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Chapter 990

Discussed together,

“Well, Dong Chen, I understand.”

“Come on, sit down, let’s discuss how to deal with the development and construction of this area around the sea.”

Chen Song again greeted Zhou Nuo and sat down.

“By the way, where is Leng

Yue ? Call her over and discuss it together!” Sheldon thought of Leng Yue again, and ordered Zhou Nuo.


Zhou Nuo responded, and then took out his mobile phone to dial Leng Yue’s number.

The call was quickly connected.

“Hey, Dong Leng, Dong Chen asked you to come to his office. There are some things to discuss.”

Zhou Nuo reminded Leng Yue on the other side of the phone.

“Okay, I’ll come down right away!”

Leng Yue directly agreed.

As long as it was Sheldon’s order, Leng Yue would follow and agree without saying a word, without any negligence. This is also what Sheldon values ​​most about Leng Yue.

After a minute, Leng Yue walked into Sheldon’s office on high heels.

Leng Yue wears very feminine and feminine every day, the kind that makes people directly fascinated at first glance.


Yue , sit down.” Sheldon gestured towards Leng Yue.

Afterwards, the three sat down together.

“Lengyue, just now we have reached a cooperation with Zhongtian Group to take down the commercial area construction project in the Huanhai District of Tianhai City, and the next area will be all undertaken by our Yaojiang Group, and Zhongtian Group is responsible for Auxiliary work.”

Sheldon first told Leng Yue about some specific situations.

“Sheldon, that area is not so well-developed. It has been more than half a year since Zhongtian Group obtained the authorization of that area, but it has always been in the stage of no start. We will take it over now, will it be too much? It’s too rush.”

Leng Yue deserves to be Leng Yue, with a very flexible mind, he can see the problem at a glance.

“You are right, but you have to know that the current contractor is not Zhongtian Group, but our Yaojiang Group.”

“I have learned that the reason why Zhongtian Group has been stuck is because there is no partner. Found, the funds are not in place, but now that we take over, the funds are not a problem, and we are solely responsible for the bulk.”

Sheldon looked at Leng Yue and explained.

If a project is entrusted to different people, of course it will have different effects.

The failure of Zhongtian Group does not mean that Yaojiang Group cannot.

For this project, Sheldon is inevitable and confident. He wants to build this area into the most valuable and commercialized area in Tianhai City. If possible, Sheldon wants to establish Yaojiang Group. Located in the middle of this area, this is one of the main reasons why Sheldon wants to win this project, because Sheldon wants to change Yaojiang Group to another venue.

“Dong Chen, what do you think?”

At this time, Zhou Nuo looked at Sheldon and asked.

“I want to change Yaojiang Group to another site and establish a new headquarters for Yaojiang Group in Huanhai District.”

Sheldon immediately expressed his thoughts.

Hearing Sheldon’s thought, Zhou Nuo and Leng Yue both showed a hint of surprise.

They only now know that the reason why Sheldon wanted to cooperate with Zhongtian Group was to change the location of Yaojiang Group’s headquarters.

“Well, Sheldon, I think this idea is good. The area around the sea is indeed very suitable for the establishment of the headquarters of our Yaojiang Group.”

Leng Yue also agreed with Sheldon’s proposal.

“Well, since you have no opinion, then this matter is decided like this, Leng Yue, you will be fully responsible for this construction, and Yaojiang Entertainment will temporarily be taken over by me.”

Then, Sheldon said. Zhao Lengyue gave an order.

“Yes, Sheldon!”

Leng Yue naturally didn’t have any comments, so he agreed directly.

For Leng Yue, she still prefers this project.

Leng Yue at Yaojiang Entertainment really didn’t want to take care of it, and she didn’t want to have much ties with Lei Lie, she knew she couldn’t control Lei Lie.

This is just right. Let Sheldon personally manage everything in Yaojiang Entertainment, so that Lei Lie can converge a bit.

“Zhou Nuo, you come to help Leng

Yue together.” Then Sheldon looked at Zhou Nuo and exhorted again.

Leng Yue must be very tired to be responsible for such a large project alone, so Sheldon still decided to let Zhou Nuo assist Leng Yue together. He believed that Zhou Nuo and Leng Yue’s abilities would not let him down.

“Okay, Dong Chen, we will definitely not let you down.”

Zhou Nuo also nodded immediately and agreed.

Leng Yue and Zhou Nuo had a very good relationship. They were like good sisters, and there was no barrier between superior and superior.

“Okay, let’s do things first, I’ll go to Yaojiang Entertainment.”

Sheldon gestured to Leng Yue and the two, and then walked out of the office.

He hasn’t been to Yaojiang Entertainment for a long time, and he has to see how Lei Lie and Yaojiang Entertainment are doing.

Sheldon is not the kind of person who throws away his hands. He will still care about some things, and will not leave it to Leng Yue and Zhou Nuo regardless.

Besides, Sheldon was indeed a little worried about Lei Lie.

It’s not that he doesn’t believe Lei Lie, but he is worried that Lei Lie will cause a little trouble.

After all, Lei Lie and Sheldon are very good brothers, and Sheldon also turns one eye and closes the other in some matters, and won’t take care of it.

After ten minutes’ drive, Sheldon drove to Yaojiang Entertainment.

As soon as he got out of the car, Sheldon frowned slightly.

I saw the two security guards at the door actually sitting there, smoking a cigarette with Erlang’s legs tilted up, looking very chic and leisurely.

And from time to time, there are all kinds of people coming in and out, and they don’t register and inquire.

Such a lax work attitude really made Sheldon a little angry.

Sheldon walked quickly.

No, two security guards stopped Sheldon as soon as he walked to the door.

The two security guards didn’t know Sheldon, they had just arrived recently, plus Sheldon hadn’t been here for a long time.

“Stop, what are you doing?”

Two security guards stopped Sheldon, and one of them pointed at Sheldon and asked.

Sheldon also sank in his heart.

Thinking that those people are not blocked from entering and exiting, they will be blocked when they enter. This is a reason.

“You don’t know who I am?”

Sheldon asked, staring at the two security guards coldly.

“Oh, who are you? I tell you, this is not where you want to come, get out!”

The security guard glared at Sheldon and sneered.

This is really dying.

“Who hired you? You did this at work? So casual!”

Sheldon asked in a low voice.

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