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Chapter 352

Nangong Che circulated around the place anxiously, the phone came surging, and he answered them one by one, casting murderous eyes towards Yu Muwan.

Yu Muwan leaned against the corner, his slender figure straightened up, and his hand resting on his abdomen.

How would she tell him that she didn’t mean it?

At that moment, if she didn’t avoid it, then she might die, and it was her who was crushed by the wheels. If she just hit her, the car shouldn’t brake at all, right?

But what does she have to say?

Warm tears lingered under his eyes, and Yu Muwan paled with a small face, saying nothing.

The lights in the emergency room suddenly went out!

The doctor came out, full of blood.

“How is she?! What about the child?” Nangong Che asked anxiously, welcoming him.

The doctor took off the mask, but did not breathe: “Guardian or child care?”

Nangong Che was shocked: “What did you say?”

“I ask you whether to protect the adult or the child!” the doctor frowned. “The situation is very dangerous now, and the patient is very emotional and can’t be comforted. Although the child has not died yet, I tell you it is better to protect the adult, the child. The probability of keeping it is very small, do you still think about it?”

Nangong Che’s fists were clenched, and the veins violently burst: “What do you mean! Her child just disappears like this, right?”

The doctor dodged his eyes slightly, raising his voice and said, “Yes, yes, do you want to protect the adults?”

The situation has been forced to an extremely critical situation. Nangong Chejun’s face flushed. It felt like a knife to him to make such a decision. After waiting for a few seconds, he finally suppressed the sharp pain in his chest and said, “Master Bao… Eun Hee can’t do anything…”

“Okay, let’s make sure first!” The doctor turned and walked in after speaking.

The lights in the emergency room turned on again.

The entire corridor was horribly silent, and no one dared to make a sound. Nangong Che’s tall and straight figure slowly turned around, staring at Yu Muwan in the corner closely, and the murderous aura in his eyes began to diffuse.

“Are you pregnant?” Nangong Che knelt down and asked quietly.

Yu Muwan knew that he was emotionally unstable at this moment, and a trace of fear flashed through his clear eyes, weakly pressing against the wall, holding his belly with his hand, breathing like a gossip, without saying a word.

“So you also know how important a seven-month-old child is to a mother, isn’t it?” Nangong Che asked coldly, the flame in his eyes piercing her like a sword.

Yu Muwan’s pale lips opened: “It has nothing to do with me…you believe me…”

Nangong Che sneered, Tie Qing’s handsome face with terrible mockery, “Yu Muwan, everyone can see that you tore her down, you come to tell me personally, did they make a mistake?”

Yu Muwan slowly shook her head, tears welling up: “I was indeed pulling with her, but I—”

“That’s enough!” Nangong Che squeezed her neck fiercely with a big palm, and said fiercely, “Have I ever said that if something happens to her child, I want you to pay for it!”

Yu Muwan clasped the back of his hand tightly, breathless, and looked at him in despair.

“But your life is not rare for me at all! Yu Muwan, do you know that you are not qualified to conceive my Nangong Che’s child? I told you these things early on! You did not hide from me!” Nangong Che yelled furiously, grabbed her wrist and pulled her up, “Do you want to take him away privately, don’t you? You can’t wait to leave me just to hide this from me?! Yu Muwan you still want to Wrong, I will let you end with me completely today, it doesn’t matter at all!”

Yu Muwan’s eyes widened, unable to believe what he could do.

In the next moment, her slender wrist was firmly grasped by him, and she walked towards the gynecological operating room on one side. Yu Muwan looked at the waiting line in front of her with fear, and slowly shook her head: “No…Nangong Che What do you want to do? What do you want to do!”

“It’s not a shame if I killed you! Yu Muwan, dare to touch Enxi’s child, and I will make you pay the price you deserve!” Nangong Che clasped her tightly, pushed away a bunch of people who were waiting, and directly opened up the crowd. The door of the operating room yanked her in!

“This gentleman, you…”

“She is going to have an operation, now! Get rid of the damn b*tch in her stomach, do you hear me!” Nangong Che grabbed Yu Muwan’s arms from behind and pulled her to the doctor.

“Sir, this is not the way to do this kind of procedure. You have to line up, and this lady is willing to do it…”

“If you say anything more, I will just let your hospital close down!” Nangong Che let out a low growl, “You believe it or not I have this right!”

The timid nurse wanted to come forward and say something but was held back by someone. People who knew Nangong Che hurriedly whispered a few words, and everyone in the operating room dared not say anything.

“Okay, Master Nangong, we will prepare now!”

Yu Muwan was in a daze, her shoulders squeezed and pressed against the operating table, her exhausted consciousness couldn’t react, until she saw the cold machine gradually in place, the surgical forceps and various cold surgical utensils in the plate swayed in. From her eyes, she really knew what Nangong Che wanted to do.

“No…” With her pale fingers clutching the edge of the operating table, Yu Muwan’s eyes widened and slowly shook her head, her lips pale as paper, “I don’t want…my child…don’t knock my child. !!!”

Nangong Che pressed her tightly: “I can’t help you! Yu Muwan, you dare to hurt Enxi so badly, I will let you taste this too!”

“No!” Yu Muwan shouted heartbreakingly, struggling desperately, “That’s my child, don’t move my child, I won’t have an operation! Nangong Che, let me go! This is my child. It has nothing to do with you, it has nothing to do with you!!!”

The operating room was in chaos. Nangong Che severely subdued her a few times, and pressed her face fiercely and said: “That really has nothing to do with me, Yu Muwan, is this my child or another man’s child? Not clear! I don’t mind telling you, even if it’s mine, it must be destroyed! You don’t have the right to give birth to me. My wife is Luo Qingwan, have you seen it? That’s one hundred times better than you and ten thousand times better. Woman, what qualifications do you have to give birth to me?”

Yu Muwan cried, his whole consciousness collapsed: “No…Nangong Che, you beast! What did I do wrong? If you dare to move my child, I will kill you! Let me go!”

Her tearing voice silenced everyone in the operating room. There is nothing more heartbreaking than removing her flesh and blood from her body. It is a healthy and alive life.

“Sir… we are ready…” a slightly old nurse wearing a mask, with a trace of hesitation in his eyes, said softly.

“Take the anaesthetic first and don’t let her move!” Nangong Che let out a low growl, gripping Yu Muwan’s wrist in a low voice, “Don’t worry, when you wake up, we will have nothing to do with you. You don’t want to be pregnant with me. Kind, you are not worthy!”

Yu Muwan was on the verge of collapse, and she groaned in pain, because the nurse had pulled her arm and injected the powerful anesthetic in, and Nangong Che’s fiery eyes dropped a bit of heat and released her.

Yu Muwan opened his eyes, his eyes were scarlet, even the ceiling of the hospital operating room was red.

She couldn’t move one arm like it was scrapped, suddenly she grabbed the surgical forceps in the plate with her other hand and approached her throat, stepped back and said to Nangong Che: “Don’t push me, Nangong Che, dare you today? Move my child and I will die for you to see! You can force me to give it a try!”

The front end of the surgical forceps pierced into her skin, causing a terrified cry from the operating room!

“Miss! Put down the pliers!!” The old nurse yelled in fright.

Nangong Che was also shocked. He didn’t expect her to be so decisive. Looking at her stubborn eyes, he sneered: “Whatever you want, Yu Muwan, you can die any time you want! Even if you die, the operation is still Do the same! I’ll ruin this kid. If you want to die, follow him to hell!”

Yu Muwan swears that this is the most ruthless word she has heard in her life.

Her pale face did not have a trace of blood, because after walking all night, she was so weak that she did not have a trace of strength, her hair was messy, her clothes were torn, there were hickeys all over her body, and there was a terrible tooth on the collarbone on her chest. Mark… She staggered, and the surgical forceps in her hand were shaking. Several nurses took advantage of the situation to snatch her surgical forceps and pulled her to the operating table.

There was a sudden pain in Nangong Che’s heart, and the pain did not know why.

Another burst of powerful anesthetic was injected into the body. Yu Muwan groaned in pain, bit his lip and raised his head, and his whole body was half limp on the operating table. Nangong Che’s eyes trembled and his heart was cruel, and he walked out indifferently, “Bang! “You have to close the door!

His child, the first child. Was destroyed by his own hands!

Five minutes later, Nangong Che in the corridor heard a scream of extreme pain, and then everything fell silent.


In the ward on the other side, someone woke up slowly from weakness.

“Miss Nangong, is it still painful?” a doctor greeted him and asked in a low voice.

Nangong Enxi’s face was pale, she opened her eyes and looked at the ceiling, her mouth was very dry and cracked, and she asked in a dumb voice, “Where is my child?”

“The child is okay, the body is very weak, and the nails and hair are not developed. It’s in the incubator, but it’s still nothing… You should take a break first. Your brother is still waiting outside.” The doctor whispered.

Nangong Enxi closed his eyes and rested for a while, feeling that the tearing pain was still there.

“It’s so painful, why it hurts to give birth to a child… That dead woman, it’s not that she hit me, and I won’t give birth prematurely…” Nangong Enxi curled his lips and said aggrieved. The soft voice sounded innocent and harmless, “Hey , You just told your brother according to what I said, you said that my child didn’t keep it, hum, scare him, let him punish that b*tch well! His…”

“Miss Nangong, don’t speak loudly, be careful to pull the wound.”

“En, good,” Nangong Enxi learned well, “but it really hurts…”

——Those things, those sins, hidden in the deepest darkness, never been discovered, never awakened.

Chapter 353

Five years later. Los Angeles.

A western-style building on the outskirts of the country, the double-storey building has a beige style, soft and warm.

Slowly opened his eyes, his consciousness was still not very clear, but just took a nap for dozens of minutes. Everything from the past followed like a tide, as clear as what happened yesterday.

Waterfall-like black and shiny hair scattered on Yingrun’s shoulders, a slender woman shook her head, took a deep breath and got up, and continued to pack the clothes drying on the balcony. The door of the room was open, and you could see it vaguely. A small figure sits intently in front of the flashing TV images, and the air exudes a quiet breath.

“Air tickets at 5:30 the day after tomorrow, two, yes, direct to China Z city,” a long figure walked into the room with obsidian-like eyes under Ying Ting’s eyebrows, as clear as a cold pool, with a bewildering look. Junlang, he walked across the room to the balcony and glanced at the little figure sitting on the sofa halfway, “There is another child, but he is still young. I shouldn’t need a ticket. I can help arrange it, thank you.”

“Uncle Pei, you blocked me!” said a little boy with clear black eyes, jumped off the sofa, controlled by the manipulator in his hand, and walked around him and continued to stare at the TV. Sit down, this BOSS is the last level, it’s almost over!”

The long man turned around and looked at the picture. He was a little surprised. Before he spoke, he saw a “boom” on the picture. The screen full of luxurious victory exploded, following the little boy’s skillful manipulation. , Those pieces of light were instantly captured by him, the whole game released a dazzling brilliance, the magnificent picture is breathtaking.

“The latest version of Single Diomand… has it cleared?” Pei Yuzhe said lightly, squatting down, staring at the scene with clear eyes, and the sigh in his heart far surpassed the indifferent expression on his face.

“Well, I only completed it in three days. There is no technical content, and many places are too easy to break!” The little boy looked relaxed and put the controller on the TV, and asked, “Uncle Pei, are you looking for my mommy? Mommy Packing things up, saying that we will return to China tomorrow!”

Pei Yuzhe’s thoughts have not recovered from the game just now, and his eyes are slightly surprised.

“Xiaoying, did you know that this is a new version of the game that SingleDiomand took two years to release?” Pei Yuzhe put his hands in his trouser pockets, smiled and asked the kid softly, “It’s only been released for three days. You have already cleared the customs and deciphered, and have you all night again?”

The little boy shook his head, his small face was calm, and he spread his hands on the side of his head and shook: “I don’t have any, Mommy doesn’t allow me to stay up late, you know uncle!”

Pei Yuzhe’s heart was still shocked. He smiled and stretched out his hand to touch his head. A cold light flashed in the eyes of the little boy and gently avoided, and laughed: “Uncle, you should go find Mommy, she wants to say goodbye to you. Yeah!”

Only then did Pei Yuzhe react.

“What farewell?”

“Uncle, you just booked the air ticket for the day after tomorrow on the phone, but Mommy has already booked the air ticket for tomorrow. Go and ask Mommy,” the little boy said seriously, with a natural extravagance between his eyebrows, and raised his eyebrows slightly. Make it clear, “I’m going to be with Mommy, you know Mommy can’t live without me.”

Pei Yuzhe’s heart tightened, and he got up and walked slowly to the balcony.

The refreshing wind blew over, and Yu Muwan’s hair was slightly messy. She flicked her hand and continued the movement, but the wind would continue to blow in until a big hand helped her smooth her hair behind her ears.

“Are you here?” Yu Muwan was slightly surprised when he saw him, “Aren’t you preparing for the concert in the studio? Why come back so early?”

Pei Yuzhe didn’t speak, but just looked at her face, like five years ago, with cool and stubborn eyes, sometimes seeming docile, but actually not so obedient.

He took her hand, drew her close to him, then turned her over and hugged her from behind, resting his head in her warm neck.

“If I don’t come, I don’t know if you plan to leave tomorrow, why do you want to return home one day earlier?”

Pei Yuzhe’s voice is not warm, but has a touch of domineering.

Yu Muwan’s body is slightly stiff, it has been five years, she is still not used to being held by a man and talking like this, but her clear face did not show a trace of resistance, and said in a clear voice: “I’m sorry, I didn’t tell you clearly. It’s not too late to say, I have to go first, you know, my parents’ sacrifice day is the day after tomorrow.”

Pei Yuzhe was taken aback, and then slowly said for a long time: “So it is so.”

“En,” Yu Muwan came out of his arms and turned to take a look at the tall man, “I want to take a small shadow back to see, he has never seen his grandparents.”

Pei Yuzhe fell silent and said lightly: “It is indeed time to go and see.”

Yu Muwan looked relaxed, tidying up her clothes here, looking at this cozy building, a trace of desolation rose in her heart. The thing she disliked the most in the past was the inability to leave someone behind. But during her five years abroad, Still leading the baby to lead this life, although not so embarrassed, but it is true in nature.

Thinking of this, she frowned slightly and looked at Pei Yuzhe: “By the way, you should be fine if you go home one day later, right? I’m just not by your side for one day. Can you stop angering people around you?”

Pei Yuzhe said indifferently, “No, it was an exception last time. I thought I was looking for you everywhere after you left, otherwise it won’t be like that.”

Yu Muwan was startled, a little embarrassed, turned around and continued to pack a few clothes, still looking back at him: “I won’t go, I won’t go until Aunt Pei allows me. Don’t worry about that.”

“I know, this is your deal,” Pei Yuzhe’s eyes exudes a soft light, “I heard my mother say that when she met you, you were in the operating room with blood all over…”

“Don’t say it!” Yu Muwan suddenly interrupted him, her eyes flickering and her voice trembling.

Pei Yuzhe was silent appropriately, looking at her with a gentle and calm face.

“I was very embarrassed at the time, but now it’s okay, Xiaoying is still there, I have a son, he also has a mummy, and we are not forever separated from heaven and man, no matter how embarrassed I was, it was worth it!” Yu Muwan looked at him , The clear eyes are stubborn light, and the movements in his hands are more clean and neat, “It is inevitable that I will take him back to life. Our home is there. If we can find Xiaorou then we will still be reunited there, sure! “

She put the clothes in the small suitcase and got up, her hair scattered in the wind messy and beautifully.

Pei Yuzhe couldn’t help it, grabbing her wrist with a big palm, and holding her in her arms again with a slight force: “Mom told me that she was stubborn after seeing you at that time, so she planned to help you, she said You were almost immobile by the anaesthetic at that time, and you took the surgical forceps to cut your arms dripping with blood. After you became sober, you knelt down and begged her to let your child go–“

A gleam of light flashed in Pei Yuzhe’s eyes, “Mu Wan, I can’t imagine what happened to you? Why have you refused to tell me for so long?”

Yu Muwan trembled a little, and when she mentioned the events of the year, she closed her eyes and her eyes were full of blood.

There was also a man with a furious and domineering face. She gritted her teeth with hatred and wanted to kill him, but she couldn’t wait to run away and never see the beast again.

“Of course I won’t always mention bad memories, unless I’m stupid.” Yu Muwan said softly, and under his thick eyelashes were a pair of fragile and strong eyes.

“What about Xiaoying’s father?” Pei Yuzhe said softly, “It must be related to him, right?”

Yu Muwan bit her lip, a trace of pain flashed across her face, but she quickly shook her head: “I don’t want to say it, but it has nothing to do with him now, nothing at all.”

That child, in his heart Nangongche, was killed by his own hands five years ago.

Pei Yuzhe saw the pain between her eyebrows. Although she tried to suppress it, it still existed. He hugged her and whispered, “It won’t be like this anymore… Mu Wan, I won’t let you encounter those bad things again. ,Trust me.”

Yu Muwan’s heart that had been tough for a long time finally softened.

A trace of fragility flashed in her eyes. On this windy day, let this man embrace her and speak softly.

He was about to return to China soon, and Yu Muwan read it hundreds of times in his heart.

She is finally coming back.

“Mu Wan, have I told you that you have been my medicine for five years, and I am cured now, please take me as your support in the future…how?” Pei Yuzhe said softly.

Yu Muwan raised her eyes, a hint of surprise flashed in her clear eyes, but then she had no time to think.

Pei Yuzhe’s k*ss fell and took her lips in a warm touch.


On the plane.

Yu Muwan stretched out her slender arm and checked the seat belt on Yu Qianying again.

“Mommy, you have already checked for the fourth time.” Xiaoying raised her head, and a cool and intelligent light flashed in her clear and dark black eyes.

“Mummy, don’t worry, it’s the first time you’re flying on a plane,” Yu Muwan touched his forehead with the back of her hand, “Don’t you have a fever? You must tell Mummy the first time you are sick, you know?”

Xiaoying tilted her head and whispered, “Mommy, I am not sick. I am in good health, at least now. Don’t worry.”

Yu Muwan was startled, and there was a sudden tingling in his heart!

Five years ago, when she was pregnant with him, the trauma she suffered was too great, and she suffered all kinds of dangers. Her physique was originally fragile because of the previous excessive use of contraceptives. She suffered a lot when she was pregnant. After the serious injury, he chose to give birth, but Xiaoying still stayed in the incubator for more than half a month before the signs of life really stabilized. At the age of five, Xiaoying’s body has always been very weak. It is commonplace to get sick, but he has always been strong and believes that he is healthy and strong. When he is sick, he is only occasionally negligent and has not protected his body.

The slender arms slowly hugged him tightly, Yu Muwan did not hold back, a tear fell.

Chapter 354

Xiaoying was taken aback, and quickly raised her head, only to realize that Yu Muwan’s eyes were full of tears. He was so scared that he quickly reached out and wiped her: “Mommy, don’t cry. Xiaoying didn’t say that on purpose. Mommy stopped crying. I’m good. , I’ll tell mommy if I’m sick!”

The child’s delicacy made Yu Muwan’s heart pain more intense, she held back her tears, shook her head and waved the memory from her mind.

“I see, Mommy won’t cry anymore,” Yu Muwan k*ssed his forehead, “Mommy will take you to see grandpa and grandma, and then we will settle down and wait for news from my aunt, okay?”

The little shadow nodded as if he didn’t understand, and was silent in confusion.

I looked up at the passengers on the opposite side. They were a family of three. The tall and tall man looked very secure. His wife and children were snuggling next to him, very happy.

Xiaoying sat on the seat obediently, trying to keep her eyes from squinting, but her eyes drifted away as she sat.

It took a long time for the plane to arrive, and the child’s nature allowed Xiaoying to play in the seat within a few hours. When the plane landed, he saw the family of three on the opposite side again. The man raised his child and threw it in the air, delighted and pampered. The drowning voice yelled “Go home”, Xiao Ying’s black eyes flashed a ray of light, forcing herself not to look.

After getting off the plane, Xiaoying stopped, “Mummy, I can’t hold it anymore.”

Yu Muwan was startled, subconsciously thinking it was his urgency or other reasons, squatted down and asked softly, “Is Xiaoying going to the bathroom? Can I take you to the bathroom for another period of time?”

Xiaoying shook her head, her black eyes were as bright as stars, and she said frankly: “Mommy, are you really going to tell me about daddy? I have been waiting for Mommy all the way, I thought Mommy was very self-conscious of.”

Yu Muwan: “…”

On the land of China, people of the same skin color came to face each other. Listening to familiar Chinese and smelling the air here, Yu Muwan felt in a daze that he had never left at all, although the memory here really hates pain , But she still hopes to come back here, because here is her original hope.

Taking a breath, Yu Muwan was confused, and asked in a slightly embarrassed voice: “Xiaoying really wants to know, right?”

Xiaoying stared at Yu Muwan for a while, and said, “Mommy, what are you thinking of lying to me?”

Yu Muwan was taken aback. He did not expect that his thoughts would be accurately understood by such a child.

“I… I don’t…”

“Mommy, do you want to tell me that it’s Daddy that the ugly man abandoned you and abandoned me, or is my Daddy someone who doesn’t even know you?” Xiaoying asked gossiping closer to her face.

Yu Muwan: “…”

Gently holding his little hand, Yu Muwan frowned slightly, and said with a clear face seriously: “Xiaoying, do you have to guess that way? Why don’t you guess that Daddy was a glorious martyr or a hero who died on duty? ?”

This is where she struggles. This child is so young, what is she thinking in her mind?

Xiaoying looked at her suspiciously: “Mum, are you sure you can find a man like that to give birth?”

Yu Muwan cried out embarrassedly, “Yu Qianying!”

Xiaoying suddenly stretched out her hand, touched her face, and softly said, “Mommy, you don’t have to think about reasons to lie to me. The teacher said that cheating children is a bad behavior, so Mommy waits when you want to tell me. Tell me again, Xiaoying is a man who will bravely accept! Mommy, don’t worry!”

After that, Yu Muwan felt slightly acidic in his heart.

In the coming and going airport, Yu Muwan walked slowly holding Xiaoying’s little hand, took out his mobile phone to make a call, and asked him: “Xiaoying will stay here for a while now, Mommy will come back soon, and there is the police uncle over there. You can call him anything, you know?”

Xiaoying nodded obediently: “Mommy, go, I’m here!”

Yu Muwan took a closer look at him before he was relieved, walked five steps away to talk, and stared at the empty scenery outside, and confirmed the specific location with the person who came to pick her up. She was a little strange after not coming back for too long. Up.

In the airport, a tall and arrogant figure walked past the bustling crowd, and two or three bodyguards followed him closely behind him.

Just after finishing the call, Nangong Che put the sky-high price mobile phone in the blue case into his pocket, and turned around indifferently: “You don’t need to ask me about the concert. If Qingwan wants to undertake it, she will give everything to her. Everything will follow her instructions. .”

“Yes, master.”

Nangong Che took a stride and didn’t notice that his mobile phone slipped out of his pocket.

Xiao Ying’s eyelids jumped, her eyes fixed on the blue object on the ground.

He looked at Mommy who was covering one ear to make a call a few steps away, and then at the man who was walking faster and farther, jumped from the position, picked up the phone, and ran over.

“Uncle! Uncle, wait a minute! Your phone has dropped!” Xiaoying shouted.

Nangong Che realized that he was calling himself after a few times, his grim eyes condensed slightly, and he looked back at the little guy running from a distance.

He was panting slightly, and there was a slight weakness on his face when he could run, but his eyes were still big and shiny. He ran to him to stabilize his breath, raised his phone and said, “Uncle, your phone has dropped.”

Nangong Che’s eyebrows twitched, and he subconsciously caught the phone, his eyes lingering on the boy’s clear features.

“You just picked it up?” His hurried pace stopped, and some ghosts squatted down to look at the little boy.

“En,” Xiaoying nodded, “I picked it up. Uncle, you are too careless. If you lose this limited edition LoadingWorld, it is difficult to buy the same model again. Uncle, be careful next time, don’t lose it again. “

After Xiaoying finished speaking, she turned and walked, but she didn’t expect two tall bodyguards to stop in front of her.

“Do you know this phone?” Nangong Che was surprised. He didn’t expect that the word “LoadingWorld” could come out of a five-year-old child. He subconsciously wanted to say a few words to him.

“Well, know a little bit. I just saw the initial design sample of this phone. My mom can’t afford it and I haven’t used it.” Xiaoying frowned, “Uncle, you can let this Will the two uncles leave? My mommy is waiting for me.”

Nangong Che waved the two bodyguards to retreat, but he couldn’t look away from him.

“What’s your name?” He reached out his hand and touched the child’s face, then suddenly asked in a low voice.

Xiaoying took a step back subconsciously, her eyes were guarded, but her expression was still clear and relaxed: “Secrecy! I am not a celebrity, my name is worthless, uncle, I have to leave beforehand, don’t thank me!”

Nangong Che wanted to say something, but he turned his head and ran away.

In the icy airport, there was a soft side in his heart that was slowly collapsing and loosening. He didn’t know if he had been thinking too much. In the past five years, he had remembered too many times, if the child hadn’t been killed by himself, would it be too Should it be this big?

Jun’s face was slightly pale, and a sharp pain flashed through Nangong Che’s eyes, and he stood up gracefully.

Five years.

That scream, that pool of blood, that woman who disappeared from his world.

Yu Muwan…Where are you?

This 缱绻 name came out slowly from the bottom of my heart. It was a little strange, but it could touch every cell in his body, causing him to feel a slight pain in every nerve. There is a kind of suffering in the invisible, like a burning flame. Unable to stop.

Yu Muwan turned around after the phone call, but saw that there was no child in the seat.

Her face suddenly turned pale.

“Xiaoying…Xiaoying!!!” Yu Muwan looked around in a panic, looking around the bench, looking around, “Xiaoying, come out, don’t scare Mommy!”

She only called for a few minutes, and she was only a few steps away from her child! How could Xiaoying be missing!

“Mummy, I am here!” Xiaoying waved her hand and ran over from a distance.

“Xiaoying, where have you been!” Yu Muwan hugged him into her arms and said distressedly, “You scared Mommy to death!”

“I just went to do something, Mommy, don’t worry.” Xiaoying said after thinking about it.

A few people walked over from a distance, and asked them softly, “Is this Miss Yu? Mr. Pei wants us to pick you up. Is this Xiaoying?”

Yu Muwan comforted the child, stood up gently, and nodded: “I am, I will trouble you.”

“No trouble,” the man who took the lead was already middle-aged and nodded with a smile. “I have heard about Miss Yu and Mr. Pei. Like Sister Pei, I am very grateful to Miss Yu. I will be called Uncle Chen in the future. , Come on, please here.”

Yu Muwan’s heart fell slowly in midair, her long eyelashes fell, and said politely, “Thank you Uncle Chen.”

After five years of absence, China Z City, don’t come unharmed.


In the slowly moving car, Yu Muwan sat in the back seat holding Xiaoying, watching the passing scenery, the scene in his heart quickly reversed, feeling full of emotion.

“Mummy, where did you live before, can we go back to live now?” Xiaoying asked when she got out of her arms.

Yu Muwan felt sour, his face paled, and he shook his head gently.

Uncle Chen saw her embarrassment through the rearview mirror and said with a smile: “My child, don’t worry, your Uncle Pei has arranged everything for your mom, as long as she wants to live wherever she wants. “

Yu Muwan’s lips moved lightly, but did not speak.

Xiaoying looked at Mommy’s face and thought about it for a while and said, “Thank you, Grandpa Chen, my mommy and Uncle Pei are very good friends. I know Uncle Pei will help us, and we are very grateful to Uncle Pei. Before Mommy The place to live is gone. Can we live with you first and move out when my mommy finds a job?”

Uncle Chen’s eyelids twitched, and he didn’t expect that such words would come out of a child.

This child is a little too fascinating. He will be able to observe his words and opinions at such a young age.

“Hehe, these, I can’t be the master. Anyway, Mr. Pei is coming tomorrow. Ms. Yu and Mr. Yu will discuss better at that time, can you?” Uncle Chen gave in and said with a smile.

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