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Chapter 226

“Come on, what’s going through your mind that you don’t think I know?But everything that Jenny has, what haven’t you snatched from him since he was a child?

Now it’s just jealous to see people living better than you, so you want me to be the one to give it to you?

Clara, are you out of your mind from filming?What do you think we are, the Mu family?Is it an ATM you use for show?”

Clara never expected that Rovell Mu would say such heartless words.

She sat there incredulously, her fingers shaking with anger as she held the phone.

“Muyenze!Don’t you have a conscience to say such things?Haven’t I done anything for you all these years?If I hadn’t wanted to be with you, would I have had to put myself through all these years?

In the end, this is how you treat me?Who was the one who said he would love me and be good to me for the rest of my life to make me jump into this pit in the first place?

Rovell, I thought I’ve never wronged you, but what about you?Even if you’re wavering on your own, I’m just asking you to give me a gift now, that’s the attitude you have, do you still think that you’ve lost out on this marriage, or that you never wanted to marry me in the first place?”

Clara hissed on the phone, and Rovell Mu frowned fiercely.

“I didn’t say I didn’t want to marry you.”

“So what did you mean by those words earlier?”


With his father’s warning still ringing in his ears, in the end, Rovell Mu was able to suppress the fire in his heart.

Patience: “I just want to say that the most important thing for us now is to convince the outside world that we are very much in love, as for the comparison, there is no need for that.

A really good relationship doesn’t focus on that, but on the understanding and mutual understanding between two people, don’t you think?”

Clara secretly clenched her fists and tensed up all over.

Half a dozen times, before saying coldly, “And if I must?”

On the other side, Rovell Mu’s face sank.

“Ya, don’t be so ignorant?”

“Why should I know anything?Do I, Clara, deserve to be stepped on by her, Jenny Jing?So I deserve to be on top of her in everything?I’m not happy!

You’re my husband, your own wife is being bullied outside, shouldn’t you as a husband help me out?

Or is it actually just because you’re afraid of Biden Lu’s power that you don’t even dare to offend Jenny Jing?

If you’re going to be a shrinking violet, you should have said so earlier, don’t worry!If I really can’t count on you, I won’t be reluctant, there are plenty of men in the world who would let me!”


There was a sudden stern cry from the other side.

Only then did Clara react with hindsight that she had said the wrong thing in a moment of anger.

She turned pale and tried to explain, “Brother Asawa…”


Rovell snickered.

“What?So you’re finally saying what you really think?Yes!If you don’t think I’m as good as the others, then just say find those guys, really, I don’t mind at all.”

“I didn’t mean that…”

“I don’t care what you mean!Remember, this identity of young grandmother Mu on you now is just a deal between our Mu family and your Jing family, when the deal is over, we’ll go our separate ways, don’t bother me again if there’s nothing else, that’s it!Bye!”

Afterwards, he hung up the phone with a pop.

Clara stayed there.

The relentless hang-up sounded like a steel blade, plunging into her heart.

The man’s cold words, but also like needles to ruthlessly stimulate the

Joints her.


Parting ways?


Something that she had been unwilling to face head on finally seemed to be uncovered by something at this moment, revealing its ugly truth and plunging her heart into despair.

Brother Asawa, is this how you see me?

So, all these years of my heart is just a deal in your eyes?


How ridiculous, how ironic!

Clara hugged the phone and laughed, getting crazier and crazier, until she was shaking and crying!

Rovell, you’re sorry for saying that to me today!

Sooner or later, I’ll make you regret it!


Two days later.

The Cannonball Raiders has finally been announced as a kill in the stumbling block.

All the filming had ended, and the others had naturally gotten a temporary break, but Jenny and Xu Jiamu, as the main creators, couldn’t completely relax like the others for the time being.

They also need to work with publicity, including Maya Jing and two other actors with heavier parts.

After running a couple of announcements down, the process was fine.

Clara was still on both sides of the fence with her though, and for some reason she didn’t seem to be in the best of spirits these days.

The whole man was a little sickly, as if he had been struck by some great blow, and he had lost much weight.

Lin Shufan worried that she was tired and wanted to put her back to rest, but Clara didn’t agree.

Ever since that night, when she and Rovell Mu had exchanged harsh words, her heart hadn’t been able to calm down.

Now that I’m following the crew around for publicity, I’ve got something to do, so I don’t have so much time to think about it.

If she did come home and leave her alone, she thought she’d go crazy!

Jenny didn’t know about her and Rovell Mu, so she ignored her, but it was good that she was in a bad mood lately, so naturally she didn’t have the spirit to bother her, and she was happy to be left alone.

That day, Lin Shufan called to tell her that there was a charity gala he wanted to bring her and Clara to.

Such charity dinners, aside from the basics of doing charity work, are actually a large scale female star-studded competition.

Jenny Jing today wore a black fishtail dress, airy and cold, hair casually pulled up, and then on the neck with a string of star design diamond necklace to do embellishment, more exquisite nobility, dazzling compelling.

Lin Shufan first took her around and chatted with a few investors.

He wasn’t good at socializing, but at least he knew that even if he wasn’t good at such an occasion, the stage was never lost.

Moreover, Jenny has been doing PR for so many years, often times, he is actually considered to be a long-sleeved dancer, so the two of them are a perfect match for each other.

Clara came late, in the past, she usually attended such banquets with Rovell Mu.

Suddenly a man came over today and felt somehow uncomfortable.

An intense sense of loss made even her carefully dressed face always look like it had lost some of its colour.

Anjo couldn’t follow her inside, but it got her to the door.

When she got out of the car, she whispered, “Sister Clara, I called and asked Mu Shao, he seems to be busy tonight and won’t be coming over.”

Clara stepped forward for a moment, gently relieved.

“I know.”

After saying that, this was the step to go inside.

Chapter 227

She and Rovell’s relationship was so strained right now, so naturally it was better not to meet for a while.

So as not to cause any more upset in front of all these people.

But Reason though, knowing that he really wouldn’t show up, was actually a little lost.

After all, she had deliberately asked An Qiao to call Rovell Mu, in fact, there had been a hidden meaning of softening and bowing, and Rovell Mu was so smart, he wouldn’t not understand.

But now, he actually still refuses to come.

That means that he doesn’t accept her advances, or, even more, is still pouting with her.

When she thought of this, Clara couldn’t help but smile to herself, and that sense of loss in her heart was even heavier.


Just then, a surprised voice came over.

She looked up and saw a well-dressed girl trotting towards her with a skirt.

She was slightly stunned, and it took her a long moment to recognize it.

“Gillian?Your face… how…”

Ruan Jiaojiao lowered her head slightly and looked guilty, “Sister Clara, don’t be so loud, this is something I had done overseas not long ago, how about a super beautiful exquisite senior face?Is it good?”

Clara was speechless for a moment.

An embarrassed tug at the corner of her mouth as she looked at Ruan Jiaojiao’s almost deadly chin and large, frightening eyes.

“Good, good looking.”

“Hey, I knew it would look good.”

She said, taking Clara’s arm and smiled, “Sister Clara, I’m sorry ah, because I was still recovering a while ago and couldn’t come out to meet people, so I didn’t have time to congratulate you on your marriage to Mu Shao, I’m here today to make up for it ha, happy new marriage.”

At the mention of this, the smile on Clara’s face, which was not much, immediately restrained.

She said quietly, “Thank you.”

Ruan Jiaojiao didn’t notice the abnormality in her face and looked around, but when she didn’t see Rovell Mu, she asked, “Huh?Where’s Mo?He didn’t come with you today?”

“No, he was busy at work and couldn’t make it.”

“Huh~~ I told you that this man is different before and after marriage, you said that when you weren’t married before, where did you go he didn’t follow with his eyes?It’s only just now that we’re married, and I can’t believe I’m not even accompanying you on such an important occasion, really!”

Clara’s face stiffened, and her heart arched with suppressed anger as if it was about to explode out of her chest.

She pulled out her arm that was held by Ruan Jiaojiao and said coldly, “Okay, I have other things to do, so go play by yourself, I’ll leave you alone.”

After saying that, he hurried off alone in the direction of Lin Shufan.

Ruan Jiaojiao was a little confused by her sudden cold shoulder like this, and stood there for a long while before she could react.

However, at this moment, a man’s joyful voice suddenly came from the direction of the doorway.

“Mu, long time no see, it’s so surprising to see you here today, so unexpected!”

Clara’s spine stiffened.

She turned around incredulously, only to see that the person who was now coming in through the doorway and being welcomed with an open embrace by a middle-aged man, who else could it be if not Rovell Mu?

He wore a white suit today, still with that graceful look, his handsome face in the light as if he was a medieval prince, elegant and charming.

She felt her heart begin to beat wildly out of control.

Brother Asawa, are you here?

Did you come for me?

She knew that there was no way that Brother Asawa could be without her in his heart.

All that was said before was just gas!

After all, he’s been pampered since he was a child and hasn’t suffered much, so it’s normal for him to say something like that in a moment of anger.

She doesn’t blame him, really!

Clara felt that her eyes were a little sore and hot, and some salty liquid rolled down from her eyes.

She kept her back to herself and quickly wiped it with a handkerchief.

But as fast as she moved, Ruan Jiaojiao, who was not far from her, still saw it.

She looked at Rovell Mu and then at Clara, finally understanding something in hindsight.

With a bit of apprehension in my heart, I walked over towards Clara and asked in a low voice, “Sister Clara, did you and Mu Shao… did you have a fight?”

Clara dried her tears and straightened her face, “Nothing of the sort, don’t talk nonsense.”

“All right!It’s fine if you don’t want to tell me the truth, but I’m sure that he knows he’s wrong and is here to admit it to you.Couples fight in bed and make up in bed, so you’ll stop being angry later, okay?”

She felt that her cousin was good in every way, but she was too high-minded.

It’s not easy to climb up to such a golden turtle son-in-law as Mu Shao, if the two of them get along well in the future, maybe even her cousin will also get some benefits.

Therefore, she would never want Clara to completely offend Rovell because she took Joe.

Clara had known her for so many years, so how could she not know her personal feelings and thoughts?

The corner of her lips quirked in mockery, but in the end she didn’t say anything, and her heart agreed with her.

Indeed, when two people quarrel, if one is willing to lay the steps, the other, if not stupid, is sure to go along with them.

Who would deliberately embarrass someone with Joe?

She took a deep breath, only to feel some of the sullenness she’d been holding in her heart for days finally dissipate.

In her mind, she pondered what kind of posture and attitude she should face Rovell with if he came over to look for her later on.

What should I say to make it seem like I’m neither really offended, but not still angry enough to cause him to actually leave and never come back.

Full forgiveness that would certainly not do, it would make her look like a nice person.

Whenever there’s a little friction in the future, he’ll be able to hurt her at will.

So it’s important to take this one in stride, but too far, and not at all reckless.

As Clara was thinking darkly, she saw that Rovell Mu finished exchanging pleasantries with that person before turning to look over at her.

Clara’s heart stagnated, only to feel that at that moment, her heartbeat was about to stop.

As she pursed her lips and took a deep breath to tense her body, she saw him hesitate slightly before finally making his way over to her.

Clara was so excited that tears welled up in her eyes.

He really came for her!

That bastard!

Why did you have to say such horrible things the other day?

Don’t you know that even if you’re angry, sometimes saying too much can be a chilling experience?

Why can’t we just tolerate her a little more and spoil her a little more?

After all, she’s been with him for five years!

Clara had an urge to cry, but just held back because it was in the way.

She thought she’d forgive him if only he’d admit a fault to her now!

In the future will never go to compare anything, nor directed at anyone, as long as he can love her with all his heart and soul, to accompany her well, she does not ask for anything.

Some things, indeed, do not understand how important they are until they are about to be lost.

Chapter 228

All these years, she had been fighting and stealing constantly, causing her to lose sight of what she, deep down, really wanted.

Now she saw clearly that all she wanted was Azawa’s brother’s love!

Clara clenched her fingers, the fingers that were squeezing the bag were almost white from the exertion, and her entire body was trembling slightly from the tremendous rise and fall of emotions.

Rovell walked in towards her step by step.

He had a pleasant smile on his face.

Warm and sunny, in the light of the light, like the smile of a Confucian prince.

He was getting closer to her.

It was as if she had smelled the familiar aroma of the cologne beside him.

The bottle of perfume, or the one she had picked out for him herself because she liked the smell of it that way, he used every day.

The perfume was called Locked Heart, and she was going to lock his heart so that it would be exclusive to her alone and no one could take it away.

Clara’s mood was like a turbulent sea, the tides rising and falling.

Seeing that Rovell had already reached her, her face was happy, and she hurriedly took a step forward to greet her, shouting softly, “Rovell…”

However, the man just looked at her and moved away.

Footsteps kept staggering away from her, heading straight for the spot behind her.

Clara froze in place.

Full of incredulity.

She turned stiffly and looked in the direction that Rovell Mu was heading.

Only in the corner, a place near the bar, Jenny Jing was standing with Lin Shufan, discussing something with a few other middle-aged men.

A group of people with proper and elegant smiles on their faces, holding a goblet in their hands, under the light of a beautiful swan neck is like a fine art, white glowing curve and extremely beautiful, one can not help but want to hold it in one’s arms.

Rovell walked up to them, and without knowing what he said to those people, those people raised their glasses with Jenny and left.

Then, Lin Shufan also patted Jenny’s shoulder and followed suit.

Rovell Mu just stood there, looking at Jenny with deep affection and guilt, and Jenny looked back at him with a seeming smile.

The two pairs of eyes met, could not even see the slightest hint of hostility and defiance, the two people stood there, like the world’s most beautiful painting, breathtakingly convincing.

Clara suddenly understood something.

The fortress of the heart crumbles instantly!

She laughed deliriously, louder and louder, crazier and crazier, until she ended up twitching and bursting into tears!

Ruan Jiaojiao was all terrified by the scene, and everyone around her cast their eyes over in curiosity.

“Heh heh heh heh heh heh heh…”

But I saw Clara still laughing madly, as if a crazy woman in despair, laughing so hard that her body trembled, tears smeared the makeup on her face, the whole person looked wretched and pitiful, as if a discarded woman.

“What’s, what’s going on here?”

Everyone was blindsided.

Someone whispered, “This, I’m afraid, is crazy, isn’t it?”

“Wouldn’t have inhaled anything dirty.”

As soon as this was said, the surrounding people looked at each other, but fortunately Ruan Jiaojiao was quick to react and went up to pull Clara down, urgently saying, “Sister Clara, don’t be like this.”

In the corner, Jenny watched the scene and raised an eyebrow.

“Mu, your wife is having a drinking spree over there, why don’t you go over and take a look?”

Rovell Mu looked at Clara, who was as if in a madness, with a cold face.

“It’s not enough that she’s embarrassed herself, but does she want me to be embarrassed with her as well?”

Jenny Jing tugged at the corner of his mouth in mockery, not commenting.

But Ruan Jiaojiao couldn’t see any more

, seeing that he couldn’t hold Clara, he strode towards this side.

Pointing at Rovell Mu, he said angrily, “Rovell Mu, Clara is like that, you are still in the mood to chat with the little b*tch here, isn’t she your wife?Aren’t you going to take care of her?”

Rovell’s face was gloomy, looking at her coldly.

For a moment, in the end, he picked up his phone and called two bouncers in.

The two bodyguards moved quickly, sparing Clara’s constant loud resistance, but they still covered her mouth and pulled her down.

Ruan Jiaojiao looked at their rough actions and winced a bit.

She turned to look at Rovell Mu incredulously and questioned, “Rovell Mu, that’s your famous wife, how can you do this to her?”

Rovell Mu looked at her with cold eyes, his gaze without warmth, “Didn’t you say that I should control her?What do you think I should do about it when she’s here on such an important occasion and she’s getting drunk?”

Ruan Jiaojiao: “…”

The mooch is about saving face.

As the youngest proprietor of the Mu Clan, Rovell naturally placed even more importance on reputation.

Just now Clara was crying and laughing there, and had already alarmed many people.

If he went over there and Clara got angry again, then I guess everyone would know tonight that he, Rovell Mu, was incapable of handling his wife and had a falling out with Clara in public.

So getting a bodyguard to pull her out was the perfect way to do it.

Ruan Jiaojiao shook her head, looking at the man in front of her who was still gentle and elegant, and couldn’t believe that he was the same Rovell Mu who had doted on Clara a hundred times before.

She took two steps backwards in a row and muttered, “You’ve gone too far!You’ve really gone too far!”

After saying that, he turned and took a step towards Clara’s direction to chase after her.

And that was the end of the farce.

Although still alarmed, people didn’t really react, so naturally they weren’t quite sure what was going on.

Rovell held his cup up and walked forward, raising his cup to everyone and smiling, “Sorry, my wife drank a little too much tonight, I’ve disturbed your grace, I’m here to make amends on her behalf.”

It dawned on everyone, and they all raised their glasses as well.

“There’s no need to be so polite, just as long as Mrs. Mu is all right.”

“Yeah, Mu doesn’t have to be so polite.”

Jenny looked at this scene and suddenly felt very funny.

She knew best what kind of person Rovell was.

This man, cloaked in warmth, had lied to her back then, and now he was lying to Clara.

In fact, the only thing he loved from the beginning to the end was himself.

Thinking of this, Jenny slightly dropped her eyes, suddenly feeling quite lucky.

Lucky saw him for who he was relatively early on, and Lucky met the man who is now giving her a new life.

She stepped forward, heading the other way.

Rovell saw the situation and followed suit.

“Jenny, there’s something else I want to say to you.”


Jenny paused, looked back at him and smiled.

“If you have anything to say, let’s talk on the phone some other time, it’ll be misunderstood if you call me like that in public.”

When she finished, she turned and continued walking away.

Rovell’s face changed slightly.

“Jenny, do you still hate me?”

Jenny was stunned.

Some funny looks at him.

“Why should I hate you?”


He choked on his throat, somehow unable to speak.

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