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Chapter 388

Because they knew that as soon as they brought in the surveillance, the two would be dead by then.

It’s fine if the mistake is just Su Qin, but then you can just say she remembered it wrong and apologize.

But it was partial that Director Zhang was also on her side just now, he was the martial arts director and he designed all the moves, it would be simply unreasonable for him to say that he had forgotten as well.

Thinking of this, Guide Zhang looked at Su Qian reproachfully.

It was all because of this woman, who wanted to outshine Evelin in order to make a fool of herself in front of Feng Shao, and came up with such a temporary method.

Now that the limelight is out of the way, what to do back there?

Su Qian was also a bit panicked at this point.

If Tailor Feng knew that she was deliberately smearing Evelin, then it was uncertain whether she would be able to keep her current number three female position, not to mention her number two female position.

Just then, Guide Zhang suddenly stepped back a bit.

Immediately someone asked, “Guide Zhang, where are you going?”

Guide Zhang chuckled, “My stomach is a bit uncomfortable, I’m going to the bathroom.”

“Oh, well, get going then, the surveillance will be here soon, so get going and get back.”

“Eh, good.”

Guide Zhang hurriedly left.

And Evelin looked in the direction of his departure and coldly hooked her lips.


Two minutes later, the control room came out on a corner.

Director Zhang hurriedly stopped an assistant who had just gotten the surveillance tapes.

“Little Chen, give me the tape.”

“Guide Zhang, this…”

“Do you want to be on the crew anymore?You know how much seniority I have, and which director in this circle won’t give me a little face?If you want to still be in this business, you better not offend me, you know?”

The assistant was stunned, momentarily embarrassed.

Just then, a cold voice sounded.

“Instructor Zhang, did you excuse yourself to go to the bathroom to come here and threaten Xiao Li and try to destroy the evidence?”

Zhang guided a fierce shock.

When I turned around, I saw Evelin standing there with Tailor Feng and Li Yu and a group of them.

He paled.

When Li Yu saw this scene, he was already furious.

Pointing at Guide Zhang, he cursed, “Zhang Xiaoguang, you actually did such a thing!Just now when Evelin said you might get the surveillance, I defended you, but I didn’t expect you to actually…you!You’re just mad at me!”

Li Yu and Zhang Xiaoguang’s relationship has always been good, although his private life is not very agreeable, but men, to make friends has always only pay attention to the battle, never look at the private life aspect.

But I never thought it would happen today.

Guide Zhang’s face was a bit pale, but at this time, even though he still wanted to argue, he was already indefensible.

And Su Qin, who was following behind the crowd, was already ashen.

Evelin turned to Li Yu and asked, “Director, can I prove my innocence now?”

Li Yu nodded as his chest rose and fell in anger.

“This isn’t your fault, don’t worry, I’ll give you justice for today.”

These words were not only for her, but also for Tailor Feng.

Tailor Feng’s face was indifferent, and he looked at the two men as if he had seen some kind of trash.

“From now on, don’t let me see those two in the circle again.”

Afterwards, turn around and leave.

Guide Zhang and Su Qin both turned pale at the news.

The message…is to banish them from the entertainment industry altogether!Is it to shut them down?

Su Qin was busy explaining, “Feng Shao, please listen to my explanation, I, I didn’t mean to frame Evelin Kang, everything is Guiding Zhang’s fault, he ordered me…”

Without waiting for Tailor Feng to open his mouth, Guide Zhang was already furiously red in the face.

“What do you mean, Suqin?You’re going to put all the blame on me if it gets out?Obviously, you’re jealous of someone’s beautiful family resources and want to take them away, so you do it on purpose.

You also used beauty, tempted me, and promised to sleep with me tonight, why else would I help you do such a nasty thing!”

There was an uproar over that.

Although we all know that money and s*x deals are not uncommon in this circle, we haven’t really heard anyone put on the table to talk about it.

Su Qin was embarrassed at being exposed.

Tailor Feng fell in a bit of a mood and looked at him with a seeming smile.

“Oh?She said she’d stay with you once tonight?”


Instructor Zhang pleaded, “Feng Shao, I was also compelled by her momentarily to help her lie, please give me a chance, I have studied kung fu for more than ten years, if I can’t be a martial arts instructor, then my life will be completely hopeless, and this body of kung fu will have been learned in vain.”

Li Yu listened, somewhat unable to bear the thought.

But when I think about what happened, I think he deserved it for ending up in this mess!

He looked up at Tailor Feng.

Only the corner of Tailor Feng’s mouth contained a hint of mockery as he indifferently said, “You’re right, it would indeed be a pity if your kung fu were to be ruined like this, how about this, I know of a ring that happens to be short of a boxer recently, if you can survive three days there, I’ll spare you, how about it?”

He finished with a smirk on his lips, as if he was trying to find a way out.

Guide Zhang listened, but he stared in horror.

People don’t know what’s going on in that underground ring, would he not?

If he goes there, not to mention his future, it’s questionable whether he’ll make it out alive!

His lips moved and trembled, “Feng Shao, I can’t go to that kind of place, please be kind and let me go, I can stop being a martial arts instructor, don’t ever let me go there.”

However, Tailor Feng was already too lazy to listen to him anymore.

“Su Leng.”

” on.”

“Take him over there.”


Guide Zhang was eventually taken away by Su Leng.

The people in the crew, they all looked at each other.

And at this point, Su Qin was so scared that she couldn’t speak, she was afraid that Tailor Feng would treat her like he had treated Guide Zhang.

But fortunately, she is a woman, Tailor Feng did not do anything to her, just the entertainment industry she definitely do not want to hang around anymore, as for the other, Tailor Feng is really too lazy to bother too much with a woman.

But even expulsion from the entertainment industry was already a very serious punishment for Su Qian.

After all, she was twenty-eight years old, and her family had spent so much money and she had worked so hard to climb to where she was today.

It’s been a full ten years since her debut at the age of eighteen, and she would have done nothing else long ago.

Now, however, Tailor Feng drove her out of the entertainment industry, which was tantamount to cutting off her future.

All of this is thanks to Evelin!

Thinking of this, she gave Evelin a cold glance.

She will not make it easy for her if she is offended.

Since she can’t make it in the entertainment industry, she’s not going to make it in this world anymore either!

Chapter 389

The storm quickly died down as things were resolved perfectly.

When Su Qin was driven away, the play that was about to be finished naturally could not be finished as planned.

The third woman’s position will need to be filled later, and it’s not as if the candidate will be decided at once or delayed for long.

Thinking of this, Evelin frowned, somewhat preoccupied.

She didn’t have much time to think about it, though, because once the matter was resolved, Tailor Feng took her away.

As Tailor Feng pulled her away, everyone could see the fire of gossip in those eyes, and Evelin felt like she was about to be burned.

But helplessly her hand was held by the man and she couldn’t get it free.

It was hard to be dragged into the car by him, Evelin was already a bit out of breath and broke away from his hand and asked in a bad mood, “What are you doing?”

Tailor Feng snorted and ordered the driver, “Drive, to the hospital.”

Evelin was stunned.

“What’s going on at the hospital?My hand is all bandaged up, a little bruise is no problem.”

However, no one was listening to her, and the driver soon drove to a nearby private hospital.

Evelin was dragged off the car by the man and thrown straight to the doctor.

“Show her the wound on her arm and give her a tetanus shot.”

This hospital was owned by Feng’s, and the doctor naturally recognized Tailor Feng.

At this point, he nodded his head, “Yes, Er Shao, don’t worry, I’ll take her there.”

After saying that, he took Evelin away.

Before Evelin could react, the person had been dragged into a room and pressed into a chair.

Immediately afterwards, two doctors began nimbly removing the gauze from her arm and reapplying the medication, while another nurse went to prepare the tetanus shot.

Her skinny little body was surrounded by people, and for the first time she felt like a star.

It’s just a bit of a weird environment that’s all.

Evelin was a bit cryptic, looking up at the man across the room holding his arm against the doorframe and laughing, “You’re making too much of a fuss, I’m really not that serious, and there’s no need for a tetanus shot, besides, the wound has just been treated by the doctors in the crew, isn’t it asking for trouble to treat it again?”

Tailor Feng sneered, “Don’t make a fool of yourself, I’m just having that arm rechecked for you out of humanitarian reasons, in case it’s ruined.”

After all, the doctors on the crew don’t know how good the medical skills are, okay, so if it’s a half-barrel, isn’t that a mistake?

But he didn’t say these words to Evelin.

Evelin sighed helplessly and could only let them torment her.

It took about half an hour to get everything back together and she asked the doctor, “How’s it going?Am I okay?”

The doctor smiled, “It’s okay this lady, although the wound looks rather exaggerated, it’s actually just a flesh wound, pay attention not to touch the water in the near future, rest for a period of time will be fine.”

Evelin nodded.

Then, turning to the man standing in the doorway, he gave him a you-see, I-said-it’s-okay look.

Tailor Feng turned his head to the side, not looking at her.

But my mind cursed several times.

Damn woman, you don’t know what’s good for you!

Soon, Evelin’s wounds were re-treated, and she stood up rubbing her arm, thinking to herself that although Tailor Feng was a man with a bad mouth, his heart was actually quite good.

At least it was quite caring about her.

A warmth was crossing his heart, but he unexpectedly pulled her right to the checkout window just then.



Evelin was stunned.

Tailor Feng raised an eyebrow, and there was a clear taste of derision in his eyes


“Medicine, bandages, injections, no money?Don’t pay yet.”

Evelin: “…….”

So it’s not like he’s concerned about her, he’s forcibly dragging her here to generate revenue for his own hospital?


Evelin almost laughed right out of anger.

The little warmth and gratitude in his heart for what he had just done evaporated!

Evelin said with a cold face, “I don’t have any money.”

Tailor Feng raised an eyebrow, “I don’t have one, so what should we do?”

Evelin was dying of anger.

She sneered, “Tailor Feng, you can’t be so stingy!Forget the fact that you’re the one who dragged me here today, this injury was at least caused by filming.Do you want me to pay if you’re a boss who doesn’t help pay the medical bills?”

Tailor Feng looked at her with a smile, “Are you sure this is a work injury?And not deliberately targeting you because of that woman’s personal vendetta against you?”

Evelin stalled.

Gritting his teeth, he said, “Tailor Feng!You want to die, don’t you?”

Tailor Feng saw her blowing up, and knew that she couldn’t be teased anymore to this extent, so he even laughed: “Eh, I’m just joking with you, you’re not so serious!Tsk, look when I, Tailor Feng, have ever let a woman spend money?”

Besides, he owns the hospital. He doesn’t have to pay for it.

Evelin saw him finish his explanation with the cashier, then hugged his arm and walked out.

Tailor Feng was busy following up.

“Eh, where are you going?”

Evelin said coldly, “Where else can you go?Back to the set!Shoot!”

“What else are you filming now?I’ve taken leave for you, don’t worry, I’m still a very humane person, although because you’re injured to delay the construction period, I don’t know how much investment I’m going to waste again, but I still told Li Yu to let you rest for a few days to recuperate from your injuries.”

Evelin paused in her tracks.

Turning to look at him, his eyes were cold as hell.

“Tailor Feng, just tell the truth, what do you really want?Why do I always feel like you’re deliberately trying to get on my bad side?”

God knows she was going crazy in her desperation for money, and this product drove Su Qin away at this point, making it so that now the play can’t be killed and she can’t get the money.

Just the thought of that filled Evelin with fire.

Although she also knew that Tailor Feng was doing this to help her out.

But she always felt that the man’s intentions were not so simple.

Tailor Feng raised his eyebrows, and a guilty conscience flashed across his eyes.

“I didn’t mean to get on your bad side!You…you’re so well-meaning…I’m just helping you out because of our childhood love, and I’m really treating you as if you’re anyone’s favorite.”

He’s clearly not saying this in the right words.

Evelin, however, had no desire to dwell with him any longer.

“Okay, whatever your intentions are, please stay out of my life, I’m going back to the set, bye!”

There was a pause, and a vicious correction: “No, never again!”

Afterwards, that’s when I turned around and hitched a cab, and just walked away.

Tailor Feng looked at the back of the car leaving and puffed up his gills in anger.

Kicked a pebble from the road into the grass with a raised foot and gritted his teeth, “Heartless dead girl!”

Because Evelin was injured and the third woman had to pick a new candidate, the crew had to suspend filming and take a few days off.

But then, on the first day of vacation, something happened.

Some unknown V on the internet has suddenly popped up with a few photos.

The picture was a picture of a pooped man with his arms around a young girl in the hallway of some large entertainment venue.

Chapter 390

The people in the picture were none other than Liu Yutian and Evelin from the last time they were at the bar.

The photo was an immediate hit on the internet.

Some of Evelin’s past has also been picked up.

For example, a film and a certain actor behaving intimately, suspected of tying up fame, or a film and a director chatting about scripts in the middle of the night, suspected of subterfuge.

Anyway, the catch all came flooding in, as if someone had prepared for it beforehand.

This time, Evelin’s film is an ancient puppet, but because it was a hit IP before and directed by a very famous and talented director, Li Yu, it has been in the spotlight as well.

Whether it’s the announcement of the script’s completion a year ago, the subsequent casting, or the final shoot, there’s a lot of anticipation in the community and online.

The play even won an award earlier in the year when it was voted most anticipated by viewers.

This shows how much heat the play has received online.

And Evelin, who plays the second heaviest role in the drama other than the female one, has popped up with such a scandal at this time, which undoubtedly made netizens explode all of a sudden.

The text attached to the photo is also very succinct.

And below the hot list, the comments section is already abusive.

“fu*k!I thought she took the role by real skill, but it was a subterfuge to get to the top?”

“This hotel looks so familiar, isn’t it the most famous one, the Pink Grotto?I’ve heard it’s the most that kind of deal in there, why would she go to a place like that?”

“They might be acquaintances, but they’re just pretending to be innocent on the surface.”

“This man seems to be Ye Sheng’s CEO!What about the big entertainment companies, these two can’t really be related.”

“You can tell by the posture, proper.”

“So disgusting?Didn’t you sell hardworking motivational characters before?So that’s how inspirational it is!”

“This is too shameless, this kind of person should get out of the entertainment industry!”

“Right!Get out of the entertainment business!”

Soon, the hashtag #Evelin Get Out of the Entertainment Industry# was on the trending list.

At this time, Evelin had no idea what was happening online, and was still sleeping under the covers.

It was hard to take a few days off, although there were more worries to come, but it didn’t delay her from treating herself to a day of distraction anyway.

Evelin wants to be open, but it’s a rush for her agent, Su Hong.

Because her sleeping phone had been on silent, so Su Hong couldn’t reach her anyhow.

In desperation, she called He.

Xiao He couldn’t reach them either, and considering that Evelin was usually on good terms with Jenny, he ended up calling Jenny.

It also happened that Jenny was in Biden Lu’s office when she received the call.

And there was someone else in Biden Lu’s office besides her, and that was Tailor Feng.

Tailor Feng is also a rare visit to his place, and for no other reason than to wander around blindly to take a look.

I didn’t expect to see it, but I heard such big news.

A certain person stated on the spot, where was the need for Jenny to personally take care of such a small matter?

It just so happened that he had nothing to do, so he could help out.

Jenny Jing saw this and looked at him with a smile rather than a laugh, and said jokingly, “Tailor Feng, why do I feel like you’re particularly active whenever you run into Evelin?You’re not interested in her, are you!”

Tailor Feng was coldly poked in the heart and looked a little embarrassed.

But there’s no denying it.

Jenny Jing saw the situation, so he just left it to him to settle the matter.

Tailor Feng got permission to leave, and was so happy that he left with joy.

After he left, Jenny looked at the time and realized that it was already late, and he still had to rush to the office to see what was going on, so he said goodbye to Biden Lu.

Evelin’s matter was resolved quickly.

After all, there’s Tailor Feng on the scene, he has a lot of Liu Yutian’s black material on his hands, and there exists a video of Evelin and Su Qin arguing on the previous set.

He couldn’t think of anyone else to do this but Su Qian.

Upon checking, it turned out that it was her.

Tailor Feng directly handed over all the information and PR documents to Xiao He, who in turn explained to Su Hong to publish them directly, before the storm finally subsided.

On the other hand, Biden Lu is going abroad for a few days.

Jenny could obviously feel how sticky this man was to himself, and it was a good thing that Gu Siqian was quite honest and didn’t give her any eye candy, so it was quite sweet between the two of them.

And this time, Biden Lu was out of the country on business, and Jenny Jing promised him that he would personally pick him up at the airport on the day he returned.

On this day, Biden Lu was a morning flight and was expected to arrive at 2:00 noon.

Jenny finished the morning’s shooting and rushed back to the hotel, removed her makeup and changed into her clothes, and headed to the airport.

They haven’t seen each other for a few days, and naturally they miss each other very much.

However, before Jenny had even driven to the airport, he suddenly received a call from Nina Hua.

As soon as the call came through, a sobbing female voice came from across the line.

“Jenny, help me!”

Jenny was so shocked that he swerved the car to the side and stopped with a sharp brake on the side of the road.

“What’s happened?”She asked urgently.

“I’m at the musi hotel, room 5003, come help me…”

Here the phone suddenly hung up with a pop.

There was no explanation as to what had happened, or whether the police needed to be called, so they just hung up abruptly.

Jenny looked at the blackened phone screen with a hint of panic.

She subconsciously thought of Kepler.

She was too busy trying to call him, which revealed that she hadn’t left his number because they hadn’t been on the same page.

At this point, it’s too late to look for it.

And she didn’t really trust Kepler completely, that man could negative Yao Yao the first time, how did she know he wouldn’t negative her the second time?

Maybe he’s the one who did this to Yao Yao!

Thinking of this, Jenny became more and more anxious.

In the end, he could only hastily send a text message to Biden Lu, and then drove off in the direction of the hotel.

The Musi Hotel is not far from her location and is a ten minute drive away.

Jenny walked into the hotel, got on the lift, went to the 15th floor, and found room 5003, as Nina Hua said.

The hand just put on the door handle, considering whether to just knock on the door or try to get the hotel staff to come up and open the door, when suddenly a pain in the back of the neck, only to feel a surge of electricity across the body, and then it went black, and I don’t know anything.

On the other side of the plane, Biden Lu got off the plane.

As soon as you got off the plane, you immediately turned on your phone, but unexpectedly received a text message from Jenny.

When he read the contents of the text message, his face changed dramatically.

Eventually the number was called back, and it rang about five or six times before the phone finally answered.

However, there was a voice from across the room that made him five thunderbolts.


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