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Chapter 7

She couldn’t help but take a breath of cold air.

“Marriage?We?This, this is impossible!I was drunk last night and this document doesn’t even count!”

Biden Lu looked at her with a cool gaze and sneered.

“You said you’d sign it when you wanted to sleep with someone, and now you don’t want to admit it when you bring up your trousers?”

Jenny: “……..”


He smirked again, with a hint of a sneer.

Jenny didn’t know what to say for a moment, and only half a day did he hold out a sentence, “That’s also what you want, so how can I be entirely to blame?”

She’s a girl, if he doesn’t agree, can she still be strong?

But then, unexpectedly, someone just unbuttoned his shirt in the next second.

“I knew you wouldn’t admit it, but it’s a good thing I left evidence.”

Jenny followed his movements and looked over, revealing a delicate collarbone underneath the two loose buttons, with ambiguous hickeys and scratches hidden beneath.

That’s how intense last night was!

She had an urge to cover her face and run away!

I’ll wake up in the crematorium!

At the man’s eager reminder, she finally remembered how passionate she had been last night, and her face instantly flushed like two ripe tomatoes.

“Sorry!I really didn’t do it on purpose, I’ll promise you whatever compensation you need, but this marriage… can we not get married?”

Biden Lu’s eyes glanced at her with a cool glance, the coldness of morbid coldness hidden in his eyes.


” on.”

Vicky stepped forward, holding an iPad in his hand, and ran his fingers over it a few times before placing the iPad in front of Jenny.

“Miss King, this is the new Forbes list of the world’s richest singles that came out last month, the latest news is that someone is willing to pay 30 billion just for a night of s*x with the president, you can refer to it.”

Jenny opened her mouth wide in shock.

The eyes swept over the ipad, the picture of the man on it was reserved and cold and arrogant, and the stern gaze seemed to shoot out of the screen to shoot through her.

She gulped.

“You mean, if I want compensation, I have to pay thirty billion?”


Jenny suddenly had the feeling of being fairy hopped.

She looked at him suspiciously, and the more she looked at him, the more she felt that the person in front of her looked familiar, and her pupils shrank sharply.

And then look down at the name on the ipad and on the marriage certificate.


Biden Lu??!!!!


Jenny only felt a piece of straw running overhead, the difference did not jump up from the chair.

She said why does that name sound so familiar, but it’s him?

He is the heir to the Lu Clan’s fortune, the CEO of the Lu Clan, and a resident guest on the Forbes list of the richest people in the world, and is rumored to be incredibly wealthy, with a mysterious background.

A few years ago, he created Anning International, which rose to prominence with lightning speed and took over half of the country’s entertainment industry in just two years, which is simply called a miracle.

She fell silent for a moment.

Earlier, I thought 30 billion was too expensive, but now that I know who he is, I have to say that some people are just worth the price.

Carefully, he opened his mouth, “That… can we discuss a different way to compensate?”

The man on the other side raised his eyebrows slightly, his gaze somewhat cold.


“Thirty billion…I really can’t afford it.”

“Then there’s nothing to discuss.”

He’s obviously

Somewhat displeased, with a glance, Vicky immediately stepped forward to put away the papers on his desk and retired respectfully.

Jenny opened her mouth and wanted to say something else, but when she touched the other party’s cold, sharp gaze, she was so frightened that she immediately shut her mouth.

Biden Lu said in a cold voice, “I give you three days to cut off everything in the past, after three days I will send someone to pick you up, from now on this will be your home.”

Jenny wanted to cry.

Knowing that resistance was futile, I had to change my words, “Can we have a few more days?”

Biden Lu looked at her with cold eyes and mocked her with a smile.


Jenny: “……..”


Coming out of the land garden, Vicky was waiting for her at the door.

There was a silver grey Maserati parked in the courtyard, Vicky opened the door and respectfully said, “Miss Jing, I’ll take you back.”

Jenny smiled dryly at him, “No, I’ll just take a cab myself.”

“It’s the president’s idea.”

Her smile faltered, her beautiful eyes drooped, and eventually, she got into the car.

The place where Jenny lives is a portable flat in the city centre, the house is not big, one room, although the space is a little small, but the road is good, convenient transportation, and one person living is also enough.

Returning to her nest, she slammed herself into the couch and emptied her head.

Last night to today, one exciting thing after another, she coped by instinct and didn’t have time to think too much about it, until now she was completely relaxed and felt a few hints of exhaustion.

Take the computer next to the low table, turn it on, and type in “Biden Lu” in Baidu.

The pile of information that jumped out at her made her heart grow colder.

Although I already knew that this man was extraordinary, it was still a bit of a headache to see all that information about him on the page again.

You can’t afford to mess with him!

Let’s not even mention his distinguished status, the power and wealth that he personally represented was enough to be intimidating.

A man like that, to marry her?

It’s absurd to think about.

But on second thought, she has nothing to fear, now she has nothing, even if there is a plan, she is barefoot and afraid of wearing shoes?

And isn’t there still three days to go?

After three days, it’s possible that people might regret it!

Anyway, we’ll just have to take it one step at a time.

Having figured this out, Jenny didn’t dwell on it any further.

It was Saturday and she didn’t have to work, so she changed and went straight out to the shop.

The shop is right in the centre of town, just a five minute walk out the door, so you don’t even have to drive.

It was a small storefront she’d rented two years ago, filled with all sorts of adult merchandise.

Because she had to work, she didn’t have time to watch the shop, so she hired a clerk from the time the shop opened, and she just came over to make the rounds when she had time.

But the clerk had taken the day off two days ago, so she had to come over and look after it herself.

Although Rovell has always looked down on this industry, but she feels that, 360 lines of work, line of work, she does not steal or rob not illegal, relying on her own skills to make money, where is inferior?

And while the industry is sometimes a bit inconvenient, it is undoubtedly profitable.

In the past few years, she’s been able to sell this, buy her own house, and save up a lot of savings.

She has nothing now, and money has naturally become the most important thing.

And since she’s already broken up with Rovell, she’s only afraid that she won’t be able to work under Mu anymore and will have to find another way out.

Thinking of this, Jenny hesitated and pulled out his phone to make a call out.

Chapter 8

And on the other side, the King family.

The living room was full of people, old lady Kelly Wang, father Kevin Jing, mother Yu Turbolian, and Rovell Mu’s sister Fedora as well as several of Clara’s best friends were all there.

Clara and Rovell Mu sat on the other side of the sofa, and the atmosphere was somewhat dull.

“, you’re just too much of a bully!You and my brother are in love. How can she have the nerve to do such a thing?How dare you call the police to arrest you, knowing how sensitive your identity is, isn’t that a clear attempt to destroy you?”

“That’s right, and the fact that she only broke up with Mu Shao one foot ago and is hanging out with a guy in a bar the next shows that she’s not a good person herself!”

“Clara, you’re at a disadvantage just because you’re a public figure, and now there’s a lot of discussion about you all over the place, saying that you seduced Mu Shao and were caught in bed by Mu Shao’s fiancée, and that you’re on drugs, which is obviously nothing, you have to think of a way to solve it quickly.”

“Yeah.Jenny calling the police is no peace of mind, you can’t really be put down by her!”

Clara’s pitiful look at Kelly Wang, who was sitting on the throne, and a plain white face that easily showed some vulnerability and sadness.

“What can I do about it?My sister she had to do it, I can’t really be tough with her, after all we are a family, and if we really get into a fight, it won’t be a problem for grandma and parents.”

Kelly Wang sniffed and gave her an appreciative glance.

But Kevin Jing raged, “Why is it hard for me?You think of her as a sister, ask her if she thinks of you as a sister.”

“Uncle, she’s not to blame for this…I did the wrong thing.”

Rovell frowned and spoke calmly.

Jing Dao: “No, I’m the one in the wrong, if I didn’t fall in love with Brother Azawa, my sister she wouldn’t have…”

“Maya, I didn’t mean it like that.”

Rovell stopped her and said in a deep voice, “What I mean is that we should have made it clear to her earlier, we shouldn’t have kept dragging it out because our hearts were afraid of hurting her, and now it’s my fault for causing you to suffer, I didn’t handle it right.”

Clara was touched for a moment and looked at him gratefully, “Brother Azawa…”


With a light cough, Kelly Wang’s face put on a few smiles and looked at Rovell Mu.

“Mu Shao, now that things have come to this point, you’ve seen those public opinions on it, it’s impossible to turn a big issue into a small one, what are your thoughts on the current situation?”

Rovell Mu’s face was slightly pale, and Clara quietly clenched her fingers, looking a little nervous.

“Madam, don’t worry, I won’t let Clara continue to be wronged, I’ll immediately have someone issue a statement announcing my relationship with Clara when I get back.”

Kelly Wang looked pleased.

Yu Xiu Lian and Kevin Jing also became excited, only Clara, her soft eyes showing a hint of worry.

“But everyone out there knows you have a marriage contract on you, will they believe us?”

Rovell held her hand and explained, “Although everyone knows I’m engaged, not many people know who my fiancée is, so all I have to do is tell them that the engagement was originally made with you, and you’re my fiancée, so that no one will say anything.”

Only then did Clara reveal a glimpse of joy.

Just the next second, a frown.

“But on my sister’s side…”

“Don’t worry about that!I’ll speak on your sister’s side.”

Kelly Wang opened her mouth, her tone carrying the authority she had cultivated over the years of her ascendancy.

“There’s no need for Mu to announce it on there so as not to regenerate any unnecessary trouble, isn’t it Clara’s birthday the day after tomorrow?We’ll have a party, invite a few reporters, and just announce it on the birthday.”

Rovell nodded.

Head, “Well, everything is up to the old lady.”

“You should also go back and talk to your parents about this, after all, it’s about marriage, it’s never a good idea to make decisions on your own.”

“Don’t worry, they’ve already agreed to this, and my parents like Maya a lot.”

“That’s good.”Kelly Wang’s face finally showed a touch of relief, “Stay for lunch and have a casual lunch together!”

Rovell got up, “No need old lady, I still have business to take care of at my company, so I’ll come to your door next time.”

“Mu is young and talented, in that case, I won’t stay.”

Kelly Wang looked to Clara who was sitting next to her, “Clara, you see off Mu Shao.”

Clara stood up nicely, “Yes.”

It was only after seeing Clara and Rovell Mu out the door that Kelly Wang’s face sank.

Restraining her smile from earlier, she looked majestically at Kevin Jing, who was sitting to her left, and said in a deep voice, “Call that cold-hearted daughter of yours and tell her to come back tonight.”

Kevin Jing agreed evenly, “Yes.”


Jenny hung up the phone after talking things over with someone on the phone.

Unexpectedly, as soon as I hung up, the phone rang again.

She froze slightly and looked at the words on the caller ID on her phone screen, her eyebrows drawing together slightly.

Instantly there was much less appetite to even eat.

She picked it up, her tone cold, “Dad.”

“And you know I’m your father!”

Kevin Jing’s growling voice came through the phone, and Jenny Jing couldn’t help but hold the phone away from her ear.

Finally, simply put it on the table and press speakerphone.

“Something wrong?”

“When did you return home?”

She drooped her eyelids and replied bluntly, “Why do you ask?”

“Don’t you dare say that!You didn’t even tell me you were coming back to China. Do you still think I’m your father?Is there still this family?”

Jenny Jing mocked the corners of his lips, “Mr. Jing, if I remember correctly, I think I gave you a call when I was returning to China.”

Jing Tsunade stalled.

For a moment, uncertainly, he asked, “When was the fight?How come I don’t remember?”

Jenny Jing lightly mocked and held his lips.

Ever since Clara had returned to this house, Kevin Jing hadn’t taken her very seriously, not that she didn’t know it.

I just didn’t expect to be so indifferent as to forget that she had even called him when she returned.

What’s even more ridiculous is now coming to question why she didn’t inform him of her return?

King apparently realizes his mistake and is a little embarrassed.

“Okay, I’ve been so busy all day in the last two years with the company broadening its business that I may have forgotten.You’re a daughter. Can’t you understand your father?You’ve been back for so long and you’re not even home to check in, what kind of talk is that!”

Jenny Jing didn’t bother to arm wrestle with him here and asked indifferently, “What exactly is your business?”

“I… “Kevin Jing was enraged by her cold tone, but thinking of her s*x, he eventually pushed his anger down.

Stiffly, he said, “Your grandmother told you to come back for dinner tonight!”

“No go.”

“What words?At least you’re a member of the Jing family. What’s wrong with asking you to come back for a meal?Is it hard for me to invite you myself?”

Jenny Jing coldly hooked his lips, “The person who doesn’t even remember to call me home on New Year’s Eve, suddenly calls me home for dinner, I’m afraid that the rice has rat poison in it and I’ll be poisoned to death.”

Chapter 9


Kevin Jing was furious with her, “I’m just asking you, are you coming back?”

“No return!”

“Yes!You said that!When your grandmother comes after you later, don’t say I didn’t inform you!”

Kevin Jing felt he really couldn’t communicate with her cold nature and simply hung up the phone.

Jenny Jing scoffed and ignored it, putting her phone away and continuing to eat the one takeaway she had just ordered.

On the other hand, Kelly Wang was sitting in the dining room, and in the meantime, she saw Kevin Jing walk in exasperatedly.

“Well?Did you call her?Is she coming back tonight?”

Kevin Jing had no good temper, “Where can I shout at her?I think she’s getting winged now, and she won’t come back without hiring a palanquin with eight carriages to pick her up.”

Kelly Wang’s face changed.

“Slap the chopsticks on the table.”


Everyone in the restaurant was shocked, Kelly Wang has been in charge of the Jing family since the death of Master Jing, and after years of accumulating prestige, initiating anger is still a bit of a deterrent.

Yu Xiu Lian gave Clara a wink from across the room.

Clara even picked up the soup in front of her and walked over to the old lady, saying softly, “Grandmother, don’t be angry, your body is important.”

Yu Xiulian also chimed in, “Yes, if Jenny doesn’t want to come back then don’t force her, we’ll just think of something else to do about this, you don’t want to get angry.”

Kelly Wang sneered, “Joke!She says she doesn’t want to come back so she can stop coming back?I want her back today!I’m down, how hard can her wings be!”

I said, raising my hand to beckon the steward Wang Fu.

“Wang Fu, go find out where she is now and send someone to tell her that if she doesn’t come back tonight!I’ll burn all the stuff her mother left behind, and she won’t get a cent of it.”

Wang Fu’s face turned pale, and he responded, “Yes.”


In the afternoon, Jenny finished his last job and closed the door to get ready for work.

Unexpectedly, as soon as he walked out of the shop, he saw Wang Fu standing there.

As an old housekeeper who had been in the Jing family for over a decade, Jenny Jing naturally knew him.

Before Yu Xiulian and Clara had even debuted, she had a good relationship with this Wang Butler, not too close, but still respectful of each other.

Now that I saw him again, I suddenly remembered the noon call from Kevin Jing, and my face went a little colder.

“Missy, you’re off duty.”

Wang Fu came up, Jenny took the key and gave him a faint look.

“Butler Wang, long time no see.”

“It’s been a long time since I’ve seen you, Missy has emerged more and more beautiful, and Madam would be glad to see it if she were still here.”

Jenny Jing hooked her lips, “If my mother is still here, will Butler Wang take my mother’s side, or Yu Xiu Lian’s?”

Wang Fu didn’t expect her to suddenly ask this, and was speechless.

Jenny Jing also had no intention of embarrassing him, he only laughed lightly, “Just kidding, don’t be nervous.”

Wang Fu almost dripped with cold sweat and laughed dryly twice.

“What did Butler Wang want with me?”

Wang Fu said evenly, “The old lady sent me over to take you home.”

Jenny Jing’s gaze condensed and a hint of mockery swept over the corners of his mouth, “Didn’t Kevin Jing tell you that I refused to go back?”

“It’s just that the old lady said… that if you refuse to go back, the relics your mother left behind will be disposed of.”

Wang Fu spoke implicitly, but Jenny instantly understood what he meant.

The face fell, “What is she trying to do?”

Wang Fu revealed a difficult look.

Only after a pause, did Fang earnestly advised: “Miss, you have suffered a lot over the years in order to be angry with your family, haven’t you suffered a lot?It’s only a meal or so, and that’s all the Lady left behind, so don’t wait until you actually lose it to regret it.”

Jenny tensed his face, his face livid.

It was a long time before he slowly released his clenched fingers, “I know.”

Wang Fu was relieved to see her agree.

Bowing to open the door for her, “My lady, get in!”

Jenny didn’t say anything else and got into the car.

Twenty minutes later, the car drove into the King family villa.

The villa is located in a famous and affluent area of Visterdem, nestled in a beautiful landscape.

She got out of the car and walked inside with a grimace.

In the living room, Yu Xiu Lian and Clara were choosing the dress they would wear for the birthday party the day after tomorrow.

As Kyung, who is about to announce her relationship, this is naturally a raw important day, not only for her birthday, but also for her engagement to Rovell.

After agreeing at noon, Kelly Wang ordered them to hurry up to choose clothes and book the venue.

With only two days left, it’s definitely too late to order it.

It was good that it was only a birthday banquet, and the word engagement was only her and Rovell’s private opinion, when it was announced out, to the outside world, she and Rovell had already been engaged, so there was no need to dress up too grandly.

After an afternoon of choosing, I finally chose a few of my favorite dresses out.

Just wait until tomorrow to have it delivered to your door before trying it on and picking it out.

They were happily discussing the situation when there was a sudden noise at the door.

When he looked up, he saw Jenny walk in.

She was wearing a white shirt with black pencil trousers underneath, lining a pair of legs that were long and straight, and a beige trench coat over it, with her curly hair scattered over her shoulders, looking cool and airy.

Clara looked at her, a hidden jealousy growing in her heart.

She just couldn’t stand Jenny’s pretentiousness.

It’s obvious that she’s selling eye-catching miscellaneous goods, but she’s dressed like a social elite, and her arrogant and aloof face makes people think she’s so noble.

But the thought of her profession gave her a few more hints of pleasure.

What’s wrong with pretending to be innocent?She was no match for her in the end.

She was the daughter of the Jing family, the hottest flower in the entertainment industry, and she?

What’s wrong with an outcast daughter, even if she’s talented?It’s not as if you can’t keep the job at hand yet.

Then she’ll have to spend the whole day in her little ten-square-meter shop, selling her eye-catching miscellaneous products.

Thinking of this, Clara had a few more hints of pride and straightened her back, a smile curving her lips as she stepped forward.

“Sister, you’re here!”

Yu Xiu Lian also reacted and came forward with a smile piled on her face.

“Jenny is here, sit down!Mrs. Chen, bring a glass of water for Miss Chen.”

The maid, Mrs. Chen, was busy pouring water over, only to look at Jenny with more than a hint of contempt, overtly and covertly.

Jenny Jing didn’t care, only saying coldly, “Did you call me over for something?”

Yu Xiu Lian looked a little embarrassed.

Clara saw the situation, busy forward to hold her arm, laughing: “Sister, what’s the hurry, it’s not easy to come home, what’s the matter after dinner to say!It’s been a while since we’ve talked together, too, and it’s a little while before dinner, so why don’t you go to my room and we’ll talk?”

Jenny Jing looked at her with cold eyes, his tone lightly mocking.

“Talk about what?Talk about how you seduce men?I’m sorry, but those dirty tricks don’t interest me and I can’t learn them.”

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