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Chapter 175

The man’s eyes narrowed dangerously.

“Honey, it’s such a nice atmosphere, don’t you think we should do something lovey-dovey?”

“Sh, what do you love to do?”

“You really don’t know?”

“I, I don’t know…”

“Then I’ll tell you now.”

“Well, Biden Lu…!”


The next day, Jenny woke up with a sore back.

This man, last night, was like clockwork, so cruel that he wouldn’t let her go, no matter how much she begged for mercy.

Jenny was about to die of regret!

If I’d known, I wouldn’t have agreed to him last night and come so far up the mountain!

But there was an advantage, because her legs were too sore and weak to go down the mountain properly, so the next morning, Biden Lu took the initiative to undertake the task of carrying her down the mountain.

The temperature during the day was not as low as at night, and the humid air on the beach came in with the salty smell of seawater.

Jenny was lying on the man’s back, a little weak due to lack of sleep.

Biden Lu looked at her like this and smiled, “Don’t sleep yet, the mountain is rather cold, don’t catch cold.”

Jenny gave a weak “oh”.

After descending the mountain, Biden Lu put her down and they slowly walked back along the beach.

Since she had booked a flight back to Visterdem this afternoon, Jenny was busy packing her things as soon as she entered the house, just waiting for the time to leave this afternoon.

When Biden Lu saw that she had been busy, he couldn’t bear to watch, and pulled her hand over to sit down on the sofa.

“Take a break and I’ll take you out for lunch.”

Jenny frowned.

“I thought we were booked on a 2pm flight?What if you don’t pack up ahead of time, what if it’s too late?”

“No, it’s really not going to work, just ask Mo Nan to help collect it when the time comes.”

Biden Lu said, not caring if she agreed or not, he took her jacket and put it on, holding her hand and walking out.

“Where to?”

“You’ll see when you get there.”

Not far from the villa, there’s an upscale restaurant, the only one of its kind in town.

Both of them had intentionally avoided this one a few days ago, after all, they had come here to experience the local customs, and if the food, clothing, accommodation and transportation were still the same as in Visterdem, it would be meaningless.

But today, Biden Lu dragged her directly into the restaurant.

Only just inside the door, I heard a joyful shout, “Mommy!”

Jenny was stunned.

In the next second, a small pink gnome was seen flying towards her with a speed like the wind.

Jenny was shocked.

“Mommy, I miss you so much!”

Ann hugged Jenny and rubbed her head in her lap with a face of attachment and joy.

Jenny stared.

“Ani?What are you doing here?”

Not far away, the old lady came out a little guilty.

“Ahem, Jenny, here we are again.”

“Old Mrs. Sham?You’re here too?”

Jenny was a bit confused, the old lady nodded with a dry smile, “Yeah, I brought An’an out on holiday, and I just happened to run into you guys here, it’s quite a fate!”

Jenny: “……..”

She turned her head to look at Biden Lu, only to see the man’s eyes and nose, not looking at her at all, as if he didn’t see what was happening in front of him.

Jenny didn’t frown.

Why did she feel a little strange?


This coincidence…isn’t that a little too coincidental?

It made sense to run into each other twice before in Visterdem, but this time they were coming up to such a remote town and they still met?

But suspicion aside, Jenny was not good enough to show it, and in the end, he still greeted her politely.

“It’s quite a treat, are you guys eating here too?”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah!Uh…” the old lady’s eyes rolled around and she suddenly smiled, “You haven’t eaten yet, have you?You want to come along?Just in time for me to thank you for helping us before.”

Jenny said evenly, “You don’t have to be so polite, it’s just a hand up.”

“Yes, yes, yes, there aren’t many nice little girls like you nowadays, beautiful and thoughtful, everyone likes them, Mr. Lu, don’t you think so?”

Biden Lu’s face was a little dark.

Jenny thought he wasn’t happy to be at the same table, and secretly tugged on his sleeve to show him otherwise.

The man stiffened, but in the end, he snorted softly and took Jenny into his arms.

“How good is my wife, do I need to tell you?”

Old lady: “…”

Jenny glared at him and secretly lowered his voice to grind his teeth, “Can you be more polite when talking to an old man?”

Biden Lu: “…….”

The old lady was busy smiling and making rounds.

“It’s not in the way, it’s not in the way, young man, it’s fiery, I understand!”

That said, he still glared darkly at Biden Lu a few times.

Biden Lu felt pain in his chest.

Forced by the old woman’s enthusiasm, Jenny could only follow her inside and entered the box, seeing that there was another old man there as well.

Compared to the hale and hearty old lady, the old grandfather looked a bit frail and pale, and was sitting in a wheelchair.

The old lady introduced him, “This is my old man, just call him Grandpa Lu.”

Jenny was stunned.

“Also surnamed Lu?”

The old lady’s smile faltered for a moment, quickly recovering, “Oh… yeah, so it’s a coincidence isn’t it?”

Jenny nodded, “Well, it’s quite a coincidence.”

She darkly turned to look at Biden Lu, only to see him with a dark face, pinching his eyebrows, his eyes not even looking this way, a depressed expression on his face.

She had a meeting of minds and laughed softly.

Turning back to the old man, he looked at him and called out politely, “Grandpa Lu.”

“Eh, well, well.Sit down!You’re hungry after a long night’s work, aren’t you?Hurry up and eat more, you’re so skinny.”

Biden Lu stiffened.

Jenny Jing was downright generous, smiling slightly and nodding, “Thank you Grandpa Lu for your concern.”

The old lady was busy secretly squeezing the soft flesh of the old man’s waist, and the old man didn’t react yet, looking at her in some confusion, “What’s wrong?Why are you pinching me?”

Old lady: “…”

For a moment, a dry smile.

“Nothing, huh?Let’s eat, let’s eat!”

The food is already up, and since it’s by the sea, naturally seafood is the majority.

The good news is that the chef is very skilled, and the table is full of dishes that are so delicious that you can’t help but eat them.

The old lady has been warmly greeted, Jenny also did not polite, and soon, a meal is very warm and happy atmosphere to finish.

After dinner, the old lady yelled at me to watch.

Jenny looked at the time and realized that it was still early for boarding, so she didn’t refuse and took the three of them for a walk around the villa they were staying in, where Ann had been sticking to her like a cowhide, refusing to go anywhere but her place.

Jenny did like it, though, and she felt a strange affinity for the child, carrying her to the garden at the back of the house and teaching her how to weave several garlands.

Chapter 176

It wasn’t until she had to go out that the old lady came to take Ann away.

Looking at the little bun’s reluctant appearance, Jenny was actually quite reluctant to leave.

Unexpectedly, Ann suddenly pulled her by the horns, blinked her big eyes, and said crisply, “Mommy, I heard from Grandma that you and Daddy will give me a little brother soon, is that true?”

Jenny: “???”

The old woman was stiff.

Even Biden Lu, who was standing to the side, could not stop his men’s movements and looked at her in dismay.

It was as if time had stopped at that moment!

Ann was a little confused, and it took a few seconds for her hindsight to dawn on her that she’d missed the point!

She screamed, her small, fleshy hand fiercely covering her mouth.

A pair of large, watery eyes blinked and looked pitifully at Jenny.

55555….Mommy, Ann didn’t mean it!

Ann wasn’t trying to lie to you, Ann just wanted to stay with you!

Grandma said you’ll never leave Daddy until you have a little brother to stay with Ann forever!

555555….Ann was wrong!

Jenny turned her head and looked at Biden Lu.

Only one of the man’s handsome faces was very complicated, and the corners of his mouth were slightly drawn, only hating the idea of a hole suddenly appearing on the ground and burying himself.

On the other hand, Mrs. Sham finally reacted and laughed twice in embarrassment.

“It’s, it’s… how do I put this…”

The old lady was so embarrassed that she didn’t know how to explain, but she was at a loss as to what to do in the end after having seen so many storms and waves.

Jenny suddenly laughed.

“I told you how Ann and I were so meant to be!I especially liked the little one from the first moment I saw her, and she kept pulling at me and calling me mummy, so it turns out it’s really a family, so I guess I’ve got a pretty good sense of what’s going on.”

Everyone was stunned.

Jenny didn’t mention that they were deliberately hiding their identities, nor did he say anything else, nor did he get angry.

Instead, he said this with a cloud of lightness, revealing the embarrassment before him.

This, this is too….

That’s so understanding!

The old lady was so moved that she was about to cry, a pair of red eyes, she stepped forward to hold Jenny’s hand and choked, “Jenny, I’m sorry, I was…”

“I understand all that.”Jenny smiled and patted her gently on the hand she held in hers as a reassurance.

“A parent’s love for his son is a far-reaching plan, and the old lady wanted to see what kind of woman her grandson was marrying, but it was a piece of bare-bones caring, and although the method was a little wrong, the beginnings are always good, I can understand that.”

The old lady was moved to sobs.

“I knew that we Jenny were the most understanding.”

Jenny Jing smiled faintly and didn’t say anything.

She looked at Ann and squatted down.

Ann also looked frustrated because she had done something wrong and covered her face with her hands.

Jenny Jing couldn’t help but laugh, reaching out to remove her fleshy little hand from her face, laughing, “Don’t cover such a pretty little face, be careful of covering up the marks how unattractive it is!”

Ann peered through her fingers, looked at her carefully, and asked, “Aren’t you angry, Mommy?”

Jenny shook his head, “Not angry.”

“But Ani lied, Ani bad!”

“Be good, as long as Ann doesn’t do that again next time.”

“Really?Just change it next time and Mommy won’t be mad?”

“Well, really.”

Jenny Zheng (16th century BC), Ming dynasty poet

Focusing on the main point, Antoine leapt up and let go of her hand to throw himself into her arms.

“5555… Mommy, Ann misses you so much, and Ann finally has a Mommy too.”

The soft little body held in his arms, Jenny’s heart warm and soft.

Even the slight tingling discomfort seemed to disappear a lot.

She smiled, patted her back gently and said lovingly, “Well, Ani will have Mommy, and Mommy will love you.”

Ann was so happy.

It’s just that time can’t be delayed anymore, Biden Lu looked at his watch and said, “We’re going to the airport, you guys play here for two days and also go back early.”

After a pause, he added, “After a while, I’ll bring Jenny back to Kyoto to see you again.”

Naturally, An’an was reluctant to part with Jenny, but she was very obedient and finally sent to the airport, or reluctant to say goodbye to her.

Before leaving, Jenny k*ssed her forehead and gave the child a small jade pendant she had brought with her, it was an amulet she had brought up since she was a child, I had heard that Ann was not well, so I hoped that it would bring her some good luck.

After saying goodbye, you boarded the plane.

It would take another two and a half hours to fly back, and as soon as he boarded the plane, Jenny sat in his seat and closed his eyes, looking like he clearly didn’t want to take care of it.

The smile was no longer there either, and the cold face was clearly angry.

Biden Lu looked at her apprehensively, feeling chagrined, but also knowing that this matter was indeed his own fault.

He should have stopped the old lady from fooling around with An’an, and should not have left them to it.

The plane took off and the cabin fell silent, no one was making noise, and even the occasional conversation was so low that it was barely audible under the air currents.

Biden Lu also didn’t know if she was asleep or not, and now in this situation, he was also grieving, off to the side and didn’t dare to say anything or ask anything.

Finally, for fear of her catching cold, I took off my jacket and draped it over her.

Unexpectedly, the clothes just fell away and the woman waved them away.

Yoo-hoo, it’s not sleeping?

Biden Lu became even more nervous and asked in a small voice, “Angry?”

Jenny snorted and didn’t answer him.

Biden Lu can only grudgingly explain, “I originally wanted to tell you, but one is afraid of being in front of the old lady, so that she can’t wipe her face, and the other is that I also want her to explain it to you herself later, so it’s easier to say, I didn’t think that An An would say it herself today, Jenny, I didn’t mean to.”

Jenny finally opened up and lifted his eyelids to look at him with a sneer.

“So, that’s why you’re keeping it from me?”

Biden Lu was busy straightening down and said in a deep voice, “No.”

“Then what are you explaining here?”


He actually ran out of words.

The grand president of Lu has never whispered and begged in his life, so much so that he doesn’t even know what to say if he wants to ask for it now.

In the end, he was secretly annoyed and said solemnly, “I’m sorry, I was wrong!”

Jenny smiled coolly.

“I know, I shouldn’t have helped Grandma hide it from you all together, I was really wrong!”


“Jenny, forgive me!”

Jenny don’t look away, ignoring him.

Biden Lu looked at her, reached out his fingers, carefully squeezed the corner of her coat and shook it gently.



The Demon King is a spoiled brat. Have you ever seen that?

Jenny almost had goosebumps, turning to glare at him and grinding her teeth, “Let go!”

Chapter 177

How could Biden Lu be willing to let go?

Knowing what happened today is considered really stepping on a woman’s bottom line, and if a bad one, it might even affect their relationship.

So I even lowered my posture, with little intention to please, “Honey, I was really wrong, for the sake of my husband’s first offense, forgive me once.”

Jenny smiled skin-to-skin twice.

Biden Lu was grieving.

After a while, Jenny Jing saw that he still refused to let go, and only then did he helplessly say, “I can ignore the fact that the old lady and Ann lied to me, and I can understand that the old lady wanted to test my character, so she deliberately directed herself in those few scenes, I can even not mind that she took advantage of my good intentions and trampled on my dignity, but!”

She took a deep breath, looked seriously at Biden Lu and said in a deep voice, “I won’t allow you to do that!Because you were the one who wanted to get married and be together, but you not only didn’t stop her, you helped her hide it from me all together, and I don’t know what that means, but I can’t accept it!”

“I forgave her because she was your grandmother, and as far as I’m concerned, it didn’t really matter much without building a deep relationship, on the condition that you didn’t exist.”

“So I don’t really care what she thinks of me, but you’re different!I thought that since we’ve been together for so long, you should know me well enough to know my character and bottom line to not do something so ridiculous, but it turns out I was wrong!”

“Are people like you always in the habit of looking down on people, standing in a high position, and feeling like it’s okay to treat people however you want?”

“Just because of the superiority conferred on you by your ability and position, you are in the habit of ignoring the feelings of your neighbors, so that your suspicions are important, and the dignity of others is cheap to throw away without want?”

After Jenny Jing’s words, the air instantly fell into a dead silence.

She was lowering her voice, but in the end, she still alerted the people behind her, the sound of steam blurring her words, but you could hear something wrong with the atmosphere.

A flight attendant approached and asked respectfully, “How may I help you, miss?”

All the while keeping a wary eye on the man sitting next to him.

Biden Lu: “…….”

Jenny also realized that she was affecting others, and shook her head in order to avoid any misunderstanding.

“No, I’m sorry, we’re a couple, we just had a little trouble and I’m sorry if I made a noise.”

The flight attendant just realized that, and when she said that, she stopped worrying and smiled.

“Okay, then you can call me if you need me.”

Jenny nodded and thanked, the surrounding people saw that there was nothing wrong and did not pay attention to this side anymore, the atmosphere only then calmed down.

Biden Lu didn’t say anything.

He sank his face, his face has been tense, Jenny thought he would be angry because of his anger, but saw that his hand on his sleeve has been loosened, the heart and feel angry just angry, the original fault is him, can’t want her to really as if nothing had happened?

Therefore, the more pugnaciously, he turned away from him.

He can be angry if he wants to be!Who cares?

But the more I think about it, the more sore I feel about what’s going on?

Jenny closed her eyes, trying to ignore the strange feeling of aggravation and sourness in her heart.

Neither of them said another word until the plane landed.

After getting off the plane, Jenny got directly into the car, Biden Lu silently followed behind, the driver noticed something wrong with their atmosphere, and carefully asked, “President, back to Lu Yuan?”

Biden Lu nodded.

As soon as he returned to Lu Garden, Jenny went straight into the room, making it clear that he didn’t want to talk to him.

surname Liu

The aunt knew that they were back today, and was originally greeted with joy, but when she saw that Jenny looked ugly and entered the room without saying a word, she was a little confused.

Another look at Biden Lu, who came in from behind, and his face wasn’t too good, thudded his heart.

Are you two fighting?

What’s going on?

Aren’t we going on a trip?You should be happy!

Aunt Liu, with full apprehension, cared, “Sir, are you and your wife… okay?”

Biden Lu shook his head, paused for a moment, and said, “Go prepare something for me.”

Biden Lu explained to Aunt Liu what needed to be prepared, saying the same thing, and Aunt Liu’s eyes widened by a point.

Finally, it went down in an extremely strange gaze.

Biden Lu turned around and went upstairs to the bedroom.

But unexpectedly, the hand wrenched the bedroom door open, only to find that it wasn’t wrenched open, but the door was actually locked.

Some man who realized the seriousness of the situation blacked out.

It took a long moment before he called out in frustration, “Honey, is it okay to open the door?”

No one inside answered him.

He sighed again, “Honey, I’m sorry, you can hit me and yell at me all you want, but don’t ignore me, okay?”

Jenny remained silent.

Biden Lu was really helpless, thought about it, and turned around to leave.

The bedroom.

Jenny was sitting at the window, still angry.

She made up her mind that she wouldn’t talk to the man today, so she let him knock on the door as much as he wanted outside, but it just wouldn’t open.

I didn’t expect that after a while, the sounds outside actually stopped, and there was the vague sound of footsteps going away.

Jenny Jing thought of something, and his already ugly face became even uglier.

fu*king man!Bastard!

How dare you lie to her, trick her, keep her in the dark!

Now you’re not even sincere enough to apologize!

She’s really pissed off!

Jenny is getting angrier and angrier, how to think how aggrieved, what does this one take her for?

It’s not like she wanted to get married, so why are you so suspicious of testing her?

It didn’t matter that the old lady didn’t trust her, after all, she hadn’t known her before, much less gotten along.

But Biden Lu also kept silent and said nothing, and that was what made her the saddest and most upset!

Jenny sat there for a while, the more she thought about it, the more frustrated she felt, and the feeling of aggravation in her heart was as incessant as the waters of the Yellow River, making her even more bored.

Just then, there was a sudden silvery flash of light outside the window.

Jenny was stunned, and then he saw a hand reach out from the side and knock on the window.

What the hell?

She dropped her arms and braced her hands on the window sill and was about to look out when she saw a small chalkboard being slowly lifted up from underneath.

On the small chalkboard were a few words written in pink marker.

“Honey, I was wrong!”

Next to the word, there was a picture of a man who was kneeling on the ground, making a kowtow.

Jenny couldn’t help but puff out a laugh, almost unable to tense up.

But in the end, she immediately restrained her smile, tensed her face, and looked out with a sullen expression.

Immediately afterwards, it was true to see Biden Lu standing up from the window with a pleasing face, he smiled carefully, put the small blackboard down, and then held up a durian in his left hand and a keyboard in his right, shaking it in front of her.

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