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Chapter 253

The night breeze brought up a few remaining leaves on the ground, spinning them in the air and dropping them.

The duty officer in the security room woke up with a jolt from the wind.

He looked ahead sleepily, vaguely seeing what looked like a shadow flashing by, but when he blinked again, it was gone.

That’s weird. Is he seeing things?

He stood up and rubbed his eyes, looking around to make sure that there was indeed nothing there, before sitting down again.

Clara has never dared to stop, afraid that the people behind will find out to chase after him.

It didn’t stop until it was running out onto the main road, which was a relief.

She stood there, leaning on her knees, not really having time to think about who had let her out until this moment.

If she wasn’t mistaken, a figure had walked out when she woke up.

Not surprisingly, the set of keys and the phone, and the open door, that the man had left for her on purpose.

Who is she?


Does she know herself?

Clara stood there and suddenly remembered that she had just run away, was this a prison break?

It shouldn’t count, she hasn’t been convicted of anything, just temporarily detained.

But I always felt uneasy.

After all, Kelly Wang had just dealt with her on the front foot, telling her to stay at the police station and they would find a way to save her.

But she ran out on her own on the back foot, and in any case, it would be difficult to justify herself by then.

Clara hadn’t felt a flash of fear until this moment, only just now had she focused on her instinctive consciousness to escape, only now had she remembered that even if she didn’t count as escaping from prison, it was no different from escaping from prison!

What to do?

Go back?

No, no.

Go back even less to explain.

She closed her eyes, only to find her temples aching from the cold wind, and her head even more like a mess that she couldn’t make sense of.

Just at that moment, the phone dinged.

She froze slightly and picked up her phone to see a message.

Her heart tightened and her fingertips trembled, clicking it away.

The only thing I saw on it was a picture of a woman at the beach, smiling in a beach dress facing the sun.

On the back of the photo, there was also an address written on the back of the photo, and it was the address of the island of Habitat for Humanity.

Clara’s pupils widened in shock.

Jenny?She’s on the island?

No wonder, he had searched so hard in Visterdem that he hadn’t even dug up the ground to find her.

So she left Visterdem a long time ago!

That fuking btch!

Clara gritted her teeth in anger, but then immediately thought, who sent this message?

Only the sender is an email address, and if the other party intends to hide their identity, it should be impossible to find them based on that address alone.

She didn’t frown.

But whoever sent her this photo should not be trying to harm her since they sent it to her.

After all, everyone knew now how important Jenny’s whereabouts were to her!

Thinking of this, Clara couldn’t help but reveal a smirk.

Jenny, just you wait!

Trying to set me up, aren’t you?I’m going to come over there right now and grab you myself, and I’ll see how you explain it to the media and the public then!

That night, Clara bought a ticket from the black market for a boat to the island of Sumi Ning and was going to find someone there.

This is something that she doesn’t dare to voice right now.

For one thing, it was an improper way to get out, and for another, having learned her lesson a few times before, she was afraid of another accident before she actually caught someone.

Therefore, before she left, she didn’t tell anyone except for sending a text message to Yu.


On this day, Jenny was teaching Anan how to play with clay sculpture when he suddenly received a call from Xiao He.

Said Yu Xiu Lian went to Starflight to make a scene again.

She sighed, somewhat helpless, and had to let Yu Xiu Lian answer the phone.

Unexpectedly, as soon as the call came through, I heard the other person yell at me.

Jenny frowned, having little patience for a handful of strangles.

She gave them the opportunity to have a conversation with her with the assurance that it was safe for no one to hear, but that didn’t mean she was willing to listen to invective that made no sense and had dirty ears.

Ann watched her as she answered the phone and hung up again a few moments later, curious.

“Aren’t you happy, Mummy?Did someone piss you off?”

Jenny smiled at her.

“No, it’s just that there are always some cockroaches and bedbugs in the world that we don’t like, but we can’t put an end to them, it’s fine, just ignore them.”

Ann nodded thoughtfully.

In the next second, seriously, “Ann doesn’t like cockroaches and bedbugs either, but don’t worry mommy, Ann is all grown up, and the next time you encounter them, Ann will shoot them for you!”

Jenny looked at the child’s seriousness and couldn’t help but giggle.

“Well, my Ann is so sweet, come on, let’s get on with the clay sculpting!”


Half an hour later, a simple clay sculpture was completed, and Ann was a little tired, so Jenny took her to wash her hands and sent her back to her room to rest.

When I came out, I got a call from Ho.


Ho’s tone was a little less difficult.

“Sister Jenny, Clara… has disappeared.”

Jenny was stunned and raised his eyebrows.

“What do you mean?”

“It was found missing the night before last, and we’ve been looking for a long time here, and Yu Xiulian for some reason flatly decided that you had gotten her away, and also showed me the text message Clara sent her before she left, saying that she knew where you were and came over to look for you.”

Jenny frowned slightly.

“Did the text message say the address?”

“That’s not true, but it’s a strange thing, but since the person was lost from the police station, there’s a lot of responsibility there, so no one dares to make a noise now.

The media outside still doesn’t know about this and was suppressed by the police, and Yu Xiu Lian has searched everywhere but couldn’t find her, that’s why she made a scene at the company, claiming that she wants you to hand over Clara!”

Jenny snickered.

“Is she Clara made of gold?Why should I hide her from you?Tell her straight out that I haven’t seen or contacted Clara.

And there’s not much time left for her, what I mentioned to her earlier, if she thinks about it, contact me, if not, don’t bother her the next time she makes a scene.”

He nodded, “Okay, I got it.”

Hanging up the phone, Jenny frowned in contemplation and turned on his computer to look for the news above.

As in, Clara’s escape was not made public on the network.

Because Kelly Wang had already brought someone to Star Fai once before to make trouble, so even if Yu Xiu Lian went to make trouble again this time, it wouldn’t hurt.

Just what puzzled her was that Jing claimed to already know where he was and had run away to catch him?

The thing, how it looks, reveals the weirdness.

Jenny sat there, quietly thinking about it, and had been thinking about it for a long time without coming up with anything.

Until a few very soft knocks suddenly sounded behind him.

Chapter 254

,,Guan Xuefei stood in the doorway, there is a small suitcase next to her hand, see her turn around, then smiled: “Miss Jing, I’m not disturbing you.”

Jenny Jing restrained his mind and walked over.


Her gaze fell on the suitcase next to Guan Xuefei and she was appalled, “Leaving so soon?”

“Well, I’m just taking a few promotional photos of endorsement products nearby, and when I learned that Grandma Lu was here, I came here on a whim, I can’t take much time off over there, so I have to go back today.”

Jenny nodded.

“Then I’ll give you a lift.”

Guan Xue Fei shook her head and smiled, “No, I came over just to say hello, my assistant has already come over and is waiting for me downstairs, I’ll just go down by myself.”

Jenny wasn’t sure if she was being polite on purpose, or if she had good intentions of not wanting her assistant to see her.

But she didn’t insist any longer and nodded her head.

“Then be careful on your way.”

“Well, so are you.”

Only after seeing Guan Xuefei leave did Jenny remember the question he had just asked.

The reason why Clara had escaped and sent that kind of message to Yu Xiu Lian, she should have received something.

Who had delivered the message to her?

Cheryl Kwan?

It doesn’t look like it.

After all, what she had done on the Perching Island was now known only to Guan Xue Fei, apart from the Lu family.

If this news is revealed, Guan Xuefei is the biggest suspect choice, even if she won’t do it for the sake of her image in the old lady and Biden Lu’s mind.

Who the hell is that?

Also, Clara was only a few hours away from Visterdem since she already knew that she was on the island of Sianing, and it was only a few hours from Visterdem.

Why isn’t she here yet?Or even disappeared somehow?

What’s going on in this, anyway?

Jenny only felt as if a mist was enveloping his eyes, and his mind was so confused that he couldn’t straighten it out.

The good news is that at the moment it’s just Clara who’s missing and nothing else has happened yet.

The only solution now is to hold back and see what happens next.

Thinking this way, Jenny didn’t think about it any more and went out to find An An.

And the other side.

In the cold, damp cabin, Clara woke up in a daze.

Her head was still a little dizzy, and her eyes were so heavy that she couldn’t open them, and when she managed to open them a fraction, she was only aware of darkness around her.

There was a line of light coming in from a short distance away, and a figure could be faintly seen shifting.

What is this place?

She thought consciously, remembering that she had only recently boarded the ship and had eaten some of the snacks the ship had prepared because she was so hungry, and then she seemed to fall asleep.

And then….

Clara frowned, thinking vaguely, and then what happened?

The memory was mobilized and confused, as if it had been moved around and finally locked in a dark room.


Clara instantly woke up, and almost subconsciously, she bounced off the ground.

There was only darkness, and an open door in front of it that wasn’t closed tightly, letting in some light.

Her hands were tied behind her back, her feet were tied, there was a wooden floor beneath her, and she exuded a salty dampness and a whimper of wind in her ears, like she was on a ship.

On a boat?

The knowledge made Kyo slightly alarmed, her hands aching from the tight strangulation of her wrists from being tied so tightly.

She frowned and struggled free a few times, not

Breaking away, it instead wrapped its wrist in more and more pain.

Her heart sank slightly, and she pursed her lips, moving with difficulty towards the doorway, using the line of light to make out the figure shifting outside through the doorway.

That back….so familiar!

Where do I think I’ve seen this before?

Only in the moonlight, the figure turned and was walking towards her.

She was dressed in a light blue casual suit and wore a silver mask on her face so she couldn’t see her face.

But can see that she is tall, not fat and not thin figure just right, will walk unconsciously head up, and the gait is clean, should not be an ordinary person.

Clara’s face was slightly pale, and sensing that the other party was coming towards the room she was in, she even retreated back to sit where she had sat when she woke up.

The door to the cabin creaked open.

The visitor was standing in the doorway and was surprised to see her awake.

“With that heavy dose, I thought you wouldn’t wake up until tomorrow morning, but you seem to be in good shape.”

The clear voice, with a slight hint of indifference, didn’t sound very old.

Clara endured the fear in her heart and asked in a trembling voice, “Who are you?”

“You think I’d tell you?”

Clara stalled.

The other party walked around her twice and said, “Don’t worry, I won’t do anything to you, but just let you stay here for a period of time, food and drink every day someone will naturally bring you over, will not treat you badly.

When the time comes, I’ll naturally release you, so in the meantime, I also hope that you’ll behave yourself and not think of escaping, otherwise I can’t guarantee anything will happen, do you understand?”

Clara was furious.

I was out looking for someone, but now I’ve been kidnapped?

She suddenly remembered something and looked sharply at her visitor.

“That phone from before, and that text message, you sent me?”

I thought the other party would deny it, but they nodded.

“I sent it to you.”

Clara widened her pupils for a moment.

“Are you lying to me?”

“I’m not lying to you, Jenny is indeed on the Island of Perching, but I can’t let you go to her yet because I have more important things I need you to do.”

Clara was getting confused by her.

“What do you want me to do?”

“I just said yah, let you stay here for a while, don’t worry, I won’t hurt you.”

“You tied me up and that doesn’t hurt me?”

“That’s just because I was afraid you’d have to escape.”

The other said, suddenly sighing.

“I don’t really want this, but I have no other choice, you already have a very loving family, so why are you so greedy for more?

But I can understand that. As the saying goes, people go higher, water flows lower.Even if it’s not your own, you still want to fight for it if you get the chance, right?

So I don’t blame you, and I tied you up this time because I didn’t want you to do something I’d hate!

I’ll just lock you up for three days, after that you can go wherever you want, I don’t give a shit.

And don’t worry, to make up for your loss, I’ll help you find the person you’re looking for after this is over, so that we’re considered you and me, and we don’t owe each other anything.”

Clara was so angry that she was about to vomit blood.

What do you mean, we’re even?

The reason she didn’t contact anyone and came directly by boat to perching island that night was to come and catch Jenny by surprise.

And now you’re stuck here for three days?

Chapter 255

Even if she brought the man back then, it wouldn’t help.

The cauliflower was cold, so what good was it if she tried?

Clara was simply about to go crazy.

But the other side was so oily that no matter what she said, it was useless, so she bit the bullet that she must stay here and not go anywhere.

After three days, nature will release her.

After a breakdown, Clara gradually calmed down.

She looked at the girl in front of her, thinking back to what was likely to happen in the last three days, and suddenly something brightened.

“You’re from the Kwan family?”

Sure enough, only the girl in front of him stalled slightly.

It was followed by an icy voice.

“Nonsense!I don’t have anything to do with that Guanjia.”

“I don’t believe it, but if you’re not a shut-in, why do you stress that you must keep me here for three days?Could it be that you’re Michelle Kwan?”

The girl snorted with disdain.

“What is Guan Xuefei?A bastard who’s not wanted by anyone, and is worthy to be compared with me?

You give up, I’m not going to tell you who I am, okay, I have work to do, so I’ll leave you alone.”

After saying that, when really turned around and walked away.

Clara was in a hurry.

“Don’t you go, let go of me first!Do you realize that you are in unlawful confinement like this and I can sue you.”

The girl walking to the door snorted in disdain at the sound of her footsteps.

“And you know this is called illegal confinement?When you imprisoned someone a few days ago, I didn’t see you with such a high level of awareness.”

Clara: “…….”

The other side eventually walked away.

She slumped in her spot, only to feel as if her head was about to explode, an invisible oppressive feeling coming over her heart, about to make her collapse.

It took a long time for her side to slow down.

Leaning against the wall, I took a few slow, deep breaths.

No, you can’t give up.

There is still hope.

The man didn’t look like he wanted to kill her, and as long as she was alive, she’d find a way to escape.

Jenny, just you wait!

Just wait until she escapes and she’ll pull you out of that place herself!

And the other side.

Yu Xiulian hadn’t been able to find Clara for two days in a row, and was already about to go crazy.

It wasn’t just her, the entire King family was anxious as well.

For no other reason than the fact that over in Kyoto, the man who had originally negotiated the deal had come over and promised to arrive in the afternoon.

Now the other side was still a few hours away, but Clara was nowhere to be seen or heard from.

How could they not be anxious?

Kelly Wang said angrily, “I’ll ask that dead girl again, no matter what, their prior put aside, this side is the most important, if she refuses to say anything, I’ll just announce to the media that she’s the one who hid Clara, and I’ll see how she ends up when I see it!”

Yu Xiu Lian revealed a difficult look.

“But every time she put us on the phone, she had that assistant of hers take us to a segregated office, talk and then hang up, and we had no proof of any of this.”

King frowned.

“Why don’t we just talk straight to the people over there?”

“No!”Kelly Wang refused without thinking, “Because of what happened before, the other party was already a little bit against Clara.

Full, now if we make this mess again, it’ll be hard for Maya to get a foothold in that house even if she goes back later, we can’t afford to lose sight of that.”

“What about it?Where’s the concern when it’s all on fire?”

Kelly Wang sighed.

“Let’s try a phone call first!If you really can’t, just agree to her request for now, she wants to hear the truth, and I always have to come forward, so it’s not too late then.”

They both nodded as they saw the situation and knew it was the only way to go now.

At noon that day, Jenny received a call from there.

She was still a little surprised to hear He say that they had agreed to the terms.

It’s a bit of a surprise how quickly this change of heart came about.

But when she thought about Yu Xiu Lian’s exasperated tone yesterday, looking for her to ask for someone, she only gave it a little thought and understood why.

I’m sure this is an attempt to apply a delaying tactic.

Jenny smiled, and without breaking it down, held the phone and said, “Go ahead!How exactly did my mother die five years ago?Who are you all involved with?”

Kelly Wang took a deep breath.

“It’s an important matter, it’s not clear over the phone, and how do I know if you’re recording it?So, you come out and we’ll talk in person.”

Jenny laughed.

“Old Mrs. Jing, this is not a good suggestion at all, if you are trying to provoke me into showing up in order to save Clara, then I’m sorry, it’s not that I don’t want to, but I really don’t know where Clara is.

You can choose to believe this or not, I don’t care, but the words have been spoken to you, the rest is up to you!

Okay, since you don’t have the sincerity to say that, don’t waste my time, I have a lot of work to do, goodbye.”

She said and just cut the call off.

Kelly Wang looked at the disconnected phone and was furious.

As soon as she walked out, Yu Xiu Lian rushed forward in a hurry and asked, “Mom, how is it?What did she say?”

Kelly Wang gave her a fierce white look.

“What else can I say?That b*tch!I think she just won’t see the coffin, and when I find out where she is, I’ll…”

Next to him, He couldn’t help but roll his eyes and snicker.

“All of them are their own granddaughters, look at this, one is missing and doesn’t care, while the other is missing but is anxious like this, I don’t know who is the b*tch in the end!”

Kevin Jing immediately couldn’t help it.

“What did you say?If you dare to talk nonsense again believe me I’ll rip your mouth off!”

Little He looked cold, “Oh?You can try instead, this is Starflight, not your King’s, see if you can rip my mouth off!”



Kelly Wang stopped him, looked at Xiao He coldly and said in a deep voice, “What’s the point of talking to such a lackey?Let’s go!”

Yu Xiu Lian was still a little reluctant.

“Mom, didn’t she tell you where Maya is?What are we supposed to do if we go back like this?Those people are going to be… this afternoon.”

“We’ll talk about this back at home.”

Once again, Kelly Wang returned without success.

After Jenny heard Xiao He’s report, the more he felt that this matter was outrageously strange.

Judging from their reactions, Clara’s disappearance is a foregone conclusion!

Since she had come to find herself, she must have disappeared on her way from Visterdem to Sumning Island, where exactly would she have gone?

Jenny contemplated for a long time before getting up and going to Biden Lu’s study.

Biden Lu was now attending to business, and Jenny Jing did not disturb him, walking straight to a low shelf next to the bookshelf and flipping out a detailed atlas volume from above.

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