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Chapter 376

The make-up artist who helped her said evenly, “Evelin gave it to her, almost everyone in the crew has it, but the style is different, look, mine is Notre Dame de Paris.”

She said, and made a point of showing her the trinket she had already attached to her keychain.

Su Qin’s eyes flashed with a touch of contempt, sneering, “This kind of junk is only something you guys hold as a treasure, I thought it was no good!A keychain?Do we all use fingerprint locks now?Country bumpkin hats only use keys to open doors!”

Make-up Artist: “…”

The whole dressing room fell into a moment of awkwardness.

Leng Xiaolian had already put on her makeup and got up and coldly walked out.

Everyone couldn’t help but look at each other for a moment, and no one dared to say anything more.

Just then, Evelin came in.

“I’m sorry Sister Lee, I just messed up my eye makeup, can you fix it for me?”

Because of the limited staffing, everyone except the lead actress, Leng Xiao Yue, shared a makeup artist among several people.

The person Evelin calls Sister Li helps her with both her makeup and Su Qian’s.

At this point, I heard her voice and said, “Oh, well, you sit here and I’ll fill you in right away.”


However, as soon as Evelin settled into her seat, Su Qin’s mean voice rang out next to her.

“Sister Li, how do I remember the crew arranging for you to specifically have you do my makeup, why are you still doing her makeup?”

Sister Li sniffed, embarrassed, “I’m sorry Celery, because there are only five makeup artists in the crew right now, but there are more than a dozen that need makeup at the same time, so except for Leng Xiaolian’s, the others are all shared.”

Su Qin stared at the news like she was hearing something unbelievable.

“What did you say?Shared?”

Sister Li nodded her head in embarrassment.

“Then why didn’t I see you chemize them before?”

“That’s because they all came early, only you came last, and they were all done melting when you arrived…”

As soon as this was said, Su Qian’s face changed.

Because it’s a costume drama, it’s a complex look, so it’s a bit harder than a modern drama.

Every day the actresses would get up very early to line up their makeup, after all, it would take at least an hour or so for the hair to be coiffed and styled, and all the miscellaneous things to add up.

And this time around, director Li Yu is again a director who is all about acting, not identity, and no film under his belt has ever failed to be a hit.

That’s why Su Qin, at any rate, not only brought in her own capital, but also promised never to play big to make it special, which is how she got into the group.

If Li Yu knew now that she arrived every day at the last minute, he would definitely have a problem with himself.

Su Qian’s face suddenly became particularly unpleasant.

Evelin saw the situation beside her, so she smiled and said, “It’s okay, Sister Li, you can draw her first, I’ll just wait beside her.”

Sister Li could only helplessly say, “Alright then.”

After Evelin finished speaking, she also smiled a friendly smile at Su Qian.

But Su Qin thought she was afraid of herself and snorted, “Count you as being smart.”

Then, they turned around and began to let Lee help her with her makeup.

However, this scene fell into the eyes of the others in the dressing room, and everyone scowled inwardly.

Tsk, a third-rate star who got into the group by bringing in money, what’s all the fuss about?

You know, Evelin is the second female in this drama, she has a heavy role to play, besides the first female

, is the biggest highlight of the show.

If this drama goes viral, Evelin will basically be among the top tier, and will we need to see her again then?

Besides, people Evelin at least had a few good works to her name before and so many fans, she’s a person who just relies on her family’s money to smash a few roles out, so she doesn’t know what she’s fooling around with.

Although everyone was very dissatisfied with Su Qin’s bullying behavior, they didn’t show it on their faces, and still respectfully helped her with her make-up and styling.

It just added to his heart’s fondness for Evelin.

The morning’s drama was a bittersweet one in the rain.

Evelin’s first few parts were all with famous directors like Yan Sihua and Lu Yanzhi, and her acting was naturally well-trained.

As a result, her acting was so explosive that she was able to outmaneuver Su Qin, who also acted opposite her.

After one scene, the director yells “cut”!

Only he frowned tightly and said to Su Qian, “This is the place to take in your expression, you look like you’re gnashing your teeth when you don’t even know she’s your enemy yet, it’s too out of place for the current mood, start over.”

Su Qin’s expression went cold at the news, but she didn’t say anything.

Next, four more takes were taken, and that was just barely enough to get by.

Soon, it was noon.

Evelin only had one morning scene today, there was none in the afternoon, so she could take a break in the afternoon for a while.

Just then, her phone rang.

It was agent Su Hong who called her.

Evelin is signed at Starlite, but Jenny is not in charge there now, leaving it all to Xiao He.

And now He has to control everything in the company, so there’s no time to take her, so now everyone is assigned to different agents.

Her agent, on the other hand, was a new agent who had joined the company not long ago, named Su Hong.

Evelin was busy connecting and smiled, “Sister Su Hong, what can I do for you?”

On the other side, Su Hong’s voice was neither cold nor indifferent, as usual, “Are you free this afternoon?Go for an audition.”

Evelin was stunned and agreed without thinking, “Yes, but I’m shooting Director Li’s film on my hands right now, I don’t want to roll the scene, when will it be shot over there ah.”

“It’s not clear yet, you try it out, and if you pass the audition we’ll talk about the schedule.”

When Evelin heard that, she did not refuse and agreed.

After hanging up the phone, Su Hong quickly sent over the audition address.

Evelin took a look and found that it was actually a hotel, not frowning slightly.

But thinking that since it was Su Hong who told her to go, it should be right, that way, she changed her clothes, greeted Li Yu and left the crew.

The address Su Hong gave her was a luxury hotel.

At the hotel, Evelin found the room number and rang the doorbell.

Soon, a man’s voice was heard inside.

“Come in!”

She pushed the door in to find an obese, middle-aged man sitting inside with a face full of cross flesh, while a photographer stood next to him, along with two girls about her age, all of whom were supposed to be here for an audition.

Evelin was secretly relieved.

In fact, she was a little hesitant at first when she found out the audition address was at the hotel.

After all, it’s not the first day in the business, and I’ve heard more or less dirty things, but for now, with a director, a photographer, and other actresses auditioning, it’s fine.

Chapter 377

Thinking so, she politely said, “Hello, I’m here to audition, my name is Evelin.”

Evelin’s fame in the industry today is not too big, but not too small, and is generally considered to be an actress between second and third tier.

It’s just that she’s a low-key person, and most of the scenes she usually receives are from the internal resources of Anning International, so people from outside the circle don’t know much about her.

The obese man sitting in the chair looked up slightly, tilted his head at her, and nodded vaguely.

“Well, have a seat!It’s your turn right away.”


Evelin took a chair beside her and saw the two girls follow the director to the inside bedroom, leaving her and the photographer alone in the living room.

The atmosphere seemed awkward.

I don’t know why, but ever since the moment Evelin entered this room, she felt something wrong all over her body.

There’s always an odd feeling.

She looked over at the cameraman, who was smoking, and they spat out a smoke ring and smiled at her.


Evelin was stunned, “Huh?”

The photographer laughed, “I know you, you’re pretty good in all your plays.”

“Oh, oh, thanks for the compliment.”

Evelin didn’t know what to say, and even her smile was a little unnatural, before she paused and asked curiously, “Are they auditioning inside?”


“Why don’t you go inside!Don’t you need to shoot?”

“No need.”

The other side was concise and appeared to have no intention of saying more.

It made Evelin feel uneasy and curious, feeling that something was wrong, but she was too embarrassed to ask more.

After about ten minutes, the two girls finally came out.

Since it was summer, they were all wearing only simple t-shirts or shirts, and they were all a little underdressed when they came out now.

One of the girls, her face flushed red, hurried away as she walked out, her hands and feet tidying up her clothes, both of them looking shy and hammy.

Evelin was looking puzzled when the director’s voice came from the bedroom.

“You, get in here!”

Evelin looked at the photographer, and after making sure from the other man’s eyes that he was calling himself, that’s when he oh-so-slightly walked in.

The bedroom was dimly lit, the curtains drawn tightly, and only a dim lamp on.

The director was slumped on a sofa chair in the corner with his legs crossed and a cigarette in his mouth being swallowed.

When he saw her come in, he waved his hand, narrowed his eyes and said, “Take it off.”


Evelin was startled.

The director frowned in displeasure at the sight.

“What are you staring at?Take it off!How do I know if your body is up to par if you don’t take it off?The actress auditioning for this role is a lot of swimsuit-only scenes, and her body is the most important thing.”

Evelin reacted, instantly understanding why those two girls were red-faced when they went out just now.

She blushed and fidgeted as well, “Can I, can I not…”

The director’s frown deepened.

Evelin felt a little embarrassed, not for the fact that the hostess needed to wear a swimsuit, but it was something that Su Hong hadn’t mentioned to her before.

And usually, if the crew has an audition for such a scene, there are usually several people auditioning together to avoid embarrassment and also to protect the actress

The security.

But now, other than the photographer outside, the director is the only one in the house.

The director saw her standing there without moving and said in dissatisfaction, “Will you take it off or not?Don’t try it if you don’t take it off, there’s someone behind it.”

Evelin bit her lip, not wanting to embarrass the company, or biting her teeth, “Can I change into a set of tights?You can actually see your body in a leotard.”

The director was laughing directly at her.

“Why didn’t you tell me you were wearing thermals for the shoot?Is this your first day in the business?If you can’t let go of that, how can you be an actor in the future?Don’t waste my time if you don’t want to try, just get out!”

Afterwards, he looked over the roster in his hands and called, “Next.”

Soon, another beautiful young girl walked in.

Evelin was squeezed to the side, and the girl simply stripped off her clothes, fully clothed only in intimate underwear, and spun around a few times in front of the director with a smile on her face the whole time, seemingly treating both her and the director in front of her as if they were nothing.

Evelin was blushing even as she stood beside her, and the director was even squinting his eyes, his eyes lusting after the girl’s body, nodding frequently.

“Not bad, you stay!Enter the group in three days.”

“Really?Thank you, director!”

The girl cheerfully agreed, and the director beckoned to her, “Come here!”

She even walked over to the director, who squeezed her chest and said with satisfaction, “Well, it’s true, it’s okay, you can go.”

The girl seemed to think that even this was nothing, and after dressing, she left happily.

Evelin clearly saw the director’s fingertips pinch after she left and said to herself, “Tsk, it feels so good.”

She was in shock!

Feeling challenged in all three senses!

That dirty look and tone of voice, as if she didn’t exist when she was standing next to it.

Evelin turned pale, only to feel nausea in her stomach.

“I’m sorry about that, I’m not going to try, I’ll leave.”

She said hello and hurried off, and the director didn’t stop her, just snorted a dismissive snort through his nose.

These days, do you really think you can stay clean just because you have some fame?

It’s luck now, but when she runs into a lot of walls sometime, she’ll know what reality is.

And with so many pretty girls in the entertainment industry trying to squeeze in, there was no shortage of her, so he never liked to use force.

He already has countless girls trying to climb into his bed for a chance without using tactics, not to mention him showing interest in each other.

Here, with a gleam in his eye, he looked at the profile of the girl on the roster from earlier and made a call to his assistant.

“Hey, there’s a Lulu in the audition today, you tell her to meet me in my room tonight.”


After Evelin left the hotel, he went straight back to the set.

When Su Hong called her in the afternoon to ask about the situation, she just told her the truth.

Su Hong didn’t know it would be like this.

She said a little apologetically, “Sry, this job was also introduced to me by a friend of mine, I didn’t know that was the case, I heard that you were in desperate need of money so I wanted you to try it out, at least the other party is paying a good amount of money for the film, in that case then I won’t go.”

Evelin nodded, suddenly remembered something and quickly said, “You didn’t tell anyone about my lack of money, did you!”

Su Hong was obviously busy and her voice was faint, “I’m not a big mouth, so why tell anyone?”

Evelin was only relieved by this.

Chapter 378

“I’m glad you didn’t say anything, please make sure you keep this a secret for me, I don’t want too many people to know.”

“Okay, I understand, don’t worry!I’ll tell you when I get another good job.”

“Well, thanks a lot.”

Evelin hung up the phone and sat there for a while, then took her phone and tapped her account balance to look at it.

She smiled at the fact that there were only four digits on it.

In this world, probably no one would have thought that she, a hallowed actress, who has won awards at any rate, and is now quite famous, or a new talent that the company is promoting, and her only assets are only three thousand dollars.

She’s a big star in the eyes of outsiders, but why is she in such a mess?

Evelin sighed, and just then, her phone suddenly rang.

She looked at the caller ID and her face changed dramatically.

Fingers rested on the hang-up button, hesitating for a long time, but finally pressing answer.

From across the room came a slightly hoarse male voice.

“I thought you weren’t going to answer my calls, but I guess you’re not that cold-hearted.”

Evelin walked to a secluded corner and whispered, “What are you calling here for?”

“Me?Of course, I’m thinking of my good girl, so I’m calling to ask!”

Evelin raged, “I told you a long time ago, I have nothing to do with you!Don’t talk about your daughter your daughter, my surname is Kang and yours is Cai, we are not related by blood!”

The other smiled grudgingly.

“Is it?Then at any rate I’ve raised you for ten years, but back then there were many people who could prove that you were my daughter, and now that she’s rich, how should I relieve my old father, right?”

Evelin was so angry that her eyes were red.

“Didn’t I call you three months ago?Did you go gambling again?”

The other side sounded distinctly guilty.

“And no, just…a little taste of hand gas, who would have thought it would be so bad?”

“I don’t have any money!”

Evelin didn’t even want to think about it, directly roared: “I told you to stop gambling, you yourself do not listen, every time you lose everything come to me, really think I am a bottomless pit is not it?I don’t have a penny right now, and even if I did, I wouldn’t give it to you, so that’s it, hang on!”

Afterwards, he just cut the phone off.

Later, the other party made a few more phone calls, but Evelin didn’t answer.

It was so angry that they just pulled the other number into the blacklist.

Next to him, the assistant, Chen, came over.

“Sister Evelin, what’s wrong?You look so ugly?”

Evelin even slowed down her face and barely smiled, “Nothing.”

“Oh, it’s fine, by the way, I’d like to take a day off from you, my mum’s birthday is tomorrow and I’d like to go back and spend the day with her, is that okay?”

Evelin was stunned and nodded, “Yes, it’s not a big deal, you can just go back tomorrow.”

Only then did Xiao Chen smile gratefully and nod, “Thank you, Sister Evelin.”

After closing for the evening, Evelin dragged her tired body back to the hotel by herself.

As soon as I got out of the car, I was dragged into a corner with a hand over my mouth.

She struggled as hard as she could, but was no match for the other man’s strength, so she let him drag her into the corner.

As soon as my hand loosened, I wanted to scream, but suddenly I heard a familiar voice, “It’s me.”

Evelin was startled.

The car park wasn’t too brightly lit, let alone in the corner, yet nonetheless, when she turned her head, the

Still, I could see what the man in front of me looked like.

“Dad!Why are you here?”

She cried out in surprise, then suddenly thought of something and her face changed.

“I told you we’re done with each other, don’t you come after me!”

She said and tried to leave, but the man held her back.

The man sneered, “Just now you were calling me Dad, and now you’re turning your back on me?Turning the pages doesn’t even take you that fast.”

He said, looking around and whispering, “It’s not convenient here, let’s go up.”

After saying that, he pulled her into a quick flash into the lift.

All the way back to the room, Evelin closed all the curtains in the room, making sure that no paparazzi would take pictures before finally breathing a sigh of relief.

Turning and looking coldly at the scruffy middle-aged man in front of him, he said, “What are you doing here looking for me?”

The middle-aged man’s surname was Cai, and because he was the fourth oldest in the family, he was known outside as Cai Laoshi.

He is Kang Loyao’s stepfather plus adoptive father.

Cai Lama sat down on the sofa and said, “What else can we do?It’s been pushing the debt outside lately, so I’ve come to get your money.”

“I don’t have any money!”

At the mention of this, Evelin turned pale and said sternly, “You leave immediately, I don’t want to see you again!”

Cai Lao Si is a scoundrel, these years as a hooligan used to be scolded by people, also do not care, evil hooked the corner of the mouth smiled: “can ah, I can go, just afraid that after I walk out of here today, tomorrow you Evelin Kang’s black material will be able to ascend the hot search, do not believe that we make a bet to try!”


Evelin was extremely angry, and her face was bruised and white, unable to speak.

Cai Laoshi smiled even more proudly at the situation, “By the way, if it wasn’t for me taking pity on you mothers and daughters and taking you in, would you be in the position you are today?What?Now that you’re famous and hardened, you want to enjoy yourself without me?Isn’t that a little too heartless!”

“I have no conscience?”

Evelin was so angry that her fingertips were trembling, “Who helped you pay off your gambling debts all these years?You were drugged, beaten, and in the police station, who took you out?If it weren’t for me, you’d have been shredded by those haters by now!”

“Yes yes yes!It’s all your doing.”

Cai Laoshi broke down and nodded, “So I can only come to you now ah.They had guns, you know?It’s a gun and says if I don’t pay it back I’ll shoot my head off, what can I do?”

Evelin couldn’t do anything with him and sat down on the sofa with her butt on the sofa and said angrily, “How much do you owe again?”

“Not much, three million.”


She screamed all at once, “Three million?You think I run a bank?”

Cai laoshi lifted his eyelids and slanted a glance at her, sneering, “You keep pretending.Who doesn’t know that you’re a popular star in the entertainment industry now, and any movie you make is worth millions, so what’s wrong with taking a few million to spend on me?”

“I’m not the only one with that money!”

Evelin was so angry that her face turned pale, and sternly said, “After the film fee is taken to the company, the company divides it, and the agent divides it, how much is left in my hands?How much money do you think I’m going to make from my hard work on the movie to fill your bottomless pit.”

Cai Laoshi grew impatient at the news and his gaze grew cold.


Evelin resolutely bit out, “No!”


Cai Lao Si suddenly stood up and said roguishly, “In that case, I’ll have to find someone else, I heard that you’ve recently been in close contact with a rich young man named Yi, right?Is he chasing you?Since my daughter can’t count on it, I’ll have to count on my son-in-law.”

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