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Chapter 256

,,The corner of Biden Lu’s eyes saw, the tip of the eyebrows slightly raised, cut off the just finished video conference, asked: “do what?”

Jenny looked at him, “Oh, it’s fine, I’m just looking around.”

Saying that, she pursed her lips and thought for a few seconds, but eventually told him about Clara’s disappearance.

Biden Lu also felt strange after hearing this.

He wasn’t worried about Clara’s life or death, he just felt that it was strange, and a bad one could easily involve Jenny Jing.

After all, Jenny Jing was pretending to be in trouble now, not really in trouble, and would always show up later, and when the time came, Clara could easily rely on her in case something happened to her.

When he thought of that, he got up and walked over to her and looked at the atlas she was holding.

“Are you taking this to find out where she might be in trouble?”

“Well.”Jenny Jing nodded, flipping open the thin booklet and pointing to a certain spot on it, “Visterdem is already along the coast, and the distance from the Summing Island isn’t too far, Clara shouldn’t dare to take a plane, and can only come here by boat, I want to see what places the passenger boat will probably stop at along the way, and where she’s likely to leave.”

Biden Lu directly took the booklet over.

“No need to go to such trouble!”

He said, touching his phone and making a call out, ordering a few things over the phone.

Jenny brightened at the words he commanded.

After making the call, Biden Lu smiled, “She is escaping, so naturally she can’t buy a ticket to escape righteously, to take a boat is also a black boat, just trust someone to find out who has taken a black boat that night, and you’ll know what’s going on.”

Jennyton was overjoyed.

“Yeah, why didn’t I think of that?Honey, you’re still awesome!”

A simple compliment made the man’s eyes deepen at once.

“Honey there’s something even better, do you want to try it?”

Jenny was stunned at the words, followed by a pretty blush.

Lately, because of the presence of Ann, who always had to run over to pester Jenny from time to time at night, Biden Lu didn’t even dare to do anything to her for fear that she would be hit by the child.

And the kid was so ghostly now that she couldn’t use the chain door, and she didn’t know where she’d found the full set of keys to the hotel that she could easily open if it was locked.

Biden Lu couldn’t pull off a special lock change for this, so someone had been vegetarian since arriving on the island and hadn’t had meat for almost a week.

Today I just happened to run into an old lady taking Ann around the neighborhood, away from the house, while they were alone in a room….

Jenny’s little face was as red as a tomato, dilly-dallying, and all of a sudden he couldn’t even tell where to put his hand.

“Well, Ann and the others will be back later…”

“They’re not that fast.”

The man said, already bullying on the body, Jenny only felt a tightness on the waist, then the man was held up slender waist suddenly put on the table.

She was confused and a little unresponsive.

Until someone pushed aside all those obtrusive computers and files next to them and leaned over.

“Well… Biden Lu, you’re a beast!”


An hour later.

Someone who had eaten and drunk enough to finally cease to be a man.

Jenny was already exhausted and sore.

Biden Lu k*ssed her eyebrows and couldn’t help but smile.

Biden coquettishly glared at him, looked at the time on the phone next to him, and annoyed, “It’s all you!I promised it would be over soon, and here we are!Ann and the others will be back soon, I’ll see how you can explain if we really run into each other!”

Still smiling, Biden Lu grabbed her hand again and placed it on her lips and k*ssed it.

“How can a man be fast?And weren’t you happy just now?”

Jenny: “……..”

This man….

I can’t wait to bite him to death!

Jokes aside, Biden Lu also knew that those two people should be home soon.

He picked Jenny up and headed to the bedroom.

“What else do you want?”

“No why, carry you to the shower, or do you want to meet them like this?”

Jennyton was silent.

She didn’t resist, letting the man carry her into the bathroom and out of the shower this time.

Sure enough, she had just gotten out of the bathroom on the front foot and Ann and the old lady were back on the back foot.

Once inside, Ann tugged at the door and called out for Mommy.

Jenny was busy changing clothes downstairs, and saw the child holding a big pile of stuff, all toys, excitedly ran over and pulled her down to play with her.

Jenny couldn’t help but laugh and said to the old lady, “You bought her a toy again?”

The old lady smiled, “I came out in a hurry, I didn’t bring a lot of things from home, and I had someone send a batch over when Ann got bored.”

Jenny Jing nodded, seeing that the old lady was a bit tired, he said, “You can rest for a while, I’ll just accompany her.”

The old lady also had this in mind, so she handed An’an over to Jenny and went back to her room to rest.

Jenny played with An An for a while, and then Biden Lu’s side received the news.

The people below reported up that a few nights ago, an unidentified woman had indeed bought a black boat ticket to come on a boat to perching island.

But halfway there, she was taken by another woman.

Since they had all watched the woman enter her room, they thought they knew each other, so they didn’t think much of it.

Jenny frowned in confusion after hearing this.


She quickly searched her mind for a circle of women that Jing knew and had a motive to snatch her away and found zero.

That’s a strange thing to do!

Biden Lu also felt strange, but to him, whether Clara was dead or alive was none of his business.

As long as Jenny was fine, he was fine with it.

So, he intoned, “Since that family thinks that you’ve abducted Clara, and to the extent that they’re so eager to find her now, there must be something going on, why don’t you go along with it and let them confess their crime first?”

Jenny gave him a suspicious glance.

“Isn’t that a little too cunning?”

“Heh!Soldiers are not deceitful.”

Jenny: “……..”

In the end, based on all considerations, she agreed to Biden Lu’s idea.

I was about to call Kelly Wang, but I didn’t expect to receive a call from Xiao He first before the call went out.

“Sister Jenny, something’s happened!Go online and check it out, Clara is live!”

Jenny was stunned and amazed.

She didn’t ask He, and she didn’t say much nonsense, just cut off the phone and opened the ruff on her phone to find Jing’s live entrance.

A little in, and it’s really her.

I saw Clara facing the camera, her whole body looked haggard and pale, and she should be in a hotel room somewhere in the background.

She complained in tears, “For the past few days, my family has been physically and mentally exhausted trying to find me, while I’ve been imprisoned by Jingkong on a small boat at sea!If I hadn’t been clever enough to escape, she wouldn’t have been kidnapped, this was murder!”

Chapter 257

,,Jenny’s face changed.

Clara continued, “If you don’t believe me, I still have witnesses and physical evidence, and when I escaped, I was fortunate to meet a kind fisherman lady who helped me.”

I said, even as I turned the camera to the side, revealing a dark, plain face in the picture.

The other party nodded incessantly, “Yes yes, this girl is too pitiful to meet such a bad person and be abused like that on her body.

Luckily, she was brave enough to escape after swimming several seas, but if she hadn’t met me, she could have been eaten by a shark!”

Jing was busy turning the camera on herself again, revealing her wrist as well as the scars on her skin.

I saw that the two pairs of wrists had turned black and blue because they were tied with ropes, while the body was full of bruises and purple bruises, and there was a long bloodstain on the leg, looking so pitiful.

“I’ve now called the police, and I’m already heartbroken over what Jenny did, and I thought we were at least sisters no matter what, but I never thought she would try to kill me.

From this day forward, I will not be merciful, I will not be silent, I will raise the weapon of the law and make her pay her fair share of the blame!

Also, in fact, from the very beginning, Jenny had never been kidnapped, she had stayed right here on the island of Summing, and everything was her way of using public opinion and the law to try to persecute me!

Everyone was deceived by her hypocritical face to create this situation, but that’s okay, I’m safe now.

Next, I’ll do my best to restore the truth of this matter and let everyone know who is that true queen Mu murderer!”

After Clara finished speaking, she ended the broadcast.

Naturally, there was another uproar online.

However, Jenny was no longer interested in seeing it, and she put the phone away, her face slightly cold.

Biden Lu had been standing next to her, so naturally he had seen the live feed clearly.

Rather, I didn’t think that Clara still had such skills.

You can escape and then bite back.

Heh.It’s really a scourge that will last for a thousand years.

Biden Lu asked, “What are your plans now?Just tell me if you need me to do something, and I’ll have it done right away.”

Jenny understood what he meant.

But she shook her head.

“No, I have a way to deal with it.”

Biden Lu unexpectedly raised his eyebrows.

Today’s situation could be said to be very unfavorable to Jenny, and even he couldn’t think of any way she would be able to cope with such a situation.

He warned quietly, “The place is exposed, and it’s probably not going to be long before we get a lot of people here, are you sure you don’t need my help?”

Jenny laughed.

“All we’re waiting for is for them to come.”


Jenny wasn’t just empty words.

She had her own ideas, and while today’s situation was beyond her expectations, it wasn’t a bit of a coping mechanism.

After all, she’d been planning for a long time for this, and she always had a spare or two on hand.

I thought it would never come in handy, but it will today.

That afternoon, towards evening, the island was really full of people.

Jenny didn’t hide, but met with these people in a generous manner.

It was nothing more than some reporters who had heard the news, the police, and a group of people from Rovell and Jingjia.

Everyone stared in amazement as they looked at her standing in front of them intact.

The reporters seized the opportunity and pointed their cameras at her for a quick shot.

Jenny didn’t allow the old lady and An An to come out, originally even Biden Lu refused to let him come out with her, but the man wouldn’t let him.

He said, “If I’m not standing by your side at this point, then what right do I have to be your man?

Jenny had no choice but to agree.

Therefore, it was not only Jenny who appeared together at this time, but also Biden Lu.

The media got even more excited.

“Mr. Land, may I ask what your relationship is with Miss King?Why are we all here together?”

“There have long been rumors that Miss Jing has a big moneylord behind her, may I ask if this person is you?”

“Do you have anything to say about this self-directed accident of Miss King’s?”

“May I ask if you are involved in the planning of all this?”


Countless questions came together, and the crowds of people blocked the hotel entrance all together.

Biden Lu tensed his face, expressionless, and did not speak.

Jenny, however, lifted his hand, gesturing for everyone to quiet down.

The reporters thought she was going to open her mouth and immediately quieted down.

Unexpectedly, a man suddenly rushed up beside him, reaching out and grabbing Jenny, cursing, “Why do you want to harm my daughter?My daughter has always been patient with you, but you’ve pushed her every step of the way, and now you’ve brought her to this point, I’ll fight you!”

Just before she got close to Jenny, the security guard pulled her back.

Jenny Jing coolly swept towards the insane Yu Xiu Lian.

Kelly Wang angrily said, “Even if you’re a person with a vicious mind, you still pull Lu Shao into the water, Lu Shao doesn’t know the truth and doesn’t see the sinister intentions of this woman of yours, but you use people to do such heartless and heartless things, are you still considered a human being?”

After all, Kelly Wang didn’t dare to offend Biden Lu too much, and the words wanted to pick him aside.

At the same time, it was also releasing a signal to Biden Lu.

The only thing they were targeting was Jenny, which had nothing to do with the Lu family.

If Biden Lu didn’t want the Lu family to be dragged into this quagmire, he could have stood by and not had to intervene.

Unexpectedly, Biden Lu smiled coolly.

“Old Mrs. Jing, I remember telling you to your face a long time ago that Jenny Jing is my wife, everything about her is about me, and her business is my business, so how can you call this a use?”

Kelly Wang stalled.

I never thought he would say that.

But others were even more shocked.

When they saw Biden Lu and Jenny Jing appearing together, they knew that this must not be simple.

But I never thought it would be so simple.

Is Jenny Biden Lu’s wife?

What’s wrong with you?

How is that possible?

Isn’t Lu Jing-Shen single?When did you get married?

Everyone was in a daze, but they didn’t want to miss the news of the century in front of them, so they were busy holding up their cameras just snapping away.

When Kelly Wang saw that Biden Lu wouldn’t take this step down, she could only say in an angry voice, “Well, it’s what you said!Jenny, what’s up?Aren’t you missing?Didn’t you say it was us, Clara, who kidnapped you?

Then explain to me what’s going on. What’s going on?A man who claims he was kidnapped is well and truly here on a sunbathing holiday with men, and my little Maya is being put in that situation!

Is there any law of the land, any justice at all?Jenny, I advise you to tell me honestly, what other evil deeds have you committed?If you confess, maybe we can be lenient!Otherwise…”

“Or else what?”

Jenny didn’t hesitate to interrupt her.

Chapter 258

,,She tilted her head slightly and looked at her with a seeming smile, “Is Mrs. Jing so sure now that she has cleaned up all traces and is winning?”

Kelly Wang’s face changed.

“What do you mean?I can’t understand what you’re saying!”

“You don’t need to be able to understand, just that they understand.”

Jenny said, suddenly opening his handbag and pulling out a recording pen.

Immediately afterwards, an extremely exciting recording flowed out of the recorder as if it were water.

The crowd held their breath.

Just listen to the snippet of the conversation between the four King family members.

King: “Who is really behind this?First pouring pig’s blood on the house, and now posting this kind of post on the internet, this is clearly an attempt to target our King family!”

Kelly Wang: “Who else could it be?There won’t be another person besides that damned girl who dares to send such news out there!”

King: “As long as we’re having a bad day, she’s happy, that damn girl!If I’d known, I shouldn’t have left her behind twenty years ago!Now that I’ve taken care of that woman so easily, she’s come out to give me a hard time!”

Kelly Wang: “It’s just as well that you say this to me in private, but you are not allowed to mention it again in front of Yu Xiu Lian and Clara.”

King: “It’s all family, what’s the point of avoiding suspicion.”

The company’s president and chief executive officer, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak, said the company’s strategy was to develop a new business in the country, which would help the company to grow and expand its business….”

Yu Xiu-lian: “Even if I ran the person over, so what?It’s been five years, and she still wants to find out what’s going on?”

Clara: “Mom, but I’m still afraid…”

Yu Xiulian: “Don’t be afraid, if you really push it, I could have killed her mother five years ago, and I can still kill her five years from now!She had it all coming!”

Kevin Jing: “It was me who had a hard time climbing up to that woman surnamed Mo to earn the current family fortune for the Jing family, but she was good, she actually wanted to give all this much of the family fortune to that brat, not taking me into account at all, it’s simply abominable!”

Yu Xiulian: “What is one Jing family?If this matter is really successful, then we Clara is flying up the branch to be a phoenix, then not to mention the Jing family, even if he Hua family Mu family, will also kneel down to the ground to befriend us, Kevin, the vision should be more long-term, always care about the immediate rope head small profit, will not have a good result.”

King: “You’re right, we’ve got to succeed at this!Never let anything go wrong!”

Clara: “Mom, I don’t want to be a match for Jenny Jing.”

Yu Xiu-lian: “Clara be good, think!Because of what happened before, everyone thought that you were a selfish and vicious person who would persecute your sister to get what she wanted.

But if you’re in the drama as the second female, and Jenny is the female lead, then you can totally tell the outside world then that it’s Jenny who wants to enter the entertainment industry, and you, her sister, are willing to surrender yourself to match her in order to hold her up as a sister.

By then, people will only think that you’re affectionate and know that you can correct your mistakes, and that your acting must be better than Jenny’s, and when the two of them are in the same drama, and it’s clear that you’re the better actor, but you can only play the second female, and she’s a mess, but she takes the female lead, guess what those people will say?”

Clara: “They will definitely think that Jenny Jing’s character is coming from the wrong place!”

Yu Xiu Lian: “Yes, that’s right, we’ll then give her a push behind the scenes and she’ll just wait for her legacy to live on!”


The recording played for nearly ten full minutes.

What’s in there, though edited and in scattered fragments, is shocking enough.

The car killings, forced the death of the original spouse, the third wife, the family fortune, the framing of the stepdaughter, and many other words to reveal the meaning of the conspiracy, it is unbearably creepy to hear.

Jesus!What kind of a family is this?

Taking a step back, Yu Xiulian and Clara had no feelings for Jenny Jing and her mother, but Kelly Wang and Kevin Jing were family members who had lived with them for over a decade.

How can you call yourself human if you do this to your flesh and blood?

Everyone’s faces changed for a moment, and they all turned their attention to the four people of the Jing family who were standing to the side, already confused.

Everyone’s eyes unabashedly revealed shock and contempt.

And the most shocked and incredulous of them all was Rovell.

He never thought the truth would be this!

Back then, Mo Caiwei was killed in a car accident and Jenny Jing left the country, so it was all manipulated by the Jing family?

Kelly Wang finally reacted, her face changed dramatically, and said hurriedly, “This, this recording is fake, it’s all nonsense!You mustn’t trust her!”

However, not many people would believe her words at this point.

What is of more interest is what the Jing family did than why Jenny Jing swindled his death.

Clara and Yu Xiu Lian and the others also panicked.

Clara’s gaze shifted sharply, suddenly looking up at Jenny Jing who was standing on the high platform.

“Sister, I know you hate me and would like me to die, but this is just between the two of us, mum, dad and grandma are innocent, do you have to frame them like that?”

Jenny smiled coldly.

“False accusations?Back then, you guys unintentionally broke up a woman’s affair with my mum and bribed the garage to tamper with my mum’s car just in case things got out of hand.

Fearing that my mum wouldn’t die, and then deliberately driving into her, my mum’s car was crashed right into a bridge, and the car was destroyed, and this is a false accusation?”

Yu Xiu Lian’s face swished white.

“You, you’re talking nonsense, I didn’t do it, although I truly love Tsunade, I never wanted to take your mother’s place!

I’m sorry about what happened to your mum, but you can’t blame everything on me because of that!Jenny, Auntie Lian has not treated you badly these past few years, how can you do this to me?”

She said, bursting into tears.

Clara was busy supporting her and said sadly, “Mom, don’t be too sad, I think sister must have been instigated by some female dryad to talk nonsense like this, let’s not fall into someone’s trap.”

Kelly Wang heard her words and reacted.

Even changing colour, he said in a deep voice, “Okay, I can pretend I never heard those words today!It doesn’t matter what messed up people you’ve been seeing lately or what you’ve heard them say, it’s a no-no!

Now, you come back with me right now and give us an explanation about your sister!

As long as the explanation you give is justified enough, we’re not that unforgiving, so naturally we won’t do anything to you.”

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