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Chapter 349

Guan Xuefei sank down.

“Are you taking pity on me?”

Jenny raised his eyebrows.

“Would you believe me if I said no?”


When Guan Xue Fei tied the straps, she quickly took a step back far away from her and said in a cold voice, “I used to be able to say that I was the eldest sister of the Guan family, one person under ten thousand, but now I’m not.

The Guan family originally adopted me only to make up for the loss of their child, but now that she’s back, I’m useless, so even I sometimes don’t know where I stand in the Guan family now.

I can understand you guys wanting to see me laugh, because if it were me and you were reduced to this, I would just set off firecrackers for a few days to celebrate, but that doesn’t mean that everyone can come and laugh at me, or that I can lower my requirements and just find someone I don’t like and marry them.”

Jenny straightened his clothes and turned to look at her.

“I’m not laughing at you.”

She looked slightly serious, and pondered for a few seconds before continuing, “I also mean seriously, actually putting my position aside, I don’t hate you, and I won’t say anything about you and He Chengjun, even if you don’t remind me.

You’ve said it yourself, you’re now in an awkward position in the Guan family, and you know better than me that if Master Guan is gone, this mess in the Guan family isn’t something you, an adopted daughter, can touch over, so instead of that, why not find a way out for yourself in advance and find a good home?”

Guan Xuefei sneered.

“You don’t think I can touch it?What about her?You don’t really believe that she’s Guan Ji Wan’s biological daughter, do you!”

Jenny pursed her lips.

There was a two-second pause before she said, “She’s more qualified than you to be in this mess.”

Guan Xuefei was startled.

Jenny Jing explained, “I’m not acknowledging her identity, but I’m saying that she’s more skillful, more courageous, and more ruthless than you.The Guan family is now in a messy situation, two tigers fighting, there will be a wound, no one will take you as an adopted daughter seriously, and you do not have any Guan family property rights and shares in your hands.

So, you end up with nothing more than either being used as a pawn or both parties are offended and completely swept away after the death of the old man.

Either one is no better than what you have now.And Clara is different, I heard that her hands pinch Guan Jiwan left the 15% of the shares, Guan also intends to set her up with the youngest child Gu.

If they don’t make it, this 15% share is her talisman, and both Uncle Guan and Uncle Guan will be afraid of her.

And if she really becomes the youngest Gu, by then not only the shares, but the entire Gu family will also be her patron, don’t look at me with such a skeptical look, believe me, she can do it.

After all, I’ve known her for more than a decade, much better than you know her, she has a few skills, what kind of skills, I know very well, so what you can’t do, she can, you can’t get involved in this muddle, she can also get involved!That’s why I’m advising you to go back in a hurry.”

Guan Xuefei froze there.

She never expected that Jenny would tell her so much.

It’s not that she doesn’t understand some of this, but sometimes she just doesn’t want to face it.

Because the slightest bit of reluctance made her think that she was the only daughter of the Guan family who had obviously come to the house first, from the time she was adopted at the age of five, she thought that she was the only daughter of the Guan family.

But now, Clara was here!

It would be fine if Clara was really a genuine daughter, but she always hinted that

Well, she’s not.

What interests Clara had with Guan Ji Ming and Guan Ji Li, she was not sure.

But always thought that sooner or later the truth would be unraveled and she’d have to go!

However, after hearing what Jenny had just said, she realized.

She’s not going anywhere!

From the day Guan Ji Ming brought Clara back to the Jing family, from the time when Guan truly believed that Clara was the granddaughter he had been searching for for over twenty years.

There’s no turning back!

No one would want to take on the charge of cheating the old man.

Because that would be too much to associate with, even if the first intentions were good, and in the end the forced guilt would be enough to get him thrown out of the guantry with nothing.

So, Guan Jiaming would not allow her to say it.

And Guan Ji Li, from the time he had spent with her, also seemed to have a remarkable relationship with Clara.

Therefore, this truth is just going to be buried forever, and no one will ever bring it up again.

Guan Xue Fei’s face completely changed, from the initial shock, to the struggle behind it, and then finally that remaining hint of reluctance also completely disappeared.

She had to admit that Jenny’s words were reasonable.

She was no match for Clara.

All these years, she seems to be noble and flamboyant, but is actually a pawn in the hands of the old man.

The old man wants to use her to marry the Gu family, and she refuses.

Therefore, the old man was disappointed in her as well.

And now that what he thought was “the real deal” is back, where is she going to fit in?

Even if she came forward now and told him that Clara was fake.

Under the escort of both Guan Ji Ming and Guan Ji Li, and with the old man’s almost paranoid trust in Clara, no one would trust her either.

Who is she going to expect to help her then?

And who is willing to help her?

The first thing you need to know is how to get rid of it, and how to get rid of it,” she said.

She looked at Jenny for a moment before she struggled to open her lips.

“Why are you telling me this?”

She didn’t believe that Jenny was saying this to her for her own good.

Jenny smiled faintly.

“Because I don’t want to see her get away with this any more than you do.”

Guan Xuefei’s face was slightly pale.

“I thought that by not telling the truth, you had tacitly agreed that you would not countenance what happened in Visterdem.”

Jenny Jing coolly lifted the corner of his lips.

“Once I decided the same thing.But she should never, ever, ever have touched someone I care about.”

Tonight, Ann was pushed out of the pool, and although the surveillance hadn’t seen it yet, she actually had a vague candidate in mind.

Not many people had a grudge against her in this Noble Guan family, and An’an was still a child, so who would be sick to death to do something to a child?

She originally thought it would be Guan Xue Fei, after all, she liked Biden Lu so much, if she couldn’t get it, she would have to destroy it, and if she couldn’t destroy Biden Lu could destroy his only child, which was also good.

So, she tested Kwan Suet Faye, but Kwan’s eyes and the intuition she was given told her that she wasn’t the one who did it.

Since it wasn’t her, it would have to be that person.

Chapter 350

Jenny had once read a quote in a certain book.

Everything in the world, when you eliminate all the impossible situations, the rest, no matter how unbelievable, is a fact.

Therefore, the real murderer can only be her!

Jenny Jing though didn’t understand why Clara would go out of her way to take action against a child at such a crucial juncture.

But she understood that there was no second person besides her, of all people today, who had any ill will toward her and toward Ann.

Besides, if she remembered correctly, it was after seeing Clara that An An suddenly became nervous in the first place, and then said she needed to go to the bathroom.

All of which, in the end, summed up to the only possibility that she had moved.

Jenny Jing didn’t really care what Clara did to her.

After all, they’re all feuds between adults, you and I. You take a stand, not right or wrong.

But Ann is different.

She was just a child, and Clara was so deranged that she would never tolerate a child!

Michelle Kwan looked at her, her eyes a bit torn.

“So what do you want?If this is really Clara’s doing, Grandfather will definitely keep her, today is nominally a birthday banquet, but in reality it’s to announce Clara’s identity, as well as to announce her and Youngest Gu’s affair, Guan Gu marriage, Grandfather can’t let anyone ruin it.”

Jenny laughed.

“Yeah?If that’s the case…then we’ll just have to tear it up and make it easy on no one.”

Guan Xuefei shook fiercely.

“You want to reveal the truth?”

Jenny Jing said in a soft voice, “I can ignore everything, only I can’t hurt the people around me, this is my bottom line, unfortunately, Clara stepped on this bottom line, so today I don’t care if she’s married to the Gu family or if there’s something else, I won’t let it go easily.”

“But… I thought you said Grandpa wouldn’t believe it?”

“Believe it or not it’s his business, I just have to do what I want to do.”

Guan Xuefei frowned, Jenny looked at her as if she was struggling and smiled, “There’s no need to think too much about it, there are some things that have different effects if you say them and if I say them, and I wouldn’t do it if it wasn’t a matter of necessity, after all, I wouldn’t want the old man to have to suffer such a big blow in his last days.”

After she finished speaking, she turned around and walked out without any further stopping in front of Guan Xuefei’s shocked gaze.

At this point, downstairs in the hall.

Ann has been treated by the doctor and is doing much better.

The rest of the guests, by this time, had basically heard about what had happened tonight, and all of them gathered curiously.

It was a good birthday party, and no one expected this to happen.

One is curious to know who the real killer is.

So at this time, apart from the Lu family, the Guan family actually didn’t look much better.

The butler quickly fetched the surveillance at Master Guan’s command.

Jenny and Guan Xuefei, at this time, also duly descended the stairs and returned to the hall.

Master Guan asked the housekeeper to hand over the surveillance to a secretary nearby, who had already gone to the nearest study to get the computer over and would soon be able to see the results on it.

There was silence in the hall.

Everyone watched as the secretary inserted the flash drive with the surveillance footage into the computer.


Since the footage was only pulled from that one time period of the incident, it was quick to see the image they wanted to see.

On the screen, a dancing butterfly was dancing under the dim light.

Ann soon appeared in the picture, looking happy and chasing butterflies out of the house.

Within a few steps, however, the butterfly was gone.

I saw the child stand still, scratching his head in wonder, and after two seconds, not seeing the butterfly, he seemed to want to turn around.

However, at this time, I don’t know whether it was slippery underfoot or what happened, suddenly the body stumbled, and at the same time, a dark shadow stretched out in the darkness, in the shape of a person’s hand, “poof”, and pushed the child down.

This is followed by the image of Ann screaming for help in the water, everyone coming around, and finally Jenny rushing over and jumping into the water to save the child.

The video played out and everyone fell silent.

Lu Jing’s face was sunken, and the faces of Master Lu and Old Lady Cen didn’t look too good either.

Someone whispered, “This surveillance didn’t take anything down ah, just a dark shadow, who recognizes who that is?”

“But it’s always found out that someone did push Miss Ann off, and not just slip and fall.”

“Who’s so cruel?Not even a child?”

“Who knows?There’s probably some kind of vendetta!”

Everyone was whispering in seven different voices, and Master Guan’s face was as black as the bottom of a pot.

Today was his birthday banquet, and the fact that something like this would happen at the old family home would offend not only the Lu family, but he himself could almost be said to have lost face.

If this matter is not investigated, the relationship between Guan and Lu may be greatly affected in the future.

Who the hell is that?

Master Guan’s face was cold and sullen as he said, “Where were you all tonight, when Ann fell into the water?”

A female guest teased softly, “Is this Master Guan checking on each of us?”

“What are we doing targeting a child when we have no quarrel with Miss Ann Ann?”

“Yes, and who doesn’t know that Miss Ann is the jewel of the Lu family’s heart, everyone holds it up, so how could they hurt her?”

In the meantime, Guan Ji Ming said to Master Guan in a low voice, “Dad, almost everyone was playing in the garden or front hall, and even if someone was near the pool, they wouldn’t have walked to the end near the back door of the bathroom, so it shouldn’t have been any guest.”

The old man Guan knew that the people who came here today were either rich or famous, and there was no motive for anyone to go and do anything to a small child.

Just at this time, Jenny suddenly sneered, “It doesn’t matter who can’t be seen on the monitor, isn’t there still that butterfly?I don’t think the butterflies are real either, so if we check who has them in their room, won’t that prove that person is the killer?”

Everyone froze, and Kwan frowned and ordered his secretary, “You rewind that video and play it again.”

The secretary even agreed, and after the video was played, it was indeed confirmed that the butterfly, although it looked extremely like the real thing, was probably something like a remote-controllable motorized toy, judging from the flight traces and its eventual disappearance.

Who would take one of these to a party like this?

Master Guan said in a deep voice, “I’m sorry, everyone, although I also know that you have no motive to harm Ann, but in order to do justice to the child, I’ll have to offend you and check your belongings.”

Chapter 351

It’s not surprising that Master Kwan would make such a big deal out of it.

Now that the relationship between the four great families was at a sensitive time, any slightest stirring of the wind could trigger a series of chain reactions.

Although the Guan family has decided to marry the Gu family, it doesn’t mean that they want to completely tear their faces off from the Lu family right now.

If it was possible for both sides not to offend each other, with the Guan family remaining neutral and stable in the middle, that would naturally be the best option.

Everyone saw that they knew in their hearts the seriousness of the matter, so they were fine with it.

There were even a few, who wanted to sell the landlord favors, and were particularly enthusiastic and proactive in assisting with the search.

Soon, half an hour passed.

The search did not turn up any guests with anything like crank toys on them.

Jenny watched the entire time from the sidelines indifferently and did not speak.

She knew that there were things that she could easily say at this point that would make people think she was deliberately targeting.

It’s better to wait and see what happens and let nature take its course.

Everyone had been called to the lobby since the incident anyway, and it was impossible to leave, even if you wanted to destroy the evidence.

When Master Guan saw the situation, he said, “I’m offended, since no one has found that toy butterfly on everyone’s body, that means that the thing can only be on the mansion’s own people, Ji Ming, you ordered to go down and search everyone’s room, including the body, and not a corner is to be missed.”

Guan Jiming frowned slightly, but still didn’t say anything, answered yes and took the man down.

Someone among the guests whispered in discontent, “The child is fine, is it necessary to make such a fuss over such a trivial matter?”

Only to be glared at by the person next to him, who silenced his voice and didn’t dare say anything else.

Not far away, Clara was standing in a corner, her face faintly pale at the sight.

Guan Jili looked at her, his face pale.

“Dad, there are so many rooms, Jimin can’t keep busy by himself, I’ll go help him.”

He whispered to Kwan.

Master Kwan nodded.

Sekiyori turned and headed for the room.

Jenny watched his back as he left, eyes narrowed.

It was then that Ann suddenly tugged on her sleeve.


Jenny turned back to her and looked down at her.

“What’s wrong?”

Ann tilted her head slightly, a pair of black crystal-like eyes clear and bright, and muddled, “Mommy, this evening, I heard that aunt and Grandpa Guan talking in the garden at the back.”

Jenny was slightly startled.

She turned to look at Clara, only to see her head slightly lowered, perhaps because of a guilty conscience, one of her hands strangling the handbag straps, although she could not see her expression, but could hint at a hint of unease from the movement of her hands.

It was also because she was guilty, so Clara didn’t dare to look up this way.

Naturally, they were unaware that An An was talking to Jenny.

Jenny withdrew his gaze and asked in a gentle whisper, “Did you hear what they said?”

Ann frowned and recalled for a few seconds before saying, “I don’t remember much, like, Grandpa Kwan told her not to bother you, but that auntie wasn’t too happy, and then she said something about it.”

Ann was, after all, just under six years old, and it was hard enough to retell the conversation as such.

Jenny thought about it and whispered, “Be good, don’t be afraid, no matter what they say, it has nothing to do with AnAn, AnAn is the best child in the world!

, Mummy will protect Ann.”

The little gnome opened her big bright eyes and nodded her head heavily.

Only after calming the child did Jenny get up and head over to the check room.

At the same time, Clara just happened to be called to the room to be examined as well.

However, as a result, the butterfly toy was not found on either King’s body or in the room.

She came out in a relaxed manner and looked at Jenny provocatively, laughing warmly, “Sister, I’m disappointed that the butterfly isn’t here with me.”

Jenny narrowed his eyes.

Clara staggered the wrong way, toe-to-toeing in the direction of Master Guan.

Just then, a cry suddenly came from the doorway.

Only Guan Jili pulled a maid who didn’t look too old and walked in menacingly, pushing the maid to the ground while, at the same time, throwing down an object.

Heck, it’s the same rocker butterfly that was on the surveillance video.

“Dad, the killer’s been found, and it’s her!”

“No, not me.”

The maid looked terrified and explained evenly, “Master, I’ve never seen this toy butterfly before, it’s really not me, and I don’t know why it’s in my room.”

“You’re still sophomoric!The stuff was recovered from your room, I just asked the others, and you just happened to be away when the accident happened, no one has seen you at all, so who else would it be if it wasn’t you?”

The maid was at a loss for words, so anxious that she was on the verge of tears.

Jenny Jing frowned slightly and stepped forward, asking, “What’s your name?”

The maid didn’t know Jenny, but she also knew that the one who dared to come out and ask questions at this time must not be an ordinary person.

She replied evenly, “My name is Rain.”

“Where were you when it happened?”

“I… I went to the second lady’s room to get her things for her.”

“Second Miss?”

Jenny Jing tilted his head slightly and looked at Clara who was standing off to the side.

Clara smiled, “Yes, I just came down just now, and then I suddenly remembered that I forgot to take down a pair of landscape paintings that I originally wanted to give to my grandfather, so I sent Xiaoyu to my room to get them, is there a problem?”

Jenny Jing sneered, “That’s a coincidence, you don’t send her out sooner or later, but you send her out at this juncture?”

Clara smiled warmly and generously, “Sister shouldn’t suspect me based on this, right?”

Master Guan frowned slightly at the news and looked at Jenny.

Jenny Jing restrained his indignation slightly and said in a quiet voice, “That’s not so.”

She turned to Rain and asked quietly, “You said you went to her room, can anyone prove it?”

Rain looked a bit flustered and fidgeted, “I, no, because there are more guests here tonight, everyone is busy at the front and the back is basically empty.”

Jenny Jing nodded slightly, “That means that no one can prove for you that you weren’t there when it happened?”

Rain panicked even more when she heard it.

“It really wasn’t me who pushed Miss Ann into the water, there was no reason for me to do that at all!I don’t know why it’s such a coincidence!”

Where is Master Guan’s patience to listen to her arguments and his angry voice: “Someone, call the police!Get this wolf-hearted thing out of here!Hand it over to the police, and say dispose of it for murder.”


Immediately someone stepped forward and dragged Rain out.

Rain was terrified and struggled desperately.

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