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Chapter 391

Jenny felt a headache.

It was like someone had split her head open with an axe, like it was going to burst open.

It was also exhausted and there was a sharp pain in the back of my head.

She grunted in pain, wrapped up in the blanket, subconsciously reached out and put her hand on the person next to her, and closed her eyes and shouted, “Biden…”

After a long time, no one responded.

Jenny finally sensed that something was wrong and slowly opened his eyes.

But the room was dimly lit, and the minimalist décor and black and white stripes were not a style she was familiar with.

Where are we?

The memory of her pre-consciousness slowly came back, she thought in a daze, her eyes touching a dinner plate logo on the bedside table, suddenly shaking hard and waking up instantly.

This is the Musi Hotel!

Jenny was taken aback and sat up in a hurry, yet when she moved, it was only in hindsight that she discovered that there was another person on the bed besides her.

Koo Siken!

She paled!

Gu Si Qian woke up ghostly at that moment, he frowned, and when he saw the woman sitting in front of him, he was first stunned, but then he slowly smiled.

“Little Seven, even if you wanted to sleep with your brother, you didn’t have to do it in such a drastic way, drugging my drink to get me here?Gee, that’s a straightforward enough tactic, but I like it.”

“You shut up!”

Jenny was going crazy.

She covered her head and thought carefully about it, then looked sharply to the side and saw her bag and phone.

She even picked up her phone and quickly read the text message that Nina Hua had sent to her earlier.

The text message is still there and the number is confirmed to be hers.

Her face was faintly pale, her fingers trembled, and she stopped there, eventually dialing it.

The other side rang for a long time before someone answered.


Nina Hua’s voice came from across the room, sounding crisp and pleasing to the ear.

Jenny felt his throat go a little dry, and paused for several seconds before asking with difficulty, “Are you okay?”

“Me?What could I possibly want?”

Nina Hua’s tone was still laughing, not at all as anxious and helpless as he had been when he had asked for help on the phone.

On the other side, hearing that Jenny hadn’t said anything else, he asked with some curiosity, “Jenny, is there something wrong with you?What’s going on?”

Jenny barely smiled.


“Nothing Why are you asking if I’m okay?”

“I…” she pursed her lips, swallowed a mouthful of saliva, and whispered, “I just had a nightmare, since you’re fine that’s fine, I have other things to do, so I’ll hang up first.”

Nina Hua listened, smiled pleasantly, and reassured her for a couple of sentences before hanging up the phone.

There was a strange silence in the room.

Jenny could even feel his rapidly beating heart with a sense of panic that plunged into the abyss.

She gripped the phone tightly, only to see several missed calls residing there, all from Biden Lu.

In fact, until now, she didn’t know exactly what had happened.

But the end result was predictable.

Someone has set a trap for her, brought her in, and is trying to use it to destroy her completely!

That phone call from Nina Hua was a fake.

It’s not much of a clever tactic, and both the Nina phone number and the not-so-clear voice can actually be solved by some software generation.

Having spent so many years in the foreign underground, Jenny Jing should reasonably be no stranger to such tactics, much less falling for them.

It was just that she had, after all, been out of that circle for several years and hadn’t expected someone to use such dirty tricks against her.

Plus, at the time, caring was the only way to get in the gutter and get on someone’s bad side.

Thinking of this, she looked up abruptly and looked sternly at Gu Siqian beside her.

Gu Si Qian saw the situation and immediately guessed what she was thinking, waving his hand.

“I didn’t.”

Jenny sneered.

Of course she believed he hadn’t, after all, with Gu Si Qian’s intelligence, if he really wanted to hurt her, there were much more clever ways to do it, and he wasn’t ready to drag himself down with him in such a way.


She sank down and said coldly, “Don’t tell me you’ll be stupid enough to be counted!”

Gu Si Qian raised his eyebrows, a shallow smile spilling out of his eyes.

“Little Seven still has so much faith in her brother.”

He said, getting off the bed with ease and leisure, and compared to Jenny’s disheveled clothes, he was remarkably well-dressed, so tidy that there was barely a wrinkle.

I saw him walk to the wardrobe across the room and open the door.

In the next second, a sturdy middle-aged man rolled out of the closet with a boner.

Jennyton was in a state of shock!

And the guy who rolled out of the closet was almost on the verge of tears when he saw her.

He still had a ball of cloth stuffed in his mouth and his hands and feet were tied, and because he couldn’t speak, he could only make some inarticulate whimpers.

Jenny didn’t dare to look at him incredulously, “Rovell Mu?Why you!”

Rovell tried hard to say something, but his limited ability to express himself was really hard to hear.

Jenny frowned and was about to step forward to take the cloth ball out of his mouth, but at that moment, he suddenly heard the sound of hurried footsteps outside.

“Are you sure it’s Jenny in there?”

“OK!I saw her go in with her arm around a man before.”

Jenny and Rovell Mu’s faces both changed.

Instead, it was Gu Siqian next to him, holding his arms with a smiling expression on his face, clearly wanting to sit on the wall and watch the good show!

By this time, how could Jenny still not understand that these people were the ones behind the curtain looking to deliberately capture her.

Think about how big a story it would be for the Luke’s young lady’s hotel to have a private meeting with her ex-boyfriend?

And how much those people, in turn, could use the opportunity to do something about the subject that she couldn’t even begin to think about!

There was already a knock on the door outside, and Jenny didn’t have time to think about it any longer, kicking back Rovell Mu, who had been released by Gu Siqian, before pulling Gu Siqian and flying to the window, jumping up with a leap.

“Seven, this is the 15th floor, and as much as my brother likes you, he doesn’t want to go to pieces with you yet.”

Gu Siqian was still hesitating there, but Jenny pulled him up.

“Cut the crap!Come with me!”

With that, he grabbed him by the collar and pulled him over to a nearby balcony to pick him up.

Kusken narrowed his eyes at the sight, then shook his head.

“Tsk, rude.”

The door was banged open.

In addition to the reporters, the hotel staff rushed in.

However, everyone was momentarily confused in the face of an empty room.

The man who had received the blast looking for someone to come with him saw his face change slightly and said, “No way!I saw her come in with my own eyes, where is everyone?”

Just then, there was a whimpering motion in the wardrobe.

As everyone froze, someone immediately walked over and opened the closet door.

A man tied into a ball of bone rolled out.

Chapter 392

In a split second, countless long and short guns were aimed at him all at once, snapping at him.

Rovell was all stunned, and when everyone finished shooting and dispersed and realized it was really him, it boiled over.

“Mr. Mu, I heard that you and your ex-girlfriend Miss Jenny are meeting here today, is that true?”

“You’ve been broken up for a long time, and now it’s an old flame?”

“Did you know that she is now married to Mr. Land?Do you think you still have a chance?”

“May I ask how many times you have met privately?”


Numerous sharp questions came straight at us, and everyone was so caught up in the excitement of gossip that they forgot for a moment that Rovell’s body was still tied with rope and his mouth was stuffed with a ball of cloth, so he couldn’t speak at all.

It wasn’t until finally, a reporter noticed something was wrong with him.

He was busy coming forward and taking the ball of cloth out of his mouth.

Unexpectedly, as soon as he opened his mouth, he heard Rovell Mu’s angry words, “What are you guys talking nonsense about?I’ve been kidnapped!I’ve never even met Jenny!”

Crowd of reporters: “…”

The hotel staff: “…”

In the end, Rovell Mu was not stupid, and Jenny’s current status was not something he could afford to offend.

Moreover, they were already in the past, and it would not do him any good if he admitted that he still had an affair with Jenny.

It was precisely because of this that Jenny Jing was relieved to leave him there alone.

And now, the other side.

Jenny pulled Gu Siqian to jump in from the balcony of another room, and then finally escaped the hotel while no one was outside.

Since there couldn’t have been only reporters around the outside of the room, given that they designed her so, and there should have been one under the hotel, the two took the back door.

Unexpectedly, as soon as they walked out the door, they were confronted by a black Maybach with a sharp brake that stopped in front of them.

Kusken raised his eyebrows.

“Little Seven, what do you think your husband would do if I told him that the man you were having an affair with wasn’t Rovell but me?”

Jenny glared at him impatiently and snapped, “Stop it!”

She said, releasing his hand and walking to the car.

The window of the car was lowered halfway down, revealing the man’s cold, stern side face.

He didn’t look at them, but the tense face and the low pressure around him said it all.

Jenny Jing pursed her lips and said, “Biden, I can explain.”

Biden Lu didn’t say anything.

Soon, Jenny pulled the door open and got into the car, and the car disappeared from Gu Siqian’s sight.

He watched the car leave and finally, picked the corner of his lip and smiled to himself.

Meanwhile, the car.

The atmosphere was so tense that you could hardly breathe.

Biden Lu hadn’t spoken, and the cold air emitted from the surroundings seemed to freeze people.

Even Vicky, who had been sitting in front and driving silently, felt a little chill down his spine, and his entire body couldn’t help but shiver.

Jenny pursed her lips and spoke only after a half-hearted moment.

“I was set up, someone tricked me with a recording of Yao Yao, I rushed here because I thought something had happened to her, then I was knocked unconscious, then I woke up and saw Gu Si Qian and Rovell who was tied up.

I suspect that someone is trying to use Rovell’s hand to ruin my reputation, and I’m still unclear as to the rest of the purpose, but it’s a good thing I woke up quickly and escaped in time, so they shouldn’t have gotten away with it.”

She thought she had explained herself pretty well.

But unexpectedly, Biden Lu still asked, “So, what you’re saying is that this is all a misunderstanding?”

Jenny was stunned.

She looked up, into his eyes.

The man’s eyes were cold, heavy, like ice, so cold that they made the

Human bones are cold.

She was hanging on by a thread, and suddenly she understood something.

“What did you hear?”

Biden Lu coldly lifted the corner of his lips.

He picked up the phone and fiddled with it with his long, slender fingertips, and then the ambiguous and explicit recording played automatically.

“Skeen, gently…mmmm…ah…”

Jennyton paled.

The recording was short, but clear, and anyone who was an adult knew what that meant.

Biden Lu sneered.

“So to this day, you’re going to tell me that this was really a misunderstanding?”

Jenny was fiercely shaken, his face faintly white.

She looked at him incredulously, “You don’t believe me?”

Biden Lu didn’t say anything.

Jenny felt a bit sarcastically funny, “Biden Lu, this recording is synthesized when you hear it, you wouldn’t have missed it, would you!”

This time, the man’s expression finally loosened.

He looked at her sullenly and asked in a cold voice, “So it’s purely coincidental that he’s here today, too?”

This time, it was Jenny’s turn to be tongue-tied.

Biden Lu once again wore that sarcastic and sneering expression.

“I believe you when you say that someone deliberately set you and Rovell up, but what about this recording?A person who deliberately set you and Rovell up, but mentions Gu Siqian’s name on the recording, do you think that explains it?”

Jenny stalled and quickly reacted.

“When did you call me?”

Biden Lu didn’t say anything.

Jenny was too lazy to bother with him, and simply took out his own phone to look at the time, which was fifteen minutes ago.

The fastest way to get here from the airport was fifteen minutes, which meant that as soon as Biden Lu got off the plane, he called her and heard this recording.

She, however, had been knocked out in front of the room more than two hours earlier.

Thinking of this, Jenny had about understood something.

Not a headache to caress the forehead.

“I’m sorry, this was indeed a case of poorly thought out and I’ve worried you.I’m pretty sure that the recording was sent by Gu Si Qian, and he’s clearly not letting us have it easy, so don’t fall for his trick.”

Biden Lu coldly tugged at the corner of his mouth.

“Oh?So he likes you?”

Jenny stalled.

“I’ve always had a vague feeling that there was something between you and him, but thinking about it, I hadn’t thought about how you’ve crossed paths before, and now it seems that my feeling isn’t just an empty one, is it?”

Jenny didn’t say anything, not really knowing what to say at the moment.

Biden Lu asked again, “Why didn’t you bring Mo Nan out today?”

“I…” she hesitated, forcing a smile, “I’m sorry, I forgot.”

Biden Lu’s eyes slid over a wisp of colour.

“Did you forget or deliberately not bring it?Jenny, now you’ve learned to lie to me.”

Jenny: “……..”

The man looked at her, a gaze so deep and serious, but also complex with a hint of alienation and disappointment.

“You know what?I always thought that the two of us had come this far enough to be honest with each other, but apparently you don’t think so.

Jenny, you can choose to continue to hide this from me, but as your husband, I also have the right to demand absolute loyalty from my own wife!So, I forbid you to see this man again from now on, okay?”

Jenny lagged, his throat a little hard.

“Biden Lu…”

“I don’t need a negative answer.”

For the first time, he showed a strong, unquestionable side to her.

Chapter 393

The atmosphere was in a stasis.

Jenny opened her mouth to say something, but didn’t know what to say.

She knew what Biden Lu minded, but there were times when it wasn’t up to her to decide whether to see or not.

Rather than promising to do it later, it’s better to spread the word out clearly from the beginning.

Thinking this way, she pursed her lips and said in a deep voice, “Biden Lu, I’m sorry, I know you care a lot, but I really have my reasons, but I promise you that after this matter is over, I’ll tell you everything, so wait for me a little longer, okay?”

Biden Lu frowned.

Those deep eyes were filled with cold scrutiny.

After a half-hearted moment, Fang held his lip sarcastically.

“Suit yourself.”


Ever since that day, Jenny Jing and Biden Lu had been in a cold war.

The two had been married for a year and a half, and had normally been like glue, but this was the first time there had been such a big conflict, and even Aunt Liu and Ann had felt something was wrong between them.

Aunt Liu was very worried, after all, she had seen the two all the way over, and knew their feelings and temperament all too well.

It couldn’t have come to this if something big hadn’t happened.

Therefore, Aunt Liu had advised a few things in private.

They just both refused to say why, and she was an outsider on this matter left and right, and was ultimately limited in her ability to say anything.

Aunt Liu could only sigh helplessly, secretly praying that the two could reconcile soon and not cause any further conflicts.

On the other hand, Jenny actually knew that this was not going to work.

That man is what kind of s*x she knows best, in fact, according to his ability, happened such things, he could have not asked her opinion, and just do it himself to investigate.

But he didn’t, instead respecting her and letting her make her own choices.

Since he had already done this, how could Jenny disappoint him again?

After some careful consideration, Jenny decided to tell him the truth.

She wasn’t sure what Biden Lu would think when he found out about the dragon troupe and Old K, but no matter how bad it was, it couldn’t be worse than it was now.

So, Jenny looked for an opportunity to be open with him.

But unexpectedly, the man’s reaction was completely unexpected to her.

Not very surprised, not very surprised, so calm and serene that Jenny was almost feeling whether he didn’t understand.

But the man clearly understood.

His eyes overflowed with laughter and he said in a deep voice, “You never wanted to say before because of what?”

Jenny Jing pursed her lips and hesitated before saying, “I lost a memory, I don’t know what happened, what I experienced, what kind of people I met and what kind of things I did during those months.

By the time I woke up, I had already been rescued by Gu Si Qian, he taught me martial arts and racing in those years, he saved my life, so I can’t be ungrateful, but he and I are just that, Shen, do you believe me?”

Lu Jing looked at her with deep eyes and nodded, “I believe.”

Jenny let out a sigh of relief.

Biden Lu added, “The Gu family’s water is very deep, this illegitimate son of his has stayed abroad for many years, life is not necessarily easy, he will form a dragon group, I’m sure he has his own reasons.”

Jenny nodded.

“But I didn’t intend to get involved, except that K died, and he said that the group of people who killed K was probably the same as the group of people who were chasing me, and I want to find out, Sham, I want to know what I went through in those months, why those people were chasing me, I don’t want to live with this by mystery for the rest of my life, you understand


The bottom of Biden Lu’s eyes quietly flickered with obscurity and complexity in places she couldn’t see.

He said in a deep voice, “Jenny, have you ever thought that sometimes there are truths that may not be all that clear, and that there are advantages to not knowing.”

Jenny was startled.

Puzzled, he looked at him.

Biden Lu sighed lightly.

He raised his hand, gently stroked her hair, and whispered, “Don’t let yourself get too tired.”

Jenny only smiled at this.


“Let me know if there’s anything I can do for you.”


After things were said and done, Jenny felt a lot better.

This afternoon, because she wanted to have a good conversation with the man, Jenny Jing had specially detached Aunt Liu and the other servants.

The two of them just leaned back on the couch in silence.

Sometimes it’s so wonderful that the truth you’ve tried to cover up hundreds of times, but whenever you open an opening, it’s like water from a dike.

There seems to be no more need to hide anything.

In the next few moments, Jenny told him all the things he had done during those four years abroad, bit by bit.

Biden Lu listened quietly, not interrupting the entire time, only gently hmming or responding when a response was needed.

Time slowly passed bit by bit, later, Jenny said a little tired, or perhaps because of the complete relaxation of the heart, and the incomparable trust in the man, actually drifted off to sleep in his arms like that.

Time is quiet and the years are easy.

The woman lay peacefully in his arms, and the man could see her quiet, beautiful sleep as he bowed his head slightly.

His eyes deepened.

Memories seem to whistle through the winds of time and back to that night of the year.

He thought that after so many years of trials and tribulations, enduring countless dangers and injuries, he should already have a heart like a rock, but he was incomparably mixed with mixed emotions at the moment.

Slightly coarse coarse large grasp of her small bony hand, feel her soft temperature, the heart is as if an axe chisel hammered pain and pity.

Jenny, I’m sorry!

She had confessed to him where she’d been and what she’d done in the years when he couldn’t find her.

Unfortunately, he couldn’t be equally honest with her about the accident and…the months of disappearing memories.

The man’s eyes were deep, tinged with a bright shade of blood.

The fishy red in her eyes was heavier as she thought of the years she had walked alone.

He picked up his phone and sent a text out.

Then, before dropping into a very light k*ss on her forehead, before gently picking her up and taking her into the bedroom.

This sleep, Jenny slept heavily.

When I woke up, I found that it was already dusk and the setting sun was spilling in through the floor-to-ceiling windows, giving the entire room a magnificent pale gold color.

She narrowed her eyes and stretched.

Maybe it really is because the weight of the heart is put down, only to find that the sleep was heavy and fragrant, and now woke up full of energy, simply not too easy.


Where’s Lu Jing-Shen?

Jenny rubbed her eyes and lifted the covers to get up, coming into the living room to find the house empty except for her.

The breeze blew against the pages of the book she had idly opened on the coffee table, making a slight, small noise that made the surrounding area seem more and more hollow and silent.

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