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Chapter 256

His arms were tighter than steel, and they ran across her waist, and she couldn’t move.

“…” Yu Muwan was tense, fine sweat oozes from his forehead, and a few strands of hair sticking to his side face slightly sultry, “I don’t have any, Mr. Nangong, I’m in a hurry, can you let it go!”

In a hurry?

Nangong Che’s sullen eyes narrowed, and his deep eyes slowly slid down her soft little face, looking into her snow-white neckline through the undulating chest—the waiter’s clothes were conservative, and she untied because of the heat With a button, you can just see the undulating spring light inside.

Surprisingly, a trace of scorching heat burned from the lower abdomen and rushed into my mind.

Yu Muwan only noticed where the man’s gaze fell on top of his head. A jealous spirit suddenly blushed and struggled: “You… rascal!”

She grabbed her neckline and slammed her elbow back. Nangong Che didn’t expect her reaction. Her sturdy chest was hit hard by her and it didn’t hurt, but he subconsciously let go of her hand and let her escape from her own. embrace.

The arrogant man raised his eyes and watched her panicked and ran into the table as she retreated, frowning in pain.

“Nangong Che, you… why are you so nasty!!” Yu Muwan blushed and cursed, so angry that she didn’t know what to do. She thought the rich master was arrogant and unreasonable at best, but she didn’t expect him to be too arrogant and unreasonable. So disgusting!

Nangong Che squinted her eyes to see her reaction, and did not explain, but just drew a glass of wine on the table and took a sip.

“I just saw it accidentally, don’t be so afraid of me. You should know that a woman like you, even if you are naked and standing in front of me, I am not interested in touching you… Pretend to be a fierce woman?” His tone was slow and melodious, but he said no Out of irony.

“You…” Yu Muwan’s eyes widened, unexpectedly he would say that.

“Can you respect others? What is a woman like me? I know you are rich and arrogant, but is it necessary to insult people like this? It was Cheng Yisheng who took your sister away, and I was not wrong!” Her face was pale , Tremblingly said.

She felt sore in her heart, looking at the dazzling and handsome man in front of her, his calm and noble aura could deeply shock people in place, but a casual sneer, a word of disdain, could sting like a silver needle. It hurts.

Inexplicably, Nangong Che’s heart became cold.

With a “bang”, he gently put the wine glass on the table, and he looked at Yu Muwan with deep eyes.

“I’m also a bit strange. How can you be able to walk with a man like Cheng Yisheng with ease like you are so good?” He raised his eyebrows and his tone became lighter.

“What do you mean?” Yu Muwan’s eyes filled with confusion.

Nangong Che sneered twice, put his hands in his trouser pockets and walked in: “——A few minutes, only a few minutes, you have already caught a diamond-level man, don’t tell me you didn’t see it, Fanyu was right just now You have the feeling, if he wants you, you have to run…”

The mellow aroma of red wine hit him, and Yu Muwan was slightly dizzy with the excitement. Before he could react, the man’s warm fingers had already hit her forehead, gently pushing away the soft radiance from her forehead.

“Tsk, what a charming face…”

The delicate facial features are only as big as a palm, the bright black eyes are as clear as jade, and the tip of the nose is slightly raised, adding a bit of agility. The curvature of the small face is soft and sweet, but there is a trace of palpitation stubbornness.

Yu Muwan felt like a pet, and let him carefully choose in front of him.

She hurriedly avoided, the slender fingers brought the goods she was almost unable to resist: “I don’t know what Fanyu!”

Chapter 257

She really didn’t know the man just now, what did she catch? What charming? She didn’t know anything!

The moment she backed away, a light music came from her pocket.

“Let the sadness turn into a warm current, give me the only way out, I am the white dove in your heart, who can let me fly away…”

Yu Muwan lowered his head, knowing that his cell phone was ringing.

——Have you waited too long? Qian Rou started to worry!

“Whose phone number?” Nangong Che asked, staring into her pocket, frowning inexplicably.

Yu Muwan tried his best to clean up his emotions, and while taking out his mobile phone from his pocket, he held the dinner plate next to him in his arms: “I don’t know… I don’t need to tell you! I’m really in a hurry, let’s leave… “

A trace of sadness flashed across her pale little face, and she turned and left.

Yu Muwan swears that she really thought it would be Qianrou’s call this time, so when she saw the word “Yisheng” flashing on the blue Yingying’s screen, the string in her heart broke suddenly!

She shook her hand and her face suddenly turned pale.

Nangong Che kept staring at her figure, his stern eyes squinted slightly. He didn’t want to monitor her every move like this, but he was suddenly and sensitively aware of the panic light in her eyes.

She is afraid…

Whose phone is that? !

“Wait a minute…” Nangong Che frowned, his voice cold.

Yu Mu’s evening dress didn’t hear it, so he opened the door and left.

“I tell you to stop!” Nangong Che strode towards her, and when she opened the door in a panic and escaped, she grabbed her wrist fiercely. Hearing her scream, she pulled back hard!

“Ah…” The dinner plate in Yu Muwan’s hand fell to the ground and shouted anxiously, “It’s my sister’s phone call, Nangong Che, let go, don’t look at it!”

But it was too late, Nangong Che’s cold eyes had already scanned the content on her screen.

——! !

Cheng Yisheng really called her!

“This bastard…” Nangong Che whispered viciously, pulling her slender figure into his arms, trying to squeeze her tight little hand away to grab the phone, but Yu Muwan had already been alarmed! She knew exactly what the consequences would be for Nangong Che to find Cheng Yisheng! That was Cheng Yisheng…that was Yisheng! !

“Nangong Che, let go… ah… um! Let go!” Yu Muwan shouted during the snatch with him, eagerly drew his other hand to grab the phone, and slammed into the corner. The phone smashed to the wall with a bang, and the battery case was scattered all over the floor.

Of course, the ringtones of the mobile phone stopped abruptly!

“…” Yu Muwan gasped, his pale face finally softened.

“Yu, Mu, late!!” A violent roar exploded in her ears, almost piercing her eardrums.

Nangong Che’s always quiet and arrogant face exposed a furious look, and screamed at the little woman in her arms. She seemed to be frightened and stared at him with bright eyes, but it was only a few seconds. , And then she came over clearly and looked at him fearlessly, her eyes calm.

“What the hell are you doing? Huh?” He suppressed his anger and glared at her.

Yu Muwan was held in his arms by his waist, and her heart was throbbing so close, she had nowhere to escape at such a close distance.

The powerful palms gripped her snow-white neck fiercely, clenched tightly, and leaned close to her face. Nangong Che asked fiercely, “Have I told you? Once there is news about Cheng Yisheng, tell me immediately, Yu, Mu, Late—you dare to cut off his phone in front of me!! Do you want to die?!”

Chapter 258

A heavy sadness flowed through her heart, Yu Muwan looked at him with clear eyes, her lips were pale, and she said nothing.

It just…it hurts.

His hand was so painful that she felt as though she was suffocated by him.

“Talk!!!” Nangong Che’s roar almost overturned the roof! He didn’t know exactly what he was angry about, and he was only a little short of getting news of Enxi! His little sister, who has been around him since he was a child, has been spoiled by him since he was a child and has never suffered from human suffering. God knows how worried he has been for her in the past two days! And now, this damn woman defies his orders in front of him!

“…” Yu Muwan was yelled into mist in his eyes.

“You also said that after you find him, you will strip him… Master Nangong, am I stupid?” She trembled.

Nangong Che’s anger was aroused to the extreme.

“Oh…Okay, great!” He was so angry that he grinned, but after smiling, he clenched her neck severely and slowly said, “Yu Muwan, I really didn’t see it, one betrayed you and The men whose other women elope and have children are worth your maintenance!! You are not stupid, you are cheap!”

The Satan of hell came crashing down, and Yu Muwan’s breathing became weaker and weaker. Hearing the word “cheap”, she felt a stabbing pain in her heart! The sour tears could no longer hold back, and flowed down the flushed face.

Nangong Che’s anger couldn’t be calmed for a long time, until she saw her tears, her hand’s sulky movements could no longer continue. The next second, she coughed violently, with a pleading expression in her almost choking expression.

A trace of frustration flashed across his cold face, and he whispered “a**hole” and slowly let go of his hand.

Yu Muwan coughed a few times, catching his shirt with little hands and gasping for breath, panting to the extreme.

Nangong Che had never encountered such a maddening thing, and the anger that was suppressed in his heart had already reached its extreme. He wanted to vent but was afraid that someone would strangle her to death in his arms without paying attention… this woman! !

“I tell you, from today you will be monitored by me until you find Enxi! Yu Muwan, you better not mess with me again. The second time this happens, I will let you pay the price you deserve. !” He put down a few words, and stared at her face with sharp eyes, “…Damn it, why are you crying!”

The warm fingers didn’t hold back covering her cheeks for a while, and when his thumb touched the cold liquid, he had that strong impulse again. He wanted to bow down and taste what the tears were like.

Yu Muwan was shocked, and the moment her face was wrapped in his palm, she broke away like an electric shock.

“You don’t have that right…you don’t!” she frowned and regained her stubbornness. The weakness and begging for mercy just now seemed to have become an illusion.

Nangong Che narrowed his eyes, slightly annoyed: “You can try to see if I have it!”

The two were in a stalemate, the door of the box was opened, Luo Fanyu walked in in a brand-new suit, looking at the scene in front of him with some surprise.

“What’s the matter?” He asked in a daze, “You…what happened?”

Yu Muwan reacted in a shocking spirit. With Luo Fanyu there, she didn’t need to be so afraid of Nangong Che. She wiped a tear, quickly walked around and picked up her broken mobile phone, and ran out of the box without even taking the dinner plate.

Nangong Che frowned and followed.

“Hey—” Luo Fanyu pushed his chest, “Wait, wait, what’s the matter? Can you explain to me anyhow? Didn’t you see the girl crying? You bastard, didn’t take advantage of me Bullying people when you are away?”

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