt like the more she talked, the worse the man’s face would look.

She just assumed the man didn’t like having strangers in the house, but she really liked Ann and couldn’t let such a small child out to live so late at night.

So I hugged his neck and begged, “Just for one night!I promise, I’ll help them contact their families tomorrow, and I’ll never cause you any trouble.”

Biden Lu looked at her and gave a cool smile.

I don’t know whether to laugh at the woman’s simplicity or her cuteness.

He nodded anyway, giving her a gentle pinch on the waist.

“Okay, so how do you bribe me?”

Jenny blushed a little.

Knowing what he wanted, he leaned in and flew up to k*ss him on the lips.

She was about to back away, but a large palm suddenly pressed against the back of her head and the man pulled her into his arms, deepening the k*ss hard.

After a k*ss, Jenny opened his eyes with a gasp.

Into the eyes is the man’s handsome and unrivaled face, the depths of the eyes, there is also a hidden taste of emotion.

“And half a month.”

Jenny was slightly startled, reacting to what he meant and bit her lip.

White teeth nibbled on brimming red lips, like tempting red cherries.

Biden Lu’s eyes deepened, and the Adam’s apple rolled again, in the end, pressed up against the longing in his heart, and only said in a deep voice, “You promised me, do not break your word.”

Jenny nodded lightly.

Half an hour later, Jenny left the bedroom and went to the downstairs guest room.

In the room, Ann had finished her bath with the maid waiting on her, and was leaning over the bed, waiting for her to come and tell her story.

When Jenny entered, he saw that the little gnome was wearing a pink furry nightgown, and he didn’t know where the maids had found it, but it was quite cute.

It set off the little gnome’s already white and delicate skin, even more like a porcelain doll, and her entire body smelled like pink.

“Aunt Ninny, you’re here!”

The little gnomes were always called as she was in the mood.

Since she knew the gnome didn’t have a mother, Jenny didn’t correct her and smiled, walking over to the bed and sitting down.

“Well, I’m here, what story does little Ani want to hear tonight?”

“I want to hear the story of the Ice Queen.”

“It’s the Ice Queen again!”

Jenny found out that the gnome really liked the Ice Queen and was going to listen to that last time too.

It’s good to know from the last experience, and I even swiped my phone to look up the story in my spare time afterwards, and this time the telling was much more complete.

The gnome nestled in her arms and listened quietly, falling asleep shortly after.

Chapter 143

Jenny looked at the child’s serene and beautiful sleeping face, his heart was warm and soft.

Gently drawing her arm away and dropping her down, the child blurted out a vague whisper, unconsciously holding her hand and crying out softly, “Mommy-!”

Jenny was slightly startled, his heart tingling.

The more I felt so much love and compassion for the child in front of me, I sat for a while longer, patting her gently with my hand until she was asleep, then I pulled my hand back and turned off the light and left.

Outside the door, Old Mrs. Sham was standing there, and when she saw her come out, her face immediately filled with a smile.

“Ann is asleep, you don’t have to worry, and get some rest.”

The old lady nodded, “Girl, you’re a good person.”

Jenny was startled, then laughed.

Good people?She didn’t think she was.

Just did have a natural affinity for this child, perhaps because she was extraordinarily enthusiastic about herself the first time she met her!

Jenny didn’t think much of it, and after saying goodbye to the old lady, he went back to his room.

Upstairs in the master bedroom, Biden Lu was sending a WeChat to the old lady.

Biden Lu: “What the hell are you doing?”

Old Mrs. Sham: “Shut up you kid!If you say one more word, I’ll fix you!”

Biden Lu: “Grandmother, if you want to see Jenny, just come here, why do you have to take An An around for such a big circle?And you actually teach Ann to lie?”

Old Mrs. Sham: “What do you know?If I didn’t worry about your vision, I wouldn’t have to come all the way here to look out for you.Huh?Good intentions as a donkey’s liver and lungs, just like your father who is all heartless!”

Biden Lu: “…….”

Why is this about his father?

Biden Lu: “So you’re always relieved now that you’ve met the people?”

Mrs. Sham sent a smiling look over.

Old Mrs. Cen: “Don’t worry, that’s a complete relief, let me tell you, Jenny is a good girl, you mustn’t bully her, if I find out you treat her badly, see how I’ll deal with you!”

Biden Lu: “…You’d better think about how you’re going to explain to her then!”

After Biden Lu said that, he didn’t reply to the message.

On the other hand, the old lady put away her phone, thinking about what Biden Lu had said at the end, inexplicably feeling a little guilty.

Jenny is so gentle, sensible and understanding, I don’t think she’d blame her!

What’s going on with the growing uneasiness despite the thought?

Ann had not slept well, and woke up confused, and saw her standing there looking apprehensive, holding out her little hand to her.


“Eh, why is Ann awake?”

Ann looked around and didn’t see Jenny and pouted, “Where’s Mommy?”

“Your mummy’s gone to stay with Daddy, so you’ll sleep well here while Grandma keeps you company, Aang.”

Ann blinked.

“Did Mommy go with Daddy to give me a baby brother?”

“Yes yes, in a little while you’re going to have a little brother.”

“Well, for the sake of my little brother, then, I won’t look for Mommy.”

An’an was very relieved to be sleeping, and the old lady was finally relieved, busy picking up her phone again to send a message to Biden Lu.

“Remember, you two aren’t getting any younger, have another baby sooner!Ann is too lonely by herself, and deserves a playmate.”

The other side didn’t return at all.

The next day.

Early in the morning, Jenny received a call from the company that an artist had an emergency and needed to be dealt with immediately.

Originally she was going to arrange for the departure of An’s grandparents today, but now she had to put it off for the time being and attend to company business first.

When she left, Mrs. Sham sent her off with a smile on her face.

“There’s no need to rush, just get busy with your work and then help us arrange it.”

Although Jenny Jing found the old lady’s attitude a bit strange, he didn’t think much of it and nodded his head.

Biden Lu intentionally or unintentionally procrastinated at home today, refusing to go out until he waited for Jenny Jing to leave, then he blackened his face, looked at the grandparents standing in front of him, and said in a deep voice, “Go back to Kyoto by yourselves, or I’ll send someone to send you back, choose for yourselves!”

The old lady looked at him with a cold face and deflated her mouth in dissatisfaction.

“I’ve only just met my granddaughter-in-law, and I haven’t lived here long enough!How can we leave now?”

Bobbie joined in the fun, nodding his head repeatedly, “Right!I want to live with Mommy too!”

Biden Lu saw the situation and smirked gloomily, “Fine, then I’ll call her back now and tell her the truth, as to what to say, you can explain it to her yourselves!”

He said he was about to pull out his phone, and the old lady saw his face change and stopped him in his tracks.

“Come on, come on, can’t we just go?Really!”

She couldn’t help but roll her eyes with a pained look on her face.

“Thanks to my childhood so painful you, a handful of poop and pee to pull you up, now grown up wings hard, even grandmother here a few more days are not happy, hum, really heartless white wolf, should have known that you should have left you on the roadside, regardless of you have to.”

Biden Lu saw the situation and darkened his face.

But not bothering to pay attention to her, he turned his head and instructed Vicky, “Send the old lady and little miss to the airport.”

Summers nodded in response and drove the car over, smiling and opening the door.

“Old lady, young lady, please!”

The old lady glared at Biden Lu and snorted heavily, before reluctantly bringing An An into the car.

Not long after Jenny arrived at the office, he received a message from the old lady.

They said they had gotten in touch with their families and were heading to the airport now, ready to go home.

Jenny was a little surprised, but since he was contacting his family, there must be no problem.

After a few more explanations on the phone, Ann said in a brittle voice on the inside that she would see her next time before hanging up.

At the airport, an old man and a young woman were just coming out of a convenience shop when they saw two familiar figures not far away.

An’an was quick-eyed and happy and shouted “Auntie” and then ran towards her excitedly.

When Lu Lanzhi heard the sound, she was surprised to see a small pink gnome pouncing towards her with a breeze of electricity.

She was so shocked that she subconsciously reached for it, and when she saw that it was actually Ann, she stared in surprise.

“Ani, Mom, what are you guys doing here?”

Beside her, Guan Xuefei also smiled slightly and greeted politely, “Hello, old lady.”

Old Mrs. Cen was also surprised to meet them here and nodded, then asked Lu Lanzhi, “What are you guys doing here?Didn’t you tell me you went abroad to see a fashion show?How did you end up in Visterdem?”

Lucian squeaked and couldn’t speak, clearly looking guilty.

Guan Xuefei saw the situation, slightly restrained her eyes and smiled, “The fashion show has been rescheduled due to a little accident, I heard that the scenery here in Visterdem is good, and I happened to have time, so I brought Aunt Lu over to take a look.”

Chapter 144

Only then did Lu Lanzhi reacted and even followed suit, “Yes, yes, that’s right, I’m just here to see the view.”

The old lady gave her a suspicious glance, “Yes?Why do I think you’re lying?”

Lucian: “…”

After all, it was her own daughter, the old lady knew her temperament, and one look at her reaction and she knew she wasn’t telling the truth.

She sneered, “Lanzhi, did you go looking for Biden his daughter-in-law?”

Lucian stalled, subconsciously trying to deny it.

But the old lady suddenly interrupted her, “Okay, it’s okay if you don’t tell me the truth, anyway, I’ve seen Biden his daughter-in-law, she’s a very good child, I like her very much, so you’re not allowed to get involved in them anymore, and you’re not allowed to trip them up, do you understand?”

Lu Lange was furious at the news.

“Mom, how can you say that?What do you mean by “tripping”?Do you know what kind of person that woman is?”

“Of course I know!”

Jenny is a kind and good girl!

Not only is she caring, but she also respects the elderly, and she’s seen it all in the last two days!

“Mom, if you know, why did you agree to her being with Biden?You don’t even know what people are saying about her out there!To have such a woman marry into the Lu family is simply a disgrace to the Lu family!”


The old lady suddenly got angry, “Empty words, I don’t care what people say?I only believe what I saw with my own eyes, and you!Come back to Kyoto with me right away, don’t stay here and cause any more trouble, and if you refuse to go back, don’t come back at all!”


“Okay, let’s go!”

After the old lady said that, she exhaled and left with Ann.

Lu Lanzhi was so angry at the sight that she almost vomited blood.

“Xuefei, do you think my mum she was under some kind of compulsion by that woman?Why do you trust her so much?”

Guan Xuefei dropped her eyes slightly, the fingers placed at her side clenched darkly, and for a moment, smiled.

“The old lady is devoted to goodness, so it’s normal to see everyone as good, Aunt Lu, you don’t have to be too angry.”

Lucian rubbed his forehead, only to feel angry that his brain hurt.

“Alright, alright, you don’t need to comfort me anymore, I knew that in the old lady’s eyes, everyone is more important than me, it’s ridiculous that a little girl piece who hasn’t even officially passed away can coax her into believing so much!”

Guan Xuefei asked gently, “So what do we do now?”

Lucian gave her a look.

“What else can I do?The old lady has given the word. Of course we’re going back to Kyoto!It’s hard to believe that I’m really not going to enter the Lu family ever again!”

Lu Lanzhi took Guan Xuefei back to Kyoto.

And on the other side, the Jing family was in trouble again!

This time, it was in the middle of the night.

Not long after Clara had fallen asleep, she suddenly heard a woman’s cry outside the window.

The cry, whimpering, was like the mournful cry of some small animal in the night.

She snapped awake and opened her eyes wide, looking towards the window in the darkness, even as her nerves tensed.

The curtains moved, and something, raising a corner of the curtain, danced in the air, like the outline of a woman.

And the outline drifted leisurely toward her, like a black, sharp claw reaching out to try to choke her.


Screaming in terror, Kyo lifted the blanket and ran outside.

“What’s wrong?What’s going on?”

The room where Clara was staying was on the first floor, next to Yu Xiu Lian and Kevin Jing’s bedroom, and when she heard the screams, she immediately ran out in her clothes to ask questions.

I saw Clara wearing only a thin nightgown and a cape, shaking with fear as she stared in the direction of the corner of the room.

“She’s here!She’s here!”


Everyone was in a fog, and some of the servants who heard the noise and ran over, saw the scene and showed a puzzled look.

“What’s going on with Second Miss?”

“Who’s here?”

Clara paled, fiercely grabbed Yu Xiulian’s wrist and stared at her pupils, trembling, “Mom, it’s her back!She’s come back to claim my life!”

Yu Xiu Lian’s face changed at the words.

Kevin Jing snapped harshly, “What are you babbling about?Who’s back in the middle of the night?”

Yu Xiu Lian gave him a stern look, surrounded by the blank and gossipy eyes of the servants, Kevin Jing seemed to realize something, and his face changed slightly.

Just then, a harsh, old voice came from behind him.

“What are you guys arguing about in the middle of the night?”

Someone helped Kelly Wang to come up, Kevin Jing saw the situation and said, “It’s Clara, it seems that something dirty has entered her room, and she ran out in fear just now.”

When Clara saw Kelly Wang, it was like a drowning person seeing a straw that saved his life, and he ran over.

“Grandma, help me, she’s coming!She’s come to claim my life!”

Kelly Wang darkened her face and swept around with a stern gaze, saying coldly, “What’s the claiming of life or not?If I don’t do evil deeds, I’m not afraid of ghosts knocking at my door, I’d like to see who dares to play God in front of me today!”

Afterwards, he brought a group of people into the room.

In the beautifully and luxuriously decorated bedroom, everything was as it should be, the lights were on, and there was nothing unusual at all except for the bed, which was slightly messy, showing signs that someone had been lying on it.

“Where’s she the one?”

“The window there!”

Clara grabbed Kelly Wang’s arm, the whole person trembled and pointed her finger towards the window.

“Right over there, I heard her, she was crying, and she reached out and tried to choke me, I saw it all.”

Kelly Wang frowned tightly.

Next to her, Yu Xiu Lian instructed the two maids, “You guys go over and take a look.”


The maid walked over, pulled the curtains open, and inspected them again, inside and out, including the outside balcony.

“Old lady, sir, ma’am, second lady, this side has been checked, no one.”

Kelly Wang turned to look at Clara.

Clara stood there dumbfounded, his face full of incredulity.

“No way, I clearly heard voices, and I saw her reach out to me…”

“Could it be that you’ve been so tired lately that you’re hallucinating?”

Kelly Wang was still very distressed about this granddaughter, especially recently, she had been victimized by Jenny and had no one to take care of her child, but also had to stay at home to avoid scandal, so she must have been under a lot of pressure.

So, even if she got upset like that in the middle of the night, she didn’t get angry.

Clara shook her head, “But, but I clearly saw it!”

In the meantime, Yu Xiu Lian looked over to the window and ordered the lights to be turned off for a moment.

“Mom, why did you tell them to turn off the lights?”

“The hand, isn’t that.”

Yu Xiu Lian instructed her to look in the direction of the window, and in the next second, Clara screamed.

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