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Chapter 322

Only just entering the door, I heard Gu Changhai’s thick, resonant voice.

There were many people sitting in the living room, not only all the people of the Guan family were there, learning the news that Guan Jiwan’s daughter was found, there were also a few who came to the door to congratulate her.

Kyoto is a muddle of water, but whenever there’s the slightest stirring of the wind, news always spreads out quickly and easily.

Jenny and Biden Lu were considered late arrivals, and when they arrived, it wasn’t just the Gu’s who were there, but the Feng’s as well.

Tailor Feng was pulled by his father, Feng Xinglang, and sat there.

When they saw Biden and Biden Lu walk in from outside, their eyes lit up.

“Second brother, second sister-in-law, you’re here.”

Biden Lu held Jenny Jing’s hand and walked over together.

The Guan family’s housekeeper, an old man named Chen, had been busy entertaining guests in the living room and had momentarily neglected the door.

At this time, when he saw Biden Lu coming, he was so shocked that he came forward and compensated with a smile, “I’m sorry, I didn’t know that Lu Shao was coming, so please forgive me.”

Biden Lu smiled and said in a soft voice, “Housekeeper Chen need not be so polite, our Lu Guan families have been friends for generations, and I used to come here often when I was a child, so I’m no outsider.”

Next to him, someone immediately poked fun at him, “Yeah, to say the least, this Lu Shao and Miss Guan are still fingering each other, if not for this accident, both of them would have been married by now, so how could there be a need…”

Before the words were finished, the entire living room had fallen into a dead silence.

The one who spoke was a noble wife, also unknown to the ladies of the family.

Realizing that everyone had suddenly quieted down, he first froze, then realized what was going on, his face changed, and he covered his mouth.

Next to her, her husband gave her a hard stare.

Immediately afterwards, he even went forward to apologize with a smile.

“I’m sorry, Lu, Mrs. Lu, she was just a spur of the moment, she didn’t mean it that way.”

Jenny laughed.

“Chairman Jiang doesn’t have to be like this, what Mrs. Jiang said is also the truth, there’s nothing that can’t be said, besides, Biden and I are already married, so naturally we won’t bother about such things.”

Chairman Jiang was only slightly relieved by this, and he gave some polite flattery.

Master Guan was nearly eighty years old this year, and his health hadn’t been very good because of the illnesses he had fallen victim to during the war when he was younger.

He was now sitting on the couch, looking at the young man and woman who had walked in, and it took him half a moment to interject.

“Ah Shen and Ah Shen’s daughter-in-law are here, come here and show grandpa.”

Biden Lu was busy pulling Jenny Jing over.

Obviously about the same age, Master Guan looked much older than Master Lu and Old Mrs. Cen.

He looked up at the pair of young men in front of him, a pleased smile on his weather-beaten face.

“Good, good, Sham hasn’t been coming here for a long time, how have you been?”

Biden Lu replied, “Thanks to the old man, everything is fine.”

“That’s good.”

The old man patted his hand and sighed again, “Your grandparents were here last time, I had a fight with your grandfather, he doesn’t pay much attention to me these two days, go back and talk to him for me, tell him not to be so stubborn ah!”

Biden Lu laughed.


Master Lu and Master Guan, in their youth, had been good brothers in trouble.

Both men have a somewhat cantankerous nature, so even though the seven oldest

Eighty years old and always fighting.

Guan Ji Ming sat on the other side and smiled at Biden Lu, “Since Ah Shen is here, bring your daughter-in-law and stay for a casual dinner, it’s just as well that everyone is here today and it’s lively.”

Biden Lu didn’t refuse and nodded slightly, “That’s exactly what I intend to do.”

As everyone was saying that, a surprised laugh came from the stairway.

“Aww, people are here so soon?Lu Shao and Lu’s daughter-in-law are here too!”

Biden Lu nodded his head slightly in greeting, “Hello Second Aunt.”

The one who came down was Guan Ji Ming’s wife, Xu Hui.

Xu Hui comes from a family of scholars, her father and mother are both famous national art masters, children from such a family should have been gentle and quiet, but Xu Hui is a hot-headed and impatient.

Although Jenny Jing didn’t know her well, having been in the capital for so long, he had naturally heard of her name.

Xu Hui was a quick tempered but good-natured person.

Usually and Old Mrs. Cen are also relatively close to each other, and when they saw this, they smiled and said, “Since we’re here, why are we all standing around?Sit down quickly, we’ll have dinner in a little while, and we must have a hot reunion dinner tonight.”

Guan Jili, the eldest of the younger generation of the Guan family, asked at the sight of the situation, “Where’s Clara?Why isn’t she down yet.”

Xu Hui smiled, “This child is a bit tired after meeting the guests all afternoon, she’s resting in her room, I’ll call her down later when dinner is served.”

Guan Jili nodded at the news.

It wasn’t long before it was time to eat.

Xu Hui sent someone to call Clara down, and after all these months, Jenny Jing had recently seen her for the first time.

She was wearing a white cashmere slim-fit jumper and a cashmere skirt underneath, revealing a pair of slim, straight legs, her chestnut hair was carefully tended and permed with a little wool curl, and her entire body looked pure and lovely, simply a far cry from how she had looked a few months ago, when the Jing family had just fallen apart.

Clara walked down the marble steps step by step with the help of the maids, came to the front of everyone, bowed her head slightly, and asked a good morning with a smile.

“I’m sorry, it’s all my fault for being so tired this afternoon, I slept through it, and I’m slacking off on you all.”

Everyone was also busy smiling and being polite for a while, and Clara smiled at them one by one, and finally, her eyes fell on Jenny Jing.

Jenny looked at her calmly.

Clara gave a slight pause, unexpectedly not dodging as she had expected, but instead stepped forward with a generous smile, “Sister, you’ve come too.”

Jenny was appalled and raised his eyebrows.

This seemed a little different than she had imagined.

She thought that Jing would be guilty when she saw her, but that didn’t seem to be the case.

But since the other party wasn’t afraid, she naturally had even less to fear.

Jenny Jing also returned a generous smile, “It’s been a long time since we met again, sister, you seem to be having a good time?”

Clara smiled, not seeing any resentment or displeasure towards Jenny Jing from that face, all there was was sincerity.

“Thanks to my sister’s blessing, although it’s not as good as the old days of brocade, but it’s still quiet and comfortable, I used to be sorry to my sister, but things have changed, I hope my sister doesn’t take the past enmity to heart.”

Jenny sprinkled a smile.

“Sister is joking, it was before, it’s now, before you were my father’s illegitimate daughter, but now you are the Guan family’s bequest of the sea, your identity has changed, and all the past grudges have naturally vanished.”

The bustling living room suddenly went quiet.

Chapter 323

Thanks to Jenny Jing and Clara’s status as artists, the prospect of the family’s affair was a boisterous one on the network, so there were quite a few people present who knew the two of them.

Originally, we were appalled to learn that the person the Guan family had found back was Clara.

It’s just that it’s in the way of saving face, and it’s someone’s private business, so it’s not good to ask more.

At this point, seeing Jenny Jing say this, everyone couldn’t help but look at each other, followed by a look of watching a good show in unison.

It’s not just a matter of time, but also a matter of time before you get to the bottom of it.

Seeing them like this now, not a little confused.

“Daughter-in-law Ah Shen, you and our Clara, you knew each other before, ah?”

Jenny turned his head, smiled at the old man, and nodded.

“Yeah, not only do we know each other, but we’re very close.”

The old man was even more confused at the news.

It was just that the current occasion was really not the right time to say too much, Guan Ji Ming frowned slightly and gave Xu Hui a wink, Xu Hui even went forward to make a roundabout.

“Oh, it’s time for dinner, why don’t we move to the dining room, Dad, but the kitchen made your favorite steamed cod today, you’ll have to eat more of it later.”

The old man griped, “Today is a good day for Clara to come back, and there are so many guests present, why are you only patronizing me?Should have taken more care of them.”

Xu Hui responded in succession, “Yes, yes, yes, all of them are taken care of, it’s you who is taken care of the most, who is the great lucky star of our family!”

As he said that, he asked the two brothers Guan Ji Ming and Guan Ji Li to help the old man into the wheelchair together.

The old man is old and unwell, and with his legs and feet, he has been in a wheelchair for the past two years and rarely moves around.

He glared at Xu Hui with discontent, “You only know how to cheer me up, I’m a terrible old man, what do I want you guys to take care of?”

Xu Hui laughed, “You’re a long-lived old birthday girl, what a bad old man!This magnificent body of yours, not daughter-in-law bragging about you, even those little fresh meat outside are not half as good as you.”

The old man was stunned by her bluff and asked curiously, “Little fresh meat?Why are you comparing me to pork?I can’t be worse than that!”

Xu Hui couldn’t help but giggle, “Old Master, it’s really not that I’m not helping you, it’s that you’re just too outdated.”

Someone beside him even laughed and explained, “Old man, fresh meat is not pork, it means those good-looking young boys nowadays.”

It was only then that the old man came to his senses, and then he thought about it himself and found it funny, so he was happy too.

The conversation was thus diverted without a trace, and Guan Ji Ming greeted everyone to the dining room.

Although everyone obviously still had something to gossip about, they were too embarrassed to say anything else, and that’s when they all headed to the dining room.

The meal was not exactly harmonious and warm, but it went well.

Although it was obvious that everyone at the table had their own thoughts, at least in front of the old man, they all tacitly chose to shut up and wouldn’t be eyeless to ruin the atmosphere in front of them.

After dinner, Clara originally wanted to push the old man to go for a walk in the back garden, but the old man refused.

The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the newest products that are available.Have fun.”

Clara reveals a trace of

With a worried expression, “But you…”

“Eh, I’m fine, I’ll just let old Chen push me over for a walk.”

I said, and beckoned the butler, Old Chen, over.

Clara saw this, and that’s when she released the wheelchair and gave him the seat.

And politely said to Butler Chen, “Then I’ll leave it to Uncle Chen, Grandpa, I’ll play for a while and come over to accompany you.”

Master Guan smiled so much that his eyes narrowed to a slit, “Good, there’s no rush, if you’re really having too much fun, don’t come looking for me, I’ll take a walk and go back to rest.”

Clara nodded her head, which left.

Not far away, Jenny was standing there, watching the scene, thoughtful.

Biden Lu came from behind and stood firm behind her, looking in the direction she was looking and asked, “What are you thinking about?”

Jenny Jing leaned on his chin with his finger and intoned, “I was wondering whose idea it was to have Clara come to the Guan family and play the role of Guan Jiwan’s missing daughter.”

Lu Jingxue laughed, “This is Uncle Guan Er’s responsibility, who else’s idea could it be but his.”

Jenny shook his head.

“This matter is so important that if it was just Uncle Guan, Master Guan might not notice, but others will definitely be able to, especially Uncle Guan.

It was well known that the two brothers of the Guan family had always been at odds with each other, and as the eldest son, if Master Guan passed away, the next head of the Guan family should reasonably be Uncle Guan.

However, he is a mediocre talent, not as good as Uncle Guan, so he has always regarded Uncle Guan as his greatest rival and a thorn in his side.

If this was really the work of Uncle Guan Er alone, Uncle Guan couldn’t have cooperated with him and put on such a good show, it wouldn’t have done him any good.”

Biden Lu raised his eyebrows.

“So you think?”

“I always felt as if the whole Kwan family was acting, except for the old man.”

Biden Lu was also not in deep thought, Jenny Jing turned back, looking at him, but at that moment, his eyes looked over his shoulder and saw a familiar figure coming in not far away.

“My lady, you’re back!”

Housekeeper Chen was about to push Master Guan towards the garden, not expecting to meet Guan Xuefei, who had just returned from outside, at the door, and even greeted him with a smile.

Guan Xuefei managed a smile and called out, “Grandpa.”

Compared to the amiable manner in which he had faced Clara before, Master Guan clearly didn’t look too good when he saw Guan Xuefei.

“Why are you so late?Don’t you know that today is the day your sister comes home?Did you do that on purpose to try to get her off the hook?”

The expression on Guan Xuefei’s face stiffened.

At that moment, Clara seemed to hear a voice and ran over.

“Grandpa, don’t blame your sister.”

She even blocked in front of Guan Xuefei and explained, “The nature of my sister’s work is special, she originally couldn’t come back tonight, but now it’s not easy to come back at this time, and I didn’t come down, so don’t be angry with me.”

Only then did Master Guan’s face soften a bit, and with some impatience, he looked at Guan Xuefei and said in a deep voice, “Why are you still standing here?There are so many guests in there, you don’t know how to greet them?”

Guan Xue Fei paused for a moment before bowing her head slightly and saying, “I know, Grandpa, then I’ll go in first.”

Afterwards, he hurried inside with his head down.

Chapter 324

After Guan Xuefei left, only then did Master Guan look lovingly at Clara and smiled, “Clara, that person of your sister’s nature is boring, you should be more responsible for everything, don’t bother with her.”

Clara smiled good-naturedly, “Of course, we’re a family after all, harmony is most important.”

The old man nodded appreciatively, which was why he didn’t say anything and let Butler Chen push him away.

Jenny was watching in disbelief.

“Tsk, how do you think this Clara plays around, always the same old tricks?Pretending to be soft and weak, acting like a virtuous woman, but she repeatedly tried and got her way every time!”

Biden Lu sneered.

“Probably most people in this world look at people with their eyes, not their hearts.”

Jenny raised his eyebrows.

She turned her eyes to Biden Lu and smiled, “Then I wonder if our Grand President Lu, uses his eyes or his heart when looking at people?”

Biden Lu lowered his eyes, a wicked smile curving his lips.

“I use my eyes when I look at others, but only my heart when I look at you.”

I said, taking her hand and pressing her palm against his chest.

“Listen, it’s happy for you!”

Jenny’s inexplicably small face flushed, failing to tease, but instead being teased herself, she even withdrew her hand.

Giving him a look, “Rascal!”

I said, swiping past him and hurrying inside.

Biden Lu, who could rarely make his young wife blush, burst out laughing and followed along.

Jenny felt that it was better to get to the bottom of this matter anyway.

Lest you get shady someday and know what’s going on.

And to find out about this, it’s really simple, just ask Jiaki Guan for advice.

Guan Ji knew of their previous relationship and knew in his heart that it was impossible to lie to Jenny about this, so there was no need to lie at all.

When Jenny Jing and Biden Lu found Guan Ji Ming together, the other party just happened to come out of the tea room after talking with Gu Changhai.

Seeing them, he was slightly stunned, then smiled, “Ah Shen, Jenny, you guys aren’t playing in the front hall, why are you here?”

When Biden Lu didn’t say anything, Jenny Jing smiled, “We were walking in the garden, and we didn’t realize we were here.”

She said, looking over at Gu Changhai.

Gu Changhai also saw her, but the two didn’t know each other well, so he only nodded his head.

Gu Changhai smiled at Biden Lu and said, “Lu Shao has recently acquired several large enterprises one after another, and the movement has made a lot of noise, so it can be called young talent.”

Biden Lu’s face was colorless, and he said in a light voice, “The Gu family is in politics, and the Lu family is in business, and they have always been well water, but I never thought that Uncle Gu would be so concerned about our Lu Clan.”

Gu Changhai choked a bit at his words.

Followed by two awkward laughs.

“We’re at least friends of the world, so it’s not surprising that we know, but don’t get me wrong, Uncle Gu doesn’t mean anything else, he just wants to praise you purely.”

Biden Lu faintly held the corner of his lips.

“In that case, thank you Uncle Gu for the compliment.”

The Gu family and the Guan family, although they hadn’t torn each other apart in the open, they had secretly confronted each other not once or twice.

They knew all of this by heart, so it was not appropriate for them to talk any more


Gu Changhai and Guan Jiming said to each other and left.

Only then did Guan Ji Ming turned back and said to Biden Lu and Jenny Jing, “You two came over to find me, you want to ask me something, right?”

Jenny didn’t hide it and nodded.

Off Ji Ming smiled.

“I expected it, and it doesn’t hurt, it’s good to get this out of the way, so you guys come with me.”

With that, he walked ahead and led the two into the tea room.

Master Guan loved tea, as the tea room in the old Guan family home was decorated with extra elegance and style.

Antique shades, even the tea table in front of the use of ancient sandalwood, people sitting there, tea is not yet bubble, will first have a kind of floating valley owes the feeling of fairy.

Three people seated, off Ji Ming took the tea out, while personally making tea, while saying: “I knew you guys were coming, but did not expect this moment to come, so many people outside, you at least give me some face, although many people see out of this thing, but in front of the old man, no one can say, can hold back and wait for you guys to come to me to say, look at the joke!”

Jenny Jing smiled, “Since Uncle Guan Erjun knows we’re coming to you to say, he still dares to lead Clara to Kyoto, so he seems to be very confident.”

Guan Ji Ming frowned slightly and looked up at her.

Next to him, Biden Lu’s face was expressionless, his fingers unconsciously playing with the ring on his ring finger, his eyes somewhat cold.

Guan Ji Ming looked at her, then at Biden Lu, paused for a few seconds, and finally sighed.

“Forget it, you two are clearly raising hell, so I can’t hide it from you anymore.”

He said, getting up and pouring a cup of tea for each of them and sitting down again, before saying, “Clara is indeed not Wan’s child.”

Jenny was slightly stunned.

Although this outcome had long been anticipated, Guan Ji Ming was still not surprised when he actually said the words.

Guan Ji Ming intoned, “This matter is known to everyone but me, my wife, my brother, and the rest of the Guan family, and we came to an agreement to make the old man happy in these remaining days, so it doesn’t matter if Clara is Xiaowan’s child or not, as long as she resembles him.”

He paused for two seconds and continued, “And if there is anyone else in the world who knows the whereabouts of that child, I’m afraid it’s only Clara.”

Jenny was startled, some not understanding what he meant.

But for that, it seems that Guan Jiaming doesn’t want to say much.

Biden Lu had no interest in that child, but he was much more interested in the Guan family acting like this.

Therefore, as soon as Guan Ji Ming’s voice fell, he asked with a smile on his face, “So you guys are looking for Clara to impersonate her, but she’s notorious, these things, even if you don’t say anything, sooner or later someone will spread to the old man, how are you going to explain it to him?”

Guan Ji Ming frowned slightly at the words.

“These things are all in the past, not to mention that the old man doesn’t have many days left, during this time I will strictly order my family to keep quiet and not mention those things from the past, as for the people outside, no matter what they say, the old man won’t believe it.”

Biden Lu scoffed lightly.

Jenny asked, “You said the old man doesn’t have many days left, did the doctor give the notice?”

Guan Ji Ming nodded.

He was silent for a moment before saying, “The cancer has spread to the liver, and the old man refuses to accept chemotherapy and all other means, so it will basically not last for another two months at most.”

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