The Contract Lover Chapter 175 – 177

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Chapter 175

Noila Mo finally breathed a sigh of relief when Xiang Hanwei came back. Only then did I realize that my palms were all sweaty.

“Hanwei, what’s wrong with your lips?” Xiang Hanwei’s lips seemed to be broken, and a line of scarlet blood was condensed, looking a little strange.

Xiang Hanwei’s smile was warm like a spring breeze: “Oh, it’s okay, I accidentally knocked on the door frame just now and bit my lips.”

After talking about the lips, the two had nothing to say again, and the atmosphere was embarrassingly uncomfortable.

Noila Mo was no longer in the mood to do SPA, and she just found an excuse: “Hanwei, I still have something to do, I want to go first. I’m sorry.”

Xiang Hanwei also put on her robe and stood up: “Let’s go together. I happen to have something wrong.”

The two chatted while changing clothes.

“Noila, where do you live? Is it far from here?” Xiang Hanwei asked casually.

“It’s not far, it’s just over Jin’an Road.” Noila Mo replied with a smile.

“Over there Jin’an Road? Is that Cuiweiju Community?”

“Well, yes! How did you know?” Noila Mo was a little strange. Not many people know her address. She has no friends in C city.

“Last time Jinxin asked me to help find a house, it turned out to be for you!” Xiang Hanwei’s eyes flashed a strange light, and her eyes were fixed on Noila Mo.

“Ah, isn’t it? It turns out that it was you who helped, so I really want to thank you!” Noila Mo said sincerely: “I will treat you to the SPA today, thank you a little.”

“Haha, you’re too polite! No need, no, I used Allen’s card, unlimited overdraft, more credits and points. This kind of beauty care is originally done for men, of course it should be spent on men’s money!”

Noila Mo suffocated her heart, and she didn’t know how to answer Hanwei’s words.

Xiang Hanwei glanced at her: “How is it, Noila, do you feel that your breasts are a little hot, rising?”

Noila Mo felt it for a while, it really didn’t have the kind of feeling she said. He shook his head honestly.

“Maybe you did it for the first time, so it hasn’t worked. You will feel it after doing it a few more times. This feeling of thermal expansion is that your cup is growing.” Xiang Hanwei said, mysteriously Noila Mo’s ears fell in front of Noila Mo: “I’ve done it here a few times, and it’s obviously enlarged. Allen likes something…”

The words and sentences made Noila Mo’s heart sore. The nail was pinched fiercely into the flesh of the palm, but he didn’t feel any pain at all. Everything was covered by the pain of my heart.

Allen Chu, what exactly is she? Here vowed to break up three months later, and over there to marry Xiang Hanwei tenderly at the end of the year.

It turns out that she has always been a ridiculous monkey, played with him between the palms!

After breaking up with Xiang Hanwei, Noila Mo didn’t even sit in the car, and followed the road blankly, walking aimlessly…

She didn’t know how long she walked until the night became darker and darker, there were fewer and fewer pedestrians on the road, and her toes were sore that she beckoned to call a car.

“Miss, where are you going?” The taxi master was a little curious. Obviously, this beautiful girl had suffered a major blow, and her face was so decadent that she couldn’t bear to look more.

Noila Mo leaned blankly on the car window, staring blankly at the night outside the window.

Where to go? She didn’t want to go back, and there was Allen Chu’s breath everywhere in that one-bedroom house.

From the balcony to the bedroom, to the kitchen and bathroom, there are traces of their love. Going back now, she really couldn’t face it.

“Go to the nearest hotel here.” Noila Mo said tiredly, without the energy to say another word.

Behind the taxi, there was a white car not too far away, following the taxi into the endless stream of traffic…

Chapter 176

When he arrived at the hotel, Noila Mo went straight to the front desk.

“Thank you for opening a room for me.” Noila Mo took out his ID card and placed it on the marble counter.

The hotel waiter glanced at her with a weird tone: “Miss, do you live alone?”

Why do you ask about this? Noila Mo was a little strange: “What’s wrong, is there no room?”

The waiter hesitated, but still smiled and said, “Now there is only one love suite for lovers, do you live in it?”

Love suite for couples? Noila Mo didn’t understand what it meant. She was tired and tired, so she just wanted to take a shower and lie down: “No problem, that’s it.”

The waiter eagerly opened the room for her, and then handed her the key card: “I wish you a nice evening.”

Going upstairs and opening the door, Noila Mo suddenly became petrified, and finally understood why it was called a love suite for lovers.

There is a kingsize water bed in the middle of the room, the bathroom door is completely transparent, there are explicit posters on the wall, and the cabinet by the wall is full of various sex toys, even condoms have more than a dozen patterns.

In the bathroom, there is a fully automatic bathtub with waves, enough to lie down for two people. Noila Mo didn’t want to take a bath, just took a shower and was ready to sleep.

I opened the closet to get a nightgown, but none of them could be worn to sleep. All kinds of sexy pajamas.

Noila Mo picked up one of the most fabrics. He thought it was conservative enough, but when he saw the previous design, he almost didn’t laugh out loud.

The designer of this pajama is really a cosmic wizard. It grows to the ankle and covers the arms and neck. It has two round holes on the chest. The middle of the lower legs is full of lace and transparent.

Noila Mo understands that the designer pursues sexiness, but this looks too ridiculous, right?

After turning for a long time, there is still a normal suspender skirt. Although the back is all tied and crossed, the front is hidden.

Just as I was about to go to bed, the door was knocked suddenly, and a man’s voice kept yelling: “Baby, I was wrong! You open the door and I really love you! Baby, I will never steal food again. Yes, you open the door!”

what happened? Did you go to the wrong door? Noila Mo wrapped herself in a bath towel and walked to Maoyan to look outside.

A handsome man’s face came into view, the man at the door seemed to be half drunk, and kept yelling “Baby, open the door, don’t be angry! I know you’re angry, I’m wrong, baby, let’s May I come in?”

Obviously he admitted the wrong person! Noila Mo thought for a while, and directly dialed the phone in the hotel lobby: “I am a guest in room 3207. There is a drunk at my door who went to the wrong room. Please send someone over and take him away.”

The yelling at the door continued, and soon, the guests in other rooms opened the doors and looked out. Noila Mo looked behind the cat’s eyes, embarrassed.

Fortunately, the security came quickly, and the man was dragged away by the security, and Noila Mo was relieved.

Just after taking off the bathrobe, there was another violent knock on the door.

Noila Mo is really on fire this time, do you want to sleep? Putting the bathrobe on her body, Noila Mo walked over and slammed the door open: “What do you want to…”

Halfway through the conversation, the voice was frozen in mid-air.

Outside the door, Allen Chu stood impressively.

His hair is messy, his face is blue, and his eyes are so dark that he kills.

“Why are you here?” Noila Mo just had time to ask this sentence, and Allen Chu had already pushed him into the room, and the heavy wooden door banged loudly behind him!

Allen Chu scanned the furnishings in the room, and then looked at Noila Mo’s bathrobe that was slightly opened in a panic, exposing a large swath of spring light.

“If you didn’t answer my call, it turned out to be fooling around with a man!” Allen Chu was so angry that the veins on his forehead were exposed.

When he got out of the elevator just now, he saw a man begging and crying at the door of this room, screaming every baby.

It turned out that his name was Noila Mo!

“Don’t talk nonsense! I don’t even know that person!” Noila Mo yelled with anger. He was duplicity and obsessed with sex, and now he poured dirty water on her.

Allen Chu’s eyes narrowed suddenly, and he walked towards Noila Mo step by step.

Damn woman, don’t answer his phone! Even dare to shut down! How dare to fool around with other men! If it weren’t for a mysterious call telling him that Noila Mo and a man had opened a room in this hotel, he might still be calling her, secretly worrying if something happened to her!

Now, he saw the man begging her to open the door with his own eyes. She dared to lie that she had gone to the wrong room!

With so many rooms in the hotel, she just went to the wrong room?

She really thought she was a three-year-old child, so she was so cheating?

There was blood red in Allen Chu’s eyes, and he walked to Noila Mo’s side and tore her bathrobe fiercely. When she saw the pajamas on her body, Allen Chu’s anger broke out uncontrollably!

“You said you weren’t fooling around with people! It’s not a fool, why don’t you come to stay in a hotel if you have a family! Not a fool, why live in such a sex suite! Not a fool, why wear such revealing pajamas! Noila Mo, you Liar woman! Do you have any heart!”

Allen Chu’s roar sounded particularly terrifying in the quiet room. Noila Mo was aroused by him and stabbed all over his body: “What qualifications do you have to question me? What if I slept with other men? You control it. Are you right? You and Xiang Hanwei, don’t you do the same every day! You can do it with other women, why can’t I do it with other men!”

“Noila Mo, you are looking for death!” Allen Chu squeezed her wrist fiercely, dragged her into his arms, and tore the strap of her pajamas forcefully.

“What are you capable of besides raping women?” Noila Mo’s tears burst out of her eyes. In her dim teary eyes, she saw Allen Chu ripped off his shirt in anger, and his iron-green face was so handsome and evil.

Chapter 177

Allen Chu was going crazy with jealousy! He is going to punish this watery woman severely!

Noila Mo looked at Allen Chu’s behavior coldly, and a sarcasm smile appeared at the corner of his mouth.

How funny, she would actually believe this man, thinking that he really had her in his heart, thinking that he was really willing to abandon Xiang Hanwei, who has a solid background, and marry herself.

Allen Chu was so angry that he gritted his teeth and opened his teeth. In a blink of an eye, he saw the ironic smile on Noila Mo’s face. His anger was even more uncontrollable. He twisted her chin and looked straight into her eyes with sharp eyes: “Noila Mo, Are you laughing at me?”

“Yes.” Noila Mo answered so simply, the disdain in his eyes was so clear.

Allen Chu’s heart suddenly became cold.

Until this moment, he had to admit that he had never understood Noila Mo.

Her stubbornness, her playfulness, her occasional childishness, her independence and reason are all just ice floes on the water. He didn’t even know what else he knew about the dark bottom of the lake.

She probably never loved him.

This relationship, constant chasing, constant temptation, constant entanglement and fall, to this day, he finally feels a little tired.

The temperature of the air conditioner was not low, but Allen Chu felt that the cold was a little bit cold into the bones, and the air was as cold as winter.

Silently stood up from Noila Mo, put on his clothes and buttoned them in silence.

Allen Chu’s voice was thin and cold: “Noila Mo, from today, you don’t have to lie to me, hide from me, fear me, and ridicule me. Our relationship ends here. Who do you like and hate? Whoever has nothing to do with me.”

In the dimly lit room, his voice seemed to be a sigh, and circles of messy water waves were flooded by lights.

The tall body, even the pace of leaving is so calm.

Noila Mo sat up on the bed, pulled over the bathrobes scattered around the bed, and wrapped herself tightly, as if a baby was wrapped in a swaddle, her face was pressed against the slightly rough suede of the bathrobe, her eyes stunned. Tears came.

Allen Chu is finally willing to end, isn’t this what she has been looking forward to? From then on, she was no longer a shameful third party, and she no longer had to be guilty in front of Xiang Hanwei, and she could walk in the sun openly. Isn’t this the life she likes?

But why, my heart hurts so much…

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