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Chapter 70

Not far away, Clara, who had reached the autograph wall, also suddenly changed colour when she saw the two women coming from the red carpet entrance.

Jenny?Why is she here!

Who doesn’t know about that incident five years ago that made such a big fuss throughout Azure High School?

Today, for the 70th anniversary of the school, almost all the students have returned to celebrate for their alma mater, so naturally they will meet many acquaintances.

She has the nerve to come?

Next to him, the host laughed and asked, “Clara, you and Mu Shao both went out from Azure High School and were alumni for several years, why have we never heard of your relationship?”

Clara withdrew her gaze, restrained her thoughts and smiled, “Although Brother Azawa and I got engaged a long time ago in the presence of our elders, we were both still students at the time and were worried that announcing it would have a bad effect on the school, so we kept it a secret and didn’t say anything, so please forgive us!”

Her voice was warm and soft, and had a touch of shyness to it.

The host laughed, “Clara is so sensible, no wonder you were able to get such excellent grades back then, but I heard that you originally wanted to take the Royal Academy of Fine Arts at that time, but then missed that opportunity for some reason, is that right?”

The smile on Clara’s face visibly dimmed at the mention of this.

She forced a smile, “It is, but it’s in the past, and today’s theme is school celebrations, so let’s leave it at that.”

Such an understanding and accommodating gesture won the hearts of millions of people all of a sudden.

Even those who had mocked her for not being pretty enough had now shut up.

Clara is really so polite and cultured!

Even if I feel sad, I’ve suffered in silence for the sake of the greater good.

So what if she’s not pretty enough for such a kind girl?

It’s good to have a beautiful heart!

King.Heart Beauty.Maya paused and suddenly said again, “And it’s been so many years since the incident, I’m sure my sister has realized her mistake, so I don’t blame her.”

As she spoke, she also looked at the two men on the other side of the red carpet who were slowly making their way towards the autograph wall.

An imperceptible flicker of provocation flashed across the bottom of his eyes.

Nina Hua naturally noticed and was furious.

Jenny Jing calmly shook her hand and smiled without changing her face, “Actress, watch your image!”

Nina Hua also knew that the red carpet was so long, she wouldn’t be able to hit Clara even if she ran over.

I could only take a deep breath under my breath and curse under my breath, “b*tch!”

Not far away, Niu Lili, who had been hiding in the crowd, said to the people around her, “Eh, you all know about that thing the host asked just now, right?”

There were blank expressions all around.

After all, the incident was a big deal, but it was limited to the same students and teachers, as well as some of the students at the Academy.

Many of those attending the celebration today are former alumni, so they don’t know much about it.

Niu Lili saw this and deliberately showed a very surprised expression.

“You guys don’t even know that?No way, right?”

“What the hell is going on!Just tell us if you know, what are you selling?”


Niu Lili smiled, “It’s a simple matter. Five years ago, Clara and her sister were both studying at Azure High School, and they originally wanted to enter the Royal Academy of Fine Arts together.

But the day before submitting her work, her sister temporarily realized that her work wasn’t as perfect as Clara’s, so she just ruined her work, stole Clara’s submission again, and knocked her unconscious.

Clara didn’t have time to take the exam and naturally lost her eligibility for the competition before she had to choose film school and enter the entertainment industry.”

The people around her had incredulous expressions after hearing what she said.

“Oh my God!How can there be such evil people in this world?”

“Exactly!And sisters!Even if you’re jealous, you shouldn’t be!”

“What kind of person steals a work even if he steals it and knocks someone unconscious?”

“It literally shattered my mind!”

Listening to the people around her criticize one sentence higher than the other, Niu Lili smiled proudly.

Jenny, you’re against me!

I’m just going to give you a taste of what it’s like to have your nose pointed at and yelled at in front of everyone!

It had been a week since the last time he had been humiliated by Jenny in a luxury shop.

This week, every time she thought about what had happened that day, she hated it.

When has she ever been humiliated like this?

Jenny was nothing more than a shady mistress who was bullying her just because she had Biden Lu’s backing, so how would she make her feel better?

After finding out about Biden Lu’s relationship with Miss Guan Jia from a friend in Kyoto, Niu Lili automatically classifies Jenny Jing as a mistress.

She had originally wanted to take revenge on Jenny through her family’s influence.

But for some reason, the family business has recently suffered a series of setbacks.

Dad hadn’t told her much, but she could sense that the company was in big trouble lately, just by the atmosphere at home.

But Bull Lily doesn’t care about that, her dad and uncles will take care of it, she just has to be her big sister.

Thinking this, Oxley took a deep breath, growing more and more proud of herself.

“Who is her sister, by the way?Are they also students at our school?”

“I suppose so!Didn’t we just talk about exams together?”

Someone asked curiously, and Cowley looked at the two men on the red carpet with a venomous grin in her eyes.

“Her sister, that’s Jenny.Here, that’s the one in the blue dress, walking down the red carpet right now!”

There was an uproar all around.

On the red carpet, Nina Hua noticed the gazes cast by the crowd and sensed that something was wrong.

“Jenny, be careful, I have a feeling that the people over there are malicious towards you.”

Jenny Jing said in a soft voice, “I saw it.”

Even if Niu Li Li hid it well, it still couldn’t escape her eyes.

But she didn’t care, as much as those people were yelling at her now, it would hurt to punch her in the face tonight!

They quickly reached the autograph wall.

Clara had finished the interview process, but stood there without moving, as if waiting for them.

Seeing them coming over, the good girl came forward and smiled, “Sister, Miss Hua, you’re here too.”

Nina Hua snorted and ignored her, turning around to take the signature pen and sign.

There were fans of Clara in the crowd who snorted with disdain.

“So what if you’re pretty?No manners at all!Hot chicken!”

But more fans of Nina Hua.

“You have eyes don’t you?Is our Yao Yao familiar with your White Lotus?Saying hello to everyone you see, rubbing off on the heat?”


“You what you?I don’t want to talk to you, understand?The word is signed and the interview is done, and you’re still standing there like you’re so good looking!”

Chapter 71

“Exactly!Being a carpet star in a foreign country is also not enough, a school celebration red carpet is also dilly-dallying and refusing to walk, rubbing traffic to this point is also pitiful, I advise you have the spirit to blindly bb here, you might as well hurry home and crowdfund to buy traffic for your little white lotus!”

“You guys are lying!Our Maya isn’t a carpet star, she was invited there by the organizers!”

“Yes, yes, yes, no work every year, every year they are invited, but it’s only as big as your little white lotus face, so it’s good to run over there.”

“Right, it’s not like our family, Yao Yao, who refuses to go without a shortlisted entry, alas!I can’t help it, who let our family Yao Yao want to save face and be thin-skinned!”

“What’s wrong with people being willing to invite us, even though we’re not a finalist for Maya’s work?”

“Exactly!Bunch of lemons!It’s simply too much!”

There was so much noise over at the fan table that some of Clara’s fans were on the verge of tears.

On the red carpet, Jing’s smile stiffened for a moment.

But soon, she pretended not to hear the snide remarks of those people and regained her original appearance.

Seeing that Jenny didn’t want to pay attention to her either, she turned back to Rovell Mu with a sense of humor and said, “Brother Azawa, it’s cold here, let’s go sit over at the guest table.”

All the while holding the exposed arm tenderly.

However, after waiting for several seconds, there was no response from Rovell.

In the meantime, she looked up.

But he saw Rovell Mu dumbfoundedly looking in the direction where Jenny was, his pupils filled with amazement.

Clara’s face swished and sank.

The fingers holding her arms tightened, her heart thick with resentment and anger like a volcano almost on the verge of erupting, but in the end she held it in.

A smile tugged at the corners of his mouth and he stiffened, “What are you looking at, Brother Asawa?”

This time, Rovell had finally come back to his senses.

He said evenly, “Nothing.”

A touch of sarcasm and hatred flashed across Clara’s eyes.

She took a deep breath, a gentle smile on her face, and looked back at Jenny.

“Sister is so pretty tonight, isn’t she?”

Rovell was in a trance.

He was tempted to nod his head and admit that the woman was indeed beautiful.

It was even prettier than the last time, the way it looked at Kyo’s birthday party.

As if since leaving his side, she was like a dusty pearl gradually being polished, becoming more and more dazzling and eye-catching.

It’s so frustrating and…remorseful!

But Rovell still shook his head.

He withdrew his gaze, looked down at Kyo and smiled.

“Not as pretty as you.”

Clara scoffed lightly.

“But everyone’s praising her!Brother Asawa, you’re not going to regret this, are you?”

A dark mane flashed across the bottom of Rovell’s eyes.

He shook his head and reached out to take Kyo’s hand.

“How?I won’t regret it since I chose you, besides, no matter how beautiful the skin is, it will get old one day, I like your character, gentle, sensible and sensible.”

Clara looked him steadily in the eyes.

For a moment, a gentle smile.

“I knew that Brother Asawa loved me the most.”


Rovell tried to control his distractions and noticed that she kept holding her arms and took off her suit jacket.

“It’s cold, isn’t it!Come on, get dressed and we’ll go sit inside.”

“Well, thank you Brother Asawa.”

It was only after the two of them had finished getting bored and left together that Nina Hua and Jenny Jing came down from the autograph wall.

Nina Hua sneered, “If it wasn’t for the inconvenience of wearing a skirt, I’d really want to go up and slap each of those sl*ts, dammit!It’s disgusting to watch!”

Compared to her anger, Jenny seemed much more calm.

She lifted her skirt and walked with Nina Hua to the guest seats inside.

As I walked away, I said, “Isn’t there a phrase?A female cousin with a dog, the sky is long, and it’s only good that they’re together, lest they go out and do harm to others!”

Nina laughed at once, “You’re right.”

They both found their places at the guest table, fortunately far enough away from King and the others that they didn’t have to be grossed out.

Soon, everyone who was supposed to be here was almost here.

The lights came up on the front stage and the host took the stage and began to go through the process of introducing the history and culture of the school and the events of the 70th anniversary.

As one of the evening’s performers, Nina Newspaper’s program was to play the guzheng.

It had only been a short time since the party had started when a staff member came over to ask her to change and get ready.

Jenny instructed her a few times, seeing her off with the staff.

The end of the eye caught sight of the fact that King’s side of the table was also empty, so he should have gone backstage to get ready as well.

She lowered her eyes slightly for a moment, shallowly curling her lips.

“The following is the 65th student of our school, Nina Hua, who will present the guzheng performance – “Phoenix Seeking the Phoenix”.”

After the host finished announcing the curtain, Nina Hua walked up slowly with a zither in his arms.

A scream went up from the crowd.

There have always been a lot of fans of “The Best of the Best”.

Nina Hua’s piano playing skills go without saying, and Hua Jingze, the chairman of the Huashi Group, spoils his daughter with great affection.

But the only two things that have never let up on my daughter’s control have been the two things.

That’s her career and her relationship.

Needless to say, any male artist who has had a half-hearted scandal with Nina Hua is now almost untraceable in the entertainment industry.

In terms of career, Hua Jingze originally didn’t want her daughter to enter the entertainment industry, but she couldn’t help but like Nina Hua, and after agreeing, she almost escorted her daughter throughout the whole process.

In all the movies and TV series that Nina Hua has acted in, the name of the Huashi Group can almost always be found in the investor column.

Nina Hua is a good actor, plays the guzheng well, and studies Chinese painting in her spare time.

As long as Missy didn’t lose her temper, she was properly the most standard of a famous lady’s daughter.

Because of this, Hua Jingze was even more satisfied with his daughter.

The more satisfied you are, the more you will be satisfied that you are not good enough for your daughter, and all those who dare to mess with Nina Hua will be killed.

Nina Hua had been indifferent to his father being so tough, too.

Anyway…the ones that mess with her are the ones she doesn’t like.

She likes it….

She likes it, she doesn’t want to mess with her at all!

On the stage, Nina Hua laughed bitterly, the strings under his hands as if they had been given life, playing more and more mournfully and movingly.

The phoenix returns to its homeland and travels the four seas to seek its phoenix.

In the corner, a young man with a cold brow stood leaning against the wall, staring quietly at the stage.

He wore a black cap that made his face almost impossible to see in the dim light, but accentuated the cold, wild body that was becoming more and more apparent.

Someone passed by him and accidentally bumped into him, apologizing.

“Sorry buddy, huh?You’re not…”

Chapter 72

The man standing in the darkness gave him a cold glance.

The man shut up immediately and stared at him incredulously.

The finger that had been pointed at him also trembled a little, then quickly dropped it.

“Hello Seasoned Senior.”

In an unnoticed corner, he actually bowed his head nicely and gave the man a salute.

Kepler coldly lifted his lips, with a chill in his eyes.

Knife-like thin lips, voice deep and cold, “Get out!”

The visitor was about to leave, but then he was suddenly called.


The man turned back with a bitter face, looking terrified.

“Senior Ji, I really didn’t mean to bump into you, if I knew you were here, I would have taken a detour…”

Kepler impatiently interrupted him and looked in the direction of the stage, his eyes darkening.

“Okay, I’m not talking to you about this, and don’t tell the second person you see me here tonight, okay?”

The man was startled and seemed a little confused as to why he was doing this, but he complied.

Only then did Kepler waved his hand and let the people leave.

Although Kepler had graduated from Azure High School five years ago, legends about him had been circulating within this school.

For no other reason than that, when Kepler went to school, it was really a bad wind rating and too ruthless in style.

Arguably, the school’s super bully that comes along once in a decade.

He had been in more fights than he had ever taken a test, and the fights were so heavy and vicious that it was a nightmare for all the students and teachers at the time.

This nightmare, even after five years, has not diminished its power in the least.

Everyone who saw him almost took a detour, and there wasn’t another person besides Nina Hua who dared to approach him over the years.


Falling flowers are intentional, flowing water is relentless.

I don’t know what’s wrong with the brain of this good-looking Chinese daughter, but I’m not sure what’s wrong with her.

Still hot-faced, the kid doesn’t know any better than to accept it.

Many of the boys who were secretly in love with Nina Hua were indignant about this matter.

It’s just a pity that people Nina Hua didn’t even give them a proper look, so they naturally didn’t have the position to say anything.

On the stage, Nina Hua had finished playing.

She got up and bowed to everyone, then headed backstage.

The audience naturally thundered with applause, while Kepler, who was standing in the shadows, watched the direction of the woman’s departure, his dark eyes deepened and also turned to walk out.

The next show was by Maya Jing.

As the goddess of thousands of ** silk geeks, Clara is not as good as Nina Hua in appearance, but her popularity is still very high due to her pure jade girl persona.

A piano piece that won the applause and goodwill of millions.

There were even crazy male fans who came on stage to give flowers and looked like they were so excited.

Clara still had that shy and timid look, standing on the stage and saying many clichéd overtones, praising the school as well as its teachers and classmates.

No one likes to hear good things, even headmasters and teachers.

There were appreciative smiles on everyone’s faces.

Jenny Jing, however, wasn’t interested in watching her performance anymore, so she texted Nina Hua, knowing that she was backstage, and got up to leave.

Backstage, Nina Hua is changing clothes.

She had just performed on stage in a Chinese dress, but now she had changed back into the evening gown she had worn to the party.

Jenny is waiting for her at the door.

After changing, they went hand in hand to the next hotel.

The school festival is divided into two parts, and this side of the show and the red carpet is just one of them, lasting only an hour and a half.

After the end of everyone will go to a five-star hotel next to the school, tonight there has been all booked, as a party venue, not interested in watching the show, but also most of the first over, so although it is still early, but is not quiet.

Jenny and Nina Hua took the room cards for their respective rooms at the front desk and went back to their rooms before heading to the banquet hall.

The lavishly decorated banquet hall was already lively with fragrant clothes.

Most of the celebrities and dignitaries who are not from the Azure High School have arrived early, and the gorgeous crystal lights are a great sight to behold.

The two of them attracted a lot of attention.

Not only because of Nina Hua’s self aura attribute, but also because of the stunning woman beside her.

Who is that woman?It’s beautiful!

Even when standing next to Nina Hua, who is known as the most beautiful woman in the entertainment industry, she is not inferior at all.

Unlike the classical and bright beauty of Nina Hua, Jenny Jing was dressed in a blue dress, and the whole person appeared high and cool, quite a kind of beauty of the orchid in the valley.

There were very few who knew her, and their eyes did not reveal their amazement.

Jenny?How could it be her?

In the past, Jenny was always dressed in professional attire, with a dry and stern demeanor.

Although pretty, she was overshadowed by the overly crisp and tough way of acting.

When people remembered her, they mostly admired her abilities, but gradually overlooked the person’s appearance.

Today, all of them can’t help but feel like they’re getting to know her all over again.

Jenny Jing looked around the banquet hall, his gaze falling on a man with somewhat white hair not far away.

Nina Hua whispered, “He’s Director Yan Sihua, a man with an odd temper, sometimes he doesn’t give face to anyone, you can be a little careful in your dealings with him.”

Jenny nodded.

“I know.”

Nina Hua looked around and whispered, “I have an acquaintance over there, I need to go say hello, so I won’t accompany you over there.”


After Nina Hua left, Jenny Jing secretly inhaled and walked in the direction of Yan Sihua with his wine glass.

“Strictly speaking.”

Yan Sihua, one of the most famous comedy directors in the industry, is funny, but in private he is very serious, eccentric, low-key and seldom participates in social gatherings.

I came to the event because I used to be a student of Celeste and I have a good relationship with the current headmaster.

Hearing the voice, he turned back.

It was a bit of a surprise when I saw Jenny.

“Hello, Director Yan, my name is Jenny, and I’m the current head of Xing Hui.”

Jenny Jing respectfully handed over his business card, and Yan Sihua took a glance at it, his attitude sparse.

“Starlight?I had heard that it had been acquired by someone, but it was you.Can I help you?”

Such occasions are meant for socializing, but how many of them are for business?

Yan Sihua asked this, obviously not bothering to dress up for socializing.

It could be said that he might not even have attended today if the headmaster hadn’t begged him to come.

Jenny Jing didn’t get angry when she hit a soft nail and smiled, “I know that Director Yan doesn’t like to socialize, so it’s natural that I’m looking for you for something.”

Her crispness, however, surprised Yan Sihua a bit.

Sizing her up, he asked, “What is it?”

“I heard that Director Yan is recently casting a female lead for his new movie, I wonder if there’s any news yet?”

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