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Chapter 34

Song Yiwen suddenly and mysteriously gathered everyone together as if remembering something.

“Do you know the other day Jasmine Tong wasn’t on vacation the day she came back, I saw hickeys on her neck and her arms seemed to have been pinched purple.”

That said, everyone seems to have realized something.

“Yes, yes, I saw her in a turtleneck and long sleeves, and what’s more, it’s going to be summer soon and she’s covering up so tightly”

“I’ll go, that Jasmine Tong must have slept with some top executive of the Star Emperor on those two days off, that’s why she signed her”

“I can’t tell, just like Jasmine Tong, there’s still someone who can do it.”

When Song Yiwen said that, everyone was even more certain that Jasmine Tong had slept with Star King International’s top executives, and that’s why she got the contract.

However, it’s nothing to be envious of, as Star King International is about to go out of business.

This evening, Qin Yanyuan closed late, and although her popularity was down, she was still on a tight schedule and had been working hard to catch up with the show over here.

She had just returned to her room on her front foot when someone came knocking on the door.

Xia Lian was also a bit tired and impatient, and went to open the door and was shocked to see the person at the door.

“Sister Then suddenly, it’s Miss Tong coming over to see you.”Xia Lian shouted towards Qin suddenly in the bedroom.

“Oh, let her in.”When she had originally taken out her makeup remover towel, she still put it back and walked out of the bedroom.

Tong is more of an antagonist with her, so they close at almost the same time.

“Miss Tong, what brings you to me at such a late hour,” Qin turned around and smiled slightly.

After all these years of working in the entertainment industry, the rules of the circle have taught her not to be too close to anyone and not to be too distant from anyone.

That’s a score she took very well.

Compared to Qin’s sudden smile, Jasmine Tong’s smile was much brighter.

“Then suddenly Sister, I can sign with Star King International, thank you so much I don’t have anything to give you, this is the company’s meeting gift, I’ll lend you the flowers and give it to you.”

Jasmine Tong was straightforward and straightforward in explaining her intention, and handed the velvet brocade box directly to Qin Jiangyan.

Xia Lian looked at Qin Qianlian in surprise. In these two days, Qin Qianlian has been shooting at ease, and he has never been fooling around for Jasmine Tong’s matter.

There was also a flash of surprise on Qin’s face, but she was more calm and relaxed than Xia Lian’s shock.

“Miss Tong, that’s very kind of you, just raise your hand.”

Xia Lian was even more surprised that Qin turned around and didn’t even explain.

“Then suddenly Sister, it’s better not to call me Miss Tong, it sounds oddly awkward, I’m your senior, in the future we are the same company, you are also my senior sister, you can just call me Jasmine Tong.”

Jasmine Tong pulled Qin Jianlian’s hand and placed the brocade box in her hand.

“A small gift is no token of respect.”Jasmine Tong was still smiling innocently and harmlessly.

When Qin turned around and looked at the brocade box in his hand, he smiled shallowly, “With your acting skills, there will be plenty of opportunities in the future, and you will need to dress up to attend some occasions, so you can keep this jewelry.”

Saying that, Qin turned around and prepared to return the brocade box in his hand.

Jasmine Tong directly put her hands behind her back, “This is the only movie I have right now, even if there’s a chance in the future, that’s still far away, Sister Turnip, you’re looking down on me if you don’t take it.”

Qin turned around and smiled faintly, “Then I’ll take it.”

Jasmine Tong was only relieved, “Well, it’s late, we have an early show tomorrow, get some rest early, good night.”

“Good night.”

Jasmine Tong left satisfied, and Xia Lian sent her away and folded back in.

“Sister suddenly, this” Xia Lian is also somewhat confused, why didn’t Qin suddenly explain it clearly

“I know what you’re trying to say, except that there’s no harm in taking this favor, in case she finds out someday, let’s just say it’s a misunderstanding, this Jasmine Tong acting skills are good, high comprehension will definitely be red in the future, there’s no harm to us.”

When Qin turned around and opened that brocade box, a ruby necklace lay quietly inside.

Xia Lian stared at the ruby necklace, “This, this was given a pair of jade bracelets back then when suddenly sister signed the contract, but this also”

Realizing that she had said the wrong thing, Charlene hurriedly shut her mouth.

Following Qin Tianran, Xia Lian’s knowledge is not short, what good things have she not seen before, but a ruby necklace with such a good color is the first time she has seen it.

In the meantime, Qin turned around and also browsed, Jasmine Tong’s meeting gift was so expensive.

It is a rule that companies sign artists to send a meeting gift, but the gift is also different from person to person, the company fancy, high fame, the gift is naturally expensive.

But Jasmine Tong.

There’s no background, no work to show for it.

The point is, Albert Ou just acquired Star Huang International, Jasmine Tong signed a contract and got such a valuable meeting gift.

“Charlene, why do I have a vague feeling that Jasmine Tong signing the contract and this meeting gift is a bit of a coincidence with Asawa’s side?”

Xia Lian tilted her head and pondered, “can’t it, I’ve asked around, this Jasmine Tong just graduated, the family conditions are not very good, how could she have any relationship with Ou always has something to do with it is probably just coincidence.”

“Actually, I don’t think that’s very likely either, that guy Asawa has never liked contact with people, he knows very few people.”Qin turned around as if he was talking to himself.

“Geez, Miss Thenowy, just put your heart in your stomach, Mr. Ou is such a proud person, you went and said a few words, and Mr. Ou bought the Star King with a big deal, Mr. Ou and Miss Thenowy are the ones who are related”

Naturally, Qin turned around and liked hearing such words, her face flushed slightly and she dropped her head to smile silently.

“By the way, Charlene, the matter of Ze’s acquisition of the Star Emperor was not announced to the public, and you should not say to the public that he acquired the Star Emperor, let alone mention me, okay?”

“I know, I know, suddenly suddenly sis, you’re so quick to start protecting your own husband.”

“What husband, don’t talk nonsense.”

But when he heard this name, Qin turned around and was still incomparably pleased.

Let’s hope it comes true someday.

On the other hand, Rameen Tong knew that Jasmine Tong had signed with Star King International and was also quite surprised, surprised and at the same time feeling strange.

“What kind of bad luck did this Jasmine Tong have to sign up for Star King” said Rameen Tong angrily as she combed her hair.

Huang Can brought her a glass of hot milk, “According to Song Yiwen, she saw a hickey on Jasmine Tong’s neck and said that she slept with one of the Star Emperor’s top executives.”


“I guess it’s true, hickeys can never be mistaken.”

“You’re really good at picking up men” Rameen Tong looked viciously at the mirror.

“Miss Rameen, it’s no big deal, so what if Star King is about to close down and sign a contract.”

“That’s right.”

As she was saying, Rameen Tong’s phone suddenly rang, and when she saw the number on it, she excitedly and immediately detached Huang Chan.

Chapter 35

“Hey, Brother Ellen,”

Rameen’s voice was delicate and pleasant, making people feel numb.

It’s a completely different voice than the one complaining earlier.

“Well.”There was an indifferent male voice on the other end of the phone.

“You haven’t called people in a long time, and they’re so tired from filming, and you don’t come to see them.”

“I heard that Jasmine Tong and you are on the same crew. “Ellen Ron skipped the sweetly petulant voice just now and went straight to the point.

Hearing Ellen Ron inquire about Rameen Tong, Rameen Tong was displeased, but also answered honestly, “Yes, you don’t know, she has become more and more unruly lately, and her style of living is becoming more and more disorderly.”


“She slept with the Star Emperor’s top brass and then signed on to the Star Emperor, literally throwing her family’s to shame, but she’s so uncompromising.”

“Don’t be ridiculous” Ellen Ron didn’t believe such words.

“Where is my nonsense the whole crew knows, the people who live in the same room with her saw her come back from vacation with hickeys on her neck, and it was extremely deep, a look at how erotic that night was.”

There was silence on the other end of the phone.

“Brother Ellen, when are you coming to see me? I miss you so much.”

“I’ve been busy lately, let me see the time.”

“Well, all right then, you need to take care of yourself and don’t tire yourself out.”


Originally, Rameen Tong thought she was going to hang up the phone, but found that Ellen Ron did not hang up.

“Brother Ellen, Brother Ellen.”

For a long time, Ellen Ron’s voice once again came over, “The engagement has been set for the end of this month.”

“Really? That’s too good” Rameen Tong almost lost her voice when she heard the news.

“You get ready, go to bed early, good night.”Only then did Ellen Ron hang up the phone.

Rameen Tong held the phone to her chest, feeling like a dream.

The day has finally come.

Although it was only an engagement, it was almost as meaningful as getting married, after all, Ellen Ron’s identity, and there was no way to joke about something like an engagement.

Once engaged, her identity as the future young lady of the Ron family will also sit on the table, and so will the future boss lady of Artsin International.

There’s a fundamental difference between a girlfriend and a fiancée in the end.

But the thought that Ellen Ron still had some concern for Jasmine Tong made her feel uncomfortable.

Filming for Huma World went on as usual.

Whenever you’re happy, you’ll be in good spirits, despite the fact that there are slanderous voices all around you, but Jasmine Tong is still putting all her thoughts into the film, ignoring those discordant voices in the slightest.

She still had a little cold, but didn’t care that it was a slight pain in her abdomen for the past two days, and probably didn’t care that she was fully engaged.

As soon as the scene was over, she felt a hot stream slowly sliding down her abdomen.

That feeling.

Oh, sh!t.

Jasmine Tong went to the bathroom and saw the smear of red on her panties and wanted to die.

I’ve been so busy lately that I’ve forgotten all about women and menstruation.

We’re filming right now, so going back to the hotel is definitely not an option.

There was no choice but to turn to the staff.

She furtively whispered for a while in the ear of a female staff member, who laughed and pulled out a white square from her bag and shoved it into Jasmine Tong’s hand.

Seeing no one else around, Jasmine Tong hurriedly stuffed it into her pocket and hurried back into the bathroom.

Huang Can could see all of this.

Huang Can’s face assailed with a look of joy, then came to Rameen Tong’s side.

Rameen Tong was sitting in a recliner reading a script, and there was chilled juice and some snacks on the table next to her.

Huang Can whispered beside Rameen Tong for a while, and Rameen Tong asked in surprise, “You’re serious.”

“A thousand times true, I saw it with my own eyes.”

Rameen Tong’s face rippled with a smug smile, “Ugh then we have a good show today, go call Assistant Director Chen over, just say I have something to say to him.”

Huang Can went on his ass.

This assistant director Chen, who is a member of Artsin International, is very close to Rameen on a regular basis and knows her identity, so naturally he tries to befriend her.

So, Rameen Tong’s proposal was one that he agreed to.

Who would offend the future boss’s wife?

At this time Jasmine Tong was still preparing her lines for the next scene.

There was pain after pain in the abdomen, and all could feel the blood rolling down in a rush.

Her period used to be accurate, and since Yarwen Tong had entered her seventeenth year, it hadn’t been quite so accurate, as if her mind had been worrying about something.

This time, it was so busy that she couldn’t remember how many days it had been postponed.

The more you delay, the more blood will flow.

A sanitary napkin is not enough, Jasmine Tong thought to herself, later to borrow a bar from the staff, now at this time there is really no way, can only shamelessly go to borrow.

Just as Jasmine Tong endured the abdominal pain and was about to borrow sanitary napkins again, Deputy Director Chen came over.

“Come on guys, come over here, we’re shooting the thirty-fourth scene today.”Deputy Director Chen gives the orders.

Although the general director of this film is Lin Chuan, a film, not all scenes are shot by the general director, otherwise what is the assistant director for?

The important parts were naturally filmed under the personal supervision of director Lin Chuan, while some of the less important scenes were naturally done by the assistant director.

A lot of this film was overseen by Assistant Director Chan.

His words are naturally commands.

Jasmine Tong thought carefully about what the thirty-fourth scene was, and suddenly she was horrified.

The two clashed in a pavilion by a lake. Princess Yuan Sheng, played by Rameen Tong, humiliated Rose, played by Jasmine Tong, and slapped her, and Rose jumped into the river, unable to bear the humiliation.

We’re going to jump.

Jasmine Tong is having her period now.

How can you jump into the river?

“Assistant Director Chen” Jasmine Tong immediately caught up with Assistant Director Chen, “Can we skip the thirty-fourth scene today, I’m feeling a bit sick today.”

After all, Assistant Director Chen is a man, Jasmine Tong can’t just say she’s having her period and can’t shoot, right?

“If you’re not feeling well, then you won’t shoot the whole crew just because you’re not feeling well… Jasmine Tong, who do you think you are?”

Deputy Director Chen’s voice was so loud that almost everyone quieted down.

“I do have a bad day.”

“Jasmine Tong, don’t think you’re great just because you’ve signed with a company, 80 percent of the actors here have signed with a company you’re nothing.”

Jasmine Tong only felt ashamed, being scolded by the director in front of so many people, anyone else would have felt dishonorable.

“I’m telling you, you’ll have to shoot today or not, and don’t forget, we’re the departments that signed the contract to prepare”

Assistant Director Chen completely ignored Jasmine Tong and walked straight towards the lake.

All of the staff also headed over to the lake.

Chapter 36

When Rameen Tong passed by Jasmine Tong, the scowl in her eyes suddenly made Jasmine Tong understand what was going on.

Jasmine Tong knew that she couldn’t escape.

It was bound to happen to her before her wings were full.

She shook her fist under her breath and headed towards the lake as well.

Let’s hope the shoot goes well.

However, with Rameen Tong, that was impossible.

In this scene, Rameen Tong is going to slap Jasmine Tong.

Rameen Tong walked up to Deputy Director Chen, “Deputy Director Chen, is this slap of mine for real or is it a loaner?”

As soon as Assistant Director Chen looked at Rameen Tong’s eyes he understood what she meant, “Of course it’s a real fight, as an actor you naturally have to be dedicated.”

Jasmine Tong was there at the time.

Assistant Director Chen’s words “professionalism” were just for her to hear.

It’s finally started.

Princess Yuan Sheng, dressed in a gorgeous pink dress, and Rose, dressed in a simple white dress, stood together.

One is high and one is very humble.

Princess Yuan Sheng snorted coldly, “Even you dare to compete with me for General Lian Wei.”

“I dare not, I am not competing with Princess Lian Wei General, but I have grown up with General Lian Wei since I was a child”

“A hot slap was thrown right in Rose’s face.

Jasmine Tong only felt the hot pain, and even the falling pains in her abdomen seemed to have been forgotten.

Rameen Tong’s slap was a ten percent effort.

“I’m sorry, director, I was in a bit of a hurry” Rameen Tong looked apologetic.

“It’s okay, start over, attention all departments, acn”

The scene was reshoot at the sound of an order.

“Oh, I’m typing too slow.”

“I’m so sorry, I forgot my lines.”

“Director, give me one more chance, next time will be good”

Rameen Tong always has a reason for a reshoot after beating up Jasmine Tong, and Assistant Director Chen seems intent on indulging in a rare moment of good humor today.

Tong’s face quickly swelled up until the beating numbed her, and Assistant Director Chen passed the scene, while the next scene was a dive.

After being humiliated by Princess Yuan Sheng, Rosebud felt humiliated and jumped straight into the river.

In this scene, Rose is the monologue, and after the princess leaves, Rose speaks her lines alone and then jumps into the river.

I saw that Rose’s eyes brought tears to her eyes, but they refused to flow, and she bit her lip, hating to bleed.

The emotion was rendered in such a way that even many of the people there couldn’t help but feel sore.

“Why is fate so unfair that Rosebud would rather die than be reduced to this?”

Rose tried to take a breath and jumped straight into the river as soon as she turned around.

She felt cold all over her body as her body came in contact with the cold river water, which felt as if it was sucking the heat out of her entire body.

The river was met, and Jasmine Tong was brought to the shore.

But Assistant Director Chen shook his head, “Dry your clothes, this scene isn’t working, the emotions are a little fuller”

Hearing the words of Assistant Director Chen, Jasmine Tong felt like a thunderbolt.

And jump.

It’s May and it’s getting hot, but it’s not summer, and even if it is, the water is cold!

Not to mention the water temperature now.

What’s more, Jasmine Tong is on her period.

“What are you waiting for? Don’t waste any time.”

Rameen Tong on the other side of the table pursed her lips and smiled, holding her arms as if she was watching a good show.

Jasmine Tong was helpless to simply dry the clothes and come back a second time.

She could only play her part as well as she could and jumped into the water again, resolutely and reluctantly.

This time, all she felt was a bone-chilling coldness without any warmth in her body anymore.

She shivered and went ashore, for she had no assistant, and naturally she had no one to wait on her, and the kindly staff gave her a dress.

“Assistant Director Chen, is it okay this time?”

“You said you can’t what was that expression you just had I want you to be more emotionally full, can’t you understand human language” once again, Deputy Director Chen fumed.

Some of the staff members at the scene were all injustice for Jasmine Tong, but the staff members were all direct subordinates of Deputy Director Chen, who dared to stand up and speak out.

The actors and actresses all watched, thinking that the woman who slept with the executives and got the contract had finally gotten her comeuppance.

One laughs a lot.

Jasmine Tong’s lips had turned a little white, and the makeup artist immediately came over to touch up her makeup.

“Jasmine Tong, you give me a good shot of this scene so many people to serve you a person you live up to who” Chen deputy director angrily scolded.

“Got it.”Jasmine Tong replied in a small voice.

Another plunge into the river.

It’s still unsatisfactory.

Jasmine Tong jumped into the river five times.

But the result was still not satisfactory to Deputy Director Chen.

For the last time, she felt her body slowly sinking in the water, all cold and shivering, without a single ounce of strength.

The crew immediately fished her out.

At the moment of fishing, Jasmine Tong was lying on the shore, her white dress

That little piece of red blood.

Someone in the cast laughed out loud from time to time, it’s embarrassing when a girl has her period and shows her blood

“Look at all the blood she’s got on her costume, ouch, shame on her.”

“If I were you, I’d find a crack in the ground.”

“It is, it is, soiling the costume, hahaha.”

A jeer came from the actors.

The first thing you need to do is to take a look at this.

One by one, the men at the scene were embarrassed to see the small patch of blood on Jasmine Tong’s buttocks, and some of them laughed as well.

Jasmine Tong probably guessed something, but she was so heavy that she really couldn’t care about that

The body was so light, it was as if the legs had no strength at all to stand up.

“Jasmine Tong, you’ve soiled your costume, how can we shoot this scene? I’m asking you, how can we shoot it? Are you here to stir the pot?”

Deputy Director Chen’s cursing voice came out once more.

Some unwatchable staff member helped Jasmine Tong up from the shore, the blood on her body was too dazzling, especially against the white dress and the water, the small patch quickly fizzled out.

Jasmine Tong only felt her teeth chattering and couldn’t say a word.

“Bring over the spare costume, Jasmine Tong, I’ll give you one last chance, and if you don’t make it, you’re out of here.”

Some of the staff began to secretly curse whether this assistant director Chen’s heart was made of stone.

But the actors all know that Assistant Director Chen is a member of ESSI, and is only trying to impress Rameen Tong.

Jasmine Tong gritted her teeth, knowing that she was being bullied, but not having the ability to talk back.

She was also cursing herself, why couldn’t she be a little stronger why couldn’t she

“Okay,” she agreed.

It was her only option.

This is her chance, how can she just let it slip away?

What’s more, she needed the opportunity to be paid for this play so badly

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